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The first time it happened, she managed to convince Percy that it didn’t mean anything. It took a lot of reassuring on Sally’s part, but she managed to make him believe it. They both knew he was overprotective (and for good reason), but he trusted her enough to listen, and with him being distracted by his newest set of powers, he was easily swayed. 

The second time… well, it wasn’t easy, but she pulled that off too. He did end up sending a prayer (though it was worded more as a not-so-thinly-veiled threat) to Apollo that night, but as the weeks passed, he relaxed and bought into her lie about bad allergies having gotten the best of her that one time. Annabeth wouldn’t have been fooled, but she hardly came around anymore.

The third time was a lot more difficult. That time, it wasn’t just a nosebleed or sore throat.

Percy was used to his personal life being in chaos in every situation thanks to his status as a demigod. No matter how innocent the situation, there was always the possibility that something would go wrong, and he knew it. After all, his inconvenience wouldn’t exactly be reason enough to halt the demands of a god or monster-- not that he saw much difference between the two at this point (with a few positive exceptions on both sides).

Still, he didn’t anticipate this, or remotely understand it even after the fact, largely by Sally’s design.

They were at Corner Slice. Against all odds over the years, they’d managed to cobble together a happy family, and had gone out for pizza for the hell of it. You know, like normal people might do, provided they have no immortal relations, Mist-immunity, Blood of the Pharaohs, or various other associated supernatural whatevers (and after everything he’d seen, he wasn’t ruling anything out, though he wasn't exactly eager to find out). Estelle was back at home with Tyson-- who Sally had promptly declared the world’s best babysitter when he’d finally gotten her to sleep after keeping them all up for the last few nights. 

(Granted, he did it by giving her a magic carousel he made with Poseidon in Atlantis-- but it did get the job done in the end. Needs must, and all that jazz.)

He’d left to use the bathroom for what couldn’t have been more than 2 minutes. When he heard a scream just after washing his hands, he ran back to find his mom deathly white, Paul trembling as she-- 

Was that blood?

When she regained consciousness, she found herself in the hospital surrounded by faces that were concerned, confused, angry, and grave, in that order. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she thought there was something very funny about the situation where her emergency contacts included two gods (including her ex and and his nephew), her husband, her demigod son, and an adorably innocent Cyclops solemnly offering her a jar of peanut butter with one hand while carefully holding her daughter in the other.

She really wished she’d been able to finish that last slice.