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Getting detention wasn’t part of your plan for how today was going to go.

Student council meetings, lunch fundraisers, and helping John study for his midterms were all on the agenda. However, all that was going to have to be pushed off till tomorrow because you couldn’t focus now.

John had been smoking outside the front door when you arrived at school and when he got caught, you were considered guilty by association…which meant that you would also have to take the punishment.

You would have to sit through your first detention ever.

…You could hardly believe it.

Of course, your boyfriend was less than phased. This was, by no means, his first detention and it would not be his last either. He didn’t have anything to lose by giving up his afternoon.

-Not in the same way that you did.

You had so many different things that had to get done after school and you weren’t going to be able to do it now. It was going to put you way behind schedule but that didn’t change the fact that you had to go.

The consequences would be much worse if you tried to skip out on the few hour meeting. Which meant that as much as you hated it, you had to just suck it up.

At least you were going to be there with Bender, which would make it all much more bearable than if you had to do it alone. He wasn’t afraid of detention like you were and in some ways, you almost wondered if he enjoyed it.

It was a big ‘fuck you’ to all the authority in his life, and that was something he wouldn’t dream of passing up. Besides, he got along well with most of the kids in detention usually.

They all shared his core values.

The room was already full of students when you arrived, with John in tow. His boots scuffed on the floor as he dragged his feet along but you didn’t care about that.

You were too busy looking around, trying to place all the faces that surrounded you.

…None of these kids struck you as real rule breakers.

Hell, you even saw Claire Standish, which didn’t make any sense at all. She was even more straight laced than you were and you couldn’t imagine what she’d done to end up here.

Something told you that you didn’t want to know.

However, before you could get too caught up in the whole thing, John bumped you gently with his shoulder, alerting you to the outside world-which was still spinning around you.

“Everything’s gonna be fine sweetness, just sit down” he suggested, only teasing you as he led you over to your seats, in the front of the room. You briefly considered arguing but it wouldn’t get you anywhere.

It wouldn’t matter if you were in the front or the back of the library, it was all detention.

“How do you do this all the time? I can hardly stand it” you started, whispering to John as quietly as you could. You weren’t sure how he managed but then again, maybe you didn’t really want to know.

You and John were very different people fundamentally, but that didn’t change the fact that you loved him. Where you were soft, he was strong and where you were careful, he was reckless.

Your pairing didn’t make sense to most but you always made it work, not that that confidence stopped everyone else from questioning why you wasted your time with Bender.

It was only at moments like this that you wondered if they were right.

…Were you really wasting your time?

Usually, you felt as if you were bringing John up and making him better but was it possible that he was bringing you down instead? You sincerely hoped not.

“What are we doing here? How did I get here? I’ve never had a detention before, I’m on student council” you whisper-yelled, panicking more and more as the clock ticked on the wall.

You had been here all of twelve minutes but if you didn’t figure this out, you were going to go insane.

However, John didn’t even blink at your obvious upset. This wasn’t the first time he’d had to talk you down in your relationship and it would certainly not be the last.

This was another good thing that came out of you and John not having all that much in common. He could approach problems calmly and almost unconcerned with what happened.

That just allowed you to worry about him too, of course, but it also did something else.

…It let you calm down some too.

Bender had this way of rationalizing things that helped you just go with the flow and relax a little.

“What are you babbling about? This isn’t going to affect how your teachers see you” he shrugged, really not seeing the point. Honestly, he had no idea why you cared.

You were the smartest, most capable student they’d ever have and they would be stupid to punish you for making a mistake. Though, John had to admit that getting to spend even more time with you in detention would be kind of rad.

Not that he was going to tell you that right now.

Instead, he smiled and threw his arm around the back of your chair, further closing the gap between your two bodies. You may not have loved being in detention but if John could help it, you would at least relax by the end of this whole thing.

Getting a single detention wasn’t going to be the end of the world.

“You really think so?” you sighed, your eyes shining as you looked at him.

This was it.

This was the reason you and Bender managed to still be in love after all this time. Everyone else only saw one side of John, the rebellious teen with greasy hair and a smart mouth but you knew better.

John was so much more than that.

He was loyal to a fault and willing to do anything for the people that he cared about. Not only that, but he was gentle and supportive without ever talking down to you or devaluing your feelings as so many others often did.

You knew that no matter what, Bender would always be there for you and nothing was ever going to be better than that.

…Even if you did have to sit through the occasional detention because of him.

Anything would be worth it as long as you got to keep sitting next to this criminal for as long as possible.