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Do you trust me?

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As the jet touched down on the ground, Tony Stark put on his sunglasses and checked his wrist watch, the sonic gauntlet ready in case of emergencies. The seemingly deserted area made him rethink his decision to come help the rest of the team. It reminded him of Afghanistan in a way. And, maybe, he shouldn't have said okay when Natasha asked him to come look at another abandoned Hydra warehouse. When will those nazi wannabes learn that their plans and experiments are doomed to failure?

Speaking of the triple Impostor, Natasha Romanoff was waiting for Tony in front of the entrance of the bunker, her casual outfit not giving away any clues as to why she wanted him here.

"You're surprisingly on time."

"I had a good reason for coming on time." The billionaire took a his glasses and smirked at her. "The sooner I finish, the sooner I get to go home."

Natasha lead Tony inside the building, explaining what they found so far. "This place looks abandoned, but was clearly used recently and there's a locked section we can't access, along with the database."

"So I'm here to get you in? Got it." He looked around and, then, stopped. "What was this place used for?"

"Not sure. We believe it's some sort of laboratory, but we might be wrong."

"Who else is here, aside from you and me?"

Nat opened a door and revealed what appeared to be an old office with a highly secure room connected to it. That room was the one that lead to the mystery section of the bunker. In that office were Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes.

"So knock-off Cap and Elsa?" Tony should've expected to see them. After all, the team was all over the places nowadays and this two were probably the only ones in the area.

Sam approached Tony and shook his hand. "It's good to see you, Tony. How's Pepper."

"Eh, you know her. Busy with wedding planning." The billionaire waved at Bucky. "What's up, Terminator?"

Bucky laughed at the nickname, waving back. Since the whole "Civil War" fiasco, he and Tony reconciled and he ended up finding out that Stark usually give nicknames to the people he liked. That made him feel included. A part of the Avengers. It felt good.

Then, Tony dropped the act and moved in from of the computer that sat on the office desk. "Alright, out of my way, peasants. I have a date tonight and I'm planning to leave here early."

"Be careful with that, Stark. If you mess it up, this place might blow up." Nat tried to get them in before calling Tony and knew that the bunker was set to explode if the security system sensed a breach in it.

"Don't worry, I've done this a thousand times. It's child's play."

Bucky leaned on the metal door and closed his eyes, listening. Between everyone's breathing and Tony's typing, he heard something else. Something that sounded more like rats running on the floor. But before he could say anything, the door opened and he fell on the floor.

"And done!" Tony looked at Sam helping Bucky up and said "Next time be more careful where you stand, Barnes."

"Wilson, Barnes, you go check that place." Nat pushed them out the door and turned to look at the computer's screen. "Think you can find anything useful or did Hydra deleted everything?"

"I'm already a step ahead of you, Romanoff." Tony moved aside and showed Nat the screen. "Meet Richard and Mary Parker. Former Oscorp scientists, fired after they almost killed half of the staff there. Hydra recruited them and founded their research further. Died a couple of months ago, when this place was shut down."

"What were they researching?"

"Biologically enhanced individuals." Nothing new when it came down to the crazy scientists the team encountered.

"The usual." Natasha bent down to look at the screen. "Says here that all of their tests faild, except one."

"Yup... Parker 616." He raised his hand to rub his tired eyes. "What do you think that is? My money's on another Winter Soldier."

"They worked with venomous spiders and other insects. It might be worse than a Winter Soldier.

Right then, a loud crash put them in high alert. The duo ran towards the source of the sound and found Sam with a look of shock on his face. The reason was in the far corner of the room, fighting to escape from under the weight of the vibranium arm dropped on it.

Bucky, armless, was equally as shocked. The creature who, apparently, tried to stole and, probably, destroy his arm wasn't a giant rat, as he initially thought. It was a very small child. The only successful experiment of the Parkers.