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Dirty Mercenaryism

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Disclaimer: I do not own Fairy Tail, or any of its associated characters and lore. That right belongs to Hiro Mashima.


Dirty Mercenaryism


Hargeon Town, Kingdom of Fiore, Ishgar, Earth Land, July 2, X784

Having heard the enthralled shrieking of the local women over someone they called the Prominent Board, Lucy Heartfilia followed the sound out of curiosity until she was staring at a blue-haired Wizard whose very smile her way instantly led to her heart beating rapidly like a lovesick drum. As Lucy approached the crowd surrounding the Prominent Boar instinctively, however, she noticed, out of the corner of her eye, a pink-haired young man and a close in age swordswoman come closer to the female mob themselves.

"Excuse me?" The shapely swordswoman said with her eyes straight on the Wizard. "Prominent Boar?"

Seeing a new person of interest, the Prominent Boar flashed a smile towards the swordswoman just when the latter unsheathed her weapon towards his direction which caused the former to behave strangely.

The swordswoman smirked as she then commanded. "You will admit your true identity to those you've scammed and what you intended to do in Hargeon."

"Yes, my lady!" The Prominent Boar exclaimed reverently in a way that even the seemingly lovestruck Lucy noticed in her daze before she was then grabbed onto by the pink-haired boy.

"He's all yours!" The young man told the confused crowd of women with a vicious smirk before the swordswoman then used Teleportation Magic to send herself, her partner, and Lucy to a different location.


DS Company Home Office

"Well, you two did great work in such short time." President Danny Seedel of DS Company, was telling the two Mercenary Wizards upon their return to his business headquarters with the unconscious heiress to the Heartfilia Konzern, who, as Danny's informants had told him, was to be her father's essential key to securing the Junelle Family's support in keeping his own enterprise afloat, even though a significant figure from the Alvarez Empire was said to have had a vendetta against the Heartfilia Family as a whole.

The pink-haired Natsu Dragneel shrugged with a grin as he remarked. "It was mostly Shizuna's work, Mr. Seedel, but you paid good money for good service all the same."

Shizuna herself showed a grateful smile towards her comrade as she then said to Danny. "I trust that we'll be doing more jobs for you in the future, sir?"

Danney showed a slick yet fiendish look as he answered. "Indeed, Shizuna. I could use both of your talents and that of the rest of your group for the years to come. For now, though, take a break until I'm ready for you to deliver my terms to Jude Heartfilia."

Making their leave from Danny's office, the two Mercenary Wizards shared a smirk as Shizuna asked Natsu. "So, love, how would you like to spend our time off?"

Placing an arm around Shizuna, Natsu replied. "I can think of a few good reasons."

The two then shared a kiss as they made their way elsewhere for the moment.


Seemed probable to happen to me under the right circumstances. In fact, reading up the Fairy Girls story over DS Company, I could not help but get Overlord vibes since the atmosphere reminded me of the Re-Estize Kingdom's troubles with the feuding upper classes and the organized crime syndicate, Eight Fingers, merged as one.