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I'd Like to Watch That

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Sonny was so close to having his long slender fingers on your clit that you were convulsing around nothing out of only anticipation.

He had been doing this little dance of his, getting so close to touching you only to back away at the last second, for what seemed like hours, "Please, Sonny."

"'Please', what? Baby."

"I need you." You arched your back bringing your pussy only a hair away from Sonny's touch. "You don't even have to fuck me at this point. I'll ride your fingers. You don’t even have to do anything. I'll do all the work."

Sonny's mouth hung open as you practically shouted your statement out of desperation. He slowly traced a finger from your knee to the seam of your inner thigh, "Did you just beg to ride my fingers?"

You were about to recant you statement when he dragged the finger on your leg to your clit and gently pressed, "Aaah fuck. Yes, Sonny, yes.'

"Okay, yeah, I think I would like to watch that." the words toppled out of Sonny's mouth as he maneuvered your body over his and brought his fingers to your mouth.

You let out a soft huff as his fingers touched the back of your throat preparing them for what was to occur next.

One of Sonny's fingers trailed from your mouth down to your chin, over your chest, and down to your clit. Your body automatically ground down onto Sonny's hand as he rubbed tight circles around the sensitive flesh.

You could see the want in your boyfriend’s eyes as he slipped two fingers into your dripping hole and placed a kiss on your shoulder, "Go ahead pretty girl. Get yourself off. I'm not going to do any of the work for you."

What should have been an embarrassing action held absolutely no shame or remorse. You circled your hips on Sonny fingers ensuring that they grazed your G-spot with each rotation. Despite Sonny telling you he was not going to do any of the work for you, you could feel him curling his fingers in time with your hips.

The lust in Sonny's face never left as he watched you use him for your pleasure.

"Sonny please don't stop! I'm getting close. Please let me keep going!”

"Wouldn't do that to you baby," Sonny mused as he placed his thumb on your clit.

You continued your ministrations on Sonny's hand until you suddenly clamped down on his fingers. Your body stilled but Sonny continued to curl his fingers. A hot rush of liquid left your body and dripped onto Sonny as you crumbled forward into his chest, body quivering from two orgasms back-to-back.

You barely heard Sonny in between him licking your cum off of his hand, "If you think that I'm not gonna offer to fuck you after what I just watched, you're out of your mind."