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Your Life Isn't All Its Cracked Up To Be

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Kara knew that working at CatCo wasn’t gonna be easy. Kara didn’t hate her boss. No, she was just... mildly annoyed with getting bossed around all the time without getting any recognition in return. At least as Supergirl, people were thankful for her work. Most of the time at least. At CatCo though? Nope.

Kara groaned as she heard another notification from Cat go off.

“Penny for your thoughts?”

Kara looked up to find Jimmy smiling down at her with that charming smile of his that made her heart skip a beat.

“Its Cat.” Kara sighed as she tried to hide her blushing face behind her hands, trying to play it off as simple frustration. Which it was, at least partially.

“Kara why don’t you say something to her?” Jimmy leaned against a desk and crossed his arms over his chest.

“Like what? Miss Grant, I know you have literally everyone listening to everything you say because you’re the Queen of Media and they would kill to work for you, but could you not boss me around because I have enough problems? Yeah that’s gonna go so well.” Kara chuckled, which made Jimmy do the same.

“Well maybe word it a bit differently.”

Kara was about to reply when her super senses picked up something approaching fast.

“Sorry, gotta go. We’ll talk more later!” With that Kara took off running to get changed into her Supergirl outfit.

Meanwhile Cat Grant sat in her office looking over the mountain of emails and paperwork she had waiting for her. This was not the way she wanted to spend the 40th birthday. She wanted to go out, get away from work for just one day. But it was impossible for her. No matter how much she wished she could go back in time, when she was just starting out, facing new and exciting challenges every day, meeting and talking to all sorts of people. Back when her work used to be a lot more fun.

Suddenly the glass behind her shattered and she was on the floor. When she looked behind her she saw Supergirl floating in the air with a giant gray and yellow alien trying to smash her.

“You alright Miss Grant?” Supergirl looked back briefly.

Cat coughed to compose herself, “Yes, no damage done. To me at least.” So far the only thing that was damaged was her window and desk and would very much like to keep it that way.

“Get away from here!” Supergirl shouted as she punched the big alien in the face. She was winning the fight with very little effort. All that power and strength, no wonder she took down enemies with ease. At least from Cat’s point of view.

Just as she got up to run the alien pointed a blaster at her.

“Miss Grant, look out!” Supergirl raced to push her out of the way but it only resulted in her getting caught in the blast along with Cat. Both of them passed out.

Kara awoke a few hours later but she felt different. She took in her surroundings. She was in a hospital. Kara groaned as she sat up. Her body ached all over. Something wasn’t right, usually she felt a bit groggy when she got blasted but not like this. She stretched her arms when a nurse came in to see her.

“Miss Grant! How do you feel?”

Kara raised an eyebrow. She looked around but she was alone in the room. Fear set in as she looked at the mirror on the nightstand next to her bed. Sure enough she looked exactly like her boss. No, she was her boss!

“Miss Grant?” The nurse stepped closer, a worried expression on her face.

“Um... I’m fine. Could you get me a phone, as soon as possible?” Kara hoped that her tone of voice didn’t sound too panicked.

“Of course, are you sure you don’t need anything else?”

Kara just nodded, not trusting her voice not to crack. Almost as soon as the nurse left she came back with a phone for her. Kara thanked her making the nurse blush and murmur a quick “you’re welcome” as she walked out of the room.

Kara quickly called Alex, who picked up in a matter of seconds.

“Alex! Its me Kara, I know this is gonna sound weird but I’m...”

“In the body of Cat Grant.” Alex interrupted.

“Yes? How did you know?” Kara’s face frowned in confusion.

“Because she’s in yours. And she knows.”

As soon as those words left Alex’s mouth all color drained from Kara’s, or rather Cat’s face.

“Kiera, you’re Supergirl?! What the fuck?!” She heard shouting, it was her own voice which meant that its Cat screaming at her. Again.

Kara groaned, great her life was over.

She fell back on the bed turning off the phone. Cat is gonna tell everyone! She would have to leave, but where?! And how does she get back into her body?!

Kara didn’t have to wait long for a visit. It was Cat, her sister and J’ohnn. Kara gulped, she got nervous.

Cat narrowed her eyes at her.


“Kara.” Alex interrupted.

“Kara. You’re Supergirl! I want to know everything! Right now! And how did this happen?” Cat went to place her hands on Kara’s shoulders but she moved away.

“Could you... not touch me? I don’t feel like being known as the person who crushed Cat Grant.”

“Oh. Oh right! There’s so much strength in this body! I don’t know how you manage it, but I know the secret to your physique now, no wonder Supergirl looks so good.” Cat whistled as she flexed and ran her hands over her biceps.

Alex groaned, “Please stop.”

“I suspect that the gun ray switched your minds sine you were both in its path. The alien however vanished and we have not been able to locate him yet. So we don’t know how to reverse this I’m afraid.” J’ohnn explained.

“What? But I need to get back into my body right now!” Kara panicked.

“Oh I don’t know, I quite like this actually. I think we should see how things go.” Cat smiled as she flexed again, “And we wouldn’t want anyone to know your secret right?”

Kara’s eyes widened, “Are you... blackmailing me?”

“No. I’m just saying that we have no way of getting back in each others bodies so we should make the best of it. And promise not to tell your secret if you let me live a little and don’t put me in... what ever Supergirl jail is.” Cat was very calm as she spoke, it was juxtaposed with Kara’s raising panic.


“I... I don’t think there’s anything we can say at this point Kara. Hopefully this will only last a few days, as I already have the DEO working on finding any information about reversing this or where our mystery alien might be. Until then we have to make sure everyone thinks things are normal.”

Kara tried to curse in Kryptonian but it came out broken, since humans couldn’t replicate the sounds correctly.

“I have no clue what that means but I assume we are all in agreement. Now if you’ll excuse me I have things to do.” Cat stormed out with superspeed and Kara would hear her laughing as she passed by the window.

“Ok. I can do this. Cat bosses people around a lot and I can probably figure out... what ever it is that she also does. Things will be fine.” Kara tried to reassure herself.

Things actually went better than Kara thought. When she arrived at work the next day everyone gathered around to ask how she was and if she needed anything. And they got her what ever she asked. When she asked for advice for something she passed it off as a minor head injury and no one questioned it. She quickly fell into the rhythm of things though.

Cat however was not having such a good time. She was tired as hell. She had to deal with emergencies all day since she left the hospital. Her senses felt like they were overloading, but also not. She asked where Kara lived so she could go and sleep. As soon she she got to the apartment she collapsed on the bed. When she woke up she was so hungry, like she hadn’t eaten in a week. She ordered and ate an obscene amount of food.

When she got to CatCo she was used to people greeting her, but no one did. No one even asked how she was after the attack. Oh right. Kara wasn’t there for the attack. Supergirl was.


It took Cat a moment to realize that she was the one being spoken to.

“Oh, um... Winn?” She wasn’t completely sure that was the man’s name but based on the smile she guessed she was right.

“Are you ok? I heard that attack was pretty bad and you got knocked out?”

Cat’s frowned. Did he know she was Cat? No he called her Kara, which meant that he knew Kara was Supergirl.

“I’m fine. Tired.”

Winn nodded, “I’ll leave you alone then. I bet Cat’s gonna call you any second now, but hey if you wanna go home I think Jimmy and I can come up with some excuse for you.”

“Kara! Office!”

“Speak of the devil. Good luck Kara.” Winn began walking away but turned back, “Hey did you hear that? She got your name right this time! Maybe she’s beginning to like you.”

Cat sighed and shook her head as she made her way to her... well what was her office. She expected Kara to be a mess, to ask her for help, but when she entered she saw that Kara looked quite comfortable in stark contrast to her behavior yesterday.

“Cat, you’re here.” Kara whispered when the door closed, “I need to ask you to deliver some forms for me, I know I usually do that but I need to do your job instead.”

Cat’s eyes narrowed. She could tell when someone was faking. She didn’t get where she was by believing everything people said. Kara might have made it sound like she was in trouble but Cat could practically hear the enjoyment in her voice.

“You having a good time Kiera?” Cat crossed her arms.

“Excuse me?” Kara raised a brow.

“Doing my job? You seem to have it pretty figured out.”

“I guess so. I had to look up some of your older stuff so I don’t contradict anything. You seemed to have a lot of fun being a reporter.”

“It was fun.”

Kara hummed, like she was deep in thought.

“Well?” Cat reached her hand out with a somewhat annoyed tone of voice.

When Kara didn’t do anything Cat sighed, “The forms.”

“Oh! Yeah, here!” Kara handed her the files and Cat practically stormed out of the office, but not before she heard, “Just a moment Kiera.”

Cat stopped dead in her tracks, door half open, closed the door and glared at Kara with a death glare, “Yes?”

Kara smiled, “Yes what?”

Cat blinked in confusion, “W-What?”

“Yes, miss Grant.” Kara smirked at her at her like the Cheshire cat.

“Oh, oh I get what you’re doing. I’d be impressed right now if I wasn’t so pissed... miss Grant.”

Kara had to try very hard not to burst out laughing as Cat stormed out of the office.

This went on for a few days and Cat was just about ready to explode. She missed her old life, her non-superhero, non-emergency, non-underapriciated life! The only people who seemed to care about her were Winn and James, or Jimmy as he was called by his friends. They were nice to her, asked about her day, her superhero duties, if she needed any help. It occurred to her that Kara didn’t have many friends at all. And with the girls life being as hectic as it was she couldn’t blame her either.

There was also a learning curve when it came to being Supergirl. She had trouble controlling her powers properly and had to have superhero training cause on her first night on patrol she used a little too much strength and speed and crashed straight into the runway car. Luckily no one got hurt but they couldn’t take that risk again.

She was currently training with Alex in one of the special rooms at the DEO.

“Punch it again.”

Cat grit her teeth and punched the robot dummy. It flashed red.

“Too much. One more time.”

“We’ve been doing this for hours!” Cat was frustrated and sat down at the floor, crossing arms against her chest.

Alex sighed, “And Kara has to do this every day of her life. Its not easy and I probably can’t do it. But you’re gonna have to, at least for a few days.”

Cat’s expression softened, “I get it, I get it.” She took a deep breath, stood up and punched the dummy again. This time it flashed green, Cat grinned, but a moment too soon because the dummy punched her right back.

“Fuck! What was that?!” Cat rubbed her jaw, her eyes narrowed at Alex.

Alex smirked, “Oh yeah, they punch back, I forgot to say that. You need to brush up on your fighting skills too.”

She got back to Kara’s apartment and ordered some food. The bell rang and it seemed like a bit too fast for the food. Using Supergirl’s x-ray vision she was that it was in fact Kara.

She went to open the door, when she did Kara just smiled at her.

“Kie... Kara.”

“Can I come into my own apartment or?”

Cat moved out of the way and guestured for Kara to come in.

“I ordered food.” Cat sat on the couch beside Kara who nodded.

“I’ve been missing my appetite.” Kara said as a joke but soon her face fell, “And my friends, my sister, and game night.”

Cat’s eyes softened. She was about to say something as the bell rang again. She didn’t even bother looking who it was. In the hallway stood Alex and J’ohnn holding a bunch of food.

“We met the delivery guy on our way here.” The two stepped inside the apartment, made their way into the living room and placed the boxes of food on the table. Along with a small cube-like device.

Cat joined them and already dug into the pizza. Kara chuckled.


“Nothing, nothing. So what’s the cube?”

“We believe we managed to replicate the energy that switched you two. But it needs some kind of trigger and we can’t figure out what it is.” J’ohnn explained calmly.

“I hope you crack it soon. I can’t wait to get back into my body.” Kara bit into a slice of pizza.

“Really? From what I saw you seem to enjoy bossing people around.”

“It was fun for people to listen to me for once. It felt good to be acknowledged. But I think... I think I wanna get back to my life and find something to do. At CatCo I mean. I wanna do more than be the errand girl.”

A few days ago Cat wouldn’t bat an eye at that. But she saw what Kara did day after day, both at CatCo and her superhero job. She had a new respect for her.

“I also realize that your life isn’t that easy either miss Grant.” Cat was a bit taken back by that, “I mean you have everyone listening to you sure, but there’s so much that you have to live up to, the people you need to talk to, or rather know how to talk to. I don’t think I could do that like you can. But I read the articles you wrote, I kind of wish I could do that.” Kara smiled to herself.

“What is stopping you?” J’ohnn asked.

This made both Kara and Cat look at her with wide eyes.

“ Yeah! I mean, there’s a learning curve to it, sure. But its not impossible. Especially not with your abilities. You’re like a living lie detector with that super hearing of yours.” Alex smiled at Kara, supportive as always.

Kara’s eyes shone with a new found passion. A reporter. Yeah, she could probably be a pretty damn good reporter!

A few moments passed before Cat spoke up, “I worked hard for my success. It made me who I am today.”

“A hardcore bitch who takes no shit from anyone?” Alex asked with a laugh.


Suddenly the cube glowed. J’ohnn moved to cover Alex, while Cat did the same with Kara. There was no explosion, just a flash of light. When it subsided Alex got off the floor.

“Kara you ok?”

“Yeah I’m...” Kara stopped, she looked down, then ran to the mirror, “I’m back!” Kara shouted and immediately went to hug her sister.

“Kara, you know you’re super strong again right?” Alex wheezed but hugged Kara back non the less.


Cat got up as well and dusted herself off, “Well... that’s done then.” Kara was about to hug Cat as well but the woman was already walking out of her place.

“Wait!” Kara ran after her, “You’re just leaving?”

“Yes, we’re back in our bodies right.”

“Yeah but...” Kara fidgeted in place, “Thank you... for not spilling my secret. And sorry for bossing you around.”

Cat chuckled, “I think I earned that one. You have a lot to deal with, and if you want to add being a reported to that list I won’t stop you. But don’t expect me to go soft on you.”

“Of course not miss Grant.”

“Cat. At least outside of the office.”

Kara beamed, “Cat. Ok, does this mean we’re friends?” Kara looked at her with big puppy dog eyes.

“We’re not that close... Kara.” Cat turned around with a smile, “Oh and by the way. You and Jimmy would make a cute couple. He seems to really care about you.” Cat winked at Kara briefly before walking away.

Kara blushed a deep red, praying no one else heard that.

When she went back to work the next day, things were back to normal, except there was a new desk waiting for her. So much for Cat not going soft on her. Kara smiled and decided to dedicate herself to being the best reporter CatCo ever had.