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Consort Lan

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Wei Wuxian had, indeed, been very indulgent with Jin Chan.

The situation is this: Wei Wuxian told Lan Sizhui to try to help Cheng Ling to feel a bit more like he belonged in the group of visiting disciples. Sizhui is not inconvenienced at all by this, Cheng Ling was a nice boy, though a little shy, it had taken him a while to open up to Sizhui and his friends, but once he felt included, everything was smooth sailing.

Wei Wuxian was satisfied, things had happened very naturally. 

"How is my little child doing?" Wen Ke Xing asked him the next time they met, as he poured some Emperor's Smile for both of them. The wine in Caiyi was really good.  "I hope you're not giving him a hard time."

"You, Wen Ke Xing, what are you planning sending the boy to Gusu?"

"A'Xu is worried that he has a hard time making friends."

"His meridians are strong, he has a weak cultivation and his golden core needs working on, but I think we can do a lot for him in the summer. These classes will do him good."

Wei Wuxian fanned himself with a beautiful black fan, it had a white lotus flower in full bloom hand painted in it. From an outsider's view, Wei Wuxian and Wen Ke Xing looked like a pair or rich scholars drinking calmly. 

"Look at you, you look very refined lately. That Hanguang Jun finally managed to subdue you."

"Oh, didn't you hear? I've become somewhat of an urban legend. Everyone talks about the beautiful Lan consort."

"I heard rumors when I arrived in Caiyi, interesting, indeed."

They looked at each other for a moment, covering their smiles with their respective fans, then they both barked a laugh.

"Ah, nobody would believe it from you, Wei Wuxian, you are truly shameless."

"Not as much as you, Wen Ke Xing, having the nerve to come here after trying to sabotage my second wedding."

"It was a little joke, dear friend, you know I only have eyes for my A'Xu."

"How is he now?"

"Irritable, as always. He misses Cheng Ling but won't admit it, and he's crankier each day. This poor wife can't take it anymore."

Wei Wuxian raised his arm to give his friend a few soft pats on his back.

"There, there. Maybe it'll make him rest easy to know that Cheng Ling is a good student and a very well behaved boy, and he's making friends! My A-Yuan likes him a lot."

"Ah, your little Radish will be a good influence for him. I am glad."


On hindsight, they should have worried more about Jin Ling y Lan Jingyi, and how terrible an influence they could be for Cheng Ling.

Since Wei qianbei was not in Cloud Recesses that day, once their classes Hanguang Jun ended, the disciples had their archery class earlier than usual. Now they were resting in the classroom.

"Aahh, that Lan Heng beat the shit out of us..." Jin Ling whined, as he was flopped on the floor. Lan Jingyi straddled his back, giving him gentle punches on his shoulders. "Ouch, lower, there, fuck, what is wrong with that man? Does he think we're made of wood?"

"Cheng Ling, are martial arts trainings this intense too?" Jingy asked, kneading Jin Ling's back as if he were trying to make bread.

"Shifu is strict, sometimes I have to practice one combat movement at least 300 times, if he's not satisfied, I have to do it again."

"Sounds harsh, compared to that, cultivation must seem like something very easy, huh?" Jin Ling smacked Jingyi's thigh, and the boy stood up from his back so Jin Ling could sit up.

Cheng Ling shook his head.

"The truth is, sometimes I don't understand anything."

"Well, you can always ask one of us." Jingyi grinned and then looked around. "Hey, where's Zizhen?"

"I don't know, I haven't seen him since the archery practice ended."

"Everyone, Wei qianbei is out, so there won't be Talisman making class today." Sizhui said as he wrote the instructions for their homework on the board for when the other disciples showed up.

The other three boys threw their hands up in the air, celebrating.

"So we're done for today?"

"I guess so."

Right that moment, the classroom door opened and Ouyang Zizhen walked in with a big smile.

"Boys, guess who has a girlfriend."

"Yao Bai?" Jin Ling asked jokingly. Yao Bai, the heir of the Yao Sect, was not too handsome and wasn't nice either. They all laughed and Zizhen looked confused.

"What? No! Me!"

"Oh really? And who's the poor unfortunate girl?" Jingyi asked.

"It's Lan Xiang! She said yes!"

Jingyi frowned. "Didn't she say she'd think about it?"

"But we both want to."

"Ugh, that silly girl, she's supposed to play hard to get. You're supposed to beg her for her love so men know she isn't easy!"

"Umm..." Cheng Ling was going to ask how Jingyi could possibly know that. Sizhui smiled.

"Jingyi is very popular with the girls, that's why he can very easily say no to them."

"Yeah right." Came a voice from the other side of the classroom. They turned around to see it was Jin Chan, how long had he been there? "He acts all chaste and later he goes crazy with all of them. Truly shameless."

Jingyi stood from where he sat, Sizhui made to stop him but didn't grab his sleeve on time.

Everything happened too fast. Lan Jingyi said something, to which Jin Chan responded with a taunt, suddenly Jingyi pushed Jin Chan and in a matter of seconds they were both rolling on the floor, exchanging blows and punches.

Sizhui was horrified, he couldn't even catalogue this as a young cultivators fight, they looked like children rolling on the floor. Jingyi was even pulling on his oponent's hair.

"We should separate them." Cheng Ling reasoned, thank Dianxia, someone sensible!

"No, let them," Jin Ling said "can't you see Jingyi is winning?"

"Jin Ling!" Sizhui and Cheng Ling looked at the young master Jin, scandalized.

"Give him one for me, Jingyi!" Zizhen hollered behind them.

"If he gives him a punch for each one of the things he's done to us, Jin Chan will wind up dead." Sizhui commented, then he seemed surprised at what he himself had said, while his friends encouraged Jingyi. "Cheng Ling, please help me separate them before a teacher is alerted of the ruckus."

"Mn!" Cheng Ling nodded, and they both went to take Jingyi by the arms to get him off a flailing and screaming Jin Chan.

Furious, the young disciple of the Jin sect stood, rearranged his clothes with as much dignity as he had left and wiped the blood off his lip.

"You'll regret this, Lan Jingyi!"

"Oh yeah! I'm quaking in my boots!" Jingyi was still trying to free himself from his friends' grip. "Whenever you want! Name a time and a place you brat!"

Right in that moment, Wei Wuxian's figure appeared at the door, with another person behind him. They all instantly froze in place.

"Ah, a tiny fight club!" Wei Wuxian's friend exclaimed joyfully.

"Uncle Wen!" Cheng Ling let go of Jingyi to greet Wen Ke Xing.

"What the hell is the meaning of this?" Wei Wuxian asked, looking at all the boys present there. "I was just away for two hours and you are all already killing each other in the classroom..."

"Wei qianbei, Lan Jingyi-!" Jin Chan couldn't continue speaking, because Wei Wuxian descended above him like a storm cloud and hit him in the head with his fan. "Ow! But he started it!"

"I didn't start shit! You called me a whore!" Jingyi pointed at him, with every intention to jump him again, but Sizhui kept him in place.

"You pushed me first!"

"SILENCE! I don't care who started it!" Wei Wuxian's voice thundered, silencing them all with a turn of his sleeve, the sleeves had Gusu clouds embroidered in them. "I am very disappointed in both of you. Lan Jingyi, you had never lowered yourself to this level, and you, I gave you plenty of opportunities to redeem yourself, but it's obvious you're nothing but a bully, you're now expelled!"

"You can't do that! My father-"

"I can't? Go ahead, young disciple Jin, tell me more of what I can or cannot do in my own home and my own sect, I dare you. Collect your belongings and return to Lanling. We will send a letter to your parents to tell them of this incident, we'll see if they're interested in complaining."

Jin Chan lookee hatefully at Jingyi, he tried to do the same to Wei Wuxian, but he realized the cold gaze was already being returned. He felt intimidated and scurried out of the classroom.

Wen Ke Xing clapped, pleased. 

"You really know how to deal with these children, Wei Wuxian, I'm very impressed. It wasn't such a bad idea to bring Cheng Ling for you to take care of, after all."

"Be quiet, Wen Ke Xing." Wei Wuxian mumbled, then he tiredly went to Jingyi. "What the fuck, kid?"

Jingyi looked down, he had a scratch on his left cheek. Wei Wuxian grabbed him gently by the chin to look at it.

"That's all he did to you? Can't even fight properly. But Jingyi, really? Getting into a fist fight? That's serious business. You know fighting is forbidden, so you'll have to copy the rules about fighting and violence 200 times, you understand?"

"At least it's not all the rules."

Wen Ke Xing still had his shit eating grin.

This place was really interesting.