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baby, you're all i see

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The talk they have the next morning isn’t really what JJ expected. There’s no “we work together, this is wrong”, or “last night was a mistake”.


“I really like you, Jayje.” Emily’s still half asleep, but she leans up, kisses JJ on her chin.

JJ hugs Emily a little closer, pressing a kiss to the top of her head. “I really like you too, Em”

“So are we girlfriends?” Emily blinks up at her with wide, hopeful eyes, and JJ’s heart swells because this step, this label, had seemed unachievable only hours ago, but here they are.

“Would you like that?” JJ asks carefully, brushing Emily’s bangs away from her eyes. “Even though there will be obstacles?”

Emily pauses, and JJ can practically see the gears working in her head as she thinks this through.

Finally, (miraculously), Emily nods. “Yeah, I really would like that.”

An overwhelming surge of affection floods into her, and JJ can’t help but kiss Emily, grinning against her lips. “Then I guess we are girlfriends.”

Cue a lot more smiling, and, although they’ll both deny it, a lot of gazing into each other’s eyes.


They do get out of bed at some point, but it’s only because Emily insists that they get ready early so they can steal some food off the wedding tables before they get transferred to the venue.

Emily claims the bedroom for herself, so JJ sets up camp in the bathroom. Not that she’s complaining — the bathroom alone is bigger than JJ’s bedroom back home.

JJ carefully takes her suit out of its garment bag, her hands gentle as she hangs it onto the back of the door. JJ frowns when she notices the lint on the slacks and she rummages through her travel bag for a lint roller. She doesn’t have one (a little bit of lint usually isn’t that important when they’re trying to catch a serial killer) so she goes to ask Emily for one.

“Emily! I’m coming out,” JJ calls, knocking on the door that connects the bathroom and the bedroom.

“Come in!” Emily replies.

“Hey, do you have —”

JJ stops short in the doorway, her jaw dropping low enough to brush the ground.

“Like what you see?” Emily smirks, and JJ has to take a moment so that she can regain control over her breathing.

Emily’s wearing a dress. It’s not one of those conservative work dresses with a high collar and three-quarter sleeves. Instead, it’s tight and sleeveless and shimmers when Emily moves. And paired with the fuck-me stilettos, JJ never really stood a chance.

“Holy shit,” JJ manages to say very eloquently once she’s able to pick her jaw up off the ground.

“Do you like it?” Emily does a little twirl for her, and JJ’s eyes widen when she notices the slit that climbs all the way up her leg.

“Yeah.” JJ’s mouth is suddenly too dry, and she licks her lips, swallows. “It’s really pretty. You look really pretty.”

Emily smiles, brushing out non-existent wrinkles in her dress. “Thanks. I thought you’d like it.” Emily blinks at her. “Is that what you’re wearing?”

JJ glances down at her neon pink sweats and laughs. “I wish. This would be much more comfortable. I actually came in here to ask if you have a lint roller.”

“Oh, yeah.” Emily fishes through a drawer until she finds one. “Here.”

“Thanks.” JJ smiles brightly, calling over her shoulder as she heads back into the bathroom, “I’m almost done.”

JJ dresses meticulously, careful not to wrinkle the silky material of her suit. JJ turns to admire herself in the mirror, straightening the edge of her blazer. The suit had been the right move -- she looks good, and she knows it.

Still, JJ can feel the nerves creep up inside of her as she moves to open the door. Emily had been completely supportive when JJ let slip that she wanted to wear a suit, and it’s not like Emily’s particularly traditional, and it’s not like Emily doesn’t wear suits to work every day, and --

JJ takes a deep breath.

Emily’s turned away from her when she enters the room, sorting through piles of jewelry, but when she catches sight of her in the mirror, she immediately whirls around, her eyes wide.

“Wow, Jayje,” Emily breathes out, her eyes raking up and down her body. JJ’s pleased to see that Emily looks equally as starstruck as she felt when she’d first seen Emily’s dress. “You look so handsome.”

JJ flushes, unable to help herself at Emily’s comment. “Really?”

“Really,” Emily says.

JJ hopes she’s not blushing as hard as she thinks she is as she hands Emily her tie. “Can you help me with this?”

“Of course.” Emily’s hands are gentle as she delicately winds the tie around her neck and carefully tightens the knot until it’s snug around her throat. “Is it uncomfortable?”

“No, it’s fine.” JJ turns to look in the mirror. “Thank you.”

They look good together, the two of them. They’ve somehow managed to match the colors perfectly, down to the very shade — the red of JJ’s suit matches perfectly with the red of Emily’s dress.

Fate, JJ thinks blurrily as Emily leans forward to kiss her on the cheek. Her lipstick leaves a mark. It must be fate.


By the time they start driving, the lipstick mark on JJ’s cheek is gone, along with Emily’s smile.

“You okay?” JJ asks.

They’re almost halfway to the venue, some fancy hotel with a name that’s way too hard to pronounce, and Emily’s been unusually quiet, barely even singing along to Taylor Swift when she comes up on the radio.

“I’m fine,” Emily answers instinctively. JJ stays silent, and it only takes a few seconds before Emily whispers, “I’m nervous.”

The words are so quiet that JJ wouldn’t have heard them if she hadn’t been listening for them.

“What for?” JJ prompts softly, even though she thinks she has a pretty good idea of what Emily’s answer will be.

“Everything,” Emily’s fidgeting with the leather strap of her handbag, “what my family will think about us.”

Ah. There it is.

“Having regrets already?” JJ teases, almost misses a turn when Emily bursts out, “No!”

Emily bites her lip. “I didn’t mean it like that.”

“Hey, I didn’t think you did.” JJ frowns, reaches for Emily’s hand and tangles their fingers together. Thank goodness she’s mastered the art of driving with one hand. “It’s going to be okay. We’ve already survived your mother, haven’t we?”

“Barely,” Emily says, but JJ continues, electing to ignore her.

“And It’s only for one night. What can they really do?”

Emily snorts. “Kill me. Or even worse, force me onto the Bachelorette.”

JJ snickers. She can already imagine Emily glaring at the suitors until they quit out of pure fear. “I’d pay money to watch that.”

Emily scowls. “Whose side are you on?”

“Right, sorry.” JJ smothers her laugh with her hand. “I'll be right here, okay?”

Emily nods, still looking unconvinced, but she squeezes JJ’s hand. She doesn’t let go for the remainder of the drive.


They arrive at the ceremony late — the bride and groom are in the middle of their vows — but, besides the glare that Elizabeth shoots them from across the aisle, they manage to slip into their seats without notice.

The ceremony goes as smoothly as it can. They both say “I do”, there are no last-minute objections, and definitely no run-away-at-the-altars, so JJ deems it to be a success.

The guests are standing now, and JJ finds herself herded towards the hotel for the reception, and it’s with oncoming panic that she realizes they’ll have to actually talk to people.


Elizabeth, of course (JJ briefly wonders if she has a tracker on them or something), is the first one to find them. “Emily! I have—“

She cuts off when her eyes fall onto JJ, and the nerves of this entire evening are worth the expression on Elizabeth’s face. Her mouth opens and closes a few times before she squeezes out through gritted teeth, “What on earth are you wearing?”

Emily gives her arm a reassuring squeeze as if to calm her, but it’s not really anger she’s feeling. It’s more like… satisfaction. And amusement, because Elizabeth looks utterly and completely floored.

“A suit,” JJ says, consequences be damned as she stares Elizabeth down.

“A suit,” Elizabeth all but sneers. “That is appalling, and might I add, repulsive.”

Emily opens her mouth to protest, but before she can do so, someone else beats her to it.

“Leave the poor woman alone, mother.”

JJ turns, eyes widening a little when she catches sight of the groom. Emily’s brother. Up close, the resemblance to Emily is uncanny — the mischievous spark in his eye is all too familiar.

“Eli!” JJ watches with surprise as Emily throws herself into his arms. JJ’s only seen Emily this comfortable with a select handful of people. “Congratulations!”

“Thank you.” Eli smiles, releasing Emily. “You’ve never met Claudia, have you?”

The bride steps forward then, beaming.

“You must be Emily!” Claudia holds out a hand. She’s the type that lights up the whole room with a smile, and JJ immediately finds herself immediately taking a liking to her. “It’s so good to finally meet you!”

“You, too.” Emily smiles politely, shakes her hand. “About time my brother found a full-time babysitter.”

Claudia laughs, turns to Eli with a grin. “I like this one.”

Eli glares playfully at her before he turns back to them, his eyes landing on JJ. “I saved you from the wolves, and I haven’t even asked you your name.”

“Jennifer,” JJ says, “but I go by JJ.”

“JJ.” Eli nods a little, his eyes moving between the two of them thoughtfully. Then, “Girlfriend?”

JJ expects Emily to freeze up next to her, deny it, but instead, Emily just pulls her closer. “Girlfriend,” Emily confirms, and JJ grins because this is real, and she isn’t in a dream.

“I knew it.” Eli smiles, then narrows his eyes. “Doesn’t really seem like your type.”

Emily smacks him on the shoulder, and Eli smirks, opens his mouth to say something, but an older couple behind them taps his shoulder.

Eli smiles apologetically. “Glad you two could make it. Talk to you later?”

Emily nods, and Eli presses a quick kiss to Emily’s forehead before turning to the couple.

“Shall we?” Emily squeezes her hand, and they wander further into the party, expertly stepping around Elizabeth’s general vicinity.

Emily’s reaching for a mini pretzel when her eyes lock on something, and she freezes, turns to JJ with a panicked look. “Shit.”

JJ frowns. “What?”

“I’ll explain later. Let’s—”

A voice booms behind them.


Emily’s eyes close for a second, before she turns on her heel very reluctantly, her voice flat when she says, “Oliver.”

The ex, JJ remembers Emily mentioning at some point or another. JJ can’t really remember why Emily said they had broken up, but she remembers that there had been a good reason.

“Em!” JJ wants to gag. ‘Em’ is reserved for her and only her. Not Oliver (who, JJ notes with distaste, is annoyingly handsome with his green eyes and charming smile). “I thought it was you!”

“Emily,’ she corrects through gritted teeth, and JJ has to turn away to hide her smirk.

Oliver doesn’t seem to notice the hostility in Emily’s voice, and he continues with a grin, “You look great!”

JJ adds ‘dumb’ onto her mental list of Oliver characteristics, along with ‘stupid’ and ‘ugly’.

“Thanks,” Emily says shortly, eyes narrowed.

“Did you want to get a drink or something?” Oliver smirks, eyes Emily up and down (sleazy, JJ adds). “Long time no see, if you know what I mean.” He winks, and JJ wants to slap him because he’s so obvious and utterly unapologetic about being such a seedy douchebag.

“No, Oliver.” JJ’s so busy seething that she doesn’t notice Emily’s arm is sneaking around her hips until she’s suddenly pulled right up against Emily. Not that she’s complaining. “This is my girlfriend, Jennifer.”

JJ smiles despite the situation. The words sound better than she could’ve imagined coming from Emily’s mouth, and even better when spoken to a pretentious asshole.

Emily’s words, however, seem to have the opposite effect than intended when Oliver scoffs. “Girlfriend? You can’t seriously expect me to believe that.”

“I do.” Emily stands her guard, glares at him with contempt in her eyes.

Oliver curls his lip, eying JJ, then her outfit, with disgust. “Yeah? Well, I bet she can’t fuck you as well as I did.”

JJ grits her teeth, this close to knocking his teeth out, but Emily reaches for her hand, grounding her. Emily doesn’t even dignify Oliver with words before she’s pulling JJ away.

“I can’t believe him,” JJ hisses, snatching a champagne flute from a server's plate and downing it in one go. She splutters a little, forgetting that champagne is, in fact, carbonated. “What an asshole!”

“I know.” Emily rolls her eyes. “I can’t believe I dated him.”

“I bet I can fuck you better than he could ever even dream of,” JJ says, glaring at Oliver’s back.

Emily raises an eyebrow. “That’s what you’re all hung up on?”

JJ watches as Oliver moves to the bar, and an idea pops into her head. There’s a gleam in her eyes when she turns back to Emily “You want to piss off your mother, don’t you?”

And that’s how they wind up in the bathroom, the door locked behind them. JJ pulls Emily further into the bathroom until they're standing in front of the mirror.

“Jayje?” Emily locks eyes with her in the reflection, watching as JJ molds herself against her back.

“You know, that Oliver was really pissing me off.”

JJ’s hand travels down the smooth silk of Emily’s dress. JJ slides her hand up under the dress, grateful for the slit in the skirt.

“Is this okay?” JJ whispers softly against Emily’s ear, her hand pausing in its movements.

“Yes.” Emily turns her head to kiss JJ, smiling against her lips when JJ moans softly. “I want this.”

“Good. If you want to stop, tell me.”

“I will, I will,” Emily whines impatiently, trying to force JJ’s hand higher by moving her hips. “Will you get on with it?”

JJ rolls her eyes, but she concedes, moving her hand up between Emily’s legs. JJ rubs her through her panties, feeling Emily buck against the muted touch.

Emily’s wet already, and JJ can feel it, even through the material of her panties. “I’ve barely touched you, and you’re soaked.”

Emily whimpers a little, her head falling back onto JJ’s shoulder. JJ’s careful not to apply any pressure, her touch feather-light, and it only takes a few seconds before Emily’s squirming against her.

“So needy,” JJ murmurs, pulling away and ignoring the whine Emily lets out. “Lean against the counter.”

Emily obeys quickly, planting her hands on the edge of the sink. It registers for the first time since they’ve come in here that there’s a mirror in front of them, and Emily immediately looks away in embarrassment at the sight of her flushed cheeks, her rucked-up dress.

JJ doesn’t say anything, leans forward and slips her hand back under Emily’s dress. JJ nudges Emily’s panties to the side so she can slide a finger through her slick folds.

“You like this, don’t you?” JJ taunts, slips a finger into Emily. “You like knowing that anyone could walk in and see you completely at my mercy.”

Emily bites her lip, and, even though she would never admit it out loud, the danger does get her off. Something must show on her face because JJ chuckles darkly into her ear, slides another finger into her, and Emily moans loudly, momentarily forgetting where they are.

When JJ hears this, she pulls back, ignoring Emily’s whine of protest.

“We can’t have you being so loud, can we?”

It’s not that JJ doesn’t want Emily to be loud. In fact, if she had it her way, Emily would be screaming her name so that Oliver and Elizabeth and everyone outside would know that Emily is hers.

But she knows better than to do that.

Instead, she eases off Emily’s panties, balls them up in her hand.

“Open.” JJ taps at Emily’s jaw, slips her panties into her mouth when her lips part. “There we go.”

Emily whimpers at the taste of herself, and JJ moves back to her position, her fingers picking up a harsh rhythm until Emily is trembling against her.

“Look at yourself.” Emily’s head jerks up, catching sight of the way JJ’s fucking her, and she moans, fingers tightening around the edge of the sink. She can see JJ smirking in the reflection, and it only makes her legs weaker. “My pretty princess.”

JJ admires the flush that’s climbing up Emily’s chest, the desperation in her wide eyes.

“Do you like it when I talk to you like that? Call you my good girl?” JJ curls her fingers just right, and it makes Emily gasp, squirm in JJ’s grip. “Or do you like it better when I call you my filthy little slut?”

Emily's mewl is muffled as her hips jerk involuntarily, and JJ grins against her neck.

“Who knew,” JJ breathes into her ear. “The Almighty Emily Prentiss likes being talked down to.”

Emily whines around the gag, her head dropping forward, but JJ roughly grips her chin, forcing her head back up. Emily moans, eyes locking with JJ’s through the mirror.

“Look at yourself.” Emily flutters around JJ’s fingers, and she’s whimpering with each thrust. “Are you going to come all over my hand like the pretty little whore you are?”

And Emily shatters.

Emily’s loud enough that, even through the silk of her panties, JJ’s sure that everyone outside knows what’s going on right now, and JJ can’t help but grin at the thought.

“There you go,” JJ whispers softly, rubbing circles against the small of Emily’s back. She gently tugs Emily’s panties out of her mouth and tucks them into the pocket of her suit. “You did so well.”

Emily pushes herself up from where she’s leaning against JJ, turning in her arms so that her back is against the sink.

“Can I take care of you, now?” Emily asks, eyes wide and wanting. Her voice is quivering slightly, and it makes JJ want to shove her between her legs.

It takes every ounce of JJ’s willpower to pull away.

“Why don’t we get out of here, first?” JJ gently guides Emily’s hand away from where it’s come to rest on her breast. “I think we’ve given everyone enough of a show.”

Emily nods, blushing. JJ watches as Emily adjusts her dress, combs her fingers through her hair, but even so, the wrinkles in her dress are not going away, and her mussed hair is more than telling.

“Ready?” JJ holds out a hand, waiting for Emily’s nod before she pushes open the door.

JJ had been right -- people had most definitely heard what was going on, and conversations hush and eyes swivel towards them as they move across the ballroom.

JJ catches sight of Oliver next to the dessert line, shock clear on his face, and JJ can’t help but wink at him as they walk past. They’ve almost cleared the exit when Emily’s hand tightens around her own, her eyes glued to the corner of the room, and JJ follows her gaze, her eyes landing on a very specific brunette.

Elizabeth looks absolutely furious. The anger of seeing JJ in a suit was nothing compared to what it is now. Elizabeth’s mouth is wide open, but before she can say anything, JJ just pulls Emily away.

They’ll burn that bridge when they get there.

“The file should be in the storage room,” Hotch says, not looking up from the paperwork he’s working on. “Can you go grab it, Morgan?”

Morgan stands, walks to the storage room. He doesn’t bother listening for anyone inside before he pushes the door open.

“Shit,” Emily gasps, pushing JJ away from between her legs and covering herself with her arms. “Morgan!”

“Oh, my god! My eyes!” he yells, but he doesn’t make any move to look away. Instead, he eyes them with a smirk, grinning as JJ shoves him out of the room.

“Get out!” JJ slams the door in his face.

“Well, I guess they know, now,” JJ sighs, stretching her legs. “Maybe he won’t tell anyone?”

Emily rolls her eyes, hopping off the table. “Have you met the man? The whole office probably knows by now.”

JJ grimaces. “I’m surprised we lasted that long. We work with literal profilers. Three months and they didn’t suspect a thing.”

Emily laughs at that, buttoning her blouse. “How do I look?”

“Well fucked.” JJ smirks, slapping Emily’s ass as she turns to open the door. “Time to face the music.”