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Hair Growth

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3 days after Catra was saved-

Catra pulled at her new hair and felt the hatred burning inside her. Hatred at the man who dared put her through this. Catra's whole life she has been under the control of someone else, never getting to make decisions for herself. She was always under someone, Adora, Shadow Weaver, Hordak, and then Horde Prime. She was never at the top, no matter how hard she tried, but she doesn’t have to worry about that now. Catra was ‘safe’, well that's what Adora kept on telling her at least.

Catra would never feel safe in a place where she was surrounded by people who all she did was hurt. She knew that she was in danger. Anyone of them could come in here and hurt her whenever they wanted, the worst part is, that Catra would let them. Catra knew that she would deserve it. She even deserved what Horde Prime did to her, the sting of the chip in her neck reminded her that he was still in her mind.

With that knowledge Catra snapped, she was not going to be under anyone’s control anymore. She was cut off from her thoughts by Adora coming in to check on her for the 100th time in however long it has been. Catra looked up at her, only to look away again when their eyes met. “I wanted to see if you need anything. Food, Water, what about another blanket? We don’t have many, but you can have mine if you want it.” Catra almost forgot about Adora’s little people pleaser trait that she has.

“I don’t want your blanket, you need it more than I do. There is something that you could get for me.” Catra tried off her sentence. Who did she think she was, asking Adora fro something. Adora didn’t own her anything

“Yeah sure, what do you want?” Adora was just pleased that Catra was actually talking to her, not just insulting her like always.

“Do you think there are scissors anywhere on the ship?” Catra was hopeful, but ultimately not optimistic

“Uhm, I can see, why do you need scissors?” Adora frankly didn’t like the idea of Catra having scissors in a room by herself.

“I just want to trim my hair, ya know take back a little control over the situation.” Adora was way more comfortable with that answer.

“Yeah, sure I’ll look and see, and if I can't find any I can go in with my knife if you want.” Catra looked up and gave Adora a smile, the first since she was saved.

“Thanks princess.” Adora smiled back as she left the room.

Adora ended up not having to use her knife, much to Catra’s relief.

2 days after the war-

Adora and Catra were lying peacefully together in their room at BrightMoon. Cuddling and making up for lost time. It has been two beautifully peaceful days since the defeat of Prime, and everyone was slowly settling into life without the war. Tonight was one of those nights where the new found light of the stars made even the dead of night brighter.

Adora ran her fingers through Catra’s now short hair, causing the feline to purr. Even though Catra acquired it under not so great circumstances, Adora still loved it. “I love your hair.” Adora said, bringing them both out of the little bubble that they had found themselves in. Catra lifted her head out of the crook of Adora’s neck, cutting off her purr. Catra brought her own hand up to run it through her hair.

“Yeah, at least I got one good thing out of being chipped.” They were now facing each other with their eyes meeting. Even through the almost completely dark room, the only light coming from the stars, lighting the sky making it so they could see each other's eyes.

“I didn’t mean to bring that up, I'm sorry.” Adora said feeling slightly guilty for touching on a still sore topic for the both of them.

“Adora, you’re okay, I'm glad you like it. Plus we both know that you wouldn’t be able to resist me no matter what my hair looked like.” Catra is very pleased seeing the light blush starting to show up on Adora’s face.

“I wouldn’t be able to resist you no matter what, so stop being a brat and go to sleep.” The flustered tone in Adora’s voice only made the grin on Catra’s face grow bigger.

“Fine, I’m tired anyways and we have to wake up early tomorrow for another one of Sparkles’ dumb meetings.” Catra said, nuzzling her head into the crook of Adora’s neck.

“I love you good night.” Adora said she placed a kiss on the top of Catra’s head.

“Love you too, you idiot.”


2 months after the war-


Catra found herself standing in front of the mirror. She brought her fingers up to her hair and slightly pulled on it. “It’s getting longer.” A voice called from behind her.

Catra turned to see Adora with her arms crossed standing in the doorway of the bathroom. “Yeah, it is. Do you think I should cut it again?” Catra asked as she walked up to Adora.

“Whatever makes you comfortable, I think you look beautiful no matter what, but I am a little bit biased.” Adora said as she wrapped her arms around Catra’s waist.

“Adora, I’m asking for your opinion not for you to be sappy.” The small smile and Catra’s face telling Adora that she loved it.

“You love my sap, but if you want my honest opinion, I think you should get it trimmed a bit and let it grow out more, see if you want to have long hair again.” Adora placed a soft kiss on Catra’s neck, causing a chill to run down Catra’s spine.

“That sounds like a good idea, wow blondie didn’t know you had it in you to have a good idea. I’m impressed.” Catra teased and she turned her head to kiss Adora.

“Ha ha, you’re so funny, don’t forget who had to constantly get you down for high places cause you couldn’t figure out how to get down back in the horde.” Adora said as she released the kiss. The playful memory being brought up led to Catra getting flustered trying to come up with a comeback.

“I was small, and you still looked like an idiot trying to get me down.” Catra quickly defended herself.

“Well, I’m your idiot so you’re stuck with me.” Adora said as she tightened her grip on Catra’s waist.

“No one else I would brother be stuck with then you princess.” Catra leaned back in for another kiss.


6 months after the war-

Catra sat at the vanity looking at the mess that was her hair in the mirror. She slammed the brush down on the desk and groaned in frustration. Catra was starting to remember how much of a pain it was to deal with long hair back in the horde. She laid her forehead down on the desk in defeat. That's how Glimmer found her when she walked in.

“What do we have here?” She asked with a hint of amusement in her voice.

“Not now sparkles, I’m having a moment.” Glimmer snickered at the muffled voice of Catra.

“I see that, do you need help with whatever ‘this’ is?” She waved her hands around Catra as she said that.

“Unless you have a magical brush that can fix this mess, then no, you can’t help.” Catra grabbed her hair as she lifted her head off the desk.

“Well I don’t have a magical brush, but I do have a patient hand and a bit of free time.” Glimmer offered as she lifted the brush off the table.

Catra looked at her with a skeptical eye. “Fine, but don’t tug too much.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it, horde scum.” Glimmer started to tentatively brush Catra’s hair, going extra slow when she hit a knot. “If you want I can find some special products that you can use to make this easier in the future.” Glimmer suggested, knowing that Catra would need it.

“They make stuff like that? Why am I just now finding out.” Catra brought her hands up to face and groaned again.

“I’ll make sure to look around and find you something.” Glimmer continued brushing the hair out.

“Wow, do you like me or something Sparkles?” Catra teased knowing that Glimmer would take to bait. She of course was right.

“No, as a matter of fact I hate you, now shut up and let me finish this.” The two of them sat there in silence just peacefully going through the process.

Adora would later come in to tell Catra that dinner was ready, but would end up watching her best friend and her girlfriend with a smile on her face.

2 years after the war-

Catra's hair was back to its long length, looking much healthier than it did in the horde thanks to the new care she was taking with it. Adora was obsessed with how soft it was, often leading Catra to slap her hand away whenever she saw Adora reaching for it. Catra would never tell anyone, beside Adora, but she loved it when Adora would play with her har, especially at night when they are heading to sleep.

The hair has also caused Catra’s already cocky ego to grow slightly bigger. This would cause her to make off handed comments about how everyone thought she was hot. It would also lead to Adora starting down anyone who would look at Catra as if they thought the same. Catra would make fun of Adora or her actions. “Princess, they can look as much as they want,” Catra leans closer to Adora’s ear and whispers, “but you’re the only one who gets to touch.” The statement always causes Adora to flush red.

One morning Catra decided to do the one thing she hated most, when her hair was being difficult. She decided to put her hair up in a messy ponytail. Catra could already hear Adora making fun of her, before she even entered the bathroom. “Who are you and what have you done with my girlfriend?” Adora asked as she left the doorway.

“My hair decided to be extra difficult today, so I thought why not try something new. Plus, my ponytail will never look as dumb as your old one.” Getting Adora to retire her ponytail was one of Catra greatness accomplishments, even if she couldn’t get rid of that dumb hair poof.

“It does look really good on you. I would call you hot, but I don’t want to feed into your already huge ego.” Catra was quick to retaliate.

“I do not have a big ego. I’m just really hot.” Catra crossed her arms, feigning offense.

“Whatever you say, but I would not mind seeing you put it up like this again.” Catra would have to keep that in mind.

+1- 9 years after the war-

Neither Adora or Catra would have ever imagined that one day they would be mothers, especially with each other, but here they are 2 years in motherhood with their child Finn. Catra had never felt love the way she did when she saw and held Finn, not even with Adora. This love was different, new, fresh, and cherished within her heart.

Over the years Catra has experienced many different forms of love, romantic with Adora, family love with Glimmer and Bow, friendship love Scorpia and Entrapta, and motherly love with Finn. All of them are different, yet all of them are so important to her. All this love has allowed Catra to experiment with herself and who she wants to be. Especially with her hair.

After growing it back out Catra and Glimmer got a little bit too drunk and Glimmer somehow convinced Catra to dye her hair. Thankfully it actually looked good, but Adora and Bow banned both of them from getting drunk together without supervision again. Yet here Catra was back to her typical brunette locks, it was up in a ponytail, being around a 2 year old who likes to tug of hair would cause someone to want to put it up.

Catra held Finn, looking at them with absolute adoration, when they reached up and somehow grabbed a lock of her hair. For a 2 year old they had some strength and the pull caused Catra to hiss in pain. The hiss caused Finn to get upset leading to them crying. Adora, who was in the other room cleaning up after playing with Finn, walked in to see what the commotion was about.

“Is everything good here?’ Adora asked with slight concern.

“Just peachy, the little gremlin here just pulled a little too hard on my hair. Do you think I should cut it again?” Adora wouldn’t understand how hard it is to deal with thick wavy hair like Catra does. Adora could just put her hair into a small bun, and boom baby proof, but Catra had to try a bit harder than that,

“I mean if you think it would be easier. You know I will think you are stunning no matter what.” Adora walked up and wrapped her arms around her wife and her child.

Catra tilted her head and smiled at Adora, The next day Catra had Glimmer cut it off, she still looked hot, as always.