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It wasn't just one night of course. It wasn't just one night and they both knew it. Cassie wasn't even really sure why she had said it. Maybe it had been an excuse, that at least that night she had had a good enough reason to go to him. But that was the thing, she was always able to come up with a reason if she tried hard enough. 

But they had always kept it behind closed doors, or tent flaps, or once up against a tree while on patrol. Never anywhere like this, in a place where a member of the team could walk in at any time. That kind of danger was new. Maybe that was why she let him. Why she hadn't objected, even now as he stuck his hand down her pants.

“You think about him every time you’re in this chair, don’t you?” Deacon whispered.

Don’t give him this. Don’t let him in. Don’t. Just don’t. So far she’d managed to somehow separate this, whatever the fuck this was with Deacon, and Cole. She and Cole had never even... and yet somehow Deacon knew. Their connection. Their bond. Whatever they called it, it was still there. It didn’t matter how long it’d been since they’d seen each other, how much time passed or changed. None of that mattered.

“I’m gonna fuck him out of your mind.”

Cassie just grinned.

“What?” Deacon demanded. “What the fuck are you smirking about?”

Cassie leaned up. “It’s gonna take a lot more than your dick to fuck him out of my mind.” She whispered. Knowing she was issuing a challenge by saying it, and maybe she wanted that. Maybe she wanted Deacon like this, petty and primal, jealous and rough with her. Because when he was like that, she didn’t have to worry about what this was, what she’d become...what this thing was between them.

His hand pressed down over her mound. His thumb stroked her clit hard and possessive, making her hips buck in response. She'd never been like this with Aaron. Never felt so hungry for just the touch of a hand. Of course, being stuck in the future had changed everything. Maybe she never would have felt like this with anyone, never let anyone do this to her if she were still in 2017.

Deacon held her like that for a while, working her into a frenzy. He knew all too well how to get her off. She wasn't really sure when that had happened. His thumb alone drove her to distraction, stroking her in a firm rhythm that bordered on pure torture. The direct stimulation pushed her closer and closer to the edge until she wanted to cry out.

And then he took his hand away.

Cassie's eyes fluttered open. She hadn't even been aware she had closed them.

Deacon leaned in on the chair, resting his hands on either side of her. "Didn't think I'd let you get off that easy, did you?" He whispered. 

"Asshole." Cassie murmured. Her clit throbbed, desperate for his hand to touch her again.

"At your service." Deacon reached for her jeans. He tugged them down her hips, and then completely off her legs. For a moment he stood there and simply looked at her. Under his gaze she felt herself growing wetter, felt it seeping between her legs, how close she was. How him looking at her wasn’t helping. She wanted to squirm, managing instead to hold herself still under the weight of his gaze.

Then finally he reached for her panties, tugging them off too. Her bare ass hit the chair. For a moment she thought he would toss them on the floor with her pants. Instead he balled them up and put them in his pocket. 

"Hey." Cassie tried to squash the heat rising in her at the thought of him keeping them, taking them out when he was alone in his quarters. Smelling her scent hours later. Her pussy throbbed at the thought.

"Don't worry. I'll give them back." Deacon grinned. "Maybe."

"You better."

He knelt down between her legs, drawing his hands down her thighs, lifting her knees over his shoulders. He was so close to her now. His breath warmed her thigh. 

"I love this view of you." Deacon whispered. 

Cassie just shook her head. 

He stroked his long forefinger down her mound and then slowly, teasing through her folds, he circled her pussy. just lightly enough to make her shudder. And then he lowered his head. 

Cassie bit her lip hard as his tongue pushed inside her. God, she shouldn't want this, she didn't want this, she didn't dream about this at night. She didn't think about this whenever he smirked at her. She didn't. She didn't. She didn't. 

He knew exactly how much to give her and how to hold back until she was truly ready to scream. Her entire cunt throbbed with need. If he had gotten up and started to leave she would have grabbed his hair and pushed him back down between her legs. He'd probably like that, she acknowledged. He had in the past.

Deacon sucked harder at her clit while he slipped his finger inside her, stroking her in slow tight circles. She was so close now, it was all she could do to hold herself back. His scruff rubbed against her thighs. She’d remember this later all right. The length of his finger inside her, stirring her to further depths of passion. 

"Now, now." Deacon chided. "Now I want you to come." He licked her clit, smiling as she shuddered helplessly. "Come for me, Cassie."

"It's gonna take more than your fingers, or your mouth." She told him. 

"You know it doesn't." He whispered. "I could make you come right now, and we both know it.”

“So do it.”

Deacon just grinned. “Go on. Say it. Tell me what you want."

"You're the one who said it first." 

"And now I want you to say it." He curled his finger deep inside her, causing ripples of need traveling across her body. 

"I want your dick." She gritted out. 

Deacon waited. 

"Fuck you." Cassie panted. "I want your dick inside me. Are you happy now?"

"Ecstatic."  Deacon leaned back letting her legs slid off his shoulders and reached for his belt.

She let herself watch this; she’s already admitted how much she wanted it, she might as well enjoy the show.

He slid the belt free from his pants and looked down at her. “Put your hands above your head.”

Cassie hesitated and then slowly she raised her arms.

Deacon leaned up over her to loop his belt around her wrists, tying them to the back of the chair. She breathed in his scent as she did, and then, she couldn’t resist, she bit at his chest.

“Ow!” Deacon moved back, looking down at her. “Little eager aren’t we?”

Cassie shrugged as best as she could.

“Just hold your horses.” He chided.

“Take your pants off already.”

“The sweetest words ever spoken.” Deacon reached for his zipper, drawing it down. He pushed them down, along with his briefs. His dick sprang free and Cassie sucked in a silent breath.


She would never admit it, but just the sight of his dick was enough to get her aroused. Just seeing it made her body throb with need. She wanted the thickness of it inside her, filling her, stretching her and the fact that she could have it, astounded her.

Deacon reached inside his jacket pocket. She had never asked how he had happened to have lube, and now she didn’t care. She arched up as he pushed two slicked fingers straight inside her.

“Come on, already.”

“Say it again.” Dean whispered. “Pretty please.”

It was a small price to pay, but she still didn’t want to. He pressed his thumb against her clit again and she moaned. “Fine. I want your dick inside me.”

“There, was that so hard?” He squirted more lube over his hand, slicking his cock.

She watched, anticipation growing inside her.

Deacon positioned himself and then he simply rubbed the head of his cock against her pussy, teasing her.

“I already fucking said it twice. I’m not saying it again.” Cassie told him.

“I just like the feel of you like this.” Deacon said simply. And then he leaned in, sliding right inside her and Cassie’s lips parted in a silent moan.

God, finally. She stared up at the dark vast ceiling of the facility as Deacon moved inside her. She wanted to live inside this moment where there was only this. The feeling of him inside her, filling her so much there wasn’t room to think or worry about anything else. She’d never tell him that of course, but sometimes this was the only peace she found.

If peace was the right word.

Escape. That was it. This was the only way she found escape.

Deacon gripped the arms of the chair as he thrust deeper, moving almost obnoxiously slow inside her. almost like he was dragging it out, making it last.

If her hands were free she’d be pulling at him, urging him faster, digging her nails into his back. She’d scratched him deeply once. He’d liked that too.

“Come on, Deacon.” She murmured, squeezing around him.

“Just wanted to make sure you were ready.” He looked down into her eyes as he sped up just a fraction.

“I’ve been ready ever since you started.”

Deacon chuckled. “Don’t I know it.” He reached a hand between them, pinching her clit. “But now, I want you to remember this.”

He pulled almost all the way out and then slid back inside her, making her gasp. “Every goddamn time you’re in this chair, every time you go anywhere in it, you’re gonna think of my dick.” He started stroking her clit in time with his thrusts and Cassie couldn’t hold back any longer.

She clenched tightly around him as she came, hips arching up off the chair. She pulled at the belt holding her down as it hit her, rushing over her in heavy waves.

Deacon kept moving inside her as she cried out, pussy pulsing around him. And then he simply kept going, until she gave in and wrapped her legs around him, coming a second time.

Only then did he come himself, shooting deep inside her, holding back his own cry even though she wanted to hear it. She never told him that either.

For a moment Deacon leaned against her, resting his forehead against hers as he regained control of himself. “Damn.”

She licked her lips and he leaned down to kiss her, cupping her chin with his hand. She tasted herself on his tongue and almost wanted him to start all over again.

“There.” Deacon said as he slid out of her and reached for his pants. “I’d say that gave satisfaction.”

“Untie me.”

“Not until you tell me how good that was.” Deacon zipped up his jeans. “Course I could always leave you like this for Cole to find, whenever he comes back. What would he think?”

“Stop being a dick and untie me.” Cassie pulled at his belt. She didn’t even want to picture that.

“Alrght, alright, hold on.” He moved to untie the belt and released her.

Cassie immediately slid out of the chair and reached for her pants. “Give me back my underwear.”

“No, I don’t think I will.” He sounded almost thoughtful.

“Deacon.” Cassie said warningly.

With a sigh he reached into his pocket and took her panties out. He tossed them to her and she caught them. Pulling them on, she got her pants back on and straightened up.

When she looked up he was already nearly to the door. “Till next time.”

“There won’t be a next time.” She called after him.

Deacon just laughed; she could hear it echoing down the corridor as he walked away.


*  *  *


"I can't give you that." She finished her grand speech.

"Spare me. I'm not asking for that." Deacon said flatly. "I never wanted that. What I want is just that moment of sinking down into your warmth where I forget about what's going on out there just for a while. That fucking bit of escape. That's what I want. That’s all I want.”

She wasn't sure she believed him, but she wanted to. As long as she could pretend that was true, they could continue. Because if she couldn't have Cole, and she couldn't, she knew that, maybe she could still have this.


“Okay.” Deacon held out his hand.

With a shake of her head she took it. They shook and then he pulled her close enough to lean down and kiss her.

“Just remember, I’m just around the corner if you got a minute to spare.” He whispered as he pulled back. “I’ll be waiting for ya if you ever want to be there.”

Cassie blinked. Why did that sound familiar? And then it clicked. “Are you quoting Fleetwood Mac at me?”

Deacon grinned. “There’s my girl.” He let her go and strolled off, whistling the song under his breath.

“Unbelievable.” Cassie muttered to herself. Still she found herself humming it under her breath for the rest of the day.


*  *  *

She had thought of Cole whenever she was in the chair. Whether directly head-on, or subconsciously, he was always with her. But now so were other memories. Deacon's lazy smile as he looked up at her. The scratch of his beard that remained on her thighs. The firm press of his thumb just there, making her moan. 

"What?" Cole asked and she just shook her head.

But out of the corner of her eye she saw Deacon in the corner, smirking at her, as though he knew exactly what she was thinking of.


*  *  *


It was a lie. Of course it was a lie and they both knew it. But as long as Cassie was willing to pretend otherwise Deacon couldn’t care less. He wasn’t an idiot. If he couldn’t get everything he wanted (and how often did that happen in this godawful world anyway? Pretty fucking never) he sure as hell would take as much as he could get.

And what he wanted was Cassie. Anywhere she wanted. Any time she said okay was alright by him.

That was one thing Cole never understood. That you had to seize the moment. You couldn’t just sit around on your ass waiting for some perfect timing from the universe. Ramse for all he was a prick, knew that much at least. But Cole was content to wait, bullshitting around with the ever important mission, never realizing he was missing out on the opportunities right in front of him. And Deacon wasn’t going to waste a chance just because Cole was too blind to see it, or too cowardly to take it.

Deacon went back and forth on which it actually was. Cole wasn’t a coward in general, but he wasn’t exactly brave when it came to intimacy. Maybe he had good reason. Maybe not. Who the fuck cared? In the long run maybe he and Cassie would end up together. Maybe Deacon didn’t give a damn. Because he’d been there first. And nothing would ever change that. No matter how many times Cole traveled through in time, that would never change.