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Bad Luck and Hard Love

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Disclaimer: Dick Wolf/ Wolf Ent own these characters. Story is all mine though. This story is a result of multiple theories spun in a group chat with some of the wonderful members of this beautiful fandom. I hope you guys enjoy it!




As I walk off the elevators into the 1-6, my files in one hand, my phone in the other, I think back to the night before. Standing in an alleyway, face to face with the burned out evidence that I have truly last the one person I'd have gave the world to talk to. or so I thought, until I hear a loud "LIV!" break through the noise. As I turn around I see him standing behind the tape and a "Elliot" escapes me on a whisper. He ducks under the tape and I run to catch him, to stop him the only way I know how. I Slam into him and wrap my arms around him, feeling him stop in his tracks as he wraps his arms back around me. "Oh Liv" I hear him whisper as his mouth presses against the top of my head and I realize that I'm crying into his shirt. "El you cant be behind the tape. you gotta trust me... please" I say against his chest as I hear a sob being wrenched from his throat and feel his head nod before he says "trust you more than anybody Liv. I always have and I always will." As i step back from his arms, he reaches up to cup my cheek and wipes the tears out of my eyes, and in that moment all of my anger and hurt for the last 10 years evaporates in his presence as i say "well get'em." He nods his head as he reluctantly stands behind the tape. I turn back to my squad, feeling his calming stare behind me as we set off to work.


It was in the early morning hours that we determined the threat to Elliot and his family, a fact that kept me awake the few hours I went home to sleep as my current headache reminds me of. As I walk through the doors of the squad room, I spot the tall, brooding figure leaning up against my desk and I allow myself a small smile at that small piece of familiarity. I am transported back in time 10 years, where William Lewis doesn't exist, Jenna Fox is still alive and we're partners, Detectives Benson and Stabler. When he looks up and catches my gaze, I watch as he smiles slightly and gestures to me with 2 coffee cups. I walk past the empty desks and as I walk into my office, I Can't help but pull in a deep breath, his cologne and the smell of coffee, a smell that has always grounded me, permeating the air. "Good Morning" he says softly, holding out my coffee to me as I place my files and my phone on my desk.


When I reach up to grab my cup from him, I see that he has a giant bruise on the side of his face and a cut above his eye. "El, what happened?" I ask, coming around to stand in front of him, grasping his red and raw hands in mine. "Nothing I couldn't handle" he replies gently, sliding his fingers in between mine. "This is why I wanted to assign you a detail Elliot" I Sigh, Letting him squeeze my fingers gently. "Shook the detail that you put on me anyways" he says with a smirk. "Elliot, I'm trying to protect you. You and Eli are in danger and I won't let you get hurt. I promised your girls and Rick, please don't make me a liar El" I say, pulling my hands out of his grasp to take a seat behind my desk. "And I promised your son last night I'd Keep you safe" he says, taking a seat on the edge of my desk. I look up then and see his small smile as he says "I'm supposed to keep you safe, and i already failed you once with that. I gotta make things right" his hand coming over to cover mine on top of my desk. "Elliot there will be a time for that... but not while were hunting down your wife's killer" I reply, covering both of our hands with my free one. "But I'm still putting a detail on you, whether you like it or not." I hear him sigh as he says "If it'll make you happy Liv." "The Elliot Stabler of old would've fought me tooth and nail about this" I point out, hearing his small chuckle before he says "Yep. but you're doing what I have, will and would do if it was you. except I wouldn't tell you cause you'd fight me too."


I watch as he picks up the picture at the corner of my desk, the one of me, Fin, Munch, And Cragen at Cragen's retirement party. "You know, they understood so much better than I did when you left. They were and still are my family, our family. But they weren't you El" I say, watching him sit the frame down and hearing his quiet "I'm Sorry." "You're here now and that's all that matters. I'm gonna do everything to get justice for Kathy, I Promise."


He smiles as he looks up at me and reaches up to cup my cheek and says "I Know you will Liv. No one I trust more than You" ash his thumb strokes my cheek. "Go finalize the service El. I'll call you" i say, watching him get up off my desk and head for the door. "And El?" I Call out, and watch as he turns his head back in acknowledgement. "Well talk about every thing soon, I Promise." He nods his head, and as he walks out of my office and the squad room, I Pick up my phone and make a call to the one person I Know he won't be able to shake.