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i care, i really do

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Driving down the interstate

I've never felt so far away

Leaving hardly hurts at all

I'm sorry that I never call

The thing is that Marcy knows she doesn't deserve her friends. She doesn't deserve their bright smiles and loud laughter. She doesn't deserve such nice people to hang out with her.

So she does things to make up for it. She tries to help them out in group projects and she gives them space when she knows they need it.

She spends her time gaming instead and she lives in a world that is half-filled with fantasy.

Often I get exhausted

Trying regardless to be enough

Is it selfish not to be selfless

When all I can help is to open up?

Anne looks at her, with a soft gaze. 

"We care, we really do", she says, holding her as Marcy cries, her sobs echoing through the empty gym room. 

Sasha is standing there, nodding along.

Marcy isn't listening anymore. She knows she wouldn't feel the same when they know the truth. 

She knew that they would leave given the chance.

And the chances were pretty high.

I'll be better than I was before

Despite every text of yours ignored

Will you call me still, just to hear my voice?

I swear, always, I'll care


Sasha kept texting her on Anne's birthday, but Marcy never checked her messages.

So when she sees the blonde girl's texts, she feels a pang of guilt seeps through her chest.

She grabs her gift for Anne, a new BlackPink poster and she stuffs her study material into her bag hastily.

There's a book she finds when she bumps into the librarian that looks quite interesting.

She takes a picture of the Calamity Box, curious.

But then her father texts her and she goes home, things go downhill from there.

Flipping through our photographs

Those moments never seem to last

Listening to self-control

Those feelings that you'll never know


When she lands in Newtopia, it takes her some time to fit in. She works her way to the top and being friends with the king doesn't make it any easier.

King Andrias was amazing, and he listens to her. He taught her Flipwart to get her mind off of everything, chatting to him as they played matches against each other.

She sees him as a father figure, something she has never had before.

Lady Olivia is nice too, and she is reminded of her aunt back home. She takes time but she eventually seems to accept the human girl and she makes her cookies, like the ones at home.

In the sense she makes new friends, she meets new people.

But there are times where she misses Anne and Sasha and she spends many nights just looking up at the sky, wondering about them.

Her phone is switched on and she browses through their many pictures and selfies. 

It aches to be in a place without them and she cries so much.

She wanted them to come back with her again.

And then after months of searching, one day Anne arrives at the gates with a lost shoe, hair full of leaves, a frog family and a bunch of stories to tell.

And when she gets swept into her warm embrace, Marcy feels right at home.

Leave me, it's never easy

I've had a lifetime to be alone

If you let me when it gets heavy

Know I'll never let you be all alone

The night before, Marcy has a bad feeling about Newtopia but she swallows it down.

When it all got too much she puts her heart into writing letters to both her friends, just in case.

It was a habit actually, writing letters to the people she loved. Her hands shake as she seals the two letters and places them in her bag.

She holds their hands in hers, her eyes are teary. Her voice grows louder with each second passing.

"- and I sent us to a place where we never have to grow apart, where the three of us could be friends forever, together"

Sasha pulls away from her, her face scrunched in disgust and Marcy's heart beats harder. 

Why didn't they understand? They were never supposed to get hurt, it was just that-

She knew that they would grow apart after she left and she didn't want that to happen, for her to lose her two best friends. 

"How could you?", Anne says, "I've been missing my parents, my life."

"But look at how much fun we've had. Look at how much you both have grown. Look at Sprig!

I gave you this, I gave you everything."

Anne lets go of her hands and she sees them all back away from her.

She mutters, "I just didn't want to be alone.",

She falls to the ground, her tears falling slowly.

She just didn't want to be alone.

I'll be better than I was before

Despite heavy texts of yours ignored

Will you call me still, just to hear my voice?

When Sprig starts to fall to the ground, she jumps out of the window, whistling for Joe Sparrow. 

It takes her some time to spot the pink frog and she rushes over and catches him.

"Sprig, are you okay?", she asks and he nods, clearly shaken.

She looks at him and she takes them back to the palace, the younger frog holding on tight.

At one point she slips her letter into his hat, in case the worst happens and she doesn't make it out. 

She needed them to know that she cared.

She always had.


Fiddling with the buttons on the box, she whispers to herself and the portal opens.

She can hear the king running towards her, but she doesn't care.

She needs to fix this. She needs to fix what she did.

She hears Sasha drawing her sword and the Planters run toward her, and she points them to the portal.

They were there. They were almost home.

She urges them through the rainbow portal, and she sees Sasha and Grime fall from the corner of her eyes.

"Marcy hurry!", Anne says, her voice filled with concern.

"I just need to-", she starts to say.

That's when the pain got to her.

"Now, look what you made me do."

She falls.

I swear, always


Always, I'll care.

" I'm sorry for everything", she says and it hurts and she falls. It burns, it pains until it just doesn't anymore.

A letter lying under a pillow at the Boonchuy's house. It's kept there and it looks worn out It's hard to read since the ink is smudged, due to teardrops that have fallen on it.

A tall girl walks into the room, closing the door and she picks up the letter, reading the letter for what seems like the thousandth time even though the words have been engraved into her brain. 

The letter reminds her that it was all real and that she lost both of her friends that day. She lost the two people she cared about.

Sighing, she reads it and imagines Marcy sitting next to her, full of life again. Full of energy again. 

Dear Anne, 

I've missed you. I missed your smile, your hugs, your snotty laugh and I've just missed you.

I've loved how you have grown so much and I am so proud of you.

You were always there for me, always listened to me and I have always loved you for that.

I just want to tell you that in case anything happens, in case anything goes wrong, remember I've always cared. Even if you haven't.

Your best friend,


The taller girl gives a bittersweet smile, her eyes teary and an 'Anne' can be heard in the background.

"Coming", she shouts back, wiping her tears off.

It's been years since she has heard from the writer of the letter, but she has merely moved on, not forgotten.

The stars shine brightly as Anne remembers her best friend, Marcy Wu.