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Who's Your Daddy?

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You were shifting on your toes as you waited in your dorm room to finally leave to go on a… was it a date? Could it be classified as a date? It was a date with someone who was going to be paying for, well, sex. Not like a hooker per say, as a college student that was just too much, but like a… well, you could figure out what the hell you were later.

You had dressed nice enough. Gray patterned slacks, white dress shirt, and matching gray patterned jacket. You hoped the man you were meeting would feel the same. The only thing you knew about him was that he was older and that he was willing to pay out nicely for a both a sexual partner and just a partner in general. You were basically the therapist friend he could also stick his dick in. Fine with you. Anything to pay tuition as well as the rest of your bills.

You had done this date-not date thing twice before with him. Aaron Hotchner had been incredibly polite and well-mannered, making sure you were comfortable every step of the way. The first time he had only paid for dinner. The second time he had managed to slip two crisp one-hundred-dollar bills into your pocket. Sneaky bastard.

You don’t know how or when you had gotten yourself to the hotel, he had sent you the address for. All you remember was that it wasn’t a cheap hotel just from the look of the lobby.

“Y/n?” Hotchner said from behind you somewhere.

You jumped, whipping around to look at him, eyes wide. “Hi. Sorry. Sometimes I can’t believe what I’m doing with my life,” you joked half-heartedly.

“You and me both,” he chuckled humorlessly, moving the bags he was carrying into his other hand, his now free hand moving to the small of your back, “come on. I have the room already.” He led you to the back elevators, free from any kind of prying eyes, not that it would matter if people saw you necessarily.

“Nice hotel,” you commented dryly, avoiding his eyes from some inkling of internal embarrassment. It wasn’t that he was embarrassing as a partner—he was incredibly attractive—it was simply that doing this felt so incredibly forbidden.

He smirked, “I’m used to shoddy hotels when I work, so it’s nice to get to finally sleep in one that is nicer.”

You nodded, “better than the dorms.” The elevator doors slid open on your floor, his hand still resting in the small of your back to guide you to the room. Aaron opened the door and urged you inside. You wondered inside, slipping your jacket off your shoulders, draping it over your forearm.

“You can hang that up in the closet,” Aaron said, gesturing towards the closet, dropping the bags on the bed. You did so, trying not to fidget from nerves. Why should you be nervous? He seemed trustable, but then again people weren’t always what they seemed. He was sitting in on of the chairs so you sat on the edge of the bed, your fingers flexing restlessly in your lap. “Do you want some water?” he asked, picking up a bottle from a small accessory table nearby.

“Sure,” you answered quietly, taking the water from him and uncapping it, taking a sip of the room temperature liquid.

“Obviously, for me, sex would be a part of this relationship. If you don’t want that, you can leave now. If you are still willing to continue, then now we will discuss the boundaries and limits of our sexual relationship, and then I’m going to fuck you into that bed,” he murmured, a cocky smile playing on lips.

You swallowed, nodding. “I’m fine with having sex. I kind of thought it was expected in these types of circumstances,” you retorted.

He shrugged, “sometimes people don’t want sex, they want emotional connection.”

“So do you want sex or emotional connection?”

“If I can have both, I will.”

“Then I guess you’re getting both,” you muttered, an amused smile tugging at your lips.

He chuckled, smiling at you for a moment as he collected his thoughts to get on with whatever he was trying to get on with. “I need to know that you are ok with me doing certain things to you and I need you to know how to signal me to stop. Your safety is my topmost priority,” he explained, being incredibly cryptic.

You nodded, silently urging him to continue.

“Safe words will be used. Red to stop things immediately, yellow to signal the end of a certain act but the scene continues, green to indicate everything is perfectly fine. Aftercare will also be practiced. You won’t get out of it. Ever.”

“I understand,” you replied simply.

“Are you fine with being restrained?”


“Overstimulated or denied orgasms?”




“Slapping, spanking, or other forms of impact play?”

“Yes. I’m a masochist, so the ball is in your court on that one.”

“Blindfolds, gags?”

“Fine with me.”

He smiled, “I want to say I’m surprised by you haven’t said no to anything, but I think there’s a lot more to you then meets the eye.”

“Oh yeah? Like what?” you tease, taking another draft of the water.

“I haven’t necessarily figured that out yet. I knew you were submissive. You can see it in the way you carry yourself. You seem like the type that likes calling other men ‘daddy’,” he remarked, making you choke on the water in your mouth. You spluttered, your face burning bright red as you coughed. He laughed after knowing you were ok, “that was meant to be a joke, but apparently I’m right.”

“Shut up,” you ordered, your face in your hands to try and hide your embarrassment.

He didn’t say anything, rather standing from his chair and walking over to you, two fingers gripping your chin and tilting your head up, so you had no choice but to look at him. He wore amusement well, although you suspected he didn’t wear it often. “Am I right or not?” he asked calmly, brow raised as he waited expectantly for his answer.

“I plead the fifth?” you answered hopefully.

“Not the right answer, sweetheart. Tell me what I want to know. Now,” he commanded, the demand in his tone not lost on you, heat smoldering in his chocolate colored eyes. You tried to look away, at least to give you some sanity as you answered but he tugged your chin back to keep eye contact. “Ah, ah, ah. You look at me when I’m speaking to you. Now, answer my question.”

“You hit the nail on the head, so to speak,” you replied, eyes darting in every direction to avoid his gaze.

“See? Wasn’t so hard to admit, was it, sweetheart?” he teased, a smug smile on his face that damn near killed you on the spot.

“Well it wasn’t a walk in the park,” you practically squeaked.

“Why not? Was it embarrassing for you? I bet you like being degraded, too,” he snickered wickedly. A shudder moved through your body, you chin finally getting free of his hand as you looked away in a lazy attempt to hide your arousal. “Aww, that’s cute,” he mocked softly, “you honestly think that just looking away is going to make me go easier on you? You’ve got another thing coming, little one.”

“Who says I want easy?” you smarted, hands clamping over your mouth once you realized you had said the words aloud.

“Oh, I see what kind of submissive you are,” he claimed, “you’re a brat. Well, we can fix that. Are you fine with the use of sex toys?”

“Depends. What kind?”

“Plugs and vibrators.”

“Fair game.”

His hand went to your shoulder, harshly pushing you back so you were flat on the bed, his other hand parting your thighs, a knee coming to rest on the bed between them, his other foot still planted firmly on the floor. “Now baby, you can either be good for daddy and let him spoil you, or you can be a brat and let him wreck you. Which is it gonna be?” he asked, looking down at you, his tie dangling from where it was tied perfectly in place and tickling the skin of your neck.

You acted like you were thinking about it for a few moments before you did something you never would have done otherwise to a man as physically imposing as Aaron. “I don’t know… how does this sound?” you asked. Before he could ask you what you meant, you quickly reached up and slapped the man across the face. You watched outrage spread across his face, disbelief taking hold in his mind as he grasped the fact that you had just slapped him across the face.

“You little fucking brat,” he growled coldly, a hand grabbing your chin and jerking you closer to him, his face mere inches from yours, “that was a mistake, sweetheart. A very big mistake.”

You rolled your eyes. “You’re all talk,” you sneered, “it’s not like you’re going to do anything about it.” With that he yanked you up with him and spun you, his hands going to unbuckle your belt and get you out of your clothes, his fingers working quickly to unbutton everything.

“Normally I would rip these off you, but since this is clearly your first time being put in your place, I won’t,” he sneered lowly, dropping everything in a pile on the floor. He shoved you back down on the bed, a hand on the base of your neck keeping you there. Your cheek was pushed into the soft material of the bed’s comforter, your eyes watching him pull a bag closer.

A loud smack rang out throughout the room, his hand coming down hard on your upturned ass, a yelp forcing its way from your lungs. “Are you ok with anal play and anal sex?” he asked seriously.

“Yes,” you breathed.


“Yes what?”

“Yes daddy,” you answered obediently, the words coming out in a slight moan. You distinctly heard the snap of a lube cap opening, making you tense momentarily. This was happening. This was legitimately happening. This was real life, and this was happening right here right now.

“Wow, I didn’t know you had any manners,” he scoffed, artificial surprise lacing his words.

“Me neither,” you snorted, just to receive another hard slap to the ass.

“I’m going to prep you,” he murmured, suddenly a lot softer, “if you want me to stop, just safe word. I won’t be upset if you do. Your safety and mental wellbeing is more important than having sex.” [ALWAYS ASK FOR CONSENT AND DO NOT IGNORE A WITHDRAWAL OF CONSENT].

“Ok,” you replied in a an equally soft murmur.

“Good boy,” he praised, a hand gripping your waist, a finger slowly slipping inside you. A soft whimper escaped your lips, your body trying to acclimate to having a long finger pumping in and out of it, thoroughly working you open. “So fucking tight,” he whispered, a second finger joining the first as he thrust them in and out of you, scissoring them to stretch you open more.

“Jesus Christ,” you breathed, back arching slightly on a particularly skillful stroke of his fingers.

“Don’t tell me you can’t even take this. Sweetheart, if this is already enough to make you cum, it’s going to be a long night for you,” he all but spat, “seriously, the fact that this is all it takes for me to make you cum is pathetic.”

“Fuck you,” you said in response, muscles quivering as another sharp smack rang in your ears, pain blooming under your skin.

“I plan on it, brat,” he muttered, pulling out his fingers and picking something out of the now open bag. Your fingers were already curled tightly around the comforter of the bed, your mind already falling victim to your arousal and the dynamic you both were steadily building. Without warning, something cold pressed inside you, a shudder working its way through your body.

Fuck,” you moaned when it pressed directly against your prostate, pleasure radiating throughout your entire body.

“Shut up and turn over,” he commanded coldly, not even letting you take in what he had told you before he flipped you over himself. Again, he visibly softened. “Is it ok if I restrain you? This is the first time we are doing anything, so I understand if you don’t want me to.”

You thought about it, knowing the risks. “Only my hands,” you answered finally. It gave you enough leeway to still have some kind of physical freedom. There was still a chance to control the situation should it get out of hand.

“Ok. Tell me if I need to stop,” Aaron said, the command in his tone not lost on you. A small coil of rope was undone as he went to work. He tied your wrists together before bringing the rope back up to thread through the headboard, ensuring your arms wouldn’t be able to move from where they were stretched above your head. He stood back for a moment, examining his work while also drinking in the sight of you, naked below him on the bed. “Are you sure you’re ok with this?”

You nodded once, peeking up at him through your lashes, “I’ll safe word if I can’t take it. I don’t think it will get that far, though.”

He nodded, seemingly satisfied by your answer as he began stripping out of his jacket. His hands went to his tie, strong fingers easily untying the knot, making you whine. You really wanted to help him out of his well-fitting clothes. He chuckled wickedly, an arrogant smirk on his face. “Aww… you really want to touch daddy, don’t you?” he asked condescendingly.

You nodded, another small whine leaving your throat. “Yes daddy, please,” you pleaded.

“Mm… I don’t think so, sweetheart. Can’t have you thinking you get to be a brat and then get rewarded for bad behavior, can we?” he asked rhetorically, rolling up his sleeves. Your cock twitched from the mix of his condescending words and the earnest way he said them, as though his need to break you down from the inside out was common sense.

“Daddy, please?” you begged, giving him your best puppy dog eyes, “I’ll be good. I promise.”

His lips curled into a small smile as he climbed on the bed and settled over top of you, his hands planted on either side of your head, caging you between him and the bed. Not like you could go anywhere at the moment anywhere given your arrangement. “Oh you promise?” he asked, his eyes skimming up every inch of you.

You nodded once.

“See, the thing with brats is that they often lie to try and get out of situations they’ve gotten themselves in,” he explained, “so to me, that means you aren’t actually going to be good. Now sweetheart, I want you to pay very close attention to this first lesson, ok?”

Before you could get a word out there was a small click, the plug inside you pulsing suddenly, making you thrash from the unexpected sensation. Your dick throbbed, pleasure from the steady vibrations against your prostate making you arch up to meet him. “Shit,” you whispered, choked breaths being wrenched from your lungs.

“You better tell me if you’re gonna cum,” he warned seriously, using that no-nonsense tone he seemed extremely familiar with. You just whimpered, your hips bucking into him involuntarily as you drifted further and further towards the edge. Your fingers curled, balling into tight fists, knuckles going white from the force, nails digging into your palms. “Look at you,” Aaron cooed, “already so desperate to cum for me. You look so pretty like this, sweetheart. So pretty for daddy.”

You let out a soft whine at his words, pulling at the ropes subconsciously. “’M gonna… ‘m gonna cum, fuck,” you moaned quietly. There was another small click and the vibrations suddenly stopped, making you whine loudly.

“Aw, baby… did you actually think I was going to let you cum?” he crooned mockingly.

“Go fuck yourself,” you grumbled, glaring at him although you found it someone difficult given your position.

“Who taught you to be such an unruly little brat, little one? Such a filthy mouth for someone in this position,” he murmured in disapproval, a sharp look on his face.

You let out a small laugh, chest heaving as you both waited for you to come down from the edge. “Wasn’t taught to be this way, I just think it’s fun. Get used to it,” you taunted, wanting to see just how far you could push him.

He smirked. “Then I guess you should get used to this,” he laughed.

“Get used to what?”

“Get used to not getting to cum.”


“You fucking suck,” you growled.

“Mm, no. I have a feeling that will be you,” he teased, a tinge of amusement in his voice.

You laughed at that, breaking character for just a moment, “you’re probably right.”

Without warning, the vibrations started again, making you let out a string of expletives quietly. You twitched, feeling incredibly sensitive and more sexually frustrated by the minute. You bit your bottom lip, trying to contain any possible noises, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of hearing and watching you lose it. He noticed that immediately, catching on and quickly solving that ‘problem’.

He clicked the remote, making the vibrations quicker and stronger, a groan slipping from between your teeth. “You really thought you could hide those cute little noises from daddy, little boy. Your defiance is slightly impressive. Too bad we both know you’re going to break, hm sweetheart? Such a stupid little boy,” Aaron commented, a smirk in his voice.

“I’m not the stupid one,” you retorted weakly.

“You slapped me,” he stated simply. He had a point there, although you wouldn’t admit it.

“You deserved it!” you argued, another shudder moving through your body as you slipped towards the edge once again.

His fingers gripped your chin harshly, his face mere centimeters away from yours, adrenaline and a small amount of fear coursing through your veins. “Let me get something straight with you, you idiotic little boy, you will never tell me what I deserve. I tell you what you deserve. Right now you deserve to be edged for fucking hours, until you’re a crying, pathetic mess who’d be willing to do anything just to cum,” he growled out, your throat working on a swallow.

You tried to force out some kind of comeback, but the words got jumbled up in your mind as you just tried to focus on the pleasure working its way throughout your body. He laughed wickedly, his thumb running along your bottom lip. “What? Pleasure’s already made you dumb, little one? Daddy’s dumb little toy,” he murmured, another pathetic whimper leaving you. Your toes curled, muscles tightening once again as you neared your high. You said nothing this time, deciding you would rather face the consequences of cumming without permission than to keep getting edged over and over again.

Aaron noticed this of course, a strong hand skimming up your thigh. His hand went to your balls, tugging harshly and ruining the impending orgasm, a small wail of frustration leaving you. “God damn it,” you muttered, narrowing your eyes once again, your head dropping back against the bed as you closed your eyes.

“Watch your mouth,” he reprimanded, delivering a small slap to your cheek in warning. You bit your inner cheek, trying to keep the urge to call him an asshole at bay. He smiled, dropping his head to trail kisses up your neck, your body feeling overstimulated by the orgasm he just ruined. “Good boy,” he mumbled against your lips, kissing you briefly, “learning how to shut your mouth when daddy tells you to. Keep doing as your told and daddy will let you cum.”

You arched up into him again, mumbling incoherent words as he continued to edge you. “Daddy, can I cum please? I’ll be good, I promise. Just wanna cum,” you pleaded against his mouth, trying to grind your dick into him in hopes of getting off.

“Mm… I don’t know, sweetheart. I don’t think you’ve learned your lesson,” he whispered gently.

“Yes I have,” you said in a rush, “I’ve learned my lesson daddy, please.”

“No,” he said simply, “now open.” You opened your mouth, letting two fingers slip inside, both of them gently pumping in and out. His fingers slipped out of your mouth, both of them moving to the underside of your cock, making you jump. His touches were electric, sending sparks throughout every single inch of you.

Your muscles were straining, your body stretched taut like a bowstring as you endured his rhythmic strokes and the combined vibrations against that sweet spot. “Oh my fucking god,” came tumbling out of your mouth once he really started to stroke you, his thumb slipping over the slit, his wrist twisting as he pulled you closer towards the edge.

“This is the last time I will tell you to watch your mouth. I don’t want to hear another filthy word fall from those pretty lips of yours, sweetheart. Be a good boy and take it,” he ordered gruffly, voice steely and unforgiving.

“”M sorry, it just sli—jesus—it just slipped out,” you explained meekly, eyes snapping shut, mouth falling open from the pleasure he was forcing out of you.

Once again, the remote clicked and everything stopped, whimpers and slurred pleading spilling from you without any kind of shame. Metallic rattling rang in your ears, your eyes opening to find him taking his cock out to pleasure himself, a one-off reminder of what you couldn’t have. You looked at him with a mix of hunger and shameless pleading, uncaring of how pathetic it may seem.

“I wanna fuck your face until you fucking cry when you look at me like that,” he said, head dropping back as he jacked off in front of you.

“Do it,” you murmured softly, voice higher as an indicator of submission, “fuck my face until I cry.”

He let out a breathy chuckle at that, a low groan leaving his lips. “You don’t deserve it, baby boy. Only good boys get my cock in their mouth,” he declared. You didn’t say anything, instead just looking at him with those innocent eyes, trying not to stare at him continuously jacking himself off. “Look at that, fuck, not talking back to daddy. We’re finally getting somewhere,” he snickered, smirking in slight triumph.

You wanted to mouth off then. You wanted to make some smart-ass remark and push him some more, but you were smarter than that. Aaron Hotchner was the type of man that would edge you for hours without any kind of mercy and you did not want to set a terrible precedent for any future hook-ups.

Instead you shut the hell up and looked at him, focusing on his face rather than his dick, no matter how much you wanted to stare at his dick. You flashed him those innocent eyes, a look of intense lust seizing his features. “Please, daddy?” you said, using as much innocence as you could possibly muster.

“Keep looking at me like that… fuck,” he demanded, coming back over you, his mouth sealing back over yours. He had gone from teasing to aggressive in only a few minutes, and you would be lying if you said you didn’t love it. You moaned into his mouth when the vibrations started up again, your hips bucking into his suddenly, both of you beginning to unravel as he took what he wanted.

Mm, Aaron please,” you begged shamelessly, although you weren’t all that clear on what you actually wanted.

“That’s not my name, sweetheart. What’s my name, hm? It’s the one you’re going to be screaming in just a few minutes,” he crooned, a hint of teasing in his words.

Daddy,” you corrected, “daddy please. I need you so much… please.”

“Such a needy little thing,” he whispered, grasping your dick in his hand, jacking the both of you off at once. You wanted to cum on the spot just from that alone. You exhaled a series of stuttered breaths, your body quivering with the need for climax once again. “Do you wanna cum, little one?”

“Yes daddy—mm—please?”

“You’re not going to cum until I’m inside you,” he growled, making you whine with need, “you better not cum, sweetheart. Be a good boy and wait.”

“C-Can’t,” was all you managed to get out as you strained to hold back your release.

“Yes you can, sweet boy. I know you can. You don’t want to make daddy upset, do you?”

You shook your head rapidly, biting your bottom lip as you fought to hold on.

“Then don’t cum,” he teased in a whisper, nuzzling his nose against yours. He let go of your cock, his hand coming up your body to grab your throat, keeping direct eye contact. “Are you gonna be good for me from now on?” he asked calmly.

You nodded, “yes daddy. I promise.”

“You sure as hell aren’t going to slap me anymore, isn’t that right?”

“No daddy.”

“Good boy,” he praised, making you keen ever so slightly, a smile appearing on his face at a new revelation, “you like it when daddy praises you, hm sweet boy?”

You gave a few jerky nods, coupled with breathy, “yes daddy.” Your dick was impossibly hard, sweat dripping down your face, your entire body sensitive and on edge. While degradation was arousing, being treated like you were less than worthy of anything, being praised? Well that was on a whole different plane of arousing.

“Look at you, sweetheart… you’ve finally managed to learn some manners. Do you want my cock inside you, baby? It’d be better than that toy,” he teased, voice deep and smooth, another small click screaming in your ears as the pleasure suddenly stopped. You didn’t say a word, need seizing your face for all it was worth as you silently begged for him to fuck you until you were nothing but a babbling mess in his arms. “Oh… I would say that’s a yes. Ask nicely and I’ll give it to you.”

“Can I have your cock inside me, daddy? Please?” you asked, voice as sweet and soft as you could possibly manage.

“Mm hm… sure, little one. I’m going to take this plug out and then I’ll fuck you,” he said, a new rasp to his voice that told you he was becoming less and less patient. That seemed out of character for him; he came off as a man with endless patience, so long as his plans or determinations came to fruition.

You couldn’t even get a ‘thank you’ out before he slipped the plug out and hurried to roll a condom over himself, his movements only pausing for a moment as he asked, “do you still want this? You can always say no or tell me to stop, and I will. I promise you that.”

“I want it… please. I need you to fuck me,” you said breathlessly, chest heaving, anticipation making your body tight and rigid.

He said nothing as he lined himself up and slowly pushed in, a choked moan getting stuck in your lungs as he came over you, fully sheathing himself inside. He placed gentle kisses all along your jawline, trailing them to your ear, his voice fully composed when he gently murmured, “such a good little boy for your daddy.”

You damn near came on the spot. A moan mixed with a whimper glided over your lips, your fingers flexing with the urge to touch him. He began thrusting gently, slowly, teasing you at every opportunity. “Does that feel good, baby boy?” he purred.


Hell, you couldn’t even get the words out. He laughed at that, nibbling at the lobe of your ear. “Such pretty sounds, sweetheart,” he crooned softly, his strokes getting harder, his hips slamming into you with more force although his pace stayed the same. You were twitched with the need for release, every single stroke of his cock inside you making you more and more needy.

“Need to cum. Can I cum, daddy?” you asked shakily.

“Mm… why should I let you cum, sweet boy?”

“I’ve l-learned my lesson,” you breathed, sucking in a sharp breath.

“What did you learn then, little one?”

“To—fuck-not to talk… god, not to talk back,” you answered.

“What else?”

“To be re—jesus christ—to be respectful.”

“Anything else?”

“Um… not to…” he began stroking your dick in time with his thrusts, making you convulse as you held on by a thread. He was looking at you expectantly, a smile on his face as he waited. “Not to slap you anymore!” you exclaimed, arching into his hand involuntarily.

“Almost there, little boy.”

“You call the shots!”

“That’s right, baby. You’re going to behave from now on, isn’t that right?”

“I promise! I promise I will be good!”

“You break it and I’ll make sure you can’t sit properly for weeks.”

“I’ll be good. I’ll be good, I promise. Can I please cum?”

“Cum for daddy, sweetheart.”

You came with rushed ‘thanks you’s’ and a few random curse words leaving your mouth, your body thrashing as he began fucking you harder, chasing his own orgasm now. “Fuck, ‘m gonna cum baby boy. Fuckfuckfuck,” he whispered as he lost control of himself, his eyes glazing over from the pleasure as he came.

He collapsed onto you, both of you sweaty and breathing hard, silent as you came down from your highs. “Are you ok, sweetheart?” he mumbled, his face hidden in the crook of your neck.

“Mm hm…” you hummed, eyes closed. You felt tired. You should, you just had half of your god damn brain fucked out.

“I’ll get you untied and we can have a shower. We’ll order dinner. Then we’ll go again.”

“Again?” you asked incredulously, “you can do that again?”

He smiled, “yes, again. But first I’m gonna take care of you.”

You snickered as his fingers began undoing the knot holding your wrists together. “Whatever you say, daddy.”