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What if Cale turned into a child?

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"...Ron, can I not go?" 


Cale, the redhead slacker, buried his face on the soft pillow and asked with a sluggish voice towards the vicious old butler who was currently putting the cup away that once contained lemon tea.


"It is a customary, young master." 


Cale shivered when his eyes met with the old assassin who was smiling benignly, yet again.


Cale turned away and stared at the ceiling all the while moving slowly. He has been rolling around his bed, eating, sleeping and farming after their fight with the white star. It has only been 2 years since that time and he was hiding in the Super Rock villa- avoiding any public appearances. The silver shields that he saw every time he goes outside, the cheers and the titles flying around is traumatizing him.




Cale can only sigh and sat up on his bed when he heard running footsteps and soon the door to his room opened with a bang and 3 children came in running towards his bed.


"Rosalyn-noona said there will be a festival, nya!"
"Let's go, nya!"


Cale can only sigh again and focus his attention on the children that's why he didn't manage to see the benign smile Ron has that will surely make his body curl.




Cale sat lazily in the carriage while stroking Raon's round head while On and Hong sat across them on their human forms, all dress up in a colour scheme of blue, light blue and white. The redhead slacker also has the same colour scheme, only with a darker colour.  


"Human, human! Is the moon going to be the same colour as my eyes?"


Cale stroke Raon's head, "Yes." 


Raon's wings flutter and move his body closer to the redhead who just let the little dragon do whatever he wants.


Certainly not spoiling Raon. Not at all.


"Our youngest has beautiful eyes so the moon will be beautiful too!"
"That's right! My dongsaeng Raon is the cutest!"


On and Hong showered Raon with praises. 


Raon's smile widens and his wings continued to flutter.


Cale watched this with a small smile on his lips. Not that he realizes it.




The sight of the palace made Cale grimace. He's having chills and shivers throughout the journey and he couldn't exactly point his fingers as to why is it that he felt something bad will happen. To his slacker life, that is.


"Oh! It's the crown prince's house!"
"We're here, nya!"
"We're here!"


In complete contrast to Cale's mood, the three children have already stuck themselves looking at the window with sparkling eyes. 


The Henituse entourage entered the main entrance while the carriage carrying Cale used a different entrance, prepared by his hyung-nim.


That, they have both taken from morning to afternoon to discuss. Cale had pestered Alberu, who's now the Emperor, for it and threatened not to attend if not prepared.


The carriage stopped, with Ron opening the door to them, Cale was greeted by two familiar dark elves. One was Tasha, and the other...


"...Hyung-nim. Are you not busy?"


Cale frowned at Alberu's response-that, the said Emperor is smiling brightly as if asking him what nonsense is he asking.


The three children greeted Tasha while Ron is busy informing Duke Deruth that they have arrived safely.


"Let's enjoy the festival, dongsaeng?" Alberu, who was suspiciously smiling brightly since he arrived, still kept up the annoying smile, making Cale frown even more.


"...What are you planning again, Your Majesty?" Cale asked like a complete delinquent and a look that is completely disrespectful towards the Emperor.


"Still as disrespectful as ever." 


However, Alberu brushed it off like it was nothing unusual.




The group moved to Alberu's room, a bigger one since he's an Emperor now. 


Cale walks breezily inside as if he owns the room, following him are the three children who immediately found the jar of cookies on top of the table and proceeded to nibble on it.  


Alberu, who was watching this, wondered how in the world did everything turn out like this. 


He could vaguely remember the first time he met Cale at the party he hosted in the past. When did it go wrong? Was it when he showed curiosity towards this redhead who was brandished as trash but was completely a different person? 


Well, not that he regrets it. 


"Queen Litana, Commander Toonka, and Queen Jopis will be attending the festival too."


Alberu, who informed the said hero who was now lying lazily on the couch stopped the corner of his mouth from lifting as he watched how Cale almost fell off the said couch.


"...shi- haaaa..."


Cale can only sigh and curse inside his head all the while shooting daggers at the poor marbled ceiling of the room. 


"Can they really go here? They each have kingdoms to manage." Cale grumbled as he got up and bite on the cookie Raon handed him.


"Breaks are good, once in a while." Alberu shrugged with a bright smile on his lips. Yet again, Cale, who was feeling worse than earlier from the chills and shivers that were running down his spine, did not get any better. 


I shouldn't have attend-


"Human! Human! Let's enjoy the festival with everyone!"


Raon exclaimed whilst flying around Cale with sparkling eyes. The two Cats were both smiling widely as well while looking up to him.


...No, maybe it's not that bad.


However, Cale would come to regret staying and would have lamented the fact that he should've gone home earlier. 


Not that he could've guessed.




Cale for the nth time looked exasperatedly annoyed while looking at the packed hall from the palace's second floor. 


Nobles, Palace administrators and guests from other kingdoms filled the luxurious hall and Cale could've sworn he did not want to go down there. Not with the Royals and important people from all over the western continent and even some from the east. 


"Human! Grandpa Ron said he'll make sure no one gets close to you! He said we can go down now!"


Raon, who was clearly the most excited amongst the three children, was flying around Cale all the while cheering how he cannot wait to go down and see the moon.


Cale can only sigh and was about to head down when someone pulled his collar to stop him. 


Annoyed, he looked back and glared at the perpetrator. 


"...Your majesty, the brightest sun of the Empire. What can this lowly noble do for you?" 


Cale could've sworn he wanted to grab Alberu's collar and shake him but he couldn't do that if his hyung-nim's aids are with him. 


The said aids, however, cannot take their eyes off the redhead hero. Flashbacks of Cale's heroic deeds made their hearts thump so loud as if pouring new vitality into their old bodies. 


Alberu, knowing this, looked at Cale with the corners of his lips twitching.


"How cold, my dongsaeng."

"I am only showing my respect and admiration to your magnificent and majestic figure, Your majesty. Even if poets wrote you a poem dedicated to praising your outstanding deeds, it won't be able to describe any of its magnificence." 


Cale, who was now smiling so bright, activated his glib tongue as he poured praise after praise towards the Emperor, Alberu, who was now having chills and shivers run down his spine while listening to Cale's parade.


"I did not know my sworn brother sees me with such high regards. This hyung-nim is also proud of your heroic deeds."


Alberu, who came up with the perfect counter-attack could see how Cale's eyes shook and his eyebrows twitch.


"Ah, yes! Indeed, Your Majesty! Young master Cale is certainly a great hero!"
"Indeed, indeed! Hohoho! A very brave and outstanding individual!"


The aids, as if seeing this a sign to squirm their way in the conversation of the two gave parades of praises that made Cale feel more chills. 


...Cale really want to go home now. Right. This. Instant.




Everyone cannot help but stare at the descending figures from the staircase. The red hair was almost a divine colour to their eyes, of course, that is only the case for Cale Henituse. Their eyes lingered on the young dragon at the hero's arms, and the two children with silver and red hairs.


'As expected of the greatest hero! How gallant!'
'A dragon it is! As expected of our great hero!'


Whether Cale like it or not, he has gone down the damned staircase with the three children. Raon who settled himself in Cale's shaking arms, On who was walking at his right and Hong to his left, the three of them descended to the hall.


He could feel the stares, and of course, he wanted to rub his head that was turning cold. 


...Cale made up his mind upon not visiting the capital after this festival if it's not important. He felt like his slacker life is being threatened whenever he's not in the forest of darkness. Quite an extreme realization that he finds comfort inside of one of the forbidden regions in the western continent.


As he descended, everyone in the crowd looked at each other, as if agreeing to the silent challenges of every other person in the room, that is...




The fan spirits that were already lit the moment they saw Cale, burned more as they saw him just meters away from them. 


As they prepared to launch their own plans, a gigantic figure blocked them and a burst of loud laughter echoed.




Toonka, the gigantic figure with unruly mane-like hair, beat the plans of the poor nobles, officials and guests as he strode towards Cale, following behind him is Harol who has a calm smile on his face. And the moment their eyes met, Cale signalled his message to Harol.


'Shouldn't you be stopping this idiot, Harol?' 


But Cale can only lament the fact that it seems there's something off the weather with Harol who only smiled and looks like going along with Toonka's fiasco.


The gigantic figure of Toonka made the others hesitate to approach Cale, but they didn't want to give up-


"Young master Cale, have you been well?"


A majestic voice came from another side of the hall and there they saw a beautiful tanned woman with black hair. It was the Queen of the Jungle, Litana.


Cale, who felt like he's slowly being surrounded without escape turned his heel to escape but, he was greeted by another important figure that he could only curse in his head.


-Cale, you're quite famous now.


He shivered at the Super Rock's words. Famous?! Who is!?


"It is good to see you again, young master Cale."


Queen Jopis, the monarch of Molden Kingdom, came from his side with an elegant smile. 


The crowd now knows they have no way in hell they could approach the hero after being approached by these important and imposing figures. They could only shiver from the cold eyes and threatening smiles from those very figures. With their hopes shattered, they could only watch in the distance while shedding mental tears.


As for Cale, he's certain he's got nowhere to escape. Not with the three children already having light talks with these people.




At some point, Cale survived from the troublesome figures who approached him earlier. He couldn't get his head on the fact that they could've just stayed in their own kingdoms and territories to watch the Venetus moon rise. It's not like they're looking at a different sky per kingdom.


Cale sighed and pull out his napkin and wiped Raon's mouth, the same goes for On and Hong who was gleefully eating fruits that they dipped in a chocolate fountain. 


Of course, he's unaware of the swooning hearts, quiet squealing and warm gazes coming from the crowd as he takes care of the three children. Even with Cale picking the most corner part of the hall to avoid them. Not that it's effective.



At the plaza, a video communication was connected to the palace and it displays the happenings inside. Of course, their main focus was Cale. 


Silver shields, citizens dressed in black robes, some also holds swords with black blades, white spears and many more. It adorned the whole Empire with enthusiasm when they saw Cale descending from the staircase earlier. 


"Ah, young master silver shield is so dashing."
"How gallant his figure is."
"So cool..."


The praises were raining from here and there, and if Cale would hear those, he'd be certainly traumatized and would never step out of his villa ever again.




As the festival came to its peak, Alberu finally descended the staircase. Wearing luxurious clothing that fitted his position as the Emperor, the citizens and nobles alike marvelled at the figure as they clapped and cheer for him.


Of course, Alberu Crossman smiled so wide and bright with the type of response he got.


-Crown prince! Are you scamming someone? are you? are you? 


Of course, Alberu wanted to cackle at the cute question of the great and mighty young dragon who was still calling him 'crown prince' even now that he's an Emperor. Well, not that he minds it. More like, it's making him feel relieved and relaxed for some reason.


"I thank you, citizens and important guests alike. I welcome you to the Venetus Moon Festival! Let us all enjoy our time together!" 


With the short opening coming from him ended, an applaud from the nobles and the cheers from the citizens coming from outside the castle walls, he could hear them all. 


These happy, enthusiastic and passionate cheers were the result of Cale's group, of course as well as his, hard work. That's why he's thankful for meeting Cale, even with how he's always getting headaches and more works every time Cale starts his activities.




As the festivities coming at their peak, everyone excitedly watches as the sky turned orange and later on mixes with dark blue. The hall of the palace, almost unrecognizable as the mages cast spells to make the very walls seem transparent for them to see the outside and watch the sky. It was a very magnificent spell that the new Magic Tower Master developed, Rosalyn, who trained and was taught by beings who have mastered magic and mana itself, Dragons. 


The Roan Kingdom, now the Roan Empire, as it is now- is celebrating its Venetus Moon Festival, a festival that commemorates the beauty of a blue moon that only shows up every five decades.


And as the festival was coming to its peak- right after the blue moon rose to the sky... everyone was flabbergasted as they watch an utterly shocking turn of events through the video communication device that was connected to the Palace.


Their great hero, young master silver shield, the continent's greatest hero- or whatever they call him-




A childish voice came out from the redhead who sat on the marble floor with his clothes that was too big on his tiny body.


The crowd turned completely silent as they watch the event unfold. They couldn't move and was staring at Cale with wide eyes.


As for Cale, who was struggling to get the clothes out of his line of sight, he looks extremely cute and small that they had to turn away and check if their noses are shedding red liquid.




...Now Cale certainly knew he should've just escaped earlier and lock himself inside his villa.