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Can I keep you forever?

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Pretty please?” Wei Wuxian begged, balanced on his knees at Wen KeXing’s feet. 

“No.” Wen KeXing replied simply from his perch, he continued to gaze out of the window of the brothel the two friends frequented most often. 

Wei Wuxian pouted. “Come on! It might be fun!” 

Wen KeXing stopped fanning himself and fixed Wei Wuxian with a stern look. “Every single time you have dragged me on one of these blind dates it’s been one of the most dreadful experiences of my life.” 

Wei Wuxian huffed. “Okay...I will allow that some of our previously arranged meetings have not gone exactly to plan.” 

“An understatement if ever I heard one,” Wen KeXing said dryly. 

“But this one will be different!” Wei Wuxian exclaimed with one of his trademark smiles. Wen Ke Xing narrowed his eyes. It wasn’t fair to use his secret weapon. His best friend's smiles always blinded his judgement. 

Wei Wuxian jumped around like an angry toddler. “Come on! I’m so bored of this brothel! The girls all know my tricks so well they won’t bother with me anymore. They know I’m just teasing and my preference lie elsewhere.” 

“Surely there are enough servant boys around to tempt you…” Wen KeXing offered. 

Wei Wuxian rolled his eyes. “Too weak. I like them strong.” 

Wen KeXing grinned and sipped his wine. “I have to agree with you there.” 

Wei Wuxian’s eyes sparkled. “So you’ll come?” 

Wen KeXing let out a resigned sigh. “Why is it so hard to say no to you?” 

Wei Wuxian grinned. “Because I’m a master manipulator.”

“You sure are,” Wen KeXing said, setting down his wine cup. “Very well, let’s go prepare.” 

Wei Wuxian clapped his hands excitedly. “This one will be different, Wen Ke Xing, I can feel it, the spirit of a matchmaker told me tonight would change my life forever!” 

Wen KeXing arched an eyebrow skeptically, but allowed some of Wei Wuxian’s infectious excitement to flow through him as he considered the possibilities of the evening. Perhaps he would meet a handsome bedfellow or maybe even his soulmate. Then he laughed at the absurdity of the thought. What were the chances of meeting his soulmate on one of Wei Wuxian’s ridiculous set-ups? About as likely as Wei Wuxian staying quiet for five minutes straight. 


An hour later, Zhou Zishu and Lan Zhan sat in a small inn on the outskirts of town waiting anxiously. Lan Zhan folded his arms across his white robed chest and glared across the table at Zhou Zishu who turned pale in his dark blue garb. 

“Okay, I admit it. This was a bad idea. But he promised me most faithfully that he had information regarding your missing rabbits Lan Zhan! And he said he would share all he knew as long as I agreed to meet him here this evening and….” Zhou Zishu trailed off and took another drink. 

Lan Zhan leaned across the table. “And…” he said. 

Zhou Zishu swallowed hard. “The second part of the deal was that I had to bring a handsome friend with me.” 

Lan Zhan stood up abruptly and Zhou Zishu rushed up to stop him. “Wait! bad could it be? We get the information we require and then we can leave immediately. Lan Zhan considered his words and slowly lowered himself back into his seat. Zhou Zishu smiled at his old friend reassuringly. 

“Would you like a drink?” he asked.

Lan Zhan shook his head. 

“Just one?” Zhou Zishu offered. 

Lan Zhan glared and Zhou Zishu looked away. 

“Just endure it for a little while and I’m sure we’ll get your fluffy friends back soon,” he offered with a smile. 

“Mn,” came the reply from his monosyllabic friend. 

Outside the inn, Wei Wuxian and Wen KeXing had just arrived. They were late of course. Wen KeXing was dressed in a dark green robe and Wei Wuxian in his usual black attire. Wei Wuxian peered through the windows of the inn. 

“Do you see him?” Wen KeXing asked as he inspected his fingernails. 

“I do!” Wei Wuxian exclaimed, then his mouth fell open and he gasped. 

“What?” Wen KeXing asked, suddenly interested. 

Wei Wuxian snaked his hands around Wen KeXing’s arm and smiled up at him. 

“What do you want?” Wen KeXing asked. 

“I need you to switch with me,” Wei Wuxian said. 


Wei Wuxian ran his finger up and down Wen KeXing’s arm. “It’s just that I find I have quite a longing for the treat that my cute new acquaintance has brought with him…” 

“Oh, so you want to give the leftovers to me!” Wen KeXing exclaimed.

“Not leftovers! My new friend is very handsome…” 

“No. No trades.” Wen KeXing said.

Wei Wuxian pouted. “But…” 

“I’ll leave right now if you don’t agree to my terms!” Wen KeXing threatened. 

Wei Wuxian glared at him then nodded. They entered the inn and Wen KeXing noticed the two men seated near the window immediately. They had an energy that made them simply impossible to ignore. They were also two of the most handsome men Wen KeXing had ever seen. His eyes connected with the man dressed in blue and the breath was drawn from his lungs. This had to be the man that Wei Wuxian wanted so badly. His skin, his lips, his jaw line...Wen KeXing could think of no other way to describe them than perfection. He smiled at himself, satisfied that he had kept his prize from Wei Wuxian. 

He raised his fan and opened it then turned to Wei Wuxian. “Can I assume the boy in blue is the one you wanted to pull away from me?” he mocked. 

Wei Wuxian shook his head. “The man in white is your date,” he said sadly. 

Wen KeXing looked again at the table. The man in white was indeed beautiful but far too stern for his liking. He didn’t look like someone who would enjoy a jar of wine with him in the moonlight. No. This wouldn’t do. 

“Do you still want to trade?” He asked Wei Wuxian who beamed and nodded enthusiastically. Wen KeXing smiled slowly as he followed Wei Wuxian to the table. Wei Wuxian bounded ahead of him and practically fell into the man in white’s lap. The man looked dismayed for a moment, then his eyes softened as he focused on Wei Wuxian fully. Wen KeXing sat down next to the man in blue and closed his fan. The evening was looking up after all. 

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Wen KeXing,” he said smoothly, holding out his hand to Zhou Zishu. 

“Zhou Zishu,” the man in blue said, looking unimpressed and disappointingly ignoring Wen KeXing’s outstretched hand. 

“And I’m Wei Wuxian,” Wei Wuxian practically sang, leaning close to the man in white. 

“Mn,” was the clipped response. Wei Wuxian seemed delighted with it all the same.

“This is Lan Zhan,” Zhou Zishu explained. 

“Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian repeated, biting his bottom lip. Wen Ke Xing noted that Lan Zhan tracked the motion with his unblinking eyes.


Wen KeXing turned his attention back to the man at his side. He cocked his head slightly and observed him keenly. Zhou Zishu looked uncomfortable. “Wei Wuxian, we’re here for the information alone,” he stressed. 

Wei Wuxian pouted and batted his eyelashes. “Can’t we have one drink together first?” he looked at Lan Zhan who looked back at him expressionless. Wei Wuxian was unperturbed and continued to smile warmly at him.  After a while, Lan Zhan let out a little “Mn.” Wei Wuxian grinned triumphantly as he called for some jars of his favourite wine to be brought over. 

Zhou Zishu looked at Lan Zhan in shock. “But you don’t drink...remember what happens when you…” 

Lan Zhan caught his eye sharply and Zhou Zishu stopped talking. Wen KeXing watched the exchange closely. What was the relationship between the two? Soldiers in arms? Friends? Past lovers? The last thought left a nasty taste in his mouth. He was already hoping that Zhou Zishu was inexperienced and would allow him to be the first to have the pleasure after a few more rounds of alcohol. The way he bowed submissively to Lan Zhan was a good sign though it made him itch with jealousy to watch, he hoped it meant he would also yield to him, late in the night with his pretty back arched and his body open to him...

“Why are you staring at me?” Zhou Zishu asked firmly.

Wen Kexing didn’t miss a beat. “Because you are breathtaking.” 

The blush that rose in Zhou Zishu’s cheeks was exactly what he wanted to see.


Wen KeXing smirked. “Hasn’t anyone ever told you how beautiful you are before?” 

Zhou Zishu ignored him and sipped his wine.

“Lan Zhan! Drink more!” Wei Wuxian’s merry voice interrupted Wen KeXing’s thoughts and he turned to see Lan Zhan finishing off a second jar of wine. 

“Lan Zhan! Slow down!” Zhou Zishu exclaimed, earning himself another glare from the silent warrior. 

Wei Wuxian looked delighted, this was his favourite game after all, filling his conquests with alcohol until they were too shameless to refuse any of his devilish requests. Wen KeXing always wondered why he felt the need to inebriate them first, Wei Wuxian was such a beauty, most men would fall into bed with him without a single drop of liquor in their stomachs. He suspected Lan Zhan would be no exception. 

“Ha ha! You look drunk already! Oh isn’t he wonderful?” Wei Wuxian gushed. 

“Do you even know where the rabbits we seek are? Or is this all just a game to you?” Zhou Zishu demanded. 

Wei Wuxian looked wide eyed and innocent. “I know! I swear! In fact, I’ll take Lan Zhan to them right now,” he purred, taking Lan Zhan’s hand in his and gently pulling him to his feet. 

“I’m coming with you,” Zhou Zishu said sternly. 

“No need! You stay here, I can handle everything!” Wei Wuxian called back as he led an unsteady Lan Zhan out into the cold night air. 

“I should keep an eye on them, liquor has a strange effect on my friend,” Zhou Zishu mumbled.

Wen KeXing moved his hand through the air dismissively. “They’ll be fine. Wei Wuxian always takes good care of his conquests...I mean his friends.” 

Zhou Zishu glared at him. “Did he steal Lan Zhan’s rabbits?” 

Wen KeXing chuckled and took a sip of wine. “I would not be surprised if that was the case. Do not fear, I’m sure he hasn’t harmed them, for we have not eaten rabbit in quite some time.” 

“If he has done anything to them Lan Zhan will claim his head,” Zhou Zishu vowed. 

Wen KeXing tapped his chin. “I’m not so sure… your friend seems quite taken with Wei Wuxian.” 

Zhou Zishu’s eyebrows shot up. “Really?” 

“Jealous?” Wen KeXing asked with a smirk. 

Zhou Zishu shook his head. “Not at all, it’s just that...he has never shown any interest in anyone. Man or woman. If what you say is true then I am glad. He is not as closed off as I thought. Though I hope your friend is worthy of his attention. Lan Zhan really is the best of men.” 

Wen KeXing once again felt a flare of jealousy flow through him. “Can you talk of nothing but him?” he snapped. 

Zhou Zishu laughed and took the jar of wine from Wen KeXing’s hand, his fingers lingering teasingly just a little longer than necessary. “Now who’s jealous?” he said with a sparkle in his eye before finishing off the remaining wine. 

Wen KeXing grinned. The evening had turned out to be so much more than he had expected. He called for more wine. 

“Do you truly believe Lan Zhan will be okay?” Zhou Zishu asked. 

Wen KeXing rolled his eyes. “Your friend is taller and I’m willing to bet quite a lot stronger than mine. Shouldn’t I be the one asking you if my friend will be okay?” 

Zhou Zishu smiled. “I suppose you are right, I’m just worried that in his current state he might be...taken advantage of.” 

Wen KeXing sipped his wine and avoided his companions' eyes. He was sure that was exactly what was going to happen if not right at that very moment then very soon afterwards. But he did not confess this to Zhou Zishu, instead he smiled and put his hand on top of Zhou Zishu’s in the hope of distracting him. It worked, his new friends' eyes focused on their newly joined fingers. 

“Don’t worry so much, or you’ll wrinkle that beautiful face,” Wen KeXing said, earning himself a small smile from Zhou Zishu. 

Sensing he was gaining ground, Wen KeXing continued. “Do not fear, Wei Wuxian is all bark and no bite. Actually he wouldn’t like that analogy as he is deathly afraid of dogs. He acts tough but on the inside, he’s as soft as a….well as a rabbit.” 

Zhou Zishu smiled in a drunk haze. “Lan Zhan loves rabbits.” 

Wen KeXing smiled back at him. “Then I am sure he will enjoy getting to know Wei Wuxian. Let’s have another drink.” 

Zhou Zishu nodded and Wen KeXing allowed himself to imagine all the scandalous positions he longed to coax Zhou Zishu into later that evening. 

Every drink brings you nearer to me…. he thought wickedly as he ordered more wine. 

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Across town, Wei Wuxian had led Lan Zhan to a patch of land that he knew many rabbits used to graze. He was betting that Lan Zhan’s missing rabbits would be somewhere among the throng. 

“There you are!” Wei Wuxian announced as they arrived at the field. He held his arms out to his sides. “You see! Didn’t I promise you rabbits? Take your pick!” 

Lan Zhan stumbled past him into the field. He sat down clumsily in the centre of the grass with his legs crossed and his eyes closed. Wei Wuxian was about to open his mouth to ask what the hell was going on, when two small white pom-poms ran up to Lan Zhan and settled in his lap. Lan Zhan smiled a lop-sided grin as he looked down at them and gently stroked their fur. Wei Wuxian felt his heart swell. The image was one he knew he would never forget for the rest of his days. He pondered whether he had ever been this affected by another person before? No. He was sure he had never felt this much so quickly for any other. Lan Zhan stood carefully with the rabbits safely enclosed in his arms and held tightly up against his chest. Wei Wuxian was suddenly envious as hell of them. 

“I must take them home,” Lan Zhan said. He started to walk away. 

“Wait!” I’ll accompany you!” Wei Wuxian shouted, hurrying to catch up with him and fall into step beside him. 

“Do they have names?” Wei Wuxian asked. 

Lan Zhan shook his head. “I have many, they look too alike.” 

Wei Wuxian nodded. “Do you live far?” 

Lan Zhan did not respond and Wei Wuxian started to get bored. With all the walking the effects of the wine would be wearing off, would Lan Zhan even let him touch him now? He doubted it. He glanced over at the man next to him. He looked strong. Really strong. Strong enough to pin him down and do whatever he wished. A shiver ran through him and he sighed. Almost as if he could hear his thoughts, his companions' crystal eyes focused on him, freezing him in place. Without saying a word, Lan Zhan handed him a rabbit and carried on walking. Wei Wuxian was confused for a moment then laughed and ran to catch up with Lan Zhan once more. 

“Surely these small animals are not too heavy for you? Why am I to carry this little one?” Wei Wuxian asked. 

There was no reply. Wei Wuxian sighed and stroked the little rabbit's head. “I’ll call you snowflake, do you like that? Lan Zhan, you must remember that I have named this rabbit snowflake.” 

“Mn,” came the reply. 

Wei Wuxian smiled. Eventually they reached a small house with a pen outside. Lan Zhan dropped his rabbit inside the pen and took the other from Wei Wuxian. Before he placed it down into the pen, he untied a red ribbon from his wrist and tied it gently around the bunny’s neck, then he placed it inside the pen with the others. Wei Wuxian leaned over the wooden fence. “That was clever of you Lan Zhan, now you will always know who Snowball is. I am somewhat envious though.” 

Lan Zhan looked at him and Wei Wuxian assumed he was waiting for an explanation. “I’m envious because the rabbit received a gift from you, and yet my hands are empty,” he explained. 

After a few moments of silence, Lan Zhan tied another red ribbon around Wei Wixian’s wrist. Wei Wuxian traced the soft material with his finger and a small smile slipped across his lips. 

“You must allow me to thank you,” he replied. 

Lan Zhan looked awkward but nodded once. Wei Wuxian took it as consent to reach up on his feet, hook a finger into Lan Zhan’s belt and pull him closer so that their lips pressed together.

Lan Zhan froze. 

Wei Wuxian sensed his discomfort and pulled away. “You look as though you've seen a ghost Lan Zhan! It was just a kiss, if you want we can forget it ever..Ahhhhh!” 

Suddenly Wei Wuxian was thrown over the fence around the rabbit enclosure and slammed hard into the straw covered ground below. Lan Zhan was on top of him, pressing him down roughly. His large hands were around Wei Wuxian’s delicate wrists, holding them high above his head. They didn’t move for a few beats. Wei Wuxian sensed Lan Zhan was waiting for a reaction. To see if what he had done was welcome or unwanted. Wei Wuxian pulled his legs free of Lan Zhan’s weight and coiled them around Lan Zhan’s waist. 

“Lan Zhan don’t stop now, we haven’t gotten to the best part yet,” he murmured. 

The kiss was unexpected and somewhat painful as Lan Zhan crashed against him like a wave, leaving his lungs empty and his blood aflame. Their tongues fought against one another for some time until Wei Wuxian groaned and pushed Lan Zhan away.

“Enough teasing,” he said with a pout. He reached a hand down between them to squeeze Lan Zhan’s erection.

“I want this….” he breathed, Wei Wuxian didn’t get to finish his sentence as Lan Zhan once again pressed his lips to his. There was so much fire there, so much longing….suppressed deep down and suddenly unleashed all of a sudden. Why? Because he couldn’t control himself this time...because…

Wei Wuxian gasped as Lan Zhan nipped his jaw. “Lan Zhan, why now?” 

Lan Zhan looked confused. 

Wei Wuxian pressed on. “Why me? Why now? I can sense this isn’t usually how you act…so tell me...why now?” 

The desperate need in Lan Zhan’s eyes when they focused on him was almost hypnotising. “Want you more...want you more than...anything...” his voice was low and rumbled through Wei Wuxian like thunder. 

The confession sent a rush of heat shooting through Wei Wuxian. Lan Zhan looked down at him. As strong as he was, Wei Wuxian sensed how fragile and vulnerable he was at that moment. These were desires that Lan Zhan had never allowed to surface before. It was…truly irresistible to Wei Wuxian. He decided he would keep Lan Zhan. Not for a few hours, not for a night, but forever. He pushed a strand of hair behind Lan Zhan’s ear and smiled up at him. 

“If you want me then take me, Lan Zhan. For I’m yours.” 

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Across town, Zhou Zishu was steadily loosening up as he became more and more drunk. Wen KeXing’s eyes sparkled. His prize was in sight.

“Why don’t we go for a walk?” he suggested. Zhou Zishu nodded and they left the inn. The night air was chilled but the alcohol flowing through their veins was enough to keep them warm. 

“I know what you are Wen KeXing!” Zhou Zishu sang as he pointed a finger at Wen KeXing. 

Wen KeXing smiled as he enjoyed the show. “Oh? Do tell… what am I?” 

Zhou Zishu came so close to Wen KeXing their noses were almost touching. “You’re a wolf,” he whispered. 

Wen KeXing laughed. “A-Xu, come now. I’m as harmless as a lamb.” 

Zhou Zishu looked unconvinced. “That fan of yours is razor tipped,” he said casually. 

Wen KeXing cocked an eyebrow. That was an astute observation missed by most. He had underestimated his opponent. “I only use it when necessary,” he replied. 

“See? Wolf!” Zhou Zishu said with a triumphant smile on his face. 

Wen KeXing couldn’t help but smile back. Zhou Zishu was a true beauty. His skin glowed in the moonlight and Wen KeXing wagered that even the stars would be envious of his glitter filled eyes. 

“What shall we do now, Zhou Zishu?” he asked suggestively. 

Zhou Zishu laughed. “I know what you want, wolf.” 

Wen KeXing laughed out loud. “Oh A-Xu, you are delightful!” 

“Stop calling me that! You don’t know me well enough to be so familiar.” 

Wen KeXing suddenly wrapped an arm around Zhou Zishu’s waist and pulled him close so their chests were flush against one another. “Ahh but I do know you A-Xu, I know you very well,” he said huskily, cocking his head to the side and gripping his fingers into Zhou Zishu’s side drawing a tempting gasp from his hostage's lips. 

“You call me a wolf but I think it is you who is the real predator. I saw how you looked at everyone who entered the inn. You perceive everyone as a threat. You’ve lived a life of violence and now you see trust as a dirty word.” 

Zhou Zishu pushed him away but didn’t object to his words. 

“You can trust me, A-Zu.” The statement was made confidently but the plea he had tried to hold at bay broke free in the final syllable. Wen KeXing needed Zhou Zishu to trust him. He needed it more than he had ever needed anything and he wasn’t entirely sure why but at that moment all that mattered to him was that Zhou Zishu took a step towards him. Then he did and Wen KeXing’s heart hammered so hard in his chest he began to vibrate. 

“I want to trust you.” 

Wen KeXing reached out his hand and Zhou Zishu took it, he led him closer until they were chest to chest once more. Wen KeXing ran a hand over Zhou Zishu's hair and settled it in the centre of his back. 

“Let me take care of you,” Wen KeXing purred. 

Zhou Zishu tilted his head up, the move was so slight it could have been easily overlooked but Wen KeXing caught it and before Zhou Zishu could take another breath, he joined their lips. The small moan that escaped Zhou Zishu’s mouth made Wen KeXing tremble. He held Zhou Zishu’s chin tightly as they kissed, tasting the wine on Zhou Zishu’s tongue as it tangled with his, had a kiss ever left him this weak before? No. Never. Zhou Zishu certainly was a treasure. One that he was determined to keep. They pulled apart flushed and panting. Wen KeXing caught Zhou Zishu’s bottom lip between his finger and thumb, holding it gently as he spoke. 

“When I kiss you again, I don’t intend to stop.” 

He watched Zhou Zishu’s eyes flash at his words and waited patiently for his response. Zhou Zishu pulled his lip free of Wen KeXing’s hold and glared up at him. Wen KeXing mentally prepared for the scolding he expected to come next and was entirely caught off guard when Zhou Zishu placed a hand on the back of his head and pressed his lips roughly against his. With their lips still joined and their hands roaming over one another, Wen KeXing spun them into a dark alley away from the light of the main walkway. He pressed Zhou Zishu up against a wall and placed a hand on his cheek as he deepened the connection between them. Zhou Zishu moaned and wrapped a hand around Wen KeXing’s wrist, squeezing encouragingly. 

Wen KeXing nipped at Zhou Zishu’s jaw, then down to his throat. Zhou Zishu drew in a sharp breath and one hand buried itself into Wen KeXing’s hair as he sucked a bruise into Zhou Zishu’s neck. 

“Mine,” he murmured against his handy work as he pressed a soft kiss to the purplish skin. 

“Shameless,” Zhou Zishu hissed. 

Wen KeXing chuckled and began to pull at Zhou Zishu’s robes. 

“Here?” Zhou Zishu exclaimed. 

Wen KeXing scoffed. “Why not? I don’t know how much longer I can continue to play nice, A-Xu. You are so very mouth is watering for you.” 

“Is this you playing nice?” Zhou Zishu said with disbelief. 

Wen KeXing laughed again. “You are truly a rare find, A-Xu. I want you more and more with every passing second. Very well, I will accommodate your wishes. The abode I share with Wei Wuxian is nearby so we can retire there.” 

He wasn’t sure if Zhou Zishu would agree as his intentions once they arrived at the new location had been made abundantly clear by the glowing brand now painfully visible on Zhou Zishu’s neck. So it caught him by surprise when Zhou Zishu took his hand in his and offered him a conspiratory small smile. 

“Lead the way,” he said gently. 

Wen KeXing didn’t need any further encouragement. 


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Lan Zhan! Have you really never done this before? You’re so talented!” Wei Wuxian whispered. 

“Mn,” Lan Zhan grunted, his movements were becoming more erratic as his arousal grew. Wei Wuxian had never felt so full. Lan Zhan was large, but it wasn’t just his size that Wei Wuxian was affected by. It was his commanding presence. He instinctively knew what he wanted and he wasn’t afraid to twist and pull Wei Wuxian into whatever position he desired. Wei Wuxian of course protested as loudly as he moaned out for more. Lan Zhan punished him for his duality with a series of powerful thrusts that left them both breathless and glistening with sweat.

Wei Wuxian giggled. “We’re covered in straw,” he said, picking a piece from Lan Zhan’s hair. “Lan Zhan, to use me like this out in the open. So shameless! Can’t you use me just as well in your bed? It would be a more comfortable environment for us both.” 

Lan Zhan looked thoughtful then nodded his agreement and helped Wei Wuxian to his feet. They both pulled on their garments in a haphazard way and Lan Zhan led Wei Wuxian by the hand to the small house nearby. As soon as the door was shut behind them, Wei Wuxian found himself firmly slammed up against the wall with Lan Zhan’s lips once again roughly assaulting his own. Wei Wuxian was sure his entire body would be bruised the next morning but at that moment he couldn’t have cared less. Lan Zhan lifted him into his arms and lowered him down onto the bed before stripping him of all his clothes once more, and then shedding his own coverings, keeping a hungry gaze on Wei Wuxian as he did so. He joined their bodies once more, this time Wei Wuxian was able to take him with more ease as his body began to grow more accustomed to Lan Zhan’s size. Wei Wuxian moaned and threw back his head as Lan Zhan moved within him. Lan Zhan bit down on his neck making Wei Wuxian gasp. “Lan Zhan, be gentle with me!” He complained loudly but was secretly delighted when Lan Zhan ignored him and instead sped up his movements. 

“Lan Zhan, you must promise me to do this everyday, I don’t think I can go on living if you don’t promise…” he hissed. 


“You’re so strong Lan Zhan….so strong….” his words drifted away on a gasp as a wave of pleasure rippled through him, then Lan Zhan growled and Wei Wuxian felt warm liquid pour into him. Lan Zhan fell on top of him burying his head into the crook of his neck. Their breathing unified as Wei Wuxian stroked Lan Zhan’s hair rhythmically.

After a few moments of peaceful contentment, Lan Zhan was once again pressing Wei Wuxian into the mattress, one hand snaking its way under his neck as another travelled down his body. Wei Wuxian gasped when Lan Zhan gripped him and started to stroke firmly. Wei Wuxian was already painfully close before Lan Zhan kissed him with such passionate force that he whimpered helplessly into his mouth. Wei Wuxian gripped his hands into Lan Zhan’s sweat drenched hair and opened his mouth as he let out a series of small sighs building up to an explosive climax that left him wordless for the first time in his life. After, they lay tangled together with their fingers laced for some time. 

“It was a good trade,” Wei Wuxian mumbled with a hazy smile. 

Lan Zhan looked at him questioningly but he just shook his head and smiled. 

“Are you tired?” Wei Wuxian asked. Lan Zhan offered him a predatory smile as he slid over him once more.

“Again?” Wei Wuxian asked incredulously. 

Lan Zhan answered his question by forcing his thigh between Wei Wuxian’s legs. Wei Wuxian shook his head and laughed as Lan Zhan nipped his neck. 

I hope you’re having as much fun as I am, Wen KeXing…. he thought to himself as Lan Zhan flipped him over and gripped his hips roughly enough to form a bruise…  

Lan Zhan, you are the best trade I ever made...


Chapter Text

Wen KeXing licked a strip up Zhou Zishu’s neck and shuddered as Zhou Zishu sighed and shifted in his lap. He was still half convinced he was dreaming. How had he convinced Zhou Zishu to straddle him again? But wait…hadn’t it been Zhou Zishu who had suggested sitting on the bed, Zhou Zishu who had climbed into his lap of his own accord and pressed his delicious lips to his as he rolled his hips achingly slowly causing Wen KeXing to grow hard under his robes. Wen KeXing was delighted with the evening so far apart from the part where Zhou Zishu had resisted all his attempts to remove his clothing much to Wen KeXing’s frustration. 

“What are you hiding?” he asked, running a finger down the side of Zhou Zishu’s neck. 

Zhou Zishu sighed and his lust filled eyes betrayed how much he wanted to move further. After a moment's hesitation, he started to push his robes down his arms until they were around his waist. He looked at Wen KeXing with unguarded eyes, his chest rising and falling heavily. Wen KeXing looked down at the circular scars that marred Zhou Zishu’s beautiful skin, he looked back up into Zhou Zishu’s eyes and cupped the back of his neck, pulling him closer to join their lips. When they pulled apart Zhou Zishu looked at him questioningly.

“Don’t you want to know what…” he trailed off looking down. 

Wen KeXing shook his head and tipped Zhou Zishu’s chin up with one finger. “If you want to tell me, you will and if you don’t want to tell me, that’s fine too. I just want to be with you.” 

The force at which Zhou Zishu came at him knocked the breath from Wen KeXing’s lungs. He was forced down onto the bed, his clothes shredded from his body and soft kisses pressed to every inch of his skin. Wen KeXing had never experienced such worship before. His eyes turned dangerously wet so he flipped their positions around and placed Zhou Zishu underneath him. He took his new obsession’s iron length in his hand and pumped it. Zhou Zishu drew in a sharp breath and watched him with hooded eyelids. Wen KeXing kissed him and ran his tongue slowly along his bottom lip before moving down his body. Zhou Zishu watched him wordlessly as he wrapped his mouth around him and began to move. Zhou Zishu’s hands gripped the sheets underneath him as he arched off the bed, rising his hips to gain more of Wen KeXing’s attention. Wen KeXing chuckled as he splayed a palm possessively across Zhou Zishu’s abdomen. 

“So eager,” he murmured before taking Zhou Zishu into his mouth once more. He sucked until his cheeks ached yet still he continued on until Zhou Zishu gripped his hair within his delicate fingers and spent himself into Wen KeXing’s perfect mouth. Wen KeXing swallowed him down and wiped at his mouth with his thumb pad. Zhou Zishu blushed blissfully as Wen KeXing returned to his side, gathering him up in his arms and pressed kisses to his shoulder blades. 

“I want to touch you,” Zhou Zishu breathed. 

“I want you to touch me,” Wen KeXing coaxed as he straightened Zhou Zishu’s hair. Zhou Zishu turned in his arms to face him.

“I don’t know how,” he admitted. “I’ve never done anything like this before...with anyone…” 

“I’m your first?” Wen KeXing asked. 

Zhou Zishu nodded. 

“Even your first kiss?” Wen KeXing asked incredulously.

Zhou Zishu looked embarrassed but nodded again. Wen KeXing let out a shaky breath. 

“Are you disappointed?” Zhou Zishu said quietly. 

Wen KeXing kissed his sweet lover’s forehead, his nose, each of his cheeks and eventually his lips. “Disappointed? My dear A-Xu, meeting you is the most wonderful gift I have ever received, and that would have been enough to satisfy me, but now you tell me I am the only one who has ever been permitted to touch such a precious treasure? I feel fit to burst.”

Zhou Zhou laughed with relief and shoved Wen KeXing in the chest. “You are a honey lipped idiot,” he said affectionately. 

Wen KeXing grinned at him. “Now A-Xu, shall we start your education?” 

Zhou Zishu nodded. Wen KeXing’s heart hitched in his chest. He took Zhou Zishu’s hand in his and placed it around his own hard length. He closed his eyes as Zhou Zishu adjusted his hand and got used to the silky feeling of Wen KeXing’s member against his palm. 

“That’s good, that feels so good…” Wen KeXing said encouragingly. 

Zhou Zishu moved his hand up and down, exploring the new territory. Wen KeXing opened one eye to peep at him and almost lost his mind when he saw the concentrated determination on Zhou Zishu’s face as he focused on his task. He started to feel his release building and moved Zhou Zishu’s hand to where he needed it to be. 

“That’s it...right there…” he whispered as he reached the edge and spilled over. His hands instinctively gripped Zhou Zishu’s shoulders as he shuddered and trembled and traces of his arousal slashed across Zhou Zishu’s stomach. The pride on Zhou Zishu’s face was almost too adorable to bear and Wen KeXing pulled him close to hold him against him. 

“I’m messy!” Zhou Zishu protested. 

“I don’t care,” Wen KeXing replied happily as he hugged him tighter. Zhou Zishu laughed and wrapped his arms around Wen KeXing’s waist. They fell asleep wrapped together and awoke when the sunlight crept through the drapes in the early morning. They bathed together and Zhou Zishu pretended to push Wen KeXing away as he moved in for a kiss, but a mere moment later he was encased in Wen KeXing’s arms moaning wantonly as their tongues tangled together.

I’m never letting you go, Zhou Zishu…. Wen KeXing vowed silently as his hands moved lower and he pressed a loving kiss to Zhou Zishu’s throat. 


Across town, Wei Wuxian woke up feeling sore and very satisfied. He looked down at Lan Zhan sleeping soundly beside him and smiled, already knowing that this was the man he would sleep next to for the rest of his life. 

“I’m going to marry you,” Lan Zhan,” he whispered into his sleepy lover's ear then yelped as a strong arm wrapped around his waist and pulled him close against Lan Zhan’s chest. He snuggled in as soft lips kissed his temple and a deep voice sighed. “Sleep now,” the voice commanded. 

Wei Wuxian grinned and closed his eyes. “I’ll be obedient this time, but don’t think I’m always going to make it so easy for you, Lan Zhan,” he said with a yawn. 

Lan Zhan stroked Wei Wuxian’s hair and smiled secretly to himself. He didn’t say it out loud, but he felt his heart swell with love as he lay his chin atop Wei Wuxian’s head and fell back to sleep. 


Chapter Text

One beautiful spring day, four men dressed in flowing red robes said their vows to each other in-front of an audience of chickens and rabbits. They sealed their promises with two heart-felt kisses. Wen KeXing placed a hairpin within Zhou Zishu’s hair and Lan Zhan tied a ribbon around Wei Wuxian’s wrist. They smiled at each other as they headed back to the house they had all come to call home. 

“What did you cook for us Wen KeXing?” Wei Wuxian said excitedly as he danced through the doorway, his hand still firmly clasped within Lan Zhan’s. Wen KeXing smiled as he brought Zhou Zishu’s hand to his lips and kissed it gently. 

“I have all your favourites prepared, Wei Wuxian,” he assured his dear friend. 

Wei Wuxian grinned and sat down at the table. Lan Zhan stood over him and raised an eyebrow. 

“What?” Wei Wuxian asked. 

“Bed,” Lan Zhan ordered. 

Wei Wuxian frowned. “I’m hungry and it’s still light out!” he argued. 

Lan Zhan leaned down. “Not to consummate...” he murmured in his beloved’s ear. 

Wei Wuxian giggled. “Can we eat later?” he asked Wen KeXing, but there was no response. In the small kitchen, Zhou Zishu and Wen KeXing were wrapped around each other, their lips joined and their ears unable to hear anything besides each other’s heartbeats. 

Wei Wuxian smiled and stood quietly, he moved through to the bedroom he shared with Lan Zhan. 

“I’m still hungry,” he said poutily as Lan Zhan stood behind him in the room kissing a trail up his neck. 

“Mn,” Lan Zhan said as he rubbed his nose against Wei Wuxian’s throat. “I can provide a distraction…” 

Seconds later, Wei Wuxian found himself roughly thrown onto the bed. Lan Zhan was over him in an instant, his lips pressed hard against Wei Wuxian’s. 

“You’re my husband now,” Wei Wuxian murmured. Lan Zhan grunted in agreement. “But I did not promise to honor and obey, Lan Zhan? Did you notice?” 

Lan Zhan growled and Wei Wuxian laughed. “I am not stupid enough to give you that satisfaction, Gege.” 

“Call me gege again,” Lan Zhan asked. 

Wei Wuxian smiled as his clothes were stripped from his person. “Gege,” he whispered as Lan Zhan ripped free of his own robes and pressed him down onto the bed once more. 

“Do you love me, Lan Zhan?” Wei Wuxian breathed out as his husband's hands ran over every inch of him. 

“Mn,” Came the blunt response. 

Wei Wuxian smiled. It was enough. He knew Lan Zhan loved him. He could feel it in his every caress, every focused look. 

“I love you too,” he said passionately as Lan Zhan moved down his body pressing tender kisses to his chest and torso as he moved. Wei Wuxian arched off the bed as Lan Zhan’s lips wrapped around his length. His hands curled into his husband’s beautiful, long hair. He knew the significance of the act, usually Lan Zhan was forceful and rough in their love making, today he was soft and careful. Wei Wuxian realised with a soft heart that this was part of their wedding vows. Lan Zhan was vowing to always take care of Wei Wuxian, to always be there for him, the only way he knew how, with actions not words. Wei Wuxian called out Lan Zhan’s name as he came, his thighs shaking around his husband’s head as Lan Zhan swallowed him down. He panted deeply as Lan Zhan returned to his side and kissed him softly. 

“Lan Zhan, I had no idea you could be so gentle,” Wei Wuxian said, turning to face Lan Zhan and placing a hand on his cheek. 

Lan Zhan looked at him with loving eyes. “For you I can be,” he said quietly. 

Wei Wuxian grinned. “I will only ask it of you sometimes.” 

Lan Zhan smirked as he picked up on his husband’s undertone. He pressed him down onto the bed and secured his hands over his head, nipping at his jaw. 

“I’ll make you promise to obey before the day is out,” he hissed. 

“Never!” Wei Wuxian replied with an impish gleam in his eye. He bit his lip and looked up at his husband and for a moment they were both struck silent by their love for one another. 

“Will it always be like this between us two?” Wei Wuxian asked. 

Lan Zhan looked down at him with a lopsided grin, then leaned down to kiss his forehead. “Always,” he promised before joining their lips once more. 


“Lao Wen,” Zhou Zishu whined.

“Ah...didn’t I tell you to call me husband?” Wen KeXing replied as he lapped at Zhou Zishu’s naked chest. Zhou Zishu moaned with annoyance as he lay splayed out on the bed underneath his lover. 

“Husband…please…” Zhou Zishu pouted. 

Wen KeXing chuckled as he moved to lie on his side. Zhou Zishu mirrored his actions and placed his back against Wen KeXing’s chest. 

“Tell me you love me,” Wen KeXing demanded as he worked his fingers inside Zhou Zishu, opening him up slowly. 

“I love you,” Zhou Zishu replied. 

Wen KeXing wrapped a hand around his throat and angled his neck back so that their lips could meet. He entered Zhou Zishu roughly with his tongue and his cock as his husband groaned out his approval. 

“Mine,” Wen KeXing hissed as he slammed into his husband from behind, drawing little gasps of pleasure from Zhou Zishu’s lips. 

“Yours,” Zhou Zishu whispered back, reaching a hand behind his head and curling his fingers into Wen KeXing’s hair. 

“You feel so good,” Wen KeXing groaned as he sped up his movements, one hand gripping possessively around Zhou Zishu’s centre. 

“I want it, give it to me,” Zhou Zishu pleaded and his husband obeyed as he fell apart around him. 

Afterwards, they lay together perspiring and breathless for sometime until they recovered some of their lost energy, then they kissed softly and talked about their future, the future they wanted to meet together. 

Later, the four men met by candlelight to enjoy their wedding supper. They laughed and drank happily together. Wei Wuxian never left his husband’s lap and Zhou Zishu refused to let go of his husband's hand even though it obstructed him greatly and meant that Zhou Zishu had to feed him on more than one occasion. 

They led simple, happy lives together, a tight knit family who fiercely cared for one another and whose love grew stronger and stronger with each passing day. 

Soulmates who understood each other’s hearts and made each other happy until the day they passed into the next life, to find each other once more.