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The Price to Pay

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"Child of Fire. What do you desire? "

I blink my body hurt so much. I can sense I will die if I'm doing nothing. I'm scared, I hate the pain. I don't want to alone in the dark. The Cold has always weakened me, knowing it would kill me.

"What do you want Child of Fire?"  Repeat the feathery voice. It sounds ancient.

"How?" How do you the Fire? How do you know the Fire the Cold took away?

"You're Fire is still there Child, but an impudent seal it, making you cold."

"Seal?  Imprisoned it? Why! I did nothing wrong!! "


"Humans are like this, taking and harming what they can't understand.They don't consider the consequences until it's too late. You didn't answer Child, what do you want? "

"I wish to live. I don't want to die." I cried, feeling hopeless. The Cold is more and more present, oppressing me, saying to sleep. When in another hand, a little voice, is nagging me to move.

"I can do that. You only need to----"



I woke up, looking around me. I sigh, seeing where I am.

"A few more years here before I can finally be free." I murmur softly.

I'm prepared to go to school and wash my face. Returning to my room to take my bag I am thinking why I did that dream. It's rare I remember this, it was at this moment my fate change. I can't complain or rejoice but I'm just glad I'm alive. Few humans understand it.

I look at my watch. Still two hours before school starts. Putting on my shoes I can hear my mother open the door of her room. The feeling of oppression rises up around me, everything fibres of my body tense at it.

I leave the house saying nothing, letting the woman in her dream.

By taking a few steps away I can relax. The air is cleaner outside than inside the house. I need to take something to eat and go to school to do my duty. 

I look behind me for a few seconds then go musing with bitterness and amusedly.

"What are you thinking Black Sun."

The report is useless. 

Where is the timid and clumsy girl? 

There nothing of it, on the contrary, she is straightforward and skilful. How can a clumsy girl paint like a professional? The painting in her room looks fresh, but it looks like a photo. Somehow looking at the painting writhes him like when she turned toward him for a few seconds. 

He could properly see her eyes at this moment. They were amber, like Primo albeit they were not filled with life and yet not dull.  Like they don't belong to a human.

Despite this, he has many questions that alarmed him.  Why did she not wait for her mother?  Why did she not want to talk to her?  Why she was more relax outside than in her house, her home?

She doesn't look abused, but it looks it was.

Following her was interesting and disturbing. The few adults she met are defined in two groups: those who respect her and those who are suspicious.

Those who respect bid her salutation which she nods at them. She stopped at a stand. The man salutes her and gives her some pastries she later eats on the road.

She paid them, talks few words and left. The man had bowed in gratitude when she left. He was too far away to know what she says but it must be important.

It is as if they are seeing a saint, waiting for her holy words.

And there was the ones who shout at her nasty glare and sneer when she passes. She didn't stop to greet them, she ignored them. Some were whispering insults, how she was scary and is the child of a demon. It was curious why they were scared of her. She was not a killer or particularly violent, the girl was calm and polite. 

Sometimes, when she was walking in some street, she was looking at something or somewhere. There was nothing, it was quite alarming.

Arriving at school, the heiress was greeted by students who bowed when they saw her.

She went straight to a room, there was already a young man doing some paperwork. 

And for the first time, he saw her smiling, a radiant smile.

The young man greeted her, and they talked for a few minutes. It showed they had a very good relationship.

The young man possesses the same appearance as Fon minus his face was rigid and cold. 

This one told him some time ago that he visited his sister and his nephew. Still, with his calm smile, he recounted that his nephew was violent, territorial of his city and is a lone wolf.

Mi Madre

She is friends with Fon's nephew who is a Cloud. 

At least his job of finding her guardians is easier if she gets befriending a Cloud, one of the rarest and most difficult elements to match. The hardest will be the Mist. Later, when the first students arrived, they both went to the gate wearing armbands that read 'Disciplinary Committee'. 

The students who arrived were relieved to see her at the gate.  It was normal since the young man was staring at them with a cold gaze. Even the other members of the committee stayed away from him. Everyone was afraid in his presence, all but her.  She was indifferent and always calm, she ignored the whispers and the stares against her.

At the bell, she walked gracefully to her class. He observed that the young man, Hibari Kyoya, stay to 'beat to death' the latecomers. He was a skilled combatant with a very particular choice of weapons.

During the day, he discovered she didn't have many friends. Two girls from her class, Hibari Kyoya and one of his subordinates. She spoke rarely, only when necessary. She suffered no difficulty in class other than maybe math.

Then that she was a member of the Japanese Traditional Arts Club, where her grace comes from. She was one of the prettiest girls in school although untouchable given her friendship with Hibari

After school, he was a little surprised that she didn't went straight to her house. She entered an old shop run by an elderly woman, it was there that was a tea room. 

Without a word, no exchange, the old woman served her a cup of tea and some assortments. She completed her homework and paid the tea. This showed she used to come here. 

Then she went to a small restaurant, once again the owner greeted her revealing she was a regular here. She ordered and ate. It was when night fell that she returned home. 

Neither mother nor daughter spoke to each other. The mother continued to watch TV, still happy and the girl went up to her room to put down her things. Within an hour they had both taken their showers and were going to shower.

I pet Leon who has crawl on my hand.  The relation between daughter and mother is non-existent.

Well, he has a job to carry out, his recon was finished.

He was really eager to know Sawada Tsunayoshi and her mysteries.

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Getting up has always been difficult for Tsuna, sleeping and being in the dream world is more pleasant even if sometimes you can find yourself in a nightmare. However, the hardest part is you know it's gonna be a bad day and there's nothing you can do about it. Especially when it changes your whole life.

She made a choice nine years ago that changed her future and another choice that made her a prisoner. She does not regret any of her choices. It has allowed many people who are dear to her to stay among the living.

She's not that different from that person in the store.

But soon, soon she will be free.

But at this moment she must face her fate engraved in her blood. The Guiding Sun is there, the cataclysm of a change, the path of blood, the sky is the elements and the song will be reunited. She sighs and checks the time on her alarm clock.


5 am.


An hour before her usual waking up, she needs to move, not to feel those chains. Quickly she got out of bed and changed into sportswear.

In the streets, she raced on autopilot like her body knew where to go. She inhaled and exhaled their pure Namimori, even though Namimori is a sparsely populated town with few cars in circulation. In addition, this place was is a place of pilgrimage. We can see some priests and monks from time to time.

She could feel the change and all of it applied.

A butterfly. A Tokyo Tower keyring. Sakura trees.

These little everyday things, that can be seen everywhere make her feel sorrow. She reminisces about her people.

Oh, she terribly wishes to see them, to talk to them, to just be with them. She frowned, since yesterday she was sentimental. Kyoya will perceive it immediately when he sees her.

After running for a good hour, she came home taking a cold shower. She was not tired, quite the contrary. As long as the Fire lives in her, she will not be tired, will no longer have to feel the Cold. As usual, she left at the same time her mother woke up. There no need to exchange words with someone who refuses to see the truth.


As soon as she departed from her house, she stared at the tree in the yard.

"Get out of there and just present yourself properly." She orders.

A toddler comes out of the tree as if it were normal. He was wearing a black suit, a fedora with an orange ribbon with a little chameleon perched on it. But the object Tsuna was staring at the most was the yellow pacifier around his neck.

The toddler noticed the girl's fixation on the pacifier, whatever he thinks about the fact that she knows something about it he will have the answer soon. 

"Ciaossu. My name is Reborn, and I will be your tutor from now on."

Tsuna only raised an eyebrow but bowed slightly to introduce himself.

"Greetings, my name is Sawada Tsunayoshi but you already know this. And I know you didn't come to instruct me more than I know in school."

"Eh, you're right."

"Come with me. I don't want to be late for my duties. Furthermore, it will be better if you introduce yourself to Kyoya. Since you are strong and he does not appreciate intruders in his territory, it's better to not enrage my Cloud more than that. "

"So you know. How long? The report didn't say anything about it."

She scoffed. She walked to the confectionery store like she does every morning.

After paying, they continued on their way to school. Reborn remarks the old man wasn't surprised to see a toddler in a suit, but seeing as Fon comes here as much as he can, he can assume he's used to it.

"I can imagine that the report you were given was wrong. The person in charge was disposed of from his post when I was five years old. Moreover, this person was biased since he was a professor of elementary school and how ill I was from my four to six years old. I had gained a reputation by that time. "

"Dame-Tsuna. You said you were sick, how was it?"

She hummed softly as an affirmation.

"During this period I was more often in bed than at school. And when I could go to school, I was still too weak to play with others. And let's not talk about the school delay that I had, especially when I mixed Japanese and Italian. Few people believed I was sick even after the many times I passed out. This person was one of those who did not believe this. And for the rest, how can I not know that then my Cloud family is one of them. "

"You know Fon."

"Indeed, he taught me some rare martial arts techniques as well as meditation. Because of this, the relationship between him and Kyoya has become even more restrained."

"Surprising from the boy's character. He possesses the eyes of a lone wolf seeking stronger prey."

"Right. We've been fighting for a while but a few years ago he was very protective and possessive of me. He hadn't appreciated the fact that I was spending more time with his uncle."

"He is a Cloud. Clouds are very territorial in nature and possessive to those who are dear to them. They are closest to the Sky more than anyone but cannot be bound."

They had arrived at school, the few members of the Disciplinary Committee present bowed when they saw Tsunayoshi.

"Greetings, Hime-sama !!" They shout. Tsuna continues to walk like it's nothing.

"Hime-sama? I heard some students call you like that." 

She sighs. "I don't care what they call me but if you want to know why it's merely that I helped them in the past or saved them from Kyoya's fury."

They arrived at the Disciplinary Committee room. She did not knock on the door, she went straight back.

"Kyoya." She greeted.

"You don't sound good." He answered without lifting his head from his paperwork.

"It's going to be a very unpleasant day and we have a guest Kyoya."

He raised his head and met face to face with Reborn. He smirks.

"Fight me." Ready to launch on Reborn, tonfas in his hands.

"Kyoya." Tsuna repeated, hardening her tone. The young prefect looks at the young girl then huffed back to his desk. She too went to her desk, starting her paperwork.

"Reborn explains everything and leaves nothing. I'll find out." Tsuna ordered.

Reborn nodded even though he was a little upset that his interlocutors were signing papers.

He spoke of Vongola and his place in the Mafia. The fact that he was sent by Nono to train her is to be the tenth Vongola Boss until she comes of age. Teach her how to fight, manage and find guardians. And explain to her that she is the only heir thanks to his ancestor Giotto who is also the founder of Vongola.

"Nono has children, doesn't he? And why can't Iemitsu inherit it? He has Vongola's blood."

"Yes, but since he is the head of CEDEF, this has forfeited his inheritance rights. Regarding Nono's sons, they are all dead. Frederico was killed through unknown circumstances only his bones remained. Massimo drowned, and Enrico killed in a shootout. "

"And the fourth?"

"You know way too much for a simple civilian. But as far as he's concerned, he's MIA."

She looks at him for a few seconds then hmmed.

Tsuna completes the rest of the paperwork very quickly and turns to Reborn. Kyoya having finished also remained seated at his desk.

"I know that you have planned plans to train me and get me into the Mafia. As you could see yesterday, I vaguely have a schedule. I enjoy my extracurricular activities, the Disciplinary Committee and the Japanese Art club, moreover the music or boxing club can asks me but it is rare. I have an important duty in the community of Namimori to.

And you could see that I don't like being in this house and with this person. So don't force me to be there or to talk to her. Don't ask me why you'll find out very quickly.

I know how to fight, and I know how to use my flames because I had a good teacher. I can reschedule for the training as long as it suits me and if you prove that it is necessary.

Also, you will have no right to interfere in my business and vice versa. You can see it as a contract. Do you accept the terms? "

He tips his fedora, even he didn't like the terms as he restricted him but he can do with it.

"It sounds like an ultimatum. I can do that if you accept to not contest my words in your training."

She arches a brow but nods, accepting this.

"He needs to know the rules." Declare Kyoya.

She nods. Reborn looks at the two with curiosity. Rules? What rules?

Tsuna stares at him.

"Namimori contains several rules that subsist since it exists. It's more preferable that you know them if you don't want to have terrible surprises or be confused in certain situations. I would explain some to you when returning, for the others, it is better that you experience or see an example. "

She says it with a hint of mystery that grows chill at his back like the first time he set foot in the city.

"By the way did you require something like snooping around the school from Kyoya?"

The interested party glare at the baby, to ransack his school is like a death sentence.

"I only need to collect more information, but I see it is better to inform your Cloud. I have no desire to change something in the school or whatever."

"You owe me a fight carnivore." He declares still glaring at him.


They promptly left for the gate. They could see some people from the Committee discipline some students on the dress code. Kyoya was still glaring at anyone making the students walk faster. But for Tsuna, it was for something else she starts frowning. This nagging feeling had started a headache. She knows why. But she can't abandon her duty like that so she signs to her best friend she will leave.

Between them, it was easy to understand each other, a stare or huffing mean a lot of things. They didn't need words to communicate. With body languages or sound they can know if something is wrong. Like early.

Many thought they was together, a perfect match, soulmates as she was the only one Kyoya listen to. She can calm him with a word or stopping his rampage. She differs about being together with Kyoya but not being soulmates.

After all, soulmate doesn't always turn around love, it was much more. She saw it in the past.

Anyways it doesn't change the fact, that nagging feeling, Hyper Intuition what they call it want her to go somewhere. Very well she will go there. Not surprised with the scene in front of her when she got few meters away from the gate.

Kensuke Mochida, in the third year and captain of the Kendo Club. A little popular but is arrogant du being captain and older. Still want to get attention and get more popularity. And his way is to date cute and popular girls.

He tried with her only to meet Kyoya's tonfas. More importantly, he was forcibly flirting with a girl and a few friends she has, Kyoko Sasagawa.

She knows what will happen later but still, why some people couldn't take a no as an answer. Kyoko was clearly uncomfortable with how Mochida acts. Did he not ask for a date yesterday? And before? Well, she needs to save the day. It was destiny to be like this.

"Kensuke Mochida still trying harassing Kyoko to date. If she says no it's no."

Kyoko was relieved seeing her friend but on the contrary, Mochida was clearly annoyed by Tsuna's intervention.

"It was nothing to do with you, Sawada! Kyoko-chan was about to accept to go on a date with me."

Delusions make people lie. Tsuna doesn't care about this, she takes Kyoko hand and walks off from the boy.

"Thank you Tsuna-chan. He was pestering me to date me for days when I explicitly say no."

"Next time scream and don't hide your thoughts about it. It would clear many misunderstandings. But don't rejoice too fast, he won't abandon too easily."

Kyoko nods, if Sawada Tsunayoshi says you should this do it. Many didn't and regret it today.

She let Kyoko in the hands of Hana at the gate and nod to Kusakabe and Kyoya.

When the bell rings as usual she went to class. She ignores the man behind her seat. They know each other for so long but still don't talk minus when it's school projects. At the lunch break, some people from the kendo club talk to her. Apparently, Mochida asks her a duel for Kyoko's honour after school.

Honour? What does he know about honour? She sighs and looks at Kyoko gulping, fists clenched. She was really frustrated about this situation while Hana was furious, murmuring about stupid monkeys.


After classes, she went to the gymnasium where the duel is supposed to happen.

When she arrived there were already practically all the students of the school in the room. She scoffs. He wants me to be humiliated in front of the whole school. It would work if he was stronger.

She can feel Reborn watching her, if she didn't sense his flame she may not know he was here.

"Sawada! I challenge you to a Kendo match!" He shouts enough for the whole gymnasium to hear. He was already wearing his armour and held a shinai. 

She said nothing and take the shinai one of the Kendo clubs give her. She stares at it then stare at Mochida. He was sweating, for good reason, the shinai that she received is a defective one. But he recovered quickly. 

"The winner will have Kyoko-chan!"

She glares at him, startled many who look at her. She always wore an indifferent face, few saw her smiling and less see her angry. They all feel uneasy, somehow they are aware she was strong. You can't be the friend of Namimori's Demon without being strong.

Kyoko was shocked to hear that someone would use her as a prize. And yet Tsuna warned her how Mochida won't let it off. Her friend Hana was furious shouting how a jerk and a monkey he was. 

Her brother was silent, her loud and energetic brother stay quiet even after Mochida declared he would use her as a simple prize. But she knows him, his eyes darkened with anger. He takes it upon himself because it turns out that Tsuna will solve the problem. 

"To hear you taking Kyoko as a prize like she was a trophy is quite disgusting. The winner was already decided from the start anyway." 

"Don't be cocky Sawada! We all know is thank Hibari you can live at ease! There a rumour you sleep with him."

Whispers and gaps rose again and Tsuna sighs again. She saw a few Disciplinary Committee from the public leaving, she was sure they will report what Mochida said to Kyoya. The last one who said something of that kind had stay months in hospital. It could have been worse if she didn't stop him.

"You just running your month because you won't face your deeds. Let's start it."

Mochida huffs with an unpleasant feeling. He looks at the referee then nod at each other. He will win.


She didn't lie when she said she can fight. From the start of the fight, it was obvious, her guard was excellent, unlike her opponent. Her opponent having the judge on his side and giving Tsuna a flawed shinai was overconfident.

Reborn however had a few questions. Tsuna let it be said that 'the winner was decided in advance.'

Intuition? Perhaps. Her intuition was already significantly developed. Plus it's as if she at present knew what was going to happen.

He watches Mochida launch the first attack. Too simple. So simple that Tsuna doesn't need to move to parry the attack or rather deflect the attack smoothly. So much so that her opponent goes behind her without understanding what is happening to her.

Astonished then red with rage. He attacked again but didn't touch her.

Tsuna doesn't take the duel seriously. It shows.

Her opponent attacked her again and missed again but this time she struck back and hit him in the head. Of course, that would be the end of the duel, but the judge pretends he hasn't seen anything. 

This makes Tsuna sigh more.

"If it's like that, don't blame me for being cruel."

Cruel was the word. She is ridiculing her opponent. She attacked and defended to make her opponent stumble again and again. And let's not talk about the many blows she gave him. It was pure public humiliation. As if she needed Hibari to defend herself or whatever. She had a little sadistic side but acted for the good of her loved ones.

The judge was speechless as were the spectators, as she had predicted the winner had already been decided in advance.

Mochida lost patience. His attacks had neither tail nor head. And he started shouting the whole truth forgetting that he had an audience. So pitiful.

"How come I can't touch you! You won't be capable to touch me with that defective shinai. If you didn't get involved with others I could have dated Kyoko !! "

The murmurs intensified with two cries of indignation. Seems like Mochida is besides an arrogant cheater, he is also unfaithful.

"You finally confess your wicked deeds. I knew you gave me a sabotaged shinai from the start. Plus you could never have dated Kyoko how you harassed her every day. 

The number of times she did said no, a sane person would give up. You didn't, you thought she was playing hard to get when no she just doesn't like you. Her brother would have done something like punching you to stop you. You will deserve it anyways. 

You contradicted yourself when you displayed proposing me to duel for Kyoko's honour when it was to have Kyoko as a trophy and to show later you are dating her. But tell me if I'm mistaken but you don't have two girlfriends already. So greedy, a cheater and also unfaithful. At least, everyone got what type man you are now. " 

Mochida's face was as white as a sheet. His two girlfriends walked up to him visibly angry as others booed and chuckled.

Tsuna shook her head, wanting too much you lose everything. He wanted popularity, and he finds himself as the most ungrateful person in school. The two girlfriends yelled at him, called him names and slapped him. Sasagawa Ryohei was next, he gave him a hell of a punch that waltzed him a few meters away.

Mochida Kensuke was curled up on him pathetically.

The person following, who surprised everyone except Tsuna and the latter's brother is none other than Kyoko. She slapped him so hard that the whole room could hear it.

"What a rude and disgusting person asks for a duel for my honour to my friend and the one who saved me from someone who has been harassing me for several days and uses me as a trophy for his ego. I do not understand why you are talking about honour when you don't have one! A cheater like you, who is not even fair play but in addition to asking several girls to go out with him when he already has two! It's revolting! I never loved and never I will never love you! I don't want you to get close to my friends or me anymore!"

Tsuna seeing that this was enough. She clapped her hands, getting everyone's attention.

“That’s enough. It’s time everyone goes home. Personal issues like this should not interfere with your schooling. And I will declare a few words. Bullying is not tolerated, whether verbal or physical. To who harasses anyone will be punished by the hand of Kyoya. "

This causes everyone in the room to shiver with fear. The prefect doesn't care if the person he punishes is a girl or a boy, even adults are afraid of him. What happened last year stay fresh in the memories.

"In addition, I am the secretary of the Disciplinary Committee, the only one who takes care of the budget of the clubs. As the Kendo club damages their equipment for personal purposes, they will not have the obligation to contradict me when their budget is frozen for this year. Isn't it? " Tsuna said looking at the Kendo club members one by one and then their captain still on the ground.

Seeing that no one contradicted her she left the gym followed by her friends and Ryohei. On their way out, they ran into Kyoya with Kusakabe and some members of the Committee going to the gym. Recognizing the prefect's face even Sasagawa remained silent.

Facing the fury of the Demon, only a madman would. The next minute they could hear the screams of pain as they walked away. 

At the gate, the Sasagawa's siblings thank Tsuna for what she did. Hana praises her for standing for Kyoko and beat Mochida. The four of them went to their home on the way back, Tsuna went to the tearoom as usual. She completed her homework, drank tea and ate sweets. Coming out of the living room, Reborn was waiting for him.

"How's your observation on me?" She inquired him.

"You hadn't lied. Even though the fight wasn't up to par, you could tell you had experience. But I didn't see your flames."

"I know how to fight with several types of weapons: sword, naginata, bow, knives and tonfas. But I prefer to fight with a fan or my bare hand. Tomorrow you can see me fight with my flames. Every week, on Saturdays I fight with Kyoya. "

"So I'll see it tomorrow. But fighting with a fan is pretty rare."

Tsuna smiled at her remark then frowned and looked ahead.

"For the evening, exceptionally, I will come home earlier and even eat at the table with her. I do this so that you have an overview of what is happening. If I don't, you will try with some stratagem I spend time with her.

I'll be clear, I don't like this woman and vice versa, but I don't hate her. There has been no love between us for a very long time. I resent my father and his boss. "

Reborn thought about it, she was right that he would try to bring mother and daughter together. A relationship like this is not healthy. But since he does not know anything about what happened in her last years, it is better to observe than to do something that would have a negative effect. 

Maybe he should contact Fon. They know each other and must know something. He cannot question the Cloud because he has the intuition that he will not speak even against a fight. 

It is exceptional to see a strong bond between a Cloud and a Sky. Moreover, to see a Cloud lash out with fury to anyone for the reason someone insulted his Sky.  All the members of the Kendo club have been sent to the hospital, we will not see them again so soon. The prefect did not stop when the spectators also suffered his fury. 

"There many things you didn't tell me but I'm sure you won't tell me. Also, you won't stop me to search for it."

"Indeed. If you want those pieces of information you need to pay a price."

"Pay a price? I didn't know you were greedy." He replies contemplative.

"It's not greed. A secret for a secret, a relation for another, someone said to me.


'For everything you wish, you have to pay an equal price in return. You can't get more or give more. You can't get less or give less. It must be in balance, or else there will be chaos.' 


I'm sure you don't wish to know my secrets, or maybe not but you can say those secrets are too delicate to be given. Up to you to find them."

"A secret for a secret huh... You know how to negotiate." He smirks, accepting this challenge to find her secrets.

"Not at all, it just fundamental law humankind forgot. What you give should be equal to what you take. Even the gods are no exception."

Reborn looks at her. Why did she talk about gods? Nevermind.


The sun was starting to set when they arrived at the Sawada residence. Tsuna walked straight into the house not caring if her mother saw her or not.

Nana Sawada is a very beautiful woman even though she was in her thirties, Tsuna inherited most of her beauty from her mother. She was a good mix of Asian and European genes.

In the report, she is described as an excellent housewife with a knack for cooking. This is the sole point Reborn agrees with Iemitsu. When they entered the matriarch was cooking, the smell was enticing even to a gourmet like him. Tsuna didn't wait for her mother to do whatever she wanted to do, she left for her bedroom.

The mother didn't take care of Tsuna but focused directly on Reborn.

"Ara but who can be this little guy?"

"Ciaossu, I am the tutor who sent the flyer."

"Oh! This one promises to make our children great! But aren't you a little too young to be a tutor?"

Before Reborn responded, Tsuna took over.

"He has dwarfism, plus he's a friend of Iemitsu."

"Really ?! So--" 

Throughout the evening, the matriarch spoke only with Reborn. Not once did she speak to her daughter, as if she was not present. The topic of conversation revolved around Iemitsu more than anything else, if Reborn changed the topic of conversation she would come back to Iemitsu the next minute.

Is it an obsession with Iemitsu? Since when? At the same time, this man has not returned home for ten years.

Is the act of being a good mother just a facade? Tsuna was created just for good figure?

He looks at Tsuna who is looking at him in turn while sighing. She ate very slowly as if the food disgusted her. Yet the food is excellent. Do not tell me that the mother has put something in her dishes?

And when he asks about Tsuna, some of the answers made his blood run cold.

"Tsu-chan? She is never here. I wish she can like others girls or like Iemistu and his blond hair. She hasn't had a bad grade, not in over ten. When she was four, she was so clumsy, shy and had bad grades. We nicknamed her 'Dame-Tsuna'. Then she disappeared from time to time afterwards, a week or two or even a month. She also brought back violent and vulgar people. Some even came back here uninvited. Don't know what to do with her. "

How can a mother say that while sneering and sulking? Did she really believe her daughter was bringing people back for - !!! And when she was four isn't she was sick?

Reborn kept his questions until the matriarch slept. He was already waiting in Tsuna's room, where he will sleep. The mother did not want him to sleep in the guest room when she knows he is an adult. He didn't understand how a parent can do this.

While waiting for Tsuna, he noticed she doesn't have a lot of personal stuff here, just an easel, canvases, paints, a camera. Otherwise, the room seemed empty.

When Tsuna, in pyjamas, came back to her room after taking a shower she sits on her bed.

"So what do you see?"

"Is it always like that? The silence treatment? Always denigrating you when there is someone? What about this obsession with Iemitsu?"

“There has never been love in our relationship. For her, I was a mean for Iemitsu to come here. She desires a perfect life as a fantasy count with her prince charming. But the reality is quite different isn't it? " 

"Like the people you 'brought'? They were assassins or kidnappers isn't it?"

She nods and looks at her hands. She can't forget the hot blood on her hands. Oh, countless nights she had this nightmare.

"You did notice even we are related to Iemitsu we didn't have a single guard. He never let one so we began to be an easy target for the Mafia."

"How did you take care of them?"

A sad smile grows on her face. "What do you think?"

He understands the meaning of the smile and yet the mother did nothing.

"Your mother?"

"In a complete denial. I told you she lives in her 'perfect fantasy life'. How many people is after Iemitsu has been here? Even after being threatened or hit because of Iemitsu, she refuses to believe it. On two or three occasions, the neighbourhood has witnessed her forced  encounters  but when they question my mother, she acts as if it never happened. But that doesn't mean she forgot. For her, I am the cause that her 'perfect life' does not come true. When Iemitsu first came to visit me when I was four, he didn't come back when he left. She wants to live in her dream, so let her but one day the fact that she denies reality will catch up with her. Even though dreams can be real or come true, they are just dreams. If you want to know more you can ask the neighbourhood or even the students of the school, everyone knows. "

He huffs. "I will. There too many things I need to check."

She chuckles. "The storm is coming isn't he?"

Reborn looks abruptly at her. He keeps his poker face but still, he was stunned.

"Don't be surprised. My first element is a cloud, after a cloud you can expect the storm, the rain and lighting to follow. Sometimes the sun will come and the mist will hide the sky last."

She smiles at him and goes to bed leaving Reborn in his thoughts.


Chapter Text

In Japan, it is customary for students to go to school one Saturday a month. If there are no lessons, those who are part of a club participate in intra-school activities of their club.


In Namimori, the first Saturday of the month is devoted to lessons but only in the morning, afternoon any students can choose to stay or go home.


Being the second Saturday there are no lessons in the morning so basic children and adolescents sleep in.


Not for Tsuna, she got up around 6 o'clock as usual.


From his observation the night before Reborn can comprehend why she doesn't want to stay here any longer. She offered to run, he challenged her to run for an hour without stopping.


She did, she arrived at the house sweaty but she was not tired. After a well-deserved shower, she dressed in her school uniform.


He noticed she didn't have many clothes for other occasions. Two or three sports outfits, three sets of uniforms, two sweaters, three pairs of jeans, two pairs of shoes and a few t-shirts. A teenage girl of her age should have more clothes than that. When he commented she was minimalist, she simply smiled.


Not confirming his point, sometimes he could not read her thoughts. As usual on the road to school, she bought food and eats it. In the meantime, she explained the rules and the history of Namimori. Some rules seem correct others less. Like that certain areas are prohibited for those who were not born in Namimori, known as sacred places.


He shivered when she explained to him with a cold smile that many died for the simple reason they did not follow the rules. Anyway, he decided to respect the rules.


For now.


She explained how she would spend her day.


When she arrives, she will go to the Disciplinary Committee room to complete the paperwork. Before noon, all members of the committee will gather to talk about things to adjust or add and finish with Kyoya's speech.


She even invites him to eat with them or continue to collect information about her.


She chuckles at his answer that he will see.


Then she says after eating all the clubs are going to meet to talk about some problem or the new rules. She tells after what happened with Mochida and the Kendo Club, she needs to remind them to not use their instruments or budget for personal problems or else.


Reborn notices if Tsuna spent money every day to eat, she doesn't like spending on unnecessary things as clothes or anything else. Like yesterday when her orange hair friend, Kyoko, proposed to go shopping she refused. Only the strictly necessary.


But the way she talks about money reminds him of Viper, at least she did not charge him for making her do things. He guesses she will scare them about this subject how her smile was cold.


She spent a little too much time with Fon.


Everything should be finished in the middle of the afternoon if there is no problem. After they will go to Kokuyo Land to fight. It was not a bad place to train, being an abandoned amusement park it gave a good experience on the urban fight without burdens and restrictions.


And then she surprises him by telling him she won't come home after. Asking where she will sleep, she answered naturally at the prefect house. Like every Saturday and spend her Sunday there. Spend the weekend with someone else. He can't help being curious about their relationship.


Well, he will see tonight. For now, he decided he would snoop around all morning to gather information about her. Seeing how she lives he can deduce she has few happy memories in Namimori. Maybe he will see how she managed during the Club meeting.


Time to recon.


All paperwork finished. Tsuna stretched herself at her desk. The among of paperwork was astronomic this week, thank Kyoya's rampages. With what happened in the gymnasium and Reborn arrival, Kyoya had been 'hitching' to use his tonfa. That is the reason he came before her to do paperwork. Because he was certain she will pester him about it until he promises to be lenient.


As if.


Wait when they fight later, he will remember to not run away. He left not that long ago and won't come back until afternoon.


Tsuna couldn't stop worrying about him skipping meals and unfortunate people being beaten to death. She wouldn't be lying if she worried about the latter more because it would give her more paperwork. Just thinking more than three quarters are about hospital and repair bills.


During the time to eat, Tsuna eats with Kusakabe a bento courtesy of the latter. Kyoya didn't come, still hiding from her, making her a little upset.


She was now waiting in the meeting room for all clubs presidents. Put the documents in their place and wait for the presidents of each club to arrive.


One by one they come and after 10 minutes, the Club Meeting can start. All representatives of each 18 clubs were in their seats and the meeting starts.


They started. As usual, she gives them the news and the changes in the school and clubs. Like some students will be suspended from their club activities until their grades increase to have a certain pass mark. When she lists, who will suspend, the baseball club captain, Fujimori, reacts instantly.


"You can't do that!! We need Yamamoto for the upcoming game!!"


Tsuna arches a brow like he thought she was stupid.


"The next game is the next month. Moreover, hearing you, mean you all count only on Yamamoto to win. As it's common sense but baseball is a team sport. But it does not surprise me as I am aware most of the three and second-year skip half of their training. Even more, Watanabe-sensei as a P.E teacher should know that it's no good but let happen. Only the first year are serious about it, and you want to win the next match. If so, remind all members of the baseball club and Watanabe-sensei what I am to say."


Fujimori turned redder from embarrassment as Tsuna say and hearing some whispers and sniggers from others clubs' president but paled after with what she says.


"Starting today and until the end of the school year, if the members of the baseball club do not have a perfect attendance except in the case of valid justification such as health or family problems, the club will be disbanded."


Her statement surprise everyone, Fujimori opens his mouth to refute it but Tsuna doesn't let him and explains why.


"What is the point that the club exists if three-quarters of its members hardly participate and who do nothing? I do not see the point of continuing to finance the club when this money can be used for something else. Some clubs could benefit or could serve the school festival. "


All the club presidents agreed about this fact, indeed what the point. Plus, some clubs are in the need of money for their project or to buy materials.


It shuts Fujimori definitely, he didn't think they will be caught. They made sure with Watanabe-sensei if he let them go they will talk about him positively in exchange. And they were not worried about the games if Yamamoto and the few others who take it seriously participate.


Everything falls through because of her. Since she arrives a lot of things change. The principal, half of the teachers, rules to get a better education and a better school to be proud of it. Everyone was happy, well not everyone. A few, people like him and his friends or even Mochida were not thrilled about it.


It didn't change he has to announce to the whole team that everyone should come to every training, Yamamoto indefinite suspension until his grade rises up and more importantly everyone would know most of them are slacking off.


Tsuna sighs sensing the internal battle of Fujimori, at this moment he was more a prey surrounding by predators. She won't lie if half of the current clubs expect the baseball club to disband.


It doesn't matter, she was more worried about Yamamoto reaction but it was for later. If the cloud comes first, the storm follows then the rain.


"If there is a problem about it, make sure to come to me and not create havoc like the kendo club. Talking about the Kendo club, their budget is frozen until the next school year. Have you any complaints Hoshino?"


Hoshino Mamoru was not the captain or even the vice-captain of the kendo club, but he was chosen to participate in the meeting because he was the only one with enough brain cells to make sure the club doesn't fall more than he is. Moreover, being a first-year makes him inexperienced about it, he didn't sign for this, not at all. He hadn't planned from the first time that he was appointed as treasurer just because he was good with numbers. And seeing that the captain and the vice-captain do not manage any of the club, all this falls on him.


He sighs and shakes his head. He was sure some was looking at him with pity.


"Not at all. Sometimes I wonder what they have in their head to think they can do whatever they want. Moreover to fight you and insulting you. Maybe the hospital stay will make them think twice about doing something."


"Let's hope." She comments.


"Next, please refrain Sasagawa to destroy more boxing equipment, please or start making them. The club's budget is soon dry because of this. For the ones who wanted to command some materials last week, you can. Please do not forget writing all information about the vendor and all and make a copy of the receipt."


Those concerned were happy minus one. Tsuna knows why and it's the second problem she wants to settles.


"Once again we can thank the gardening club for the fresh vegetables and fruits we can eat each day at the canteen or prepared by the Cooking Club. Moreover, they manage to sell all the surplus as well as some bouquets. They gain a lot of money for the remaining of the year. Let's congratulate them."


Everyone applauds, even they gain money, they are able to eat excellent dishes. No hard feeling.


Hirano was proud of this since she became the president, the Gardening Club become really a gardening club. There are more flowers and plants in the school and they grow their own vegetables. She and the club have a big project and when Sawada accepts it she was beyond happy. So they command everything, one month later still nothing. She was upset and was sure how Sawada was looking at her she will talk about it.


"Hirano you made an enormous command last month and yet there is no sign of it. Do you know what happened?"


She knows it! She pouts because it's not her fault.


"I don't know! It's frustrating! We call the supplier, and they said they sent it by a specialized delivery agency. So we called the delivery agency in question, and they say they delivered it! We didn't sign anything like what we receive it!!"


Tsuna thinks about it, maybe...


"Hirano give me all information on your supplier and the delivery agency. Trees, beams, garden tools and chickens can't disappear like that. Just stay after the meeting."


Hirano nods ignoring some people shocked about the chickens.


"You command chickens?!"


"Yes! Like that, we will have fresh eggs, but we won't have to bleed the school fund more since now the egg price has literally triple! I wanted before the school festival and have chicks. Plus the trees and the flower, seeds were to embellish the school a little more. And now there nowhere!!"


"Don't worry I will find them."


Hirano calm down immediately because if Sawada says she will, it's mean she will get her products for sure.


They continue the meeting, Tsuna reminds them that they have to think about what they want to do for the festival to establish a budget and a planning.


After the meeting, Tsuna along with Hirano went to the D-C room. Hirano gave all the information about the supplier and the delivery agency.


Tsuna verifies the address then the reputation and quality of the services of the supplier and the delivery agency. Everything was good, it was the good address and the supplier and delivery agency were clean, many ask for them and do a perfect job.


Thus, she was right, someone "stole" the command but without proof, it's impossible to retrieve the command. So when you need proof, you call someone who can get them.


Poor guy, each time she calls him he gets uncontrollable stomach pains when anxious. She hopes he doesn't overwork himself.


She calls him, declares her request and waits. Fifteen minutes later she gets what she wanted. Still, she verifies the proofs and nods satisfied.


"Hirano, I know where is the command. Follow me."


They didn't go too far, only a few meters from the school gate. They went to the Yano house. Many in Namimori know the senior couple. They are cheap, they have no shame to steal from others. Therefore, Hirano wasn't completely surprised to come here. Hell, she passes every day in the street, how has she didn't hear the song of chickens since today? She wants to storm in and asks explanation but she let Sawada questioning, she was more direct and ruthless. She made a bunch of adults cry for Kami sake!


Tsuna was fed up, she confronts the Yano and they scoff at her. Like "How a little girl like her can do". She asks them how they get those chickens and all, when and by who. They answer they get a few days and deliver by their son. She raises a brow at how confident they were but she shows the recipe and a footage video from a surveillance camera close to the house.


They didn't lie when they said it was delivered by their son, as he works for the delivery agency itself. The footage shows their son and his truck pass the school and deliver directly to them.


They paled, good but they won't budge at all asking how could she was sure it was their son and not someone else or he can receive the wrong address. In the first place, the recipe reveals it was, of course, Namimori Middle School address. Second, if it was their son, since he was born in Namimori it was impossible he didn't where is the school was. And finally, she called the delivery agency herself and asks if their command was delivered by their son, the agency confirmed it. She explained to them the situation and emailed them the proof. Thank this their son was fired.


They know they lost and couldn't refute anything anymore. Some minutes later some D-C members came to transport everything and Tsuna didn't forget to pay for their theft since they eat a chicken. They paid the chicken with a huge interest.


Hirano was thrilled even though she had lost a chicken she won a considerable sum in return. Serve them right, they didn't have to steal. In addition, their son, who is a pervert, will hardly find a job as he was fired for theft.



It was a good day for Hirano. For Tsuna she was a little tired, interact with people tired her more than jogging. And being spied was a plus. When she comes back to the DC room, Reborn was already there.


"You did well Tsuna."


She hmmed at him organizing her desk before leaving.


"It's fine, it can be worse."


"Like last year? You performed a big cleaning in the school and the town."


"If you allow the weeds and the pests proliferate as they will, they will grip you and affect you with some malicious idea. Better to get rid of them. But it looks like the old ones still come back and news has born."


"Weeds and pests, a funny way to describe people you don't like." Mused Reborn. Notably when she gets rid of the previous principal and half of the teachers.


The principal and the teachers were rotten to the core. The principal embezzled money, some teachers have taken pornographic pictures and sold them on the black market. The others didn't have the qualifications to be teachers and abused a lot of students in one way or another.


She and Hibari take care of this, it's the only thing everyone in Namimori is glad on what they did.


"At least your recon makes you learn some things."


"I did. Now let's see how much you faring in fighting. Don't disappoint me Tsunayoshi."


"Don't worry I won't."


And yes she didn't. Compared to Baka-Dino she was ten times better. No, she was a diamond in sharpening.


When they left school, Hibari was waiting for them in a car, his car as he was the driver seat it seems. But Tsuna says she will drive to the chagrin of Hibari because she didn't let him the time of answering. She pushed him and fastens her seat belt. She waits for us to fasten our seat belts and drive.


Somehow what was he hoping for by asking the question why she doesn't want Hibari to drive?


She snorts and answers he is Fon's nephew. Of course, he is. He must have the same malediction as him. He notes he would not give alcohol to him in the future.


They arrived in a place in Kokuyo Land, near what I think is the shop's sector. She declares at Hibari to not holding back, the only answer she gets was a bloodthirsty smirk and a blow.


(A blow she gracefully dodges with ease and counter with a kick strong enough to flinch the prefect.)


They fought without holding back, that's for sure. It was like two wild beasts trying to kill each other. If Hibari was showing his excitement, Tsuna was containing it but he could detect a glint of primal excitement in her eyes. This glow gave him a cold sweat, he didn't know the reason why.


From an analytical point of view, one can see how each of them fights.


The Skylark is a force of nature all on his own, he is fast and he hits hard, very hard. So much so that he was sure Tsuna had at least two or three broken bones. He is also intuitive, he can adapt to his opponent's fighting style and can alter his fighting style. He is a pure attacker and a tank considering the number of hits he suffered without flinching. He's got two or three broken bones too.


He's terrifying, you can tell he's Fon's nephew. His immense resilience and endurance plus the mastery of his flames make him the strongest of Tsuna's Guardians so far.


Tsuna is incredibly versatile in her fighting style, he recognizes at least five fighting styles principally Fon's moves. She knows when, how and which force to attack. What's more, she's fast and uses her small size to her advantage to dodge. And her flames, oh god her flames. Her flames are so pure, even Luce's were not that pure. She has perfect control over them. She can use them as projectiles, diversion, as shield or to fly temporarily.


There are few things he can teach her, she merely needs knowledge and refines her skills. Even now, there is something that is not right with her, it disturbs him. He can't force her to talk knowing it leads nowhere. In addition, she didn't stop him to search for information on her.


They fight until sundown with Tsuna as the winner and a pouting skylark. Clearly, Hibari was pouting because he loses with his ass owned. It was the punishment for the paperwork, he knows it. They went to the hospital who patches them (and look depressed) and goes to the Hibari's household. Tetsuya Kusakabe was waiting for them saying the dinner is soon ready.


Tsuna and Hibari didn't wait and go stray to the bathroom, though Tsuna asks Kusakabe to show the house to Reborn.


Kusakabe shows the house or plus precisely the huge traditional Japanese house. To the garden and the rooms, Reborn was surprised to see Tsuna's room.


It was three times bigger than her chamber and with a dressing. Moreover, it's not empty, it's like a true adolescent bedroom. It was well decorated, the bed was bigger, the dressing was full of beautiful clothes and shoes with a collection of luxurious kimonos. There was a painting corner, a make-up one and even a plushies corner. Few photos were present on her desk. In some he could recognize some people like Hibari, Fon, Fon's sister and Hibari's mother, Kusakabe and some elders he meets in Namimori even though they were younger. But for the others, he didn't recognize any of them, yet he notices they were not taken in Namimori but a big city. On a wall, there was some painting: a traditional Japanese ink painting, watercolour paintings and a weird and dark painting. But the one who attracted him the most was the one with a beautiful woman with long jet-black hair, red eyes with a luxurious kimono with butterfly motifs.


He hears the sound of a door. Tsuna enters in her white Mokona pyjama.


"Seeing something interesting?"


"You have talent in painting, all of them sound really realistic. You have sold some of them, haven't you? I know some of them stirred chaos in the underworld."


She nods, knowing he knows how where she gets money now.


"Sometimes I paint what I feel and sense. Fon recognize this particular talent and suggest selling them in the black market. Three years ago one of them has been auctioned because of the number of people asking for it. That day it was sold for 1.700.500,00 euros so about 2 hundred million yen."


"Quite a modest sum if the canvas was not the subject of the death of one of Nono's sons."


She shrugs, it was not her problem. She looks at the painting.


"Yuuko... I wonder if you know the choice I did make when the last time I see you."


"Who is she?"


Tsuna looks at Reborn before staring again at the painting.


"She is the one who saved me in the past."


"From the kidnapping?"


"I guess the neighbours still consider this a hot topic. But it was not like you think. I manage to free myself even though my body was covered with bruises, some bones were broken and I was too sickly to properly do something. I was not the only child there. It was human trafficking for... pleasure."


Reborn stares at her, really stare at her. He didn't see anyone with a blank face as perfect as her. Those types of trafficking have sometimes, a 'training' to make the products ready to use. God, please don't tell me she was---.


"I did what I have to get out of her but even I was free I was dying. I was in the middle of nowhere. I found a road and walked on it, and it was at this moment she found me. She called the emergency, and I woke up one month later. Where she found me was not far from Tokyo. I had stayed a few more months in the capital. I was not sick anymore, I was completely healed. If my mother would have sent me to see a doctor all this would not have happened... Maybe."


"She didn't make you see a doctor? No one complained about it?"


"Yes of course. Kyoya was the first but couldn't do anything without any of his family in Namimori. The nurse in school suggests that I do an MRI and a blood test but without the parents' agreement it was just impossible. In the end, I had a brain tumour. My doctor was amazing it was so developed in such a short time. But I know who's to blame if this man and his boss hadn't come and did this to me... The fault remains entirely on the adult who serves me as parents."


"Wait that man and his boss, she couldn't talk about Iemitsu and Nono. What did they do you? Never mind she won't talk about it. At least I gain more information."


"But you know..."


Reborn listens, he has a hunch even though Tsuna speaks little and have Hibari as a confidant, she wants someone who will listen to him.


Tsuna contemplates him and smiles a little.


"In Tokyo, I met wonderful people. They are dear to me. I wouldn't meet them if I was not kidnapped. Everything was linked because there is no coincidence in this world...only  Hitsuzen ."