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Slashers With A Chubby/Insecure S/O HCs

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Michael Myers

  • Michael caught you staring at your body with sheer dissatisfaction and disgust in the mirror and he heard you talking to yourself about how you didn't understand how he could like you. You wondered if he was just keeping you around for his own use and if he was just going to kill you when he got bored. He isn't a very emotional man but hearing those words come out of your mouth hit him in a way
  • He doesn't care about how you look and he definitely doesn't see you any differently just because you're bigger - mostly because he doesn't pay too much attention to how you look or feel to even know there's a difference. Michael might think you're just being over dramatic but once he realises that how you look is really affecting you then he'll try to help you feel better about yourself
  • Out of everyone on the list, Michael isn't the best when it comes to comforting someone with words so he has to use his actions moreover his "words" so he can't directly tell you how beautiful/handsome you are but he can show you. Now, he isn't one for initiating intimacy even if it's something platonic like a hug or even hand holding, but the next time he saw you he pulled you in for a hug which took you by surprise
  • Although he can't speak, he can write and he uses this as a way to communicate with you on some occasions. If he's gone by the time you wake up then you'll probably find a note left on your bedside table that says something short and sweet but also slightly awkward, something along the lines of "pretty". He isn't very romantic so he doesn't really know what he's supposed to write


Jason Voorhees

  • Jason doesn't care about how you look but not in the same way Michael does. You see, Jason actually pays attention to you and worries about you if he sees even a slight change in you. If he catches you poking at your arms or your stomach out of the corner of his eye or if he sees you playing with your food he goes into protection mode and tries to help you in any way that he can
  • Jason knows what it's like to not like how you look considering he was bullied - and died - because of how his own face looks so he can partially relate to your problems. He does get worried that you might try to deal with your problems in unhealthy ways (as mentioned above) so he begins keeping a more firm eye on you just so you don't get yourself into any trouble or do anything you might regret
  • On the other hand, he's a great listener and he's very patient with you. He will listen to you rant about your problems but it also breaks his heart hearing you talk down about yourself. In fact, if he could talk he would probably be able to go on for hours about why he loves you and why you should love yourself. He knows that one hug from him isn't going to get rid of your insecurities and that this will take time


Thomas Hewitt

  • Thomas is not only on the bigger side himself but he's also had a very unhealthy relationship with how he looks so he understands your struggles and how it feels to not love yourself. He doesn't really know how to comfort you either but that doesn't mean he won't try to reassure you that your weight isn't important, all that matters to him is that you love him and he loves you. That's it
  • And if he catches you insulting yourself? Anger. Did Hoyt say something to you? Did a victim say something? Who made you feel like crap? Thomas will handle them- Oh, it was you? Why would you say something like that?  Thomas won't stand for anyone making you feel bad about your body and not even yourself - . He'll give you a grim look every time he thinks you're going to say something mean about yourself
  • No Y/N. You do not look like that pig or that cow from the farm, you look like a lovely human who doesn't deserve to feel bad about their body - and he will continue reminding you of that because all the things you say about yourself upset him even if you tell him that it's just your sense of humour and you don't really mean it. Thomas just knows that those jokes still have a serious undertone to them
  • He likes showing you how handsome/beautiful you are. As soon as he's managed to finish all his chores or slip away for a quick second he will spend that time with you. He hopes that you realise how much he loves you, one of his favourite things about you is actually your stretch marks. When the two of you are in bed he will just run his fingers along the marks while gently kissing you


Bubba Sawyer

  • Are you kidding? Bubba loves your curves! Anytime you mention them negatively or even joke about wanting to get rid of them it genuinely upsets him and leaves him an angry babbling mess as he starts to wave his hands around and point out parts of your body he loves. Eventually, his anger will die down and he'll just be sad. If he could speak, he'd ask you things like "how could you hate how you look?" 
  • He tends to only be hostile towards anyone who isn't family but if anyone like Drayton or one of the twins slips up and says something bad about you he won't hesitate to defend you unless you step in. He's very loyal and not afraid to show it - he'll go a long way to prove to you that your jokes about yourself aren't true and that you're more handsome/pretty than you think you are
  • Bubba will do anything to show you that he loves you and your body. He will prove that you're not too big by showing you how easy it is for him to pick you up when you aren't expecting it and he will constantly give you reassuring hugs out of nowhere while showering you in "compliments". He doesn't understand how you can love him but not yourself