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Pink Shirts

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It had happened again.


Bai Yutong stood in front of his washing machine, looking miserably at the bundle of damp washing he’d just pulled out of the machine.


It was clean… and a muted pink.


It was the fourth time in the last two months and Yutong had been so sure when he handed the basket over to his Kitty.


Not a single red item to be found anywhere near the pile of whites, no way that Zhan Yao could ruin them.


How had he managed this?


“Zhan Yao!” He called out, storming into the living room, where his boyfriend was working on his latest book, “What is this?!”


Zhan Yao glanced up, staring at the pink shirt. “A questionable fashion choice.” He eventually stated, “It might clash with your hair.”


“Oh no no no!” Yutong snarled, “This is going in your drawer! Spice up your black wardrobe!”


“You and I both know that won’t fit me right.”


“How do you keep managing to do this?!” Yutong whined, “If it’s not dyed this horrible pink colour, then you’ve managed to shrink it, or you’ve left a tissue in with the dark wash and it looks like we’ve been snowed on or- “ He stopped at the sly look on Zhan Yao’s face, “- you were waiting for me to snap.”


Another smirk.


“I’m gonna- “


“- Yes please.”




Zhan Yao allowed himself to be dragged to the bedroom and pushed onto the bed, staring up at Bai Yutong.




Bai Yutong raised an eyebrow, “Please what?”


“… Punish me.”


“Gladly.” Bai Yutong smirked, taking off his shirt and belt, “Strip.”


Zhan Yao had never been so quick to strip before, throwing his clothes onto the floor as Bai Yutong spun him around and made him bend over the edge of the bed, knees on the carpet.


“You need to be punished…” Bai Yutong threw his belt to the ground, “Right? For not learning how to do laundry properly.”


“Y-yes.” Zhan Yao waited in anticipation for the first spank, but Bai Yutong drew the anticipation out.


Bai Yutong’s palm hit his bare arse, causing him to cry out… which meant that he earned another smack for not being quiet.


“Be quiet.” Yutong gave him a warning tap, “No talking.”


“B-Bai Yuton- AH!”


Another smack was delivered to his ass, making him lurch forwards slightly, tears welling up in his eyes at the hard spanks that were seriously starting to sting. His bit his lip to remain quiet though.


“Better.” Bai Yutong smirked, spanking him again, noticing how Zhan Yao pressed himself against the bed a little, both in reaction to the spanking and also to try and rub his cock to get some friction because he was so hard, “Are you enjoying this? You can speak.”


“Y-Yeah.” Zhan Yao whimpered, feeling his face flush as red as his ass when he admitted that. He needed this though, he needed to get out of his own head and let someone else take control.


“So pretty.” Yutong whispered, bringing Zhan Yao out of his thoughts as his partner squeezed his ass at the same time.


“T-thank you.”


Bai Yutong then moved away, prompting Zhan Yao to turn his head slightly, spotting Yutong picking up his belt, which he then used to tie Zhan Yao’s hands behind his back.


“You’ve ruined so many of my clothes…” Yutong mused, “… that I wasn’t going to fuck you, but when you’re bent over like this, how can I resist?” He grabbed some lube from the bedside cabinet, squirting it onto his fingers, before leaning forwards to nip at Zhan Yao’s ear, “Are you going to take my cock like a good boy?”


“Y-yes.” Zhan Yao moved his head slightly to get a kiss on the cheek just as Bai Yutong slid the first finger inside. He whimpered, pressing his face into the bed as Bai Yutong fingered him open. The prep was quicker than usual, and Zhan Yao knew that he wasn’t going to be as ready as he would like to be.


But this was a punishment after all.


“F-fuck!” He gasped out as Yutong grabbed a hold of his hips, slamming inside of him. He buried his face in the bed, wishing that he was on the bed properly so they he could hide his face in the pillows… it would be easier on his knees as well.


“Are you sorry?”




Bai Yutong had one hand gripping tightly onto Zhan Yao’s hip, his other hand raking his nails up and down his partner’s back, tugging on his hair to expose his neck, where he could suck dark hickies into the pale skin.


Zhan Yao just took it, let Yutong fuck into him and move him whatever way he wanted. He didn’t have the energy to try and resist.


“Do you like this?”




“Good.” The thrusts got harder, ramming right into Zhan Yao’s prostate until he came with a screech, vision going black until… nothing.




When he next came to his sense, he was lying on the bed on his back.


“You’re back.” Bai Yutong sighed in relief.


“Did I- did I pass out?”


“A little.” Yutong leaned over and kissed him gently, “How do you feel?”


“Sore, but good…” Zhan Yao stretched out, “… Remind me to mess up the laundry more often.”


“Oh you are never touching my clothes ever again!”