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In the underground prison where Cale was kept, a woman clad in a beautiful dress and embellished with the finest jewels slowly made her way towards the innermost cell.

It was the current queen, and as she reached the cell where the young prince Jal was in, she looked at him with eyes that showed disgust.

She ordered the guards to put the young prince on his knees and held him down.

She was expecting the prince to show signs of pain, perturbation, and for him to beg her to let him go, she wanted to see tears fill up those fierce reddish-brown eyes, she wanted him to suffer, but contrary to what she expected, the prince kept calm and silent.

Instead of showing signs of agitation, the prince slowly lifted up his head and just looked at her devoid of any expression on his face. This made her blood boil so she lifted her hand and slapped the young prince who remained motionless.

"How dare you look at me like that?" She shouted in anger as she hit him once again.

"You're just a nobody. You're not a prince and yet no matter how much I urged his majesty to execute you, he never listened."

"I managed to kill that b*tch queen with poison, yet you managed to stay alive. You demon child." The child was frozen with her words, he was shaken and his mind slowly became filled with rage as he realized what she meant. He remembered the fleeting image of the woman who treated him as his child despite knowing that he wasn’t exactly her child, it was the woman who made him feel what it’s like to have a mother.

‘She killed her.’ he thought as his mind became clouded with rage.

He looked at the woman with his raging eyes, and a deadly aura leaking out of him. The woman stepped back after seeing the look in his eyes, yet she pretended not to be affected.

She tried her best to wear her best wicked smile and looked down on the child once again.

"Y-you can fight all you want, but this is where it ends."

"I'll make sure that you'll be executed soon."

The prince just continued to stare at the woman in anger at her revelation.

At the same time, the ancient powers were trying to break out of control as they felt their owner's rage.

'Cale! Don’t! You have to control yourself.'

'Your body will be destroyed at this rate.'

'Cale, you have to calm down.'

The ancient powers roared in his mind in panic.

At the same time, there was an uproar that started outside of the prison.

The ground started shaking, the wind grew stronger and even the sky started roaring as if ready to strike at any time

This event caused Alberu and the other's alarm. It’s been 2 days since they arrived after the use of a teleportation circle, Bud told them everything they need to know about Cale in the present and there are still a lot of questions they wanted to ask, but they cannot spare time at the moment. They have to prioritize the search and rescue for Cale.

The current events happening outside brought a familiar feeling back.

It's Cale, only Cale is capable of this. Something is happening, they were now in an emergency meeting trying to figure out as much information they could in order to find Cale as soon as possible.


Inside the prison, the queen was informed of what was happening and was about to evacuate herself, but before she did she looked at the prince once again.

"You'll die soon."

“You can struggle as much as you want, but you’ll never escape death this time.”

"If you wanted to blame anyone, blame those people who tried to start a revolt to save you."

"You'll die because of them." She said as she stormed out of prison.

On the other hand, Cale's body started to feel weak, he started coughing non stop due to the unwarranted use of the ancient powers. He looked into his hands that are now covered in blood, before he let his body slip into the darkness.

Later that night, Cale was miraculously woken up after a few hours despite coughing up blood after the use of ancient powers. He still felt weak, but he managed to converse with the ancient powers who were in panic after he lost consciousness.

‘Cale, you have to escape this place.’

‘I know that, but how exactly am I going to leave this place?’ He thought.

‘I have to contact Bud, but---’ his thoughts were stopped when he heard loud noises outside his cell.

He carefully approached the cell door, trying to see what was happening outside, when someone covered in a black robe but clearly dressed in a knight uniform showed up.

“Prince! We have to get away from here.” The mysterious person said, the prince could tell that it was a familiar voice, but it didn’t stop him from being wary thinking that it could be a scheme from the queen.

“Don’t come. Who are you?” The young prince asked in a cold voice. The man removed the cover from his head and slightly bowed.

“Your highness, I’m Adio, We met a few years ago.”


“Pardon my rudeness prince, but we have to get away from this place.'' The man who introduced himself as Adio immediately opened the doors and carried the prince in his arms as he ran to leave the underground prison. On their way out, he could see a few guards who are currently unconscious, as well as a few people dressed in the same black robe as Adio.

As they reached the entrance, which is also the only way out, the young prince could see a woman dressed in knight’s clothing fighting against the guards. The woman looked at them briefly and he could tell that the two had a conversation with their eyes. After a slight nod, Adio ran faster away from the guards.

“Catch those b*stards, they have the prince.” a knight captain yelled at the guards.

“You’ll have to face us before you do that.” The woman led the others as they clash swords against each other, while Adio did his best to run away as fast as he could.

Adio made a brief stop behind the bushes, he handed a magic bag to the prince and covered him with a white cloak while the prince looked at him with questioning eyes.

“Why are you doing this?” the prince asked
“Prince, We apologize for coming late. We are loyal to the previous queen.”

“And just as she cared for the people, we believe that your highness will be able to save this kingdom.”

“But that may be too much to ask right now.”

“We apologize for getting you caught up in this mess.”

“We tried to save you countless times, yet all of our actions were intercepted every time. In the end, we lost our comrades in every attempt.”

“We can’t stall for time at the moment.”

“Please head that way, and I’ll trick them into going into the opposite side,” Adio said as he pointed in the opposite direction, they could hear the sound of urgent footsteps getting close.

“There is a bar in the capital, the owner is one of our comrades, he’ll be waiting for you. We’ll come to find you after everything is over.” ‘the capital’ Cale thought and he remembered Bud who was also residing in the new branch of the mercenary guild.

“Please be safe. May you live well and have peace.” Adio, made a slight bow before turning his back, but the prince caught his cloak.

“The mercenary guild. Find me there.” That’s all he said, before looking at Adio’s eyes.

“Stay alive. Let’s meet again soon.” the prince said with his blazing reddish-brown eyes as he turned his back and ran towards the direction of the capital.

At the mercenary guild branch, Alberu and the group are having a serious meeting when the doors of the 2nd floor when someone threw the door open. The group was surprised and were prepared to attack the intruder, but they were greeted by a small figure clad in a white robe that covered the face.

They can see how the figure stiffened up for a brief moment before he removed the covers from his head and slowly lifted his head to see each of them.

The group could see a familiar young boy standing in front of them. They were unable to react as their eyes were fixated on the boy who had those familiar blood-red hair and reddish-brown eyes with bruises on his cheeks and a trace of blood running at the corners of his mouth.

What surprised them, even more, is the familiar gaze from the child. After the realization sank in their mind, Alberu was the first one to speak.

“Y-you, Cale Henituse…” Alberu whispered and he could see the corners of the child’s mouth twitch.

“Took you long enough.” The child said, before falling unconscious once again.

“Young master.”
“Young master Cale.”
“Unlucky bastard.”

The group yelled at the sight of Cale falling unconscious as they hurriedly made their way to catch him, but Ron was already by his side before he hit the ground. Ron looked at his puppy young master, who went back to his child state and observed his body covered in bruises.

Cale, who had felt as if a weight on his shoulder was lifted after seeing his family, let himself sink in the darkness. Completely unaware of the deadly aurae coming from his group.