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i heard your voice, i thought i felt your touch (i was running with a ghost)

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Nana is the first to find him.


She wasn’t looking for him, per se. In fact, all she really wanted to do was, for lack of a better word, sulk .


Being a ghost just wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.


Not to say that she expected being a ghost was amazing or anything, but she figured she wouldn’t be stuck on Earth, forced to roam the world instead of moving on.


She wanted to move on.


For the first few years, she considered it a blessing. She wanted to see Yagi grow to be the hero she knew he could become. She wanted to stand by his side and watch as he became the Number One Pro Hero. She wanted to see Gran Torino and her family live their lives.


Now, all she wanted was rest.


She had stopped following Yagi ages ago, and she stopped visiting Gran and her family even before that. Now she roamed Japan, exploring areas she never went to when she was alive and avoiding areas she did.


That’s how she finds him, on one of her walks around Musutafu.


She doesn’t notice him immediately. In fact, her eyes slide right over him and focus instead on the blonde boy next to him. 


They’re playing, two fake swords in their hands as they fight against one another. Nana focuses on the blonde who quickly takes over the fight, his movements more sure and wild than his friend’s. 


She can’t help but smile as she watches them. She’s always loved children, and most days she finds herself watching children more than anything else.


Though the little boy with green hair gives a good fight, the blonde quickly overtakes him, his larger body and ruthless way of fighting leading to a win on his part. She can’t say she’s surprised. The green boy doesn’t look surprised either. In fact, he looks pretty happy.


“That was amazing, Kacchan! You’re going to be a great hero!” Nana can’t help but melt at the wide smile (gosh, those dimples!) the green boy gives his friend and the cute nickname he gives the blonde. 


With the way ‘Kacchan’ smirks and preens (and what kind of kid does that? they barely look older than the age of five), it’s evident that he approves of his friend’s words.


“I know I’m going to be a great hero, idiot!” ‘Kacchan’ straightens his spine, looking down at his friend. “I’m going to be stronger than even All Might!”


Nana can’t help but snort. It’s a wonderful goal as long the kid doesn’t get too caught up in it. It doesn’t look like the two kids have gotten their Quirks yet, and it would be disappointing and maybe even mentally harmful for the blonde to get a weak Quirk or even be diagnosed as Quirkless.


She shudders to think of what a seemingly prideful kid (and at this age, wow) would do if he was diagnosed as Quirkless.


She’s about to leave the two boys to their games when the corner of her eye catches the green boy moving. She turns to look at him, watching as he puffs out his chest and his cheeks.


She assumes he’s going to argue with the blonde, maybe say that he was the one who was going to become stronger than All Might. He doesn’t say that. Instead, he surprises her.


“And I’ll be right there next to you!” The green boy strikes a heroic pose. “I’m gonna be the Sir Nighteye to your All Might!” 


The blonde boy says something back to him, but Nana doesn’t focus on that. Instead, she focuses on the green boy and the unwavering determination she can see in his eyes.


She doesn’t know why his answer surprises her. She’s heard countless people talk about how being a sidekick is much more important than being the main hero. She’s also heard countless people talk about how Sir Nighteye is better than Yagi (she doesn’t understand that one, but that might just be her own personal bias talking). 


What’s different about this boy that makes him catch her eye?


Looking back on it, Nana still can’t understand why she chose to follow Izuku rather than continue her lonely journey. She’s debated countless reasons in her head of why her little green bean intrigued her that fateful day, but she can never pinpoint exactly what made her stop and stare.


She can’t say she regrets it. No, she would never regret it.


It was just always meant to be Izuku.


She didn’t choose Izuku right then though. She was merely intrigued by him (and maybe just a little enamoured, he was just so cute), and she found herself following him home. She didn’t even know his name at the time.


She had always been impulsive, which could have been her downfall, but even this was crazy.


Following a little boy home just because he was interesting? Gran Torino was going to have a field day with this if he ever found out. 


She highly doubted he ever would though. The only other ‘ghosts’ she ever saw walking around were… Well, Gran Torino would just never find out, and that was that.


She didn’t learn Izuku’s name until much later. No one seemed to call him by his real name, not even his mom or his dad who affectionately called their son ‘their little hero’. She followed him for a whole year before she ever learned his name, content to never learn it.


For some reason, she assumed she would grow attached once she learned her little green bean’s name. She didn’t even realize that by giving him a nickname and calling him ‘hers’ meant she was already attached. Hell, she should have realized she was attached the moment she found herself following him.


But she was attached, and even learning his name wouldn’t change that. 


But again, she doesn’t learn his name until much later, until his mother stops calling him ‘her little hero’ and starts calling him Izuku, until Bakugou (she tries not to feel resentment towards the blonde, he’s just a child, he could always change, but once again, her bias is showing) starts calling Izuku ‘Deku’, until his father leaves for America and never looks back, until her little green bean’s life changes.


She follows him for that whole year, content with her knowledge of Izuku and content with the mystery of Izuku. She can never quite figure him out.


She watches as Bakugou and Izuku stay tight knit, the closest of friends. Even though she finds herself worrying over the way Bakugou pushes Izuku to the back, the way Izuku follows never leads, the way no one ever says Izuku can be anything more than what he is now, she appreciates their friendship. She doesn’t know there will be a time where she wishes Izuku wouldn’t.


She watches as her little boy falls in love with her Yagi. He grows into a loving fanboy, his room growing with All Might merch. He has other heroes' merch as well. Her boy doesn’t like to choose favorites, but everyone knows that he has one.


She watches as Izuku’s classmates start getting their Quirks, and she finds herself staring in awe at the natural way Izuku begins to analyze their Quirks and even some hero’s Quirks.


She watches as Bakugou gets his own Quirk, and she finds herself wincing at the way he doesn’t control himself, the way he ignores how his sparks sometimes hit Izuku, the way Izuku doesn’t say anything to stop him. She doesn’t know that this will continue for the rest of their lives.


And she watches as Izuku’s Quirk never comes. 


She waits for it, expecting an Analyzing Quirk or an Intelligence Quirk. She should have realized her boy was smart on his own. 


She also should have realized that sometimes the world is cruel.


“You should probably give it up.”


Nana gasped as her kid dropped his All Might toy.


She had followed the Midoriya’s to the doctor’s office, concerned about what they were doing. She never stuck around her kid’s mom or dad, nor did she ever follow them alone. She spent her days around her green bean, even staying with him while he slept in case anything happened (not that she would be able to do anything).


Of course they were going to a Quirk specialist. Her kid’s Quirk hadn’t shown up, and it had been months since his birthday. No doubt his parents were wondering what was up.


But this…


Nana ignored the doctor (and really, to tell a kid he was Quirkless like that, did he not care!?) and went over to her boy, her hands hovering over him.


She had learned ages ago that she couldn’t touch people. 


She tried to give a comforting smile even though she knew her boy couldn’t see her. She hoped he wouldn’t take this to heart, and wouldn't quit his dream of being a hero. 


The world deserved to have her boy protecting it, and her boy deserved to be a hero.


She stayed by Izuku’s side for the ride home from the doctor’s, her hands always hovering over him. It was the best way she could try to give him comfort. Even if he couldn’t see, hear, or feel her, she hoped he could find some way to be comforted by her presence.


Nana followed her boy over to the computer where he silently pulled up Yagi’s debut video. She could feel his mom’s eyes on the boy, but she focused on her kid.


He hadn’t said a thing since leaving the hospital.


Nana watched with her boy as Yagi saved all of those people at his debut. She had always loved this video, this memory, but now as she watched her boy stare silently at the screen, she felt horrible.


“Mom…” Nana jerked at her boy’s voice, and she stared in rapt attention as he turned around slowly to face his mother. “He saves everyone with a smile, no matter what trouble they’re in…”


Nana smiled at her boy’s description of Yagi, even though her eyes filled with tears. To know that her boy loved something about Yagi that Nana had instilled in him made Nana feel like her boy loved her as well.


“He’s such a cool hero…” Nana winced as her boy’s voice cracked, his eyes now getting glossy with tears. “Can… Can I be a hero too?”


“Oh, my dear boy…” Nana stumbled to the ground next to her boy as his mother stumbled towards him.


“I’m sorry, Izuku! I’m sorry!” Mother and son fell into each other, their sobs echoing through the room.


Nana watched on, her heart breaking in two for her… her Izuku. Izuku, who out of anyone, deserved to be a hero. Izuku who cared for people’s safety, who wanted to be like her Yagi, who was good and kind and deserved the world. Izuku who had no Quirk.


And suddenly, it came to her.


While she had no doubt Izuku could be a hero, even if he was Quirkless, there was always another way… In fact, her mind went back to a certain Quirkless boy who was now the Number 1 Hero.


Izuku could be a Quirkless hero, and she would support him through it all, but what if Izuku didn’t have to be Quirkless? What if her Izuku could be the very best hero with his mind and a powerful Quirk at his side?


What if Izuku could be connected to her like she always wanted?


And as Nana Shimura stared at her boy, she chose.


She chose, and One For All shuddered as the Ninth User was found.


The world turned.



Nana watched as Izuku stood in front of the hurt child, Izuku’s face drenched in tears but his mouth a firm hard line. 


“K-Kacchan, what you’re do-doing isn’t right!” The blonde boy in question bared his teeth at Izuku, and her kid flinched but stood strong. “You-You shouldn’t do this, Kacchan! It-It’s not what a hero would do!”


“Oh, like a Quirkless Deku like you would know anything about being a fucking hero!” Nana winced, still not used to a five year old with a potty mouth.




With a roar, Bakugou activated his Quirk, an explosion happening around Izuku’s feet causing him to fly back. In the commotion, the young child Bakugou was tormenting took off, not looking back to see if his savior was okay.


Nana quickly ran to where Izuku fell, her heart heavy. She had seen Izuku do this so many times, but it always left a pit in her stomach.


Bakugou stomped towards Izuku, and Nana, despite being invisible to everyone watching, curled her body around her boy.


“Don’t fucking call me Kacchan! And stop acting like your tough shit, Deku!” Bakugou stared down at Izuku, his eyes challenging Izuku to get up and fight him. But Izuku had learned better to do that now, and so he stayed on the ground, staring up (through Nana) at the sky. “Tch. Pathetic! Can’t even fight me like a hero.”


With that, Bakugou spit down at Izuku’s red shoes, and Izuku winced but didn’t move a muscle. Nana tried not to tackle the blonde five year old to the ground.


As the sound of Bakugou’s steps faded into the distance, Izuku slowly relaxed, the sharp look in his eyes returning. Nana often wondered what he was thinking when this kind of stuff happened.


She had noticed how Izuku’s eyes often glazed over when these attacks from Bakugou happened. At first, she thought he was getting concussions, but that was quickly proved wrong when he did actually get a concussion.


It wasn’t until she remembered a conversation she had with Gran Torino did she suspect what was happening.


When Gran Torino fought, he was loud and exorbitant, a prankster to his core, but after one fight he had with a villain with a Telekinesis Quirk, she had seen the same exact look in his eyes that she now saw in Izuku’s.


She later learned that one of Gran Torino’s old friend’s had a Telekinesis Quirk, and he had died in battle as Gran Torino watched on.


When she had questioned what had been going through his head when the look appeared, Gran Torino admitted that nothing was going through his head.


He had told her it was like he was far away, watching what was happening, but seemingly not an active participant. He told her he remembered thinking of his friend, of that fateful battle, and then he was just away.


They later learned that Gran Torino was doing something called dissociation. It was the only time it ever happened to Gran Torino, and Nana didn’t know anyone else who admitted suffering from it.


Until now.


As Izuku blinked back into reality, his body shaking and bruises beginning to well up in his skin, Nana paced around him.


She wanted Bakugou to stop hurting her kid, her Number Nine, but without being able to physically touch anything, she didn’t know how she was going to make it happen.


She just knew that Bakugou, if given the chance, would continue bullying Izuku, and she would be damned if she just let it happen like all of the other adults in Izuku’s life seemed to be doing.


And all because he was diagnosed as Quirkless.


Suffice to say, Nana’s eyes had opened to what the Quirkless community had to deal with, and as Izuku learned more about being Quirkless, so did Nana.


She knew that Yagi had been bullied for being Quirkless, but she also knew it wasn’t as bad as what was happening with Izuku. Not to say that Yagi didn’t have it hard enough, but she just doesn’t think that Yagi would have been able to withstand this kind of torture.


She doesn’t know how Izuku, a mere five year old, could handle it.


“Well,” Izuku mumbled, his hand reaching for his backpack that had landed farther away from him, “let’s just go home.”


Nana quickly made her way to Izuku, fixing a smile on her face even though he couldn’t see it.


“Buck up, kiddo! Life’s going to get better!” Nana softened, her eyes following a dejected Izuku. “You’re going to be a hero.”


“So this is where you’ve been, Shimura.”


Nana jumped around, her Quirk activating to where she was floating only a few inches above the ground.


Even if she hadn’t turned, she would have known who spoke. She had heard his voice before.


Standing a few feet away from her was Number Two, Katashi.


He looked exactly like how he had looked the last time she had seen him, his spiky hair and gauntlet on his arm shining as the sun hit him just right. She was jealous of how he always knew the exact spot to sit or stand in to make him look cool.


“Katashi, pleasure seeing you around. I believe the last time we saw each other was three years ago at the last UA Sports Festival.” Not the greatest time of her (dead) life.


Every few years, all of the users of One For All (besides Yagi, of course, he wasn’t dead yet) would gather at the UA Sports Festival and compete. They wouldn’t be able to do much, not wanting to hinder any student, but it was their own personal test.


A test to see if they could still be heroes.


Three years ago, Nana had lost her fight against Katashi. She was still bitter about it.


“Hm. Yes, an exciting time, but that’s not what I wanted to talk about.” 


“Well, hurry it up! I’m pretty busy at the moment.” Nana turned to look back at where Izuku had been walking home. She couldn’t see him anymore, but she knew how to get back to his apartment.


She just didn’t like being away from him.


“You’ve broken the rules, Shimura.”


Nana sharply looked back at Katashi. The man stared at her with an unyielding gaze, the scar on his face making him look sharper.


“I’ve done no such thing, Katashi. And besides,” Nana leaned against the tree next to her, “there are no rules when you’re dead.”


“You’ve chosen the next successor for One For All.” Katashi’s face was hard, but Nana didn’t budge. “That wasn’t your right.”


“I’ve merely chosen a candidate. One that I hope Yagi will choose when the time comes, if the time comes.” 


“You know that what you’ve done is much more severe.” Nana stiffened under Katashi’s gaze, but she did not whither. Izuku was the perfect choice, and she knew it. “One For All considers Izuku to be the next holder.”


“If Yagi decides that my decision was wrong, then One For All will leave Izuku alone.” Not that she thought Yagi would do such a thing. She just knew her boys would get along great.


At this statement, Katashi growled, his eyes flashing. “You’re playing with fate, Nana, and to make matters worse, you’ve chosen a horrible successor.”


“What did you just say?”


“This child that you have chosen, I have been watching as well.” Nana berated herself at his words. She hadn’t even known he was following them. “He is not worthy to be the next holder for One For All.”


“One For All doesn’t seem to mind my choice.” 


“Do you not see!?” Katashi barked at her. “You have chosen a doormat, a coward. He is weak and childish and stupid.”


Nana bristled at his words. “He is only five years old. He will mature, and I can assure you that he isn’t any of those things.”


“The child cannot even save themselves, much less anyone else!”


Nana shot forward, her fury growing. “Did you not just see what Izuku did? How he stepped in to save that kid?”


Katashi stared at her coldly. “All I saw was a weakling who couldn’t stand up to a bully.”


Nana gaped at him, her words leaving her.


“Now I will admit, I admire the way he steps in to shoulder the attacks for others, but then he doesn’t do anything. He just lets that blonde buffoon step all over him.” Katashi ran a hand through his hair, a sigh escaping his lips. “And don’t even get me started on his cheerfulness.”


“He is a child.”


Katashi snapped his eyes to hers. “And you have chosen him to be a weapon.”


“Izuku will be a great hero! He deserves to be a hero!”


“That kid is useless! The blonde is right to call him Deku! That kid could never be a her-”


Nana flew at Katashi, her fist making contact with his mouth. Even though she didn’t have an ounce of One For All in her anymore, the force of her punch caused Katashi to go soaring.


Nana panted as she watched Katashi stumble to his feet, his wide eyes catching hers.


“Don’t ever say that again.” Nana stared Katashi down, not caring that this had been the first time she managed to knock down Number Two.




“Leave us alone, Katashi. Go bother someone who cares.”


With that Nana stormed away to find Izuku.



It had been three months since Nana ran into Katashi, and she was on her guard for all of it. She wasn’t going to allow him to spy on Izuku again, not if he was going to insult her chosen.


Currently, Nana is following Izuku through the streets of Musutafu, keeping a watchful eye for Katashi and any trouble Izuku might get into.


He had lately been getting into a lot of shit. If Nana didn’t know any better, she would think he had a Danger Attraction Quirk or something like that.


It started when Izuku’s mother and father started arguing. Mostly about Izuku. As the fights started to become more frequent, Izuku’s mom, Inko, let Izuku stroll around the neighborhood.


Then she started letting him roam around farther. Maybe to prolong Izuku from coming home and witnessing the fights… Or maybe for another reason, honestly, Nana didn’t particularly like the older Midoriyas' much.


As Izuku started roaming, he started running into heroes fighting villains, or saving people from burning buildings, or even heroes clearing out gang hideouts.


It was starting to get very stressful.


Mainly because Izuku wouldn’t stop trying to help the heroes, whether by cheering them on or making sure civilians were out.


Her boy was only five years old, just a few months shy of being six, and he was already putting his life on the line for others.


She hopes he will either grow out of the habit or learn to do it in more constructive ways.


Either way, she will always stand watch for Izuku, especially in these trying times.


A loud explosion erupts from a few blocks away, and Nana can do nothing but sigh as Izuku pulls his notebook out of his backpack and runs to where he heard the sound.


That was also a new development: Izuku’s notebooks.


They are remarkably advanced for a five year old, and Nana can tell that in a few years, Izuku would be a remarkable analyst. It will certainly help him in the field.


They don’t interest her much though. She knows her boy is doing good work, but analyzing isn’t really her forte. Sure, she could create a pretty good strategy, and she could even break down the bare essentials of someone’s Quirk… 


But that was stuff all heroes were supposed to be able to do. You didn’t get far in the business if you didn’t know how to analyze situations and even your enemies.


Izuku’s brand of analysis goes much more in depth than anything she ever did. It probably was because he had a genuine love for the concept.


Even if she didn’t understand it, she’s proud of her boy nonetheless. 


After catching up to Izuku (her kid could run), she watches as a hero fights two villains. She hears her kid gasp in awe at the way the hero (it’s a newer hero, one who she doesn’t know the name of, but her kid seems to like him all the same). 


It’s here where another User chooses Izuku.


Nana stiffens. Someone is right behind her.


Fluidly, Nana strikes at where the person’s legs would, succeeding in toppling them. The person lands on their back, a loud cough coming from their mouths. With a quick jump, Nana lands on top of them, her fist raised.


Number Five, Diagoro Banjo, lay beneath her, his hands out in surrender.


“Woah, woah, Nana, calm down!” Despite the fact that she just took him down, he’s smiling up at her.


“What are you doing here, Lariat?”


“Aw, come on, I can’t visit my favorite One for All User?” Nana shoots an annoyed look at Daigoro, who simply chuckles.


“All right, so maybe I heard from Katashi that you’ve got a kid now, and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about!”


“Izuku’s not creating a fuss! Katashi is the one who should stick his nose out of my business!”


Daigoro smirked at her, his eyebrows wiggling. “Oh, so his name is Izuku.”


Nana stared incredulously at Daigoro, her eyes twitching in annoyance. This was the issue of hanging out with the Fifth User. He was always so annoying, always so ready to start shit.


“So, uh, you gonna get off of me?” Nan startled, her eyes looking around as she realized she hadn’t gotten off of Number Five. “Not that I’m not enjoying this, but I don’t swing your way.”


With a huff, Nana jumped away from Daigoro, watching as he slowly stood up and brushed some dirt off his outfit.


He looked exactly the same as the last time she had seen him: bald and shirtless.


After perusing his outfit and considering it representable, Daigoro turned to Nana, a wide smile on his face. Nana stiffened as she looked at it.


Daigoro reminded her of Gran Torino, both pranksters at heart, but while Gran had his overall determination and strictness to counter his mischievous ways, Daigoro was just mischievous.


It made him a pretty powerful hero back in his day, even able to annoy All for One to the point of quitting.


It also made him a terrifying hero.


His sharp wits and creative ways of fighting made a hero who could take down even the most stubborn of villains. Many people were terrified of him when he was on a scene, worried that they would not only be taken to jail, but they were most likely going to be tortured in the most embarrassing of ways.


Daigoro smiled at her like she was his next victim.


“Soooo, Izuku, huh?” Nana didn’t respond, and after a moment, Daigoro chuckled, his eyes turning to look over at her kid. “Not going to lie, Katashi was right when he said your kid was scrawny.”


“He’ll grow!” 


Daigoro snickered, watching as Izuku mumbled to himself and wrote in his notebook. “Yeah, but by the looks of it, not by much.”


“Are you just here to insult my kid? Because if you are, I hope Katashi told you what I did to him after he tried to do such a thing.” 


Nah,” Daigoro waved her statement away with a flick of his hand, “I’m just here to see what made you go crazy and break the rules.”


“I didn-”


Daigoro ignored Nana in favor of stalking closer to the green haired punk. 


He honestly didn’t know what Nana saw in the kid. He was small and weak, if what Katashi had said was anything to go by. Katashi had also said the kid was a doormat, and Daigoro knew Nana enough to know that she wouldn’t have picked a kid like that to be the next User of One for All.


Daigoro took a quick peek at what the brat was writing in his notebook, and after reading a bit, he couldn’t help but be a little impressed.


The punk knew how to analyze. Remarkably well for a child, too. If he continued the hobby no doubt he would be a top analyzer when he grew up.


But despite how smart the kid seemed, he still didn’t seem like One for All material. Daigoro couldn’t see anything about the kid that screamed hero. 


Maybe Nana was going crazy.


“Lariat, as fun as it was to see you, Izuku and I are quite busy at the moment, so if you could-”


A scream erupted from the small crowd that had gathered around the fight. Nana and Daigoro snapped their heads to look over, only to see a balcony break off from one of the buildings


and it was going to land

                                                     right on top of

                                                                                               a child. 


Even though he knew he couldn’t do anything (couldn’t touch anything, couldn’t talk to anyone except-), Daigoro moved as quickly as he could to the family, in hopes that maybe he was wrong.


“Izuku, no!” Nana’s voice cried out from behind him, and when Daigoro turned to see what the punk was doing, a flash of green ran past him.


Izuku jumped into action, pushing the small child away from the spot, and only just missing the falling balcony by a second. Daigoro stared at the punk in astonishment, faintly hearing the green brat ask if the kid was okay. 


After that, things moved quickly. The hero quickly incapacitated the villains, handing them over to the cops immediately. An ambulance arrived to look over the child and Izuku.


Daigoro stayed with Nana, though he wasn’t sure she noticed as busy as she was fretting over her kid. The bald hero couldn’t help but stare at Izuku, still in shock.


For a mere child to run in and try to save someone was astonishing. Especially when the child in question was called weak, unfit to be a hero, and a doormat by a former hero (technically a vigilante, but don't tell Second that).


It just didn’t fit with what Katashi had told him.


Though Daigoro never took Katashi’s word for truth. The guy was a little stuck up and often didn’t like it when things didn’t go his way.


“What the hel-heck were you thinking, kid? Running into a fight like that!” Daigoro moved closer, watching as one of the paramedics questioned Izuku.


“I-I couldn’t just let him d-die!” The green brat took a deep breath, his chest moving out and his eyes taking on a determined look. Daigoro could only look on. “If I-I want to be a h-hero someday, I-I have to be heroic! He needed h-help, and I was there to help him!”


Daigoro couldn’t help but stare at Izuku more. The kid sounded… Well, he sounded exactly like Daigoro when he made his debut.


If I can be there for you in your time of need, then I can consider myself a great hero!”


That’s what he had said when he debuted. It was what he stuck by as a hero.


Some thought he was in it for the fun, which he was. He liked being a hero, and he liked the praise and attention that came with it.


But at the end of the day, Daigoro was a hero because he wanted to save people.


Daigoro turned to Nana, who stopped fussing over Izuku and met his eyes. She could tell that something had changed within him.


“Why didn’t the punk use his Quirk? Can’t control it or something?” For once, Daigoro’s voice held no amusement. He was completely serious.


Nana considered him for a second before answering. She had a feeling that her answer was going to be important. “Izuku’s Quirkless. He’s got the toe joint and everything.”


Daigoro was silent for a moment, his eyes going back to stare at Izuku. Then suddenly, he snapped his eyes back to Nana, the biggest grin she had ever seen on his face etched into it.


“Well, fuck that, this kid’s gonna be the greatest One for All user the world has ever seen!” Nana choked on her words, her eyes growing big as she stared at Daigoro. Daigoro didn’t notice, too busy talking to Izuku about how great of a hero he was going to be.


Because Daigoro knew it was true. The kid was going to be a hero, Quirkless or not.


Daigoro knew that Izuku was a hero, was going to be a great hero, and the punk could even be the first Quirkless hero. But Daigoro also knew that he didn’t want to see anyone, besides his new punk, have One for All in the future. 


And with that, Daigoro chose. 


And One for All laughed and laughed with joy as the Ninth’s place was solidified more and more.



“You’re not taking this seriously, Number One!” Katashi huffed in frustration as the white haired hero hummed a jaunty tune. “Nana has chosen the next One for All User when it was not her right!”


“Was it any of our rights to choose the next weapon? Were we right to assign a person as a hero just because we liked them enough? What makes a her-”


“Don’t start with your psychological bullshit, One! This is a serious matter!” Katashi jumped around the meditating teen, his voice becoming hoarse as he screamed his frustrations.


“It’s more philosophical than psychological, but go off, I guess.” Yoichi murmured, trying to ignore Katashi and go back to meditating. It didn’t work.


“Stop joking around, and come with me to yell at Nana! She made a horrible mist-'' A shockwave interrupted Katashi’s screams, and both former Users stiffened as they felt it. 


All was quiet as they stared in shock at where the shockwave seemingly came from until Katashi let out a loud scream, causing Yoichi to flinch and stare.


“That dick! I thought he was- how dare he- ARGH!” With that confusing statement, Katashi lept away, presumably to beat up the Fifth User, leaving the First User to their thoughts.


“So it seems Daigoro has chosen this Izuku as well, interesting…” Yoichi looked up into the sky, his muscles relaxing as he was finally left alone.


He was often alone, content to stay in the safe haven he created for himself. None of the other Users knew about it, except for Katashi, stubborn as he was to insert himself into Yoichi’s life.


Yoichi appreciated the company… Usually.


Yoichi considered what Katashi told him. It certainly was a weird situation. Whenever the next User was chosen, no one really cared. It was true that some might have opinions on whether it was a good decision, but everyone usually just kept their opinions to themselves.


But none of the past Users have ever tried to choose the next User themselves. 


“Izuku Midoriya, huh?” The white haired teen stroked his chin as he considered what to do. 


Normally, he would let the other Users fight amongst themselves when they were arguing, but this was important. This was about One for All.


To have two previous Users choose the next one and for One for All to actually consider and accept the choice was unprecedented.


Yoichi sighed and stood up, stretching his unused muscles. He looked around at his safe haven, a beautiful garden near UA that not many knew about. 


Yoichi sighed again, his head shaking. “Welp, I guess it’s time to do some investigating.” Yoichi paused, a smirk showing on his face.


“Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters!”