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The Long Goodbye

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The Long Goodbye 

It’s 5:00 am.  Cocooned and warm under blankets. Reluctantly, I had to get up and get ready to go but Veronica wouldn’t unwrap herself from me. I honestly didn’t want her to either. So perfect in my arms. Following like a new puppy, she needed to keep touching me as I made my way to the bathroom. Both of us were painfully aware that we only had 120 minutes left.  I didn’t mind her hovering. I loved feeling her near, her perfume lingering, keeping her scent all around me. I will be trapped for the next six months with the smell of diesel and men to keep me company, after all.  

As I took my shaving kit out at the sink Veronica attached herself onto my back, wrapping her arms around my waist in a hug, nuzzling her nose into the back of my neck, her smooth cheek pressed up against my upper back. I feel soft breasts with hard nipples caressing me as she quietly murmurs to herself. Mmmm. I smiled loving the feel of Veronica pasted on me, trying to absorb me, somehow, through osmosis. Trying to remove any possible space so that I can be imprinted upon her. Or she, onto me. I didn’t mind her slowing down my morning felt wonderful knowing I had this time with her...for only another hour or so. Tick tock. 

“Let me,” she said, taking the can of shaving cream and dispensing an utterly absurd amount into her hand. Then slowly playing with it between her palms, enjoying the creamy, dense feel of it, before she slowly massaged it onto my face covering all my stubble. Taking my razor and wetting the blade, she began carefully, yet somehow expertly, shaving my face. Long firm strokes. Rinse. Another stroke. Test for smoothness. Check. Rinsing the blade with every swipe. We were silent as I watched her concentrating on my face, wanting to do a good job to send me off looking my best. 

No woman had ever shaved me before. It was hotter than I could have ever imagined.  She only had on a thin, almost threadbare, tank that she loved to sleep in. It hugged her in all the right places just reaching to mid hip. The beautiful curve of her ass bare and the soft curls at her apex exposed.  It was so sexy to see her in such an unapologetic state of undress. The strap of her tank had carelessly fallen off her shoulder, exposing the top of her perky breast. Bed hair cascading all over her shoulders, god, she was a vision. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her look more beautiful. 

She turned my face, as needed, to get the right angle, unconsciously and silently miming the expressions I needed to have so that she could properly shave my upper lip, my chin. I was putty in her hands standing there mesmerized at the feel of this beautiful, naked woman with her focus completely on me. It was sexy as hell. She was gentle, yet firm with me. Commanding silently, yet gently. I was so turned on, my cock now hard from this careful, reverent touch.  She’d catch me staring at her and we would just silently look at each other with soulful, sad eyes knowing this was part of the long goodbye.  When finished, she rubbed her palms on my face, dragging her thumbs softly across my cheeks, satisfied with the smoothness. She tested it one last time for good measure with her cheek and almost purred.  I gave her a small, soft kiss of thanks but she was not done touching me just yet.

Before I realized it, more shaving cream was dispensed, allocated to both hands and then the sensual application began, all over the front of my body. Thick, creamy, smooth, her hands luxuriously spreading it all over my chest and abs covering every last inch. Slowly, slowly dragging the creamy lather along the planes of my body as if she were a blind person reading Braille. I watched as she closed her eyes, memorizing the feel of me beneath her hands. Every dip, every ripple, every contour I had worked so hard on, her hands reveled in appreciation. I was rock hard at this point, and truth be told, a little light-headed too, I was so relaxed. If I’d never had a woman shave me, I certainly never had a shaving cream massage. Why have I never had a shaving cream massage?? How did I miss this sweet, heavenly torture all these years?  

By now my erection is at full attention touching Veronica’s belly, never wanting to be out of reach of her warmth. Seeking her, like a siren call. A smile began to form as if just noticing him and her hands descended further down to grasp him with a creamy, firm stroke. Gah!!  It felt incredible. Somehow I managed to get even harder, seeming to grow another inch.  She stroked my cock with languorous, dreamy strokes while watching me through a half-lidded gaze.  I literally felt as if I was being hypnotized by this slow assault of caresses.  She had bewitched me completely.  How can I leave? I cannot leave such pleasure and delight.  

She let go of me to turn on the shower. Wait! Don’t stop touching me! Please! Then peeled off her tank, took my hand and pulled me into the shower with her to rinse off. The water, running rivulets through the cream as it slowly disappeared. She proceeded to wash my hair scrubbing my scalp with her nails.  I was in a sensory overload...the warm water streaming over me, the feel of her nails on my scalp, her gorgeous, wet naked body in front of me. It was a heady experience. After rinsing my hair the bathing began. Pouring body wash directly onto me, expertly gliding hands over my shoulders, as if a trained masseuse, down my arms carefully feeling every ripple of deltoid, bulge of bicep, tricep, lathering down my forearm washing all the way down to my hands as she laced her fingers through mine and tugged me down for a kiss.  Then up again, across my upper chest, and the same assault down the other arm. Always touching, caressing.

Turning me around, exploring every inch of my back, curved lats, waist and then glutes, long strokes down my hamstrings, calves to my ankles. Slowly, reverently, it was so soothing and loving. Now facing her again, she lathered my chest and abs even more slowly, if possible, again as if a special language read only through feel, all the way down to my cock.  He got the washing of a lifetime and was deliriously happy. 

Having rinsed all the soap from my skin, Veronica kneeled down and while looking at me took me into her mouth and sucked. Hard. Gah! I had to brace myself on the shower wall, because surely I would fall watching this beautiful, wet, vision sucking and stroking my cock, knowing exactly what I liked. It was sublime... I can’t. She can’t. I have to stop her, I need to feel her, to be inside her. I pulled her up. Grabbing her ass, that perfect ass, I pulled her to me crushing my mouth to hers pouring into that kiss everything I felt about her. How much I loved her, how much I’ll miss her, how badly I don’t want to go.  How thankful I am for the best grooming experience of my life. Sending me off with six months of graphic memories to hold me over while on that tin can at sea. 

I slid my hands to the back of her thighs, easily lifting her up, holding her against the shower wall as I dragged my cock through her folds.  Her head falling back as she moaned. Two fingers circling her clit, slowly, just as she likes it. So wet. My fingers easily sliding into her. Her eyes closing, in pleasure. A breathy moan. With one long stroke I slid into her, making her gasp while delving into her hot, wet pussy. Oh god, it felt so good. Fucking her slowly, with long strokes, then sensing her urging me on silently, adjusted my angle and fucked her harder. The way she liked. The more she gasped and moaned, the harder my dick got. I could feel her building, my only goal, to make her feel good. To repay her with one last pleasure for the sublime sensory overload she’d gifted me on this last morning, mere hours before I had to leave.  

Veronica screamed as she came. Oh yes, that’s my Bobcat. Pupils dark as her eyes dreamily stared at me. She was gorgeous. I memorized her face as my own orgasm overcame me at last. The long build-up had me coming longer than I ever have, as her pussy wringed my cock of every last bit. We stood, still attached, holding on to each other, breathing heavily trying to regain what seemed like consciousness. Had I actually passed out for a moment? It seemed so. Clinging to each other, not wanting to let go. No! We just started. I cannot leave now. We softly kissed over and over again as I slid out of her and she stood on her own again. “Come on sailor, let’s dry you off and get you ready.”

“I love you,” I told her.  

“I know. I love you too. So, so much. Please be careful.”

We looked at each other knowing this long goodbye had to come to an end.  She kissed me as we toweled off and then left so that I could dress while she made us coffee.  How can I do this? How do I go?

I dressed quickly, scanning the room to make sure nothing was left behind. How ridiculous. The most important of all, Veronica, was being left behind. My heart ached.  I picked up my bag and met her at the door.

We kissed and kissed. Holding each other tightly. And kissed some more. We had said we would not cry. It’s 180 days. What’s 180 days when you’re epic? I stared into her eyes, memorizing her face. Speaking with soulful eyes, letting her know, she is everything. I gently kissed her nose.

“Come back to me.”