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The Royal Academy of Fiore

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Disclaimer: I do not own Fairy Tail, or any of its associated characters and lore. That right belongs to Hiro Mashima.


The Royal Academy of Fiore


Fiore Royal Academy, Kingdom of Fiore, Ishgar, Earth Land, X784

Once a girls-only school, the Fiore Royal Academy began to accept male students in the year X777 under the direction of the King himself, Toma E. Fiore, who officially reasoned that, as the most promising school in the country, the Academy should serve as a place where the most promising citizens, both men and women alike, should learn before contributing to society. Unofficially, however, King Toma really wanted his daughter's future bodyguard to receive the best education obtainable before he was old enough to take up his duty.

And that student was having a discussion with the Princess herself in private via a Communications Lacrima afterschool.

"So Happy's not with you right now because he ate too many fish?" Natsu Dragneel snickered to himself, seeing that incredibly possible since he knew that cat creature's personality.

Princess Hisui laughed to herself as well as she replied. "Yes, he is quite the barrel of laughs, Natsu. Still, he sends his regards all the same."

"That's good to hear." His Dragon sense of smell telling him that the Head Teacher was close by, however, prompted Natsu to then say. "Sorry, Hisui, but I've got some extra credit stuff to do soon, so we'll talk later, okay?"

Hisui pouted a bit in a cute way before smiling resignedly. "If you insist, Natsu. I'll see you soon."

Having said their goodbyes, Natsu then turned to his homeroom teacher, Zevis Graymane, just as she showed up. Looking at him with a seemingly strict glare, Zevis said. "I trust you hadn't forgotten about our arrangement, Mister Dragneel?"

Sweating a bit under gaze, Natsu was quick to answer. "Not at all, Miss Graymane. I'm about ready as you are."

Showing a knowing look, the teacher replied. "We shall see."

With Zevis leading the way, Natsu passed by several other students and faculty, including Lucy Heartfilia, who was as much a friend of Hisui's as he was, and Principal Bramby himself, before the aspiring knight arrived in his classroom with Zevis making sure that they would have their privacy. Once alone, Zevis then turned to Natsu with a flirtatious grin as she said enticingly. "As always, my dear Natsu, get each question right, and I'll be sure to reward you with something we'll both enjoy."

Natsu excitedly yet understandingly nodded. Although Zevis was initially drawn to him due to her own ambitious nature upon learning how tight he was with the Royal Family, their private tutoring sessions were no less fun.

Seeing his reaction, Zevis smiled more genuinely as she said. "Good boy." And then gave Natsu a quick kiss for motivation.


I know the school in Fairy Girls was girls-exclusive, but this idea felt good to me. I honestly do not know much about boarding schools, but it feels silly to me that a middle-aged man like Bramby is the principal of an all-girls school. I mean, where is the sense in that if there are apparently no other male faculty, or better yet, male students? Aside from career ambition, it goes a long way of explaining why Zevis in Fairy Girls wanted Bramby removed, at least to me.

I kind of wanted to add more detail and character dialogue, but I decided I wanted to make this quick so I can take a break from writing for the last week of May and first week of June at least, so that I can recap Sonic Underground, Sonic X, and Sonic Boom in that order before I come back to writing some stuff.