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Helllooooo, Internet Land!
Welcome to my Weekly Pie Blog!
Since this is the first blog, I’ve decided to start off simple…
With some PIE TIPS!
If you’re planning on making a pie anytime soon, here are some tips to help you out…

1. Make your pie crust dough in a stand mixer! (It comes out SO MUCH BETTER AND EASIER than by hand)

2. Make sure your butter is COLD when making the crust (makes the crust flaky!)

3. Cut the butter into little cubes and add them in a couple at a time (to ensure they’re thoroughly mixed in and to make them mix in faster)

4. Roll out your crust in between two sheets of parchment paper (prevents it from sticking)

5. Don’t trim the edges too far (the crust may shrink a little in the oven)

6. Put the rolled out crust in the fridge before parabaking or adding filling

7. Stab the crust with a fork (even on the sides) before parabaking (it prevents puffing up and shrinking)

8. Make sure to put enough pie weights in the silver foil-lined crust when parabaking! (They work magic, as long as there’s enough!)

9. When making pie such as cherry or raspberry (really anything that goes well with chocolate), brush some melted chocolate on the bottom of the cooked crust (if baking the
crust first and then adding the filling) OR scatter some chocolate chips across the filling before baking (if baking the crust with filling inside)

10. Use sugar with larger crystals when sprinkling over a top pie crust (gives the pie a nice sugary crunch and a pretty brown color when baked)

That’s all!
Hope these tips helped :)

Aaaaand that’s everything, y’all!
See ya next time!

-Love, Bitty <3