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You are Mine (Glee rewrite)

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VIDEO TRAILER: Here is the video trailer to the story (I wrote it in 2013, never published it, till now)YOU ARE MINE - series trailer

I will start the story at the end of 5x04 episode of Glee, with flashbacks to Season 4 episodes, so yeah Jake has cheated and Marley still doesn't know. Ignore episode 5x03 cause on this story Finn Hudson is alive ;) Here goes, I hope you like it, this is mainly to ease up my mind and what I wrote back then when her character was just written off without giving us any conclusion.

So there he was, Jake was performing with the rest of the glee club the song "ROAR". Mr. Shue let Marley enter the auditorium to see their teammates sing their last song from this week's assignment, after she had a talk with him, he understood.


"I'm really sorry Mr. Shue for not been able to pull a Gaga back then...I'm just still...getting over my eating disorder, I'm not comfortable showing that much of skin" she said to Mr. Shue while she was sitting in front of his office desk.

"Hey, Marley I'm sorry...I was so focused on getting everyone to embrace themselves but I forgot about...Uhm...yeah what you went through." Mr. Shue said calmly, understanding the situation now.

"It is just hard for me to dress up in that kind of clothing...I'm really sorry, I've never been in trouble for anything in my life and I--"

"Marley! It's ok, you can come back and I'm sorry for making you feel uncomfortable, this club is supposed to make you feel good... I'm sorry I won't ever ask you to do something you are not ok with" Mr. Shue smiled at Marley.  Marley smiled back and that was one problem there was the other one with Jake.


So there she was, watching him and everyone else singing and dancing, they seem to be having fun. She caught Jake's attention cause suddenly his eyes landed on her... She waved at him and he waved at her, but slowly...and his eyes, his eyes looked sad...they didn't speak after what happened back at his house yesterday...


Jake invited Marley to his house, he told her he had Mary Poppins on DVD and that way he could cheer her up for being suspended the whole week from glee club. She knew deep down he wanted to take things to the next level, he's been a bit forward about it, but never tried anything...however this time she came to his his room knowing what this could be interpreted by, but she knew if it was too much he would stop, right? She repeated that inside her head as Jake lead her to his room. Once they were at his room he put Mary Poppins on and lay on his bed, making space for in his embrace. Marley laid on the bed and in his arms while trying to enjoy the DVD...however she could feel Jake's arm moving slowly along her arm, caressing her and sending shivers down her spine, making her aware that she was still dressed in her Katy Perry's costume. 

It was after the credits of the DVD started to appear on screen that Jake started to kiss her hand and then in a slow movement he was kissing her arm and then her neck, Marley felt nervous but at the same time this was not wrong, he was just kissing her, so she just tried to enjoy it. But then she felt his hand trying to go under her dress, she pushed his hand away, trying to ignore what he had tried to do. Seconds later, she felt his hand move up her right side and start to move on her chest.

“Jake, stop!” she said while she shoved at his hand again, resting hers on his shoulder and pulling away. 

Jake sighed as he rolled off her and sat on the edge of the bed, his back turned.

“Can we,” he paused, “Have an honest conversation about this?”

Marley turned around, her back facing him.

“The whole point of being boyfriend-girlfriend is that we hang out, and spend all this time together so that we can appreciate and trust each other.” He said while standing up and looking at her back.

“I totally appreciate and trust you,” she turned around snapping at him.

“Then what better place is there to explore certain aspects of ourselves than here?” He tried to sound calm.

“Are you telling me that the only reason you hang out with me and all that is just so I’ll let you touch my boob?” Marley felt herself about to cry and suppressed her tears from coming out.

“What? No, no, no, of course not,” Jake got angry but tried to be calm and Marley rolled over to face him. “But I feel like you won’t even consider it! Like you don’t care that it’s bumming me out! What do you want me to do?” He waved his hands exasperated.

“I just don’t want to be pressured into doing something I don’t want to do!” Marley said as she sat up, feeling herself getting angrier at him.

“Who is pressuring you, Marley? I’ve been the most patient. The most understanding." He looked at her eyes and then sighed " I mean I used to stop calling a girl if she didn’t let me in her pants after six hours!” Jake looked at Marley frustrated.

“Ok! then go be with one of those girls!” Marley knelt on the bed feeling really angry. He knew how she was and now here he is telling her how lucky she is that he has waited so long?

“Go, have fun!” She yanked off her pink wig and threw it at Jake’s chest furious. That's what this week made her felt, furious with everyone and herself. She didn't know what else to say so she just sat down with her back to him again. She could feel the tears coming out and this time she wouldn't be able to suppress them. 

Jake caught the wig, throw it aside, and looked at her back with sadness...he was a jerk, what he did or said was stupid. He didn't want to pressure her, yes, not getting laid was bumming him and he's been waiting for her to finally be with him fully...he thought she was ready but clearly, she wasn't. He needed to fix this.

"Marley..." He climbed onto the bed and placed a hand on her shoulder.

Marley felt his touch and let her head fall onto her hands and felt the tears coming. She was angry, hurt but most of all sad...why Jake told her all those things? What happens now? This is it?

"Look Marley, I'm sorry ok? I just-" He tried to calm her down since he could hear her sobbing while she was curled in her arms. 

"Just stop." Marley managed to say as she lifts her head up, her tears rolling down her face "I'll just go now" She stood up and without looking back she left the room, while for him it felt as if she had just left him. 


Jake looked at Marley, she was standing there next to Mr. Shue waving at him and with a sad smile. She had a lot of smiles and he knew them all, this one was a sad one. Does she know? She couldn't, he had made sure no one followed him. Unless she felt bad because of what happened...he felt angry after she had left but didn't expect her to still feel bad. He should be the one with the sad eyes and smile, he couldn't even smile at her. He tried to but he could see her sad and then Bree appeared next to her, she wouldn't dare to...would she?


After Marley left him he was angry. She had left him without even trying to fix stuff between them. He felt frustrated, how much longer would she have him waiting? Is that what bothers him? That Marley won't have sex with him? No, what bothers him is that Bree has been sending him pictures all week and offering herself to him more than once and he rejected her cause he knows he needs to be faithful to Marley, but what he needs to do and what he wants to do are two different things. He doesn't know how but he was back at school and at the classroom where he was teaching the cheerios some choreography and there she was...Bree.

"Hey, do you wanna go somewhere?" He approached Bree not being able to look her in the eyes.

"Where?" She replied smirking, clearly, she knew what he wanted.

"Some place...private, really private" he said looking around and then landing his eyes on her.

"A private part of the school?" She crossed her eyes still smirking " I like private parts" she nodded and look him up and down "Is your girlfriend going to be there?" 

Jake didn't want to think about Marley, he needed to think about what he wanted right now and he wanted to have sex with someone he didn’t care about, otherwise, if he will be able to keep being with Marley. He looked at her stepping closer.

"Do you wanna go or not?" he glared at her. Now she wanted to play hard to get?

"I'll get my coat," she said smirking "we'll need something to lay on the ground"  she turned around from him to go and grab her coat.

Jake felt something inside, it wasn't lusting, it was remorse...he hasn't done anything and he is already regretting it?  He needs this...he wants this. 

"I don't want to get grass stains on my uniform"  She smirked again and moved towards the door.

Jake stood there for a moment, he was going to do this. He was going to get laid just to get what he wants at the moment. He was going to just do it. He was going to cheat on Marley... on her, the person he fought for...He shook his head and followed Bree.


Marley looked at Bree confused. She was there watching the glee club, her boyfriend, performing. And she was smiling at him, he didn't return a smile to her nor her. He was back at singing and dancing. Thanks to Unique she knows Bree is after her boyfriend but Jake is not the womanizer he once was...he changed, did he?

The glee club finished their performance and Mr. Shue cheered and clapped. Sam's conquest was applauding too...Marley looked at Jake trying to read him, he didn't seem as happy as he normally is...Bree was screaming his name and cheering. Unique found Marley's eyes and without saying anything she understood what she needed to do. Marley walks upstage to her friends and towards Jake. Jake looked at her and Marley came to him with open arms.

"You did great!" She forced the biggest smile as she hugged him.

Jake wrapped his arms around her as soon as he felt her embrace. But he looked at Bree who just smirked and left the auditorium. He needs to tell Marley what happened before Bree does...even if he loses Marley forever. Telling her is the right thing to do, she needs to know the truth. He let go of Marley and looked into her eyes, she had those beautiful blue eyes that could look into his soul and he would do anything for her, this time they were really blue, which meant she was sad. He moved his hands to cup her face and lean in to kiss her. He couldn't tell her, not now...he wanted to just make her happy. She kissed back and that's how both knew everything was ok between them, everything was just going to be fine.

"As much as I love you guys, you need to keep it rated-pg," Unique said smirking and that made Jake and Marley laugh a bit.

Marley let go of Jake and widen her eyes a bit realizing he is half-naked and started to blush but Unique pulled her to a side, saving her from the embarrassment she was feeling. Jake smiled and went back to high five Sam and chat about the week's assignment.

"Thank you!" Marley said to Unique.

"Hey, that's what friends are for...I could see you realizing your man was half-naked" winking at her "Not that you could keep your hands from him anyways" 

"Stop it's not like that and you know it" She went back to be a bit sad.

"Talk to me girl" looking at her while Marley debated how to say it. She glanced at Jake and then step closer to Unique.

"We fought...cause he...touched me...and I didn't want him to" she whispers embarrassed.

"HE-" almost shouted but then kept it in hush "He what? Oh no he didn't, he knows you are not ready!" 

"I know he knows...but I felt him and his frustration" she looked down and then at Unique "I don't want to lose him but I'm serious about not changing for him."

"As you should." Unique looked at her and then pull her into an embrace "You don't need to change Marley" pulls away and cups her face "Don't do anything you are not comfortable with" 

Marley nodded at her and smiled. They both hug again.

Jake looked in the direction where Unique and Marley were talking and even though he tried to listen he couldn't cause Sam and Blaine were talking and laughing too loud about their number and how they were going to beat everyone at Nationals. He also caught Ryder looking at Marley, even though they are friends he isn't blind, he knows Ryder has feelings for Marley, for his girl... but was she still his? After what he did...


Bree laid her coat on the floor and lay down. She looked at Jake and smirked. Jake took his jacket off and kneel on the ground. Bree came close to him and place her hands on Jake's chest and moved it down, then Jake stopped her hand. They both looked at each other. Bree moved it back down with his hand and grabbed the end of his t-shirt and pulled it up, jake helped her take it off, and then she placed her hands on his naked chest and then her lips started to kiss it. She kissed his chest going upwards to his jawline...then up to his lips and then Jake stopped her. 

"Jake?" Bree looked at him, he was looking at her. 

"No talking" Jake said and he pushed her to the ground, getting on top and went to kiss her neck, then up to her face. Inches away from her lips.

She smirked and wrap her arms around his neck and pulled him into her lips. His lips crashed into her lips and then she was asking for entrance with her tongue, Jake gave in, letting his lust take over. They started to make out, he was feeling her hands roam around his back and then to her neck. He was moving his hands to her skirt and under it, finally, he was getting what he wanted...Marley...

"Marley?" Bree pushed him up and frown "Did you just said...Marley?" She sounded upset. 

Jake stood there and everything became clear...he could have any girl he wanted...he could have Bree if he wanted...but the thing is, she wasn't what he wanted...he wanted his blue eyes shy girl...his girlfriend...his Marley. 

"Hello Jake?" Bree demanded and then she saw it on his face "You don't want this anymore huh?" She frowned.

Without a word Jake stood up and looked for his t-shirt, he found it on the ground and put it back on. Then he looked at Bree, she was still laying on her coat, her uniform all wrinkled. She finally stood up and look at him while she tried to straighten her uniform.

"You started this...and now you won't finish it?" She came close to him and move her hand down to his pants but he stopped her hand and shoved it aside "You wanted me minutes ago!"

"You said it...wanted" Jake managed to say and then backed away, he picked his jacket and shook his head.

"That prude will never give you what you need...what you want" she stated crossing her arms.

"Well I guess you don't know what I need or want either," He said without turning around and walking away. 

Bree stood there feeling angry, this wouldn't stay this way. She will have Jake, she will take him from Marley.


Jake wasn't perfect...he hurt a lot of girls, he didn't want to hurt Marley...she is what he needs and wants, he knows that now...he doesn't want her to understand him or accept him...he wants her to keep changing him...she makes him want to be a better person, he needs her and he knows that if he tells her what he did he will lose her but if he doesn't he won't be honest and probably lose her anyway...he lost her the minute he thought about doing anything with Bree...even if he didn't go through with it, at that moment he wanted to and no matter what he will hurt her. The worst part of it all is that he knows that the minute Marley is no longer with him, Ryder will take that chance, he just knows it.


End of chapter


Ok so this is where I'll leave the chapter... I'll upload more later.







Chapter Text

It has been a week, Jake has been an amazing boyfriend the whole week, she really thought they were going to end things last week. She brought it up yesterday, but Jake didn’t react as she thought he would.


Jake and Marley were at the auditorium looking through song choices for Nationals. Mr. Shue assigns them to find songs they liked and pitch them on Monday, right when Finn was coming back to help them. Finn kept tabs on everything that happened and was finishing his exams to make it back. He found out everything through Marley since it was thanks to her, he finally “grew a pair” and decided to study to be a teacher.

Marley saw Finn’s text where he told her to choose one of her original songs again, it would be great to hear what else she has. She smiled at it and Jake caught her smiling.

“Who are you texting?” He mentioned as he approaches her.

“It’s Finn…” She said and put her phone back in her pocket “He suggested I pitch some of my original songs again…” she smiled at him “What do you think?”

 “I think” He cup her face and peck her lips “Your songs are incredible…you are incredible” he pecks her nose and then her lips again “And Finn is right, your songs are great” He smiled at her and stared at her eyes.

Marley liked it when he kisses her like that, she felt butterflies every time he did that. However, what happened last time was still bothering her and since he did not bring it up, she had to.

“Jake” She whispered and rose his lips by doing so.

“Yeah?” He smiled and pecked her lips again, not letting go of her face.

“Are we really ok?” She was nervous by saying it because it felt like it but was it true?

“What do you mean?” He said and moved one hand away from her face and towards her hand “Is there something bothering you?”

She shook her head and stared at her hand with his, how he intertwined his fingers with hers.

“You can tell me anything…” He said encouraging her to speak her mind. Did Bree say anything? He felt himself holding out his breath…

“We never talked about what happened last week” she said, and Jake could see her sad eyes staring at him…he was responsible for that, he made her feel bad about not wanting to take things to the next level.

“Oh…that” He let his breath out in a sigh and then his other hand went to the back of his neck.

When Jake took his hand from Marley’s cheek, she felt him miles away all of the sudden…here it goes…he is going to tell her how he feels, and she will tell him she won’t give in and that would be it…this is how it ends.

“Yes…that” She repeated and looked at him, then at their hands and then back at him.

Jake looked down and then at their hands. He needs to tell her now. But he cannot lose her, he will not lose her. He looked at her, her eyes, her mouth and then just her. She is all he wants and needs, however she lets him have her. She needs to know that. If she will find out what he did, at least she must know what he feels, what she makes him feel.

He brought his hand to her face and caress it gently. She did not expect that, she felt herself being paralyzed and looked at him. He smiled and got close to her, his hand kept stroking her face gently and then rested on her chin as he came close and kissed her gently on the lips. She felt his lips on hers and felt her stomach twitch, she felt this kiss different, she just could. Instinctively she parted her lips allowing him entrance, he accepted his offer gently at first then the kiss turned into a make-out session, one that neither of them wanted to break.

Marley was nervous that he would move his hands and touch her, but he kept his hands where they started, one holding her hand and the other one on her face. He just slightly moved the latter one to her neck for better comfort.

They had to catch their breath at some point, so they separate and rest their heads on each other, closing their eyes and focusing on breathing. Jake opened his eyes and saw Marley still had hers closed and smiled.

Time stands still. Beauty in all she is” he started to sing acapella “I will be brave. I will not let anything take away…What's standing in front of me” he smiled, and Marley opened her eyes looking at him while he holds both of her hands.

“What are you doing?” Marley said not being able to stop smiling, Jake smirked at her and she felt butterflies on her stomach, she loved when he did that.

I have died every day waiting for you” he kept singing but now he was belting and move Marley to a side and then made her do a spin “Darling, don't be afraid. I have loved you for a thousand years” Marley laughed and then Jake makes her spin again and then her back landed to his chest, he wrapped his arms around her, careful not to touch anywhere she didn’t want to “I'll love you for a thousand more” he repeated that line on her ear and peck her cheek.

He kept her in his embrace, not wanting to let go. He just started to hum the melody of a Thousand Years as he held her. She moved her head towards his shoulder, feeling happy…happy with the man she loves.

“Marley I don’t need anything else…I’m sorry for what I said…you are not and will never be like any other girl” he said while she rests on her shoulder, he doesn’t look at her “I will wait for you…However long it takes” he looked at her and she was looking at him, he saw a small smile forming on her lips “I just need you…as you are” He said and knew it was true…he just hoped she believed him.

Marley made a swift movement and spin so now they were facing each other, she looked at him and kissed him. He was caught off guard that he made a sound and that made them both laugh.

“I’m sorry…I know I don’t do it often” Marley felt embarrassed and cover her face with her hands.

“Hey…” he approached and moved her hands from her face “You can crash my lips anytime you want…from now on I promise to be prepared anytime” he smiles and looks at her.

She smiled and kissed him again, this time, like he promised, he was prepared and received her kiss eagerly. He lifted her up a bit and that made them separate from the kiss, they just look at each other. Saying everything they needed to say at that moment with just a stare.


Jake came tickle her from behind and Marley jumped a bit then relaxed once she saw it was him.

“What are you thinking?” Jake said as he put his arm around her.

“I was just thinking about yesterday…” She looked at him “And how sweet you’ve been all week” She caressed his cheek and then smiled.

“I just want you to be happy” He kisses her cheek “with me” he kisses her cheek again and Marley giggles.

Tina comes into glee club interrupting them and shouting.

“Guys! You all need to see this video!” She sits down and lifts her phone up. Everyone moves closer to see. Even Mr. Shue comes in and they all watch how Blaine has been dancing alone at glee club, he was moving alone and then he just started to shake his butt. Then he finds out Tina is filming him and moves to the camera yelling at her. Everyone laughs.

“Blaine this is nothing to be embarrassed about” Mr. Shue recalls while Tina keeps replaying the video and everyone laughs.

“Yes, it is” Sam says while laughing.

“That’s a twerk fail nightmare” Blaine says as he crosses his arms embarrassed.

“No! this is a revelation” Mr. Shue walks towards Blaine and takes a seat next to him.

“If this is turning into what I think it is turning into…” Artie starts up “I just want to say its physically impossible for me to twerk” He lifts his arms.

“I beg to differ” Kitty says smirking.

And everyone laughs. Then Mr. Shue moves to the center of the room looking at them. And Marley stops smiling, oh no, here it goes… his assignment of the week… TWERKING. Seriously? She just told him last week that she was not comfortable with revealing clothes and now he wants her to learn to shake her butt? She was not happy with it.

“What if some of us don’t know how to twerk?” Marley asks feeling embarrassed by it, everyone looks at her.

“Have no fear, your twerk-tutorial is here” Mr. Shue says, trying to sound younger.

And everyone yells and claps, while Mr. Shue says that if they do what Blain did and right, they will win another trophy. But Marley is not sure about it. Somehow everyone starts to try to twerk, and Marley looks at them having fun. Jake comes to her and smiles.

“Don’t worry I’ll help you” He kisses her cheek and then rests his hand on her waist, while he shows how Unique, and everyone are trying to twerk.

Marley giggle while watching everyone having fun, but to her this was just something she could not do. Jake did not force her to even try, he just stood there being supportive. She kept telling herself how come they were so confident in shaking their bodies that way, it just was not something she found it fun at first, but she wouldn’t like to be suspended from glee club again, so she just sighed as Mr. Shue told everyone to head to the auditorium to practice.

Everyone was at the auditorium and Mr. Shue came last, he looked at us and clapped his hands.

“Alright everyone, we know our best dancers right now are Jake and Kitty” He pointed at them “So please guys, do the honors and teach us how to twerk” He smiles and looks at us.

Is this even appropriate? That is what Marley thought, but then kitty and Jake went to the front and started to show us. In a matter of minutes everyone was following their lead, Mr. Shue told us to keep practicing while he left the auditorium. Ryder started to move slowly and then glanced at Marley. That look made her a bit uncomfortable, but she gave him a small smile.

Jake was showing Blaine how to move and then he caught Ryder making eyes to Marley, he did not like that, but he felt himself getting angrier when he saw that she smiled at him. He was basically shaking his ass and pelvis to her and she smiled at him. He tried to be calm and walked towards Marley and place his hands on her hips, which made her jump a bit but then she looked at him.

“How are you doing?” Jake said to her smiling and glanced at Ryder who just stopped looking at his girl, good, she was his.

“I don’t get it” Marley giggle a bit while trying to move like Kitty, but she just couldn’t “Its just weird” She looked at him and he tighten his hands on her waist, which made her feel nervous.

“You can do it” He said and caught her eyes, he could see that same look she had last week. He loosens his grip on her waist and placed them on his “Look” he moved only his butt in slow circle motion and then looked at her “it’ll get easy” he smiled.

When he stopped touching her waist, she felt more comfortable and watch him move, he really was a great dancer. She smiled back and tried to do as he said but she just could not, so she just started to fool around, and both were laughing now and having fun.

It was time for class, and we all stopped, somehow Marley ended up having fun with this assignment. Jake took her to her next class and once they were at the door, he cupped her face and kissed her lightly then caressed her cheek and let go, he had to go to his classroom. Marley smiled at him and entered her class, sitting next to Unique.

“I’m just saying this week is going to be fun!” Unique said to Marley as she opened her book and winked at her “I saw you were having fun with Jake back there.”

“Jake’s been sweet these days” Marley said smiling and opening her book “We are good” She looked at the board and then at her book.

“I’m glad I was wrong about Bree and him…you know” Unique says whispering and Marley looks at her frowning “I’m just saying, he could’ve” she starts and then smiles “But he didn’t.”

“Yeah, he didn’t” Marley says it, but she did not sound confident. All the sudden her eyes landed on Bree; she was looking back at her smirking. Marley frown at her but then just decided to focus on class.

Marley was walking on the hallway and that’s when Kitty appeared in front of her. Kitty had come a long way, now they were friends, or she would like to think that…


It was after they lost sectionals because Marley fainted onstage, glee club was disbanded and only her and Finn wanted to focus on their last performance. But she found Kitty in the bathroom and she had been trying to convince her glee club friends to come to rehearsals with Finn, even if the competition was over.

Kitty was crying, which was weird to her, she never cried. Marley felt like she should talk to her. She entered the bathroom approaching Kitty.

“Are you crying?” Marley said as if it was not obvious, but she did not know how to talk to her.

“I have allergies” Kitty said trying to wipe away her tears “Probably to mediocrity that got worse when you came in” she could not face Marley.

“Its ok to be sad about glee club you know?” Marley approached her even though Kitty had her back turned to her. Marley sighed “I know you play the part of this awful bitch” She continued and this time Kitty looked at her “but I saw you dancing on sectionals” She finished and since Kitty just stared at her, she looked down “I mean…before I got tunnel vision and passed out” she braced herself to look up again to Kitty “You were having the time of your life” and smiled at her.

“Is there something wrong with you?” Kitty said looking annoyed, Marley just stared at her “Like I read online that they think Mr. Rogers was actually a psychopath cause no one can be that nice all the time” Kitty snapped at Marley, crossing her arms and without taking her eyes of her “I gaslighted you into thinking you were fat, turned you into a bulimic…” Then Kitty moved her eyes to the ground “what if you had fallen off the stage and really hurt yourself” Kitty’s voice came out soft and she sounded guilty, then she looked at Marley in the eyes “And now you come in here all kind and understanding, it is not normal!” Kitty almost shouted but kept her eyes on Marley.

“Well, I just think people do stuff for a reason” Marley turned her back to the sink and then looked at Kitty “And I think most mean people…” she glanced at kitty and then looked other way “are just scared of something” and then returned her eyes to Kitty.

“I’m not scared of you” Kitty snapped and look herself in the mirror.

“Then why tear me down?” Marley confronted her “Just for fun?” She really wanted to know. Kitty sighed and then turned to Marley.

“You know I was the most beautiful baby in the world?” She glared at Marley “Like for real, I won a contest” She stated, and Marley just looked at her “I’m the hottest bitch in whatever joint I’m in” She finished fixing her make up “that’s what I do, that’s all I do” She turned to Marley “And if that title is threatened then I protect my turf” She crossed away from her towards the exit “Didn’t you ever see Mirror, Mirror?”

Marley looked at Kitty and how she walked from her towards the exit. Did she just said she felt threatened by her?

“You think I’m pretty?” Marley said so softly, she could not believe it…

Kitty stopped on her tracks at Marley’s softly comment and turned around to look at her, Marley was with a slight smile and yet, she could see in her eyes that she did not believe it herself. Low self-stem, that’s why she was an easy target, but she will not be her target, not anymore.

“You weren’t supposed to get hurt” She felt tears coming out again but suppressed them “I mean look in the mirror, you’re like a size negative zero, you could have stopped to have a freaking chipotle before you went onstage” She stated firmly.

Marley looked herself in the mirror for a moment, she did not see herself like Kitty did. She shrugged and looked at Kitty.

“I’m a teenage girl, I see what I want to see when I look in the mirror” she said softly “But I’m never going to do anything like that ever again” She focused on the floor this time, remembering what she did to herself “I’m going to eat and dance” She tried to encourage herself like her specialist told her and Kitty could see that “and be happy…and healthy, and only step on a scale at the doctor’s office” Marley finished her speech and looked at Kitty.

Kitty gave her a slight smile before nodding her head to the ground. Good, cause if she ever found out Marley was starving herself again, she would made her eat or if she found out she was vomiting again she would make her see how bad that is.

“You are really talented you know?” Marley made Kitty snapped out of her thoughts with that comment “I mean been pretty isn’t your only thing” Marley gave Kitty a smile.

“I know” Kitty said and then looked at Marley “that’s why I’m so sad I ruined glee club” and looked down.

“Well we still have one more performance” Marley approached Kitty “I was gonna go work on song ideas…do you want to come?”

“No!” Kitty snapped at her but when Marley flinched, she whispered “What’s the point?” she sighed “You are the only one who’s into doing it” she shrugged.

“Ok” Marley said and walked towards the exit of the bathroom. Kitty closed her eyes irritated at her kindness.

“But thanks for asking.” Kitty said and offered Marley a slight smile. Marley looked at her and returned the smile before leaving.


Marley likes to think that since that conversation both came to an understanding and that’s why Kitty did not gave her hell anymore. They both respect each other.

“Marley we all know you are very nice and all but I need to talk to you” Kitty looked at Marley and it looked serious, so she just nodded “I’m sure you know that Bree girl has her eyes set on Jake aka your man” She stated and moved her head to a side expecting Marley to deny it but when she didn’t “I just want you to know that you can’t be nice to him if he falls into her trap” this made Marley frown which made Kitty try to be more specific.

“I know you and you will try to find an excuse for him, but you, me, and sweet baby Jesus know that he doesn’t deserve you” She said and then place her hands on her shoulders “If he hurts you, you come to me first” Now she was glaring at her “I don’t want you hurt yourself” her voice came in like a whisper.

She cared; Kitty cared for Marley. Marley looked at her and smiled, Kitty rolled her eyes suppressing a smile, and then let go of Marley.

“Thanks Kitty, but Jake’s been kinda amazing these past days” Marley smiled remembering her last days with Jake.

“That is exactly why I worry…He has been extra nice” Then started to walk towards their next class “I’m just doing what I should, friends look out for friends right?” She said and before Marley said anything “Oh for crying out loud, of course, we are friends Marley” both giggled.

“Thanks Kitty” Marley smiled and Kitty looked at her “And yes, if something happens I’ll come to you first” then she rolled her eyes mimicking her, which made Kitty smile and shake her head.

“You really need to be sassier” She stated as they entered their next class.

“That’s what I’ve been telling her, but she just can’t” Unique came behind them getting her usual seat next to Marley.

As class started Marley drifted to her last conversation…Kitty and Unique worry too much about Jake and Bree. If something would’ve happened, he would have told her… right? She started to feel a nut on her stomach. Fear, she feared her friend’s thoughts could be true. Her eyes landed on Bree, she was smirking as always, and then she remembered that one time she peeked at Jake’s class with her. The way she moved her body against him and holding his back in a sexy way.

But Jake wasn’t like that. He wouldn’t hurt her…not like that, not with her.

End of chapter


Chapter Text

Jake was in the bathroom of school, between classes, he was washing his hands when Bree came in. He looked at her and frown as she approaches him swaying her hips.

“You’ve been ignoring me all week” She smirked and tried to pull him into a kiss, he pushed her away.

“Go away Bree!” He said annoyed.

“You didn’t have a problem last week” She placed her hands on her hips.

Jake looked at her and shake his head heading towards the door.

“Marley will find out what you did” She stated now being serious.

That made him stop and turned around to face her.

“I didn’t do anything.” He said seriously.

“Oh yeah? Are you sure about it?” She smirked and came closer to him “It’s your word against mine” she smiled and then opened the door “You can’t think there won’t be consequences to your actions Puckerman” She said and walked away.

Jake stood there for a minute. Bree will tell Marley and whatever she says she is going to exaggerate whatever happened last week. Yes, it's his fault, he kissed Bree and touch her body, but he didn’t sleep with her…yet he still cheated right? Just as he decided to go and find Marley, he saw that Ryder was there looking at him.

“Hey man” Jake said trying to be cool about it. Did he see or heard anything?

“Hey, Mr. Shue said that he wants us to do a number at the auditorium with the new movements you taught us” Ryder look at him and forced himself to sound normal, but something was off.

“Oh Ok, yes I’ll see you there then” Jake crossed his way and Ryder hold his arm. Jake just stood there and looked at him.

“What is your deal with Bree?” Ryder said as he looked at Jake.

“Nothing man, she is crazy.” Jake said but Ryder kept his hand on his arm “She wants me ok? But I just want Marley, who I’m going to meet right now” He says calmly.

Ryder looks at him up and down and then lets go of his arm. Jake looks at him and starts to walk away.

“If you hurt her, you’ll be stupid.” Ryder says aloud and Jake stops in his tracks, turns to look at him “She doesn’t deserve to get hurt.” Ryder says and then he just walks away.

Jake stays silent and then shaking his head walks to meet up with Marley. She must have finish class already, so she will be heading to the cafeteria to talk to her mom. He walks towards the cafeteria.

As he approaches the cafeteria, he sees her. Marley, she is in front of him. Her hands in her pockets as she walks, her backpack secured behind her. Normally she would be smiling but right now she was serious. He would do anything to make her smile always. He approached her and before she could turn around to get to the cafeteria, he grabbed her by the waist and spun her towards him. Marley did not see that coming and for stopping herself from falling she ended up wrapping her arms around whoever made her spin like that, that is when she saw his face, Jake.

“Hey” He said smiling and kissed her cheek sweetly.

“Hey” Marley smiled at him and moved her arms to his neck.

“Ready for lunch?” He said and placed his hands on her waist, looking at her smiling.

“Yeah” Marley said and then crashed her lips with his.

Normally Jake would just stay there and then separate but with Bree threat, he knew it was a matter of time before Marley finds out what happened…either from Bree or he, she will find out eventually. So, this time he deepened the kiss, pulling her closer and asking for entrance at her mouth. Surprisingly, Marley did not hesitate and allow him entrance. He explored her mouth with his tongue gently and in a matter of seconds they were making out in the alley of school, forgetting the world existed around them.

Even though Marley is the one who snaps back to reality and pulls away from making such a scene, she did not want to this time. She wanted to just let herself feel this way with him, to be the one he wanted to kiss like this, to be with him. Sadly, for both, they needed to breathe. They pulled away enough to let the air into their lungs. That’s when it hit them, they were at the alley making a scene.

“Let’s go” Jake said while he moved one hand to caress her cheek. Marley moved her head to his hand and lightly kissed it.

With just those gestures Jake could tell how she felt about him. He wanted to let her know he was into her just as much as she was. He hoped he was telling her all that.

“Okay” she said and this time she did move away but then extended her hand, he took it and they intertwined their fingers as they head for lunch.

They were all in the auditorium, Mr. Shue was clapping at how everyone moved and twerk. Marley just had fun; she was shaking her whole body.

“Marley come on, I’m sure you can do it.” Blaine said to her as he shakes his butt “You just have to concentrate once, and then it's natural.”

“I’m just gonna have to go at the back, next to Tina and Ryder” Marley giggles and stops moving “I’ll be rooting for you all though” She states.

And as they are dancing and fooling around, Finn appears from the door and smiles at them. Mr. Shue stands up and goes to hug him. After they hug, they start to talk, Marley sees Finn and smiles.

“Finn!” She shouts and everyone realizes he is there. They all come to receive him.

Finn connected with them, they were all full of talent and wanting to belong somewhere, they belong here, with glee club with him and Mr. Shue.

“It’s so good to see you! I’ve finished my exams so I’m here to help you kick ass at nationals!” He shouted and everyone shouted back.

The truth is that they bonded so much with Finn that when he was around, they felt more powerful. He understood them and knew how much this club meant to everyone.

“We are so glad you are here Finn; the lesson of this week is to learn how to improve our moves—”

“By twerking?” Finn completed with a tone in his voice that showed he was not a fan of the idea.

“It's just to help them loosen up.” Mr. Shue says smiling.

“Yeah, but some of them might not be comfortable with it” Finn said, and his eyes landed on Marley, then on Artie, and then back to Mr. Shue.

“You think I’m making them do something they don’t want to?” Mr. Shue sounded offended.

Marley and the others felt awkward. It was common that Finn and Mr. Shue were not on the same page, but this time Marley felt on Finn’s side. Sure, it was fun to twerk but it really didn’t make her comfortable.

“I’m just saying we could make some other dance moves for the ones who are not comfortable twerking” He smiles.

Mr. Shue took a second to realize what he said and nodded. He was right, maybe he was just thinking about winning so much that these past two weeks his assignments have been a bit too much for some, especially Marley. They’ve talked about her when the glee club entered back to the game due to the technicality that the Dalton academy used steroids.


“We can’t take your eyes off of Marley Mr. Shue” Finn said while they were deciding on the setlist.

“I know but her mom said she’s been going to a specialist and it’s been treated. Besides, I see her ok” Mr. Shue said while he was choosing the song sheets.

“Yes, I know that, but she has an eating disorder…and I read online that those kinds of things need to be handled all the time” Finn started and waited for Mr. Shue to look at him, when he did, he continued “It requires support, from the glee club, from us…she has talent” He takes one of the sheet music scores and shows it to Mr. Shue “She sure can write great songs” He smiled.

“All or nothing” Mr. Shue reads the title and looks at Finn “It is a great song.”

“Perfect to finish the setlist for regionals” he smiled “Now you just need to figure out the rest of the setlist.”

“And to win the next trophy.” Mr. Shue says.

They both smiled and Mr. Shue placed the song “All or Nothing” to the side of picked songs.


Mr. Shue nodded again and turned to the students.

“Finn is right, I’m sure we can all twerk and dance amazing. But we need to focus on what we have” He paused and then looked at Marley “Talent” then to everyone “Soul, moves and amazing voices” he clapped “We need to work together, and even though it is the last competition for some of you, but also to leave a legacy!” He smiled.

“And I know you all have great voices, so we just need to focus on our talents, combined them, and figure out a setlist that will get us another National’s trophy!” Finn shouted encouraging everyone.

Everyone shouted excited about winning. Then the bell rang, and everyone started to get ready for their next class. As Marley picked her backpack, Finn approached her.

“So, you chose what songs you want everyone to sing?” He said to her and Marley smiled.

“Yeah I have some” She took out her folder and some sheet music scores and offered them to Finn “I think Outcast should be sung, but there are others that I think would showcase each of our talents, especially Unique!” She says.

“You all are very talented, and it’s time you recognize that you are one of our secret weapons too, Marley.” Finn says to her.

Marley smiles shyly and nods slightly. Finn could see how shy she was, he couldn’t quite figure out what made her doubt the talent she had.

“Thank you.” Marley said

“I’m just saying the truth, Jake’s got the moves, Blaine is an awesome singer, Unique has an amazing voice and her belting….but you, you put your soul out there and you don’t even notice how talented you are…Mercedes told me about your belting, which I knew ever since you and Unique auditioned for the musical.” Finn says it proudly, which cause Marley to laugh and then she looked at him.

“I mean about the dancing…” She said and looked at him “Thanks for looking out for me” She smiled.

Finn smiles at her while he holds the papers up and then turns around, walking towards Shue to show him the songs.

Marley sees both talking about her songs, she hopes one of them is picked. Then Jake comes next to her and kisses her cheek.

“You know if I didn’t know Finn is in love with that Rachel everyone talks about…I could be jealous.” He says as he picks her backpack and holds her hand, leading her out of the auditorium.

“You can’t be jealous of Finn” She giggles “He is just looking out for me” She walks holding his hand “And yes, Rachel is the love of his life so no need to be jealous” She smiles, and he smiles back.

“It isn’t it weird though?” Jake thinks aloud and Marley frowns and looks at him, he notices he talk aloud so now he needs to say it “I mean, he says Rachel is the love of his life…that they are endgame and yet, they are not together” he frowns at the thought “How does that make sense?” He stops and looks at Marley.

She looks at him up, thinking about what he said and her conversations with Finn. She remembered saying something like that to Finn and he replied to her something that made sense. So, she just repeated what he said.

“When you know you found your person, you just have to trust that if you are meant to be, you will be” She shrugged “You can’t expect nothing to change, I mean he knew she wanted to be a Broadway star…he loved her so much he let her follow her dream, to be a star, without him” She smiled “They say when you love someone you should let them go, if they come back they are yours but if they don’t they were never meant to be yours.” She says looks as she at Jake who is staring at her shocked.

“And you believe all that?” Jake finally says as he tries to keep his gaze on her eyes, those ocean blue eyes.


“Marley! Class is starting!” Tina yelled and Marley looked at Jake.

He was waiting for an answer, but she would give it to him later. She needed to go to class. She smiled and kissed his cheek and ran to her class. Leaving Jake on the alley, he looked at her as she went to class. His heart beating fast at the thought that his moments with her were going to fade soon. He needs to talk to her…does he? He could only think of talking to someone, he could go to class or solve this. He shook his head, pulled his phone out, and dial a number, he walked fast to an empty room to talk.

“Hello, my brother from another mother” Puck answered, and Jake rolled his eyes.

“Hi Bro…I need your advice” Jake said, looking around if anyone was listening.

“Sure, shoot.” Puck replied, seems like was taking a break.

“I screw things up with Marley” Jake spills it and closes his eyes at the thought of it.

“Wait. You did not pull a Puckerman right?” Puck sounded angry “I told you that if you were serious you needed to make sure you wouldn’t screw it up” He stated.

“I didn’t…I mean look there is this chick. Her name is Bree…and she kept throwing herself at me” Jake paused and started to whisper “She made me want more with Marley and then I tried to take things the other level—"

“Doesn’t your chick have some eating disorder?”

“Yeah but she—"

“Then why would you do that? She was not ready! Was she?”

“No, she wasn’t!” Jake shouts but then calms “So when she left me, wanting that…I went back to this girl and we…” Jake looked around again.

“You screw her?” Puck sounded disappointed.

“No, we just kissed…ok we made out…but then I realized I couldn’t do this and just stopped.” Jake said and waited for some reply when he didn’t hear anything he sighed “I lost her right?”

“That depends on…” Puck finally said as to finding a way to tell him “whether she will she find out from you or through anyone else.”

“Bree has been blackmailing me…since I rejected her, she wants to take revenge and tell Marley” Jake places the back of his head to the wall “Either I tell her, or she does…”

 “I’m sorry Bro…I don’t see how this will end well” He sighed “I’m sure you wanted me to tell you to lie to her and deny anything this Bree girl says…but I know you really liked this chick Marley…and as someone who lost someone I really liked before, I can tell you that time will be the answer…tell her what happened and then only time will tell what happens.” Puck said that and those words hit Jake more than anything.

“Thanks for the advice” Jake hanged up without hearing anything else and then slid to the ground with his back to the wall. There is no way he can push this further; he needs to tell her everything and brace whatever happened next.

Marley was walking down the school alley to get to glee club. Bree was laughing at something with the other cheerios and then she approached Marley with her phone.

“Hey Marley! Have you seen this vine?” She said and Marley looked at her and then at her phone “I call it ‘Squeezing’ out a Twerkle Head’ “and she laughed a bit, Marley did not seem that video funny.

It was her and Jake at the practice of twerking. How did Bree got into the auditorium and filmed them, without them knowing? Obviously, she was just making fun of her, while the video zoomed to her shaking her whole body.

“It looks like you’ve got a bad case of the spastic butt coughs” and looked at Marley smirking.

Marley will not give her the satisfaction, she faked laugh “Good one. You are hilarious” And then she continued to move on “Like, Comedy Central Funny” She said sarcastically trying to really get away from her.

“Hey, I was just trying to be helpful” Bree gets in front of her, blocking her way out “I’d be happy to give you twerk lessons” She says confidently. Marley just stares at her “Twerking is not that hard. Not if you have the right partner” Marley rolled her eyes and look down, so Bree just wanted to hurt her more “How do you think your boyfriend got so good at it?” and smirked.

Marley immediately looks from the floor to her. What did she just say?

“Oh yeah, Jake didn’t tell you?” Bree said trying to sound apologetic and Marley just looked at her “After your pathetic night of ‘Don’t touch me there, I mean it Jake’” She mock her and then smirked “He came running to me.” She dropped the bomb.

Marley stared at Bree, sinking everything she just said. She couldn’t be telling the truth…but then how does she know what happened between her and Jake…did he tell her? No, this was Bree trying to get between them, to break them up. She is making up lies…

“And we twerked all night long” Bree smirked at Marley and waited for her reply.

“I know you and you will try to find an excuse for him…” Kitty said to her.

Marley shook her head at Bree.

“No, Jake’s not like that” Marley defended him and got angry that everyone was trying to make her doubt him, not gonna happen “And if he was…” Marley felt rage taken over her, no need to be good to this one…she is bad “he would aim a lot higher than trash like you” she finished saying that, snapping at her, like Kitty taught her once, maybe Kitty has been a great teacher after all.

Marley started to walk away when Bree gasped dramatically. Marley looked at her confused.

“That is slut-shaming” Bree placed her hand on her chest and looked at her “You are using the derogatory label ‘trash’ for a female’s natural sensuality.” She tried to sound clever, Marley crossed her arms and looked at her shaking her head in disbelief “It’s femiphobic, neo-retro-genderist and a clear form of sexual bullying.” She states.

Marley just looked at her. What was she saying?

“And as this beautiful poster clearly states, this is a bully-free zone” Bree acted offended “But I will be the better person and not report you to Principal Sylvester for immediate expulsion” she sounded serious and in a blink of an eye she went back to smile “By the way, you know that cute little mole on Jake’s right hip?” She joked around and Marley stared at her “And when you kiss it, it drives him absolutely crazy?”

Marley widen her eyes; this is what she feared. That Bree could get to her by telling the worst of lies.

“Oh, right” Her smile turned into a smirk and glare “You wouldn’t know about that, would you?” Bree made sure Marley was listening because for a second, she could swear she was having a heart attack “Well trust me” She leans closer “He loves it” and with that she walks away from her, smirking.

Bree thought to herself: Mission accomplished.

Marley stood there frozen. Repeating everything Bree just told her. Then she just remembered what her friends said to her.

Unique looked at her and then pull her into an embrace "You don't need to change Marley" pulled away and cups her face "Don't do anything you are not comfortable with."

“…but you, me, and sweet baby Jesus know that he doesn’t deserve you” Kitty holds her by the shoulders.

“Thanks Kitty, but Jake’s been kinda amazing these past days” Marley smiled remembering her last days with Jake.

“That is exactly why I worry…He has been extra nice” Kitty said.

Marley took a deep breath. She needed to find Jake. Now.

End of chapter

Chapter Text

Jake came back from Marley’s classroom confused, Unique told him she didn’t make it to class, which was weird, she never misses a class, like ever. He needed to find her and talk to her. He walked to his locker and leave his book, screw next class he will find Marley and talk to her. He will say everything and then embrace whatever happens.

Then his locker was closed by a hand, Marley’s hand. She had a different look, a sadder…angrier look.

“Hey, I was just about to come find you.” He said it calmly, but he couldn’t read her face, she never looked at him this way.

“Pull down your pants” She demanded; Marley never demanded anything “I want to see your right hip” Then she looked down and there it was, her puffy eyes, she’s been crying “I wanna see if there is a mole if she’s telling the truth” Then she looked up at him, a tear rolled down her face.

“Who?” Jake said, why did she want to see his mole? Not many knew about it, especially Marley since they never…only the girls he slept with, but that was before Marley…

“Please, tell me there is no mole” Marley now changed her voice from demanding to a pleading one, holding back tears “Please tell me she is just lying to screw with my head” fighting tears was not an option now, she let more tears roll down her face “Please tell me you didn’t really cheat on me” She tries to be clear even though she cannot stop the tears rolling down her face. She took a deep breath before completing her plea “especially…with…her”

Bree. Marley is talking about Bree. What did she tell her? How did Bree know about his mole? Probably she asked around to any of my other conquests. Bree finally did it, she got to Marley before he could. It’s his fault, he wanted to tell her but just couldn’t face having her like this…hurt… Jake looked down and then at Marley, how he can tell her that he screwed things up but stopped before it went too far.

“Marley…” He said slowly while taking her hands.

“Oh my god!” Marley gasped and let more tears fall as she looked down.

“I’m sorry I—” Jake started to say and getting close to her.

“Just stop. Just stop!” and with all the force she had left she pushed him.

She pushed him with such force that she bounced back to the lockers hitting her shoulder and arm with it. She didn’t care of that pain; her heart was hurting more. Jake cheated on her. He broke her trust.

Jake stood there as he heard Marley hit herself with the lockers. He tried to see if she was ok but then she just pushed him with her shoulder to walk away from him. Marley walked away from him, she didn’t know where, but she knew she had to be far from him. As soon as Marley left, Jake hit the lockers with his fists. Just then he felt tears coming down his face.

As much as she wanted to get as far away as she could, she only made it as far as the auditorium. She looked around, memories coming to her…it hurt her, a lot, and the worst part of it all is that she knew something was up…she just knew.

She looked behind her, the piano. It must be there because the glee club will be using it afterwards. The glee club, Jake was part of it, will he turn up? He wouldn’t dare…She sat down and started to play the only song that came to her head now.

We clawed, we chained, our hearts in vain, we jumped, never asking why” She started to sing along while she played the song “We kissed, I fell under your spell…a love no one could deny” she closed her eyes and let out her feelings the only way she could “Don't you ever say I just walked away…I will always want you…I can't live a lie, running for my life, I will always want you…” she paused, feeling more tears coming out.

If any glee club member entered the room and heard her singing this song, would they know? Would they pick her side? Her side for what? To kick Jake out of glee club of course. She knew that wouldn’t be wise, like it or not he was talented and if they wanted to win Nationals, they needed him…she needed him.

I came in like a wrecking ball!” She belted that note and decide to just get carried away “I never hit so hard in love. All I wanted was to break your walls…all you ever did was wreck me” She never sang like this. She could feel her anger and sadness coming together “Yeah, you…you wreck me”. She kept playing the song on the piano. No one at glee club knew she could play it, well Jake heard her mention it but never saw her play.

I never meant to start a war…I just wanted you to let me in” She sighs as she pauses playing the piano and then just memories of her and Jake come to her mind “I guess I should've let you win…” She closed her eyes as everything Bree said and then Jake apologizing came to her mind, she played the keys of the piano like a pro “Don't you ever say I just walked away…I will always want you” And she stopped.

Took a deep breath, the auditorium was empty, she just needed to let it all out.

I came in like a wrecking ball! I never hit so hard in love. Left me crashing in a blazing fall” Kept playing and singing pouring all of her soul in it “All you ever did…was wreck me” She goes back to play slowly.

As she remembers how Jake sang to her A thousand years just a few days in the same place she realizes she’s been crying this whole time and almost mumbles the last bit “Yeah, you, you wreck me…” She finishes and looks down.

Then a clap is heard. Marley stands up scared and walks to the front of the stage to see who is clapping. She approaches and then she sees him, approaching as well.

“Finn…” She says.

“That was really good” He climbs onstage and looks at her “I can see you’ve been holding back” He smiles and points at her “You can play the piano” he points at it.

“Yeah…I learned it while my mom was working for this old woman, she had a piano and lost mobility of her hands, so she couldn’t play and I learnt…to play for her” She smiles shyly, trying to wipe her tears away.

“Well I would say you play it more than ok” He nods “I play the drums” He smiles at her “You should show this talent to Mr. Shue”

“I don’t know Finn…”

“I’m sure that way Blane isn’t the only one who can—"

“Not today Finn” She ends up blurting out a little too loud.

Finn looks at her. He wanted to evade the fact that she was a wreck of emotions. He knew how liberating it felt to sing here in the auditorium, just sing what one was feeling…the times he, Rachel or even Kurt came here to scream their feelings in a song.

“Look…I didn’t want to bring it up but—”

“You are going to do it anyways” Marley crossed her arms and looked at him.

“If Jake hurt you, he must be sorry…I see the way he looks at you. He loves you” He says and Marley can’t help but roll her eyes

“Yeah right, he doesn’t love me…he never did” Marley spats and a tear rolls down her face.

“He does, I see it on his face…he looks at you like I see Rachel” He smiles “Sure, she scared me…most of the times” he chuckles and Marley too “But there was….there is no one like her” He smiles “She is so talented that I know I have to let her be a star…without me” he looks down and then clears his throat “Jake looks at you the same exact way” He looks at her.

“Well, you never cheated on Rachel” Marley says almost in a whisper.

Finn started to chuckle and then he was laughing. Marley looked at him frowning, why was he laughing?

“Finn? Are you ok?” she says, and Finn still laughs then he nods and stops laughing for a bit. Marley just looks at him.

“I’m sorry” he chuckles “Is just…there has been so much cheating it just hit me this might be the first time it happens within your group” He smiles shaking his head.

“Did you cheat on Rachel?!” Marley backs away angry “You men are all the same! Why can’t you—”

“Marley! Rachel cheated on me” Finn clarifies, and Marley looks at him “Well first Quinn cheated on me…then Rachel” He frowns “I know how it feels, it sucks” He says and Marley looks at him.

“I’m sorry Finn…I just—”

“You are hurting” Finn says to her “It’s ok, your heart feels as if it has been shattered in million pieces and you feel like you won’t recover” He gives her a slight smile “But you will Marley.”

Marley nods and gives him a slight smile.

“Should we go back to the choir room and tell Mr. Shue about your awesome not so new ability?” He says and Marley ends up smiling.

“Ok…” She says.

Finn smiles and walks with her to towards the choir room.


Mr. Shue was talking with Finn and Marley at the choir room. Finn and Mr. Shue sounded excited; Jake knew it was not the moment to interrupt. Marley was smiling again, but he knew her…she was trying her best to look ok. He sighed and sat at the back of the room, landing his eyes on Marley.


Marley was with the rest of the club sitting at the back while Jake was singing a song he chose for Marley. Meaning every word he sings.

If you let me…I can help you with all of that” He is singing without taking his eyes from Marley, and she looks at him “Let me love you…and I will love you until you learn to love yourself” Marley smiled looking down, he just looked at her while singing “let me love you, a heart of numbness, gets brought to life. I'll take you there” He smiles slightly.

The music starts to pick up, everyone is staring at him and Marley. Finn looks behind him and smiles looking back at Jake. After her faint and the struggles she faces daily, this song is just sweet and Jake picked it just for her.

I can see the pain behind your eyes it's been there for quite a while” He says and Marley can feel herself starting to tear up “I just wanna be the one to remind you what it is to smile” Jake locks his eyes on her and smiles a bit, she returns a slight smile to him “I would like to show you what true love can really do” and then he closes his eyes feeling the music and her, just her in his mind.

Marley looks at him, so talented singing this song. He could’ve shown his dance skills why did he chose this song? Although every word he sings does sink in her heart and the fact that he keeps his eyes on her as if he was singing to her.

Let me love you…and I will love you until you learn to love yourself” He belted out and keeping his eyes on her.

Marley felt her heart beating fast, this is what falling means like, she loved him and there was no turning back.

Let me love you, and all your trouble.” He controls his down voice and then just let’s the next lines to be interpret as they should “Don't be afraid, oh I can help” He closes his eyes one last time “let me love you, a heart of numbness, gets brought to life. I'll take you there.”

The music slows down, and Jake breathes in and looks at the pianist for his cue and then back at Marley. She smiles slightly at him.

Let me love you…and all your trouble. Don’t be afraid, oh I can help” He finishes and smiles.

Everyone claps, Marley snaps out of it and suppressing her tears she claps as well.

“That was awesome man! Absolutely a contender for regionals” Finn says.

“Who was that song for?” Britney asks.

Jake feels his throat closing but decides to just admit it. He loves Marley, he won’t deny it anymore.

“oh, that was for Marley” He looks shyly to the floor and then at her.

Marley felt her heart beating faster than before.

“Is there anything else you wanted to say to her?” Ryder pushes in.

Marley glances at Ryder and then at Jake, feeling like she is waiting for a lottery ticket or something. Jake looks at her and then chickens out.

“I think the song pretty much said it” and then he gives a smile at Marley, one that she returns shyly.

Echoes of ‘aww” can be heard while others clap. But Jake is just looking at her and Marley at him.


Jake is looking at Marley as she hugs Unique and then she is just talking to her and then Kitty walks in and they both chat for a bit. Then he looked at Finn with Mr. Shue, they were both talking and Mr.s Shue looked like he was nodding at something. Then he went to the board and erased “Twerk” from the board which made everyone get quiet.

“But the week is not finished!” Kitty shouted.

“Yeah, we were just getting started” Blaine complained.

“I know, I know guys…but we are four weeks away from Nationals and we need to focus…Finn is right we need to focus on what we have and not something that is just not us” He smiles and then some agree others just protest.

Jake looks at Marley, she is just quietly sitting. Jake didn’t pay attention to whatever Mr. Shue and Finn were saying. He just glanced at Marley, that’s all he cared about…Marley and he wanted her so badly to look at him. She then lift her hand up.

“Yes Marley?” Mr. Shue said

“I’m glad we can choose to do other stuff. If you want us to be honest, then I’ll say it this week and last week I didn’t feel comfortable doing any of the assignments” Marley blurted out, which made almost everyone gasped, but Jake. He knew she was hurting, and it was what made her come out and say things like that.

“Honestly, I just had awful weeks” She sighed and sat down.

“Thank you for your honesty Marley” Mr. Shue nodded and then he started to talk about what makes everyone special.

Jake just looked at Marley, is none at glee club aware of what happened yet? She did not tell anyone. Then he sensed eyes on him… He glanced at Ryder, but no, he was looking at Marley, like he always does. The eyes came from…he looked up front, yes, him… Finn was looking at him and then quickly to another side. He knew.

“Alright then we are moving on…no regrets…no looking back” Mr. Shue said and suddenly Marley felt as if that was meant to her, while Jake felt the same, he just wished Marley didn’t.

“I’ve got out perfect song!” Blaine shouted.

And in minutes we were running to the auditorium. Jake was just following everyone, but he just wanted a minute to talk to Marley.

We are young, we are one…Let us shine for what it's worth” Blaine was singing and then everyone just joined in chorus.

To your place, place, place, We're on our way, way, way…We're on our way” Everyone was singing and just running around and having fun. Then they started to pair up and get ready to high five in pairs…of course since no one knew what happened between him and Marley, they let them be pairs.

To your place, place, place. We're on our way, way, way” They were singing while high-fiving.

We're on our way, way, way. We're on our way somehow” First Artie and Kitty, then Tina and Blaine, then Unique and Blaine and then it was Jake and Marley’s turn.

And as they both got close, Marley just crossed away from Jake and he looked down with his hands in his pockets crossing to the other side.

This night will never end; this night will never end” Unique sang as Marley walked to a side.

Finn and Mr. Shue were looking the performance and then Finn pointed out to Marley, making everyone aware that she was finishing the song.

Hold me close, we're losing time…Hold me close, we're falling to the ground” Marley sang, and Jake stood there watching her.

Everyone was cheering after the number finished and Finn even yelled ‘Awesome!’ Marley just hugged herself with her arms and when Unique came to her she offered a slight smile.

“I think I’ll just go home” She said and then smiled at everyone and waved goodbye.

Unique frown and followed her with her eyes. Marley walked near Jake and managed to look him for the first time in the eyes. Jake took that as an invitation to approach her and he did.

“Marley…” He started and Marley just shook her head at him, looking down again, avoiding his eyes.

“Goodbye Jake” She said and then just walked away from him.

That word suddenly hit him. She was really saying goodbye to him.


End of chapter

Chapter Text

It’s been a whole week. Jake has tried to talk to her, left her multiple notes to meet by the bleachers or in the choir room, she never replied nor appeared on either place. Unique also ignored him whenever he asked for her help.


Jake came to Unique, who was closing her locker.

“Please Unique, I just need her to hear me out—”

“Not another word Puckerman” Unique turned to him and looked him up and down “I told Marley you were a bad seed…” shakes her head “I just hoped I was wrong” then she rolls her eyes and turns away from him.

“You are wrong!” Jake pulled her arm to make her face him “Marley needs to know that.”

“You may have fooled Marley, but you don’t fool me” Unique yanked her arm from his grip “And I will make sure she never gets hurt by you, not again” and then she just walked away.


So, Unique was never going to be his way back to Marley. Perhaps he could try Kitty but she is a bit unpredictable. He shook his head and tried to pay attention to what Mr. Shue was saying about this week’s assignment. Finn was next to him and there was something about Blane and Sam not been this week in school due to college applications.

Marley was trying to listen to Mr. Shue but her mind kept going to her thoughts of Jake and it made her angry how she couldn’t just stop thinking about him. She did talk to Unique and Kitty about what happened and surprisingly they didn’t tell her ‘I told you so’ they just hugged her and comfort her.

Finn was smiling at his suggestion of this week’s assignment; it was his idea and Mr. Shue was very happy with the idea. After all not many know him as they should.

“…I’ve always believed that you have to pursue what you loved” Mr. Shue said as he placed a hand on his heart and smile.

Jake glanced at Marley, and for a moment he could swear she looked at him too.

“That’s why this week’s assignment is about a kid who struggled for years…” Then he pointed out to Finn, as he started to write the name on the board.

Marley looked away and then back at Jake, he was still looking at her. She moved her eyes from him just in time to read the name on the board.

“Billy Joel!” Finn shouted extremely excited.

Mr. Shue went on about how they all can relate to Billy Joel. That he was told he’ll never make it because of how he looked.

“Translation, too Jewish” Jake tried to joke around, no one laughed, and Marley ended up rolling her eyes, which made Jake look down to the table.

Ryder caught that. Something was up and he had noticed that. He noticed also that Marley didn’t eat lunch with him or walk with him to classes. Instead, she was either with Unique and Kitty or with Finn…Finn liked him, he would tell him what’s going on…he tried for so long to suppress his feelings for Marley, but he knew he just couldn’t shake her off. And if she and Jake were not dating anymore… Ryder felt himself smile. His smile faded when he heard Sam and Blaine saying that they would miss this week’s assignment due to college applications.

“Ok, so see you tomorrow with some songs prepared” Mr. Shue said, and the bell rang “You are dismissed” He smiled and started to collect his stuff.

Then everyone was heading to their next classes. Jake saw Marley hurrying to leave class, Unique followed her quickly. Kitty pushed him with her shoulder and when he looked at her, she shook her head and walked out of the classroom. Jake sighed, ok so Kitty would not be the option. He walked to his class trying to think what to do, then he thought of Finn, but when he came back he saw that Ryder was heading towards Finn, he would have to talk to him later and walked to class.

“Hey Finn” He said, and Finn looked at him “Can I talk to you for a minute?”

“Sure, what is it?” Finn said as he walks with him out of glee club.

“Do you know what is up with Marley?” Ryder said and Finn stopped walking and looked at him “I always cared for her and I worry she might be…you know…” He didn’t want to say but the other possibility is that Marley was hurting herself again.

“Marley is doing fine, she is not going down the same path” Finn assured him “She just had a personal problem” He says.

“Which problem? Maybe I can help?” Ryder insists.

“I think you need to ask her yourself Ryder, it is not my place to say” He smiles and then pats his back “Good luck, head to class” He said as Ryder nodded and ran to his class.

Marley came to her locker and as soon as she opened it, tons of roses fell. This has to be Jake. How did he break into her locker? She kicked the roses aside and grabbed her book. She felt angry…hurt…angrier than hurt to be honest. She walked down the alley and Jake appeared next to her, holding a single rose.

“I’m sorry” He said trying to make her look at him.

“For breaking into my locker?” She kept walking, fast if it was possible.

“For breaking your trust…” He came in front of her “Marley, wait” He blocked her way. She stopped walking and look at him “Look…I want to tell you everything, I know Bree might have told you things, but I want to tell you my version now” He said calmly.

“I don’t have the time now Jake” Marley wanted to be strong, it will not change what he did, he slept with Bree, he cheated.

“Please listen, let me start by saying that I’m sorry…truly sorry” He starts saying.

“You shouldn’t have to” She says, and he is caught off guard “You are who you are…and I knew who you were when I got into this” she will not let him see her cry again “It was stupid of me to try to change you” She looks away frustrated.

“I did change. I’m not that guy anymore. If you just—”

“You are” She states it. She knows this will hurt him, she wants him to feel at least a bit of what she has felt this week. “You will always be that guy” and with that, she knew she hurt him. His face changed, he looked at her in disbelief. She shook her head and walked away from him.

Jake stood there holding the single rose in his hand as he not only saw her walk away but also felt her slipping away.

Ryder saw the whole scene. He was right, he hurt her…they broke up and they weren’t together anymore. He nodded and head back to class.


Jake came into the choir room, and as he expected Finn was there looking through some sheet music. He cleared his throat and Finn glanced back seeing him.

“Jake” He said as he was looking through the music sheets again “Shouldn’t you be in class?”

“I wanted to talk to you” He gets to be next to him and looks at him. Finn doesn’t reply so he just continues “It’s about Marley, I know she told you” He says and then Finn sighs and nods.

Finn leaves the sheet music and places his hands on the piano and looks at Jake in disbelief.

“Why did you do it man?” He said and before he can reply “You love her, I know what loving someone looks like…so why did you?” He shakes his head and looks at him.

“Because I got confused…I thought I wanted…needed something she wasn’t able to give” He says and Finn looks at him confused “But I realized that I just want…need her” He says and breathes out in frustration “But she won’t even let me talk to her…” He looks at Finn.

“It’s because she is hurt, you need to give her time” He says, “But I don’t think she will ever forget you sleeping with another one” He says as he shrugged.

“I didn’t” Jake says firmly. This makes Finn look at him confused “I did go and find Bree after what happened with Marley, I did ask her to have sex with me…” He says and then pulls a chair, sitting in it “We found a room here at school…she lay down and we made-out…” He looks down at the floor without looking at Finn “Then when I was about to take off her cheerio uniform…” He frowns and then looks at Finn “All I wanted was Marley…and I stopped” He stands up from the chair and walks towards Finn “I stopped it!” He says firmly.

Finn looks at him with his eyes wide open. He was in a big mess. And he didn’t know how to help him.

“It sucks that she told a different story to Marley” Finn says and brings a hand to his neck “I don’t think she will believe you” He frowns.

“I just want to tell her I have not slept with anyone, not since we started dating” He says and sighs “I know I still cheated…but I just want her to know how sorry I am and that I will never ever hurt her again…I want another chance” He says.

Finn nods and pats his back and sighs.

“I don’t think it will be that easy Jake…give her time and when she’s ready to talk she will” Finn says,

“What do I do while I wait?” Jake says frustrated.

“You can focus your energy on Nationals?” He says and gives him a piece of sheet music “You are very talented” He smiles.

Jake reads the sheet music title ‘My Life’ and just looks up to Finn and nods.

Jake was pulling up weights at the gym, thinking about his conversation with Finn. Then thinking about what Marley said to him. He did change. He loves her and he will figure out a way to make know it. Now, he just needed to think about Nationals, Finn was right, time will come and she will have to listen to him. Then he felt footsteps approaching.

“Dude what’s wrong with you?” Ryder sounded angry at him.

“Me? Nothing.” Jake kept his concentration on the weights. Ryder will not take advantage of this; he won’t let him.

“Has to be something.” Ryder kept pushing “Because I can’t figure out why anybody would screw up the best thing in their life the way you just did” He tried to sound calm, but he wasn’t.

He knew. How? It doesn’t matter. But now he knew Marley broke up with him and probably knows the story Bree has been telling everyone, which is not true…not entirely.

“So, apparently, people know who I am” Jake stood up walking past Ryder to leave the weights in place “Whatever happened is my mess, is no one else’s and I know I screw up, no need to remind it” he was tired of what he heard everyone say about him, they all told Marley that she knew who he was…that she got into a relationship with him knowing his past, but no one knew him really, not like Marley. She is just hurt and wants to believe what everyone is saying.

“Hey!” Ryder grabbed him by the arm and Jake move his arm away. They were now facing each other, just like when they were fighting for Marley the first time “I can’t believe you could be so stupid” Ryder glared at him.

“What do you want from me Ryder?” Jake said, even though he knew…he wanted Marley. Except, now, he could try to have her since she wasn’t his anymore.

“I want you to tell me why you promised you would never hurt her…that she wasn’t like any other girl!” He said almost yelling “Why? Why you lied?” then he pushed him.

Jake wanted to push him back but what he said was true. He did promise not to hurt her. So, he deserved that. He just shook his head at Ryder.

“You don’t know the whole story Ryder, and don’t pretend like this doesn’t make you slightly happy” He said.

“What part of seeing Marley hurt makes me happy?” Ryder said, still angry.

“The part that will take advantage of this!” Jake shouted this time. Then looked at Ryder and shook his head “Leave me alone” and with that he turned away and left.

Everyone was in the choir room, ready to sing their assignment. Finn smiled as he clapped.

“Alright you guys, with Nationals approaching and since Sam and Blaine aren’t here I think it’s time for us to hear the other talents we have here” He smiles “So yes, this means is your turn Jake” He points at him “Show us what you’ve got” He smiles and takes a seat.

Marley looks at the direction of Jake, he sighed and walk to the center of the room. Everyone was looking at him.

“So, this is an upbeat song and I thought I could throw some dance into it as well” He says, trying to avoid looking at Marley.

“Take it away” Finn says as Mr. Shue takes a seat as well.

 Jake started to show his dance skills, he was a good dancer. Marley kept her eyes on him, wherever he moved…he could be to the right or left, she just followed him. How could she still love him?

I don't care what you say anymore this is my life …” He was singing, trying to focus on the assignment “Go ahead with your own life leave me alone” Then his eyes landed on Ryder, he was looking at Marley. He got jealous at that, with a dance step he got to Marley’s knees “I never said you had to offer me a second chance” He sang looking down, probably not the best like to sing then he looked at her and she looked at him. With a dance step he went back to the center of the room “I never said I was a victim of circumstance…I still belong, don’t get me wrong and you can speak your mind but not on my time” He belted and then he just saw Marley standing up and leaving the choir room…so he stopped singing.

Everyone stood there quiet. Ryder looked at Jake shaking his head. He looked towards the door that Marley left. He will prove to her that she should’ve always chosen him over Jake.

“That was great Jake” Mr. Shue clapped trying to make the scene less weird.

“Yeah, it was great Jake” Finn said and then he turned to everyone “I knew I picked the right song for you” He said smiling. Finn felt as if he had to clarify that the song choice was his, not Jake’s…but he should’ve done it in front of Marley perhaps. He pats Jake’s shoulder and then everyone clapped.

Marley ran to the kitchen, where her mom was working. She helped her out in silence and her mom knew it was better not to push it, so she just let her help. After an hour of silence, her mom looked at her daughter tenderly.

“Marley…talk to me…is it about Jake? What happened?” She asked and Marley sighed. She needed to speak her mind now.

“I don’t know…At first I was just hurt and angry…and embarrassed because he turned out to be exactly what everyone else said he was” She felt a tear slip away and left the plates on the sink and came back to her mother “And then I was like…Ok fine it’s over.”

Her mom holds her hand and makes her look at her. She knew there was more to it.

“But then he’s putting flowers in my locker” She says, remembering that and even though she didn’t appreciate it she still found it cute “and then he is just singing ‘my life’ in glee club as if he is the victim…it is all just so messed up” She brought her hands to her face to wipe some tears away “and the worst part is, I still miss him” She looked at her mom sad, her tear falling and getting caught in her mom’s thumb as she caressed her cheek.

“Well of course you do honey” Her mom said offering a sympathetic smile.

“And I hate it so much” She hugged her mom, letting her tears fall on her shoulder.

“Oh Marley, when I was your age, I was like a bad boy magnet…how do you think I met your dad?” She pulled away and made her daughter see her in the eye “So I know why you loved Jake. Because deny it all you want but you still do.”

Her mom was so right, she still loves Jake. And there was no way to shake him, not as soon as she wanted anyways.

“But I’m glad that you didn’t go too far with him and waited” She said, of course she remembered when her daughter came crying about not being able to do what Jake tried to persuade her to “You know, your first time…is something that you can never get back, honey.” She says and takes her hand “You need to hold out for a guy that you don’t only have feelings for, but one you can trust.” Then Marley nods and her mom brings her hand to her mouth and kisses it.

Marley is walking down the halls. Her conversation with her mom made her think about everything. Perhaps she rushed into Jake too soon, when she wasn’t ready for a relationship…she did asked him that day they went to the Sawdie Hawkins…she kind of pushed him to change too fast…


Jake and Marley were dancing. It was the Sadie Hawkins dance, Marley asked out Jake to be her date to the dance and he said yes. They were dancing and having fun.

“You are awesome” Jake said as he kept dancing with her.

“You are awesome!” Marley said back smiling and dancing, she looked at him “I really like you Jake” She never would have thought she would say it like that “But, I have this problem” She said when she felt him leaning in “I always assume the best in people…” She says feeling a bit nervous.

“That’s my favorite thing about you” Jake said smiling “beside your eyes” He loved those eyes, so blue, so full of life…and those lips…he shook of his mind those thoughts.

“Thanks” She laughed, and they kept dancing “It’s just…” she had to cross to the other side with him as part of their dance choreography “when you assume the best like that…” She looked at his eyes “You tend to miss stuff…like” she looked the other way “signs” then she went back to see him “Like when someone is about to hurt you” She says, forcing a smile.

Jake frowns a bit at what she said. She twirls in her place and Jake caught her hand and looked at her.

“You are safe with me, ok?” He smiled “How can I convince you?” He looked at her, waiting for the answer. She just smiled at him.

“I need you to be with me…and only me” she sways her body at the rhythm of the music keeping her eyes on him, she was asking the womanizer of the school to just be with her “And I need to take things slow” She added.

Jake looked at her startled. He knew he wanted to be with her…however, just being with her would be a challenge, he has never dated just one girl.

“If you can agree to all that, we are gonna have the best time!” She says smiling “but if not…then” she shrugs “I’m sorry…I just can’t” and then she twirls in her place again.

Jake looked at her, she is so beautiful. Yes. He agreed, he wanted to make it work, he will make it work…slow and monogamous…he can do that. Before he can reply she was called to stage to perform.

“I’ll be right back” she said and left him on the dance floor.


Marley couldn’t help but shake her head at the memory. She did make him compromise too soon, she just wanted him for herself and gave him that ultimatum…if maybe she would just let him do it his way they wouldn’t have rush things and he wouldn’t have the need to cheat on her. She sighed as she walked and then Ryder appears from behind, catching up to her.

“Go out with me” he blurts out and Marley looks at him weirdly.

Marley stared at him out of words. This was going too fast.


End of chapter


Chapter Text

Marley heard Ryder but couldn’t believe he would just come here and blurt out a question like that. She decided to just answer him now.

“Ryder, no” She shakes her head and keeps on walking.

“Look I’m single. You’re newly single. Why not?” He kept walking alongside her. Marley sighed trying to avoid looking at him “I have good family values. I go to church. I’ve never been arrested” He looks down stating all of his arguments, Marley took a glance at him…she would like to say yes but she just couldn’t it was too soon… “I’m not ugly” He continues and that makes Marley laugh a bit.

Yes, Ryder wasn’t ugly. She checked him out before…but he was not Jake. Ryder hearing her laugh a bit took it as an encouragement to keep going with his pros.

“Now that I can read, I get good grades” he says and then he just looks at her, she was just so beautiful “and I’ve always thought you were the most amazing girl in the history of the world” He looks at her and she looks at him.

She needed to stop him. She stops walking and faces him.

“That’s really sweet.” She forces a smile but then hesitates “I just don’t think I wanna date anyone right now” there, she was being gentle…she could’ve just told him she didn’t want to date anyone other than Jake, but this was safer “What happened with Jake was painful and I need a little break from men” especially one that was supposed to be his friend…weren’t him and Jake friends?

Ryder sighs he won’t give up easily and he wants her to know it.

“Look, I’m a really, really good guy, Marley” he says calmly and Marley nods, she knows he is a good guy “I would never hurt you…all I need is a chance” he keeps pushing “and I swear I would never, ever do to you what he did” he finishes, looking at her hopeful.

Marley looks at him. Unique said it, she could forget Jake easily if she could date someone else…but Ryder? She wasn’t sure. She sighed and replied what she thought could give her time to process it all.

“I’ll think about it” and then she nodded and walked away. Ryder stood there and he won’t let her just take more than today. He wanted to be with her, now.

Marley walked to her class when she saw Jake. He was waiting for her by the door of her next class. She sighed and tried to ignore him. She will just pass by him and don’t even look at him. As she passed by, he moved closer, blocking her entrance.

“I need to get to class” Marley said without looking at him and sounding irritated.

“Marley, please” Jake says to her and looks at her.

Marley sighed and finally look at him, crossing her arms.

“What do you want Jake?” She says.

Jake looked at her and knew he had to be honest.

“Ok. So that song…Finn chose it for me, I don’t mean any of those lyrics…” He sounds desperate “and I want to clarify what happened with Bree, it might not change how you feel but maybe it can—"

“Look Jake” Marley interrupts him “I really can’t see you right now…and I already make a lot of effort to see you in glee club, so please just…stop” She said as she moved pass him into her classroom.

Jake looked down and shook his head. He needs to figure out a way to tell her, he wants to tell her the truth and then he will just work hard to get her back… he will do everything he can to get his Marley back.

Marley sat down on her chair and sighed. Ok, so the song wasn’t his choice at least. She opened her book and look at the board. She needed to concentrate in other things other than Jake and Ryder…Ryder, he had asked her out…maybe she could agree to a date and see where it goes… but right now it is too soon...

Ryder was in the choir room; he had chosen a song that its perfect to dedicate to Marley. With this, he will show her. He nodded and was ready. Mr. Shue and Finn entered the room and looked at Ryder.

“Ryder, what are you doing here earlier?” Mr. Shue said

“Hi Mr. Shue…Finn” he smiled “I was just practicing the number I’ll make today” he smiled.

“That’s the spirit” Finn smiled and pat his arm “Good one Ryder!”

Then the bell rang and in minutes everyone was entering the choir room. Jake entered the room looking very down. Ryder looked at him as he stood in the middle of the room. Jake took his usual seat at the back and crossed his arms, his eyes rested at the front of the room. Ryder looked at him and then he saw his eyes moving aside, he followed his gaze, and it was on Marley, she just entered the room.

Ryder looked as she sat down on her seat as she waved at everyone, except at Jake. She was so beautiful, with that dress, even if it was a double size and not showing her amazing figure. She had a great body, when she did ‘Wannabe’ last year he noticed…and got so jealous at Jake that day.

“Ok guys, so since the assignment still going on, today we have…” Finn started as Mr. Shue took a seat “Ryder!” Finn smiled as he pointed to Ryder who was already standing there, looking at Marley.

Ryder nodded at the band to start and then looked towards Marley, trying to make eye contact.

Some people stay far away from the door, If there's a chance of it opening up” He started smiling “They hear a voice in the hall outside, and hope that it just passes by” Ryder continued and now looked to Finn and the rest of the glee club while he continued singing.

Marley heard him and she was glad he was doing a song like this. It suited his voice, he had a nice voice. She wanted to pay attention to him but her eyes moved to her side, up, to see Jake. Jake was sitting there crossing his arms and looking at Ryder. ‘Look at me’, she found herself pleading with her gaze but then she shook that thought from her head. She came back to look at Ryder when she heard him belting.

I am an innocent man!” Ryder belted and then locked his eyes with Marley “Oh yes I am” he lowered it and then he smiled at her “Some people sleep all alone every night, instead of taking a lover to bed” he looked at Jake, who was looking at him, then he went back to look at Marley “Some people find that's it's easier to hate than to wait anymore” and smiled.

Unique, Kitty and Tina gasped at what was going on. Marley took a deep breath because, like the girls, she was getting the hint…Ryder has chosen this song, he chose it for her…to sing it to her. Ryder moved his hands as in feeling the music and then moved a hand to his chest while looking at Marley.

I know you don't want to hear what I say” He nodded to her direction. Marley gave him a smile and Jake looked down at Marley “I know you're gonna keep turning away” Ryder kept his look in Marley and finally, those blue eyes were looking at him back fully.

But I've been there and if I can survive” He had her attention so now he wanted to see her smile wide, he made a silly movement with his body and hands, the one he made to her when they acted together at the school musical “I can keep you alive, I'm not above going through it again” then he stopped the movement and Marley chuckled, smiling wide now at his performance.

Jake heard her laugh and felt rage coming, he was singing to her…to his girlfriend…well ex-girlfriend. And the worst part is that she was enjoying it.

And although this is a fight I can lose, the accused is an innocent man!” He said as he made a perfect 360 degree turn and then pointed to himself and then towards Marley.

Mr. Shue and Finn exchanged looks. Oh no, they could read their thoughts…this was going to become a war zone in a matter of seconds. Finn nodded to Mr. Shue knowing what they’ll have to do: Contain the boys.

I am an innocent man” He approached Marley “Oh yes I am” He kneeled in front of her, keeping his eyes locked with hers, he held her hand as he belted a last note along with the rhythm.

Jake looked at them, first the smile on Ryder’s face, he couldn’t see Marley’s face, but he knew she was smiling, then to their hands touching each other. He held out his breath.

The music finished and Marley looked at him kneeling in front of her.

“Marley will you go out with me?” Ryder said, everyone around gasped. Mr. Shue and Finn stood up, ready to contain what could happen next.

Marley looked at Ryder. How could she turn him down in front of everyone and after this sweet number? She took a deep breath, fixed a strain of her hair, and looked at Ryder.

“Yes…” She said finally, making Ryder smile in victory.

Jake looked at the scene and storm out of the room. Marley saw him leave, this time she really hurt him. Everyone saw Jake leaving but Ryder turns back to face Marley and she looked at him. Yes, she was going to go out with him.

Finn looked at Mr. Shue and nodded, he would go and find Jake. Mr. Shue nodded and then clap to get everyone’s attention.

“Thank you Ryder, that was a great song and well let’s try to see who is next?” Mr. Shue asked and Artie lifts his arm. “You are up Artie, Ryder please take a seat” He said to Ryder.

Ryder smiled at Marley and then sat to her side. He moved an arm behind her and placed his hand on her chair. He got it, he got his chance.

Finn caught up with Jake, he was outside in the field. He was kicking the grass and seem very furious. Finn approached him.

“I’m glad you didn’t kick Ryder’s face like that grass” He said trying to light up the mood.

Jake turned to look at Finn and just crossed his arms not saying a word.

“Ok so no talking, I can do that” Finn said and looked around “But you knew it could happen right?” Finn mentioned it as if it were something so obvious, but Jake just looked at him demanding for him to explain further “That someone would try to make Marley happy again…to date her” He said and looking at Jake’s eyes “Guys aren’t blind, she is really something” He says and now looks away.

There is a long silence. Jake looks down and then up to Finn. Finn is still looking to aside.

“It’s a second chance…you know?” Finn says and then looks at Jake “to be happy” He says and Jake frowns “You need to give her that chance.”

Jake analyses his face. Finn looks serious, like a protective brother, because even though for some his concern for Marley could be confused with other feelings…Jake knew Finn saw Marley like a little sister and nothing more.

“You can’t expect a girl you claim to love, to be stuck with you, especially after what you did” Finn says and now he walks in front of him “Not a special girl like her” He sighs “When you are sure someone is special, you need to set them free” He looks back at Jake.

Finn couldn’t help but think of Rachel and how their story had to hit a pause because he wanted her to achieve her dreams. To be a star, without him. Because he was sure he loved her, and he would just hold her back.

“So, I just give up on her?” Jake says and looks at Finn.

“It’s not giving up; it’s giving her, if you love her, a chance to be happy with someone else” He says and looks at him “In the end is her choice…” He tries to make him feel better “You can’t decide for her” He sighs “But you can help her, by letting her know it is ok to have that chance” He comes to his side and looks at him, and pats his shoulder as he walks away.

Jake stood there in the field. Trying to take in everything Finn said. He was right. Marley deserved to be with someone else, and as much as it pains him to admit it, Ryder was a better choice.

Marley was hesitant about the date. She got picked up from her house by Ryder and he took her to see a movie. They were screening Mary Poppins, and he knew how much she loved it, so he told her that because it was the last day for the screening that’s why he wanted to take her tonight.

They had fun. Ryder enjoyed musicals almost as much as she did. He knew Mary Poppins and was commenting even some facts that only Marley knew, or at least she thought she did. When the movie ended, he invited her to have some ice cream with him. She accepted and they were eating ice cream as they walk around the mall. He tried to grab her hand, but she always found a way to evade it.

“Can we take a picture?” Ryder said after some moments of silence.

Marley looked at him a bit confused about his question.

“Sure” she said and smile.

Ryder took out his phone and pull her close, then he snapped the photo. He looked at it for a moment and then offered Marley to see the photo.

“It’s fine” She said and then look at a jewelry shop, she loved rings and bracelets, but because of her economic situation, she got used to just watch from outside all the expensive jewelry.

Ryder place his phone back in his pocket and walked towards Marley smiling. He saw her eyes light up at a bracelet.

“You want it?” He said smiling.

“Nope” She assures him smiling “I just like looking” then she turns back to keep walking.

“I can buy it for you” He says catching up to her.

“No Ryder” She smiles and looks down then up again “Besides, you already paid for the movie ticket and the ice cream” She stops and looks at him “Thank you for tonight” She smiles.

“Anytime” He says and smiles back at her.

 It was time to take her back home, he drove her home playing her favorite songs in the car. When he parked the car, he rushed to open the door for her to get out.

“Thank you, Sir” she joked as she came out of the car and smile at him.

Ryder walked her to the front porch with his hands in his pockets and stop when she turned towards him. Their date was over. He shrugged and smile.

“Save and sound” he said smiling and then just looked at her.

Marley smiled slightly at him and lean in to kiss his cheek. Ryder felt a rush having her lips on his cheek. She pulled away and then offer him a wide smile as she opened the door of her house. Ryder waved at her and she closed the door.

Ryder walked back to his car super excited. Once he entered his car he was happy. He hit his head with the backseat and pulled out his phone, looking at the picture of them, he smiled.

Marley leans into her door once she closed it. She smiled slightly. Ryder was sweet but it just won’t work, not right now. She just hoped he wouldn’t ask her out again, at least not soon.

She sighed and walked upstairs to her room. Once she was there, she sat on her bed, that’s when her phone vibrates. She pulled her phone out and saw it was a text, her eyes widen when she read from who.



End of chapter


Chapter Text

Marley almost dropped her phone when she saw who the text was from. Jake had texted her; she sighed and picked the phone. She just took a deep breath before reading the text.


I’m not even sure you will read this text message.

I know I shouldn’t even try to write to you.

In fact, you might even block my number already.

But I guess it is worth a shot.

I just wanted to let you know that I’m sitting here at our spot.

And I thought of you. I’m always thinking about you.

You don’t want to hear me out, fine.

I hope one day when you are ready, you will.

I love you.

Marley closed her eyes after reading the text. She fought herself to not call him or write him back. She placed the phone on her night desk and place her hand on her head. She had a great day till this text. She lifts her head up and felt the tears coming out. She knew they were sad tears…the problem is that she didn’t know if it was because of Jake’s text or because of what she felt.

“I love you too…” She mumbled as she stared at her phone.

Marley is at school. She is by her locker, reading her book of the last class. She didn’t see Ryder nor Jake. She was late to class so probably that’s why. Then she jumps a bit when Ryder comes to her.

“Check your Instagram” He said, and she places her books on her locker.

“Okay” She chuckles a bit and so does he. She takes her phone from her locker and does as she was told.

Ryder is hyped and happy about what she will find. She opens her app, see’s she has a notification she’s been tagged in. She glances at Ryder and then clicks the notification. It is a picture of her and him, the one he took yesterday. The description only said: ‘Best Date Ever!’ She stared at the photo…they were both smiling, they had a great time but it wasn’t her best date ever, she already had one…


“Ok…you can open your eyes now” Jake removed his hands from her eyes, and she opens her eyes.

Jake decorated her room with roses and balloons. They were a mixture of blue, white and red. Her three favorite colors…She looked around amazed and then at Jake. He was standing there, next to her bed with his hands behind his back smiling at her. She could tell he was waiting for her to say something.

“Jake…” Marley said while she kept looking around and walked closer to him.

“And I did it all by myself” He remarks “Well, your mom help…but I mean this time I really thought of—”

Marley’s lips met his, shutting him. The crash was so sudden that Jake almost fell to her bed but managed to balance and his hand moved to the back of her head, fingers threading through her hair. She moved her hands to his back, keeping the kiss sweet.

It hadn’t been very long, but when she retreated completely, she was feeling tingly. He smiled at her and caressed her cheek with his thumb.

“So, I did good?” He smiles and she nods happily “And you didn’t even see what is over here” He stepped aside from her bed. On her bed were the DVD's of Sound of Music and Princess Diaries

Marley screamed in joy and picked them up, showing them at him.

“And we will watch them all afternoon while we eat…” He trails off and then smiles “Potstickers” he smiled, and Marley kissed his lips incredibly happy then pulled away and picked the DVDs.  

“Best date ever!” She screams again and kisses his lips lightly, then just wraps her arms around him.


She didn’t have too many pictures of her and Jake…and she felt herself wishing in that photo she was with Jake and not Ryder. She snapped out of it, realizing Ryder is still next to her, so she forces a smile at him as she closes the door of her locker.

“When did you do all that” and turns away from him, starting to walk and hoping he doesn’t see she stopped smiling.

“Last night” He said, and she was hoping he would not say that… “After I dropped you off” He looked at her and she looked at him “I kind of couldn’t stop thinking about you.”

Marley smiled and brought her hand to her face. How to tell him she is just not into it as much as he is, at least, not yet.

“Look I don’t want to freak you out or move too fast, or anything but I’d love to do it again, like maybe tonight?” He says and she stops walking, not tonight, it is too soon.

She felt it was too soon last night. And after she found herself dreaming about Jake all night and even now, with Ryder next to her, she knows she shouldn’t have said yes. This was wrong, she was not the kind of girl who wanted another guy to forget about another one. She was about to say something when she felt an arm wrap around her and Ryder, one that only used to wrap her around and make her feel so safe…Jake’s arm.

“So…you guys are, like, really a thing now?” He sounded jealous to Marley and annoying to Ryder. Maybe he was a mixture of both, the truth is that he was furious.

Marley didn’t want to look at him, she shoved his hand from her. Ryder’s instincts told him to move closer to Marley and hold her, he wrapped an arm around Marley’s back.

“It’s none of your business anymore” Ryder says while Marley can’t help but look miserable. She wants to yell at Jake that she can only think of him, but she can’t, she won’t.

Jake looked at Marley, he could see she wasn’t happy. They weren’t together…at least not yet, that was good. Ryder holds her tighter, but Jake knew her very well, she wasn’t into it. He would leave them for now, he will get Marley alone some other time.

“Cool” he sighed, and Ryder smiled still holding Marley. Marley looked into Jake’s eyes, the way they could speak just by looking at each other even after what happened.

Marley saw in his eyes: jealousy and hurt.

Jake saw in her eyes: hurt and disappointment.

They both screamed each other’s names with just his stares.

“Well, congratulations. See you around…” He backs away and Marley keeps her eyes on him, so does he.

He must turn around now or else he will hit Ryder in the face and kiss Marley. He walks away. Marley can’t do this; she is not going to use Ryder.

“Okay, if I’m going to be honest here” Marley starts saying by shaking Ryder’s arm off of her and turning to face him, he just looks at her paying attention “just because we go out once, doesn’t mean that we’re going out” She finishes without looking at him and then she gets the strength to look at him.

“Oh.” Ryder says. She hurt him.

“I still just need time for me” She sighs and looks down and then back at him.

“Sure” Ryder says looking down.

Marley smiles at him and then walks away. Ryder stays there feeling sad. He didn’t get her, yet. He won’t give up, watches her go away, and smiles, then he walks to his class.

Unique found Marley and pull her aside. Marley looked confused.

“You went out with Ryder and you didn’t tell me?” She said, pretending to be offended.


“I’m kidding, how it was? Details!” She demanded.

It was no secret Unique always rooted for Ryder. But deep down it was also because she liked him. Even though he would not look at her the same way.

“It was nice, we saw Mary Poppins, ate ice cream, and then wander around a mall” Marley said smiling.

“Oh no” Unique said and shook her head.

“What?” Marley said frowning as they continued walking.

“You are doing that thing where you pretend you had a great time when you didn’t” She points out shaking her head.

“I did have a good time” Marley clarifies and then she continues “It just—"

“Wasn’t the ‘best date of your life’” Unique uses her hands to put the emphasis on the phrase.

The Instagram photo. Of course, most people at school must have seen it. Great, in a matter of days Marley went from ‘cheated on’ to ‘moved on too fast’. She knew she should have said ‘No’ to Ryder.

“I really tried to have a great time” Marley says and then pouts “But it—”

“It’s too soon” Unique says and Marley nods “Come here” She says and pulls her into a hug “It’s ok not to forget your first love, but you will have to move on sooner or later” She says.

“I know that” Marley grunts and they keep walking “It’s just I think I need to talk to him” Marley finally says.

“You what?” Unique puts her to a side and looks at her frowning “Marley Rose unless you mean him as in Ryder, then you will not, I repeat, will not talk to him” she emphasizes the word.

Marley sighs and shakes her head while pulling her hands away from her.

“I need to talk to him…just once” She looks at her “not now…but soon.”

Unique looks at her and then sighs, nodding.

“I get it, you need closure…want to hear whatever lame excuse he has…fine” She rolls her eyes “But let it be somewhere you can scream for help” She says.

“He won’t hurt me” Marley says frowning and then Unique looks at her with a flat face “more…he can’t hurt me more than he already did” She continues.

“Oh honey, he could try…” she says, and Marley shakes her head “I’m just saying…we need a girl code for trouble…this place is dangerous for us women” she says as they continue to walk to their class.

Marley chuckles at Unique, then she just gets lost at the thought of how to get to talk to Jake again. She would like it to be here at school and someplace she could feel safe…the choir room, no, people could come in anytime… the auditorium, too many memories…but also private enough for them to talk…and it has space so they can talk with distance.

Jake tried to evade her all week, but Bree kept messaging him and every chance she got she would try to corner him. He just had enough now. He finished teaching the cheerios the choreography and then he wanted to get out. Bree caught his arm.

“Where you going?” she smiled at him.

“Enough” Jake said and shoved her arm from his.

“I don’t get you Puckerman” she walks to be in front of him, blocking his exit, and crosses her arm “You lost your chance with her, she is with Ryder now” She smirks “She will never forgive you” she says and looks at him.

 “Why you care?” Jake says frustrated “Just get out of my way” he shakes his head.

“She is never gonna understand you…understand your needs or please you” she moves her hand to his chest slowly and looks up to him “not the way I can.”

“Good” He says as he grabs her hand and shoves it away “I don’t’ want her to understand, change or please me…I just want her” He says firmly “You get that? I just want and need her, Marley” He glares at her.

Bree looked at Jake and shook her head smirking.

“Let me hit you with a blunt instrument of reality, Puckerman. You are still you. A douchey playboy, who’s gonna spend the rest of his life dealing with one mess after another as long as he lives” She waits for him to say something but since he doesn’t, she continues “Marley already got to know you, the real you and clearly…she didn’t like it” She smiles.

Jake shakes his head and walks past her opening the door of the room and walking out. As he walked down the alley, Artie approach Jake.

“Jake!” Artie shouted and then caught up with him.

“Hey…” Jake said as he saw him wheeling next to him.

“Look man, I don’t know what happened between you and Marley…but you have a great voice, and I kind of need it for closing the assignment…we will all sing it” Artie said.

“What do you mean, everyone?” Jake says frowning.

“I mean, Kitty…Unique…Tina…Ryder, you, me, and Marley” He smiles at the last one.

“Ok…what song it is?” Jake stops walking and looks down at Artie.

“Something to unify all of us…even you and Ryder” He says “It happens all the time in high school…dating changes, we are teenagers” He shrugs and gives him the sheet music.

Jake takes the sheet music and nods. Artie wheels away and Jake stares at the song he is supposed to learn. He sighs and walks to his class.

The next day came and Tina, Artie, Ryder, Unique, Kitty, and Marley were sitting in the choir room. They were talking about how much they’ve learned from Billy Joel just as Jake entered the room. Finn stood up and approach Jake.

“Jake, glad you can join us” He smiles.

“Artie said he prepared everyone to sing the last song of the week” Mr. Shue says as he takes a seat and motions to the front of the room “The stage is yours” he smiles.

“Yeah, take it away guys” Finn says as he sits down too.

Everyone gets to the front; Jake leaves his backpack in a seat and joins them. Marley is at the end of the other side, next to Unique, who is next to Kitty. Ryder is next to Kitty and next to him is Artie and then Tina…so at the end of this side is he.

Artie motioned to the band to start playing.

Don't go changing to try and please me” Artie started.

You never let me down before, mmm” Tina continues.

Don't imagine you're too familiar” Ryder follows.

And I don't see you anymore” Kitty and Ryder continue.

I would not leave you in times of trouble” Marley starts, and Jake looks at her.

We never could have come this far, mmm” Unique joins Marley, and they smiled at each other as they hold hands “I took the good times, I'll take the bad times” Both making a great duet.

I'll take you just the way you are” Everyone sings in unison.

I don't want clever conversation” Jake starts to sing, Marley can’t help but look at him.

I never want to work that hard, mmm” Artie continues.

I just want someone that I can talk to” Tina, Artie, and Kitty continued.

I want you just the way you are” Everyone sings in unison.

I need to know that you will always be…The same old someone that I knew” Marley walks to the front, while everyone turns to hold hands: Kitty and Unique, Tina and Ryder and Artie and Jake high-five each other and then move to aside and start to clap.

Oh, but what will it take till you believe in me” Everyone else sings and Marley smiles at the sound of their voices in unison.

The way that I believe in you?” Ryder and Tina sang and he looks at Marley while he makes Tina turn around in the choreography they made.

Marley smiles and gets ready for the rest of her lines.

I—” Marley started and then she heard another voice.

I—” Jake steps forward, ending up at the front with her.

said I love you” Marley continued as she eyes Jake.

“that's forever” Jake continued as he gave a slight smile to Marley and then back to Mr. Shue and Finn.

Forever” Marley replied singing.

Mr. Shue and Finn glanced at each other; they do sound great together.

 “And this I promise from the heart, mmm” Jake and Marley continued while eyeing at each other “I couldn't love you” Jake walks slowly towards Marley but then he stops and looks at her “any better.

I love you just the way you are” Everyone joined Marley and Jake upfront, separating them again. They hold hands.

I love you just the way” Unique belted out.

I love you just the way” Marley made a canon to Unique.

I love you just the way you are” Everyone finished in unison.

Mr. Shue and Finn stood up and clap, while some jump in excitement. Ryder glares at Jake and he just claps looking at the floor.

“This is what I mean when I say we have the talent!” Finn shouted excited.

“With this, we will bring another National’s trophy!” Mr. Shue says and then he puts his hand to the middle “Come on!”

Everyone runs to put their hands in the middle.

And they all shout in unison as they lift their hands up.


Jake caught Marley’s eyes; he could swear she smiled at him and then she looked at everyone else. He felt his heart skip a beat and thanked Billy Joel for this song.


End of chapter


Chapter Text

It was Monday. Marley thought about it all weekend. Today she will talk to Jake, she will just hear what he has to say. It won’t change anything… right? She could feel her stomach starting to move around… the thought of being near him again made her feel anxious. After they sang that Billy Joe song last week, she couldn’t stop thinking of the way their voices blended perfectly…just like them.

She was tapping her notebook while waiting for Jake to appear through the choir room. She wanted to see him, she will not talk to him yet, but needed to see him. Ryder had insisted to ho out with her this weekend, but she just said she couldn’t. Now he sat next to her and she just smiled at him, he wasn’t giving up…and she couldn’t even picture herself with him until she heard whatever Jake wanted to say to her.

And there he was, Jake entered the room and Marley felt her heart skip a beat when his eyes found hers. He still had that effect on her. She quickly look down to her notebook and with the corner of her eyes saw him taking a seat.

“Alright guys, this week only reminds us that…” Finn started out and everyone looked at him waiting “we are two weeks away from Nationals!”

Everyone clapped and shouted.

“And this just means we need to stay focus” Mr. Shue adds as he writes on the board ‘Singer’s choice’ and turned back to see them “This week is your song choice…no rules” he smiled.

That made everyone shout and clap happier. Then the bell rang, and they all picked their stuff to walk to class.

Marley wanted to get to Jake, but Finn called her out, so she walked towards Finn.

“Yes?” Marley said smiling at him.

“How are you?” Finn says and she smiles at him “Good…I was thinking that maybe you could try some of these songs” he offers her some songs, and she looks at him confused “You don’t have to sing them if you don’t want to, but I think they will showcase your vocal ability a lot” He smiles.

“Thanks” She takes the song choices and puts them into her backpack “I’ll check them later, I’m late for class” and then she walked out the door.

As soon as Marley left the room, she started to look for Jake, he had to be somewhere close by. She was scanning for him without seeming too obvious and then she saw him, he was walking down the aisle. She started to walk to him, practicing inside her mind what she wanted to say and how she will say it.

Then she stopped in her tracks as she saw Bree appearing from aside and then she saw her lips on Jakes. She closed her eyes and sprint out of there as quickly as she could.

“What the hell!” Jake pulled Bree away frowning.

“Hello handsome” She smirked.

“You seriously need to start respecting yourself” He rolls his eyes and walked away from her.

Bree smiled and then her smile fade as she looks to the side of the alley, where she saw Marley seconds ago. She didn’t see her, so she smirked and walk away.

Marley leaned against the wall of the bathroom door. Just seeing that made her sick. Of course, Jake would be doing that, he wasn’t with her anymore…he could screw the whole school if he wanted to…oh wait he’s done that already… She put a hand to her head. How could she even think about listening to him. He would just feed her with more lies, and she will not give in.

She walked out of the bathroom feeling angry. She was done with Bree…with him and with his lies… she walked up to Ryder who was just standing in front of the door of his next class.

“Hey Marley” Ryder said smiling at her.

“Hey” she smiled “What you plan to do tonight?” She asked and he looked at her confused but then he understood.

“I can take you bowling” He smiles “or we could go to another movie…I heard they might be screening The Hunger Games” He says, and she smiles.

“Ok cool” She says “It’s a date” she continues and then walks to her class.

‘It’s a date’ he repeats her words in his head and smiles. Yes! He snapped out of it when the teacher tells him whether he will enter the class or stay outside.

Kitty was walking down the hall when she saw Bree suspiciously. She was looking around and then pulled one of her friends, or the only friend perhaps to aside. They were whispering…Kitty’s curiosity got the best of her and she sneaks in to try to overhear their conversation.

“Are you 100% sure?” Her friend said in a low voice.

“I mean I’m very late” Bree said firmly and looked around, she almost caught Kitty.

“Is it Jake’s?” Her friend says.

“What?” Bree says annoyed.

“Are you pregnant with Puckerman’s baby?” Her friend says concerned.

Kitty gasped and Bree and her friend shut up. Kitty mouthed ‘shit’ as she tried to walk away.

“Stalking now?” Bree’s voice made Kitty turn around.

“I was just passing by and overheard the conversation so you can’t blame me to feel tempted to hear your ‘problem’” She says while simulating a big stomach.

“Shut up!” Bree says as she shoves her hands away and then grabbed her friends’ hand and walks away from Kitty.

Kitty watched Bree walked away and shook her head. Little Puck not only just cheated on Marley, but he also impregnated the school’s cold-hearted bitch.

Marley was putting her books inside her locker and then she almost jumps when Kitty appeared as soon as she closed the locker door.

“Oh!” Marley brought a hand to her chest and then looked at her.

“I’m glad I still have that effect on you” Kitty smirked and then both start to chuckle.

“Hi Kitty” She said as they walked down the alley of school.

“Listen, I need to tell you something, but you have to promise me you will be strong” She looks at Marley and she just nods “I overheard something…” She leans in whispering “Bree might be pregnant” then she pulls away.

Marley opens her mouth startled. Kitty looked at her and just sighed.

“I’m sorry but I wanted you to know if it’s true…” She looks down “And also that it might be—"

“Jake’s” Marley finished that for her as she closed her lips in a fine line. She was containing her tears from coming out.

“I’m really sorry…” Kitty said as she grabbed her arm in comfort.

When Marley just stays silent there. Kitty really feels bad and ended up pulling her into a hug. Marley wrapped her arms around her and wanted to cry but she just could not feel her tears coming out anymore…was she crying? She didn’t know anymore.

“I saw that the chemistry is still there” Finn said to Jake as he placed the guitar down.

“I felt it too” Jake said as he sat down and looked at Finn “I feel like maybe I can just work my way up to win her back” He says slightly smiling.

“You might…” He says “But you need to tell her the truth…your truth” He points at him “She needs to know that yes, you cheated, but not the way she thinks” He says.

Jake nodded. He was right. Today he will tell her. He will just shout everything at her if she just doesn’t want to hear him.

“Your choices are good” Finn made him come back to reality “I think whichever you choose will be great” He smiles.

“Thanks” Jake stands up and starts to walk outside the choir room.

“But…” Finn says, and Jake turns around slightly “Maybe this time you want to just sing out your feelings than showcase your dance moves…just this once” He looks at him “Like when you sang ‘Let me love you’” He finishes.

Jake nods and smiles back before heading out the room.

Marley had chosen her song. She was going to sing this and make sure Jake got the clue. He wasn’t ever going to get close to her again, especially if he was going to be the father of Bree’s baby.

She was walking down the halls when she spotted Jake. She looked at him and could feel the rage coming over her. Not now. She turned around trying to get away from him.

Jake caught Marley and saw her turning around. No, this time she will hear him out. He chased after her till he almost caught her.

“Marley, Marley, please just listen, please.” He begged behind her.

He knows, he knows I know. She stopped on her tracks and turned around to face him, keeping her distance.

“Thirty seconds. Go.”

He nodded and took a deep breath before speaking.

“I miss you. Every minute of every day.” He says and Marley looks at him, she was trying to keep a straight face “I know that I screwed things up really badly, I’m sorry. I know what I lost, and I know that I can’t be without you.” He sighed and Marley looked down then up again “When I’m with you I feel different, not this jerk everyone has made their minds up I am…but not you, I know, that deep inside you, you know me…the real me.” He says "You make me be a better person...being with you makes me better...and--"

“I’m not here to fix you, Jake” Marley says while shaking her head. Every time she wants to trust the side of her that says that he is not what everyone says…something just comes up and makes her feel like a fool to ever believing in him. 

“I know, I know...Look just hear me out. What happened with Bree was wrong, and I have to tell you that what she said is partly true…I did came to her after we argue” He starts to say and she keeps looking at him “I did it because she was sending me pictures and every chance she got she touched me or just moved in ways that, yeah, made me feel I wanted her” He wanted to be as sincere as he could, Marley looked down this time “So yeah, I did ask her to have sex with me” He says and then Marley looks back at him. “We went to a…place…and…” He wanted to say it as it was, but he saw her eyes…those eyes, they looked so sad.

“Jake! What do you want me to say...are you going to tell me that you didn't cheat on me?” Marley says looking at him.

"I want to explain what happened Marley" He says calmly "But I just need you to listen carefully" He insisted "Can you?"

“I’m sorry…” she puts a strain of her hair behind her ear "But I don't think I can" She says looking at him.

"Are you saying that you don’t have any feelings for me?” He feels tears coming out, his heart racing fast.

Marley took a deep breath, looked down, and then to him. Trying to choose her words carefully

“I think that we gave it a try and it just wasn’t right.” She starts

Jake can’t lose her, he won’t. He pleads.

“Marley…” he takes her hands with his. Bringing her memories.

“I just don’t feel the same as you…” She lets him touch her hands, she wished she could just forgive him but no, she has to be strong. She looks at their hands and then to him “Not anymore.”

“Marley, please” he says pleading with his eyes. She takes her hands away from him.

“I gotta get to class…” She looks away from him “And you took more than Thirty seconds...” She said annoyed as she started to walk away from him.

“Marley! Please that’s not what—”

“Leave her alone dude!” Ryder stepped in his way.

“Ryder…” Jake said as he looked at him “Please move.”

“No, she doesn’t want to hear those details…what is wrong with you?” Ryder pushes Jake and then stands still at him.

Jake moved closer to him, wanting to hit him. Then he saw that Marley was watching everything, from a distance. He just glared at Ryder and walked away.

Kitty, Tina, and Unique were whispering about Bree and Jake’s situation. Marley walked in and the three of them went to hug her. Blaine, Sam, and Artie looked at the scene very confused. Ryder entered the room and started to high-five the guys as he took his seat. The girls separated and then Marley nodded at them as they lead her to sit down with them.

Finn and Mr. Shue entered the room smiling.

“Glee club!” They both shouted and everyone clapped.

When Jake walked into the room, the girls stopped cheering, glaring at Jake. Finn caught that and then he went to put his hand behind Jake’s back for support.

“Please take a seat man…you are just in time” He said and guided Jake to sit down.

Jake sat down while frowning at the glaring of all the girls. He just didn’t know what did he do this time…he was trying to be sincere about everything with Marley, why did that just come out as so bad?

“So, for this week's lesson…who wants to do it first?” Mr. Shue says looking at everyone and then landing his eyes on Jake “Jake?” He says.

Jake is standing up when Tina raises her hand. So, he just stays standing up looking at her.

“Mr. Shue!” She says loudly “I think a girl should start this up” she grabs Marley’s hand and makes her stand up. Jake sits down very confused.

“You want to do it, Marley?” Finn interrupted just making sure she was ready.

“Yeah…” She said softly and then her eyes landed on Jake for a moment and then looked at Finn and Mr. Shue “Yes.” She said firmly as she walked to the pianist. She said the name of the song to him, he nodded, and then she walked to the front.

Mr. Shue and Finn took a seat. Everyone looked at Marley as the music started to sound.

When the last straw is broken…” She started “When the last door is closing…I ain't that dumb to stick around, stick around” she continued being cheered by the girls “I'mma stay undercover…Lay low need some time” She starts to pick up the rhythm and the girls keep encouraging her “No one to save, to save…This sick cycle's over, babe” She avoids looking at Jake.

The girls rush to the front with Marley and stand there as if they were backup singers and dancers. Mr. Shue and Finn smile at the scene. Ryder and the other guys enjoy seeing Marley being sassy. The music shifts to the bridge and everyone cheers, while the girls start a choreography behind Marley. Jake looks at Marley, he never saw her like this since she performed ‘Wannabe’.

Why you looking at me, spitting that same old lie” Marley sings the line, and her eyes land on Jake “Trying to bring back, ain't no flipping my mind…Don't you get it by now the story's over” She turns her eyes away from him and like some times she belts out the next line “over?

The girls shout ‘Yes!’ and the guys clap proudly. Jake stays silent…sinking every word she is singing.

I'm hitting the switch, Watch the lights go out” She says coming towards the girls and then turns around.

Watch the lights go out!” The girls sing in sync with Marley as they point out towards the front.

Marley’s eyes land on Jake’s again and he can see the hurt in her eyes.

I hope you ache, ache, ache oh, oh” She sings looking at Jake then back to the front.

ache, ache, oh, oh, I hope you ache, ache, ache oh, oh” The girls back her up singing, while Marley steps to a side and looks at the girls for reassurance as to what she is about to do.

I hope! Yeah!” She belts out.

This gets Mr. Shue, Finn, Sam, Blaine screamed a ‘What?’ while Artie and Ryder just clap proudly. Jake narrows his eyes…she was singing this to him…

Think you made…” Marley keeps singing after belting and then she motions to the girls to join in.

“your greatest mistake” Unique continues the song.

Mistake!” Marley belts out again.

 “I'm not gonna call this a break” Unique looks at Marley and keeps on singing while Marley steps to a side still holding her note.

Think you really blew it this time” Tina sings as she eyes at Jake for a moment.

Think you could walk on such a thin line” Unique comes in singing as she looks at Jake and flips her hair at him.

Walk on such a thin line!” Marley makes it sound like a canon.

Won't be taking your midnight calls” Kitty starts the last verse “Ignore the rocks you throw at my wall” She continues joined by Tina and Unique “I see it written on your face” They continue and then looked at Marley.

Ache, ache, oh, oh, ache, ache” They sing in unison while Marley finishes the song.

You know you made it, your greatest mistake” She finishes the song.

Everyone claps, even Jake. Despite the message, it’s been the best Marley has sung so far…aside from when he heard her singing ‘Chasing Pavements’.

“Marley you need to keep that energy cause we just won Nationals!” Mr. Shue said standing up as he hugged her.

Everyone was hugging or praising Marley’s vocals. Jake stood up, understanding that he is not welcome here…not anymore. He stood up and started to walk out of the room. Tina saw him about to leave and shouted.

“Are you going to ruin some other’s life?!” She practically screamed and Jake stopped and turned to face her.

“Hey, hey Tina” Finn frown looking at Tina “We are a team!” He says and then looks back at Jake.

“It’s ok Finn…we were a team, but I see how it is…I’m just the jerk that cheated and doesn’t deserve to just be heard” He says as he looks at Marley, she looks at him and then looks down “Good luck at Nationals” He says and walks out of the room.

“Jake!” Mr. Shue runs to the door and shouts after him. Jake keeps on walking and Mr. Shue turns around to face everyone “This place is supposed to be for everyone, especially if they are talented.” He says firmly “I’m extremely disappointed at all of you…I’ve seen how you treated him these past weeks” He looks at everyone and then at Marley “He is still your teammate” then at everyone “And he will always have a place here.” He looks at everyone in silence.

“Mr. Shue is right…Jake is one of our best dancers” he says and then looks at Marley “and singers…” He moves his hands “No matter who he is dating, he is and will always be a part of glee club” He looks around.

“I mean we accepted his brother when he got Quinn pregnant too…” Tina said looking at the floor.

“What?” Finn, Sam, Blaine, Ryder, and Artie said in unison.

Mr. Shue’s eyes widen, and he looks at Marley worried.

“Marley…” He starts to say and then Marley’s eyes widen.

“No! Mr. Shue I’m not pregnant!” She defends herself.

Mr. Shue exhales relief but then he just looks around for answers, like the rest of the guys.

“Am I understanding right, or did Jake get anyone pregnant?” Sam said doubting.

“yeah” Kitty, Unique, Tina, and Marley say in unison.

The guys widen their eyes in shock. Mr. Shue looks at everyone and shakes his head.

“I’m going to find him” He walks out of the room.

Everyone stays in the room and Finn is thinking on a side of the room.

“But how? He didn’t use protection?” Sam places his hand to his back pocket, pulling out a condom “I mean it is easy you just need to keep her laying down while you just—”

“We just know she might be pregnant, ok?” Marley said trying to avoid talking about everything that happened between Jake and Bree…she heard enough from Jake today.

“Who?” The guys say in unison.

“Bre-ee” Kitty, Tina, and Unique say in unison mocking her name.

Marley sits down feeling sad. While everyone starts to digest the news. Finn looks at everyone confused frowning.

“How do you know all of this?” He says looking at the girls.

“I overheard Bre-ee talking with her friend…” Kitty says.

“And her friend told her other friends, who told almost everyone at school” Tina clarifies.

“I don’t know how you didn’t hear about it…” she rolls her eyes “It’s all everyone is talking about…”

“But how you know it is Jake’s?” Finn asks again.

“Everyone knows they got laid when he cheated on Mar—” Kitty started and then stopped when she saw Marley putting her head to her hands.

“I don’t know if Bree is pregnant or not but it’s not Jake’s” Finn says finally.

Everyone looks at him in silence. Marley looks up at him. What did he just say? And why he just said it so confidently.

End of chapter


Chapter Text

Everyone was silent after what Finn said. Marley frowned looking to the floor and then towards the door.

“Come on Finn” Ryder says “You can’t just say that when you are not sure” Ryder shrugs “Bree made sure to tell everyone what happened between them” He sighs and looks at Marley.

“Well if you would have heard Jake’s version, it is not what happened” Finn says and everyone looks at him “This is high-school guys, rumors spread more than anything…we can’t condemn someone by just hearing one version of the story” He says and then looks at Marley, who looks at him “He wanted to tell you, but you just didn’t want to hear him out” He said and then looked at everyone “none of you gave him the chance” and then he breathes out in frustration.

Marley looks down remembering when he tried to talk to her so many times…


“So yeah, I did ask her to have sex with me” He says and then Marley looks back at him. “We went to a…place…and…”


“Look…I want to tell you everything, I know Bree might have told you things, but I want to tell you my version now” He said calmly.


“I did change. I’m not that guy anymore. If you just—”

“You are” She states it “You will always be that guy” She shook her head and walked away from him.


He sounds desperate “and I want to clarify what happened with Bree, it might not change how you feel but maybe it can—"


You don’t want to hear me out, fine. I hope one day when you are ready, you will.


Marley stood up suddenly and left the room. Everyone got quiet as they saw her leaving. Ryder tried to catch up to her and Finn grabbed his arm.

“Finn what the—”

“Let her” Finn says looking at him.

Ryder looked at everyone who was looking at him and he sighed.

“So, we should probably hear Jake out” Blaine says.

“Except he might not want to talk to any of us…” Sam says “at least the girls…” he points at all of them.

Kitty rolled her eyes and pushed Sam aside slightly getting Finn’s attention.

“We all know he just needs to tell someone and then we’ll know” She puts her hands on her waist “Us girls will find out if that liar is pregnant or not” she nods at Unique and Tina.

“I just want the best for Marley” Unique says and with that, the three girls leave the room.

Blaine, Sam, Artie, and Finn stay in the choir room looking down and then at Finn.

“I think we should all just take a break” Finn says “We’ll meet him again tomorrow” Finn forces a smile and the rest nod at him before leaving the choir room.

Jake was at the bleachers, looking down at the field. The football team was practicing and so did the cheerios. He stared at all of that…but in his mind, Marley was all he could picture. She, sitting here, just smiling or reading a book…this became a place where they could come and just talk about everything.

“I thought you left the school” a soft voice said.

Jake looked to the side where the voice was coming. He looked and could not believe that his mind has become so wild that now he could hear her…normally he would just see her everywhere but now he was listening to her voice. He shook his head, but she was still there, looking at him…the sun rays hitting her just at the back, making her look more angelic than she was…he placed his hands to his eyes and rubbed them…when he opened his eyes again, he could still her…it was her this time, he had Marley in front of him again.

“Marley…” He said almost whispering.

“You can’t quit glee club” She walked towards him and then took a seat. She was still far enough from him, but he felt her closer “You love it” she finishes and then looks towards the field.

“No, I like glee club” He says and pushes back his urges of getting closer to her “I LOVE you” he makes sure to say it very clearly.

Marley was still looking at the field, he could tell she heard him because she tensed out when she heard the last bit. He waited for her to say something, anything at this point. But she just stood there, as if analyzing what to say next. He wanted to hold her so badly but knew he couldn’t. After what felt like a lifetime, Marley turned her head to meet his eyes.

“What happened with Bree?” She spoke. He couldn’t read her facial expression; it was as if she didn’t care what he will say “Your version” she finishes.

Jake looks at her. She wanted to hear him now. Was she ready? He sighed and while nodding he opens his mouth.

“I’m really sorry Marley if I could just take back that I—”

“But you can’t” She says “Just tell me.”

When did she become so cold? He didn’t recognize the tone in her voice it was as if this was another Marley, not his sweet naïve beautiful Marley. He frowned and then nodded at her.

“Right.” He moves his eyes from her “We found a room where we could just do it. I just followed her” He says, and he glanced at her, she was still looking at him “We lay down on the floor and then we kissed” He remembers and shakes his head “We made out” He corrects himself and that’s when he felt Marley shift her position. He looked in her direction, she looked to the field again, he took that as a sign to continue “When she encouraged me to undress her…I was about to when I—”

Marley was closing her eyes trying not to cry while she heard him, but when he went quiet, she waited for him to continue. When he didn’t, she forced herself to look in his direction. She softened her stare when she saw that he was looking at her, with a sad look.

“I…I realized at that moment I just wanted you” He says as he brings his hand to his eyes, rubbing them, and then he looks at her “I stood up and she complained as I left the room” He bites his lip “I just got home and lay on my bed all night long” He finishes and moves his hands up as he shakes his head “I didn’t sleep with her…I have not slept with anyone since we started to go out” He finishes and his arms collide to his sides.

Marley nodded at him and then went back to look at the field. She really hoped hearing his version would change everything. At least how she felt but it did not. So, he didn’t sleep with her, he still cheated…he still broke her trust. There is no going back, only forward. She stood up and walk towards Jake.

Jake looked as she walked closer to him. He didn’t know what to expect, he finally told her everything. But he felt it didn’t change their situation. He stood up when she was close. Their eyes immediately connected. He would do anything to just stay there forever, staring at those blue eyes. She spoke first.

“I’m sorry” She says and Jake frowns confused “for what I did in glee club…” she clarifies “When I was told you might be the father of the kid Bree is expecting…all I saw was red and wanted to just hurt you” She sighs “I’m sorry I forced you into a relationship with me” She ends up saying and then sits down looking at the field.

Jake frowns and sits next to her.

“Forced me? What are you talking about Marley” He says trying to get her to look at him, but she doesn’t “I wanted to be with you and we were” He says, but she still looks to the field “Marley, I fell in love with you…I’ve never experienced what that feels like till I met you…” this makes Marley turn to face him.

“I think…we both don’t know what love feels like” she says almost in a whisper. Her gaze goes down to his lips and then to his eyes.

He doesn’t take his eyes from her and catches her eyes on his lips and then back to his gaze. He wanted to kiss her, to have her lips on his again. He slowly looked down at her lips and then back at hers, trying to see a sign that tells him she didn’t want him to. They just watched each other for a while. She could see his eyes flicking across her features.

They both jump when the coach’s whistle announces the end of practice. Marley stood up which made Jake stand up as well. She tucked a har beneath her ear and gave him a weak smile.

“See you tomorrow in glee club?” She asks avoiding eye contact.

“You still want me in it?” He asks walking closer, and she backs away.

“You are very talented…we need you to win Nationals” She says and looks briefly at his eyes.

Jake analyzes her face and just thought about what Finn told him. Time. He needed to give it time.

“So, you and I…are we ok?” He asks and she looks at him frowning a bit “We can be friends again…” He says.

Friends. Marley felt saying it will mean that it was over between them. She was not sure she could really be friends with him, but right now she needs to think about what is best for glee club. She forces her best smile and offers her hand to him.

“Friends” She says.

“Friends” He takes her hand and shakes it.

She looks at him while shaking their hands and then she pulls it away.

“See you around Jake” She says as she turns around and Jake stays there watching her leave.

“See you around.”

Jake came to Bree’s locker door and closed it making her jump.

“Jake!” She shouts and widens her eyes.

He was really mad, she could see it in his eyes.

“What’s all that shit about me being the father of your baby?” He questions her in an angry tone.

“Ok.” She looks at him and motions to keep it low “We can talk in another place…on another time—”

“What the hell Bree!” He shouts, making some of the students look at them “I don’t understand you and your lies but this, this!” Pointing to her belly “This is too much!” He shouts and that makes people start to whisper.

“You can’t turn away from your responsibility!” Bree shouts back, making sure everyone listens to her “You can’t take away what you did” She puts her hands on her hips.

Jake looks around, everyone whispering, and then at Bree. He shakes his head and punches the locker, which makes Bree, and some others jump.

“I didn’t sleep with you!” He shouts angry “Never did and never will” He clarifies and then looks at the other students, some are even tape recording everything “I have no idea who knocked you up Bree, all I know is that it wasn’t me” He shakes his head and starts to walks away.

Bree feels rage coming over her and she puts her hands on her hips.

“It was a false alarm” She says, making sure people hear her “And just like you, I’m glad it wasn’t even yours…” She breathes in to launch her poison “One of these days you are gonna knock someone up. And I feel bad for whoever has to have a child that shares your DNA” She looks at him up and down.

People stay there, some keep filming. Mr. Shue gets to the alley along with some other teachers and watches the scene.

“You don’t know me. I’m gonna make a great father one day.” He says looking at her.

“To who? Your seven kids by seven different women?” She smirks and then shakes her head “You will always be who you are…you will never change” She says.

Jake is about to comment when Mr. Shue gets in between.

“Alright, the show is over!” He shouts and the other teachers help him clear the alley.

Bree smirked as she walked away. Jake wanted to go after her, but Mr. Shue stops Jake and shakes his head.

“Not worth it” He says and looks towards where Bree left “She will push you until you might do something you regret” He says as he looks back at Jake.

Jake sighs and nods. Mr. Shue pats his back.

“Let’s get you home” He says as he leads Jake outside to his car to give him a ride home.

Marley is in Ryder’s car as he is dropping her off, after their second date. She had fun this time, somehow talking with Jake gave her the closure she needed, or at least she likes to think that. Ryder walks her back to her front porch with his hands on his pockets smiling at her.

“So, how did I do this time” Ryder smiles at her.

“You did great” Marley says smiling.

“Did I earn a kiss?” He says and when she looks at him puzzled “on my cheek” he clarifies.

“Oh!” She says and then nods, leaning in to kiss his cheek.

Ryder turns his face so she can kiss his cheek. When she does, he smiles. She pulls away and then looks at him.

“See you tomorrow in glee club” Ryder smiles and nods at her door.

“See you” She smiles and enters her house, she closes the door as Ryder waves at her and starts to walk to his car.

Marley smiles slightly, she walks upstairs to her room and frowns at the look of it slightly opened. She always leaves it closed.

“Mom?” She shouts as she approaches her room.

“Yes?” Her mom replies from the room downstairs.

“Did you come into my room this after—”

“No Honey, why?” Her mom shouts back. She doesn’t hear a response and walks out of her room to the beginning of the stairs “Marley?” She yells.

“Forget it!” She shouts back and her mom can hear her closing her door shut.

Her mom frowns at how strange that was and then sighs turning off the lights and getting back to her room.

Marley stays quiet against her door looking at him standing next to her bed, a guitar resting on her bed. She could have screamed, yell, but she just stayed quiet. The moment she entered her room he waved at her slowly. There have been only two times he did the same and her mom never found out…this would be the third, and last time she clarifies in her mind.

Jake was standing next to her bed, in her room. She just came back from a date with Ryder, one that was great… why the sight of Jake made her feel like this inside while Ryder, with all his sweetness, couldn’t move anything.

End of chapter


Chapter Text

She doubted as to turn the lights on or not, she decided not to as she approaches Jake. He places his hand in his pocket and took out a key, the key she gave to him once. He offers it to her. The light of the moon didn’t let her see what his facial expression was, so she came closer and move her hand to his, taking the key from his hand, but she just places her hand on his…then she looks up to him.

“Marley…” He whispers and she feels a nod on her stomach. She was dangerously close to him.

“What are you doing here?” She says turning her eyes to the bed and taking the key from his hand this time.

“When we were at the bleachers today…I realized we never sang an acoustic duet again…” He says, and he walks towards the bed, picking the guitar and then sitting on the bed, placing the guitar on his lap, and looking at her.

“Not since ‘Britney week’” Marley says and places the key on top of the nightstand and looked at Jake.


They are both at the bleachers of school. He is holding a guitar and she is sitting looking at him, trying to convince him to join glee club.

“Glee club is so lame” Jake said “What is Schuester have you singing” He questions her.

“It’s Britney Spears week” Marley replied nodding and looking at the floor, then at him.

“See, I prefer music that uses actual instruments” He clarifies.

“Well you haven’t heard my version yet” Marley says, defending herself.

“What song is it?” Jake questions her, giving her a smile.

“’You Drive me Crazy’” She says looking down smiling.

“I know I do” Jake replies smirking.

Marley snorts at his comment. Then Jake starts to play the song with his guitar, as he walks towards her slowly.

Baby…I’m so into you” She starts singing as Jake approaches her “You got that something, what can I do?” She stands up moving up the bleachers “Baby, you spin me around, the air isn’t moving but I can’t feel the ground” She stops and looks to her side and Jake catches up to her.

Oh, that kind of loving turns a man to slave” Jake sings and Marley hears his beautiful voice, he was singing another song though “Oh, oh, that kind of loving sends a man right to his grave” He get to the end of the bleachers, Marley stops two seats below looking at him.

You know I'm crazy” Jake starts singing as he moves to a side.

Crazy” Marley belts out following him with his feet and eyes.

Crazy for you baby…crazy, crazy, crazy for you baby” They sing in unison moving along as the rays of the sun is on their faces.

Jake walks down, still playing and Marley turns his back to him.

Tell me, you are so into me” Jake sings as she walks, and he smirks following her close behind “That I'm the only one you will see” He does a variation while singing and can’t see her smirking. Then she turns around to face him.

Tell me” She sings and starts walking backward “I’m not in the blue” she does a variation with her voice that he finds amusing.

Uh, oh, uh” he harmonizes with her.

That I’m not wasting my feelings on you” She sings and then flips her back facing him again.

Every time I look at you” He belts out and moves closer as she turns around and stops moving so they face each other.

My heart is jumping, what can I do” They both sing in unison “You drive me crazy.

I just can’t sleep” Marley sings enjoying the mashup.

Crazy” Jake sings along.

I’m into deep” They both sing smiling “You know I’m crazy.

But it feels alright” Marley sings as Jake sings “Crazy.”

“Baby thinking of you keeps me up all night” They both blending their voices perfectly as Marley sings as she sits down and Jake follows her “You know I’m Crazy, crazy, crazy for you baby.”

Jake slows the tempo as the song is meeting its end.

…crazy, crazy, crazy for you baby” They finished dangerously close to each other’s faces.

Marley looks at his lips for far too long and Jake catches that but then she snaps out of it and moves her head to a side feeling embarrassed.

“You ok?” Jake asks.

“Yeah, it just got cold up here” Marley lies nervously.

“Here” Jake places the guitar up as he takes out his jacket and then wraps it around Marley’s shoulder.

Marley feels a nut in her stomach as she feels his hands lightly on her shoulders and then he lets go. He picks up his guitar again and walks down the bleachers looking at her as he exits. She just looks in his direction feeling as if she just got paralyzed.


“It was a great mash-up” Marley says remembering and then she looks at him.

“I know we said we will be friends now” He starts calmly as he brushes the chords of the guitar.

“Mhm” She just mumbles looking at him.

“And we will…tomorrow” He looks up to her “Just tonight…I want us to sing…together” He breathes out…he has been holding out air without knowing.

Marley looked at him confused. He kept touching the chords gently, then he stopped and move his hand to the empty side of the bed.

“My mom could be listening, you know?” Marley says, finding an excuse as quickly as she can.

“Your mom never hears anything once she falls asleep” He says and then pats the side of the bed “Please, just one song, and then we are just friends, promise” He promises.

Marley looks back at her door then at him. She sighs and sits down where he asked her. She moves her hair to the side as she looks at Jake. He moves slightly to be more comfortable with the guitar and starts playing the chords. Marley recognizes the tune and then looks at him, he motions her to start.

Lying here with you so close to me, it’s hard to fight these feelings when it feels so hard to breathe” she sings softly, and her eyes meet his “I'm caught up in this moment” she says, and he smiles “Caught up in your smile” she can’t help but smile back.

I've never opened up to anyone, so hard to hold back, when I'm holding you in my arms” He sings, and Marley looked at how he did it without effort.

We don't need to rush this…let's just take it slow” They both sing, their voices joining perfectly.

Jake stopped, giving her a slight smile that brought Marley to the moon and back. Marley smiled back, the fact that they were singing in the darkness made her feel better, that way she couldn’t really see his face, and easier to fight a feeling growing inside of her.

Just a kiss on your lips in the moonlight” They sang in unison “Just a touch of the fire burning so bright, No I don't want to mess this thing up…No I don't want to push too far” They smiled as they let themselves be taken by the music “Just a shot in the dark that you just might be the one I've been waiting for my whole life. So, baby I'm alright with just a kiss goodnight.”

Jake shifted the key and jumped to the bridge of the song and without telling Marley, she picked up where to start to sing again.

No, I don't want to say goodnight…” They sing in unison.

I know it's time to leave” Jake sings connecting his eyes with Marley.

But you'll be in my dreams” She joined him without breaking their gaze.

Tonight” Jake says and finds himself getting close to Marley.

Tonight” She replies leaning to him.

Tonight” They both say in unison.

They get close, neither of them wanting to back away…Jake keeps playing lowering the tempo to the end of the song.

Ohh...Let's do this right” Marley harmonizes as she gazes at his face features “with just a kiss goodnight” She continues.

kiss goodnight” Jake follows her and lowers the tempo just as he gets braver and leans in.

Marley feels his face closing the gap between them, meeting her lips. Their kiss started out soft and delicate, but it swiftly became heated; She found herself opening her mouth to him and that gave him permission to slide his tongue into her mouth and she welcomed it readily, her own moving against his.

The guitar between started to bother them and Marley found herself moving it to a side with one hand as her other ended up cupping the back of his neck to pull him towards her. Jake moves one hand to rest on her waist as his other hand is laced through the strands of her hair. Their kiss was communicating just how much they missed each other and so much more.

Suddenly both were having trouble catching their breath, so they pulled away slightly, breathing against their mouths. Their foreheads colliding as Jake moved his other hand to her cheek and Marley moved hers to his chest.

“Marley…” Jake whispered, he had to say something. The silence was killing him.

Marley looked up to his eyes. What were they doing? They broke up. He cheated on her. They were supposed to stay friends…She should just push him away…but she didn’t have the strength to do it, not tonight.

“Tomorrow.” She whispered back.

Jake frowned confused but was instantly caught off guard as he felt her lips on his. She opened her mouth to him trapping his bottom lip between hers. The sudden move made Jake groaned against her, the sound of it made her stomach clench with that feeling of need, the one she was fighting not to feel again…the need and want of him.

She moved one hand to the back of his neck and the other one to his back, pulling him closer. He ended up resting his hands on her waist, fighting the urge to move his hands from there, he didn’t want to scare her, no, this time he will only do what she wanted, he was at her mercy. Marley felt his tongue sliding along the edge of her lip and she shyly moved her tongue out to meet his. She never took charge of a kiss as she did right now, she felt a rush on her body, last time she felt it she got scared but this time, she wasn’t, she just felt in control.

Suddenly, she moved to be on his lap, then her knees parted on each side, his legs were between hers now. Jake moved his hands to the back for support and to restrain his instincts to roam her whole back with his hands. She moved her hands to his chest and pulled away slightly, catching up her breath as she looked for Jake’s eyes.

Jake locked his eyes with her as he caught his breath from the kiss they just had. Marley didn’t move, but he could tell she was starting to feel embarrassed of how the position they ended up with just a kiss. He moved a hand to her cheek and caressed it slightly.

“It was just a kiss” He said quietly and breathy “goodnight” he sang the line and that made both chuckle.

Marley smiled as she hit slightly his chest, then she moved slowly, standing up. He kept his eyes on her as she straightens her dress and fixed her hair a bit. Even though it was dark, he could tell she was blushing.

But as she finished fixing herself, he could tell the whole dream was about to end, he will have to leave and go back to just being friends with her, just like he promised. He sighed as he stood up and grab the guitar, his eyes widen when he realized how close it was to have fallen out. He grabbed it and turned around to see Marley was standing there with her hands at her back.

“You are leaving?” Marley whispered.

Jake got confused as if she was asking or stating the obvious. He nodded and she looked down. Jake walked to the window and looked down then at his guitar and slightly chuckle.

“Well, I didn’t plan this right” He moved a hand to his neck and looked at Marley, who looked confused “I won’t be able to get down with the guitar on my hand” He said.

“Oh.” Marley said. If it were not so dark, he could have sworn he saw her smiling.

“I’ll leave it here for now” He whispered as he placed the guitar in the corner.

He opened the window and as he was about to take a leap, he felt a hand on his arm. He looked at Marley, the moonlight was hitting her, and he could see she wanted to ask him something. He frowned as he moved aside from the window and looked at her.

“Stay.” She simply said without looking at him.

“What?” He replied confused and looked at her.

“It’s too late anyway for you to go…” she shrugged and looked at him “You can just stay here” She finally looked at him.

He never slept here. Not when they were dating anyways…this sort of friendship was starting to feel better. He nodded as he sat on the small seat she had in front of her bed. Marley giggled and shook her head.

“The bed is big enough for both of us” She says and Jake looks at her “I mean, normally I would tell you to sleep on the couch downstairs…but I’d rather that my mom doesn’t find out you are here” She says as she walks towards him and offering her hands so he can stand up.

Jake takes her hands and stands up, being so close to her again makes him lick his upper lip quickly in anticipation of what he wanted. Marley breathes in nervously and then she moves her head aside.

“Which side?” She asks and because Jake doesn’t reply she looks back at him and whispers “I’m used to the right one so you can have the left one.”

Jake nods and Marley pulls away from her hands as she moves to her wardrobe and picks her pajamas, then turns to Jake.

“I’ll go to change and come back shortly” She smiles shyly as she opens her bedroom door and walks out, leaving it slightly opened.

Jake couldn’t even reply. He walked to the left side and he was about to pull his t-shirt out but then he restrains from it. He would sleep with his clothes on and that is it. He nods as he sits on the left of the bed, watching at the door. He had dreams of sleeping with Marley, back then those dreams felt like years away…he never thought tonight could turn out as it did…

Marley came back into the room. Her pajamas were nothing out of the ordinary, they just were so Marley: a large collar V t-shirt and some sweatpants. Jake smiled at the sight of her as she approached the bed.

“Are you going to be comfortable?” She asked and he snapped out of his thoughts to reply.

“Yes.” He smiled.

Marley didn’t look convinced, but she ended up moving the covers of her side and getting in. She then looked at Jake, he was still sitting on his side.

“The idea of sleeping is that you lay down and close your eyes” She says as if he didn’t know.

He chuckles as he stood up and moved the covers up, glancing at her pajamas as he entered the bed. Now he could feel her close, his hand close to hers under the covers and he ended up stroking it as he closed his eyes.

“You are so warm” She says, and he opens his eyes looking down at her. She looked so beautiful even in the dark.

“Are you cold?” He asked and she nodded shyly, though it was cold she wasn’t that cold.

He carefully moved his body so he could lay on his side and wrapped an arm around her, she instinctively moved so her back was facing him as his arm rested on her belly. She smiled to herself as his other hand moved from behind her to come out on her shoulder. They were embracing, his head was resting on her shoulder, his breathing slowing down.

She knew all of this was not ok, but she just wanted to be with him, like this, at least tonight. Tomorrow they will figure out what is all this, but tonight all she wanted was to be in his embrace. She felt her eyelids heavy as she drifted to a night of deep sleep.

End of chapter


Chapter Text

Marley looked herself in the mirror once more as she fixed her hair a bit, then looked down at her clothes, she chose a blue jeans and a simple blue t-shirt and her favorite white cardigan. Her mom had almost caught her and Jake sleeping in her bed, but she covered it perfectly saying she slept in and that she would go to school alone.

The truth is that she woke up early like always but waking in Jake’s arms was something she never thought would feel so right. She just loved having his breathing on her neck, sending her some shivers down her spine. When her mom yelled that she was late, she jumped from bed and Jake had jump to lay on the floor next to the bed. They both laughed once her mom bought her lies and they heard the main door shut down. That’s when Marley said she was going to get changed, and she’s been in this bathroom far too long, she just didn’t know what to say now…

She came out of the bathroom towards her room and as she entered Jake was sitting on her bed slightly smiling at her. He was wearing the same clothes as yesterday, his green t-shirt and dark blue jeans. She walked towards him slightly.

“School will start soon so we might just go out now” He said calmly as he stood up meeting Marley halfway.

“Yeah.” That’s all she managed to say as she looks at him.

He grabbed the guitar with one hand and then he looked at her. He smiled and then he walked out of her room. He felt her steps right behind him as he walked down the stairs in silence. He stopped in front of the main door and turned around to face Marley.

“Look Marley, last night—”

“Was ok” she says as she looks at him “I couldn’t let you leave in the middle of the night” She smiles as she tucks a strain of hair behind her ear.

Jake looked at her. He didn’t know what to think right now. Should he say anything? The wondering was killing him.

“So, we are cool?” He said trying to make her look at him.

“We are cool” She didn’t look at him.

“We are still friends” He pressures now.

Marley sighs and finally looked up at him. He knew that look, is the same one she used to give him when she wanted to be kissed. He hesitated, he promised they’d be just friends, but he wanted to kiss her again. Last night was probably one of the best of his life. He placed the guitar against the wall and cup her face as his lips met hers.

Right here, at her house, she could feel able to let down her guards. She wanted so bad to feel his lips against hers again. Last night she realized how much she missed his lips, his hands against her skin, and that feeling he was the only one to cause inside of her.

She found herself kissing him back, opening her mouth eagerly so he would take the hint to slide his tongue inside and he did. Their kiss was sweet and gentle, but it felt so good. He only moved one hand to the back of her neck while his other rested on her cheek. She wrapped her hands around his waist and pulled him closer.

As they pulled away and opened their eyes to look at each other, she wondered how he realized what she wanted. Then Ryder came to her mind, she was supposed to be moving on with Ryder, not falling again with Jake…

Jake closed his eyes as he rested his forehead on hers and breathe in. Then he moved his lips to kiss softly on her head as he pulled away.

“Yes” Marley said as Jake picked up his guitar again.

 That made him turn to look at her frowning a bit.

“We are friends” She says as she gets close to him.

He looks at her, they are never leaving her house, right? She gets remarkably close and shyly smiles.

“But…” She moved her hands to his chest and moved it up “we kiss…sometimes” She says as she feels herself blushing.

“So” He looks at her hands and then at her, he loved when she blushed “We can kiss…” He can’t help but look at her lips.

She nods as he leans in and kissed her lips so sweetly, then her cheek and then he pulls away. She opens her eyes; she did not realize she had to close them and finds him looking at her.

“Just not in public” She whispers as she bites her lip.

He looks at her and can’t help but smirk a bit, then smiles. This is it. This is his chance. He will win her back slowly. First, he needs to really earn her trust, so she wants to keep kissing him, that was good right? That meant she still liked him, or at least his kisses. He knows this meant she was giving him a chance…he wouldn’t mess it up.

“Keep it quiet” He says, and she nods “not telling anyone” He leans in again and she catches her breath “a secret” he whispers brushing his lips with hers.

She nods as she feels his lips on hers. How he could make it sound so good. She didn’t want to be with Jake in secret before, but right now she doesn’t want to be seen this way with him, not in front of the entire school who knows he cheated. Right, he cheated…

“We should go” She says as she backs away slowly.

Jake nods as he opens the door of her house. She steps outside and he follows her.

Marley was sitting in the choir room. Ryder was talking with Sam and Blaine. While Jake was sitting at his usual spot staring quietly to the front. Unique was talking about some new hair products the girls should try out for Nationals, but she could only think about Jake’s lips on hers…his arms around her…last night…

“Alright everyone! We have Ryder now, he chose a song to sing to us” Finn said, “As you know Mr. Shue had some things to solve with Emma, but we need to complete the assignment of the week” He smiled as Ryder approach the front and Finn took a seat.

“Alright, so I chose this song because every time I hear it, I just think of a person” He smiles and then looks at Marley.

Marley returned a slight smile at him, but why did she feel bad at doing it? She has gone out on two dates with Ryder, she should feel ok about it.

Jake couldn’t help but give a glare at Ryder. He really was taking advantage of his breakup with Marley. He then looked at Marley, she was looking at Ryder as he told the band to start playing his song.

You know I'd fall apart without you. I don't know how you do what you do” He starts singing and the girls go ‘aww’ as Marley keeps looking at Ryder “'Cause everything that don't make sense about me, makes sense when I'm with you” Ryder walks towards where Marley is sitting “Like everything that's green, girl, I need you…But it's more than one and one makes two” He kneels down at Marley and asks for her hand “Put aside the math and the logic of it.

Marley hesitates but takes his hand and Ryder smiles as he stands up holding her hand.

You gotta know you're wanted too” He pulls her up to the front of the room “'Cause I wanna wrap you up, wanna kiss your lips… I wanna make you feel wanted” He makes her spin around and she giggles as he continues “And I wanna call you mine, wanna hold your hand forever, and never let you forget it …” He kisses her hand as he walks backward with her, leading her to her seat “Yeah, I wanna make you feel wanted” as he lets her hand go smiling.

Marley takes a deep breath as she sits down and looks at Ryder singing, but somehow, she is seeing Jake in his place…

When I wrap you up…When I kiss your lips.” Jake is there singing to her, instead of Ryder “I wanna make you feel wanted” and he approaches her, he kneels close and takes her hand with his, brings it to his lips “And I wanna call you mine…wanna hold your hand forever” he sings as he kisses it “And never let you forget it… 'Cause, baby, I wanna make you feel wanted” He belts out as his forehead rests on hers.

Marley closes her eyes, and she sees Ryder is singing again while looking at everyone and then at her smiling.

As good as you make me feel, I wanna make you feel better” Ryder is singing and belts out the last note.

Better than your fairy tales” She sees Jake next to her singing to her ear and she closes her eyes at the feel of his lips so close to her “Better than your best dreams” She breathes in and opens her eyes; Jake is not at her side, but Ryder is still singing at the front.

You're more than everything I need… You're all I ever wanted” He locks his eyes with Marley and smiles happily.

Marley sighs slightly and feels Jake next to her again and he leans in, brushing his lips to her as he sings.

All I ever wanted…” And Jake kisses her lips lightly.

Marley closes her eyes and then the music stops, and she opens her eyes wide when everyone starts to clap. She clapped as she breathes in, glancing at Jake who was slowly clapping.

“That was awesome man!” Fin said standing up and then glanced at Marley “Very good huh?” He jokes and then looks at everyone “Ok, so we still have Unique, Blane, Sam, Tina, Kitty and…Jake left to sing right?” He asks.

Blaine nudges at Sam and they both stand up.

“Actually Finn” Blaine says “We wanted to say something” He clarifies.

“Yeah, I think we all here owe you an apology man” Sam says as he stands up walking to the front next to Blaine and they look at Jake.

“So we all prepared a song to show you, how you can count with all of us” Blaine says as he motions to everyone to stand up.

Jake frowns a bit but feels a bit happy as he sees Marley standing up too.

“For the record, this does not make up the fact you cheated on my girl” Unique clarifies, as Marley looks at her “But you are our teammate” She continues.

“And your personal life is yours only” Kitty completes, everyone looks at her a bit shocked as she shrugged “I’m trying to be a better person” she rolls her eyes as she gets to her spot.

“Alright Jake, this is for you” Blaine says, and he turns his back to him, as Ryder takes a seat at the drums and Artie takes the guitar from the guitarist.

They all turn their backs as they wait for the song to start.

“1, 2, 3…” Sam says.

 “So, no one told you life was gonna be this way” Blaine starts as he turns around, and then everyone claps.

Your job's a joke, you're broke” Sam continues as he turns around smiling.

Your love life's DOA” Unique turns around belting that last note.

It's like you're always stuck in second gear” Kitty turns around smiling.

When it hasn't been your day, your week, your month” Tina turns back around.

Or even your year” Marley turns around singing.

I'll be there for you” Blaine and Sam sing.

When the rain starts to pour” The girls sing while dancing a bit.

I'll be there for you” Artie belts out.

Like I've been there before” The girls continue with their silly choreography.

I'll be there for you!” Blaine, Sam, and Artie sing

'Cause you're there for me too” The girls sing as they form a line and lift their arms at Jake.

Jake smiles at the song and Finn looks back at him. This is what glee club is all about, being part of something…somewhere.

I'll be there for you” Artie continues.

Blaine comes to get Jake as Sam gets Finn so they can join them in the group.

I'll be there for you” Tina walks next to Artie as they both sing that line.

Like I've been there before” They all sing as they start to goof around dancing.

I'll be there for you!” Blaine, Sam, Finn, and Artie sing loudly.

'Cause you're there for me too” Everyone sings having fun and laughing.

When the song ends everyone is laughing and clapping. Ryder looks at Marley who is laughing and smiling at Jake, he smiles at her back. Then Unique, Kitty, and Marley hug which makes Jake turn around to hug Sam and Blaine.

“They are still broken up though” Ryder hears Tina say to his ear as she approaches the girls to join in their embrace.

Yeah, still broken up he thinks as he stands up.

“This is what we are all meant to be, a family!” Finn says excited “Group hug!” He calls everyone to come in.

They all hug.

Marley closes her locker door and Ryder appears, which makes Marley jump a bit and then smile at him.

“Hi” Ryder says smiling.

“Hi” Marley returns the smile as she looks at him. She knows he is waiting for her to say something about his song “It was a great song” She says as she holds back a ‘though I picture Jake all the time’.

“I chose it for you” He says as he moves to take her hand.

She flinches at his touch but then lets him touch her.

“That’s really sweet of you Ryder” she says as she gently pulls her hand away.

Ryder nods and looks down then back at her.

“I was thinking about our next date” he says and she looks at him “Could be tonight?” He asks and smiles.

“Mhm” Marley thinks about it and then nods “Sure.” She says smiling “Gotta go now” She says as she leans in to kiss his cheek and walks away from him.

Ryder smiles as he watches her walk away.

“You never know when to quit” Kitty’s voice makes him turn to face her.

“What?” Ryder asks.

“You and Marley, you want it so bad that you don’t see it” She shakes her head.

“What do you mean? She is going out with me” He smiles.

“She goes out with you, but she is not with you” She says “Learn the difference before you get hurt” she shakes her head as she walks away.

Finn was in the auditorium, writing notes in his notebook. He was scrambling about his ideas for Nationals, he had to pitch it to Mr. Shue later, to see if he thought it, was a good idea. What he didn’t decide was the duet…he knew Sam, Blaine, Tina, and Artie wanted to sing together, as it was going to be their last nationals before graduating…but he also knew there were the others with so much talent…though if they win Nationals, they will have another year to shine.

“Seem very concentrated” Marley says quietly, and Finn looks over at her.

“Yeah, I was thinking about the songs…” He sighs “There is so much…” He looks down at her “Want to hear my proposal?”

Marley nods smiling.

“So, I’m thinking a duet…haven’t decided which one but it will come” then he scribbles “then More friends than you know” Marley widen her eyes and he smiles “Yours…” he says and then looks back at his notebook “Something New by Girls aloud and we finish with Still haven’t found what I’m looking for” He smiles as he finishes talking and Marley claps smiling.

“They sound awesome, though probably we need to figure out which parts of what songs and how to blend them somehow” she smiles and then looks aside.

Finn knew she liked his idea, but he could tell she was thinking of something else. He placed the notebook on the piano and looked at her.

“What’s wrong?” He asked and then she looked at him, with sad eyes “Jake?” she shook her head “Ryder?” He asks again and she shakes her head as she places her hands on her head.

Finn sighed and moved a hand to her back and caressed it lightly as he heard her sob a bit.

“You know you can tell me anything…” He says softly “I would never judge you” He insists, and she looks up to him.

“It's everything Finn…” She exhales frustrated “I just…I know Jake and I are broken up…and I’m going on dates with Ryder…but—”

“But you are not into him” He says firmly, and she sighs looking at him.

“With Nationals approaching I don’t want bad blood between any of us…” she sighs “I want time for myself…to figure out what I feel” she looks down and then at Finn “I’m discovering some stuff about me that I want to keep exploring without hurting anyone…” she says.

Finn nodded and then he smiles.

“Rachel took a lot of time for herself, even when I begged her to be together, she just pushed me away…” He says “that was until I kissed her in front of everyone at Nationals…and got us to twelfth place” He remembers laughing and that made Marley laugh too.

“So, no kissing at Nationals” She says still giggling “noted” she says as she bites her lip.

“No, no, apparently it is unprofessional” he says and frowns “Though it was the best thing I did…I didn’t care about the consequences or what anyone would think…I just felt I had to at that moment…to just be with her, to claim her mine” he smiles.

Marley smiles as she hears him. Sometimes people just do something because it feels right at that time.

“That was after or before she cheated?” Marley asks, curiosity invading her.

“After…” he clarifies and shakes his head “Thing is Marley, when we are in high school…we don’t have our shit figure out, so we do stupid things…” he says and then looks at her “Is the after what counts…what you do after you mess up to make it up to the other person” he offers her a slight smile.

Marley nodded and smiled back. Talking with Finn always helped her look at things differently. She had Unique to vent out and be comforted, Kitty to tell her the ugly truth but she had Finn to give her advice.

Marley spent almost all her walk home thinking about what Finn said. She knew what to do now.

End of chapter


Chapter Text

Marley sits on her bed in her room. Looking at the spot where Jake was yesterday…Sitting at the spot where they kissed. She was supposed to get ready for her date with Ryder but all she could think about was Jake. She would like to repeat last night…she found herself daydreaming about it all day.

There was something different this time about this wanting when they were together, she was thinking about spending time with him at Bread Sticks and watching movies…or sing together at glee club, hold hands as they walk to class…but she never found herself fantasizing about his lips or his hands on her…this was new, and it all happened because of one night.

She was changing into one of her dresses as she sees Jake sitting on her bed looking at her through her mirror. She turns around and he is not there, she sighs and finishes putting on her dress, and again there is Jake…sitting there looking at her. She stares at the mirror, at him, and smiles. She turns her head and knows she is imagining him because he is no longer on her bed.

She went to her drawer by her nightstand and took out her notebook. She started to write some thoughts in it. She had to write down her feelings now before they consume her completely. She touched her lips with her fingertips remembering Jake’s last kiss was this morning…how could she still feel his lips on hers after the whole day is almost over? She finished writing on her notebook and placed it back into the drawer.

She turned and looked at the pillow…she picked it up and brought it to her face…it had his scent, she found herself breathing in his scent as she closed her eyes landing her back on her bed.

The pillow is removed from her hands and she sees Jake looking down at her, his face leaning in and kissing her lips gently. She smiles at the kiss and wraps her arms around his neck, kissing back impatiently. He pulled away slightly and moved to kiss her cheek then back to her lips and then back to her cheek then to her ear and that sent her shivers down her stomach, but she kept her eyes closed.

“Marley…” he said in a soft voice at her ear as he moved his lips to her jaw and then back to her ear.

“Marley!” She heard the voice get louder and she opened her eyes,

She opened her eyes and saw her mom by the door of her room, she sat up slightly placing the pillow aside.

“Are you ok honey?” Her mom said and Marley felt herself blushing, but her mom came in to put a hand on her forehead “You look like you have fever or something” she places her hand on her cheeks and then to her front.

Marley bites her lips slightly…she would like to tell her mom she was ok that she just imagined her ex-boyfriend here on her bed kissing her, that the reason she was so red it was of embarrassment not because she was getting sick or something, but she kept quiet.

“It seems like fever” her mom says worried “You’ve been having your vitamins, right?” she asks.

“Yes mom” Marley says as she moves her hand away from her face “I’m ok…just a bit tired” she forces a smile.

Her mom looked at her, still worried but then she smiled.

“Ryder is downstairs, he said you have a date?” her mom lifts an eyebrow waiting for an answer.

Marley nods as she stands up and looks at her mom.

“Yeah…” She walks to the mirror and fixes her hair a bit and then turns to her “Be down in a minute” She says.

Her mom nods smiling and walks out of her room. Marley follows her with her eyes and looks herself in the mirror as she shuts down her door.

How can she go out with Ryder when she is seeing Jake everywhere? It is not fair to him…she needs to stop this before she really hurts Ryder. After tonight she will tell him to just stop with the dates…that she needs some space. She took a deep breath and had a last glance at herself as she walked out of her room.

Jake was laying on his bed looking at the ceiling. He couldn’t stop thinking of Marley. She was all he had in his head all day. The reason he didn’t want to take his t-shirt out was because it had her scent. He dated her for almost a year, and he had come to terms with the idea that he would spend his relationship with her watching movies, eating at bread sticks, sing songs and just hold hands with occasional light kisses…but after last night, the way she just took control and lead the kiss…the kisses…he smiled at the thought of each one of them, she just left him wanting more.

He would never, ever, force her into anything, he won’t make the same mistake twice…but he would let her take the lead at everything…giving up control to her was the best decision ever. He just needed to know what was going on between her and Ryder. He jumped at the thought of the two of them engaging in a heated kiss just like them…rage filling him, he wouldn’t want to picture that but…it was a possibility.

He thought about the song Ryder dedicated Marley earlier today…He didn’t want to think about it but what if Marley had kissed Ryder just as she did him…They two were friends…

“We are friends” She says as she gets close to him “But…” She moved her hands to his chest and moved it up “we kiss…sometimes” She said to him.

Jake remembered what she told him this morning. What if she said the same to Ryder? She had the right to kiss whoever she wanted because she was no longer his girlfriend…

“You can’t expect a girl you claim to love, to be stuck with you, especially after what you did” Finn says and now he walks in front of him “Not a special girl like her” He sighs “When you are sure someone is special, you need to set them free” He looks back at Jake.

Jake remembered Finn’s words…he was right. Marley deserved a chance to figure out what she wants, who she wants and if he loves her, he will patiently wait. Even if that meant to see her and Ryder try to date or even be together. He will stay faithful to her and pretend that it's not killing him to imagine her with another guy. He sighed as he closed his eyes, that way he could at least imagine her, with him, in his arms…

Ryder parked his car in front of Marley’s house and looked at her.

“Marley…” he said softly.

Marley had a lovely time. They went to a restaurant and talk about everything. Ryder was really sweet to her, she really wishes she wouldn’t have thought about Jake but she would be lying if she said her thoughts stayed in her bedroom. She looked up to Ryder and before she could ask his lips landed on hers.

His lips were softer, she stood there startled and not knowing what to do…she remembered the first time he kissed her like that.


It was after Valentine’s day, Mr. Shue failed wedding, and Marley walked towards Ryder by his locker.

“Sorry I didn’t get to see you after the party” She said smiling “I wanted to say thank you” she offered him a card.

“For what?” He said looking weirdly at the note.

“Come on” She chuckles “Jake is awesome and everything, but he is not capable of that” she says as he looks down and then up to her “any of it” she smiles “I know it was you…whispering in his ear like Sireno…” she says, making her superhero reference.

“Like who?” He asked frowning a bit

“Anyway…” she looks down blushing at her nerdiness “It was sweet” she looks back at him “and…romantic” she smiles widely.

Ryder puts his lips together as he places her note inside his locker.

“And whenever you do that for someone for real, she is going to be the luckiest girl on the planet” she says, and he just looks at her tenderly.

“It was for real” he says as he looks down at her lips and then back at her blue eyes.

Marley realizes what he said and before she can say or do anything, he cups her face with his right hand and his lips touch hers. She had her eyes closed for a second and then she opened them as he pulled away.

“I’m sorry…” he whispered as she looked at him.

“I should probably go” she hurries as she turns around and walks away from him


She felt him smile at the kiss and then pulled away as they both opened their eyes. She looks at him and offers a slight smile.

“I hope that wasn’t rushed or anything” He says smiling.

Marley shook her head and took a deep breath. It wasn’t rushed…it just wasn’t Jake’s lips. She looked away from him as she opened the door.

“Wait, let me!” He said as he opened his car door and rushed to her side, opening the door for her and offering his hand as well.

“Thanks” she says and takes his hand.

Ryder grabs her hand and then leads her towards her front porch, feeling his hand with hers was what he always thought of. They reach their front porch, and she turns around to look at him.

“Ryder…” she starts, and he frowns a bit “Look…these days have been amazing” she continues, and then she pulls her hand slightly away “but I don’t want you to think this means we are together…” she can see he is still confused “as a couple…as boyfriend and girlfriend” she points out and then he slowly nods.

“Ok?” he frowns a bit “No labels then” he doubts “No strings attached?” he questions again.

“It just I still don’t feel like jump into a relationship with…anyone” she sighs “I want to just take time to figure out things…focus on Nationals, what is best for it and…take one day at a time” she finishes, just as she rehearsed it on her head.

“Got it…so no dates until Nationals?” he asks, holding out hope.

Marley would like to just say ‘no dates at all’ but she just took a deep breath and offered him a smile.


“Cool…I can do that” he smiles and leans in to kiss her cheek “Have a goodnight Marley” he says as he walks back to his car.

Marley waves at him as she enters her house. She closes the door and sighs, resting her forehead on it. At least, that would give her time…time to figure things out.

Marley rolled on her bed, not being able to fall asleep. She reached for her phone at the top of her nightstand and picked it up. She found herself dialing Jake’s number but then she stopped the call once she realized the time… would he even be awake? What is she doing? She left her phone on her nightstand as she rolled on to have her back facing her nightstand now. She closes her eyes trying to force herself to fall asleep.

Her eyes open widely when she heard it vibrating. She hurries to answer it in a lower voice.

“Yes?” She whispered.

“Marley?” It was Jake’s voice.

“Jake…” she whispers and gets quiet.

“You called…” he says after there was too much silence on her end.

“Yeah?” she lied and then just giggled “Yeah” she confirms and then stops as she realizes “Oh god! I woke you up, right?” she says feeling embarrassed.

“No…no” he lies but then he sighs “I was just resting my eyes…” he says “Can’t sleep?” he asks softly.

There is no response from Marley, he hears a low mumble. He smiles at the thought of her feeling embarrassed that she called him.

“How was your date” he says calmly.

She widens her eyes and feels a knot on her stomach.

“We don’t have to talk about it” she says softly.

“That’s what friends are for…” he replies.

“I could call Unique or Kitty for that” she says as she sits up a bit, holding the phone to her ear.

“But you called me” he says “Talk to me” he insists.

“I just…” she sighs “Nationals is approaching, and Finn proposed one of my songs” she finds a topic to talk to.

“Oh really? Which song?” He asks.

“It’s ‘You’ve got more friends’” she replies smiling.

They talked for an hour or so about nationals, what Finn suggested as set lists, the clothing they would wear, how he could choreograph for everyone…neither of them wanting to hang up. But Jake felt Marley starting to get tired because of her short replies, so he started to just talk about a movie he watched all afternoon.

“And then, he just leaves” He says frowning “I mean…he was dead, and she was alive…so it makes sense but…” he shakes his head.

“Told you we should’ve watched that one” she smiles feeling sleepy.

“Yeah you did” he smiles “Goodnight Marley.”

“Night Jake” she replies smiling.

“I love you…” he says softly.

Marley doesn’t reply, he thinks she might have fallen asleep already, so he hangs up and forces himself to close his eyes.

Marley heard him, but she didn’t want to reply, she had closened her eyes already and his soft voice brought her comfort, so she just smiled at what he just said and drifted to deep sleep.

Marley is in the choir room with Kitty and Unique, they are talking about doing a number together.

“A trio is always powerful” Unique says confidently.

“Especially for a song like that!” Kitty laughs.

As Marley is about to reply her eyes land on Jake, who just entered the room, followed not shortly, by Ryder.

“I saw that” Kitty smirks at Marley and she looks at him frowning “It’s ok to see your options…but also to know when to stop, before hurting people” she whispers then she turns her head away to look at Mr. Shue who just entered the room with Finn.

Marley nods at what Kitty said and Unique looks at her puzzled, Marley mouths to her ‘later’ as they pay attention to the front.

“Alright guys, since we all are together as a group…finally” Mr.s Shue says smiling at everyone “We need to support and believe in each other” He states “Some of us will no longer be here next year, and it will fall on the rest of you the legacy of ‘New Directions’” He walks backward.

“We have two days left of this week and then on to the last week before Nationals” Finn says as he looks at everyone else “So, anyone of you prepared a song for today?” He asked.

Jake stands up and he looks up to Sam, Artie, Ryder, and Blaine.

“We got something, we wanted to sing” Blaine says standing up.

“Great guys, let’s—”

“We would like to sing it in the auditorium” Sam says.

Mr. Shue and Finn looked at each other and smile.

As Jake, Sam and Blaine prepare the stage at the auditorium, the rest take a seat. Marley sits down in between Unique and Kitty. She felt everything was falling to place, everyone in Glee club were getting along, well except for Ryder and Jake, their friendship is something that would be difficult to achieve while Ryder keeps trying to win her heart.

“Alright so I guess the boys are taking the stage now” Finn says smiling pointing at the guys.

Blaine sits on the piano, starting to play the keys. Ryder helps to put the headset to Artie as he nods and wheels upfront.

“We wanted to dedicate this song to the glee club, as this is a treat as well for the ladies” He says winking at Tina and Kitty.

“We hope you all like this” Sam says as they walk backward.

The girls look at each other mouthing ‘what?’ As they wait for them to start.

Written in these walls are the stories that I can't explain” Blaine starts as he keeps playing the piano.

I leave my heart open but it stays right here empty for days” Sam continues as he smiles at Artie.

She told me in the morning” Ryder continues, his eyes landing on Marley “She don't feel the same about us in her bones.

It seems to me that when I die, these words will be written on my stone” Artie continues as he wheels to the front closing his eyes.

And I'll be gone, gone tonight, the ground beneath my feet is open wide” Jake sings and Marley’s eyes land on him.

The way that I been holdin' on too tight” Blaine and Sam’s voices join in.

With nothing in between” Ryder continues.

Tina and Unique open their mouths wide open and scream, Marley and Kitty just laugh at their fangirling scream. Mr. Shue and Finn smile picturing how it continues.

The story of my life, I take her home” Artie sings out loud.

I drive all night to keep her warm and time” Ryder and Jake’s voice joins in.

Is frozen” Blaine belts out.

the story of, the story of, the story of” Sam, Ryder, and Artie join in unison.

The story of my life, I give her hope, I spend her love until she's broke inside” Blaine sings alone.

The story of my life” Artie belts out.

the story of, the story of” Ryder, Sam, and Jake sing in unison.

And I've been waiting for this time to come around” Jake sings that part and Marley locks her eyes on him “But, baby, running after you is like chasing the clouds” Jake sings and finds Marley’s eyes on him.

The story of my life, I take her home” Ryder sings softly.

I drive all night to keep her warm and time” Sam and Artie join Ryder singing this line.

Is frozen” Blaine dings softly.

Then the voices of everyone join in unison, each of them making room for each to shine on their own as they sing as a team having a bit of fun with handshakes.

The story of my life, I give her hope I spend her love until she's broken inside…The story of my life…The story of my life…

The story of my life” Blaine finishes the song.

The girls clap and Finn with Mr. Shue stand up joining the guys on stage.

“We better get there” Unique says at Kitty, Tina, and Marley as she stands up.

The four of them stand up smiling and joining everyone onstage. Everyone starts to hug, Marley hugs Blaine, Sam, Artie, and then she goes to hug Ryder and they both smile at each other, then he opens his arms to her as she goes to hug him. They pull away as Kitty now come to hug him. Marley gets face to face with Jake and she feels nervous all a sudden.

“I didn’t know you heard One Direction” She chuckles and so does he.

“Who doesn’t know them” He says and then looks at her.

“You sang very well” She says “and have fun” she smiles “with everyone” she points to everyone.

He smiles looking at everyone and then his eyes land on her eyes, then her lips, and back to her eyes. She feels a nut on her stomach and tries to shake off that feeling.

“Great work” Marley opens her arm wide as she leans in to hug him.

He embraces her, her head landing on his shoulder and her hands touching his back. He moves his hands on her back and rests his head on her shoulder too. The embrace lasted far too long, but not long enough for everyone to notice. They pull away and Marley’s eyes communicate with him without saying anything…

She wants to kiss him, right there…but he knows he shouldn’t, so he just backs away and looks aside. She feels a bit hurt at his rejection but nods and looks the other way. If he would have granted her wish, their friendship and everything she has decided will be ruin…right?

Marley is sitting alone on her bed. She’s in her pajamas, thinking about today…then about two nights ago…she sighs, it is going to be a long weekend.

She hears the phone vibrating and almost throws her phone away when she sees who is calling: Jake.

Her heart is pounding hard, it’s 10 pm so she answers it.

“Jake…” She answers.

“Look out your window” He says whispering.

Marley frowns a bit as she walks to her window, she opens her window and sees him standing down there. He is just by his lonesome, with his blue t-shirt, his black jacket, and his dark blue jeans. She turns her attention to her phone.

“What are you doing?” She asks on the phone.

“Keep the window open” He says as he hangs up.

Marley frowns and then looks at him, how he puts his phone in his pocket. Then he climbs on the tree and then with a swift moment lunges to the window. Marley almost screams as he pushes himself upwards, climbing on the window. She moves aside to give him room as he lets his legs enter and then his whole body. He finally stands there and looks at her.

“Seemed easier than I thought” He says as he looks at her suppressing a laugh.

Marley looks at him surprised and then pats his arm.

“You could’ve hurt yourself!” She says in a whispered shout.

Jake rubs the spot she hit and then chuckles, and she giggles. Then the laugh stops and she looks at him.

“You could’ve told me to come down…” she says.

“But it would have taken the romantic aspect of everything” He says and then realizes what he said and tries to correct himself “I mean…the intention was to surprise you” He forces a smile.

Marley looks at him, trying to ignore what he said before but ends up feeling the heat coming up to her face, she knows she is blushing.

“So, why you wanted to surprise me” She asks looking down and then up to him.

“Because…” he says walking towards her closing the gap between them “You wanted something I couldn’t give it to you earlier…at the auditorium” He clarifies.

“What was t—”

Before she could finish asking, his lips crash on hers. She moved her arms up, wrapping them around his neck. His hands slide down her waist and rested there, he was keeping the kiss gentle and sweet, just as she liked it. He pulled away slightly and her eyes opened slowly, looking at him. His eyes were staring back at her as he gave a soft smile.

He could stay there looking at her blue eyes all night. That desire he had for her was different than any other he ever experienced; he knew that when he lay his eyes on her the first time…it took a stupid mistake to just confirm it.

She knew this is not what she should do but it felt so good…though she knows she should not let him make her feel good. She was supposed to move on from him, not with him…but how can she move on if this is what she wants? This was better than when they were together, this time around they were taking their time before putting any labels…

Jake was about to move his hands from her waist, but she found her hands moving to meet his there, indicating to keep them where they are. He looked at her and she pulled him close, she moved her head to his chest, while wrapping her arms around him.

She just wanted to hold him, to be in his embrace. Right now, at that moment she didn’t see the point to lie about what her heart wants, her heart still belonged to him and she was where her heart wanted to be, with him.


End of chapter


Chapter Text

Marley stood there in his embrace, he just held her. His head moved a bit to her hair and found himself inhaling a bit of her scent. How many times he could do this all the time and loved it. He found himself kissing her back of the neck and then her shoulder, just leaving soft kisses as one of his hands came up her back to her rest at the back of her head, his fingers lacing through her hair.

She loved the way he was kissing her and playing with her hair. Something about these days was different between them, she was not scared of his touch or the way he made her felt as much as it did before. He wasn’t forcing her into anything she didn’t want to do, he was different…good different.

“Marley…” he whispered to her ear and she holds him tighter.

She shut her eyes close, if this were a dream, she would break something. She opened her eyes, and she was still in his embrace. He moved his hand that rested on her waist up her back and then down again.

“Marley…” he whispered again making her relax.

This time he pulled away slightly, so his face was in front of her. Staring back at her blue eyes.

“I have to go…” he said, and she pouted “Or…” she kept her pout and he looked at her lips as he talked “I could stay…” he whispers.

Marley changed her pout to a grin and this time her lips meeting his before she even realized it. She opened her mouth to him as she trapped her lip between hers. Their lips started to meld together moving from a sweet kiss to a more heat-up kiss.

Jake moved one hand to the back of her neck for support as his other one rested on her waist, he always had to fight the urge to roam her body, especially when he realized she was in her pajamas.

Marley slides a hand along his torso, pulling him closer to her, while her other hand moved to his shoulder for support. 

His jacket was becoming a problem because Jake felt on fire. He should’ve taken it out before. But if he removed it, he might scare her, and he didn’t want to do that, so he battled the fire inside. That is when Marley pulled away slightly, her blue eyes staring at him as he could not help but gasp for air.

She looks at him, finding it cute how he is gasping for air. She found it interesting that she could do that to him, then she takes a hint as she notices she is in her pajamas and he is still in his jacket when she can feel that the temperature has risen. She carefully moves her hand from his torso to the zip of his jacket and pulls it down.

Jake can’t help but drop his gaze to Marley’s hand on his jacket zip as she moves it down. How could that small movement caused him to gasp for more air? Once she unzipped his jacket, she moved her hand up to his t-shirt to his shoulder, her other hand moving to the other shoulder as she moved it away slowly.

Marley has followed with her gaze everywhere her hand touch, she never felt bold enough to ever do that to Jake before. Something changed in her as well, but she welcomed that change eagerly. As he instinctively moved his arms backward, she slid the sleeves of his jacket down his arms, her fingertips touching his arm along the way.

As his jacket fell to the floor, he found moving his hands back to her, both to her waist. He has watched how she followed everything she did with her gaze and smile at the thought of her about to blush for what she just did.

When she heard the jacket fall, she moved her gaze back at him. He was smiling slightly at her and her stomach fluttered at the feeling she got when she locks her eyes with him.

Just as he predicted, Marley started to blush, so he leaned into her forehead and kiss it softly. He closed his eyes as she moved his arms to wrap around her, holding her tight as if he could lose her any moment, because he could…he knew that now.

When she felt him tightening his embrace, she moved her hands to his back, her elbows on his waist as her hands reached for his shoulders. She could feel him talking to her like this, telling her how much he wanted to hold her, to be with her…to never lose this moment, her.

It just felt so right what they were doing right now, he never snuck into her room like today or two days ago. Seeing her with Ryder is what pushed him to do everything he could to not give up. Finn said to give her a chance to be happy again, he would but not with Ryder, with him, this time it would be different, no lies, no pressure just the promise of making her happy.

Time got lost in how long they just hold in that embrace. Marley slightly shivering let Jake know that it might be time to get her into the covers of her bed. He pulled away and she shivered again which made him chuckle a bit as he held her hand and led her to her bed. With his free hand he moved the covers and then he waved his hand at her, indicating to get into bed.

“Aren’t you getting in as well?” She asked shyly without meeting his eyes.

He loved how shy she could be about asking him to sleep with her again. He smiled and pressed a loud kiss on her cheek, which he did rarely, but she found it sweet. He was about to get into it, but Marley stopped him and he looked at her confused.

“Those…” she pointed to his jeans “were uncomfortable last time” she says and then tries to sound not nervous “Plus you just climbed a tree with them…” she points out and crossed her arms “You are not entering my bed in those.”

“Ok…but what will I wear?” He chuckles and moves his head aside.

“Just take them off” She said and there it was, she was blushing again and not making eye contact with him.

Jake’s eyes widen but he saw how embarrassed she felt that he didn’t want to make it more awkward, so he nodded.

“Turn around” He said and she frowned at his request “You don’t want to see me taking it off…right?” he said, feeling a bit aroused at the thought of her saying the opposite.

Marley widens her eyes and quickly covered her eyes as she turned her back to him, which made him chuckle a bit. Once she had his back at him, he unzipped his jeans and pulled them down. He folded his jeans and placed them on the seat near the bed.

She heard him unzipping and felt a knot in her stomach, what did she ask him to do? She stayed with her back to him for what it felt like hours.

“You done?” She asks without turning back.

He moved the covers more, so he had more room to get into, he entered the bed, fixing the pillows as he covered himself a bit.

“Yeah…” he said making sure he left enough space for her.

Marley turned back around and saw him in bed already. She moved the uncovered area of the bed and got in, he tugged on the blankets and covers on her. She lay on the pillow and then turned to face him, which made him face her too. Her lips forming a smile, suppressing a smirk.

“What?” he said as he smiled.

“You climbed up my window, into my room for more than a kiss” She said as she lifts an eyebrow.

He can’t hide his smirk as he shifts his body aside, one hand supporting his head while the other reaches her cheek and caress it. She closes her eyes at his touch. He felt his heart beating faster as he kept caressing her cheek. He fought his desire to move closer, he wanted to have her like this…relax at his touch, so he kept moving his thumb along her cheek. 

It was so easy to let him touch her like this, after all, he was her first boyfriend…ex-boyfriend she corrected in her thoughts. She opened her eyes and found him looking at her, then down at her lips. That made her feel stomach jump with that feeling she had got used to feeling around him these days.

“Kiss me” she whispered.

Jake didn’t need her to repeat it, he heard her and that was enough for him to lean in, his lips meeting hers. The soft kiss he started in a matter of seconds became heated with her sliding her tongue along the edge of his lower lip, he moved his out to meet hers. He liked that she was getting braver at taking control of their kisses.

The last time they kissed on a bed, was at his house. He was on top of her touching her body and she felt uncomfortable, but right now he was kissing her with the same force and desire as that time, but his hands were not touching her and somehow, she felt weird by that. She moved slightly that she was almost sitting, without breaking the kiss and that’s when she felt one hand of jake on her waist and she smiled at the feeling of his touch.

Their kiss continued as she slowly started to climb on top, not breaking the kiss she just let herself do what felt right and like this, she felt more comfortable and in control. All a sudden she was on top making out with Jake.

Jake had her on top and had to concentrate a lot more to not scare her as she settled against him. He had his hands on her hips and fighting his inner desires for her, because he wanted her, just like he always did but that feeling became stronger and he could feel it wasn’t going to be long enough before she could tell. Fighting with all his strength he pulled away without being too obvious and as he gasped for air, he rolled enough to lay Marley again to the mattress and once she had her there, he touches slightly his lips with her, pecking them and then turning to lay flat looking at the ceiling, while he heard her catch her breath as well.

She didn’t notice she ran out of breath until she was on her side looking at Jake gasping for air too. She saw his chest risen and then down, she smiled as she moved her head to his chest and listened to his heart beating fast and slowly coming back to the regular beat. Her left hand moved to his torse and her right one snuck behind his back, while she smiled at the thought of hearing his heartbeats.

Jake looked down at her head on his chest and wrapped his left arm around her and his right one met hers on his torse. He should tell her that her kisses were beginning to escalate things to a dangerous zone but part of him was also aware that she was just letting herself get carried away. They weren’t together as girlfriend and boyfriend anymore but somehow they felt closer than ever…He would still love to call her his girlfriend so no one else gets to touch her, to kiss those lips…

He looked down at her, sleeping on his chest…his hand moving from her neck to her back. The music coming up as he sang in his mind to her, a song that would be perfect for this moment, their moment.

I’ll wait, I promise you don't have to be afraid…I'll wait…Love is here and here to stay” he feels her breathe in and relax more “So lay your head on me” as he moved his hand down her back “Little do you know…I know you're hurt while I'm sound asleep… Little do you know all my mistakes are slowly drownin' me…Little do you know I'm tryin' to make it better piece by piece…Little do you know I…I love you 'til the sun dies” he moved it back up, stroking her back slowly “Oh wait, just wait…I love you like I've never felt the pain… Just wait, I love you like I've never been afraid… I'll wait, Love is here, and here to stay” He stops his hand on her back and flexes a bit to kiss her head a bit, and then moves back down “So lay your head on me…'Cause little do you know…I love you 'til the sun dies.

He closed his eyes as he concentrates on the sound of her breathing. He can’t help but smile as he hears her mumble something in her sleep.

Marley felt the lights of the sun on her face, and she moved her hand and that’s when she remembered where she was. She glanced down and see dark blue, her hand untangled herself from his hand as she gently brought it to his chest near where she was laying. She felt at peace by hearing his breathing, she could stay here all day and smiled as her hand started to stroke his chest through his t-shirt gently.

“Morning” she heard him say in a deep hoarse voice.

Jake felt her soft hand untangling from his hand, and he opened his eyes slightly as he took in her gently stroke on his chest. He could only see her hair and her hand moving, but he felt so happy to have her with him like this. As much as he wanted this to last, it wouldn’t be long before her mom would try to come inside and that will be shattered everything too quickly, so he had to let her know he was awake too.

She slowly sits up, moving the hand that was behind him to come out, and then she turned to see him. She smiled at him as she stretched a bit.

“Morning” she replied looking at him with that blue stare that he adored.

He smiles as he sits up slightly and one hand moves to her cheek then to her jaw as he leans in and gives her a soft kiss, just a brush of his lips and hers. He always dreamt of morning kisses with Marley, and he was so happy to get to do that now.

As she felt his lips on hers, she closed her eyes. His lips were addictive to her, and she was about to deepen on it when he pulled away. She opened her eyes and looked at him, he seemed so happy even with his sleepy face.

“I hope you slept well” He says as he supports his back to the head of the mattress and his hand moves down to her neck then to her shoulder, stroking it a bit.

“I did” She smiles as she feels his hand on her shoulder “I could get used to having you as a pillow” she said almost whispering as if she wasn’t sure if it was ok what she was saying.

“I’m glad you found me comfortable” He said as he moves his hand away from her and to his chest “I’ve never slept in someone else’s bed” He says as he looks around her room and then towards the door, her mom could just knock any minute now.

“Really?” She asked and made him look back at her confused “You never slept in…someone else’s bed?” She asks and gets closer to him.

Jake just nods smiling as she gets closer to him. She is kneeling on her bed now as she moves inches away from his face. With the new position, Jake’s eyes moved down a bit to her cleavage and then up to her, it amazed him how it became easier for him to give her all the power in what they do, because normally he would just make the first move and roll on top as he would kiss and undress a girl, with Marley he just wanted to make her happy.

“Marley…” he said slowly, and his lips brushed hers.

“Jake…” she replied brushing her lips with his again, making Jake close his eyes and that made her smile. She could tell he was fighting the urge to kiss her; she kissed his cheek lightly and then moved to his ear “Kiss me” she whispered.

He heard her whisper and opened his eyes as she came back to look at him, he closed the gap between them as his hand moved to the back of her neck for support and the other rested on her back. He knew her mom could come any moment and who knows when he will have her like this again, so he sits up better as his hand moved down to her waist to move her closer.

She felt his hand getting tangled in her hair and she followed his guide, she could just get lost in this feeling. She opened her mouth, and her tongue found his faster than before. Her hands pressed on his chest for support but not feeling comfortable she moved her knee to the other side of him, trapping him with her knees and she had more space to move her hands behind him.

He almost pulled away when he felt her moving on top, making him rest between her legs. She really had become used to do that lately, not knowing how much effort is required from him to not take things further. As she deepened the kiss, she moved slightly against him making him move his hand to her lower back to steady her, because if she moved more, he would not be able to fight anymore.

“Marley?” Her mom's voice behind the door made them jump back to reality “Marley?” Her mom insisted, they heard the doorknob moved, and their eyes went to the door, hoping they remembered to lock it last night.


End of chapter


Chapter Text

Jake placed his hands on Marley’s waist to move her away, but she moved her hands to his lips as she leaned forward and looked at her door. The door was locked so her mom tried but could not get in, Jake breathes out relieved on her hand.

“Yes?!” She replied as she cleared her throat.

“You haven’t come down to have breakfast…are you ok hun?” Her mom’s voice sounded closer; she must be leaning to the door.

“I’m good, mom” she replied, and she glanced back at Jake, who stood there still, with his hands on her waist.

“Well…you need to eat Marley” she sounded worried “I brought your breakfast, let me in” she insists.

Marley looks back at Jake and he never saw that kind of look on her before, well he has, but only when she wanted something, like to watch a marathon of Hunger Games or Harry Potter, and would do anything to have it. This time, he was that he could feel it. She moved her hands from his lips and kissed them, then quickly climbed off him and moved to her door.

“Marley, please it’s pancakes” She tries to sound enthusiastic.

Jake was about to move but Marley turned back at him and with her look, he could tell she told him to stay there. She turned back to her door, unlocked the door, and open it slightly so only she could be seen.

“Thanks” she said as she received the plate full of pancakes.

“Marley, you really slept in” Her mom says as she gives her the plate.

Marley maintains her hand on the door as she puts the plate aside, on top of her small table and mirror. Then she looks back at her mom.

“Yeah…I’m really tired…I’ll probably stay in bed all day” she says, Jake hears that and smirks as he looks in her direction, admiring her body in daylight.

“What? You rarely sleep in, are you sure you are ok?” She asks and moves her hand to her forehead and Marley backs away slightly and smiles at her mom.

“Mom, I’m really ok…I just need to stay in bed today and I’ll be good as new tomorrow” She smiles.

“But we were supposed to go to your grandma…” Her mom says, “We said we would stay over for the night” Her mom recalls.

Marley forgot. She comes out of her room completely, closing the door behind her so Jake can’t hear them anymore. She wants to say to her mom that she will be ready in a heartbeat, but…

“Can’t we do it after Nationals? I’d rather stay in” she ends up using her pleading voice.

Her mom looks at her and then exhales.

“Ok…I’ll call her, she really was expecting us” Her mom sighs and Marley looks at her mom and feels bad.

“You could go…” She mumbles.

“What? And leave you alone? No Marley” Her mom says.

“I’ll be fine…” She says as she feels a knot in her stomach…she wouldn’t be alone; she would be with Jake…

Her mom analyses what she just said and meditates it. Then she strokes her daughter’s cheek.

“You really want to stay?” She asks and Marley nods “And you promise to eat your three meals at least?” She says Marley nods again “Ok then…but I’m coming back tomorrow before dinner!” She finally gives in and Marley throws herself at her and kissing her cheek.

“Thank you!” She says and pulls away.

“Go rest then hun, but please remember to eat—”

“I’ll eat even five times” She promises as she backs away to her room and holds the doorknob.

“Ok hun” she smiles “I’ll leave soon, so if you go back to sleep and wake up don’t get scared” She clarifies as Marley nods and opens her door slightly.

“Take care mom” she says and enters the room and closes it as her mom says to take care as well.

Marley waits to hear her mom walk down the stairs as she thinks about being alone with Jake, alone. The last time he said they would be alone, things took a bad turn…she shook those feelings as she turned back around and look at Jake, he had stayed in her bed as she begged him with her eyes.

“So…” Jake begins to talk as she approaches him “How long do I have to wait to leave, and she doesn’t see me?” He asks as Marley kneels on her bed, getting close to him again as she bites her lip.

“A bit longer” she says as she leans into his lips “like a lot” she says smiling and kisses his lips. Her hair falling to his face and chest, as her hands moved up his chest to his shoulders, deepening the kiss.

He wanted to freeze time just like that, but he knew he couldn’t, so he pulled away and when she wanted to come for another kiss, he just smiled at her and kissed her nose.

“Marley…” he started, and she stared at him confused “You need to eat” he says, and she groans a bit “Your mom said it” he moves his hands up as he chuckles.

“I am eating” She replies and kisses his lips again and he lifts his eyebrows in surprise but pulls away again.

How was it possible that now he was the one pulling away now? She pouted as she sat on her knees looking at him.

“You do realize I’m half-naked in your bed, going crazy about you and I’m the one begging you to eat right?” He says honestly hoping that she would blush or jump a bit at the realization of what he said.

She nods and keeps pouting, he rolls his eyes and in a swift movement he kneels on her bed as he moves his hands to her waist and tickles her, making her scream and laugh.

“No!! Jake!” She screams as she laughs and falls to her back, Jake keeps tickling her “Ok! Ok! I’ll eat” she says, and he stops, staying on top but moves his hands up her waist and then just to the mattress for support.

“Good girl” he says smiling at her.

“I’m always good” she grins and looks at him, she moves her hand to his face and starts to stroke it, as if she wanted to remember each feature he had, she even caught a small scar around his jaw and then she moved it back to his eyebrow, his cheek, and his lips. He closed his eyes when she brushed his lips, trailing the shape of them and she rises slightly to kiss his lips, trapping his lower lip with hers and he groaned, which made her feel a fire inside of her to grow.

She was getting good at this, too good, he gripped the sheets on her bed to hold back his desires as he deepened the kiss, imagining chains around his wrists so they stayed still. While she moved her hands to his back, moving them up and down as she was pulling him closer. Jake’s arms were getting tired of holding back, he worked out but this was harder than lifting twice his weight.

“Marley…” he said in between kisses, as if she couldn’t hear him because she kept pulling him closer and now her hands were playing with the end of his t-shirt “Marley…” he said in a hoarse voice, but she kept kissing him.

He fought for as long as he could but there is so much one can do, one hand slid from the mattress to her waist and then down to her hip while the other did the same, but his hand moved lower to her knee. She felt him touching her and one of her hands moved to his hair, as the other kept roaming his back.

“Marley I’m leaving, please remember to eat! Love you!” Her mom’s shouting and slam of the door made them come back to reality.

Marley looked up to Jake as she found herself gasping for air just like him. She looked down to his hands, where they were and then looked back at him.

“Sorry…sorry” he said as he moved them quickly to the mattress and pushed back up, then she could see he made more effort and sat to the side of the bed next to her “Sorry” he said as he was catching his breath and look to another side.

She stood laying on her back, catching her breath as she looked at Jake’s face going from a frown to a more relaxed one. When she finally felt she got her air back she sat up and turn back to look at him. He moved his head to look at her again, his face was back to that lovely happy one.

“Jake…” she says softly.

“Yeah?” he replied.

“Want to stay over tonight?” she asks and looks down.

Jake’s mouth almost drops and then he frowns when she stands up to pick the plate of pancakes and brings it back to the bed, as she eats one, not making eye contact with him.

“You serious?” Jake asks as he steals one pancake.

“Hey!” she pouts but then she shrugs “My mom left to my grandma for the night and…” she seems to be nervous all of sudden and keeps quiet while she eats another pancake.

“I would love to” he says softly, and she looks back at him “But…” she feels nervous that he backs down at her offer “I’m going home…” he says “to bring some clothes” he says finally.

She smiles as he grabs another pancake and eats it.

Marley felt as it has been forever since Jake left her house. She kept looking at the clock, he said he will be back in three hours and she felt like she was waiting for days. She changed her clothes twice until she felt comfortable, she ate her lunch, washed the dishes, and even showered, twice. She did her hair in a ponytail, then a bun and finally she decided to just let it free.

She also ended up opening the book Kitty gave her once, one about ‘guys needs’…She gave it to her to help her when she didn’t know what to do for Jake’s birthday.


Kitty gave Marley a gift.

“Thanks Kitty, what is it?” She said as she opened the bag, finding a book inside, and was about to pull it up when kitty’s hands pushed her hands away.

“You can’t open it here” she said and smirked “unless you want to get teased about it all year” and then she winked.

“Ok?” She said as she just closed the bag.

“Listen, Marley, I know you and Jake are great but sometimes, guys have needs, and one day, you’ll found yourself wondering” She motions her to walk with her “I’m not saying you should give in, because I totally support your idea of staying virgin until you grow a full spider web down there” Marley looked down frowning and the back to her “But as your new friend, I advise you to read that” she points to her gift “So you are not oblivious at certain things” she says.

“Ok…thanks…I guess?” Marley said frowning.

“Oh, you will thank me…one day in 30 years perhaps but you will” she winked, and she was walking away but then turned back to her “I also advice you to hide that from your mom” she smirks and then walks away.


Marley had glanced at the book a few other times, but this was the first time she read full chapters. She is not oblivious to the fact that the kisses between Jake and her have started to escalate to an unknown area for her and before, she probably would have pushes, Jake, away for days until they go back to just hold hands, watch movies and kiss occasionally…

She also thought about what Jake must have thought when she asked to stay tonight, this was dangerous, and she felt how Jake was holding back to touch her, to really touch her like he wants to. And for some reason that was something she wanted him to do, to just do what he wants with her, she trusted him enough to stop if she said so…that wasn’t how she felt weeks ago, but these last days she wasn’t afraid anymore.

Her doorbell sound and she put the book back on the drawer by her nightstand, and rushed to the door and opened it. Her smile faded when she saw another person she was not expecting.

“Hi, Marley” Ryder said smiling.

Marley tried her best to force a smile as she stepped outside her door and looked at Ryder, but glanced around, if Jake arrived right now, this could stop him and leave her alone.

“Ryder” She says and looks at him.

“Sorry to drop without a warning but I was driving by and…” He frowned as he noted she was looking around instead than to him “Hey…are you ok?” He glanced back and then to her “Are you waiting for someone?”

“No!” She shouted and then look at him “What were you saying?” she asks.

“Ok.” He frowns and then snaps out of it “I was driving by and I saw that they were doing some live theatre by the town square and they said they would some Sound of music” and he smiles.

“Oh.” She forces a smile “That sounds great” she nods and crosses her hands.

“So?” He asks.

“So, what?” She asks back.

“So, you want to go? Got us two tickets!” He jumps excited.

“Oh, Ryder…” Her smile fades and looks down a bit.

“I thought you always wanted to go to live theatre and more if it’s a musical!” He insists.

Yeah, normally she would jump to the opportunity, but she found more excited to stay home alone, with Jake. She thought of something quick and started to force a cough.

“Marley? Marley!” He shouted as Marley cough harder.

“It’s fine” she fakes another cough “It’s just I didn’t feel ok this morning so I’ve stayed home” she lies and forces a smile.

“Oh, I could cook you some chicken soup” he says, “and we can watch some Sound of Music” He smiles.

God, she didn’t know how to make him go away. She shook her head.

“That’s sweet Ryder…” she starts as Ryder smiles “But…” and his smile fades “I’d rather stay home…alone” she makes it clear.

“Oh.” He sighs “Well…I get it, you said slow and I’m here…pushing…I get it” he half-smiles “Is just I want to make you happy” he insists “And sometimes I feel I’m finally making you move on from Jake and the next—”

“Ryder stop please.” She interrupts him and he looks at her “It’s really getting late and cold…so I’m just gonna go inside and you…you can take Kitty or Blane! He loves musicals!” She smiles as she opens her door.

“Yeah…sorry I got excited—”

“Goodbye Ryder” she says as she enters her house and closes the door.

“Bye Marley.” He sighs as he shakes his head.

Marley glances through her window as he climbs back to his car and drives away. She sighed as she lays her blackhead on the wall. Then it hit her, she just rejected Live Theatre with Sound of Music…

Then a light knock on the door made her jump and she slightly opens the door and saw him standing there. His blue T-shirt seen under his black jacket and those dark blue jeans, he had a backpack behind him and his guitar…then she looked back at his face, his smile… Who wants Live Theatre when she can have Jake.

“Hi” He said.

“Hi” She smiled as she let him into her house.


End of chapter


Chapter Text

The hours went by so fast. They ate dinner, wash dishes together and even play with water. It was just so calm…

Marley: There's a calm surrender

To the rush of day

When the heat of a rolling wave

Can be turned away

Jake pulled out Marley’s DVDs out and they watched her favorite parts of each movie, sitting by her sofa. Her back against him, as he held her and made comments about some stuff, he just didn’t get musicals, but he was trying.

Jake: An enchanted moment

And it sees me through

It's enough for this restless warrior

Just to be with you

She would talk enthusiastically about the feelings expressed better through songs, the character's struggles, and she was just so into it that Jake ended up cupping her face and kissing it lightly then let her go and ask more questions about what they were watching.

Both in unison:

And can you feel the love tonight?

It is where we are

Then they got to the sad parts, and Jake would hear Marley sob a bit. She just couldn’t handle sappy sad songs, he leaned in kissing the crown of her head, and tighten his embrace on her as to say that he was there, and she didn’t need to hold back tears.

Jake: It's enough for this wide-eyed wanderer

That we've got this far

After the movie ended, she would jump back to be the joyful Marley, as she wiped some tears away. She stood up and grabbed Jake’s hands so he can stand up.

Both in unison:

And can you feel the love tonight?

How it's laid to rest?

“Come with me” she said and lead Jake upstairs to her room.

When they were there, she closed the door and came back to him grinning. Jake stood there looking at her.

“Marley?” He asked.

“I wanted to show you something” She said and walk towards his guitar. She picked the guitar, he looked at her confused as she sat on her bed settling the guitar on her “Don’t laugh.”

“I won’t” He says as he sits next to her “I’m intrigued” he smiles.

Jake: It's enough to make kings and vagabonds

Believe the very best

She played some chords but was failing. Jake chuckled at her groaning in frustration.

“I asked you not to laugh” she pouted as she looked at him.

“I’m sorry” he finally laughs a bit more “You are very cute” He said as he leaned in and kissed her lips once then he backed away “Can I?”

Marley frowns and then nods, giving him his guitar.

“Yeah, I failed” She sighed, and he chuckles as he shakes his head.

“Not entirely…I know what you wanted to play” He smiles as he starts to hit the right chords.

Marley looks at him and is happy that he got the song by her bad chord playing.

“In my defense, the piano is easier” she states as he keeps playing the song.

“It’s different” he says smiling and then concentrates a bit, then he looks back at her “Sing” He smiles.

There's a time for everyone, if they only learn” she sings and Jake smiles, she is so much better at that “That the twisting kaleidoscope, moves us all in turn” She smiles at him.

There's a rhyme and reason, to the wild outdoors” He sings, and she breathes in, she loves his voice “When the heart of this star-crossed voyager” He maintains that last note and then locks his eyes with her.

Beats in time with yours” their voices in perfect unison “And can you feel the love tonight?” Their smiles, thoughts, and souls connecting “It is where we are.

Jake keeps playing and Marley just hums listening to the beautiful melody.

And can you feel the love tonight? How it's laid to rest?” They go back to sing in unison as they smile.

It's enough to make kings and vagabonds” he continues alone and nods at Marley to finish it.

Believe the very best” she finishes the song, and he smiles.

“That was a great choice of song Marley” he moves the guitar to a side, resting on her nightstand “That is a movie to cry about” he jokes as he stands up, then kissed her forehead as he goes back to grab the guitar to place it in a safer place.

“Though animated, it is still a musical movie” She defends herself smiling as she stands up too.

“True” He nods as he places the guitar against the wall.

Before he can turn back to Marley, he feels her arms wrap around his waist and her head on his back. He smiles at the gesture and moves his hands on top of hers, slightly stroking them.

“Thank you” She says against his back.

“For?” he says softly, still stroking her hands then her arms, and back to her hands.

“For this…” she tightens her embrace and gently kisses his back “Not forcing anything between us…giving me my space…” he was about to reply when he felt her giggle “Ok, well at least at school and glee club…” she says and then kisses again his back “showing me this side of you…” she says as she moves her hands away from his waist to hold his hands.

He takes that opportunity to spin them so now her back is against him and he is the one holding her in his embrace.

“This side exactly” she recalls as she moves her head back to his shoulder and holds his arms against her tighter.

“I do all of this to make you happy Marley” he says softly as he starts to sway her a bit and kisses the crown of her head and then moves a bit lower on top of her ear “I want to make you happy…” He whispers softly “I can’t… don’t want to…lose you” he sighs in her ear.

“You are making me happy right now…” she almost mumbles and she moves her head a bit to see his face.

He looks at her and feels his heart skip a beat, he could lose her any moment, he might’ve but he was fighting to get her back and he would fight the devil himself if he had to get to her.

Her phone rang and she had to move his hands away to go and answer it. Jake sighed as he took a look around her room, while she talked on the phone.

“Hi mom!” she said on the phone “Yeah, everything is great” She smiled as she saw Jake wandering around her room “What? Yeah, I’m ok” She tried to pay attention to what her mom was saying.

He found himself opening her wardrobe, Marley’s clothes were so cute…he took some of them out and them in. He opened another drawer, and it was her pajamas one, he took one that looked like the one she was wearing these days, just another color and then he found shorts, and then a long sweatshirt. He found himself imagining Marley in those shorts and that sweatshirt and felt a desire building inside, she could be wearing a whole armor for all he cared for, if she kissed him like these past days, she would still arouse him.

“Yes mom, I’m eating” she giggled on her phone.

Marley’s giggle made him think about tonight, they would be alone, really…alone. This would be the perfect night to…he shook the thought of his head; she is not ready for that…but she didn’t know how much her kissing and moving on top of him was making him feel. Maybe he should just tell her, be honest and all…even if that makes her realize what she is doing and maybe stops, forever, but he didn’t know how else to keep fighting his inner desires if she didn’t help. He fought it hard this morning, he had to think about something else to cool it down, but it hurt him to get that hard and then had to just…shake it off.

“Ok, don’t worry about me. Sleep well” She said, and he tried to place the pajamas back where they belonged “Bye, love you!” she hanged up and he was too late to close the drawer on time.

The drawer made a loud noise and he turned around trying to look innocent, as she looked at him suspiciously.

“Jake…” she walks towards him and then her eyes widen “Were you going through my stuff?!” She yells and he ends up laughing.

“I’m sorry…” He moves his hands in surrender “I’m guilty as charged” He says.

“Yeah, you are” she moves to open the drawer and finds the sweatshirt bad tugged inside as she pulls it up to fold it properly.

“I just never thought you would wear those shorts and that sweatshirt” He says as he walks to the other side of the room.

“I don’t” she says finishing folding, she glances at Jake who looks confused “The sweatshirt is long enough, don’t need to use pants…or shorts” she says and his vision of her in just that seems far better.

“Oh.” He just says and then turns his back to her, to look down…ok so he felt it twitch but it’s safe for now.

“You want me to wear it?” she asks, and he turns back to her puzzled “to sleep tonight” she says.

“Ah…eh…” he starts and then clears his throat “I mean, if you want…” he says.

She smirks a bit and walks towards him. He looks at her, she barely smirked but he found it adorable when she did.

“Ok.” She said and kissed his cheek “You change, and I’ll go change” She smiles and walks out of her room, holding that sweatshirt.

He lets out a long breath. This is going to be a long night, he needs to tell her…he must talk to her about what he is feeling, maybe he could just tell her he’ll sleep on the sofa downstairs…for both of their safety.

He was in his pajama shorts and decided to leave his t-shirt on. He had practice how to tell Marley he would sleep on the sofa tonight, without hurting her but making sure she got the hint…once she did, she would surely understand, and he will walk downstairs and sleep on the sofa. He nodded to himself, he was doing the right thing.

“Hi” Marley stepped into the room in the sweatshirt smiling.

Jake looked at Marley and forgot completely about his plan. He gave her a smile and she closed the door behind her as she approached him.

“See? Told you, it was long enough” She smiles moving her hands up and down “It reminds me of that sweatshirt you once gave me” She says as she comes closer.

Jake took a deep breath, taking in her beauty, he needs to go to the sofa, or tonight he could throw away all his progress.

“Marley…” he started and since she looked confused he took her hands “I’ve thought this through and I think that it is better that I sleep downstairs on the sofa” He gives her a smile “It’s not that I don’t want to sleep with you…I do…but I feel that…” he finds it difficult to say it looking at her so he looks another way “I’m trying not to do anything that could scare you…and to be honest I don’t think I’ll have the strength to hold back as much tonight” He forces himself to look back at her, as he is still holding her hands “Do you understand?” He asks and this time lets go of her hands.

“Ok.” She replies softly.

He feels good about this, he had to tell her, and he did. He smiled back at her and leaned in to kiss lightly on her lips then pulled away.

“Sleep well Marley” He says as he starts to walk to her door, but then she feels her hand holding his arm.

“Ok. Don’t…” She starts and he turns back to look at her “I get it Jake…” she says as she comes closer to him, her other hand moves to his chest and then to his shoulder “Don’t hold back” She says, and he can swear he is dreaming “I don’t want you too…” she finishes.

He looks down at her lips and then to her eyes. They should do the right thing, stop this right now. But they both lean into a kiss, a different one, this one was full of desire, it was one they held back but tonight they won’t.

End of chapter


Chapter Text

They were kissing each other with force, Marley can’t help but be drawn into him, his warmth, his scent. She moves her hands up and down his back, he moved one hand to her neck and the other one up and down her back, he didn’t go lower but she could feel he wanted to, he was just still holding back.

“Jake…” She said almost mumbling and when he kept kissing her, she pulled away slightly “Jake…” she whispered more loudly.

Jake’s body stiffens as he reduced the speed of the kiss and just went back to kiss lightly on her lips and then looked at her.

“I’m stopping…” He says in a breathless way “I’m…stopping” he said as he catches his breath.

Marley giggles at that and then shook her head when he smiled nervously, not understanding the meaning of her laugh.

“I didn’t ask you to stop” she says as she moves one hand to his chest as she feels how it rises and falls as his body is trying to return to a normal breathing speed.

He is confused, so confused. He lets out a light chuckle and then moves slightly his head aside as in asking her what she means.

“Jake…” she says as she keeps moving her hand up and down his chest “I know you…have…urges…” she looks at him as if asking if she used the right word “And that’s why you want to go to sleep on the sofa…trust me normally I would agree” she looks to her bed and then back to him “I don’t want you to feel like you are pressuring me” she then moves her hand to his face when he looked down “You are not.”

He feels her hand on his face and when she looks at him in silence, he just looks at her, being hesitant, she really doesn’t know how bad he wants her.

“I’m not ready for…you know…that” she continues and looks down, leaving his face as her hand drops to her side “I know that…” she lifts her arms and then makes them fall again “But…” She takes a deep breath as if given her strength.

“But?” Jakes asks softly, his breath back to normal as he looks at her.

She gives him a slight smile and one hand of her moves to his hand, guiding it to hold her behind and then back to her hip. He looks tenderly at how she moved his hand and then with her other hand she moves his hand up her body until it reaches her side of chest and then down to her waist.

“I don’t mind you touching me Jake…” she says as she can see him staring at her mouth open slightly “I trust you…” she continued “I trust you will stop if it comes too far…you’ve proven that already” she is blushing now “I want to…kiss you…to hold you…for you to kiss me…to touch me…to make me…happy” she says almost breathlessly.

He still holds her still. He blinked a few times taking in all she said, so she was giving him permission to loosen up, but not too much…he could work with that, he just needed to make sure to do what made her comfortable enough but not too far…

Marley felt like she said everything she felt, and that Jake stood there frozen for far too long, so she started to overthink everything, maybe he just didn’t want her as badly as she thought? Maybe he realized doing things halfway wasn’t worth it anymore?  Maybe he wanted her to tell him she wanted to have sex with him?

“Ok, forget it Jake” she said as she backed away “I’ll bring you something to wrap yourself downstairs and just forget I—”

Jake laughs as he came towards her, lowering himself as he picked her up.

“Jake!” she yells as shifted so he was carrying her bridal style and she moved her hands around his neck “What are—”

“We are going to your bed” He said as he walked her to her bed.

Marley felt a rush inside of her in the way he said that. She looked at him as he approached her bed and gently lay her on it, her head hit the pillow and then her whole body. She untangled herself from his neck and let her hands fall to her pillow.

“You are so beautiful Marley” he said as he leaned in to kiss her lips lightly and then she felt his hands on her cheek, he was cupping her face as he moved to kneel on top of her.

“So, you don’t want to go to sleep on the sofa” she says when pulls away and giggles when he chuckles.

“Nope” he says as he moves to kiss her lips lightly then he backs away and looks at her in the eyes “Unless you tell me to” He reassures her “You want me to?” he asks sincerely.

Marley shakes her head as she smiles shyly. Jake smiles back but instead of kissing her lips again, he moves to kiss her nose, then her cheek, and then he moves to her ear “I want to kiss you elsewhere…can I?” he asked while he pecked around her side.

“Okay…” she replied mumbling and Jake moved his lips down her jaw and to her neck, he kissed it softly then up to her jaw, this made Marley feel tingly.

Jakes's hands moved up her sides, brushing slightly near the sides of her chest up to her hands on the pillow, tangling his fingers with her as he kept leaving kisses on her neck and down to her visible collarbone, then up again.

She was feeling something she never felt before and begun to stiffen, holding his hands tighter, so Jake stopped his kisses and came to face her, nuzzling his nose with her and that made her look at him.

“I’m stopping Marley” he whispered as he pecked her nose “Relax” he kissed her lips lightly and then nuzzled his nose again with hers.

She let go of the grip on his hands as she felt herself relaxing again, she was just too self-conscious of Jake’s kisses and felt embarrassed that she was enjoying it so much.

“That’s it” he said as he kissed her lips lightly again, he waited till that blue stare was on him again, locking eyes with him “You ok?” He asked and untangled one hand to move it to her face, feeling it really warm he just stroke it.

“Yeah…just…” she looked away embarrassed “I was enjoying it…” she mumbles.

“I know” he says, still stroking her face “me too” he smiles, and Marley looks back at him, his smile comforting her “I’ve got an idea” He says.

Marley lifts an eyebrow curiously, wondering what Jake had in mind…where was all the courage she had this morning and last night? She wanted that back, she asked Jake not to hold back, and here she was, holding back from feeling…

“Don’t be scared” he warns and before Marley could ask what he meant by that he moved both hands to her hips and flipped them over so now Marley was on top, he then moved his fingers to her sides and tickle her.

“No!! Jake!” she laughed as she fought his hands and ended pushing them to the top of his head.

“Much better?” He said as made himself more comfortable underneath her, looking up as she had settled better on him.

Marley looked down at him and bite her lip as she nodded. Yes, this way she felt more in control.

“Ok…your turn, do whatever you want…I’m at your mercy” he smiles “Or you could just stay there, just now I’m loving my view and…” he says as his fingers laced with hers “You can just lay down and we can sleep too…whatever you decide” He smiles.

He was letting her have control, Jake was giving up control, so she felt more comfortable. This Jake was so different than the one she thought of, no, it was the same Jake, just now he was taking in consideration what she wanted and what she was comfy at doing.

“Can you keep your hands up there?” she asked, and he looked at her confused “without me holding them…” she bit her lip as she moved her hands away from Jake’s.

“I’ll do my best” he says honestly, and she laughs shaking her head at that “I’ll try my best” he promises smiling.

She moved her hands to his chest and moved both up and down stroking it, he looked down at her hands, then at her face that was looking at her movements. She looked so innocent, so beautiful roaming freely his chest, then one hand went down and moved it under his t-shirt, touching his skin and he jumped at her cold touch, she giggles and his hand wanted to go down, but he ended up putting both hands behind his head.

“Your hands are cold” he said breathing in and out.

“Yeah…” she moves it up “It’s a family thing…we got cold hands” she shrugs as she brought her hands down then she looked at him “Can you take it off?” she asked softly.

Jake could have joked around but he didn’t want to make her uncomfortable, he knew it took a lot of courage for her to even ask that. He nodded as he sat up for a moment, and pulled it off, throwing it to a side as he lay down on her bed.

Marley suppressed a gasp, she saw Jake’s bare chest before and it always made her look away but this time she was admiring his abbs and how firm his chest was, she moved her hands to stroke him. She can see now why Bree, and well half the cheerios looked at him the way they did…why Bree wanted to make her feel bad about what she supposedly did, no, that time Marley only felt hurt that he even went to kiss her, now she was really starting to get furious at the thought of Bree’s hands touching him like she was…

Jake saw Marley frowning and that made him wondered if whether she saw something weird, or he did something wrong perhaps?

“Marley…” he said, “What’s wrong?” he asked, and she just shook her head, so he insisted “Talk to me…” he whispers.

Marley looked back at him with a sad look. The same one she had when she found out about…Oh no.

“Marley, Marley” he brought his hands to meet his as he sat up slightly. She looked at him “Whatever happened, it was weeks ago…” he brought a hand to his lips and he kissed it lightly “I’m here with you, ok?” he assures her “I know I’ll never make you forget what I did…but you have to know I just want you…” he kisses her hand again “You Marley, I just want you” he whispers.

Marley looked at him, her hands on his lips…taking in everything he just said. Here she was, where she has been these past days…with him, with the boy that cheated on her…who broke her trust…but also the boy who made her feel all of these things she never felt before, who with just one embrace made her feel safe…and with one kiss she felt loved…he sort of snuck up on her…& no matter what she tries to do, she can't shake him or what he makes her feel.

“What are you thinking?” Jake’s voice brings her back to reality, he started to caress her hand with his “Marley I don’t expect you to ever forget what I did…but you are it for me, and this doesn’t mean you have to be with me…if you don’t want to…” he is saying everything he rehearsed repeatedly ever since he lost her.

 He looked at her face, unable to tell what she was thinking “Marley…say something please?” he asked, almost pleading.

Marley looked back to his naked torso and then up to his face. He was about to talk again when she moved her hands away from his hands and cup his face, kissing him softly at first waiting for him to deepen the kiss. He moved his arms to her back, one at the back of her head and the other one around her waist. He kissed back more passionately, and she picked up the pace, pulling him closer. They were sitting on her bed kissing more fervently than before. Her hands moved from his face to his chest, the cold contact from her hands to his warm chest made him groan slightly which made her giggle as she kept kissing him.

She didn’t know how but she was on top of him, her knees parted on his side and moving her hands up and down his chest, while he moved his up and down her back. She felt getting hot and the sweatshirt started to seem like the worst clothing choice she did. She needed air, she felt she was burning.

Jake moved his hands around her back, they were still seating down but he wanted to kiss her, all of her, cursing in his mind her big sweatshirt that didn’t allow him to feel her skin, unless he went down to her thighs but that was too soon. When he felt her starting to gasp for air, he pulled away slowly as he catches his breath too.

Marley looked at him as she breathes in and out, thinking about what to do…she didn’t feel ready to just take her sweatshirt off, she wanted to but felt she would chicken out at the last minute. She wanted to feel Jake’s hands on her too, just like she was, without barriers but she would be too self-conscious…She should’ve kept her bra on when she changed into the sweatshirt, at least with that she might feel more comfortable.

“You ok?” Jake’s voice came huskier than he intended but she didn’t mind.

“Yeah…just…” she blushed as she looked down “I’m…” she moved her hands to her sweatshirt and moved it away a bit and he got the hint.

“Oh.” He chuckles and she looks at him confused “I guess my idea of you wearing that was a bad one” he said as he looked around and then he leaned down a bit to reach his t-shirt and then brought it back.

“No, I like you like this” She said pouting at the thought of him putting his t-shirt back on.

“Not for me, for you” he said and offered it to her.

Marley looked at his t-shirt and then at him. But she would have to take her sweatshirt in front of him and then put on the t-shirt…she didn’t feel ready to do that…even if she did it quickly.

Jake looked at her almost reading her thoughts and he smiled, bringing the pillow next to him to his face.

“What are you doing” she giggled as she tried to move the pillow from his face.

“Change I swear I don’t see a thing” he said as he fought her hands from moving the pillow from his face.

Marley stopped trying to take the pillow from his face. She glanced at his t-shirt and then at him. He was sitting still, the pillow covering his whole face. She took a deep breath as she pulled out her sweatshirt, when it hit the floor, he saw Jake tensed a bit, she grabbed his t-shirt and pulled it over her head and then it covered her almost as much as the sweatshirt. She looked down at her, she felt much better. She moved her hands to touch his and gently moved the pillow from his face.

“You done?” he said as he felt the pillow moved aside, he was closing his eyes just in case.

“Yup” she said as she giggles.

Jake opened his eyes slightly and hold back a groan. She clearly didn’t know how beautiful she looked. He could see her cleavage thanks to the V-neck t-shirt, how he missed that…and he could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra and that made him feel getting hard, but he fought back that, he wanted to touch her, kiss her.

“It looks good?” she asked.

“You look amazing” he said leaning in to cup her face and kissing her on the lips.

Marley looked at him as he pulled away and could see the hunger in his eyes, she smiled as to giving him permission and tilted her head slightly, he licked his lip as he leaned in and kissed her side, then down to her neck, as his hands moved around her arms and then to her back, down to her waist and then back up, as he started to leave sweet kisses around the length of her neck.

She moved her hands to his chest and back, feeling her breath caught in her throat, and then she felt one hand getting under the t-shirt she gasped slightly when she felt his hand touching her back under the cloth, slowly moving upwards. If he didn’t know she had no bra he was about to find out and that made her tense a bit.

Jake felt her tense up as he was moving his hand up under the t-shirt, so he went back down and rested it on her waist, but she pushed him away and that made him frown confused at the break of contact and he saw her face.

“It’s ok…just don’t…” she was catching her breath as her hands moved his hand under the t-shirt “don’t take it off…” she said, and he could see her blushing.

Jake didn’t need her to say anything else, he crashed his lips with hers as his hands now went under the t-shirt, to her stomach and then to her back, he was roaming back and forth on that safe zone for her as his lips moved from her lips to her neck again, she threw her head back a bit, so he had more room to kiss her down. He could feel her shiver as his warm breath went down her neck to her collarbone.

She was feeling something she never did, that fire inside of her escalating and that’s when she let out a sound, one she never made before and that made her stiffen in reaction what was that? Jake stopped and his hands stayed still but he came back to her face and kissed her lips.

“Want me to stop?” he asked, and Marley nodded slightly.

Jake moved his hands down to her waist and then to her back, he moved her down with him, keeping her in his embrace as he kissed the crown of her head. Marley laid on him, her head on his bare chest and her hands was holding him too. They stood there in silence until Marley stood up slightly and he looked at her smiling.

“I’m sorry…I just never…” she blushed as she shakes her head “I didn’t want to make that sound” she said shyly.

“It’s ok” he said smiling “That means you were enjoying it” he sees she is still embarrassed “It was a beautiful sound” he comments, and she looks back at him.

“I just didn’t know that could happen with kisses” she says and then before he says anything “I like kissing you…a lot…” she says as Jake grins.

“I love kissing you.” He said as his hand goes to her cheek.

Marley looked at him. The fact that she knows she already told him her limits made her more open to him touching her and kissing her. She moved from mounting him to the side as her head touch the pillow, he followed her movements with his eyes and she moved her hands to his face, bringing him in for a kiss. When she pulled away, she nuzzled her nose with his and then look back at his dark eyes.

“kiss me…touch me…” She whispered “don’t hold back…” She moved her hand to his chest “I want to…” she starts to blush “feel…” she almost breathes out that word.

Jake looked at her as he was taking in her request, he smiled as he rolled on top. He looked down at her once again expecting her to retreat what she asked but she just nodded as her arms wrapped around his neck and pulled him into a passionate kiss.

His lips fell to her neck as he ran at her pulse point before soothing her skin with sweet kisses, while his hands traveling up her sides, under the t-shirt. This time Marley didn’t hold back moaning and he was loving the fact that he was making her do that, he kept the same movements, making her gasp and moan.

She felt him kissing her neck and then near her shoulder up and down, while his hands roamed around her sides and stomach, everything making her stomach clench with want. So, this is what it feels like, no wonder couples don’t stay just holding hands…this feeling was connecting with Jake in a different way…

As much as Jake liked this new side of Marley, he didn’t want to scare her, so he started to slow down and then came back to her lips, kissing them slowly, and his hands came back from under the t-shirt, fixing the t-shirt where it was and then he just rolled to the side as he moved one hand to her waist.

“That was good” she smiled at him.

“It was” he confirms as he pecks her lips “turn around” he said, and she was confused but she did as he said.

Jake sneaks his hand behind her and pulled her close, spooning her now as he rested his head on her shoulder.

“Time to sleep” He whispers as he kisses her shoulder, and she giggles slightly.

“Goodnight Jake” she says as she gets more comfortable in his embrace.

She could get used to this…to sleep in his arms…to wake up next to him. Neither holding back their feelings.


End of chapter


Chapter Text

Marley woke up and felt Jake’s breath on her neck, she bit her lip as she remembered last night, she closed her eyes to go back to those moments. She opened her eyes again as she also remembered that Jake would have to leave before her mom came back and sigh as she moved her fingertips along Jake’s arm, he was still holding her, and she loved that.

“Morning” Jake’s voice against her neck made her jump a bit and his hands moved from her as his body rolled on his back.

Marley rolled to the other side as she looked at him rubbing his eyes to wake up better. Her eyes landed on his bare chest, his abs, and then back at him.

“Morning…” she replied smiling as her mind ran wild with a thought.

“How you slept?” Jake asked as one hand reaches to her face and the other lands on his stomach.

“Great” she replied as she moved closer to him “you?”

“Same” he smiled, she looked so relax but he could see she was fighting with herself over something, but he couldn’t figure out what…was she having second thoughts about what happened last night? Did he go too far?

Marley put her doubts away and just went for what she wanted right now. She shifted a bit and kissed his lips, before he could deepen on it, she moved back slowly as she began to travel down his neck, leaving kisses, just like he did to her yesterday.

“Marley…” He got caught off guard and groaned, then he felt her giggle “mhm…Marley” he said as she started to soothe his skin with her kiss. Her hands moved to his chest and then to his abdominals.

She came back to his lips, this time letting him deepen in it as she ended kneeling and swinging one leg over his, as she settled down on top. The kiss moved from a sweet one to a more aggressive one. Jake’s hands moved to her hips and slowly moved her t-shirt up enough for him to get his hands under it. She bit his bottom lip as she continued to kiss him and he took that as confirmation to keep going up and his hands moved up to her sides, reaching almost the sides of her chest.

Marley felt his hands on her sides and instead of pushing them down or say anything she moved her hands up and down his chest and abs as she opened her eyes finding Jake staring at her, he was trying to find the words to ask her for something, she knew what he wanted but she didn’t know how to tell him to just go for it, without sounding desperate.

Jake wanted to roam free over the newfound territory, but he needed to make sure it was ok for her. He wanted her so badly, but this wasn’t about what he wanted but what she wanted, about what she will allow him to do.

She sighed frustrated, the waiting for his touch was agonizing. She pulled away from their heated kiss and looked at him. She bit her lip, hoping he gets the hint.

Jake looked at her and he moved one of his hands to the spot below her breast and then around it, stroking slowly. His eyes locked on her and her reaction. She closed her eyes and bit her lip harder as she nodded. Jake couldn’t help but smirk a bit at her shyness and he leaned closer to kiss her as his hands now stroke around her sides and up and down her chest.

Marley gasp in relief that he got the hint, she deepened the kiss as she let his hands roamed the newly permitted area. She never would have thought she would enjoy his touch on her like that and what it made her feel inside. Now she understands why some people say touching someone like this leads to other stuff because it does feel like something that she wants to keep exploring and what more sensations she can have. If sex is just as good as what she is feeling right now, then let's--Except…they are not together, not anymore at least.

She tries to make sense of everything in her mind, but Jake’s touch and kisses make everything blurry. Would she want to have sex with him, while they are not officially back together? I mean If she asked, he would date her again…exclusively, right? Or will it ruin what they have right now? And she feels so good, so much freer like this…but she wants him to only make her feel this way, not anyone else, just her…

“I love you Marley” He said but she just moved her head back, as if she didn’t hear him. He smiled at the sight of her enjoying this as much as he was. He kept his touch gentle but slow to keep her on edge.

She would moan aloud, and he made a note to himself that if they ever did this while her mom is at home, they would be in big problems. He wanted to see her, but she was still too self-conscious to just let him take the t-shirt off, so he kept his movements as he moved to her neck, that only made her moan even louder and he couldn’t help but looked down, he could see her underwear since the t-shirt lifted and he felt he was getting hard, really hard now. He had to stop.

Marley was awash in sensations she couldn’t quite explain, then she felt him slowing the pace and that’s when she became aware of why. She could feel it and she felt her face was getting hot and moved away gasping for air and she saw it in his eyes, he was fighting it, that urge, and she giggled as she covered her face with her hands.

Jake knew she was giggling because she felt him, he tried to fight it but now it was too late to hide it, he kept stroking her chest with one hand and the other to her sides slowing the pace as she kept giggling and then she stopped to look at him, then she closed her eyes feeling what he was doing and smiled.

“Still good?” he asked as he slowed his movement almost resting on her chest.

Marley just nodded and then she opened her eyes to look at him. He let go of her and his hands came out of the t-shirt and he showed them to her.

“See Marley? I’ve stopped” He said in surrender.

She looked at him and smiled. He did stop, she moved slightly and forgot what was going on down there because he groaned.

“Oh! Sorry!” She said and moved again, making him groan again as he put his hands on her waist.

“Don’t move” he said as he closed his eyes “It will eventually become less sensitive and then you can…move” he breathed out the last word and she nodded, trying to stay still.

“Does it hurt a lot?” she asks curiously as she looks down then at him “I don’t want to hurt you” She says feeling bad.

“No, no, you don’t hurt me” he says as he smiles “It’ll be ok” he says and his hand moves to her face, stroking her cheek as he felt it was safer for her to move “You can move” he said and she looked at him frowning, so he moved her hips slightly upwards and then to the side, she understood the hint and moved her knees to the side and looked at him, closing his eyes, as he was trying to cool down.

She lay on her side as her hand came to his chest, stroking it lightly, glancing at his face from time to time until she saw him opening his eyes and looking down at her. He smiled and she felt everything was good again.

“So, we probably don’t want that to happen too often” she said and they both laugh.

The rest of the day flew by, they didn’t change as they cooked breakfast and then ate. They watched The Sound of Music that Marley adored so much and then they cooked some spaghetti. Marley didn’t think much about how she was just with his t-shirt and underwear and he was just in his pajama shorts.

After lunch and Jake offering to wash the dishes, Marley realized there were less than 4 hours before he had to leave, and she didn’t want him to. Less than two hours before he had to leave and they were cleaning the kitchen from all the mess they made while cooking and she glanced back at him, he looked so comfortable half-naked, and she was surprised she was too.

“Finished” he said as he put the groom to a side and smile at her.

“Yeah, I’m done too” she smiles as she places the last plate in the cabinet and closed it.

Jake walked towards her and wrapped his arms around her waist. She leaned back at him as she held his hands. They stood there for a moment and then Jake sighed.

“I’ll go to change…I have to leave soon” He said as he kissed her cheek and moved from her waist.

She watched as he walked upstairs and sighed. She looked down and she realized that she had to change too. Her mom walking into the house and finding her only covered in Jake’s t-shirt wouldn’t be the best scenario. She hurried upstairs and found Jake was already putting on his jeans and he smirked as she entered the room.

“You walked 5 seconds before, and you would have seen me fully naked” he says, and Marley widens her eyes, and then she looks away.

Jake smiles as he reached for his jacket and started to put it on, and Marley frowned.

“Didn’t you bring another t-shirt?” She asked.

“Seems like I didn’t count I’d lose one today” he says as he winks at her.

Marley smirks as she holds the t-shirt and looks at him. He finishes lifting the zipper of his jacket up and then looks at her.

“Ok, I had a great time” He walks close to her and kisses her lips lightly then he puts the bag on his shoulder.

“Me too…” she says as she looks around.

Jake smiles at her and goes to grab his guitar, he moves towards her door and Marley grabs his arm, he turns to look at her with confusion.

“Wait” She says and almost making him fall she lunges to his lips, kissing him passionately.

Jake feels her lips on his and he can feel her desire, one last time…till they can again. He moves his shoulder to a side, dropping his backpack, and then moves Marley slightly to the wall so he can place the guitar there.

Marley concentrates on making their kiss last and she moves her hands to his back, moving up and down. One last time she wanted him to kiss her, to touch her, to make her feel everything…one last time till they can again…which she doesn’t know when it will be. So maybe...this could just go...all the way?

He moves his hands to her back and then to the end of the t-shirt and this time he goes a bit lower to her thigh, he picks her up and pins her to the wall as she instinctively wraps her legs on his back. He moves his hands from her thighs and under the t-shirt as he held her tight while standing.

He was doing what she wanted, and she just smiled at everything he was doing. Who knew a wall could be as comfortable as a bed? When he moved to kiss her neck, she tilted her head but hit her head and started to giggle. His hands were moving everywhere, and she then felt one on her thigh and then back on her hip, she moaned and then smiled, wanting the feeling to never end.

As they were being carried away, the moment was stopped abruptly when Jake’s phone sounded.

“Really?!” He groaned as he moved slowly his hands from her chest and then to her thighs, she gasped slightly at that loss of contact and then he placed her down. His lips still attached to her neck, he kissed it sweetly again, and then he backed away and answered his phone.

“Hi Mom…” he said as he walked to a side of her room.

She let the air come out and she took advantage of picking her clothes to change. She was about to go out of her room to change and then she looked back at Jake, he was still talking on the phone, with her back against. So, she swiftly pulled away from his t-shirt and put on her bra and then her own t-shirt. She thought about what could've happened if he saw her but then she pulled on her jeans, shaking that thought away, and smile as he turned around to look at her smiling.

“Yes mom, I’ll be there soon…bye” He hangs up and then walks to her “I have to go now” He smiles and kisses her lips slowly and then pulls away “You changed” he frowned.

“And you missed it” she teased as she kissed him again.

He deepens the kiss and then pulls away, smiling at her.

“See you tomorrow” He smiles and picks his stuff and is about to leave but comes back to kiss her again on the lips.

She smiles through the kiss and then pulls away, hitting his chest lightly.

“Go, go!” She laughs as he gives her an attack of kisses all over her face.

“Ok I’m leaving!” He says and this time he does walk out her door with his stuff. She hurries to the top of the stairs as he walks down and turns around before opening the front door, he smiles at her and waves goodbye, and she returns the wave as he closes the door behind him.

As she saw the door shut, it hit her. She wanted to be with him and only him. She had to let him know that, even if some people won’t agree, the heart wants what it wants, and she wants him.

Her mom came home, and Marley received her with a hug. Then she told her everything she did: stayed in bed for far too long, then watched some movies, then came back to get some sleep and couldn’t, then she ended falling asleep…stayed in bed till late again, then ate breakfast, watched a movie, cooked lunch and then just stayed in her room till she came back. She didn’t lie, she just kept Jake out of everything she said.

“Well, your grandma missed you” her mom said as she kissed her cheek “And, better go to sleep…this week is going to be crucial since you head to Los Angeles next week for Nationals” Her mom said and Marley smiled.

“Yes!” She kissed her mom on the cheek “I’m glad you’re back home” She hurried upstairs to her room.

Nationals was next week, this week the glee club needed to focus on rehearsals, and Mr. Shue and Finn were going to announce the setlist tomorrow. She wondered if Finn’s choices were picked by Mr. Shue or it was going to something different.

Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard her phone sound. It was a text, she picked it up and it was Jake’s. She smiled at it as she opened the text.


I’m thinking of you 😉

She smiled at the thought and she texted back.


Really? I am too…

She hit send and seconds later he replied.


Good 😉

She was about to reply when he sent another text.


I want my t-shirt back

She giggled as she looked at his t-shirt. She puts her phone on her nightstand and pulls her t-shirt up and away. She then unhooks her bra and places it back in her drawer by her wardrobe. And then grabs Jake’s t-shirt and puts it on. She then pulled her jeans away as she came back to her bed, picking her phone back and text him.


Too bad, it's mine now 😉

She smiled as she hit sent and moved the covers away, so she entered the bed and covered herself. She received a text from him.


It does look better on you.

She giggled and then replied.


It’s so comfortable!

She waited for him to reply and he did.


I know…and just so you know…It was my favorite t-shirt


And now your favorite girl has it…win-win 😉

When she hit replied she regretted saying that. She held her breath as she waited for him to reply. Thankfully, he did.


My girl has it

Her heart stopped as she read that reply repeatedly…


Be mine again…

She felt her face hot as she read that. She wanted to reply YES or ALWAYS but she bit her lip as she thought the reply time and time again.


That…must be talked about in person, not over text Mister.

And she hit send. She would like to hear him say it. She got a text back.


Then let’s talk about it…


Tomorrow, after school.


After glee club?



She read their messages, she could tell he was pushing it and she wanted to reply when he texted.


Can I kiss you tomorrow?

She smiled at the thought.


Nope 😊 Not until we talk


So after?



She waited for a reply and when she thought he wouldn’t, she received the text.


Ok, I will wait. I love you Marley.

And she smiled, she remembered him saying it earlier today, she just didn’t want to do or say anything. She loves him too and it won't be easy, she won't make it easy on him...but they could try to be together again. She placed her phone on the nightstand and closed her eyes to get some sleep.


End of chapter


Chapter Text

Marley was walking to school. She didn’t know what to do about what she was feeling, she couldn’t stop thinking about her weekend with Jake. What will happen now? She felt a bit nervous about talking with Jake about them. And she even felt a bit sad that she will see him and they will have to pretend that whatever happened between them, it didn’t.

As she was three walks from school, she felt her arm being dragged to an alley. She almost screamed when someone’s hand moved to her lips and then she looked into his eyes. Jake.

“It’s me, it’s me” He said and then released his hand from her mouth.

“Jake!” She spats his chest “You almost gave me a heart attack!” She breathes out.

“I’m sorry…I saw you and I had to” He smiles.

“You had to?” She lifts an eyebrow.

“Yeah…cause…” He moves closer to her.

“Cause…” She looks at him as she backs away till her back is on the wall.

Jake smirked slightly as he leaned in, cautiously at first, but then his hands moved to her waist, he waited for Marley to say or oppose, when she didn’t, he tightened his grip as his lips met hers openmouthed but gentle.

As soon she felt Jake’s mouth on hers her hands moved to his waist, sliding around as she pulled him closer. They said no kissing, but she yearned for him as much as he did, she could feel it. His lips on her lips and then to her neck and then back to where she wanted them, wrestling with hers for domination in a way.

He moved his hands up and down her body, his hips pressed against her. He knew they weren’t together, yet he just saw her walking and all he wanted to do was leap her and kiss her so everyone could see. His angelic, sweet, and fragile Marley was changing, getting stronger, and standing up for herself…He loved her before but now, he loved her even more.

Marley felt his leg between both of her own and all she wished for was to stay like this. He is all over her, she knows she cannot let go of him…as much as she tried to deny it, he was a different Jake than what everyone thought of, but she was the only one who really knew him…perhaps it’s time for the world to get to know this Jake, her Jake.

He wanted to stay like this forever, but he knew he had to let go, ‘just a bit longer' he thought as he started to move from her. His hands moved to the wall and as he looked into her blue eyes, he pecked her lips once more before stepping away.

Marley smiled at him as he stood farther from her. Then she shook her head.

“You couldn’t wait…” she smiles.

“What can I say?” he replied as his hands moved inside his pockets “I got used to the morning kisses” he winks and then smiles proudly.

“I see…” she says as she moved closer to him “But now…you have to behave” she smirks as she pecked his lips and then backed away.

“See you in Glee club” He smiled as she nodded.

He stood there looking at her as she turned away and started to walk to school. Jake hurried and caught up to her.

“Marley!” he yelled, and she turned around slightly as she saw him next to her and she stopped walking but before she could say anything he moved to her ear and whispered “I love you” then he backed off and smiled as he runs towards the school.

Marley stood there with her eyes wide open. She could still feel his breath on her cheek, and she repeated what he said repeatedly as she walked slowly towards the school, feeling swept off the ground.

Mr.s Shue is writing on the wall as Finn is waiting for everyone to finish sitting up.

“Alright you guys…” Mr. Shue keeps writing and when he finishes, he turns around and Finn joins him in shouting “NATIONALS!”

Everyone claps excited and whistles.

“Next week, this time we will be in sunny Los Angeles!” Mr. Shue shouts and everyone screams and claps excited.

“We’ve come a long way you guys” Finn starts by saying “And I’m so proud of what we have achieved, there is nothing that I would want for you to change” he smiles as Mr. Shue motions him to keep going “And I know that because we are a family is that we are going to bring another National’s trophy!” He screams at the end and everyone joins in.

Mr. Shue smiles as he tells everyone to get quiet and listen to him now.

“There is just one thing left to do…” he turns to the board and writes ‘Set List’, then he turns around “Finn and I talked a lot about it, we have a lot of potential…and we have come up with our setlist for Nationals” He smiles as everyone stares waiting for him to continue “Finn?” he looks at him “do the honors” he smiles.

“Thank you” He comes to the front and then looks at all of them “We all have great voices this year, and we need to use that to our advantage” He comes to the board and as he writes he talks “So we came up with a great medley of songs…we won’t sing whole songs…”

Marley catches her breath as she reads what Finn is writing.

Finn writes on the board:

Unique – Marley – Tina – Kitty → Female Singers

Jake – Blaine – Sam – Artie – Ryder → Male singers

Marley – Blaine – Unique → Best belters

Jake – Sam – Kitty → Best dancers

Tina – Blaine → Duet Partners No.1

Tina and Blaine do a High-Five excited as they read that.

Finn continues to write on the board:

Marley – Blaine → Duet Partners No. 2

Unique – Ryder → Duet Partners No. 3

Marley – Jake → Duet Partners No. 4

“I’m not understanding, there is going to be 4 duets?” Artie questions.

“And why Blaine has two?” Sam adds.

Finn nods and looks for Mr. Shue for approval and when he nods at him to continue, he does.

“See the thing is, these are the 4 options for the duet, there will only be ONE duet, then we will have a heartfelt number, another one with female voices, and finally one with everyone” Finn says and everyone’s stares at each other.

“I’m sorry but are you proposing a—” Artie starts.

“Competition!” Finn, Sam, Blaine, and Unique scream.

“This is just so we can choose the best one, the ones that are not competing will cast their vote by the end of the week and that one will be our duet winner for Nationals” Mr. Shue smiles at everyone “Best luck and we start tomorrow with them…today, after lunch we will rehearse the group numbers” He says.

Marley keeps reading the board…she had two duet partners, but only one made her stomach feel butterflies. She glanced to the side and caught Jake looking at her smiling at her. She had to look down and that’s when Ryder’s voice made her look back at the front.

“Sorry Finn, but got two questions” He starts, and everyone pays attention “One, you didn’t say what are the rest of the numbers and secondly…how you came up with the duets?” He looks at Unique “It’s not I don’t want to partner up with you, but shouldn’t we choose our partners?”

Finn nods but then Mr. Shue gets in the middle.

“It is good what you say however we’ve heard you sing, and it was our call to partner up the voices that best suited each other” He says.

Ryder doesn’t feel happy with the choice but nods as he sits down.

“Yeah, what Mr. Shue said it’s true, we chose people who we think will be great together and the rest will have their time to shine” he smiles “as for the setlist…” everyone gets very nervous “For the ladies is ‘Something new’ by Girls Aloud!”

The girls start to shout excitedly, even Marley when she knew that song was going to be chosen.

“Then after the duet, we want Marley’s original song ‘You got more friends than you know’” He says and Blaine, Sam, and Unique look at Marley happily “Of course, there will be some rearrangement so everyone can sing, but Unique has the same ones she did last time” He says.

“And to finish?” Kitty asks.

“That one is one I think will be great for everyone…it’s one of my favorite songs” He smiles “It’s ‘I still haven’t found what I’m looking for’ by U2.”

With that one, everyone is already suggesting how the songs should be, and then the bell sounds.

“Alright everyone, see you in the auditorium after lunch so we can go through the group numbers and assign verses” Mr. Shue says as everyone gets ready to go to their classes.

Marley is walking to the door when she felt some hands brush her waist and she looks to her left and it's Jake who just gives her a slight smile as he walks past her. She smiles a bit and then shakes her head, as she turns her head to the left she bumps into Unique.

“I saw that” she says, and Marley widens her eyes then shakes her head, as she walks to class.

“I don’t know what you are talking about…” she says as she tries to walk faster.

“Marley Rose! Something happened between you two?!” She raises her voice.

“Nope” she lies and tries to get to her class in a hurry.

“You are lying, I can tell…” She frowns and then gets in front of her “Don’t you dare lie to me” she glares.

Marley looks at Unique and tries to think what to say, then she sighs.

“Oh my god! You had sex?!” Unique asks.

“What?! No!” Marley says as she yanks her to a side “Shhh!” She says.

“So, you di have sex?” Unique whispers.

“No!” Marley yells in a whisper “Nothing like that!” says frowning.

“Ok?” Unique says and then looks at her “So?”

“I just…” Marley sighs “We kissed…” as she puts a strain of hair behind her ear “I still love him…” says quietly.

“Uh honey…” Unique shakes her head “He is a cheater…”

“I know…” Marley looks at her.

“And he broke your trust…your heart” Unique continues as if she was educating a toddler.

“Yeah…” Marley looks down and then up to her “I know there is a lot to work through…but” she shrugs “I am not getting back together with him that easily…last time I feel like I forced things to happen, and he wasn’t ready…but I think he might be now” She says and Unique keeps frowning “You don’t get it…”

“No, clearly I don’t” Unique says “Enlighten me, please.”

“These past weeks I tried to move on, I went on dates with Ryder…I focus on myself…and somehow I always end up thinking about Jake” She says looking at Unique.

“It’s because he is still under your skin, you need to give time to shake him off” Unique says.

“That’s the thing…I don’t want to” Marley is surprised to hear herself saying that as much as Unique.

“Oh Marley…” Unique shakes her head “You have just begun to heal your heart and—”

“and I gave it to Jake” Marley says in a whisper “And as much as you or anyone else yell at me for it, my heart is his…it has been for a while now.” And with that Marley shakes her head and walks into her classroom.

Unique stays with her eyes wide open at what Marley said and shaking her head enters the classroom.

They are in the auditorium; Marley has been sitting alone since Unique won’t talk to her and she tried to focus on what Mr. Shue was assigning for the verses, but she was just repeating what she said to Unique. Then the bell rang for the last three classes of the day.

“Alright! This will be a blast!” Tina says and high-fives everyone “That song is so awesome!” She screams excited.

“Tina! We probably should choose our duet song too” Blaine says and Tina nods, then he turns his attention to Marley “Marley, have you thought about ours?” he asks.

“Oh. Uhm I have some suggestions but…not really” she slightly smiles “sorry…”

“It’s ok I have some too, see you after class so we can choose one!” He says as he leaves.

Marley nods as she sees Unique and Ryder talking. She closes her notebook and it’s about to leave.

“Marley!” Jake says and she turns around to look at him.

“Hi…” she says slightly smiling.

“Hi” He says and glances around, Unique and Ryder are still there, like Finn and Mr. Shue so he keeps his distance “Listen, I was thinking about our duet—”

“Do you want us to do it?” she asked, and he frowned in confusion “I mean I’m sure we can ask Finn and Mr. Shue, due to our history…maybe they will let it go?” she asks.

“You don’t want to sing with me?” He asks.

“What? Of course, I want to…I just” she sighs “I’m not sure how we can—”

“It’s just a song Marley” he says and smiles at her.

Just a song…just like it was just a kiss, right? Marley cannot help but blush as she looks down remembering what happened.

“So, we are good?” Jake asks.

“Yeah…we are good” Marley says and looks back at him.

“Ok…Let’s meet here to discuss the song…” He says and she nods and then he whispers “and other things we have to discuss…” he smirks as he walks out of the auditorium.

She just felt her face on fire when she heard him whisper. He was so great at pretending that she was not sure he remembered what happened between them. She glanced back at Ryder and Unique who kept talking and then they walked out of the auditorium. She sighed and walked out too.

Marley comes back to the auditorium, she had to meet up with Blaine and Jake, just to choose songs…probably it was better to talk with Blaine first so then she can have her alone time with Jake.

Finn appears first and looks at Marley.

“Marley?” He approaches her “Hey, what are you doing here? School is over” he says.

“I know, I’m meeting Blaine and Jake…to choose the duet…” she says.

“Oh right” he smiles and then gets serious “Hey, I’m sorry I paired you up with Jake but just your voices go so well together and—”

“It’s ok Finn” she smiles “besides, we are against other duets…and Blaine and I make a great duet too…although I think Tina and him might actually go better” she frowns.

Finn chuckles as he agrees. Then Blaine comes in and sees them both and smiles.

“Hey!” He approaches them “Let’s do this” he smiles.

“Sure.” Marley says.

“Well, I’ll go them, leave you guys at it” Finn says as he leaves.

“Bye!” They both say to Finn.

Blaine was on a roll he had chosen a lot of duets from different genres and they were still looking at them. Until two caught Marley’s eyes and they started to talk about those two to decide on one.

“Of course, More than a feeling is awesome…but” Blaine shrieks his shoulders “We kinda already chose that one with Tina” he says.

“Oh…then no worries…I think then we should go with the other one” she puts it up.

“I guess…are you sure there isn’t any other one?” He asks, “I mean it does sound like us?” he meditates it…

“I mean, I can…” she moves to the piano and starts playing the song, which makes Blaine get surprised.

“Woah! You can play the piano?” He asks.

“Yeah” she giggles and keeps playing the song and Blaine digs it.

“Ok, yeah it does sound great if we do that arrangement…” he moves his head smiling.

“I think so, we could do some key changes here and…here” she plays those notes and Blaine agrees.

Marley finishes playing the song and Blaine smiles.

“That was awesome!” He high fives her “So we got our song, we should practice in our houses…and we will see who goes first tomorrow” He says.

“Yeah, good luck to you and Tina!” She says smiling.

“Thanks!” Blaine says “Well gotta run” he rushes out of the auditorium.

Marley watches Blaine goes away and finds herself alone in the auditorium. She touches the keyboard again; she remembers the last time she played a song was when she sang her feelings after she found out about Jake and Bree. She sighed, Unique was really mad at her for falling back for Jake…but she can’t help it…

Suddenly she felt some hands on her waist and then a kiss on her cheek. She jumped a bit and then settled down when she saw it was Jake.

“Hey, are you ok?” He asks as he takes a seat next to her on the piano.

“Yeah…” she looks around for anyone that could’ve been there.

“There’s no one else Marley…relax” he goes for her hands and she jumps a bit “Hey, relax…” he smiles and shakes his head.

Marley tries to be calm, but she isn’t. Jake sees that and chuckles a bit.

“I used to be like that” he says and she looks at him as he moves his hands to the keyboard, and plays some notes “I didn’t know if I wanted to be seen with you…” he says softly “Because of me…my reputation” he clarifies and keeps playing “I didn’t want other jerks like me to think you were an easy target…” he says and then looks at her “That’s why I went out with Kitty first…” He keeps playing “I knew you were special…and I couldn’t ruin you…”

Marley watches him, this is the first time he confesses something like that. She moves her hand on top of his playing the piano and caresses it slightly.

“I know I end up screwing things up…so I totally understand that you want to take your time…and be nervous of letting me in again” he says and looks at her.

She doesn’t say anything but keeps looking at him. He then locks his eyes with her and offers a slight smile.

“You know this?” He starts to play the song and Marley giggles.

“Who doesn’t?” She begins to calm down as he keeps playing and then looks at her to sing.

Making my way downtown…Walking fast, faces pass and I'm homebound” she starts and then joins him at playing the piano.

Staring blankly ahead, just making my way…Making a way through the crowd” Jake continues and Marley smiles.

And I need you” she says nudging at him.

And I miss you” He replies smiling.

And now I wonder” they both sing in unison.

If I could fall into the sky” Jake sings.

Do you think time would pass me by?” She continues.

'Cause you know I'd walk a thousand miles” they sing together as they keep playing together “If I could just see you, tonight.

They keep playing around with the keyboard. By the sides, without them knowing is Unique, who has been hearing everything and is watching.

It's always times like these when I think of you, and wonder if you ever think of me” Marley continues through giggles.

Do you think of me….'Cause everything's so wrong, and I don't belong, living in your precious memory” Jake continues singing and playing.

'Cause I need you, And I miss you, and now I wonder” they start to sing together “If I could fall into the sky…Do you think time would pass me by? Oh, 'cause you know I'd walk a thousand miles…If I could just see you…” they look into each other’s eyes as they sing.

Tonight” Jake sings as he nudges her, and she smiles.

Tonight” Marley nudges at him back smiling.

And I…” Marley starts the canon.

"And I" Jake continues her canon.

I don't wanna let you know” then she is joined with Jake singing “I, I drown in your memory…I, I don't wanna let this go…I, I don't” They get inches away from each other’s faces and then Marley moves her head to the keyboards.

Making my way downtown, walking fast, faces pass and I'm homebound” She sings looking down at the piano as she plays it.

Staring blankly ahead, just making my way” Jake shakes his head smiling as he goes back to just enjoy playing the song “Making a way through the crowd.

And I still need you…” Marley says as she looks back at him.

I Still need you” He does not look back, his eyes focused on the keyboard.

And I still miss you…” Marley keeps her eyes on him.

I still miss you…” Jake finally looks to his side and finds her eyes.

And now I wonder” they sing locking their eyes.

The song starts to slow. Unique focus her ears and eyes better to watch them.

If I could fall into the sky” Jake sings as he leans in a bit.

Do you think time would pass us by?” Marley says as she leans in too.

'Cause you know I'd walk a thousand miles…” They both sing remarkably close to each other’s faces “If I could just see you” They almost kiss and then Jake moves his head to a side “oh-oh” they sing together.

If I could fall into the sky…Do you think time would pass me by?” they go back to just play the piano and sing “'Cause you know I'd walk a thousand miles…If I could just see you” they focus on enjoying the song.

Unique moves closer to get a better look and hear better if they whisper.

If I could just hold you…” they lock eyes again and lean in “tonight…” and Marley looks at Jake’s lips and then at him. He looks at her tenderly.

Jake takes a deep breath and moves to cup her face and leans in and as his lips meet Marley’s.

“Really Marley?!” They both back away when they hear the voice.

Ryder is looking at them, incredibly angry.

“Oh Shit!” Unique says and they all turned to see her.

End of chapter


Chapter Text

It was just a matter of seconds that Ryder ended up on top of Jake, hitting his face with rage, Marley started to yell to stop but he just wouldn’t. Unique ran to get someone to help. It didn’t surprise her that they were fighting, what was concerning her was the fact that Jake wasn’t even trying to defend himself, he was taking every punch to his face or stomach and not fighting back. At first, she didn’t notice that but then she did hear Ryder scream at him.

“Fight back!” Ryder screamed as he threw another punch at Jake.

“Ryder stop!” Marley tried to move him away, but she just couldn’t.

Ryder kept throwing punches at Jake and he was just taking them, as Marley kept looking to the sides trying to see if Unique had found someone. Until she heard the punching had stopped. She turns around to find Ryder backing away and Jake starting to sit up while he coughed some blood.

“Feel…better?” Jake asked as he tried to wipe some blood from his lips and looks at him.

Ryder just stood there looking at him. Marley glanced back and forth to them and when Jake tried to stand up and couldn’t, she rushed to him.

“Are you ok?” Marley said as she knelt next to him and softly touch her stomach and his face.

“I just beat him up for you and you rush to him?” Ryder says, still angry.

Marley turned to him with a glaring stare.

“I never asked you to beat someone up for me…” She says as she turns back her attention to Jake.

Ryder was about to speak when Unique entered out of breath.

“There’s literally no one that—” She stopped when she saw the scene “Oh! How you stopped them?” She asks.

“She didn’t” Ryder says.                   “I didn’t” Marley says at the same time.

Jake coughed a bit as he tried to gather strength and get up, but his body ached.

“You need to go to a hospital” Marley says.

“No, I’ll be ok” Jake says as he looks at Ryder and then back at Marley.

“You need someone to check you are really ok” Unique insists.

“He’ll be fine” Ryder says as he crosses his arms and glaring at him.

Unique scolds at Ryder and extends her hand to Jake and he takes it, with Marley’s and Unique’s help he managed to stand up.

“At least we need to get you home or—” Marley starts as she helps him walk a bit.

“My mom can’t see me like this” Jake says as he shakes his head.

“Then you stay at mine” Marley says and Ryder’s eyes widen.

“No!” He starts and they looked at him “I mean, I caused this…he should stay at mine then” He tries to justify his earlier reply.

“So, you can finish the job?” Unique asks as she moves aside to help Jake too. Marley just looks down as she helps him move.

Ryder looks down and shakes his head. Jake puts a hand to Unique and Marley looks at him.

“Look…he’s got a point” Marley and Unique look at him weirdly “He just beat the shit out of me because I deserved it and—”

“What? That’s nonsense!” Marley starts.

“It wasn’t to him” Jake looks at Marley as he puts a hand to his stomach and then looks back at Ryder “I hurt you Marley…he loves you…and he just…he just did what I probably would’ve done in his place” He says and Ryder frowns more.

“So, you want to go to the house of the guy who almost sent you to a hospital?” Unique asks and then frowns “You make no sense!”

“Yeah, it’s better if you just come to my house…” Marley says as she looks at Jake genuinely concerned.

“I would rather go to Ryder’s and keep this incident between us…” He says and looks at Ryder.

Ryder just shakes his head and sighs.

“Let’s just get to my house then…” Ryder says as he moves towards him to help him move.

Jake leans on him a bit as he helps him move. Unique and Marley see how they walk out of the auditorium totally weird out.

“Men are so weird” Unique says and then turns back to Marley.

Marley just nods a bit shocked and then frowning she walks backward and sees Jake’s backpack and picks it up.

“What are you doing with that?” Unique asks.

“I’m going to bring it to Jake, he prob—”

“Nope, you and I are gonna have a talk while those two solve their own issues” She says as she tells Marley to sit down where the piano is.

Marley hesitates but then moves there with Jake’s backpack and sits down.

“So, unlike Ryder…clearly” she lifts her arms up and then looks at Marley “I did get to witness the whole thing…from start” she says.

Marley sighs as she looks at her waiting for her to continue.

“And…” Unique looks at her and changes her serious look to a sweet one “I saw love right there” She says and Marley looks at her speechless “I’m not saying Jake is a saint or that what he did to you is ok…but I saw two people…” she slightly smile “who really love each other…” She moves her hands up and down “and hey, you may need to work some stuff out…but…” She moves close to Marley “It is not my place to judge what you do about your love life…I’m sorry if I did before” and as she slightly smiles, she opens her arm at Marley.

Marley smiles and stands up to hug Unique. They embrace as they smile. Marley pulls away and looks at Unique.

“Thank you” She stops smiling “I really thought I lost you cause of what I said…”

“Child, you will never lose me” She hugs her again “Even if you end up going far away to college…girl I’ll hunt you down” She laughs as she pulls away.

“It really means a lot to me” she smiles “that you say all of that…” she sighs “Because I really need to tell you what happened this weekend” She blushes a bit.

“Say no more, let’s go to your house and talk about it” Unique says as she picks up her backpack and offers her hand to her.

Marley takes it and they walk to her house as Marley tells her everything that happened between Jake and her.

At Ryder’s house, Jake is lying on the sofa with some ice on his face and the other on his stomach. Ryder places a glass of water on the table in front of him and stays standing with his arms crossed.

“Thanks” Jake says as he reaches for the glass and takes a sip, then he looks at Ryder “I don’t blame you; you know?” He says as he places the glass back on the table.

“I know that. I just don’t get it, why you can’t let Marley be happy with someone else?” He asks.

Jake rolls his eyes as he shakes his head and looks at him, frowning.

“You know I could’ve had her first…but when I canceled on her for my appointment with a doctor back then, you just went out with her instead” He says as he sits down on the sofa in front of Jake “You really didn’t give me a chance to at least try…even now, you are not giving it to me” He sighs frustrated as a hand runs through his hair “Ever since I met her she has been the only girl I wanted to be with...” he frowns.

Jake tries to sit up a little to look at Ryder better. And frowning he clears his throat.

“Since we are being totally honest here… You barely even waited until the body was cold, before you made your move on Marley” he glares and points out to him “not cool” he glanced at him “I screwed up, I get that.” He sighs and shakes his head “But turned your back on me and just sang to her your feelings and asked her out, in front of me” He shakes his head again.

“What did you want me to do? I loved Marley for the longest time…and you screwed up, she is the most amazing thing that ever happened to you…why I couldn’t do everything I can to be deserving of her love?” He says now glaring at him.

“Because it’s not your decision Ryder” He says trying to be calm “It’s hers…it has always been hers” He looks at him right in the eye.

Ryder looks at him and knows exactly what he means. It has always been her choice and she chose Jake once already…instead of him.


They are in a classroom, where the girls asked the guys to wait for them to make an entrance. As they sat on the tables waiting for whatever the girls wanted to show them. The band entered the room and started to play a song. Then Brittany leading the girls came into the room, Marley to her side and they started to sing and dance ‘Tell him.’

Tell him that you're never gonna leave him, tell him that you're always gonna love him” Brittany and Marley with New Directions Girls are singing and dancing a choreography made by Brit “Tell him, tell him, tell him, Tell him right now.”

I know something about love” Brittany sings as she points to Marley to continue.

You gotta show it and make him see the moon up above” Marley sings and glances at Jake as she continues to dance.

Reach out and get him if you want him to be… Always by your side” Britanny and Marley singing in unison as they crossed ways dancing “If you want him to only think of you.

Tell him that you're never gonna leave him, tell him that you're always gonna love him” Brittany and Marley with New Directions Girls keep singing and dancing "Tell him, tell him, tell him, tell him right now” The girls sing as they make a line and Britney is at the end.

Ever since the world began…It's been that way for man…And women were created” Britney sings as the girls harmonize.

To make love their destiny…” Marley takes the lead as the girls harmonize now “Then why should true love be…” she dances in front of Jake and Ryder “So complicated, oh, yeah!” Marley holds out that note which makes Ryder and Jake clap shocked at her reach.

Tell him that you're never gonna leave him, tell him that you're always gonna love him” Brittany and Marley are dance partners as Brit makes eyes to her to take courage “Tell him, tell him, tell him, tell him right now” Britney almost yells at her with her eyes as the song finishes.

Ryder and Jake are looking at Marley singing and Ryder stares at her expecting her to come to him and ask him to the dance.

“Jake!” Marley shouts and Jake jumps a bit so she giggles “I mean…I mean” she walks towards Jake and kneels down, Jake looks down at her, as does Ryder “Jake, would you like to go to the Sadie Hawkins dance with me?” She asks suddenly nervous.

Everyone is quiet. Ryder wants to scream or say something, but he just looks between Jake and Marley, hoping for him to reject her in a way…

“Yes” Jake says smiling and Marley bites her lower lip trying to suppress a scream “Yes I would” Jake looks down at her lips and then back at her as she stands up smiling back at Britney.

Ryder looks at her back and then at Jake, wanting to punch him and beg Marley to take him instead. He just blocks out everything else as he looks over to the window and there is this girl that will not stop following him and waves at him. He pretends to look away and ignores it.


“That was different…you’ve already gone out on dates with her” Ryder objects.

“I stopped once she fainted because I cared for her, I wanted her to get better…” he sighs “You know I had to ask my brother for help? Because I wanted to go with Marley and only her” He says and when Ryder looks at him confused “Kitty wanted me to ditch her and go with her…she even offered me to have sex with her” he says.

“And why you didn’t go?” Ryder asks “It was a sure thing, and you always scored” he says as he puts his lips together.

“It was different with Marley…it is still” He looks down at his hands and then at him “You probably don’t know what I said to Marley that day…but it was true, and it still is, it was after she told me that she wanted me to just be with her, to take things slow, and before I could answer her…she had to go on stage and sang ‘Locked out of heaven’ but before that I knew what I wanted to tell her”


After Marley and the girls sang ‘Locked out of heaven’ Jake just smiled at how lucky he was to even have the slight chance to go out with a girl like her, to try and make her happy and in return, find his happiness.

Marley was dancing happily with the girls as Jake pull his hands to her and brought her back to the floor dance.

And then a slow song came in, Ryder was the chosen one to sing. He sang as he looked at Jake and Marley dancing, wondering what they were saying to each other.

“I am awesome” He says and Marley chuckles “I mean, I always knew I was pretty cool…” He keeps saying as he has Marley’s arms wrapped around his neck “but tonight is the first night I realized how awesome I was.”

“Why is that?” She asks curiously.

“Because you are the most amazing person I've ever met.” He says as he locks his eyes with her “And, somehow, I convinced you to be into me.” He says calmly as they keep swaying to the music “You're incredible.” He thinks aloud.

Marley holds her lips together, suppressing a big smile at his words, trying to contain her joy.

“I'm done. I don't... I don't want to be with anybody else.” He says that seriously, as if he was promising her that “All I need is you.” He finishes saying what he thought of all day.

Marley looked at him in the eyes, trying to find a glimpse of a lie in them but she didn’t, he was being serious…Jake was really asking her to be with him, exclusively. She gave a slight smile and lean in to kiss his cheek sweetly.

Ryder saw that and he looked away as he kept singing.


“Well, that changed…” Ryder rolls his eyes “Because you only could keep that promise for a few months before you got tempted to ruin all that” He shakes his head upset.

“Ryder I don’t know how else to tell you that I love her…I already know I messed up for falling into Bree’s trap” He frowns “But just as I had the chance to finally get some…it made me realize I didn’t want to, not if it's not with Marley…and I’ll wait, really this time, however long it takes” He says and the groans in pain as he lays back to put some ice on his stomach.

Ryder sighs as he looks at him and then down, repeatedly, debating with himself and then brought a hand to his hair frustrated.

“I just don’t get it…” He starts “I am really trying to give her space as she asked…I’ve taken her out to everything she likes, if I could, I would bring the whole cast of ‘Hunger Games’ to meet her!” He says looking to the floor, not at Jake.

Jake looks at him and sighs, then he lightens up his face.

“I’m sure you would…” he says softly “You are the better man…” this makes Ryder look at him confused “She deserves someone better than me, I know that” He nods “But…” he sighs looking down “I’m hoping she’ll choose to be with me and keep choosing to be with me…” his voice really low “I’m not giving up on her Ryder…” he looks at him in the eye “I will not back down!” He says raising his voice, suppressing the pain he just felt on his face and stomach.

“Me neither…” Ryder whispers and they both look at each other.


As they keep looking at each other, the music starts in Jake’s head…starting a dream sequence about what he just said to Ryder about what he feels of Marley and how he will keep fighting for her.

Jake singing:

I let you down.

Jake remembers when Marley pushed him away crying when she found out about him and Bree.

But I’ll make it up to you somehow.

Jake is looking at Marley, as she was crying silently when she broke up with him. He kept his tabs on her, where she was and how she was…but she never saw him.

In time, you'll see it's true.

That my will is strong.

He remembers when he sang with her the time they did the Billy Joel song and their eyes connected. How she gave him a slight smile.

And I know that as these days go on…

You'll find, I'll get to you.

Then he remembers when he appeared in her room that night, how they sang ‘Just a kiss’ and then kissed. How she asked him to sleep with her and he did. He woke up in the middle of the night thinking it was just a dream and smiled when he realizes he had her in her arms.

If it's the last thing that I do...

He remembers the times they watched movies, the hugs, and the kisses before. How innocent and cute she was…she is still.

Every step you take,

I'll be the second behind.

Jake spies on Marley’s first date with Ryder, he feels a rage inside but just shakes his head when he sees how she laughs at something he said.

Every move you make,

I'll be the thorn in your side.

Jake rented all of Marley’s favorite movies and musicals, trying to really understand what she loved as he stared at the framed photo of her and him on his nightstand.

And no, you can't fight this now,

I will not back down.

He remembers when he called her that night, she opened the window as he asked and then he climbed up the tree and lunge himself to her window, entering her room.

I'm the sky, the stars, the moon, the setting sun,

I'm the feeling inside you.

When you're coming undone.

Then she leans into him and he kissed her. The kisses they had that weekend, the stares, and the way they just caress each other while kissing or just being together.

You know you can't fight this now,

I will not back down.

He remembered how Tina, Kitty, Unique, and even Blaine told him to back down and leave Marley alone after what happened. And he saw Marley so quiet and sad in classes.

Some say I’m cruel,

But nobody knows what I feel for you.

He remembers that weekend again when kissed her and then she just moved up to him, letting him touch her and kiss her, the way she took charge in what they did, then just her blue stare looking back at him and his desire to just stay there looking at her.

My love, you're the only one.

He hides as he spies when she and Ryder were saying goodbye, how he kissed her in his car and he had to leave.

Do you understand?

I can't let you slip through my hands.

He remembers when he picked her up in her room bridal style as they kept kissing, then the times they danced or sang together.

No, my love, don't try and run

See in my eyes you and I are one...

He remembers the way their lips touch so gently,

Every step you take,

I'll be the second behind.

How their mouths merge as one.

Every move you make,

I'll be the thorn in your side.

How when they pull away, they just lock eyes.

And no, you can't fight this now,

I will not back down.

Every time she smiles at him, which is different than when she smiles at everyone because that way he knows he is making her happy.

I'm the sky, the stars, the moon, the setting sun,

Every single time that when she gets nervous, she tucks her hair behind her ear.

I'm the feeling inside you.

When you're coming undone.

Or bites her lips, turning her gaze away from him.

You know you can't fight this now,

I will not back down.

The way she enjoys her movies and begs him to watch again another one.

Every step you take,

I'll be the second behind.

The way when he doesn’t get something she laughs and then kisses him.

Every move you make,

I'll be the thorn in your side.

The way their voices can sing in unison, just so easy.

 And no, you can't fight this now,

I will not back down.

He just remembers everything he loves about her and how terrified he is of ever losing her, even though it could happen, because he knows better…he isn’t what she deserves, not yet, but that doesn’t mean he’ll stop trying.

I will not back down.


And then again, he is back at Ryder’s sofa, in pain but trying to ignore what he just said. He sighs and turns his head towards him. Ryder looks back at him.

“If you know I’m the best for her…and we both know I loved her first…why you won’t let me try to make her happy?” Ryder asks sincerely.

“Because…” he keeps looking at him “as long as I know she is into me…I can’t let her go…” He frowns.

“So, if she were to move on…would you step away and let her be happy with someone else?” He asks, hoping.

“Ryder” he clears his throat “If Marley were to tell me she doesn’t love me anymore…truly…and I can tell, then I would let her be happy…without me” He clarifies.

Ryder just nods thinking. Jake closes his eyes, hoping what he said will never come true, because if it ever happened, he knows he’ll be a wreck.


End of chapter


Chapter Text

Marley didn’t sleep much last night, she texted Jake and got no response, probably because he was sleeping through the pain. Or Ryder finally finished him off…no, Ryder is good, he is a good guy he is just…he is just in love with her and cannot understand why she loves Jake and not him, honestly Marley could not figure out why she loved Jake either, she just knew she did and how being far away from him just confirmed she can’t shake him.

Her eyes widen when she came into glee club and saw Ryder sitting there, along with all of the other team members…but Jake was not around, so she took a seat next to Ryder, trying to remain calm.

“Where is Jake?” She asked.

“Relax, he is with Finn at the principal office” Ryder whispers.

“Ok, why?” Marley asked again.

“Because he had to explain why he was bruised” He says and then puts his lips together.

Marley looked at him frowning. Why wasn’t he at the principal office, if he was the one that made that to Jake’s face.

“Finn insisted on coming up with another lie” He says as if guessing her thoughts “He rather not say anything to Sue about us…since we are already on her radar” he shrugs.

Marley nodded and attempted to move away from him and then he caught her arm and she glanced back at him.

“Why you care so much? He hurt you.” He says.

Marley looked at him and wanted to just yank her arm away and walk away but she just couldn’t do that, she wasn’t like that.

“I don’t know…I just do” She replied, and she glances back at her arm and then at him.

Ryder sighs and lets her arm go; she walks towards where Unique a bit is confused.

“I know I said multiple times I’m team Ryder…” Unique started as Marley sat down “Now I’m just team Stay away from boys” she says as she rolled her eyes.

Marley couldn’t help but laugh at what she said, that made Unique laugh too as they both shook their heads. Kitty sits down next to them.

“What are you laughing about?” she asks, and Marley looks at her smiling.

“We are just…” she looks over at Unique and they both smile.

“Team 'Stay away from boys'” they say in unison and laugh again.

“You clearly don’t know what you are saying” she smiles “But I like to see you not being the guy’s attention for once, so count me in” she says at Marley.

“Thank you” she smiles.

Mr. Shue enters the room, and everyone looks at him.

“Ok guys, so we had one of our own in a bit of a situation, but I think he’ll be good for next week” he says.

“What do you mean Mr. Shue?” Artie asks.

“Nothing to worry much Artie…”

“One of our own? Who is it?” Sam stands up concerned.

“It’s Jake…”

“What happened?” Tina asks worriedly.

“He just had a…problem…”

“What kind of problem?” Blaine asks.

“It’s really not my place to tell…I don’t really know the details.”

And more questions startup, while Mr. Shue tries to answer while Unique, Ryder, and Marley exchange glances.

“Is he going to participate in the duet’s contest?” Sam asks, “Because I could fill that position” he turns back to Marley “I mean we could try” He asks.

Marley is about answer when Finn enters the room with Jake. His face looks a bit swollen, but he seems better than yesterday. His eyes locked on hers and she can see he is trying to tell her he is ok with just a look.

“Jake!” Everyone, but Ryder, Marley, and Unique yell.

“What happened?” Sam asks.

“Are you ok?” Blaine asks.

“What happened to your face?” Kitty asks frowning.

“Your lip is all swollen” Artie says.

“Yeah, your face is all messed up” Tina says.

“Alright guys” Finn says as he puts his arms up “Jake will answer everything later, right now just let him be” He, says as he helps Jake to take a seat.

Everyone looks at him concerned. Ryder just looks down. Mr. Shue claps to gather everyone’s attention.

“Alright, let’s try to focus here…Jake will be ok” he smiles “So, Blaine and Tina want to start this duet’s battle?” He asks.

“Sure…” Blaine and Tina stand up and take their places at the front as Mr. Shue sits down.

The music starts, Marley glances at Jake and he looks back at her.

I looked out this morning and the sun was gone…” Blaine starts as Tina harmonizes “Turned on some music to start my day…I lost myself in a familiar song” he reaches for her hands.

I closed my eyes and I slipped” They sing together “awaaaay” They belt out in unison as they get separated and start to clap in front of the rest, so they join in clapping.

It's more than a feeling” Blaine sings and then he motions to the rest to sing.

More than a feeling” The guys reply in unison.

When I hear that old song, they used to play” Tina sings and looks at Blaine. Everyone in the glee club harmonizes with them.

More than a feeling” Blaine replies singing.

And I begin dreaming” They sing in unison.

Till I see Marianne walk” Tina sings “awaaaay” Blaine and Tina belt out while the rest harmonize.

I see my Marianne walking awaaaay” Blaine sings and belts out the last word so high that everyone lets out a ‘woo-ho!’.

awayyy” Tina joins in hitting a G5 which blows everyone’s mind away.

“Go Tina!!” Artie yells happy.

Blaine and Tina do a simple choreography as the music continues and then they turn again to the front, everyone clapping.

When I'm tired and thinking cold” Blain starts to sing again.

I hide in my music, forget the day” Tina joins Blain as they sing “And dream of a girl I used to know” They join hands again and smile.

I closed my eyes and…” Blaine and her part ways again as he closes his eyes “she slipped awaaaay.”

She slipped awaaaay” They sing and belt in unison so high that it blows everyone’s mind to hear Tina sing so well.

It's more than a feeling” Blaine sings and then he motions to the rest to sing.

More than a feeling” The guys reply in unison.

When I hear that old song, they used to play” Tina sings closing her eyes.

More than a feeling” Blaine replies singing.

And I begin dreaming” They sing in unison.

Till I see Marianne walk” Tina sings “awaaaay” Blaine and Tina belt out while the rest harmonize.

As they finish, they hug, and everyone stands up clapping.

“Wow guys!” Fin says as he walks over and hugs them “That was incredible!” He speaks.

“You did great!” Mr. Shue says and then turns back to everyone “I see this duet a very strong contender…good luck to the rest” he says.

“And remember, we are all a team…no matter who gets the duet” Finn clarifies as they all take a seat.

The bell rings and everyone stands up, Finn walks over to help Jake and Mr. Shue say before everyone can leave.

“Next are Ryder and Unique” he says, Unique and Ryder exchange looks, while Mr. Shue smiling walks out.

As Finn helps Jake, Marley approaches.

“I’m ok Finn, thanks” Jake says.

“It’s ok man…” Finn says and then turns to Marley “Hey.”

“Hi…” she looks at Finn and then at Jake.

Finn takes seconds to notice he should leave them.

“Alright, I’ll go to have…uhm so…yeah” he walks out, and Marley and Jake look down chuckling as Finn walks out of the room.

“How you feel?” Marley asks him as she moves a bit closer.

“Physically? I’m ok” he says.

Marley looks at him with tender eyes which makes him slightly smile and reaches out to caress her cheek and then puts a strand of her hair behind her ear.

“I’m sorry this happened…” Marley says.

“Hey, it wasn’t your fault…He acted out” he says while he keeps caressing her cheek.

“Yeah, but he acted out because he wanted to…somehow avenge me” she sighs “I never asked him that…”

Jake looks at her and then reaches out for her hands.

“You are so beautiful” he says and she looks at him confused “You are…” he walks slowly towards the piano, bringing her with him.

“Careful” she says as he takes a seat and smiles at her.

“I’m just beaten-up Marley…not fragile” He chuckles as he positions himself “I didn’t reply to your texts…but I had this song stuck for a while…I was supposed to sing it to you weeks ago…” he clears his throat.

“Are you sure you can?” She frowns.

“I’ll manage” he says as he starts to play, concentrating.

Marley looks at his hands, playing the keyboard so good, and then to him…even with his face beaten up he still managed to look so handsome.

On the days I can't see your eyes…” he starts and then looks at her “I don't even want to open mine…” He turns back to play the keyboard “On the days I can't see your smile…” He looks back at her and she smiles looking down at the keyboard “Well, I'd rather sit, wait the while…” he keeps his eyes on her while he plays and she looks up to him “For the days I know you'll be near, 'Cause a day without you, it just isn't fair” he shrugs as Marley chuckles a bit shaking her head at him “See the days I can hear your voice…I'm left without a choice” He motions to her to sit next to him.

Marley looks around and sits down next to him.

Plus, I get weak in the knees, fall head over heels, baby” He messes up a note and chuckles, then Marley starts to play the song for him as he concentrates on singing “And every other cheesy cliché…” He turns slightly to see her “Yes, I'm swept off my feet, Oh, my heart skips a beat…” he moves his hand to her cheek as she keeps looking at the keyboard “But there's really only one thing to say…” he pulls her hair to a side gently and she glances back at him “God damn, you're beautiful to me…You're everything” he locks his eyes at her and leans in “Yeah, that's beautiful…” he whispers “Yes, to me…” he sings as he manages to just kiss her lightly on the lips and she stops playing, surprised.

He backs away slightly looking at her as she opened her eyes again. Her beautiful blue stare looking back at him. He moves his head to start playing and motions her to continue. She smiles slightly as she tries to remember how the song continues.

I can't find the words to explain, it's just how much you got me going insane” She sings looking for his approval and he nods as he keeps playing “When you speak to me, sometimes we fight…Oh, I stutter my words, I say, ‘Never mind’…'Cause even when you just walk by” Marley giggles as she nudges at him “Well, I look around to seem occupied…” she lifts her eyebrows and shrugs “'Cause I'm trying so hard to hide, Yeah, all of these feelings inside” she smiles and Jake laughs a bit.

Marley bites her bottom lip and looks at him. He looks over at her and sings.

'Cause I get weak in the knees…Fall head over heels, baby” he smiles through his singing.

And every other cheesy cliché…” Marley joins him singing.

Oh, I'm swept off my feet” He lets her continue to play as one hand moves on top of her.

My heart skips a beat…” She sings as she feels butterflies in her stomach.

But there's really only one thing to say…” They sing as they look at each other, forgetting about the world for a moment.

Yes, you're beautiful to me…oh, you’re everything…” he sings, and then Marley just lunges her arms around his neck and kisses him.

Jake winces in pain and Marley stands up afraid.

“Oh my god! I’m sorry Jake…” She says feeling embarrassed and concerned.

“It’s ok” Jake laughs as he groans a bit standing up and walking towards her “Ryder messed up my lips a bit” he chuckles as he moves his hands to her waist.

“I don’t want to hurt you” Marley backs away so he can’t kiss her, but he chuckles.

“I’ll show you how you won’t” he leans in gently and kisses her lightly on the lips, then bites her lower lip for entrance and she lets him in. Their kiss is slow and tender, Marley doesn’t move as she just lets Jake explore her mouth and lead. When he pulls away, he caresses her cheek, and she smiles.

“Well…that shows we could still sing our duet” she smiles.

“And we missed…” the bell rings and he points up “one class” he says as he lifts his eyebrows and Marley laughs.

“Oh God! I never missed one!” She laughs and places her forehead on his shoulder.

“There’s always a first time for everything” he says as he chuckles with her, then lets go of her waist.

She looks at him, kissed his cheek, and then went to grab her backpack.

“Well, I’m going to my other class, because I won’t miss two” she says smiling.

“You are so boring” he says as he follows her out of the choir room through the hall, she giggles and shrugs “But beautiful” He clarifies.

She looks back at him smiling and then waves him goodbye as she heads to her class. Jake stays there looking at her, as she walks to class…just like the first time he lay eyes on her…he didn’t know back then how hard someone could fall in love…but now he knew he loved her with every fiber of himself.

“Don’t be a dick, but don’t give up” he said smiling, as he remembered those exact words. Then he smiled and walked to his class.

Marley was leaving her books in her lockers as she felt someone on her side. She closed the locker and saw him, Ryder. She forced a smile and looked at him.

“Ryder…” she said.

“Don’t hate me…” he said, and she frowned “I really just wanted to defend your honor and—”

“That’s really sweet Ryder, but I’m not a damsel in distress…I don’t need you to go around punching…any guy…who hurts me” she turns around to walk away, Ryder follows her.

“I know…I know, I meant…I can’t believe what he did and then he is just filling your locker with flowers, singing with you…texting you—”

Marley’s eyes widen at that last bit and stop in her tracks and looked at him lifting her eyebrow.

“Jake was asleep, and his phone kept buzzing…and he doesn’t have a password, so I just took it and glanced at it” he said.

“You read our conversations?” she asks frowning a bit.

“You are just letting him into your life as if nothing happened?” He asks sounding a bit angry.

“Whatever I decide to do, talk or sing with Jake is between him and me, Ryder” she says and for the first time, Ryder sees her being mad at him.

“So, you are mad at me?” He asks starting to get angry at her.

Marley breathes out frustrated as she shakes her head.

“It’s my life Ryder and I told you I was handling it” she says.

“No, you are not handling it…you are letting him sweep of your feet all over again, he has worked his way through every girl at this school…you are just another one on his hit list, you know you deserve better…someone way better…” he says, and Marley just stares at him totally startled. Ryder takes up the opportunity to reach for both of her hands and look at her “I love you Marley and I’m sure I can make you happy…happier than he ever made you” he says gently.

Marley looked at him, he is being serious, and she tried for so long…she tried hard at first but then it just didn’t make sense to be with him, not when she knows who is in her thoughts…who her heart…still belongs to. She said so to Unique, her mom knows it, even Kitty knows it even if she did not say anything.

“Ryder…” she started slowly as she removed her hands slowly “please…I told you…to—”

“What else you want me to say Marley, I’ll say it” he says.

“I want you to just stop” she sighs and then she shakes her head as she keeps walking to the auditorium.

Ryder walks after her and gets in front of her, with pleading eyes.

“You can’t tell me to stop feeling what I feel…I need you to hear you say—”

“Say what?” Marley yelled unexpectedly louder than she expected to but then she sighed and lowered her voice “I don’t know what you want me to say…”

“That you give me a chance to make you happy…that you could picture us together…maybe sometime in the future…not now, but that you can picture us together…happy” he says and exhales, sounding desperate.

Marley looked at him, her stare turned tender for a moment, and she was thinking…trying to picture herself with him, dating, in love…happy… she offered him a smile and Ryder felt his heart racing as he waited for an answer.

“I can’t say that” she said, and Ryder felt his whole world crashing down “I’m sorry but I…I still love Jake” she finished saying that and looked the other way, avoiding eye contact with him.


End of chapter


Chapter Text

Marley had to say it, she asked him for space but when he just pushed things, she had to say what her heartfelt…right now. She sighed and glanced back to him; he was looking at her speechless then he frowned.

“Wha—What?” Ryder almost whispered in disbelief “You still love Jake?” He manages to say, and Marley slightly nods as she forces herself to look at him while crossing her arms “How can you say that?” He frowns “I told you to—"

“You told me to say something I don’t feel…so I just decided to tell you what I do feel…right now” she says.

“You can’t mean that…He…he cheated on you…he broke your trust” he frowns “You know he won’t change.”

“Ryder…” Marley sighs and shakes her head “I’m aware of what Jake did…” she looks down.

“Do you? Do you really?” He frowns and looks at her and crosses his arms too “I think you are just confused…you think no one will love you like he but—”

“Ryder stop!” Marley shouts and he looks at her “You can’t…don’t know what I feel, I know that what I said doesn’t make sense for you and yes, it doesn’t perhaps for many…but the only person who knows what is going on here…” she points to her head and then to her heart “and here…it’s me…and only me.”

Ryder nods and then he just chuckles, but Marley knows that when he does that, he is either frustrated or annoyed.

“Look Ryder, I get it…you thought once I was single again you could have your chance” she sighs “and I’m the one to blame because I led you on…” she moves her arms up and down “I tried Ryder…I just…I just can’t force my heart to feel different” she said feeling sad.

“You are not really trying Marley…you are not giving us a chance” he said.

“Trust me I did” she looks up and then just shaking her head enters the auditorium.

“Hey, hey Marley!” He comes in and grabs her arm and that makes her jump a bit.

“Let go Ryder” She frowns trying to move her arm away.

“I’ve been more supportive than he’s ever been” he said feeling angry “I’ve always got your back and supported everything you said or did…I’ve always been here!” He said finally raising his voice.

“I know that! Let go” she says now frowning and overly concerned.

“Hey! Let go!” Finn steps in and Ryder lets her arm go of Marley and she rushes to Finn’s side.

“I wasn’t trying to hurt her Finn it’s just” he moves his hands to his head frustrated “She is messing up my head…how can she—”

“I never ever said that—”

“It’s ok Marley” Finn says as he steps towards Ryder “Look man, you need to just let go…you can’t force things…” He says calmly.

Ryder looks down and then up to them, a single tear falls from his eye.

“Last year I should’ve quit…when you lied to protect Unique…about catfish” he says and then points at her “I was getting over you and it was all a lie…then Jake…hurt you…the whole school knows what he did” he looks around “Ever since he saw you he’s only wanted one thing from you…You were together for what? A month and then he asked to help him with all of this valentine thing…to what? To get you to that hotel room that night…when you felt insecure about the glee task, he made you come to his house so he could have his way and when he didn’t…he went looking for what he wanted…what he will always want” he is really angry and Finn is looking back and forth between them, still shielding Marley “That’s the guy you claim to still love…that’s the real Jake, the guy who has been with almost every girl at this school…the guy who is gonna say or do anything just to get you where he wants, under his—”

“Alright enough!” Finn steps closer to Ryder, feeling very protective of Marley.

Marley hadn’t even noticed when her tears have started to come out, it wasn’t just what Ryder was saying that hurt her it was the feeling he was creating in her…she felt anger at herself, because every single word that Ryder said she knew it…she knows how hard it is to trust Jake again, to believe him…

“I think you should leave” Finn says calmly at Ryder.

“But I—”

“Leave” Finn says now getting in his face.

Ryder looks at him frowning and then down. He shakes his head at Finn as he starts to back away.

“I thought you had my back” he says frowning as he keeps backing away “I thought you knew she deserved better…” He reminds Finn.


Ryder is really pissed after he found out what Jake did to Marley and Finn finds him kicking the grass.

“Hey, hey Ryder what’s going on?” Finn asked.

“Jake is so stupid!” Ryder yells and Finn looks at him weirdly “He had the best girl in the entire universe, and he just played her!” He says and Finn understands where he is getting at “He is a jerk!”

“We are all jerks when it comes to girls” Finn said and Ryder looks at him “Some more than others…” he sighs “but in the end girls fall for whoever they fall” he shrugs “You can’t force one to love you back…” he gives a slight smile “but you can try to show her how happy you two could be together…just be there for her…she knows she deserves better” He said and Ryder looked at him nodding.


Finn knows what Ryder is talking about, he nods at what Ryder is saying, and then he hears Marley sobbing so his attention is turned towards Marley.

“Hey…it’s ok” Finn moves to the seat she is now seating in as she had her arms covering her face “He is just hurt…”

“But he is right…” Marley lifts her head up a bit showing her puffy eyes and tears streaming “I knew who Jake was and I still know who he is…but I just…” she throws her head back to her arms crying louder now.

Finn looks at her sadly. He wished he could help her, say something that could make her feel better. He sighed as he takes a seat next to her and just put his hand on her back slowly, comforting her. He waits like this until she finally stopped crying and looks up at him.

“I’m sorry I—”

“Crying is the second-best way to let your feelings come out” Finn says and offers her a smile “Singing is the best one” he looks at her and she is still sad “We all were someone before and after glee club Marley…” he is now back to being serious “I know we are used to the phrase ‘people don’t change’ and we believe it but I stand to what I said to you weeks ago…when I found you out here singing ‘Wrecking ball’ and felt, well wrecked…” he makes a face at his choice of words and that makes a slight chuckle come out of Marley’s mouth, which encourages him to go on “thing is, I’ve been betrayed, cheated on and lied to so many times…by people who claim to love me” he says and Marley frowns sadly.

“I’m sorry Finn I—”

“I’m not saying this so you feel sorry Marley…” he shakes his head “I’m saying it because you should never feel sorry for what you feel” he said and Marley widens her eyes shocked “When you fall for someone, without knowing it you’ve put your life and heart into the hands of that person and said ‘Here it is, is yours…do whatever you want, you can break it, smashed it into pieces or forget I ever gave it to you…so long you always have it’” He finishes that as he is looking at the auditorium and as if he was writing the whole quotation.

Marley stares at him and then at the auditorium. Sinking in what Finn said. She looks back for a moment and then back at Finn. He is still looking at the auditorium and she knows what he is thinking…or rather who she is thinking about.

“Rachel must feel so loved by a man who can love like you do Finn” Marley said softly and that caused Finn to chuckle and then he looks at her.

“Don’t fight what you feel Marley…” he says, and she frowns “People think that being in love makes one happy…its so much more than that” he says and glances back to the stage “It’s like when you are about to perform” He stands up walking towards the stage “When it’s just you, the melody and the lyrics…you don’t know if you’ll mess up a line or won’t hear the music…you just go out there and do the best you can because it’s all about enjoying the moment and the feeling that comes with it” He smiles and then turns back to Marley, she gives him a slight smile back.

“You really just know what to say” she stands up as she looks at the stage in front of them and moves next to him “He makes me feel crazy…so uncertain…How can I still feel this way after everything he did? Every time I sing with him…or just see him…I feel like every fiber in my body wants to be with him, to fight for what we have…to let myself feel the way I do…” she looks down and Finn looks at her frowning and then she sighs and keeps looking at the stage “I know with Ryder we could be happy…really happy” she nods “and I can see that…no fighting, no doubts…perfect dates, moments…it could all be so easy with him” she says that frustrated “I know he can make me happy…but” she looks down not knowing how to complete that

Finn nods at her and then he moves his arm behind her to her shoulder, trying to comfort her as he sighs.

“But that isn’t what love is Marley…” she looks at him and he looks back at her “It’s not supposed to be easy…certainly not perfect” he chuckles “it is messy…not planned…erasing every line that we shouldn’t cross…it should actually scare the shit out of every nerve in your body” he shakes his head at what he is about to say and then just smiles “Marley the reason why you can’t fall for Ryder it’s just that…because there is a huge difference between feeling happy and feeling whole.”

Finn’s words hit Marley right in her heart. She always kind of knew why she couldn’t reciprocate Ryder’s feelings, she just never wanted to say it aloud. Ryder could make her happy, the happiest she’s ever been…just like he has promised. But she doesn’t want that.

Just as she is smiling as her thoughts come by. The other members of the glee club enter the auditorium and Finn moves to welcome all of them. Marley just turns her head and looks over towards the person she wants to see right now. Jake.

He comes in calmly and then his eyes lay on Marley. He gives her a slight smile as he approaches her. As he gets closer, he can tell she cried, and he started to frown as he got closer, and she just gives him a weak smile. As he stops in front of her, he analyzes her, she had just cried recently…

“Are you—?”

He was about to ask, and she had every intention to just jump and kiss him. But Mr. Shue entered the room clapping and that made them turn back to face him…

“Alright guys! Unique and Ryder you are up!” He says smiling and everyone looks for Ryder, but they can’t find him.

“I’m going solo” Unique announces as she puts the phone into her backpack and walks onstage.

“What? Where is Ryder?” Mr. Shue asks, and everyone just moves their heads and hands not knowing where he is.

“He said he is not feeling ok so he just wants to bail on this duet” Unique clarifies and then she sighs “I guess I should just delight you with my voice” She smiles, but Marley can tell she is hurt.

“I’ll sing with you” Marley and Kitty shout which makes everyone stare at them weirdly.

“No, I’ll sing with her you already have two duet partners” Kitty says as both move onstage to where Unique is.

“Well, I want to support my friend” Marley says as they reach Unique.

“I know you all mean well but we are supposed to rehearse for Nationals and if there is no Ryder, we should just move on with one of the other two duets” Mr. Shue says.

“I think we should just let them sing anyway” Finn says to Mr. Shue and he looks at him frowning “I mean Unique did prepare the duet but what’s the harm to hear them? We could do the other duet after this one” and as he says that Unique smiles at Finn mouthing a ‘Thank you'.

“Alright…yeah…let’s do that, but afterward please one of the duets” Mr. Shue says as he takes a seat “Take it away girls.”

Marley, Kitty, and Unique move to the middle to discuss their parts quickly and then they move up front, smiling and taking their places. Unique gives the cue to the band to start.

I hear the ticking of the clock…I'm lying here the room's pitch dark” Unique starts softly, she looks over to Kitty.

I wonder where you are tonight, no answer on the telephone” Kitty’s voice comes in softly and it surprises everyone.

And the night goes by so very slow” Marley comes in singing and comes next to Kitty.

Oh, I hope that it won't end though” Marley and Kitty sing in unison.

Alone” Kitty finishes the verse alone.

Till now!” Unique belts out as she always does with an awesome note “I always got by on my own, I never really cared until I met you.

And now it chills me to the bone!” Kitty comes in singing strongly.

How do I get you alone” The three join in, sounding so great together.

How do I get you alone…” Marley finishes de chorus and looks at Unique.

You don't know how long I have wanted to touch your lips and hold you tight” Unique starts the next verse, getting back to the softness of her voice.

You don't know how long I have waited, and I was going to tell you tonight” Kitty continues and she smiles.

But the secret is still my own” Marley comes in and her eyes lock on Jake’s “And my love for you still unknown…

Alone” Kitty joins Marley singing it as they back away to let Unique shine.

Unique is suddenly in her own personal spotlight.

Nooooo Uhhhh Noooo! Aloneee!” Unique belts out and make some variations playing with her versatile voice.

Unique comes back to the auditorium and extends her arms so both, Marley and Kitty can take hers and the walk-up front singing in unison.

Till now I always got by on my own, I never really cared until I met you…And now it chills me to the bone…How do I get you alone!

How do I get you alone” Kitty starts singing the line.

How do I get you alone” Marley continues in canon.

How do I get you alone” Unique finishes the canon “Alone...”

Aloneeee” The three of them finishing in a beautiful canon.

Their performance earns a stand-up ovation and claps.

“That was awesome girls!” Finn shouts excitedly.

“Yeah, it was a real treat” Mr. Shue keeps clapping immensely proud “I honestly didn’t know you all have that power inside” He smiles “Feel proud of that explosion of talent you just showed us.”

The girls smile and scream happily, until they end up hugging in celebration. When they separate, they see the other members of the glee club have come up to congratulate them.

Marley turns to her side and sees Jake. He smiles at her as he shakes his head, she approaches him.

“What?” Marley asks Jake.

“I’m amazed at your talent…” He says sounding proud “Because I know you, you have been crying…” he says and before Marley can say something he continues “and you will tell me about what later, right now enjoy this moment because Marley you just did amazingly!” He smiles and she smiles back at him.

“Thank you…” she says softly.

“You are awesome” he said as he pulls her into his embrace.

 Marley didn’t have a great day, but right now it all makes sense, just having fun with her friends and into the arms of the man she still loved.

End of chapter


Chapter Text

Mr. Shue was so happy with the last performance that left her off the hook to perform, but tomorrow she will have to perform either with Blaine or Jake. Marley doesn’t know how but she offered Jake to take him to his house and help him until his mom gets home…Jake didn’t sound as ok with it as she hoped but she insisted, and he said that he had some interesting movies they could watch that weren’t musicals and she agreed.

The last time Marley was here she got so nervous and end up fighting with Jake and that’s what caused everything to fall apart…or maybe before, she kept thinking about all of it while she was sitting on the sofa and Jake was showing her two choices of movies.

“I don’t know…Blended sounds fun and Love, Rosie sounds sad…” Marley said frowning.

“I think Blended should be it” He said as he picked the DVD for her “It’s Adam Sandler with Drew Barrymore, you’ll like it” Jake said as he gave it to her to put it on the DVD player.

“Have you watch it yet?” Marley asked as she took the DVD in her hands.

“Nope, but I was told is funny” he said as he tried to accommodate better in his sofa.

“And you are ok with us watching this? I mean maybe you rather we watch the other one…” she lifts her eyebrow as she approached the DVD player.

“Marley, we either watch that, or I’ll keep pressuring you to tell me why you were crying…” he said softly, and she put the DVD and step back, she didn’t say anything “Let’s watch this then” he said suspiciously.

“Yeah” Marley said as she moved to the sofa next to his and sat down.

“Are you ok there?” Jake asked and Marley looked at him confused “I mean you could sit here too…” And she shook her head.

“No, you need to be comfortable, you are still in pain” she offered a slight smile as her hand reach for his cheek and caress it slowly.

“Ok nurse Rose” Jake said softly closing his eyes and then opening them as he pouted at her.

Marley giggled at him as she shook her head, but he kept pouting, so she sighed and stood up.

“Alright…” when he smirked, she rolled her eyes “scoot over though, you are going to lay down on me” she said as she takes a seat and Jake gently places his head on her lap. Marley places her hand on his hair and the other one on his shoulder.

“Much better” Jake said as he smiled up to her and she rolled her eyes as she pushed play on the remote and place it on the arm of the sofa.

As the movie started, Marley looked down at Jake, he was paying attention to the movie and she smiled at the way they were right now, acting like a couple. Her attention moved back to the movie as Jake laughed and she looked up to the movie to find the character of Drew Barrymore in onion soup and spitted at Adam Sandler’s character.

“Oh my god!” Marley laughed too and then Jake groaned a bit and she shook her head “Are you ok?” she said concerned.

“Yeah…just maybe I shouldn’t laugh much” he chuckles as he adjusts his head a bit more on her lap and looks up to her “You look really beautiful from here” he said, and Marley blushed “You do…” He smiled.

“Ok…I’m guessing you are not going to watch the movie anymore” she smiled as she pressed pause and looked down at him as he gently shook his head.

“Kiss me” he asked pouting.

“Jake…” she started to say, and he pouted even more until she sighed and peck his lips lightly. She pulled away and looked down at him.

Jake connected his eyes with her and smiled, he moved his arm up to caress her cheek and she closed her eyes slowly, enjoying how his touch made her feel. Then with his other hand, he moved a strand of hair and placed his hand there, playing with her hair.

“I still love you Marley…” he whispered, and Marley’s eyes widen a bit but she didn’t move away, so he continued “and I don’t know what you feel…I’d like to think you still feel the same way…” he looked into her eyes searching for an answer but she just stared at him, speechless “though I feel sometimes you are miles away from me…have I really lost you?” He asked, his words coming out with sadness “I know I haven’t given you the chance to move on completely from me…but that’s because I don’t want to think there is this small chance that you could be happy with someone else…” he finally moves his hands away from her and she froze “But if you want me to give you that chance…trust me, Marley, I’ll give it to you…I’ll let you go…but not because I want to…but because you asked me to…” he said and Marley felt her heart racing.

Marley felt everything was frozen for a moment, with Jake just dropping that bomb on her…She had known how she felt for days now and Finn just made her realize that she shouldn’t think about what everyone thinks or will think of her if she decides to give Jake a second chance, she should only think about what makes her feel whole rather than happy…and Jake made her feel whole, yes they got issues and this won’t be easy but she doesn’t want it to be, she just knows she wants to try again.

As she just stays there looking at him she finds herself thinking about a song and sees herself singing it.

“This love is good, this love is bad…This love is alive back from the dead, these hands had to let it go free, and this love came back to me, oh, oh…”

She sighed as she remembers every time Jake and her locked eyes in glee club.

“In losing grip, on sinking ships…You showed up just in time… This love is good, this love is bad…This love is alive back from the dead, these hands had to let it go free, and this love came back to me, oh, oh…”

The last weekend comes to her memory as flashes and the feelings that come with it.

“This love left a permanent mark, this love is glowing in the dark, oh, oh…these hands had to let it go free, and this love came back to me, oh, oh, oh…”

Then she remembers every kiss on her cheek.

“Your kiss, my cheek…”

Every time they had to part ways, or he just has to leave.

“I watched you leave…”

Every smile he gave to her, and only her.

“Your smile, my ghost…”

When she just gets lost in her eyes and feels weak to push him away.

“I fell to my knees… When you're young, you just run…”

Then how every time she sang she locks her eyes with him and wanted to be with him, in spite of what most of her friends think.

“But you come back to what you need…”

And how they kiss…every single one, from the sweetest to the ones with more passion, which had been the recent ones.

“This love is good, this love is bad…This love is alive back from the dead, these hands had to let it go free, and this love came back to me, oh, oh…”

And as she returned to reality, she found herself slightly smiling down at Jake and he was frowning confused at her reaction. He still looked cute even though he had his lips swollen.

“Marley?” he asked confused, and his confusion vanished when she leaned down to kiss his lips and then pulled away staring back at him smiling.

“You really would just let me go?” Marley asked as she lifts an eyebrow and bites her lower lip as she moved her back against the sofa.

Jake made some effort to sit up and Marley ended up helping him, so he was now sitting, close to her level eye and they were facing each other.

“It would be the right thing to do…” he said as he looked down and then his hand reached for hers and played with her hand “I should let you find someone else who could make you happy…who wouldn’t hurt you…who wouldn’t cheat on you…who…would make you happy…not sad” he said as he looked back at her, she was just looking at him tenderly “I should try to back away and live my life…but Marley every time I look at you…” he moves her hand to his lips and he kisses it lightly and then looks back at her as his hands keep playing with her “sing…or kiss you, or just feel you near…walking away from you stops being an option…”

“So, you just keep finding ways to sneak into my life…” she whispered as she still looks into his eyes, holding back a smile.

“I know I messed up…I hurt you…but I keep thinking that I can still show you how much I still love you and how I would never ever break your trust…” He said now looking the other way not able to look at her in the eye “Whenever I see you it takes everything in me to not reach out and run my fingers through your hair or turn around and hug you or kiss you when you are least expecting it…” he finishes saying as he looks back at her.

She nods slightly taking in what he is saying, wondering what else can he say or do to make her say what she already knows…she is just waiting for him to finish taking out everything he has been holding in his heart and mind before she can speak her inner thoughts aloud to him.

“When I saw you’ve been crying today…all I could think is how I would kill whoever made you that sad…but then…it hit me, I did that weeks ago…” he looked down “I probably made you cry far worst than today…and that’s when it hit me, Marley” he looked back at her “I should stop trying to force myself back into your life when you have far better choices…” he sighed and she lifts her eyebrow.

“As in?” she asked not breaking her eye contact with him.

“Well as much as it pains me to say it…Ryder for one” he said as he nods sadly “he would give you the world if you just asked…and would never ever hurt you as I did” he said frowning and now look at her.

“Is that all?” Marley asked as she looked into his eyes trying to find something else. He looked at her as he slightly nods, and then Marley looks down then back at him “I think we owe ourselves this talk…” she started, and Jake kept his gaze at her “and now that you’ve said your piece, I should say mine.” She takes a deep breath and then she ends up chuckling a bit.

Jake frowns a bit as he joins her with a slight chuckle as he searches for her face, which now is covered with her hands. She finally moves her hands away and then looks at Jake shaking her head as she gives him a slight smile, meanwhile he can feel his heart racing fast waiting to hear what she has to say.

“It’s not a secret that my heart and myself got issues…sometimes I don’t know if I should hate you for what you did or…” she stops smiling and then her hand finds his and caress it “Just miss you…” she frowns a bit “I’m not ignoring what you did nor I’m forgetting” she clarifies and then she sighs “I’m not going to lie to you and say I wasn’t hurt or that I didn’t feel hurt by your betrayal Jake” she looks down and then up again.

Jake looked into her eyes, that beautiful blue stare...The one that turned as blue as the sky whenever she was sad and right now, he could see that. He promised he would accept whatever Marley asked him to do from now on, so he will just embrace what she would say.

“Look…” Marley got his attention back and she sighed, maintaining her gaze on him “Yes, you hurt me…” she started “Yes, you cheated on me…” she frowned a bit and Jake looked at her with sad eyes “Yes, I was hurt…yes, I cried…” she looked the other way for a moment “yes, I felt wrecked…and yes, I felt a fool for trusting you…” then she looked back at him “but No… I haven't stopped loving you.”

As soon as her last words came out, Jake widens his eyes and he wanted to just kiss her, hold her, and make this moment last forever, but he just looked at her, now he was the one out of words.

“I tried to move on…to stop feeling the way I do with you, it's not just you who constantly came and tried to win me back…” she sighed “because you can’t have me back” she said, and he felt his heart sink “You still have me Jake” she said and slightly smile and Jake felt his heart starting to beat again “We can’t erase the past, we can’t make Bree go away…we can’t make people understand what you and I have…but as long as we both know what we feel and what we have…I think that’s all that matters.”

Jake looked at her and his hand moved to her face, cupping her face and he leaned in for a kiss. She kissed him back and her hand moved to the back of his neck to pull him closer as they shared this tender kiss. Both were still careful with the kiss but letting themselves enjoy the moment. When they pulled away, they looked into each other’s eyes and Marley smiled as both end up chuckling.

“So…” Jake started to say as he calmed down and look at her “Marley Rose, what do you want?”

Marley smiled and kissed his lips again and then she smiled.

“I want to be with you.” She moved her arms around his neck “It's as simple...and as complicated... like that.” She finished that as she kissed him again.

He moved his hands to her waist and then to her hips, his position didn’t help and the pain neither, but he tried to ignore it as he enjoyed this moment, one that he won’t forget and won’t take for granted, the one where Marley decided to give him a second chance, a real one, and he would not throw it away.

Their kiss intensified and as her hand moved to his side, he groaned a bit, and she couldn’t help but laugh as his head fell on her and he joins her laughing too.

“Well, this won’t work until you get better” Marley said as she laughed “move” she ordered, and he moved so she could stand up and she did.

“You gotta give it to him, with this he ensures I can’t do anything” he said smiling as he sat straight on the sofa, looking up to her.

“Yeah, when I pictured us back together this isn’t what I got in mind” she moved her hands up and down pointing at him as she giggled.

“Oh yeah? So, you did picture us back together?” he lifted an eyebrow.

“Well, not for a while…but after last weekend” she moved closer to him, looking down at him “I did…” she said, and he smiled.

“Last weekend was one of the best ones I had” he said as his hands moved up to her sides, resting on her sides as he looked up to her “I would love to keep waking up next to you” he said and she smiled.

“I loved that” she said as her hands moved to where his hands were “But you have to get better” she smiles “and I better go, Blaine wants us to practice the song for tomorrow” she said as she backed away and Jake’s hands moved away.

“I’ll be much better tomorrow” He smiled and then look at her “Good luck with Blaine” he said as he stared at her walking towards the door.

She smiled and rush to him as she planted a kiss on his lips and smiled as he groaned a bit, while he pulled her down with him on the sofa.

“Jake!” she shouted giggling and he kept his arms wrapped around her, trapping her “You are going to hurt yourself!”

“I can take it” he smiled through the pain as he kissed her lips and she kissed him back.

They started to make out on the sofa, forgetting about everything else until they needed to catch their breaths and Marley ended up pushing up slightly as she looked down at him. She smiled as she felt his hands moving back and forth on her back.

“You are crazy…” she said smiling.

“For you? Always” he said, and she laughed shaking her head.

“That was cheesier than anything you’ve said in this entire relationship” She joked, and he smirked.

“Not cheesier than when you said I was your guilty pleasure” he smirked a bit as one hand moved to her waist.

“So we are that kind of couple?” she asked, and he frowned confused “the kind of couple that says cheesy stuff at each other and can’t keep their hands away?” she lifts an eyebrow and then giggles.

“I don’t know…we might, so long as we are together…” he said and smiled.

“Together…” she smiled “that does sound right” she moves her hand to his face “though it won’t be easy Jake…I can’t promise I’ll trust you completely…” she sighed, and he nodded.

“I know Marley…but I don’t care how hard it is to be together…” he moves his head to her hand and kisses her palm gently and then looks back at her “Nothing is worse than being apart.”

Marley smiled as she took advantage that he had lost his grip on her, and she rolled over and stood up.

“Agreed, but I really need to go rehearse with Blaine” she said, and he pouted “I’ll talk to you later, ok?” she waved a kiss as she opened the door and find herself with Jake’s mom at the door “Miss Tyler” She widens her eyes as Jake’s mom looks at her puzzled.

“Marley darling” she said smiling “I’m so glad to see you!” She pulled her into a hug.

“Me too!” she hugged back.

“But are you leaving now?” Miss Tyler asked as she pulled away “stay for dinner.”

“I can’t…I’ve got rehearsals, but another time” she smiled as she waved again and leave.

Miss Tyler watches her go and then looks back at his son and lifts her eyebrow as she closes the door.

“I hope those bruises are just make-up” she sighed “I thought Glee Club was helping” she said frowning.

“It’s nothing mom…really” he said “It will all be ok” he looked to the door where Marley left minutes ago as he smiled.

“I assume you two talked?” she asked as she opened a cabinet by the kitchen and took some cotton and alcohol.

“Yeah…” he answered as she approached him and started to apply the cotton to his swollen lips.

“That girl…deserves the best Jake” she said and looked at him “I mean it, she is a really good kid…”

“I know mom, she is terrific…and for some reason, she chose to be with me…” he said “And I can’t figure out why, but I will make sure she knows how great she is” he smiled a bit.

“I know why she chose to be with you” her mom smirked “but that’s a secret only for girls” she giggled as he chuckled.

And Jake just couldn’t stop thinking about Marley and how they opened their heart and doubts so openly minutes ago…this time he would make it right, she would be happy but now he’ll make sure to be part of the reason for that.


End of chapter


Chapter Text

Marley woke up feeling happier than she’s ever been. She was surprised at herself, talking with Jake yesterday and getting back together was what she dreamed after last weekend, even after she heard everything Jake said to her. She would not want him to let her go, she knew she wouldn’t be ok with moving on from him, because in a way he would always hold a piece of her heart, if not all of it.

Rehearsing with Blaine was great, but deep down she wished that if she ended up winning the duet, she could duet with Jake…not because they were back together but also because she felt he should be a bit more recognized in glee club, and after Nationals, graduation for most of the members would come up and then it would only be Jake, Kitty, Unique, Ryder and her left.

Still, she knew the news of them being back together had to be handle with care and that’s why she woke up earlier today, got ready, and texted Jake to meet up in the auditorium very early. Surprisingly, Jake didn’t complain about meeting at 7:15 am in school, maybe he knew they had to talk about how to deliver the news, considering how the whole cheating thing got handled…and then Ryder’s constant display of affection for her.

“Hey” Jake’s voice made Marley snap out of her thoughts and she smiled at him, he was just standing by the door as she was standing on stage “What’s up?” he walked upstage towards her, being cautious.

“Hey” Marley smiled and knowing no one was in school yet, it was her who made the first move and close the gap between them to kiss his lips briefly, yet sweet.

“Oh, good, so we are cool” Jake breathed out and smiled.

“What?” Marley laughed a bit at his reaction “why we wouldn’t be cool?” she asked.

“I mean…yesterday we had a heart-to-heart conversation…then texted goodnight and all of the sudden this urgent text about meeting up…” he frowned a bit “I thought you were having second thoughts about us being…back together” he finally said and looked at her.

Marley stared back at him and shook her head as she slightly smiled.

“Jake…” she moved to him and wrapped her arms around his neck “I didn’t lie about what I want…but…” she moved her face closer so their eyes were looking into his “if you want me to say it again, I’ll say it…I want to be with you” she whispered and then looked down at his lips briefly before returning her gaze to his.

Jake smiled widely and wrapped his arms around her waist as he kissed her lips multiple times and then her nose and then her cheek and then her neck and then her lips again, making her giggle and he loved hearing that.

“So, what is the emergency then?” he frowned as he kept her in his embrace.

“I’m just thinking how everyone will react…” she sighed “especially—”

“Ryder…” Jake completed her thoughts and nodded “so what do you propose?” he lifted an eyebrow “to keep it quiet?” he asked doubting.

“It’s not ideal…” she frowned “but Nationals is just around the corner…and…”

“We need to think as a team” Jake nodded as he looked up and sighed “I guess we can keep it quiet” he said and looked at her.

“Just before Nationals… it's just a few days” she said as she placed her head to his chest and wrapped her arms around him.

“Yeah…but I should warn you…if Ryder tries to serenade you again…” he groaned a bit as he was frustrated and then just shut up.

“Jake…” she mumbled against his chest and then pushed away a bit to look into his eyes “I’m with you…you got me” she giggles and shakes her head “that was cheesy right?”

“Yeah” Jake chuckles as he kisses her cheek “but I loved that…I got the girl” he smirked “I like the sound of that” he smiled at her.

“I figured” she backs away towards the piano and smiles at him “Maybe this will help you to understand…” she sits in front of the piano and Jake approaches her, standing next to the piano watching her as she started to play the song.

And that's how it works…That's how you get the girl” Marley started and smiled at him; he lifted an eyebrow.

“Taylor Swift knows it” he chuckles, and she giggles as she continues.

And then you say I want you for worse or for better, I would wait forever and ever…” she shrugs as she continues singing “Broke your heart, I'll put it back together, I would wait forever and ever…” she concentrates as she keeps playing “And that's how it works, that’s how you get the girl…” she looks at him and he nods smiling as she changes key to another part of the song.

Broke your heart, I'll put it back together…I would wait for ever and ever” Jake started to sing, and Marley smiled at his voice but then continued.

And that's how it works, that’s how you get the girl…” they sing in unison and then he takes a seat next to her as she continues alone.

And you could know…That I don't want you to go…” Marley slows her tempo as she looks into Jake’s eyes, and he smiles at her “Remind me how it used to be…Pictures in frames of kisses on cheeks…And say you want me…” she leaned in, and he cupped her face as they kiss lovingly.

The kiss communicating just how much they love each other and how much they would fight to make this workout. When they pulled away, Marley blushed and looked down and Jake just chuckled as he moved her hand to the piano.

“Finish it” he encouraged her, and she glanced at him as she started to play again the song and sing it.

And that’s how it works, that's how you get the girl…And that's how it works…” she pressed the last keys as she sings acapella the last verse “That's how you got the girl…” and she smiled at him as he smiled back at her.

“I got you then” Jake smiled at her, and she nodded as their eyes connected and bot smile widely.

Marley is walking to glee club, trying not to think about how happy she felt today…she was a bit mad that she couldn’t share her happiness with anyone before Nationals but the fact that she is back with the guy who makes her feel this great.

“Marley?” Ryder catches up to her in the hallway.

“Ryder…” Marley felt herself forcing a smile and kept walking.

“Listen Marley, I’m sorry” he started and since Marley kept walking, he rushed to be in front of her and stop her “Marley, please…” he said.

“It’s ok Ryder…you were right…about all of it” she ended up frowning and then tried to pass but he stopped her again.

“No, it’s not ok” he said “I’m sorry for everything I said…you feel what you feel, and I can’t expect for you to feel something for me when you haven’t moved on completely” he said and looked at her “So I promise…I won’t push anymore…I’ll fight for you, your affection the right way, the only way you deserve” he smiled at her slightly.

“Ryder don’t” Marley shakes her head sadly “Please, just stop” she said and sighed.

“I’ll stop pressuring…just wanted you to know that” he nods and then moves to a side so she can walk away.

Marley looks at him and sighing walks away from him towards glee club. Ryder smiles to himself and enters the room where the rest are.

Finn stands up and walks towards Marley smiling but keeping his voice low.

“Hey, are you ok?” he frowns at her.

“Yeah…Why?” Marley answered confused.

“You have that face that means something bothers you…” Finn said frowning.

“No, I mean I just—” She stops talking when Jake enters the room, and she smiles widely as he locks his eyes on her for a moment and then he walks by her to take a seat.

“So, at least I know it's not that” Finn said quietly, and Marley looked at him confused “You guys talk then? You are ok now?” he smiled, and Marley blushed a bit and nodded.

“We will be” she said, and Finn hugged her briefly before letting her go to take a seat.

“Alright, everyone! We need to listen to the next duet, Blaine…Marley” Mr. Shue said as he entered the room, and Blaine and Marley stood up smiling.

“We worked on this song, and we hope you enjoy it” Blaine said as he moves to the piano and Marley moves next to him.

Sam, Tina, and Artie whisper as to how are they going to play the piano and that they didn’t know Marley played it.

Marley looks at Blaine and then as he nods, they start to play the song and everyone’s attention is on them. Jake’s eyes land on Marley and to him, there is no one else in the room but her.

I was thinking about you, thinking about me…” Blaine started singing and he was acting the phrases, pointing at her and then to him and then to both “Thinking about us…What we gonna be…” He smiled as he kept singing “Open my eyes” and Marley looked at him.

It was only just a dream” Both voices sounding good together.

Travel back down that road, will you come back? No one knows” Marley’s voice comes in sweet and so sure “I realize…

It was only just a dream” They sing together as Blaine moves away from the piano, while Marley keeps playing as Blaine gets in character.

I was at the top, and now it's like I'm in a basement…Number one spot, now you find you a replacement, I swear now that I can't take it…Knowing somebody's got my baby” Blaine started to rap, and everyone cheers him up “Now you ain't around, Baby I can't think…I shoulda put it down, shoulda got that ring…'Cause I can still feel it in the air” Blaine smiles as he starts to move back towards Marley and sings it to her acting out “See your pretty face…” then he plays with her hair “Run my fingers through your hair…” as he leaves her hair he kneels down next to Marley and she giggles while she keeps playing the piano “My lover, my life…My baby, my wife…You left me, I'm tied…” He comes up to face Marley “'Cause I know that it just ain't right” as he belts out the last note.

Everyone cheers and Jake chuckles as he shakes his head seeing how playful the scene is and he crosses his arms as he keeps his gaze on Marley.

I was thinking about you, thinking about me…Thinking about us” Now Marley and Blaine act out the scene pointing at each other having fun with the song “What we gonna be, open my eyes…It was only just a dream” finishing the verse in perfect unison “So I travel back down that road, will you come back? No one knows” they shrug as Blaine comes back to the piano and play with her “I realize, it was only just a dream!” and now Marley stands up, being a bit shy at first and then she finds Jake’s gaze and glancing at him gains strength to the next verse.

Riding I swear…” She started with strong voice “I see your face at every turn, I'm trying to get my usher on but I can't let it burn” She moves around the room with such confidence that Unique and Kitty exchange looks feeling proud “And I just hope you know that you're the oooonly one I yeaaarn for” she played with her vocals as her gaze is  directed to Jake, hoping he notices and no one else “No wonder I'll be missing when I learn” she continued and then came back to act with Blaine as she directs her body and look to him, acting out “Didn't give you all my love…I guess now I got my payback, now I'm in the club thinking all about you baby” she points at him and Blaine lifts one hand acting innocent and then they smile as Marley comes back to sing to the rest of the group “Hey! you were so easy to love… But wait, I guess our love wasn't enough” she shrugs as she smiles with confidence “I'm going through it every time that I'm alone” she walks next to Unique and sits next to her as she pretends to have a phone talk “And now I'm wishing that you'd pick up the phone” she acts out she hangs up and then comes back to the front “But you made a decision that you wanted to move on, 'Cause I was wrooooong” She smiled as Blaine now motion to the key player to come in as he takes his place next to her.

I was thinking about you, thinking about me…Thinking about us” Blaine and Marley join hands acting out as they sing to each other “What we gonna be, open my eyes…It was only just a dream, so I travel back down that road, will you come back? No one knows…I realize, it was only just a dream!” and now they move away as they encourage everyone to stand up.

If you ever loved somebody put your hands up” they lift their hands and as the rest of the club look at each other they raise their hands “If you ever loved somebody put your hands up…” they continued and then in unison “And now they're gone and…” Blaine encourages them to continue singing as Marley starts to make another voice “you're wishing you could give them…” her eyes lock on Jake’s as she gives him a smile before belting out “everythiiiiing!

As Blaine and the rest of the glee club sing, Marley starts to belt out phrases showing her vocal capacity.

Blaine and the rest: “I was thinking about you, thinking about me…Thinking about us, what we gonna be…

Marley: “Open my eyeeees

Glee club: “It was only just a dream.

Blaine: “It's just a dreaaaaam

Glee club: “So I travel back down that road.

Marley: “Travel back,

Blaine: “Travel back!

Glee club: “Will you come back?

Marley: “Down the road,

Blaine: “Down the road!

Glee club: “No one knows,”

Blaine: “No one knows!

And as Blaine and Marley come back to the piano, and the pianist moves to give them room. They sit down as Marley sings alone “I realize, it was only just a dream.

No, no, no, noooo!” Blaine belts out feeling the music.

Opeen my eyes, it was just a dreaaaam!” Marley belts out as they smile while the song is finishing.

No, oh! It was only just a dream” They finish in perfect unison as they keep playing the keys until the song is finished.

Everyone screams excited and claps.

“Marley, I didn’t know you got that sass in you!” Kitty yells excitedly.

“Girl you just pulled a Unique and I’m not having it” Unique jokes around and Marley giggles nervously.

“And Blaine, your voice is just so blessed!” Tina yells as Blaine smiles.

“That was absolutely great guys!” Mr. Shue stands up to congratulate them and give a speech.

While Mr. Shue was talking Marley’s eyes landed on Jake, he was smiling at her, looking proud and happy. She would have wanted nothing more than to run to him and kiss him, but they agreed to keep it quiet, so she just gave him a slight smile in return.

“So, you and Jake are back together?” Unique asked Marley as they were walking to her house.

“What? Psst…No…why…why you—?" Marley tried to deny it but then she stopped and looks at her “How you know?!” She asked.

“Oh please…” Unique rolled her eyes “After what happened between you guys last weekend, I would be shocked if you tell me you broke up for good” she shook her head “I’m not blind, you seem extra cheerful today…and he was less…dark” she shrugged.

“We are keeping it quiet for now" she said as she looked at Unique "You are not mad?” Marley asked as she kept walking with her.

“No! of course not, I get it, you want to keep it quiet...It is your life, you choose who you want to date…not me” she shrugs “besides, if I didn’t believe you lost your mind then I would have to tell you that you don’t follow your heart” she smiled and then open her arms “if you are happy, I will be for you” she smiled.

“Thank you!” Marley hugged her back and as they pulled away “I didn’t know how you would react when I tell you…” she looked down.

“What we think or say wouldn’t change what your heart feels…and even though I still think he is a bad seed…you love him, and he loves you…” she shrugs “let’s just hope Bree doesn’t get in between you guys anymore” she rolls her eyes “that girl should be expelled you know?” she frowned.

Marley nods as she thinks about Bree and gets a bit sad and upset.

“Marley, hello? Earth to Marley!” Unique snaps her fingers and Marley’s eyes land on her again “Hey, I’m not putting my hands on fire for Jake but if he told you, he just wants to be with you, you can always test that out” she says and Marley frowned.

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“Put him to a test…” she said and since Marley looked at her puzzled “You got into the whole break up thing because you wouldn’t have sex with him, so he went looking for it elsewhere, right?” she said and Marley slightly nodded “so, if he’s changed he won’t want that anymore…or at least would not force you…I know you’ve been a bit more ok with him being touchy with you…but honey be careful, is just my friendly advice ok?” she said.

“I’m not going to test him…” she frowned “True, my trust in him is not fully restored but I don’t want to do that…” she said and then shook her head “and I’m afraid that subject could cause our relationship to go wrong again…I want to do this right” she forced a smile “no complications needed” she said.

“I’ve seen Bree doing everything she can to take your man away so watch out” Unique said “because you haven’t seen it all but Bree has been all over Jake ever since you two ‘broke up’ and I think she has still been sending him nudes” she looks another way “but that’s just what I heard” she sighed.

Marley looked down frowning and slightly nodded.

“Just be careful, you are letting him have you back…but let it not be completely…until you are sure he won’t play around with your trust and heart again” Unique takes Marley’s hand gently and as they reach her house she smiled “Be careful.”

Marley nodded again as Unique waved goodbye and she entered her house. As soon she entered her room, she texted Jake.


Hey, we need to talk…outside my house, by the three?


Yes, sure…see you soon.


See you.

Jake looked at his phoned and frowned, something was wrong, and he rather get there soon.


End of chapter


Chapter Text

Jake stayed quiet as he listened to Marley and what Unique had told her. About Bree, about his needs, about testing him out and how she wouldn’t want that, but she couldn’t help but to wonder and doubt him.

“I don’t want us to start the wrong way Jake” Marley sighed as she placed her hands on her knees, while she looked at Jake.

They were sitting under the tree next to Marley’s house on the grass as the night was starting. He didn’t say a word since he got there, he just heard her rambling all of her doubts and emotions at him. He knew he messed up and that gaining her trust back would be hard, but he also contemplated that either Unique or Kitty would have the power to make her doubt giving him a second chance.

“I get it” those were his first words since he sat down on the grass with her.

“You do?” Marley looked at him confused and sad.

“Yeah…” he nodded as he reached for his phone and pulled it out and offered it to her “I’ve received texts from Bree but I’ve never opened them…every call she made was never answered…you can check it out” he leaves his phone on her hand “I’m serious about what I said Marley, I want this to work out and you have every right to doubt me…to doubt us…that’s on me” he said seriously as he turned slightly to face her “if you want to still be with me, I promise I will do everything I can to show you that I don’t just love you but that I’m in love with you and only you Marley Rose.”

Marley looked at his phone and then at him. She left the phone on the grass and took Jake’s hands, slightly smiling.

“Jake…” she sighed, “I think we need to just live in the present…whatever happened in the past is done, we can’t change it, and what happens in the future we don’t know” she shrugs “I don’t want to put you to tests or test your fidelity—"

“I wouldn’t blame you if you do” he interrupted her as he holds her hand tighter with his “I just don’t want this…us…to affect you in any way” he shakes his head “I know I’m making promises to you and you have every right to doubt them but I mean them…I want to be with you, I want to work on being someone you deserve Marley…I know I’m not but—”

Marley shut him up with a kiss, caught off guard his back landed on the grass, and they both fall and laughed in the process. Marley caressed his face with her hand as he moved his hand to push her hair away and look into her eyes.

“Don’t say that Jake…you don’t really know what I deserve” she sighed as she kept caressing his face with her fingertips “Cause then, you have to ask if I deserve you.”

Jake frowned and shook his head as she bit her lip.

“Marley, you are everything one could desire, more than what I deserve…” he said softly, and she nodded.

“We shouldn’t think about what one deserves because then, we are basing our relationship on what we do for each other rather than what we want…what our hearts just want” she slightly smiled and then rested her hand on his cheek.

Jake returned the smile at her and nodded as he moved his hand to caress her cheek and then to her shoulder and rested it there.

“Then how about this…” he clears his throat as Marley looked at him smiling “I want to be the person who you can see yourself fitting in together perfectly…” he said and she smiled widely “as I can slowly mold into the pieces of a puzzle that you need…to make you feel whole, completing a picture…so you never wander around looking for anything else cause you got me” he said and Marley never felt her heart beating as fast as right now “How about that? Better?” he smiled.

Marley only nodded as she leaned down to kiss him, he quickly held on to the kiss and kissed her back with the same force and sweetness. When she pulled away, she looked into his eyes and that is how she washed away any doubt she had in her. Jake smiled back at her before kissing her again.

Jake was far from perfect, their relationship had many issues to be solved…there could even be some trouble laying underneath all of this but as they kissed…nothing else seems to matter, other than the fact this moment, just them, together at last.

It was late, and Marley was laying with her back on Jake’s chest, still outside her house. Her mom came in like three times already to tell them to say goodbye since tomorrow they had to go to class, but Marley did not want to say goodbye just yet.

“Marley, I better go, or your mom will come again and this time she won’t leave until I’m up and gone” he said as he kissed the crown of her head.

“I know…” she sighed “So sad you are not recovered enough to climb back into my room” she pouted as she looked up at him.

“I’ll be 100% recovered before we go to LA for Nationals” he smiled “then I’ll be with you every night if you ask me to” he smirked.

“A girl needs her space sometimes” she giggles as she snuggles closer to him “But every night sounds about right” she smiled.

“It does, right?” he whispered as his hand is lift holding her as he looks down at her “Marley…” he asked and she looked up to him “What Unique said about me wanting only sex…” he started and she looked down blushing and embarrassed “is not all I want…” he said and she kept looking down “I’m sorry it seemed like that, or that it’s what your friends think of me…” he frowned “it’s true I think you are really…hot” he tried to find another word but just went with that one and she glanced back at him, still blushing “You are…but I know what you went through…you have a wonderful body and I will love the day you decide to trust me enough to make you feel loved and happy in a more…intimate way” he says that softly, as he wonders if her mom could be nearby “but I assure you…it will be on your terms and at your own time…” he finished and she finally got the courage to look at him.

“Even if that might not happen anytime soon?” she asked worriedly.

Jake looked at her confused and then he smiled as he kissed her hand gently and kept his gaze on her.

“Marley…you are a beautiful, strong woman... a talented, terrific performer and so full of light...Of course, I’ll wait for you…However, long it takes…” he said, and she smiled widely.

“Alright kids, Jake you need to go, tomorrow you all have school” Miss Rose appeared making Marley and Jake stood up and look at her.

“Thanks for having me over Miss Rose” Jake said politely as Miss Rose nodded at him.

“See you tomorrow” Marley said to him smiling as he looked at her.

“We sing tomorrow, make sure to have fun” He said as he leaned in and out of respect for Miss Rose just kissed her cheek “Goodnight” he said and then waved a Miss Rose as he walked away.

Marley watched him walk away and then she turned her gaze to her mom who was watching her.

“I didn’t know you two were back together” her mom said as they head back inside the house.

“We have kept it quiet for now” Marley said as she closed the door behind them.

“And what did he do to deserve a second chance?” her mom asked raising an eyebrow “I didn’t see flowers…a band outside…letter?” she placed her hands on her hips.

“I can’t say what he did or say to me mom because I know what everyone thinks but Finn—” she stopped and then sighed “I shouldn’t explain to anyone why I decided to give him and our relationship a second chance” she finally said looking down.

“You are right about that…but I’m not ‘anyone’” her mom said “I’m your mom and he broke your heart…your trust!” she raised her voice angry “Aren’t you scared he will do that again?” her mom sounding sad for her.

“Of course, I’m scared mom…” she sighed “I'm scared of what I feel, of what I've said, of who I am with him…of what he said” she walked around the apartment and then she stopped as she looked to her mom “but most of all I'm scared of never feeling the rest of my life the way I feel when I'm with him.”

Marley didn’t realize she had started to cry until her mom pulled her into a hug.

“Oh hun…” she rubbed her back “It’s going to be ok…it is your life” she said as Marley sobbed “I’m just looking out for you…” she sighed, and Marley kept sobbing.

Marley laid in her bed wide awake, after her conversation with her mom she couldn’t sleep. She knew her mom meant well; her friends meant well but so did Jake. He was honest with her; she could see it in his eyes. She heard her phone buzzing and she picked it up quickly without looking at the caller ID.

“Hi?” Marley whispered to the phone.

“Just wanted to call to make sure everything went ok with your mom…” Jake’s voice came through the other line.

“Jake…” Marley smiled.

“Expecting someone else?” he asked.

“No…just you…my boyfriend” she sighed and smiled slightly.

“Good” he said smiling “so, how bad or good it went?” he asked again.

“It just went…” she sighed and turned on her back holding the phone looking at the ceiling.

“That bad huh?” he asked and then sighed “I’m sorry…” he whispered.

“You have to stop apologizing Jake” she whispered “we knew this was going to be complicated…” she sighed.

“I know, but your friends and your mom are just looking out for you…” he said “To them, I’m not worth forgiving and I get that…I do…and I don’t want to cause you any problem…and I would not blame you if you decided to—”

“Jake” she interrupts him “I don’t want anyone to get into what you and I have…or make me doubt what I want with what they think I need…you are not the problem, they are causing one, not you…It’s you and I and what we feel what counts” she said, and Jake smiled even though she couldn’t see him.

“I love you Marley…” he whispered.

“I love you too” she smiled slightly “See you tomorrow.”

“Goodnight Marley” he said.

Marley was looking at the sheet music in the Glee club as she waited for Jake and the rest of Glee club to come in. She doubted at first the song they chose but she reminded herself it was all for the sake of showing everyone how good Jake was as a singer too. She smiled at the chorus as she pictured herself singing it with him.

“Hi Marley!” Finn’s voice made her snap out of it, she turned to him “So, how are things?” he asked.

“Hi Finn, things are ok” she smiled and placed the sheet music on top of the piano as he approached “Getting ready for the duet.”

“I can’t wait, I haven’t got the chance to hear you guys singing together a whole song” he frowned “Mr. Shue mentioned one you did back in valentine’s” he smiled “But last time with Billy Joel assignment it hit us, we never exploited Jake’s voice talent as much as his dancing” he said.

“Yeah, he’s got an amazing voice…” she smiled “actually I think we all do…Kitty has an amazing voice too and I’m sad she didn’t get to show it off as much” she said.

“I know…I’m trying to change that…I’m actually fixing stuff with the setlist, so everyone showcases their talent but still we sound like a team” he smiled.

“You are very good at this Finn” she smiled widely.

“I enjoy music so much and I think I can really make a difference here” he said proudly “After Nationals it will be on you to help me get more people in” he chuckled.

“You know I’ve got your back like you got mine” she said, and he smiled at her.

 “Remember to always have fun Marley…and watch out for your health too” he said turning serious and she nodded “I’m serious, attending your therapist appointments…no skipping meals, got it?” he demanded, and Marley giggled “I’m being really serious” and she stopped laughing as she nodded.

“I know, you are just looking out for me…but I’m ok…” she said confidently “I’m slowly learning to appreciate my body and myself more…trying to be more confident” she smiled.

“And it shows when you sing and dance…and move…when you just have fun” he pointed out “like yesterday and the past weeks…you’ve improved a lot” he smiled proudly.

“I’m reading, having therapy, and almost stopped trying to achieve an image of someone I’m not…” she smiled weakly.

Before they can continue talking, they are interrupted when the bell rings, and Unique and Kitty entered the room, followed by Sam, Artie, Blaine, and Ryder. As they take their seats, Jake enters the room and approaches Marley, trying to be casual.

“Hi” he said, containing a smile as he placed his hands on top of the music sheet and Marley glanced at him.

“Hi” she bit her lip as she suppressed a smile.

“Ready?” he asked as he tried not to get closer.

“Yeah” she nodded.

Mr. Shue entered the room and Marley and Jake moved farther apart, so now Mr. Shue was between them.

“Alright everyone, this is the last duet…” he started and then looked at Ryder “Sorry Ryder and Unique, next time” he added as he moved his head to the side of Marley “Marley” then to Jake’s “Jake” and then to the front “Take it away” he finished saying as he walked and took a seat.

Jake nodded as he took the guitar from the side and took a seat. Marley to the other seat, they were seated far away as Jake started to play the chords of the song.

I remember what you wore on the first day…” As he started to sing and play the guitar, he can’t help but remember the first day he saw Marley and what she was wearing.

Marley was wearing a pink t-shirt with a ¾ sleeve and a skirt and her long brown hair all perfectly brushed as she approached the list that Mr. Shue had left on the pinboard by the hallway as her orange backpack was hanging from her left arm. She read the paper and suppressed her excitement by covering her mouth with her hand, then she backed away and started to walk away, suddenly walking in front of Jake and that’s when her blue eyes caught his. He smiled at her, and the world seemed to stop.

You came into my life, and I thought: hey! You know, this could be something” he kept singing as he remembered when they talked for the first time.

Jake saw her at the gym, they just finished a task that the whole gym team, including Marley, asked him for help. He had checked her out the whole time, in her black shorts and shirt and when she was pulling the rope alongside everyone, he had watched her up and down clearly not afraid to show her and everyone how he was checking her out. As soon as they were face to face, their eyes connected, so he decided to speak first.

“We should hang out sometime” Jake said confidently.

Marley looked at him, getting lost in his eyes, and then she closed them, waking up from a trance, and then her eyes wide opened.

“Yeah! Yeah, sure” she said.

He smirked at her as he looked back at Unique and Tina who looked at him with a disappointing face as he walked away.

'Cause everything you do and words you say” he finally looked up from his guitar towards Marley, remembering what she said to him before he was introduced as the new member in Glee club.

“I almost didn't come. The other girls all told me I was crazy for even bothering.” Marley said to him as she was sitting on the bleachers, and he came in with the guitar.

“You really think they're right?” he asked trying to still sound confident.

“I think you're a guy who got hurt. And I think the hair, and the guitar, and the jacket are all walls for that.” She stated and he got impressed but tried to hide it.

“You, you think too much.” He said frowning.

“At all my other schools I was picked on” she said, and he looked at her, for some odd reason feeling protective over her…why a girl as beautiful as she would get bothered? “I tried so hard to be what I thought they wanted me to be…” she said remembering and he looked down and then at her “and just made it worst…and for the first time…at this school, I feel like I can just…” she kept looking up and then she looked at him “be” she smiled.

You know that it all takes my breath away and now I'm left with nothing” he continued singing looking at her as she was looking down swaying in her seat to the music.

So maybe it's truuuue…” He started and then Marley looked at him.

That I can't live without you and maybe twoooo…is better than one…” their voices joining together perfectly “But there's so much tiiiime…to figure out the rest of my life, and you've already got me coming undone…” They slightly smile as Marley looked away this time.

And I'm thinking two…is better than one…” Jake continued alone as the band joined him to improve the sound, guided by his tempo.

Marley this time stood up singing to the front, trying her best not to glance back at Jake.

I remember every look upon your face…” Marley started to sing.

The way you roll your eyes, the way you taste…” Jake continued as he looked up from his guitar again and then looks towards where Marley is “You make it hard for breathing…

Their first kiss is something neither Jake nor Marley can’t forget, it was after they sang ‘A Thousand years’. Neither said ‘I love you’ yet but wanted to. Marley chose a romantic song to sing rather than say it, but Jake wanted her to confirm it.

I will love you a thousand years…” they finished singing so close and as Marley’s eyes glanced down at his lips and then at his eyes, he didn’t hesitate to close the gap between them and kissed her lightly on the lips.

His hand moved to her cheek for support as he took her bottom lip between his and then she kissed back without hesitation. The kiss was sweet and short, but to them, it lasted a lifetime, when they pulled away and just stared back at each other’s eyes was the moment Jake realized that he was in love with her.

'Cause when I close my eyes and drift away… I think of you and everything's okay…” Marley continued singing as she now looked at Jake and started to walk towards him.

I'm finally now believing…” Jake joined her voice, making sure hers could be heard more though.

He already saw her performing once in the auditorium ‘chasing pavements’ and then they’ve performed ‘Crazy/You drive me crazy’ by the bleachers, he had given her his jacket and then just left. After that, he realized he couldn’t stay away from her, but he also feared he could hurt her.

Jake placed down the guitar, as the drums picked up and the piano replaced the tempo the guitar was making, as he stood up and walked towards Marley slowly as they sang together.

Then maybe it's truuuue that I can't live without you” the space between them closing in as they kept walking towards each other “maybe twoooo…is better than one…But there's so much tiiiiime…to figure out the rest of my life…” the space between them really close and then they stop moving just less than a meter away from each other “And you've already got me coming undone…” they kept their eyes locked on each other “And I'm thinking two…is better than…one” they belt out the last note as they get close and everyone’s eyes are on them.

As the music picks up a faster tempo and the drums hit, they break eye contact and turned to face the rest at the front, that breaking the tension they had built in the room in seconds.

I remember what you wore on the first day” Jake sang smiling as he pointed out to her, then to the rest of the girls, taking everyone out of guard “You came into my life, and I thought: hey” he sang as smirked at the front.

Then maybe it's truuuue that I can't live without you” Marley comes in singing as she moves closer to the pianist and glances back at Jake a bit “maybe twoooo…is better than one…” she went two registers higher than it should but sounded great, nonetheless.

There's so much tiiiime…to figure out the rest of my life!” Jake joined her singing in a lower note, sounding great with Marley’s higher note as he approached her towards where the pianist was “And you've already got me coming undone…” Jake reached the pianist, and then he extends his hand to the top of the piano and Marley reaches his over the piano, clearly acting a scene they rehearsed.

Everyone’s eyes are on the scene, some impressed and others, like Ryder and Unique not that ok with the physical contact.

And I'm thinking, ooh!” Jake sang as he belted out and hold Marley’s hand.

I can't live without you…'Cause, baby, two is better than one…There's so much tiiiiime…to figure out the rest of my life!” their voices sounding so great together that Finn and Mr. Shue exchanged looks and nodding “But I've figured out with all that's said and done…” they smiled and let go of their hands as they back away and come to the places where they started the song.

Marley sat back down to her seat and Jake came to his seat and picked the guitar, and started to play it again, catching up with the band and they stopped playing, leaving him playing the guitar alone.

Two…is better than one…” Marley and Jake’s voices sing in unison, with only the sound of the guitar and then he stopped playing so their voices sing acapella “two…is better than one.

As they finished, there was a long pause…speechless and then Blaine, Artie, Sam, Finn, Tina, and Mr. Shue clapped. Unique ended up following the clapping and Ryder frowned a bit as Finn stood up with Mr. Shue and walked to the middle.

“That’s what I call acting a song” Finn said, clearly trying to help Marley and Jake’s situation “That was great guys, great song…and” he looked at Marley and winked fast “great acting” he then looked back at the rest “Right guys?”

“That was great, I didn’t know you got it Jake” Blaine said smiling “And as a fellow competitor I wish you good luck” he finished saying as Jake smiled back.

“I’m just saying Marley, we should duet sometime” Sam said and Marley blushed and giggled.

“Alright guys, time to vote for your best duet…” Mr. Shue came to the board and wrote in it.

Blaine & Tina

Blaine & Marley

Jake & Marley

He finished writing and turned around. Jake took his seat by the back as Marley sat next to Unique and looked at the board.

“So, let’s do this…” he motioned Finn to give the cardboards away.

Finn gave everyone but Blaine, Marley, Tina, and Jake, cardboards.

“Blaine, Tina, Marley, and Jake, come to the front” Mr. Shue ordered, and they obeyed as they stood there in front watching everyone scribbling.

Finn glanced back and forth between everyone and then he looked into Mr. Shue’s eyes and nodded.

“Alright time, give Finn the cardboards” Mr. Shue ordered, and Finn took them, and then he and Mr. Shue walked towards the piano and started to see the answers.

They looked at each other and then Mr. Shue came to the board and wrote down the votes on the board.

 Blaine & Tina                       II

Blaine & Marley                     I

Jake & Marley                       II

Everyone looked at the board confused at the results. And Finn and Mr. Shue smiled.

“I guess we will divide the duet between both duet partners” Finn said.

“That’s right, we have our duet’s partners” Mr. Shue smiled.

Tina screamed happily as she hugged Marley. And Blaine high-fived Jake.

“So, in the end, we always knew the three would be singing I guess” Artie said.

“They are our strongest singers…for now” Kitty said smirking.

Ryder looked at the board frowning and then at Marley, he sighed as he looked down. Unique stood up and walked towards where Marley was and opened her arms.

“Gotta say it, you killed that last one” she smiled, and Marley hugged her, when they hugged she whispered “where there was fire, ashes remain” and then she pulled away and smiled at her “I’m happy if you are happy” she stated and Marley gave her a slight smile back.

“Wait, so what is the duet for Nationals?” Blaine asked and then everyone joined in asking.

Finn and Mr. Shue exchanged looks and then smirked.

“Mirrors” they said in unison, and everyone gasped impressed.


End of chapter


Chapter Text

Marley was in the auditorium with Finn, he had asked her to stay after school to help him sort out her song parts before they rehearsed it tomorrow.

“So, I think the part ‘We feel…we hear, your pain…your fear’ it should still be you” Finn sang it a bit and Marley smiled at him “what?” he asked.

“It’s a pleasure to hear other people sing a song I wrote” She smiled.

“It’s a great song, we only wrote a few ones…well Rachel wrote a whole one alone, and then we all wrote one” he nodded “you’ve written a bunch and alone…that’s talent Marley…no wonder Mercedes thinks so highly of you” He smiled.

“She is great…” she smiled and then point out the next line “The next one ‘But we’re here…to say…who…you are, is ok’ should be Kitty” she smiled at him, as he nodded.

“Yeah, next one Blaine…then we can have Kitty again perhaps” he looked at her and she lifted an eyebrow “I mean, you did point out she has a great voice…and after her should be Artie…”

“They all have great voices, Unique should still do the second verse with Sam…their voices go great together” she pointed it out as she scrabbled on the sheet music.

“Yeah, Unique, Sam, Ryder, and Jake could go in unison with ‘You’re exactly who you’re supposed to be’” he sang again, and Marley smiled, so he cleared his throat “And then everyone should take turns for the bridge, but you still need to lead…”

“While Unique keeps the high notes and plays around with Blaine” she smiled.

“Yeah, and then when the song is about to slow down, light switch and Kitty, Tina and Brittany go ‘We girls gonna take control, You boys better know…’” he sings, and Marley laughed “What? That’s how it goes!” He spoke.

“I’m sorry is just, you have so much fun singing…why haven’t you sing in glee club just yet?” she frowned.

“I did…” he frowned “well…once…” he remembered.

“Yeah…I remember…when we tried to save Glee club together” she smiled.

“We made a great team back then…” he smiled.

“We did, you still believed in me…when I let down everyone” she sighed.

“Hey, you already showed everyone we can count on you on Regionals” he smiled and placed his hands on her shoulders “Your song ‘All or nothing’ was great and I’m sure that’s what placed us first!” he said confidently.

“Thank you, Finn” she smiled at him “I’m sorry you didn’t make it that day…” she sighed.

“College was tougher…but I’ll be there now, and I’ll be rooting for all of you” he smiled.

“How you do it?” she frowned a bit.

“How do I what?” he asked.

“Just stay with us…rather than with—”

“Rachel?” he completed her sentence and she nodded “Because she is where she needs to be and I’m here…with you…with all of you” he smiled “and this place, Glee club…teaching…is where I need to be” he smiled “You said I had what it takes.”

“And I stand by it” she smiled “you even have better and more up-to-date taste in music than Mr. Shue” she smiled.

“That’s also because I’m closer to your age” he smiled “And I remembered how everyone in Glee club fought so hard to win last Nationals…but in the end, we just decided to have fun as it was the last for some of us” he said and looked at her.

“It’s hard when you are afraid to fail…” Marley sighed, and Finn frowned.

“Marley…” he started, and she looked at him “You won’t fail anyone…”

Marley smiled weakly at him, and Finn returned the smile as he backed down and started to sing acapella.

I know this pain…” he started, and Marley looked at him puzzled.

“Are you serious?” She giggled as he nodded.

“It’s a good one…and we haven’t duet in a while” he smiled as he pointed to her and the piano “And you will play while I sing to you.”

Marley giggling approached the piano and started to play the tune.

No one can change your life except for you…” He continued singing “Don't ever let anyone step all over you…” He looked at her and points to her.

Just open your heart and your mind” She joined him in unison “Is it really fair to feel…this way inside?” they smiled as they sing.

Finn smirked as he listens to Marley’s melody and then he just lets himself been carried away.

Someday somebody's gonna make you want to turn around and say goodbye!” he looks down at Marley.

Until then baby…are you going to let them hold you down and make you cry?” Marley replied to him singing as he smiled.

Don't you know?” Finn sings.

Don't you know things can change” Marley sings with him “Things will go your way!

If you hold…” Marley starts the verse.

Hold on for one more day!” Finn sings out loud enjoying the moment.

If you hooold on for one more day…Things will go your way…” they sing together smiling as Marley keeps playing “Hold on for one more day!

“Keep playing” Finn said as he enjoyed her playing.

“Are we really gonna do all of it?” Marley asked as she kept playing.

“Sometimes just enjoy the moment and listen” he points to his ear and then at her as she giggled “There are lessons on every song” he winked smiling.

“Alright” Marley giggled as she kept playing and then decided to just sing “you can sustain…

Oh, or are you comfortable with the pain?” Finn replied singing.

You've got no one to blame for your unhappiness…” Marley sang understanding the lyrics.

No, baby” Finn replied singing.

You got yourself into your own mess” she continued singing frowning a bit at the lyrics.

Lettin' your worries pass you by…” Finn sang as he took a seat next to Marley “don't you think it's worth your tiiiime…to change your mind?” he placed a finger to her mind so her frown changes to a giggle and then he chuckles.

Someday somebody's gonna make you want to turn around and say goodbye!” They both sing in unison “Until then baby…are you going to let them hold you down and make you cry? Don't you know things can change and Things will go your way!” He stood up and smiled as she kept playing the piano.

If you hoooold on…” Marley belts out.

Hold on for one more day!” Finn continued singing as he saw Marley smiling and finally enjoying the moment.

Hold on for one more day…Cause it's gonna go your way” Finn sings alone as Marley finally shakes her head smiling, getting the lesson.

Hold on for one more daaaay.” Marley joins Finn at the end of the song, as she finishes playing the piano.

“Ok…that was a fun way to tell me to stop worry and just believe everything will be ok” Marley said.

“That’s why you are the best student” Finn said and then chuckled.

“You did your first lesson using what you love!” she smiled proudly as he kept chuckling.

They both started to laugh as she stood up and approached him and then they stopped laughing so he just looked at her and smiled.

“Performing is like falling in love Marley, you just need to let yourself be carried away” he said “Both are scary but give you the best feeling in the entire world” he smiled.

“You have become wiser Mr. Finn Hudson” Marley said as she giggled.

“Nope…you are just easier to talk to” he said as he looked down and then up “I see myself a lot in you Marley…I was also insecure about my body, my voice…letting down everyone” he said “but once I felt part of the group and somehow their leader…everything made sense” he smiled at the thought “I’m not saying you are the leader or should be…but stop thinking you could drag everyone down…think about how everyone helps you be a better version of yourself” he finished and she took in every word he said.

Marley started to think about everyone in Glee club, each of them, their comments, the things they’ve done, and the times they did have fun. It was true that for the first time she did felt like she belonged somewhere…

“Marley?” Finn waved at her, bringing her to reality “You were gone for a good minute” he chuckled and then smiled “I think we are ready for tomorrow’s last rehearsal before we talk about traveling to LA.” He said as Marley nodded “Don’t you have a date or something?” he asked, and she looked at him puzzled “Oh! Shoot! I didn’t tell you…Jake asked me to tell you he’ll be waiting for you by your house” he shrugged “I guess I forgot to say it” he smiled.

“He told you that?” she frowned a bit.

“Marley, of course, I know you two are back together…” he said “And I’m willing to cover for you, as long as you promise me that you are not letting him off the hook just yet…” he crossed his arms “He loves you, but he can still do stupid things that hurt you” he frowned “And I’m not allowing him hurting you twice” he shook his head.

“I promise…” Marley smiled, and Finn looked at her confused “I promise I have forgiven him but not forget…” she said, “I’m giving him…and myself a second chance” she said softly “Do you also think is a mistake?”

“Who else thinks so?” he asked.

“Unique…my mom” she shrugged looking down “and probably the rest…”

“It’s not a mistake” he stated and she looked up abruptly to him, surprised “I believe some love stories deserve a second…and sometimes a third chance” he half smirked “For some, a person might be the wrong one…but if for you he is the one…then that’s all that matters Marley” he said “Rachel has hurt me more than I can tell you…she probably is with a guy right now…or not…but I don’t care because I know that I am the one for her and she is the one for me…and it doesn’t matter how long, she and I know, that we are endgame.”

Marley got home and saw Jake sitting on her front porch with a single rose. She smiled as she approached him, and he caught sight of her.

“A rose?” she frowned a bit, still smiling.

“Hi…” he stood up holding the rose, kissed her cheek lightly, and when he pulled away, he offered it to her.

Marley took the rose as she opened the front door and then looked back at him.

“Want to come in?” she asked, and he hesitates “Mom is not home…yet” she clarified, and then he nodded as he followed her inside.

“It was getting dark, and I started to worry…” Jake started as he kept following Marley into the house.

“Finn and I were choosing the parts for my song to sing at Nationals” Marley smiled as she stopped at the front of the stairs and looked at him “come up” she motioned him to follow her up into her room.

Once he entered the room, he closed the door and Marley sat on her bed holding the rose as she brought it to her nose and then looked at him.

“You know…” he started as he walked towards her slowly and she looked at him playfully “Today while we sang…I had to restrain myself from doing something…” he got closer to her.

“Oh yeah? What was that?” she looked at him and bit her lower lip.

Jake could’ve played a little bit more, but he had been waiting to kiss her again, so he just leaned down and kissed her lips. He kept the kiss gentle and soft, one of his hands move from her cheek to her hair as she deepened the kiss. She moved her hands to his back and ended up pulling him with her, since he was caught off guard, he fell on top of her, and they started to laugh.

Marley kept laughing at the collision while Jake rolled over to be laying next to her while still laughing. Then she stopped and just chuckled a bit as she turned her head to look at him and he did the same.

I remember every look upon your face…” Jake whispered singing and she lifted an eyebrow “The way you roll your eyes, the way you taste…You make it hard for breathing…” he continued as she chuckles and rolled her eyes.

“You are only singing so I let you stay over” she said making him smile.

“Depends…Is it working?” he smirked and she shook her head “maybe another song?” he lifted an eyebrow.

“Try me” she moved a hand to caress his cheek and stopped when he cleared his throat.

“Ok…let’s see…” he looks up to the ceiling thinking and then he started to hum a melody and Marley smile widely “Never had much faith in love or miracles…” he hummed because he didn’t remember the words and chuckle.

“Go on” she said as she laughed slightly, looking at him.

But swimming in your world is something spiritual…” he remembered and kept singing acapella “I'm gonna get every time you spend the niiight…night” he smiled at her.

Marley laughed slightly as she rolled over so she was now on top and looked down at him, Jake placed his hands on her hips and kept humming the song.

Cause your love takes me to paradise…yeah your love takes me to paradise” he continued and Marley leaned in to kiss his lips, he continued to hum as she then kissed his cheek “And it shows, yeah, yeah…” he chuckled a bit when she went to kiss his neck “Marley…” he moved his hand to her neck and she looked up at him “I’m trying to serenade you and you are here distracting me…” he points it out and Marley laughs.

“I never told you to stop” she said trying to sound innocent.

“Well, should I continue?” He asked half smirking and she nodded “Cause you make me feel like I've been locked out of heaven!” he was making more effort singing laying down “For too long, for too long…” he smiled as he finished.

“You could give Bruno Mars a run for his money with that rendition” she said, and he chuckled “Why you chose that one?” she got up so now she was sitting on his abdomen while looking down at him.

“Because I remembered when you sang it” he placed one arm behind his head so he could be more comfortable and the other just moved up and down her thigh and to her hip “And that was the moment I decided you were it…and said to myself ‘I’m going to make this monogamy dating work’ and it did…at least for a while” he said getting a bit sad at the last of it, so he stopped looking at her.

“Hey…” Marley’s hand moved to his face and made him look at her “It’s ok...I know when I asked you to just be with me…I might have rushed things…You did great” she smiled “longer than many expected at least” she shrugged.

“But I can do so much better Marley” he said being serious “This time I’ll make it work for as long as you want me” he looked at her and gave her a slight smile.

“What does that mean?” she frowned, and he looked at her confused “that bit about ‘for as long as you want me’” she asked as her hand traveled down to his chest and just moved there as if she was drawing something.

“It’s something I feel” he looked at her and then his hand moved to grab hers and they locked eyes “I always have this fear that one day you are going to discover that I am not as great as you think I am…”

Marley froze as she heard him, she frowned a bit, and then she leaned down to kiss him. He expected her to say something but instead, she took him off guard, again, by the how she just opened her mouth enough to trap his upper lip between her own this time. She didn’t know how else to show him or tell him that she loved him, so she just went and put everything of herself in this kiss.

Jake held her tighter as his tongue slide into her mouth and found hers. In seconds they were making out, noses touching, and his hands moved up and down her body, while hers rested on his chest. When she finally retreated moving up gently and both gasped for air their eyes connected, she felt calm…cozy, and a bit tingly as they stared back at each other’s gaze.

“Jake…” she whispered not breaking her gaze at him “Why do you love me?” she asked.

Jake looked into her beautiful blue stare and smiled, he took a deep breath and moved his hands to cup her face. He caressed her cheek with one while with the other he moved a strand of hair beneath her ear, his favorite thing to do with her hair.

“That is an odd question…why wouldn’t I love you?” he said frowning, but she kept looking at him, expecting an answer “You are a gorgeous, kind, talented, amazing person and you have the most forgiving and beautiful heart in this whole world…and you are also the best girlfriend ever” he said as Marley smile widely.

“Wow that’s—”

“But…” Jake interrupted her, and she slightly frowned “I love you not only because of who you are and what you do, but I also love you because of who I am with you.”

Marley felt her heart beating fast, that right there might have been Jake’s best declaration of love for her yet. She could not believe how romantic Jake could be with just words, and she could also see that he meant every word…he wasn’t sweet-talking to her, he was opening his heart up to her.

“I’m in love with you Jake Puckerman” she said softly smiling and he smiled back at her.

“And I’m in love with you Marley Rose” he replied.


End of chapter


Chapter Text

Keeping the fact that Jake slept over at her house from her mom was something Marley was getting used to but felt bad about all the sneaking around and lying to her. However, for some reason, Marley felt relieved knowing that they were soon leaving for LA for the whole weekend. Rehearsals the last two days were tough but so worth it, the chemistry and vibe between everyone were great, well except for Ryder and Jake, especially Ryder, he had to hear some harsh things from Mr. Shue yesterday.


“He has to stay over there?” Ryder questioned Finn and Mr. Shue “He is already next to Marley in most songs…have you asked her if she is ok with it at least?” he said frowning and Mr. Shue and Finn looked at her.

“Do you have a problem being next and singing a duet with your ex-boyfriend?” Mr. Shue asked but Marley didn’t even reply before he turned his attention back to Ryder “Ryder, she is just doing what is best for the team and so should you. You are not children; you liked the same girl…she chose to date one of you…then they broke up, you tried your best and she clearly just wants to stay out of boy drama” he said while he looked at Marley, Jake, and back to Ryder “so just get over it and just focus on working as a team right now” he finished saying frustrated “Let’s take five and we run again…from the top.” He walked back to his place at the center of the auditorium to look again at the setlist and notes.

Everyone looked a bit thrown off by Mr. Shue's outburst, but Marley felt a bit relieved he set the things straight.

“Look man” Jake approached Ryder and Marley pretended to read her sheet music while she tried to listen “Clearly you are looking out for Marley…and that’s fine…but we need to put everything aside and work together man…” he said softly, and Ryder glared at him.

“What you did was wrong…and just because now, every time Bree corners you up or tries to kiss you, you turned her down it doesn’t make it ok what you did…it will never be” he said very angry “She shouldn’t be paired up with you or near you, you know how much it must hurt her to sing love songs with you, dance with you or just share a space with you?” he stood up facing him in a threatening way “You broke her trust, cheated on her…how can I trust you are serious about Glee club if you weren’t serious about your feelings towards her?”

Jake glanced at Marley as he bit his lips, he hated to lie but Marley had asked him to keep it quiet until Nationals was over, so he had to obey but how he wished she cleared the air right now, so Ryder stopped having his hopes up and, like Unique, gets that Marley gave him a second chance and they were back together. He sighed and looked at Ryder and before he was about to speak, Finn stepped in.

“All valid points Ryder” Finn started, and they both looked at him frowning, Marley now was a bit obvious she was listening so she turned around so her back was facing them but she could still listen.

“No way you are doing it alone” Kitty approached her and smirked “I want to hear too” she winked “Must have done something to Ryder since he clearly, is still not over you huh?” she whispered, and Marley glared at her “Hey, got to give it to a guy who doesn’t know when to quit” she shrugs.

“I said to him multiple times that I—”

Kitty holds her hand up and then the other to her mouth to shush so they could hear what else Finn was saying.

“Hey, of course, I get how you feel…” Finn placed a hand on Ryder’s shoulder “My best friend knocked up my girlfriend and he played along with her, the lie to cover it up and pretend the baby was mine…” he said making Jake and Ryder widen their eyes “When I had the illusion of being a father and supported her…that’s when I found out the baby wasn’t mine…and I beat the shit out of him…but what did that do?” he lifted his arms and then back down again “To this date, he is still my best friend, because I believe in second chances and if I could forgive that…you can get over this feud you got going on” he frowned “You should still be friends or at least team players…you both love the same girl, fine but you also love music, to sing and dance…so let that be the thing that unites you.” He finished saying and Jake and Ryder looked at each other.

Marley and Kitty looked at each other with surprise at everything Finn just said and turned back to see the result of his pep talk.

“Truce?” Jake offered his hand.

“Truce.” Ryder took it and Finn smiled as he walked away towards where Mr. Shue was.

“Is it just me or Finn just got like 70% hotter than I’ve previously ranked him” Kitty whispered as she looked at Finn.

Marley looked at her frowning and feeling overprotective of Finn all of the sudden.

“He loves Rachel…” she whispered.

“So? Noah loves Quinn and he still dated me and had sex with me” she shrugged “besides, he’s been lonely” she started.

“Ok, you can try…” Marley said and then she smirked “I don’t think you are his type though” she said as she walked away.

“Please I’m everyone’s type” Kitty rolled her eyes and followed her.

“Not Finn’s” Marley giggled as she kept walking.

“Don’t dare me Marley because I will prove you wrong” Kitty warned her.

“You know what your problem is?” Marley ended up saying and Kitty looked at her puzzled “You like to prove people wrong, but you wouldn’t take the chance to go after who you really like” she stated, and Kitty frowned.

“I just told you I like Finn…if I want to, I’ll go and—”

“You just said Finn was 70% hotter…yet you won’t go for the one you find 100% hotter” Marley said smirking “I think you are scared to even admit it” and stopped walking as she crossed her arms.

Kitty looked at her and narrowed her eyes then sighed.

“I hate the newly, confident and know it Marley you’ve become ever since you dumped Jake” she said crossing her arms too.

“You can hate me, but you know I’m right” Marley smiled as Kitty rolled her eyes and almost groaned aloud.

“Just to be clear, I’m not admitting anything!” She warned her and Marley laughed.

“Why are you so afraid? The worst thing that could happen is that he tells you he doesn’t feel the same way…but it’s worst if you just keep it to yourself” Marley said softly.

“It’s not as easy as you point it out Marley” Kitty sounded sincere for the first time “Sometimes Love presents itself as a dream and leaves like a nightmare” she looked down “I’ve been hurt before and I don’t like the way it feels…” she looked at her and whispered “It’s hard but…like you must of learn with Jake…every so often you just need to accept that some people can only be in your heart…not in your life” She said and walked away.


Even though Finn found the solution to keep Ryder and Jake focus on winning Nationals, Marley kept her gaze on Kitty, what she said to her did stay with her, and although she was with Jake, with only Unique and Finn from the Glee club knowing about it, she wanted to tell her…but she didn’t and right now it was a bit late, they all needed to focus on Nationals. Somehow, Marley did wonder who the guy Kitty was had her eyes on…hoping it wasn’t Jake.

Marley was helping her mom in the kitchen since she would leave in just hours for LA. She was quiet while helping but her mom couldn’t talk much either, so when they were finally cleaning, her mom stopped to look at her.

“You brought everything you need right?” her mom asked, and Marley nodded “and where did you leave the suitcase?” she frowned.

“Mr. Shue and Finn placed every suitcase at the airport; they are checking them in and then Finn comes back to get in the bus that takes us to the airport” she said remembering everything she was told.

“And where are you staying again?” her mom asked.

“At the InterContinental Los Angeles in Downtown” she said smiling.

“And who are you sharing rooms with?” Her mom wondered.

“Mercedes pulled some strings and almost all of us have our own rooms” she said as she stashed a plate.

“So, you are not sharing your room?” her mom inquired, and Marley stopped cleaning and looked at her.

“Ask what you want to ask mom…” she said now crossing her arms.

“Alright I will…” her mom placed her hands on the table “I wonder if you plan on sharing your room with Jake” she asked and lifted an eyebrow.

Marley looked at her and quickly looked down giving away her answer.

“Thought so…” her mom sighed “Just be careful, this time maybe you won’t be able to stop him from—”

“From what?” Marley asked.

“Marley, I’m not joking around…you decided to give Jake another chance and I said it is your choice and your life…but I’m telling you if you finally give him what he wants…I’m afraid you will get hurt again” her mom said, and Marley looked at her “I’m just telling you what I think…aside from that I will tell you to be careful to let him believe you want something you still don’t” her mom sighed and lifted her hands up “and that’s it…that’s what I wanted to tell you…”

Marley took a deep breath and then nodded. She approached her mom and hugged her from the back, surprising her but then she held her hands and smiled.

“I love that you care mom…” she said as she placed her chin on her shoulder “but the place I was a month ago is different…” she kept talking “I’m not afraid anymore and I’m sure Jake wants more than just that…I’m sure now” she stated and her mom kept holding her hand “I’m not going to lie to you and tell you I will not let him into my room…but I can tell you that I feel safe with him now…and I feel that whatever happens will feel right…”

“I hope you are right honey” her mom said as Marley pulled away and gave her a kiss on her cheek “And I hope Jake takes care of you this time and values you” she smiled.

“He does” Marley said confidently “and this time I know that if he ever does the same, I will not give him another chance” she said firmly.

And she meant that, even though she knows she loves him more than she would care to admit if Jake ever broke her trust again, she would move on and never believe anything he said. It is true that when you love someone, it's never over, you move on because it’s what has to be done, but you bring that person in your heart…and now she felt that if the same scenario happened, she would be ready to do that, move on from Jake but learn to place him in a part of her heart that she would never get back.

Marley was heading out of school to the bus stop, where Finn told everyone to meet up to get to the airport. As she was walking, she stopped in her tracks when she stood in front of her, in her cheerio uniform, arms crossed and a smirk on her face…Bree.

“I heard you all are going to LA for your losers singing competition” Bree smirked “I guess I owe you at least a good luck wish” she shrugged and smirked.

“Gee, thanks” Marley said as she rolled her eyes and tried to move past her, but she grabbed her arm and she had to turn around and face her again.

“How did it feel?” She asked as she got closer to her.

“How did it feel what?” Marley looked at her seriously.

“You know…” she smirked “To find out your boyfriend came to me because you couldn’t bother to be a woman to him?” she said.

Marley looked at her, memories of that moment do come to her mind and how much it did hurt her, but along with those awful memories, other ones came, the recent ones and the words that Jake said to her and her decision to believe in them. She shook her head as she turned back around.

“You really are trash” she said almost in a whisper as she started to walk, not before she listened to Bree fake gasping.

“So, it did hurt” Bree cached up to her smirking “Good because I’m telling you that, that was just the start…” she smiled.

“What did I ever do to you?” Marley asked now stopping walking as she crossed her arms angry “I mean, Kitty at least gave me a reason but you? I never once crossed you” she said “What you have against me? You have already proven you could bring back the old Jake…broke us up…and made sure the entire school finds out why he cheated and guess what…” she chuckled frustrated “I’m still standing, and you keep trying to find ways to bring me down…why?!” she raised her voice at the end, clearly angry and frustrated.

Before Bree could answer, with her smirk still visible, Kitty stepped in and Marley looked at her confused.

“I’ll answer that one for you my dearest Marley” she said and then looked back at Bree and then at Marley, giving her back entirely to Bree “Because she can’t handle the sad truth that Jake never will look at her half the way he looks at you, or how she will always be used by jerks just to get off but will never show her an inch of love you receive from both Jake and Ryder…she will never have two guys fighting for her love and attention and because” she turned this time to face Bree who was now frowning and glaring at Kitty “she will always be a poisonous bitch who will try to feel better by making your life just as miserable as her” she said and Marley almost had her jaw dropped.

Bree shook her head angrily at kitty and brushed her hard as she walked away furious. Kitty just kept glaring at her until she was out of sight and then looked at Marley.

“Wow…” Marley managed to breathe out as they started to walk “Thank you…” she said.

“I’m just tired of that bitch…” she rolled her eyes “and I only said to her what your guy, said yesterday” she said, and Marley frowned confused “Oh, he didn’t tell you?” she frowned, and Marley slightly shook her head “Well he was careful to tell her the harsh truth without witnesses but I…” she pointed at herself “I know how to be in places without being noticed” she smirked and Marley stopped on her tracks and widen her eyes looking at Kitty.

“So, you already—”

“Yes, of course, I know you took Puckerman back” she said frustrated “and Unique confirmed it to me” she shrugged “I just hope you know what you are doing…Ryder might be one of the few who doesn’t know” she narrowed her eyes trying to remember something.

“Who else knows?” Marley asked worriedly.

“Well, besides Unique, me…of course, Finn” she smirked and winked as Marley shook her head disapproving her sudden crush “Noah” she said and Marley widen her eyes “He is Jake’s brother…but don’t worry he didn’t tell Blaine…he saw you kissing, and then told Kurt…who told Santana…who told Quinn and Mercedes…who told Sam…” she placed a finger on her chin “And Sam told Brittany…but she said that an imp told her you would so…” she frowned and Marley looked at her weirdly “It’s Brittany…don’t ask” she sighed “Artie and Tina suspect…so I guess Joe, Mr. Shue, and Ryder would be the only ones who don’t have a clue” she nodded.

Well, that was great, that’s what Marley thought as she heard Kitty talking about who knew about her and Jake.

“Well, it is great to know almost everyone knows…why no one said anything?” Marley asked.

“Because it is your life…and we all can see the love you two have” she placed her hands on her hips “we also know he screwed up but he’s been trying to win you back ever since…and Blaine has a soft spot for second chances” she said and as Marley tried to remember why she said that Kitty rolled her eyes “Blaine cheated on Kurt…then tried and fought to win him back and now they are engaged” she shrugged “I guess he is one of the few who didn’t lose faith in the two of you getting past that.”

Marley nodded taking in everything Kitty said as she still couldn’t believe the number of people who already knew, so much for keeping it quiet.

“If you plan to sneak around with Jake” Kitty said and Marley looked at her “Try to be extra careful with Ryder, he could really take it hard” she clarified “and we still need him for Nationals” she looked at her “which means I’ll stop talking about this as soon we meet up with everyone.”

“Got it” Marley nodded.

“Bottom line is that you date who you want, do what your heart tells you…let yourself be with who you want…Y.O.L.O” she stated “and be sure to take advantage of every minute of it” she smiled as she kept walking.

Marley smiled back at Kitty as they reached the bus stop. Who would think that Kitty would be supportive of her and Jake? She was his ex after all but stopped messing around with them after they formally dated. She might like to be seen as a bitch however, she had a golden heart and Marley only wished the guy she really liked would see that because she deserves to feel the way she does with Jake, whole and loved.

End of chapter


Chapter Text

After 1 hour of waiting and then 4 hours of being on a plane, Marley just wanted to lay down. They got to the hotel and Mr. Shue sorted stuff out while Mercedes appeared looking all glamorous, since she got a record deal with Sony Records, and now was beginning to be as famous as she should be.

Once Marley received her key, she grabbed her suitcase faster than anyone and rushed to her room 221, she opened the door and found the room was big, she widens her eyes and could not believe she had that view of the city and how big the room was. She placed her suitcase at the foot of the bed and looking around as if she were about to do something bad, she flopped on her back onto the bed.

She loved the softness of the mattress and smiled to herself; she extended her arms all the way on the mattress. Then she heard a knock on the annex door, she frowned confused, and got up. She glanced at the main door and then the knock came again from the annex door, she carefully went to open it and as soon as she unlocked it, the door flew open and there he was, in a red t-shirt and his dark blue jeans, Jake.

“Jake!” she said as she looked at him “how—?"

“Switched with Sam” he smirked as he showed her his key ‘222’.

She smiled as she let him into the room and closed the door behind him.

“Great rooms, right?” Jake said as his hands got under his front pockets and looked around.

Marley looked at him, how she wishes she could’ve taken her seat on the plane next to him, tell him about what happened with Bree and Kitty defending her…she just wanted to be with him. As soon as he turned around, she rushed to hug him from the back, wrapping her arms around him and he chuckled as he holds on to her.

“I missed you too” he said and then he bent down so she was lifted off the ground enough for him to just adjust her on his back.

Marley held on to him giggling as he moved her around the room, they were talking about how much space there was and how huge the bed was.

“And have you lay down on it already?” Jake asked as he moved his head slightly to look up at her.

“Nope” she lied and giggled.

“Liar” he said and then he ran to the bed and fall in, Marley screamed and laughed as they both landed on the bed.

She rolled onto the side of the bed still giggling and Jake looked at her, he pulled himself up and then started to tickle her, making her laugh harder and louder.

“Stoooop!” she said through laughs, and he kept tickling her.

“Nope!” he said as he chuckled and kept tickling her.

Marley and Jake laughed until Jake finally stopped tickling her and stare down at her and then leaned in to kiss her.

Marley welcomed the kiss eagerly; she had wanted to kiss him all day and finally, they could. She wrapped her arms around his neck trying to deepen the kiss, but Jake just kept the kisses short and as she frowned, he chuckled and looked at her, while her arms were still on his neck.

“Why you are not kissing me” she said forcing a pout.

“I am” he said as he pecked her lips again and then smirked, clearly knowing what he was doing.

“No, not like that” she said shaking her head and pouting.

“We have to go rehearse soon…” he moved his hands to where her arms were “and right now all I want to do is kiss you everywhere…” he looked her up and down quickly before he went back to look into her eyes “and if I kiss you like that…I might not stop” he said as he brushed his lips with her, then he pulled away and smiled.

“But what if I don’t want you to stop?” she said, and he lifted an eyebrow “Kiss me Jake” she demanded now and Jake didn’t know but liked the way she ordered that, it was just the way she said it, it was different.

He chuckled a bit before he leaned down and as his lips touched Marley, he bit lightly her lip to ask for entrance and she parted her lips, he slides his tongue into her mouth, and just as their tongues are about to meet, there is a knock on the door.

“Marley?” Ryder's voice could be heard as he knocked again “Marley are you there?” he asked.

“Really?” Jake said whispering as he lifted himself up.

“Oh…for the love of—” Marley said as a groan escape her lips while she stood up.

“Marley?!” Ryder knocked on the door again.

“Coming!” Marley said as she moved closer to the front door.

“I’ll see you later” Jake mouthed to Marley as he pecked her lips, then he walked to the annex door and opened it, he turned around to see her and winked before he closed the door behind him.

“Just a second…” Marley shouted to the door and then she took a deep breath as she opened the door slightly “Ryder, hi” she looked at him.

“Hi…” he waved and tried to look behind her “I just came to tell you that Finn said that we should meet by the lobby shortly…” he kept trying to look behind her.

“Ok thanks” Marley said and then saw that he was trying to look behind her, so she opened the door wide open “Lost something?” she asked lifting an eyebrow.

“No, I just thought I—” He frowned slightly and then looked at her “never mind…I just thought you might have been with—”

“What’s up dude” Jake came out of his room and looked at Ryder then at Marley “Marley…” he waved at her and then looked back at Ryder “Did I interrupt something?” he asked.

“No” Marley and Ryder said at the same time and then Ryder just looked at him frowning.

“What?” Jake asked.

“Why didn’t you switch your room with any of us?” he said feeling overprotective of Marley “You love to torture her or what?”

“Woah dude” Jake said as he looked up and then at him “I don’t have time for this…” he shook his head as he tried to walk away.

“No, I’m being serious Jake…you are literally one door away from—”

“Ryder, please I don’t need you to fight my battles” Marley said frowning.

“I’m not trying to fight your battles; I just think Jake should be more considerate” he said looking back at Jake.

Jake looked at Marley with a look that clearly said ‘Imma just shout out everything or hit him’ then he took a deep breath as he looked at Ryder and forced a smile.

“Fine” he said and turned to face Marley “I’m sorry you have the unfortunate situation to have a room next to me, I’ll try to keep my vocal rehearsing to a minimum” he said and then nodded at her, then at Ryder “Ok now?”

Ryder crossed his arms shaking his head and then Jake suppressed a groan in frustration as he walked away. Marley glared at Ryder as she shook her head at him.

“What?” Ryder asked “He should just stop taking advantage of every moment to get closer to you…but he—”

“He what Ryder? You don’t know what I feel and what if I was the one who switched rooms to be closer to him?” she frowned “Why you always have to antagonize him? He made one…one mistake” she said “a big one alright, but we are all trying to be a team here…” she placed her hands on her hips “And stop doing things I don’t ask you to if I need to make Jake away, I can do it all by myself” she got mad “You’ve got to stop fighting Jake over something that happened to me…it is my problem, not yours” she clarified.

“I know but Marley I lov—”

“If you love me, then understand this Ryder…You are not my boyfriend nor I’m your property” she said as she started to close the door “Whatever happens is my decision and only mine…you just had to stop acting as you own me because you don’t” she couldn’t help but feel angry at the moment so when Ryder just stood there quiet, she sighed “I’ll be in the lobby shortly…you don’t have to escort me down there…” she said as she closed the door slightly, though she wished she would slam it on his face.

She turned around and walked towards the bed. She grabbed a pillow and screamed in it so if Ryder were out, he would not hear her. She hated that because of his feelings towards her she and Jake couldn’t just be…and she didn’t know how much longer she could keep up the lie, she just hoped if she lost the strength, Jake could have it to keep it up until Nationals was over.

Rehearsals went smoothly, everyone’s head was focused, and Brittany, Joe, and Sugar made it back in time to join us for the swan song since they would leave this year too. Jake and Brittany helped us with the choreography and Marley was partnered with Sam but since Brittany got here, she ended up being her partner and that’s when she decided to pair Marley and Jake for the dance.

“So, I guess you two should dance together so I can dance with Sam” Brittany announced.

“You are changing partners just like that?” Kitty asked frowning “I’m one of the best dancers, of course, I’m with Jake” she said.

“Hey guys it’s ok” Finn said “Brit can dance with Sam…Unique and Artie stay as you were…mhm Tina and Blaine now, Joe you are with Sugar, Ryder with Kitty and Marley, and Jake” he smiled.

And before Ryder could say something, Kitty grabbed him to practice their dance.

“Guess we are partners now” Jake said to Marley as they practice the dance.

“Yep, remind me to thank Brit for it later” she said whispering.

Jake chuckled a bit as they rehearsed, and Finn watched the new pairings and he liked it. He nodded.

“Yeah, this works…let’s try to run everything again with the new pairings” He instructed.

Everyone did a great job from the top and Finn shouted proudly as he clapped at the end of the rehearsal.

“Guys that was awesome!” he said, “We will definitely kick some ‘Throat Explosion’ ass on Sunday!” he smiled.

“Yeah!” Everyone shouted as some giggles and chuckles were exchanged.

“Alright, so just head back to the hotel and have a good sleep…” he smiled, and then Mr. Shue came in clapping.

“I just saw you guys…you did great” Mr. Shue said smiling “Finn, the new pairings are great!” he said.

“Thank you, but Brit suggested a change and I thought it was a great idea” he smiled.

“Well great work everyone…but remember…” he said, and everyone looked at him waiting for his words, and then looked at Finn.

“To have a blast guys…” he smiled.

 “As a coach what a national team looks like…I have to say this…” he smiled “You guys are ready!” he said, and everyone cheered.

While everyone heads back to the hotel, Marley was waiting for the elevator and Sam came to her and poked her shoulder.

“Sam?” Marley looked at him.

“Karaoke Party, meeting room 1, downstairs…be there!” Sam said and then entered the elevator.

“What?” She frowned and he clicked the floor bottom.

“Be there!” he shouted as the door closed.

“Wait! That was…my lift” she said but the doors already closed, and she sighed.

Marley was in her room with the girls, she still couldn’t believe they were getting ready for the karaoke party. She was expecting Jake, as they agreed to meet up here, but instead, the girls appeared in her room and Jake had just got to his room when he saw everything, they did exchange some frustrated looks but then she changed her look to an apologizing one as she shut down the door. So here she was, with the girls in her room.

“So, you thought what song you are going to sing?” Unique said to Marley as she was putting on some earrings.

“Not really…I was thinking of just going for a bit and then come back here and sleep…I’m tired, aren’t you guys?” Marley said as she was still looking at herself in the mirror. The girls were wearing dresses, and thankfully she had one of her favorite casual dresses packed, it was bright green with a red belt to place in the middle, she combined them with her brown boots (Outfit here).

“It’s a party, who is tired of that?” Tina said as she finished applying her mascara.

“Oh please, probably Marley is too good for parties, that’s why she is not that hyped…probably she has a private party in mind” Kitty said smirking.

Marley glared at Kitty and shook her head at her.

“Yeah, true how things are going with Jake? And have you told Ryder?” Tina asked as she applied the lip-gloss.

“Pfft of course she hasn’t told him” Kitty said interrupting Marley from an answer.

“He needs to know so he can stop obsessing about you” Tina said “He literally asked Artie multiple times if you were coming to the party” she rolled her eyes.

Marley sighed as she sat on the bed. Unique, Kitty and Tina turned to look at her.

“I haven’t told him because I don’t want to make things hard just as we are about to compete for Nationals…” she looked at them “I know it is my fault to have made him think he had a chance, but I really thought I could move on from Jake…but I just can’t…” she admitted and then shrugged.

“Ok, truth time” Tina asked as she approached Marley “What you really feel for Jake? Like you really think he is ‘it’?” Tina finished asking.

Unique and Kitty still fixed their own dresses while they glance at Marley, being curious at her answer. Marley looked at them and stood up, she walked to the mirror in silence, thinking her answer. She took another look at herself in the mirror and then turned to face them.

“It is not an easy answer…and probably you guys won’t get it” she started as Tina frowned while Unique and Kitty finished getting ready and looked at her as in telling her to try them “I think it’s better if I read it to you…” she got nervous but then approached her suitcase and took out her notebook of songs and started to look for the page.

Unique and Kitty exchanged looks but Tina was curious. Marley stopped on a page and approached them with the notebook opened and took a deep breath to read what she wrote.

This heart is beating…Increasingly slower, And I'm feeling inside how the fire you made me feel has not died…” she glanced at them and get back to read “It can’t be over since this heart keeps burning and while there is still love inside for you, I can’t turn it off…since you’ve stolen this heart and took it with you along with my kisses and dreams…I could only bring it back with you or learn to live without it” She finished reading and closed her notebook.

Marley looked at them, she wasn’t expecting a reaction but watching them been so quiet made her feel uncomfortable.

“It is not a song yet, but I just wrote what I was fee—”

“That is a beautiful thought” Tina said, and Marley looked at her “Look, I cheated and was cheated on…I’m currently in love with a guy that would never love me back…if you have the chance to have someone that loves you back then just go for it, overcome the obstacles and screw what people think” Tina said and smiled.

Marley smiled at what Tina said and then looked at Unique and Kitty, they looked at her and nodded.

“Look, we don’t like Puckerman” Unique started.

“But he makes you happy…” Kitty continued.

“What Tina said is right, you love him and already forgave him” Unique said and shrugged “Just be with him and let it be” she finished.

“And save Ryder from his obsession” Kitty said “You gotta tell him” she continued as Marley nodded “I know you want to tell him after Nationals but take into count Jake’s feelings too…Ryder keeps antagonizing him because he doesn’t know you’ve forgiven Jake…” she sighed “He deserves to know.”

Marley sighed as she placed the notebook into the drawer on the nightstand by the bed and looked at the girls.

“Ok, can we please just stop thinking about sad things” Tina said “We should be thinking about what we are going to sing!” She smiled “It’s probably one of the last chances I have to sing with you three, you still have a year ahead.”

Unique and Kitty smiled at each other and then at Tina.

“We got the perfect song” Unique said as Tina looked at them excitedly.

Marley, Unique, Kitty, and Tina entered the meeting room that was rented. Sam and Blaine were already getting ready to sing while Artie, Joe, Brittany, and Ryder were already seating on the sofa chatting. The music was a bit loud, but they could still talk. Marley looked around for Jake, but he wasn’t in the room which made her sighed sadly.

“Now that ain’t having fun!” A voice too familiar said to Marley and as the girls turned around they found the owner of that voice, Mercedes.

“Mercedes!” The girls shouted and hugged her.

“Who you think got you guys this private party?!” She shouted excitedly “That means, not having fun isn’t allowed!” she warned them and then pointed to Marley “Especially you, come with me” she ordered Marley and then took her away from the girls, they laughed and walked towards where the rest were.

Marley followed Mercedes to a side of the room where the drinks were served. She looked at the bartender and then at Marley.

“Normally I don’t encourage underage drinking but honey if you are going to have that long face then drink something” she said and then got serious “But just one drink.”

Marley chuckled a bit as she took the beverage that Mercedes gave her since she ordered the same.

“That’s a margarita and you drink it slowly” she said, and Marley nodded as she took a sip, feeling the salt mixed with the beverage making her almost spat it “Drinking can be an art, you’ll like it after the second sip” she winked as Marley nodded.

“I’m glad you said just one drink because I don’t think I would drink another one” she made a disgusted face and Mercedes laughed.

“Now remember to have fun, it’s a party I paid for” she remarked “no boy drama needed.”

“Yes sir!” Marley said and laughed as she took another sip, liking the drink this time and she made a face surprised.

“Told you it gets better later” Mercedes smiled at her “How are your songs coming? Wrote new material to send me?” she winked.

“I never sent—”

“Couple of birdies” Mercedes winks at Marley, who was frowning slightly “You know, those guys…Jake and Ryder…really care about you.” She said and Marley looked down “though we all know you only love one…” she smiled “And it’s ok, you deserve to be fought for Marley Rose…remember that” she said, and Marley smiled at her fondly and they ended up embracing.

“I believe Miss Rose owes me a duet” Sam said through the mic with his voice impression as Ryan Seacrest, which made her and Mercedes pull away and looked at him.

“What? Me?” Marley said shaking her head.

“Yes, yes you!” Sam said smiling “Come on up!” He shouted and everyone started to shout ‘Marley! Marley!’

“Remember ‘Have fun’” Mercedes pushed her slightly and Marley chuckled as she approached the stage where Sam was.

“Alright, alright…” he said to Blaine and then pointed to the TV “Whichever song appears there, we are singing it” he clarified the rules through the mic and Marley felt nervous.

Blaine took her Margarita as she gave Marley the mic and smiled at her slightly.

“We are just going to have fun tonight, you can mess up, it’s all about just enjoying a night, without drama, just friendship” he took the sip of the margarita and nodded “Oh yeah this is good!” he said and then gave it back to Marley “Drink up!”

“I believe Miss Rose has been challenged to drink up!” Sam said in his Ryan Seacrest impression and lifts his arms up “Drink! Drink!” he shouted along with everyone in the room.

Marley laughed slightly as she drank the margarita while everyone kept saying ‘drink! Drink!’ until the glass was empty, and she made a face as she laughed.

“Challenged completed!” Sam said and continued “Now let’s sing!” he looked at Artie who was now typing on the computer to list the song.

Marley looked around nervously as she placed the empty glass to a side and hold onto the mic and looked at Sam, then to everyone, as she said to herself ‘have fun’.

Jake didn’t want to go to the party, he was just a bit mad about going to a party where his girlfriend will be and he couldn’t hold her or kiss her…Ryder would hate that and even though he didn’t like the way he was treating him, he also knew that if Ryder found out Marley took him back…he might just quit glee club and that would ruin everything they worked on for Nationals.

He got up from his bed and decided to go downstairs, maybe he can just enjoy the night, besides, he did hear Artie and Sam talking about having some drinks and Marley was going to be there, so he better just make sure she was ok.

As he got downstairs, he could tell which room the party was happening in because of the loud music, when he got closer to the door, he recognizes the voice singing, it was Marley. He opened the door quickly and saw her on the platform with Sam, singing and she was having fun.

…If I could ask God just one question…” she sang and looked at Sam as he chuckled.

Why aren't you here with me…tonight!” They sang in unison and then they looked at each other smiling “Someday we'll know…” they looked at the rest and point the mic to them.

If love can move a mountain!” The rest shouted singing.

Someday we'll know” they brought the mic to each other’s face laughing.

Why the sky is blue!” Sam sang smiling.

Someday we'll know” they looked at each other again “Why I wasn't meant for you!” they smiled and then Sam grabbed her hand and made her twirl.

Someday we'll know, why Sampson loved Delilah” Sam sang as Marley twirled smiling, and then she turned to a side “One day I'll go!” Sam kept singing.

Dancing on the moon!” Marley made a mixed voice there and then she saw Jake by the door, which made her smile “Someday we’ll know…

That I was the one for you!” They sang together while Marley’s eyes locked on Jake as the song finished.

They finished and everyone clapped as the background music started.

“Alright, alright, we will take five, and then we are taking requests!” Sam announced as Marley touched his shoulder and mouthed ‘Be right back' as she walked down the platform as she walked towards Jake, Sam saw where she was heading and smiled “On second thought, any takers?” he said as he walked down the platform “Oh like you could do better!” he said towards Artie and away from the mic and the background music rising so Marley could not hear him anymore.

Jake walked towards Marley, so they met halfway, and he smiled at her as he moved his head to one side.

“Hi!” She said smiling widely and he narrowed his eyes moving his head to the other side, like studying her “What?” she asked frowning a bit.

“Have you been drinking?” Jake asked a bit worried but amused.

“Pffft…no…” she lied and then she felt bad about it and cover her face with her hands “Ok…just two or three Margaritas…but they made me!” she said as she pointed to the rest of the group.

“Alright…” Jake said as he lowered her pointing hand and hold her hand sweetly “You will drink some water now, ok?” he said, and she nodded as he led her to the sidebar slowly “Two glasses of water please” he asked the guy attending the drinks and he gave them the glasses and Jake offered one to Marley.

“Thanks!” She said and drank it quickly and Jake chuckled as he offered the other glass “Oh and you?” she asked.

“You need it more than I do” he said smiling, he moved his hand to her arm and then looked at her up and down, clearly checking her out.

“What are you doing?” she narrowed her eyes as she placed the empty glass on the table.

“What?” he said “I’m just checking out my girlfriend’s ou—”

“shhh!!” Marley rushed her hands to his mouth as she looked towards where Ryder and the rest were, and Jake chuckled as he grabbed her hands on his mouth and moved them away gently.

“Fine, then come closer” he motioned her to get closer. She was still smiling as she leaned in close to his lips.

“I love you.” He whispered making Marley felt butterflies on her stomach as she backed away and looked at him.

“I love y—”

“I LOVE L.A!” Artie shouted on the mic and then grabbed it while Sam tried to take the mic from him. That made Marley and Jake looked at each other and burst out laughing. This was going to be an interesting night for both.

End of chapter


Chapter Text

Somehow the night got funnier and everyone was having fun. Marley sang two more songs with Sam, and he was going to steal her to sing the whole night but when he met Jake's quiet glare, he understood that sometimes enough was enough, so he let Marley go as Artie took the stage to sing with Tina, then it was only Tina and somehow everyone forgot about the karaoke as drinks started to be delivered. They weren't drunk but some were on the verge of it, like Ryder, but Blaine made sure he didn't go near Marley because like Kitty said, he was team 'Jarley' so he kept him occupied drinking or playing card games. The one that didn't drink but still managed to have fun was Jake, he was making sure Marley would not drink more, by either taking the drinks that were coming to her table with the girls and threw it under the sink or he would just snatch it out of her when she went to grab one by the sidebar. 

After talking with Kitty, she approached Jake with a Mojito and smirked at him. She moved the glass to her lips and Jake snatched it in a playful way and she tried to get it back but then its content just spilled and Jake laughed at his triumph and placing the glass aside.

"I swear I'm fine" She said to him slightly pouting "Jake, seriously, the girls are right you can't tell me what I can and can't do" she crossed her arms and looked at him "You don't own me." She finished her comment and a slight smile appeared on Jake's face as he narrowed his eyes slightly.

"It's not ownership, I'm taking care of you" he said "You don't want to have a hangover...not before Nationals" he said and now she narrowed her eyes to him.

"Fine, maybe you are right" she sighed, and then she looked softened as he gave her a smile.

She wanted to kiss him so badly, but she knew she couldn't. With Ryder not sober this could turn into a battlefield. But she didn't know what to do to stop that feeling inside of her of just pulling him into a kiss and then get lost in his arms. Thankfully, when the forces of destiny hear someone they help and that's when they heard Sam's testing the mic with weird sounds until everyone's attention was on him.

“Alright, girls” Sam said on the mic “It’s been fun but now I want to call every guy in the room to join me on this next song” he announced.

Jake looked at Marley, shrugging as he walked towards the platform while the others too. Ryder made it and took a mic excited as his eyes landed on Marley. Blaine placed a hand on his chest to make his gaze move to the display with the song title. With that Blaine's gaze caught Marley's and she mouthed a 'thank you' and he replied with a wink and a smile. They had few moments but Blaine loved Marley like a sister and he has always been right about who belonged together and he was sure she and Jake were meant to be, whether they knew it or not. 

“Be ready… hit it dude” Sam ordered as the music started.

As soon the girls heard the music starting they shouted and stood up fangirling. Marley walked slowly to the front, where all the rest of the girls were, she looked at Jake who met her gaze and gave her a slight smile.

"You two should just!" Kitty's voice made Marley jumped slightly as she turned to look at her.


"You two clearly love each other, do all of us a favor and get it done" she made a movement that simulates thrusting someone, and Marley giggled nervously.

"I'm not sure...I wouldn't know what to do..." Marley replied slightly.

"Of course you never know, when it's right you just know it" she winked at her and then started to clap as the intro music stopped so the song started.

Coming out of my cage…And I've been doing just fine, gotta gotta be down…Because I want it all…” Sam started the song.

It started out with a kiss…How did it end up like this?” he acted out smiling “It was only a kiss; it was only a kiss…” he pointed to Artie who had the other mic.

Now I'm falling asleep, and she's calling a cab…While he's having a smoke, And she's taking a drag…” Artie sang and then Ryder steps forward but Joe's voice comes in first.

Now they're going to bed, and my stomach is sick…And it's all in my head” Joe sang happily.

Ryder seemed and felt looser, moved forward looking at Kitty as he sang “But she's touching his chest now…” then to Tina “He takes off her dress now…” then to Unique “Let me goooo…” and then his eyes landed on Marley “And I just can't look, it's killing meee….” Marley looked down not wanting to look at him, so he backs away to where the guys are “And taking control…

Jealousy, turning saints into the sea…Swimming through sick lullabies…” the guys started to jump up and down while singing in unison “Choking on your alibis…but it's just the price I pay, destiny is calling me…

Open up my eager eyeees” Blaine belted out.

'Cause I'm Mr. Brightside!” Sam sang as everyone started to just jump and move around.

Jake was laughing at the silliness displayed and then Sam pointed at him and gave him the mic, Jake took it and looked puzzled to everyone, and then he brought the mic to his mouth.

I'm coming out of my cage…And I've been doing just fine…Gotta gotta be down, because I want it all…” he looked at Marley and winked, making her blush “It started out with a kiss…How did it end up like this?” he smiled as he gave the mic back to Sam.

It was only a kiss! Now I'm falling asleep…And she's calling a cab!” Blaine came in as he acted the song while he pointed to Kitty and then chuckled.

And she's calling a cab, while he's having a smoke…And she's taking a drag!” Artie sang to Tina.

Now they're going to bed…And my stomach is sick…And it's all in my head” Joe sang.

But she's touching his chest now…” Ryder sings as he looked at Marley, her eyes were on Jake and he frowned slightly “He takes off her dress now…Let me goooo” shaking slightly his head he moved his eyes away from her, landing on Kitty “'Cause I just can't look, it's killing meee!

And taking controoool” Sam belted out and then jumping and laughing starting as they all sang in unison.

Jealousy, turning saints into the sea…Swimming through sick lullabies…Choking on your alibis…but it's just the price I pay, destiny is calling me…

Open up my eager eyeees” Blaine belted out.

'Cause I'm Mr. Brightside!” Sam sang as the song is finishing.

I neeeveeer” Joe and Artie keep singing as the guys form a circle and fool around kicking and jumping.

I neeeveeer” Sam and Blaine belt out as the song finishes.

Mercedes shook her head smirking as she just whispered something to Unique. So, when the song finished she starts to move on stage without Sam noticing.

“And that’s how you get a party to continue!” Sam shouted.

“Thanks for the warmup guys” Mercedes said as she took the mic from Ryder and then pointed to Unique “We girls are gonna show you how it's done!” she said as Sam chuckled and gave the mic to Unique as she took her place in the platform.

Marley smiled as Kitty, Sugar, Tina, and Brittany pushed her on the platform along with them.

“Oh Okay!” Marley said as she giggled and Brit positioned her where she had to be.

“Aaaand scene!” Unique shouted as the lights go off for a bit and then strobe effects started as the music starts.

“What!?” Sam and Blaine looked at each other amused.

“No one said we could have effects!” Artie said to Joe frowning as he nodded.

“That is clever!” Ryder shouted excitedly.

“Looks like someone needs some water…” Jake said to Sam, and he nodded making signs to the bartender.

I'm gonna marry the night…I won't give up on my life!” Unique started and her voice just was perfect for the song “I'm a warrior queen…Live passionately tonight.

I'm gonna marry the dark…Gonna make love to the stark” Mercedes started the next verse and blowing everyone’s mind at how good her voice sounded “I'm a soldier to my own emptiness…I am a winner” then moved up front where Unique was.

The girls jump to one side. And Brit whispered to Marley 'Follow my lead' as she started to move her hips to a side, sooner the rest followed her movements.

I'm gonna marry the night…” Kitty sang then looked at Tina.

I'm gonna marry the night…” Tina followed her as she looked at Brit.

I'm gonna marry the night…” Brit sang as she started to make her movements faster and sexier.

I'm gonna marry the night” Unique and Mercedes voices joined in perfect unison “I'm not gonna cry anymore, I'm gonna marry the night…Leave nothing on these streets to explore!

M-m-m-marry m-m-m-marry m-m-m-marry the night” the rest of the girls sang while dancing “Oh m-m-marry m-m-m-marry m-m-m-marry the night!

Jake is just with his back on the wall looking at Marley, checking her out. While Ryder and the rest of the guys clap along, following the rhythm of the music and Jake could tell they were checking all the girls out…including his and that made him feel a bit jealous.

I'm gonna lace up my boots, throw on some leather, and cruise…” Unique started again “Down the street that I love…In my fishnet gloves, I'm a sinner” she looked at Mercedes and smiled.

Then I'll go down to the bar, but I won't cry anymore…I'll hold my whiskey up high, kiss the bartender twice…I'm a loser” Mercedes sang enjoying this duet “I'm gonna marry the night…

I’m gonna marry the night” Unique replied smiling.

I'm gonna marry the night, I'm not gonna cry anymore…I'm gonna marry the night, leave nothing on these streets to explore” they were blowing everyone’s mind with how perfect they sounded together.

Nothing's too cool…To take me from you” Mercedes started and placed her back with Unique’s as they winked to the guys “New York is not just a tan that you'll never loose…

Love is the new…Denim or black” Unique sang “Skeleton guns…Or wedding bells in the attic” she looked at Ryder and couldn’t help but sing it to him “Get Ginger ready…” Ryder felt her eyes on him and crossed his arms slightly and moved his gaze to where Kitty and Marley were dancing, Mercedes noticed that.

Climb to El Camino front… Won't poke holes in the seats with my heels” Mercedes touched her shoulder so Unique looked at her now “'Cause that's where we make looove” she sang and then moved the mic away as Unique closed her eyes for the next bit.

Come on and ruuuuun” Unique belted out as the girls kept dancing and Mercedes smiled widely at her talent “Turn the car on and ruuuuuun” she kept showcasing how good she is at belting and her vocal range.

As the girls stopped dancing to shout and clap at Unique, Marley took the opportunity to walk towards Jake, as the song is ending. Unique shining thanks to Mercedes.

I'm gonna marry the night, I'm not gonna cry anymore…I'm gonna marry the night, leave nothing on these streets to explore…” They kept singing making it the Unique and Mercedes show.

“You looked amazing dancing over there” Jake said to Marley as she finally reached where he was standing.

“Want to sing something?” she asked smiling and Jake widens his eyes at her.

“Like right now?” He asked frowning.

“Yeah!” she said as she grabbed his hands “I just want to sing with you…” she insisted, and he smiled at her.

“You know I would love to…” he said and glanced back to where Ryder is and moves his hands away and sighed “But it might not be a good idea…” he moved a hand to the back of his head.

Marley turned slightly to her back to look at the rest and then back at Jake nodding. She then smiled again.

“Want to take me to my room then?” she asked making Jake almost choke on his own breath as he widened his eyes.

“What?” he said frowning making Marley laugh slightly.

 “I’m tired anyway…and I think…” she then grabbed Jake’s hands again “They are allowed to have their night and we…can have ours” she then bit her lip as she looked at him.

“You sure?” he asked, and she nodded at him.

That is all it took for him to be convinced, before anyone noticed he led her out of the room quietly. They sneaked through the hallway since Tina seemed to have seen them and approached the door, so they docked and evade while trying not to laugh. Once they were out of sight of the room they walked slowly towards the elevator, her hand intertwined with his. She smiled looking down at their hands as the elevator door opened and they stepped in.

When they got closer to their room doors, Marley glanced at him and giggled.

“What?” he said as he stopped and looked at her.

“Remember the last time we were at a hotel?” she asked, and he nodded.

“Of course, you really believed I’ve stolen a key to get us a room and not rented it” he chuckled as she giggled “then we came out and danced a bit more” he smiled.

She smiled at him and then she took her key, she turned around and moved away from him so she can open her door. He stepped away looking at her as she opened the door and then looked at him and smiled widely.

“Aren’t you coming in?” she asked, and Jake smiled as he slowly entered the room, closing the door behind him.

She walked slowly and feeling nervous all of a sudden she turned around to look at Jake, who instead looked relaxed as he approached her.

“So, what you have in mind?” he asked as he got closer to her, not moving his eyes from hers.

“Uhm…we could…talk?” when she heard herself saying that she let out her breath frustrated as Jake chuckled “I’m sorry!” she said as she brought her hand to her head “I wanted to say something sexy and that came out” she looked down.

“Sexy huh?” He said as his hand touched her chin and lifted her head so she can look at him “Everything you say is sexy for me, you are crazy sexy” he said making her chuckled and shake her head.

“I’m being serious…I wanted a re-do of what you wanted last time” she sighed “and I just made it awkward again…” she sighed as she walked towards her bed and sat down and shrugged.

“Hey…” Jake walked towards her and kneeled in front of her “nothing that you are not comfortable with, has to happen…” he smiled as he took her hand “it can still be our night” he assured her as he kissed her hand.

“How?” she asked, and he smiled.

“I’ve got some ideas” he smirked and stood up “wait here” he said, and Marley felt nervous again as Jake entered his room via the annex door.

He took a while and Marley frowned looking at the door, overthinking what he could be doing? Then all her worries disappeared when she saw him coming in again with a guitar in his hand.

“So, are we going to sing?” Marley asked as he moved towards her and sat on the bed positioning the guitar.

“This time I’ll sing first…” he said, and she moved her head to one side puzzled “You are the talented songwriter, but…I’ve written something that I’m kinda proud…” he said as he started to play the chords “and yes, it’s about you” he moved his hand to her face as he caressed “hope you like it” he moved his hand away to concentrate, his eyes moved slowly to the window, it was a very bright night.

Marley looked at him, he had written a song for her…he was getting his ‘boyfriend of the year’ award now.

I have to confess…that I’ve never felt this way, not until my eyes…met with yours” he started, and the melody was very sweet which made Marley smile more “and bit by bit, this love just grew stronger…oh this love I feel for you, like light does beneath the sea…” he felt nervous all of sudden so he looked down to concentrate “And while everyone conspires around us, there was only one thought in mind…” he got braver as the melody picked “I would face anything just for youuu” he said and then backed a way a bit as he played the strings “I will love you! Oh this I swear! your ally against this world full of liars” he was singing with his heart and Marley could tell just by seeing him closing his eyes “I give you my life, and I will fight…fight for your love…and even if everything fades away…this love won’t…oh oh…” he started to slow down the song and then he stopped and half smiled at Marley.

She looked at him speechless. It wasn’t just the lyrics, it was the way he sang it, the melody he played, and just how vulnerable this made him.

“You liked it? It’s not finished…but I think I—”

“It’s perfect” Marley said as she grabbed Jake’s face with both of her hands “It’s our song” she smiled, and he smiled back at her “You drive me crazy Jake Puckerman” she said, and he smiled at her.

“I know I do” he said smirking, just like when they talked on the bleachers almost a year ago.

“You are so out of your mind…” she shook her head as she got closer “annoyingly confident…” she continued as his smile widened “charming…” she looked down at his lips first and then to his eyes “yet sensitive…hilarious…and…” she couldn’t help but smile at her thought before she said it “just crazy…” she said as he chuckled “But everything I want…” she placed her forehead with his “no more…no less” she whispered as he cupped her face and pulled her into a sweet kiss.

He kissed her, his lips neither soft nor hard against hers when he pulled away, he smiled as his hands left her face and placed them on his guitar.

“What song you wanna sing now?” he asked, and she just stared at him “what?” he half-smiled confused.

She laughed and leaned into him, resting her head on his shoulder. At that sudden moved Jake took her in his arms and held her, right now he wished the guitar did not stand between them.

“This is all I want…just you and I…like this” she mumbled against his shoulder; he rested his face on her hair taking in her scent as he nodded slowly. Then she pulled away slightly, she moved her body away, and then she met his eyes, his eyes sinking on her as she fully backed away smiling.

“I really have no clue how you’ve decided to be with me…” he said as he shrugged and stood up holding the guitar with one hand.

“Why is that?” she said as her gaze watched every move he made.

“I just think that…” he placed the guitar on the wall and looked at her “I'm the lucky one to have you back...and” he walks towards her “I’m afraid to lose you again, but this time because you come to realize we might not be meant to be” his eyes meeting her as he stopped moving and just stand there looking down at her.

“Jake…” Marley has softened her gaze and extended her arms; he extended his arms meeting hers, and she grabbed them “I’m only going to say this once…” she said as she held tighter his hands “I chose to be with you, and you chose me…is that not enough reason to believe that this…what we have…us…was meant to be?” she asked and that made Jake half-smile, then she led him to sit again on the bed next to her "Sometimes the heart just wants what it wants" she chuckled as she sang that last bit and Jake too.

“You really have no idea…” he whispered as his right thumb caressed her hand and his eyes locked on hers “how much of me belongs to you…” He said as he pointed to his heart and Marley’s smile got wider.

“Mine…” she said softly, and he nodded as he got closer to her, his head moving slowly to a side as she closed her eyes when his lips met hers. She wrapped her arms around his neck, deepening the kiss as his hands moved to her waist.

The kiss that started out tender quickly became heated; their opening mouths meeting, noses knocking against each other as their bodies got as close as they could by sitting on the bed. They rarely kiss like that, and it has been a while since they let themselves get lost in a passionate kiss like this one.

Jake fought his instincts of touching further down her waist, concentrating on the feeling of her mouth with his. One of Marley’s hands stayed behind his neck as the other one got lower to his back and slowly ended up pulling him down with her, and when her head hit the pillow she deepened the kiss, not wanting to stop.

When Jake was pulled down with her, his hand ended up wrapping around her knee and bent it so he could move and rest between her legs, as she felt him moving, she couldn’t stop herself from making room for him to fit there. Then the movements slowed down, Jake felt Marley was breathing against his mouth so he slowed down and rose slightly, and one elbow laid on the bed so he could pull away from her a little.

When he stopped kissing her, both out of breath and she slowly opened her eyes to meet his, he was looking at her with a slight smile as his other hand reached to caress her chin and then her cheek. Her hands moved to his chest as she felt him still catching his breath as much as she.

“Sorry…” he said, and she frowned a bit “Got a bit carried away…” he said as he started to lift himself up with his arms, then Marley grabbed his arm and he looked at her confused.

“I don’t want to stop” she told him, with a quiet voice and breathy, but sure.

Jake froze as if time had stopped. He looked into her eyes to find the same look she had given him multiple times, that afraid and nervous look…but as much as he tried, he couldn’t find it, instead her gaze was peaceful and sure. Still, he wanted to be sure of what she meant, before doing anything that could scare her away.

“Marley…” he said with a low voice “Tell me what you want…” he finally said as she moved her hands up his chest and then to his shoulder “Tell me...” his eyes almost pleading.

“Jake” she said not breaking eye contact “I’m ready. I want you.”


End of chapter


Chapter Text

When Marley told him she was ready, she really was and would’ve done it right here and there, but Jake shook his head.

“We will do this the right way then…” he smiled and stood up as he gently offered his hand to Marley, she took it a bit confused and he made her stand up, then opened the annex door and led her into that room.

“What is wrong with the other roo—”

“We will go back there, don’t worry” he kissed her forehead and then let go of her as he backed away and to his suitcase, he started to search for something and when he found it, he hid it behind him.

“What you got there?” Marley said intriguingly but he shook his head smiling.

“No peeking…close your eyes” he ordered her, and she hesitate but ended up obeying “Alright, I’ll go back in there and when I tell you, you come in…” she felt him really near and then a quick peck on her lips “Ok?” he said and then she didn’t feel him near anymore and when she heard a door closing, she opened her eyes.

Marley looked around a bit confused, she thought this would’ve been a bit different, but then she heard a noise inside the other room, she wondered what he was doing? and then just decided to wait, as she remembered Jake’s face when she told him minutes ago that they could have sex and just giggled at the memory.

The truth is that she felt like this was Jake’s way of letting her think again about what she said. A chance where she could back down or that she was kidding, but she wasn’t, and she felt ready. She had known from the moment they got into the room, what she wanted and desired for a while now.

Somehow everything changed in the past month, not because of what went down between them, they are way past that. It was that she finally understood the reason she kept putting off sex was that she was afraid, she could end up like her mom, raising a child by herself and not trusting guys ever again. However, with a little research and Kitty’s books, she had a clearer understanding of how to avoid ending up that way.

She also knew that at that time, she didn’t feel ready, but ready for what? The reality was that she feared Jake’s past and his previous experiences…she wasn’t ready to disappoint him, because, and it sounds silly, she didn’t feel like she could live up to his expectations, his needs, or what he would want. But now she had come to terms that a relationship needed to evolve, both needed to give and take, to not fear what one wants or desires, and be sure to communicate it to your partner.

Her decision didn’t feel like a transgression anymore, and as she waited for Jake to let her into the room again, she laid her back against the wall smiling, it was as if for the first time since they started dating, she put herself first, her own wants, desires, and needs above anything and everyone.

The sounds in the other room stopped and she frowned as she reached the door now and knocked slightly.

“Jake?” She moved her hand to the handle and then she opened it.

Her eyes widen as she saw that the lights were out, some candles were the only source of light, besides the moonlight and her eyes landed on Jake’s back, he was finishing lighting up one candle, and when Marley closed the door behind her, that made him turned around quickly and looked at her.

“Well…you can’t blame me for trying to surprise you…” he said as he placed the lighter on the table and then lifted his arms up to show her the room.

“How? When? What?” Marley was confused and dazzled at Jake’s decoration for the room in such a short time, her eyes landed on the bed there were some petals, not a lot like in the movie but some, better few well-placed than millions wrong, she thought.

“You have to know that this hotel has incredible and quick service” he smiled and cautiously approached her “You like it?” He asked genuinely concerned she didn’t.

Marley looked around in silence and as she saw Jake approaching, she walked towards him, so she met him halfway, near the bed, and looked up to him.

“You did this for me? You didn’t have to” she said as she smiled “I’ve already told you what I want…this is—”

“The right way you should have…” Jake interrupted her as he took her hand with his and brought it to his lips and kissed it lightly “your first time” then he just looked at her and she smiled softly at him.

“Thanks…It looks beautiful,” she said blushing again as he let go of her hand and just looked at her.

“You look beautiful…” he said, his voice sounded more sensual than before, and even though there wasn’t too much light, Marley could feel his eyes soaking into her, she could feel his gaze on her eyes, nose, lips, then at the curve of her neck and then down, that made her blush again as his eyes met hers again, locking eyes.

Jake took in all of her, he still knew she could back down from her decision any time but just the way she was smiling at him, waiting for him to take the lead since this was going to be a new experience to her. He moved his hands to her waist softly and she feels drawn to him, as he got inches away from her face, both felt as if everything around them faded away.

Their inner voices singing the melody both their minds and hearts felt just for this moment, they are in their own universe.

What if I told you, it was all meant to be? Would you believe me, would you agree?” Jake’s voice comes in as they are just staring at themselves.

It's almost that feeling that we've met before… So, tell me that you don't think I'm crazy” Marley’s voice comes in as they kept their eyes locked on each other.

When I tell your love has come here and now” Their two voices joining in unison “A moment like this!

Marley’s hand moves to Jake’s chest up to his shoulder, to the top of his unbuttoned shirt, and gently pulled it aside, while he slightly smiled.

Some people wait a lifetime… For a moment like this.” Marley’s inner voice singing.

Jake moved his hands away from her waist to help her take off his shirt, letting it fall and he just stands there in his grey t-shirt, and then she moves her hands to her red belt around her waist and unbuckles it easily, and falls to the floor.

Some people search forever, for that one special kiss!” Jake’s inner voice singing.

When their gaze leaves the floor then they get lost in each other’s eyes again, she could feel his desire and for the first time, he felt hers. It wasn’t full of lust; it was calm and controlled on both parts.

I can't believe it's happening to me… Some people wait a lifetime, for a moment like this!” Both inner voices singing together.

Marley moved her hand to the back of her dress and Jake stopped her and she looked at him, then he moved the other hand softly to her cheek and leans towards her and kisses her softly, she let out her arms fall holding his.

Could this be the greatest love of all? I wanna know that you will catch me when I fall… So let me tell you this…” Marley’s inner voice sings.

As they kiss is as they could really feel themselves singing as they locked in a kiss, one with a sense of longing to escape forever as time stands still.

Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this!” Both of their voices come together sweetly and ending on a high note, while their minds return from the fantasy world, the silence comes back in as they pulled away from that kiss.

He doesn’t waste another minute and kisses her forehead, her nose, then her lips again. His hands now roaming on her back up and down as their kiss became playful with their tongues starting to play and they laughed with their eyes.

After a while, they kiss until they are nearly out of breath. And they finally pulled away slightly with quiet laughter, both felt amused at the way this had just begun, Marley couldn’t believe she could still feel butterflies every time he kissed her or just stared at her.

“That was…different,” Marley said as she stopped laughing and move her hand to the end of his t-shirt and without saying anything else, just as he understood her desire, he let go of her so she could pull the shirt over his shoulders, he helped her and then his hands joined hers as they threw the t-shirt to aside.

Jake intertwined his fingers with her hand and moved her other hand towards his exposed chest and then left her hand to just move freely, his gaze on her face, watching her examining him. She trailed the path from his chest to his abs and down, amazed at his toned body, so attractive and that certainly help with their current situation.

Then Marley moved the hand that was intertwined with hers to her waist and then to her back, making sure he touched the zipper. Jake felt nervous somehow, and concerned if she was ok with that, he looked at her with a worried face and Marley ended up chuckling as her hand that was on his chest moved to his cheek.

“Yes. I want this Jake” she said so sure that Jake nodded slightly and then she turned around so he could have a full view of her dress. He stood behind her and as he got closer to her back, she moved her hair to a side so he could have a clearer view of the zipper. He placed his hands on her waist and felt drawn to the skin exposed where her neck meets her shoulder and gently kissed that zone.

When Marley felt his lips on her skin, she shivered at first but then felt his breath and his body so close to hers, her breathing changed to an eager one. Then she felt his hands move up her back and pulling the zipper down slowly. As one hand kept pulling the zipper down, his other caresses slightly her spine and that made Marley shivered again, but then she smiled as she felt a tender kiss at the back of her neck.

Jake never had problems undressing a girl before, but with Marley, he wanted to take his time and make sure every move he made was accepted by her, and as many times as he had to, he would give her the option to stop, she would just have to say it and he would…not wanting to scare her in any way. His hand got to the end of the zipper and then he froze, he could see a bit of the strap of her bra and her panties, he took a deep breath marveling in anticipation to see her out of the dress.

When she felt his hand leave the dress zipper, she freed the sleeves and then the dress falls to the floor, she stepped out of it and bracing herself she turned around so now she would face him.

Jake could feel his mouth opening in admiration as he took in her body. Marley felt nervous by not hearing or seeing him do anything and crossed her arms around her waist.

“Is this, ok?” she asked nervously that maybe she should’ve waited for him to take the dress but then Jake moved closer, and his hands moved her hands away as his look sink into hers.

“You are more than ok…you are gorgeous,” he said as he moved his hands to her waist and the other one to the back of her neck as he leaned in and kissed her tenderly, and she kissed him back enthusiastically. Her hands wrapped around his back.

She felt the bed so close and instinctively she backed to it and Jake held her as he laid with her on the mattress, without breaking the kiss, making some petals rise and fall, just like in a movie. As her body felt the mattress under, she gasped at Jake’s hot touch meeting her cold skin. Jake broke the kiss and look down at her a bit concerned.

“You ok?” he asked as his hand now moved to caress her cheek and she nodded in response.

“Yeah, I’ll just warm up soon” then she smiled at him, and he looked at her tenderly.

“You can tell me to stop anytime…” he said in a low voice, and she could tell he was wishing that never happened, so she smirked.

“Anytime?” she asked as she lifted an eyebrow and he nodded.

“Anytime…” he assured her, and she moved her hands to his back and pulled him to kiss her.

As they kissed, she could still feel he kept his movements calculated and controlled as he gently moves his hands to her knees to part them and he could move in the space between. Then his hands moved up and down her waist, hips, and thighs, caressing softly as she felt electric shocks with each touch.

In a way, everything she read made sense now…it was a mixture of nervousness and excitement what she could feel but also her body moved as if she knew what to do, she had one hand around his neck while the other ran over his chest, shoulders and then to his arms, now she could notice they were sturdier, just like his whole body, remembering she never pointed that out about him aloud.

“How you stay so fit?” Marley mumbled and that made Jake looked at her with a questioning look on his face “I mean, seriously you are very toned” she said making him smirk but then she sighed “while I’m just—”

“You are beautiful…” he leaned in to kiss her chin “you are the right way you are meant to be…” then he ran his nose along her jawline sending her shivers, and then to her neck “you are just simply perfect…” and then across her shoulder and kissed that same path back to her lips.

Marley blushed at every single word he said, smiling widely when he came back to her lips and got lost in the feeling of his touch and enjoying, not overthinking what it all was leading into. Even when she started to feel his lower half pressuring slightly against her and she could tell he was controlling that movement, needing, and wanting the contact but slow to not scare her away. Marley smiled at the thought of that.

As he got lost in Marley, Jake couldn’t deny he was drawn to her, there was no way he would let her go ever again. And as he caressed and kissed her everywhere he could before he finally makes love to her, he wanted to give her the chance to think again her decision, so he started to softly nibble her neck up to her cheek and then to her lips and then pulled away to look into her eyes.

“Marley…are you really sure you want this?” he asked, his voice coming out raspier than he would’ve wanted.

Marley looked at him, his eyes were intense and focused. She ran a hand up to his cheek, staring directly into his eyes, making sure she was leaving him with no doubt about how she felt and wanted.

“Yes, Jake.” She assured him and smile “so sure…” she breathed out the last word.

Jake gave her a smile and his lips met her with a brush of heat now as she could hear a zipper going down and then she felt him move upwards. He made sure to not break the kiss as he got rid of his jeans but when they hit the floor, Marley tensed a bit and he moved his hands to caress her face to make her relax again, before hovering over her.

She felt the contact of her skin with his and instead of feeling nervous she felt a fire, slowly burning from the inside out, then it became clear it was her desire in anticipation of what's to come.

“I want to make you feel good…And I want to give you everything.” His lips kissed their way across her neck, up to her lips, and stopping at the corner of her mouth, while his hands stopped at the edges of her panties. “I want to give you things you didn’t know you wanted.” he breathed into her mouth “but you know you can always tell me to—”

“I want that too” Marley interrupted him as she smiled and kissed him eagerly.

With that final comment, Jake didn’t ask again, he just made sure to grab the condom he had placed by the nightstand before swiftly put it on and gently pulled down her panties.

She couldn’t stop gasping when Jakes's hand moved to her sides, and one slid under her back unclasping her bra, she breathed out and felt nervous about now being totally naked. Jake pulled slightly over to look at her and as their gaze met, something in his eyes, made Marley feel confident that she helped remove it.

Jake moved his gaze from her to where the bra landed and then looked at her exposed chest, mesmerized by her beauty. He had laid awake before imagining this precise moment but now that it was a reality, he wanted to take his time and make sure she could feel what he has felt from the moment he laid eyes on her. He kissed all over the newly exposed skin making Marley mutter something, encouraging Jake to take his time in pleasuring her.

Marley was mesmerized at the sensations she was having, and it was because this encounter was so much better than she ever imagined, she just thought people got naked and just do it, or at least she was told it wasn’t like in some of her favorite romantic movies. And they were right, this was far better because she never thought there was so much more to it, if this was one of those dreams one tends to have, she wanted to never wake up because she was sure she didn’t want him to stop.

There were no more words needed, Jake moved his hands to her breasts, caressing them as he moved his lips back to hers with a controlled kiss, he looked at her face, so calm and he could feel her happiness by how she was enjoying what he was doing. For the first time in his life, he truly understood love and his love for her. It was when his own happiness was found by making her happy, and he would dedicate himself to that task.

Marley felt him positioning and now she was feeling uneasy but when she felt Jake’s parted lips met hers, she felt breathless in a new and captivating way. With the kiss and his gentle touch on her sides, she was reassured that he would take care of everything; she was convinced he would be gentle.

She felt him easing into her and she was surprised by the feeling that came with it. Jake was still for a bit and then he started to leave a trail of kisses from her lips to her neck and one of his hands stayed on her hip for support while the other moved up to cup her chests and somehow, she felt safe and loved.

Jake took his time to make sure she could get adjusted, maybe she couldn’t tell but she got tensed, so he just waited until her body relaxed to start moving. He kept the constant pressure and movement on the right spot as he made love to her, he kissed and caress her every time he could see her wincing slightly, to ease the feelings she must be having, and he was surprised that she wasn’t a screamer or moaned as much but loved her breathy sounds, which became his favorite now.

Marley didn’t know how, but her body was responding to his movements as if she knew what she was doing, it was true what Kitty told her once ‘When the moment is right, one just knows what to do’. Yet there was so much tenderness in the way her body accepted his. Embodying, consuming, drawing on him. It was a sensation, unlike anything she could have imagined.

His mouth moved to her neck, soaking the scent in her hair as he trailed kisses on her neck and shoulder, while the movements became faster, and then his face moved to meet hers, her blue stare looking at him and her smile, letting him know she was being pleasured in the right way. His mouth met hers once again with passion.

Marley felt herself dissolving into his arms and wanted him to feel the same way. This could be so much more than kissing and giving herself entirely to him. This could really be the beginning of something, taking them somewhere, that changes them, and they could only do that together.

They really took their time making love. Jake wanted it to last forever as he whispered how much he loved her as her body tremble with pleasure under him. It was just how her body felt right against his, more than she would’ve expected or known. The way their bodies fit perfectly like a perfect puzzle was a confirmation of what his heart had felt when he got his second chance: he was hers. Permanently and unquestionably.

Afterward, Marley remained curled beneath his arm, her body against him in contentment, just like he felt.

“I love you…” Marley said softly, and Jake stopped breathing for a second.

“What did you just say?” he smirked down at her as she looked up to his face.

“I love you.”

“One more time, please? I just—”

Marley reached up to his face with her hands as she adjusted to his eye level and smiled.

“Jake, I love you. So much”

“And I love you, Marley. With all that I am, I love you.”

End of chapter


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Marley was told that sometimes once you make love, you get sore and that’s it you just doze off but as they talked, laughed, and cuddled for a while, she ended up wanting to find out if a second time would feel as good as the first one. So, it only took Marley to ask Jake one question.

“Can we…Uhm…do it again?” she was a bit embarrassed to say it.

Jake just smiled and kissed her, as they ended up making love a second time under the softness of the sheets, the lights from the candles disappearing leaving them just under the glow of the moonlight as they dissolve into each other’s arms. 

Marley woke up when she felt the sunlight on her face, she felt Jake’s arm around her as she realized her head was on his chest, hearing the slow sounds of his heartbeats. She smiled as memories of last night came in and the feelings that come with it. Well, now she knew what her favorite hobby would be to do with him and smirked.

She just didn’t expect to enjoy that moment as much as she did, although partly she had to give Jake credit for that…having a partner that is an expert at this does help. She remembered when she heard the girls said that the worst part about having sex is waiting for the guy to put on the condom, which kinda makes sense why some risk it and forget about it…but Jake managed to do it without her noticing, not even the second time. She wouldn’t have even known he used a condom if she didn’t see him taken it off after the first and second time, those were the only moments he left her side though.

Jake’s eyes flickered open and glanced down to find that beautiful brown hair of Marley all over him, it was so long, he moved his hand slightly on her bareback smiling at the memories of last night. He lowered his head and kissed her hair bringing her close and Marley’s body shifted a bit, he could tell she was awake.

“Morning…” he started “I wish we could wake up like this every day…” his voice still rough and deep, making her slightly giggle.

“Me too…” she replied as she rolled away from his chest so her back was on the mattress and her head on the pillow, then she looked at him as he was looking back at her with a tender stare.

“I’ve always thought making love with you would be different…something special” he said as his hand moved to caress her shoulder and then down her curves. His eyes following the path of his hand as he got a glimpse of her naked body and could feel how much he loved her “and I was not wrong…” he finished saying as his eyes moved back to connect with hers.

“How often you thought about it?” she asked curiously.

“Ever since we kissed…” he said and looked at her.

“You thought all of that after one kiss?” she lifted her eyebrows as his hand kept moving on her.

“Clearly, you need to remember that kiss as I do” he said, and she joined him in a burst of short laughter.

As the laughter stopped, Marley couldn’t help but think how Jake changed a lot, with just one look he was communicating to her how much he loved her, and with each touch or kiss, he made her feel desired, wanted and loved. She has no doubt after what they experienced that she knew Jake more than anyone, the only way to know him and she was the only one who knew the real him. Take that Bree.

When she said nothing else, he moved closer and his hand moved to caress her cheek, as she closed her eyes and opened them. Maybe she regretted it already? He could feel himself getting terrified at the thought.

“Are you upset by what happened?” he ended up asking.

“Not at all,” she said shaking her head, her voice clear “I don’t regret any of it.”

And before Jake could say anything else she lifted her face to kiss him, his head laying on the pillow as she took the lead of the kiss and he felt his fears beginning to melt away, replaced by that growing sense of completion that only Marley could make him feel. And he marveled thinking if love felt this way to everyone.

If they didn’t need to go to rehearse, she might have gotten to make love with Jake a third time, but they just stopped before they got carried away and lose track of time again. Also, Jake was careful when he asked about her being sore and when she said she didn’t he thought she might off, but she was powering through it like a champion.

When she came out of the bathroom, she took a look at herself in the mirror, she didn’t seem different, but she did feel different but in a good way. Last night Marley got to fully sense the fullness of Jake’s love for her and hoped he felt hers. She smiled when she felt Jake’s chin on her shoulder, his scent enchanted her. Then, she felt one of his hands lifting her light brown dress’s zipper up and she adjusted the straps on her shoulders.

“You changed fast…” she said as she moved her head backward, landing gently on his chest and he wrapped his arms around her waist. His touch still sent her electric shocks, and she could go back to last night's memories in a flash.

“I shower faster…I was waiting for you to come out” he said as he moved slightly his head to the side and kissed the side of her head.

She smiled and closed her eyes as she enjoyed being in his embrace. After last night she knew keeping their hands away from each other would be awfully hard.



“Do you see me different?”

“What do you mean?” This time he moved slightly aside to look at her face.

“I mean…now that I’m not…I just…” she couldn’t find the exact words to her question.

Jake nodded understanding and letting her know she didn’t need to elaborate anymore, and he kissed her forehead before answering.

“Marley Rose, the first time I saw you, you took my breath away…” he held her tighter “The first time you talked to me, I couldn’t think straight…” he continued and Marley started to feel a smile forming in her lips “the first time you touched me I got shivers all over my body…” he chuckled as his chin lowered down and rested on her shoulder “That first kiss we had, made me fantasize about kissing you again” he kissed her neck sweetly “You Marley, are all I ever wanted, if not more…” he said softly “You no longer being a virgin won’t change how I feel about you…you still take my breath away, drive me crazy and I’m always thinking about holding you, kissing you or…” his mouth close to her ear “make love to you” and then he placed a kiss on her ear, making her shiver “I love you no matter what you do or what changes” he stated and held her as tight as he could.

Marley smiled widely and even though he couldn’t see her smile she caressed his hands around her and wanted to stay like this for a while, if she could, she would hold onto him forever. Then sadness took over her when she thought about how as soon, they leave the room, they would have to pretend to be broken up again, for just another day.

“Can I hear you say it once more before we go out?” Jake asked and he didn’t have to say what he meant; she knew what he was asking.

She giggled a bit as she turned around, wrapped her arms around his neck while he instantly moved his hands to her waist, now their bodies communicated differently.

“I love you Jake” she said as she leaned in, stepping on her tiptoes a bit, and pressed her lips to his.

Rehearsing felt different for Jake and Marley, the way they sang 'Mirrors' was different, they were flirting more but trying to keep it professional. Then when they had to dance Marley moved better, when they had to dance together they were so much in sync that Brit moved them next to her and Sam, even Mr. Shue congratulate them for making such efforts to improve their dance skills together. They both took every little chance they got to touch each other as part of the act to express their affection for each other. Thankfully as rehearsals went on, the attention on them drifted away since now Ryder and Kitty were messing up every step, cue, and even lyrics...They even argued at one point. Marley looked at Jake something happened last night, and no, it wasn’t just that they made love.

“Guys!” Mr. Shue yelled frustrated as he ran a hand on his forehead “What’s the matter? I mean you two…You are messing all your cues and steps?” he frowned.

Everyone looked at them confused, while Kitty and Ryder were just glaring at each other. Finn stepped in so Mr. Shue looked at him.

“Don’t worry Will, I’m sure it’s just the nerves…let me talk to them and then…” he glanced back at everyone “in the afternoon” he nodded at them and turned back to Mr. Shue “we will show you a great and last rehearsal.”

Mr. Shue looked at him and then at everyone, who just took a seat and looked out of it, so he sighed and nodded.

“Fine, find out what happened and then we’ll rehearse in the afternoon.”

And with that Mr. Shue walked away from the auditorium, once he was out of sight Finn turned to everyone and lifted his arms.

“So, cared to tell me what happened?” he frowned “Mercedes organized a party for all of you and when she left she told me you all were having a great time and would be very happy and united the next day…” he announced, surprising everyone he knew about the party “Of course I knew about it, but it was supposed to be one of the last nights you will have as a group in a competition…” he started to walk from one end to the other as everyone sat at the edge of the stage “For some of you this is your last competition…you’ll move on from glee club…and we have to win or Sue Sylvester will shut us down” he continued “and to some, this club means a lot” his eyes landed on Marley briefly and then back at everyone “so, what’s going on?”

They looked at each other and when no one said anything Finn sighed in frustration. Marley looked at Jake worried, maybe their secret was out and Ryder didn't take it well? She widened her eyes scared that would be it. Then Brit groaned frustrated which made everyone looked at her.

“Finn’s right you guys, just tell us.” She said as she shrugged.

“Noo!” Kitty and Ryder screamed.

“Alright, clearly something happened…just speak up” Finn said as he looked at them worried.

“Not talking to everyone…I can’t” Ryder mentioned as he glanced at Marley.

Everyone looked at Ryder very confused and a little offended, what was that about? Marley glanced at Jake worried. Finn nodded as he looked at everyone clearing his throat.

“Alright, you should go…maybe sightseeing or something while I have a talk with them” he said.

“Finn, it’s stupid they should just tell us…” Blaine said.

“I feel offended we are left out of some secret…when we are supposed to be a team.” Unique commented as she crossed her arms.

“Yeah, what if it involves any of us?” Jake said it before Marley could.

“Not everything is about you dude” Ryder said frowning.

“Easy!” Finn calmed him down and looked at them “We don’t need to fight over this…I’ll talk with them, find out what happened and if I see it necessarily, I’ll convince them to tell you” he said.

“Oh but it does involve someone in this room” Kitty said calmly, and her eyes slightly landed on Marley.

“Fine, I’m finding out anyway” Unique warned as she walked out.

“We are supposed to be a team” Blaine said “We don’t keep secrets” he seemed offended as he walked away too.

Jake just let out his breath and walked away first, then Marley looked at them and she could feel Ryder’s eyes were looking at her, with an incredibly sad look. She frowned; What happened between Kitty and Ryder? She thought as she walked out with the rest following, leaving Kitty and Ryder with Finn.

Since they had to wait up, Marley and Jake decided to just head back to their—Marley’s hotel room and watch some TV. They didn’t know how long Finn would be with the rest, so they had to be alert since Finn said that when everything would be sorted out, he would text them to come back.

“What do you think happened?” Marley asked as she was laying on her bed with Jake's arm around her.

“I really don’t know…but if it was about us, I think Ryder would’ve charged at me…” he said as he brought her closer to him.

“I really don’t get why Ryder is so fixed at being with me…” Marley said as she turned her head slightly to see Jake’s face.

“Really?” Jake said and then he turned his face to her, lifting an eyebrow “You really don’t?”

“I mean…we made grease, and yeah we kissed…” she said frowning “but after you two became friends, I thought his feelings changed…then we broke up and he was just like…back to feel the same for me as he did before…if not more…” she sighed.

Jake looked at her, he was jealous as he pictured Ryder pursuing her, the times he sang to her…the way he had stolen kisses from her, when he had danced with her and touched her, the way he could tell Ryder wanted her, longed for her and his glances at her.

“I wouldn’t blame him to keep fighting for you…” he said as he looked down and then back at her “just like I do…” he said and Marley didn’t understand what he meant “I know you don’t like to be ‘owned’ and I know I don’t…but I want you to know this Marley, just if your feelings for me ever change…” He moved his hand to her face as his other held her tightly “I will keep fighting for you every single day Marley…but I won’t compete for you” he said with a straight face.

She stared at him as he talked, she couldn’t help but smile at his jealousy, he would never compete for her, he already has her, and she took a deep breath and then shook her head.

“Jake I would never expect you to compete for me” she said as she lifted and sat “You don’t have to because I want you…only you” she said as she moved closer and his eyes followed her movement “You are the one that makes me feel…complete” she smiled “and last night should have proven to you that I don’t want anyone else…I love you” she said and a slight smile appeared on his face.

“I love you too” he replied as he cupped her face “and just so we are clear, you make me feel complete too” he said as he kissed her lips sweetly and then pulled away “there is no one else worth thinking about other than you…” he said as his lips met hers once again.

As their sweet kiss became heated Marley couldn’t help but wonder if they could repeat last night, and if they did would it be as good? It wasn’t just about a pleasure act anymore, Marley understood this was a new way to share trust, commitment, hopes, and dreams they both shared.

Whatever happened earlier in Glee club didn’t matter right now, Marley was lost in the way Jake was kissing her collarbone, neck, and shoulders, just as she had her hands on his back. In a matter of minutes, her dress was off and so was Jake’s clothes and he was hovering over her. She didn’t believe when people said that once you do it you want that again and wow! they were right.

It’s as if they got better in the way their bodies communicated because in a matter of minutes they were lost in each other’s kisses and in the way they touch each other, she was becoming bolder, and he was letting himself get carried away more. Lost in the pleasure they were in, so much they didn’t hear the light knock on the door, they were lost in their foreplay until there was a loud knock that made them come back from the fantasy world they were in.

“Marley?!” Unique’s voice could be heard outside the door.

“Unique!” Marley shouted as she hops out of the bed, along with Jake and they start to look for their clothes “What’s up?! Give me a minute!” she said as she dressed back up.

“Are you alone?” She asked and then gasps “You are with Jake?”


“Yes.” Jake replied just as Marley turned around glaring at him and he chuckled while he was zipping his jeans and his t-shirt was back on.

“Well duh, of course you are” Unique rolled her eyes even though Marley couldn’t see her “Just let me in, I’ll behave around Jake I swear” she said “I know what happened!” she said excitedly.

“Know what?” she asked as she tried to zip her dress but couldn’t due to her nervousness.

Jake smirked as he walked behind her and kissed her shoulder, she looked at him surprised and he gave her a light chuckle as he helped her zip her dress.

“Uhm about what happened last night…” she said and then she just shouted, “Open the damn door will you?!”

And Jake opened the door swiftly as he gave a smile at Unique.

“Please, come in” he said and Unique narrowed her eyes at him as she stepped in.

“Why you took so long? Aren’t you interested in knowing what happened?” Unique asked as she entered and saw that Marley was finishing fixing her hair and smiled at her.

“What is going on?” she now scanned with her eyes at both of them as Jake closed the door and walked towards the bed.

“Nothing, we were…just…watching a se—movie” she said turning off the TV as Jake took a seat on the bed.

Unique narrowed her eyes at both, which made Marley felt getting extremely red as she waited for Unique to say something.

“So, What happened last night?” Jake tried to change the subject as he forced a smile and looked at her.

“No-oh you won’t change the subject mister” she then looked at Marley, then at Jake “something happened…or something was about to happen…”

“Unique!” she said and then looked at Unique as she lifted her eyebrows, Jake just suppressed a laugh “Please just tell us.”

“Fine…but I’m not done with you…or you Puckerman” Unique said as she crossed her arms nodding.

“Right, got it” Jake nodded still suppressing a smirk as he looked at Marley “Can you tell us what you know?” he said as Marley walked towards him and sat on the bed next to him.

Unique saw how she got close to him as he wrapped his arms around her, she didn’t approve of Jake, but she had, to be honest, they did make a cute couple and only a blind person would not see how much these two loved each other.

“Alright…” she smiled and then whisper shout “I was asking around and apparently…at around 3am Ryder have come to this room…crazy drunk and wondered around this hallway.”

Marley and Jake tensed out; did he hear them? What happened last night was between them and they wanted to keep it that way, so they waited for her to go on.

“Ok? But that doesn’t explain what Kitty has to do with it” Marley said cautiously.

“Oh well, this same person told me that a little blonde girl came and they argued as she led him out of the hallway” she said.

Marley looked at Jake, maybe they fought because he found out what was going on and Kitty had to calm him down or something and they fought. Yeah, that is what probably happened, is what Marley thought, just as their phones buzzed and when Jake took his out, Marley read the text, it was Finn’s.


All sorted, see you in the hotel’s auditorium in 5.

“Apparently we will find out soon what happened” Jake said as he placed his phone back in his jeans.

“Alright let’s go!” Unique walked to the door and opened it.

Before they left the room Jake pulled Marley in to kiss her lips and then walked separately.

End of chapter


Chapter Text

Marley waited for Jake to enter first the auditorium and counted till 5 to enter. She really wished they could already stop pretending, they just needed to figure out how to tell Ryder…

“Alright, that would be everyone” Finn said as he pulled out a chair for Marley, they were all sitting in a circle in the middle of the stage.

Marley took the seat between Unique and Finn. Jake was between Unique and Blaine. They both glanced at each other for a minute and, they gave each other a slight smile…they both thought the same thing: ‘Good thing they are divided, or they would just give away everything’ and then Marley looked down suppressing a chuckle.

“So? What happened?” Blaine asked sounding impatient and annoyed.

Ryder and Kitty couldn’t look at each other and just shook their heads making everyone groaned frustrated.

“Ok, this is ridiculous guys” Finn said “Just tell the rest what happened just like you told me, and then we can get over it.”

“Get over it?” Ryder said as he looked really pissed and glared at Finn “It’s not something to just get over it…for some of us it’s something that should’ve never happened” he said making Kitty scoffed annoyed.

“Well, if you can’t control yourself then you can’t expect everything be my fault!” She yelled and finally stood up “Screw you, Ryder.” She wiped some tears that came out “Stay the hell away from me!” And with that, she stormed off.

Marley, Jake, Unique, and Blaine widen their eyes at the outburst. Finn was shocked and then he quickly stood up.

“Alright…talk. I’ll go check on her” And with that Finn walked after Kitty.

“I’ll go” Marley stood up concerned and Finn looked at her.

“Ok…” Finn said as he took a seat again but then Ryder stood up.

“Marley don’t!” Ryder walked towards Marley and held her arm “You have to hear me first”.

“Let go Ryder, Kitty needs me” Marley said as she tried to move her arm away.

“Hear me first” Ryder said and she could see his eyes with a mixture of sadness and anger.

“Let her go dude” Jake had already stood next to them and moved Ryder’s arm away from Marley.

Ryder got close to Jake’s face incredibly angry.

“I need to talk to her.”

“And you will, after she talks with Kitty” Jake sounded calm, but Marley glanced at his hands turning into fists.

“Ok enough!” Finn stood up “Marley go, Ryder you stay, and we will all talk about it” He ordered, and with that Marley ran off to find Kitty.

Marley looked for Kitty everywhere but couldn’t find her, then when she was about to give up she heard some sobs, they were coming from the far corner. She approached the hallway and found Kitty on the ground, hugging her knees.

“Kitty…” Marley said as she kneeled next to her.

“Marley…” she looked at her and tried to contain her tears but ended up crying.

“I’m sorry…” Marley said as Kitty now wrapped her arms around her crying.

“So, yes…we had sex but then I realized who she was and had to leave her room.” Ryder had finished telling everyone what happened, and everyone stayed silent.

Jake held his desire to punch him after what he heard. Almost everyone looked at Jake to see his reaction, he was clenching his jaw, mentally counting numbers to not break Ryder’s face.

“Why are you looking at Jake?” Ryder frowned.

Kitty didn’t have the energy to keep crying she just stood motionless for a while, just sitting on the sofa in front of Marley’s bed. Marley had just stood there and heard a bit of the story through sobbing, but it wasn’t that clear. She finally kneeled next to Kitty on the sofa looking at her.

“It’s just crying Marley…I’ll be fine in a few hours” Kitty said as she kept looking empty.

“No, you are not fine…what happened was awful and I’m sorry that—”

“That I thought I could have what you and Jake have?” Kitty glared at her “Yes, I’m sorry for that too” she crossed her arms.

“You will find someone…” Marley said softly “He was just drunk and—”

“It doesn’t bother me that we hook up you know?” Kitty said shaking her head as she slightly chuckles with sadness “What bothers me is that he screamed your name over and over again while he was having sex with me.”

Marley froze as Kitty finished her sentence.

Blaine stood up to avoid that Jake would.

“Well…” Blaine tried to save Jake “Kitty and Marley dated him…” he explained “and now they are friends…so it’s logical” he looked at everyone and then at Jake for approval “he feels…like all of us…that you screwed it up.”

“Well, it's not like it never happened to anyone, and he isn’t dating any of them so it’s none of his concern…not anymore.”

“Oh…I beg to differ” Unique mumbled looking down.

Ryder looked confused at everyone and could see that Jake was furious.

“Is there something I should know?” Ryder asked.

“Well, a ton” Sam mumbled.

“Ok…ok” Finn stood up and looked at everyone and at Ryder “Maybe it is time you two talk…but please be civilized about it” Finn warned them “Got to the dressing room…but try to behave, ok?” he finished.

Jake stood up angry and started to walk towards the dressing room. Ryder frowned and walked with him into the room. When the door was shut down Artie wheeled closer to everyone.

“My money is on Jake…he is going to beat the shit out of Ryder” Artie commented.

“I don’t know he was surprisingly calmed” Blaine commented.

“Calmed? I could hear his fuming all the way to here and I’m the peaceful one” Joe said.

Then everyone looked at him shocked

“Wait…” Tina started.

“You know?” Everyone but Finn asked Joe as he slightly nodded.

“That Marley and Jake were back together…yeah.”

“Wait…” Finn said, and everyone looked at him “You all knew?” He asked and everyone, but Artie nodded.

“I suspected…if that counts as I didn’t before, and now I’ve confirmed it” Artie said.

“They are cute together though” Blaine said smiling.

“Yeah, they are” Brit said looking at Blaine.

“So?” Ryder said lifting his arms as Jake was with his back on the wall, looking at him “What?” He frowned.

“I’m debating whether to break your nose or your arm…” Jake said as he glared at him.

“Look I was a bit drunk, and I swear I just wanted to talk with Marley…then Kitty showed up and then everything got blurry…” He sighed.

He continues by retelling the story of how Kitty tried to help him get into his room and then they ended up inside his room, clothes were ripped off and then they just had sex. Jake didn’t really care about his sex life; the next part is what made Jake furious.

“In my mind, I was making love to her, not Kitty” Ryder tried to justify.

Jake inhales deeply, trying to stabilize his heart rate, he was fantasizing about having sex with Marley, while he was with another girl…

“I just thought it might have been a dream…I really thought I was with Mar—” Before he could continue, he felt Jake’s fist to the wall, near his face, and then he looked at him.

Jake missed his face on purpose but if he kept talking, he would have to commit murder. He removed his fist from the wall and glared at Ryder. Ryder then moved his head to one side confused and then frowned.

“So, this is about Marley? You can’t be jealous of her, you don’t own her, you lost her…and I—”

“Ryder, I swear just shut up” Jake shook his head as he contained himself from speaking more.

“Why?” Ryder was defying him now “Can’t take it?” he pushed Jake lightly “You can’t tell me you don’t dream of her too” he pushed him again “About kissing her, holding her…” he pushes him again and Jake was containing himself “You had her and you threw all that out” he pushed him harder now “And you keep getting between her and me” he pushed him again “She will never forgive yo—” As he was about to push him again, Jake held his hands now and between beating the shit out of him or telling him the truth he decided the not violent option, after all, he was trying to be better.

“Marley and I are back together” He said, and Ryder looked at him frowning “So yeah, I’m pissed that you fantasize about having sex with my girlfriend…because she and I are together again” He kept his voice calmed.

With that, he let go of his hands as Ryder backed away frowning and shaking his head slightly. It was impossible that Jake could’ve won her over, not after what he did…Marley wouldn’t be that stupid…

Marley stood speechless next to the window, thinking what Kitty told her. She frowned at the thought, it was one thing that Ryder told her how much he loved her but to know he also desired her in that way…it just didn’t feel right.

“You should just tell Ryder about you and Jake…” Kitty said as she was fixing her make up “Probably not about you having sex…” she finished fixing her makeup and Marley looked at her shocked “Marley, it is painted all over your face…” she rolled her eyes “Besides Ryder was singing outside your room, so if you didn’t hear him you must’ve been busy” she raised an eyebrow “He was going to hammer your door and I stopped him.” She placed her hands on her hips “Of course, helping you out paid me back by being humiliated” She sighed shaking her head.

“Kitty, I’m really sorry…” Marley said, “And thank you.” She said as she tried to not feel embarrassed that she knew.

“Your secret is safe with me, but you have to tell me if he made sure you were ok all the time or not” Kitty gave her that rare look that assured her she could trust her.

“Yeah, he was gentle and loving” she smiled as she blushed “I could feel how much he cared and loved me.”

“That’s all that matters” Kitty gave her a weak smile “Next thing is you getting on the pill” she warned her “I’ll help you with my gynecologist” she winked.

“Thank you…” Marley replied slowly. 

“But you should definitely face Ryder and tell him you and Jake are back together, you should just be happy with Jake…not hiding around” she frowned “You two love each other so screw what everyone would think…it is your life and more if Jake made you happy last night.” Kitty smirked slightly.

Marley smiled at Kitty, she was right Jake made her really happy, but not just last night…every day. And that’s when it hit her. Ryder had stayed in the auditorium to tell everyone what happened. Then her eyes widened if he told them everything then…

“Jake…” she whispered, and Kitty looked at her.

“What about him?” Kitty said and then she connected the dots and made a face “Oh my” she gasped “Yeah, if Ryder told everyone what happened…your boy is not going to take it well…you think he hit him?” She asked worriedly.

“I just hope Finn and the guys stopped him before he could murder him” she said as she feared and wonder what went down there.

“Perhaps we should head back there” Kitty said, and Marley looked at her.

“But…you and Ryder…” Marley felt bad for Kitty.

“I’ll be fine…Ryder is an idiot, and either he learns to man’s up, like when Unique catfished him and he still performed, or he can stop bullshitting and quit Glee club for good” And the strong and confident Kitty that Marley knew and loved was back.

When Marley and Kitty got to the auditorium everyone was practicing, as if nothing happened. Marley scanned for Jake and Ryder and then she spotted them walking out of a room. Ryder seemed just as angry as Jake did.

“Oh boy…” Kitty said.

Ryder caught the sight of them, so did the rest of the glee club and Finn. Ryder locked his eyes on Marley and charged in her direction. Jake got in front of Ryder to stop him.

“Hey, where you think you are going?” He frowned.

“I’m not talking to you anymore; I want to hear her say it” He pushed Jake away as he walks towards Marley and Kitty.

Kitty moved slightly away from Marley as Ryder walked or rushed to meet her.

“How could you just take him back?” Ryder said and suddenly everyone was looking at the scene.

Marley glanced at Kitty and then at Jake. Ryder was still approaching, making Jake come too.

“How could you do something so stupid?” Ryder said as he was now in front of her.

“Hey!” Jake shouted now as he got there all protective of her.

“Jake…” Marley said softly to Jake and held his arm softly “It’s ok…” she said, and Jake looked at her, his look softening by looking at her.

Jake backed away slightly and Kitty moved next to him, they had front seats to the scene. Finn was getting closer cautiously just like Blaine and the rest of the glee club.

“You can’t take him back…what is wrong with you, did he do something?” Ryder tried to ask a bit calmer now but still upset.

“I should not explain what I decide to do to anyone Ryder, it’s my life and my choice” she said avoiding eye contact with him.

“Marley…” he sighed “I’ve loved you since the first time I saw you…I’ve already told you that I would never hurt you…I love—”

“Ryder stop…” Marley sighed, and he looked at her frowning “You love me alright but I’m not in love with you” Marley clarified.

Ryder felt hurt at her words. Marley sighed frustrated and then shook her head.

“I don’t need to explain more but…” she said as clear as she could “I decided to give Jake a second chance because I’m in love with him just like he is in love with me.”

Jake didn’t notice when his smile appeared, he felt so happy to hear Marley saying it aloud for everyone to hear. Finally, they didn’t have to hide it anymore. Kitty looked at Jake and nudge at him and he looked at her.

“Don’t smile…” She whispered to him, and Jake got serious again.

“So please Ryder…can you just understand why you and I will never happen?” Marley sighed “I swear I never wanted to hurt you…”

“When did you just decided to forget what he did to you?” He asked.

“That doesn’t concern you Ryder…what matters now is that you know that we are back together.”

“It does concern me…because maybe you’ve been playing around with me while you were fooling around with him” he said raising his voice as he looked at everyone, especially Jake, and then back to Marley “Maybe you two just love messing around with my head…You already tried once when you pretended to be catfish” He said as he looked back at Unique “That little game I tried to brush off by the way” and then his look was back to Marley.

“No, I never played with your feelings…I was always honest with you. I told you I wasn’t ready to date anyone, and you pushed so—”

“So, you just went on dates with me…” He frowned “You let me kiss you and dream about one day calling you my girlfriend, just out of pity?” He was really hurt now “I refuse to believe that. You just didn’t give yourself the chance to get over him, you could’ve let me heal your heart, instead of coming back to the same jerk.”

“Hey, you don’t know me.” Jake said getting upset but Kitty held him from walking closer.

Marley looked at Jake and then at Ryder, who was glaring at her now.

“Tell me…how you could come back with the guy who broke your heart? You know you are giving him the chance to do it again right?” He crossed his arms and Marley hold back some tears because Ryder was just being mean.

“I really don’t know what else to say Ryder…maybe it is hard for you to accept it because of your feelings for me…” Marley defended herself “I really can’t explain to you why, or how…I can’t answer your question because…” she took a deep breath “It really doesn’t concern you…and you know what? Don’t you worry about healing my heart, it is doing just fine…and it beats just for him…Jake.” Marley realized she had to be harsh, otherwise, he would just keep pushing.

Kitty widened her eyes as she heard Marley pulling a ‘Kitty move’, maybe they’ve been hanging out too much. Finn got to where Kitty and Jake were standing and frowned.

“Oh…no Ryder…don’t” Finn whispered making Kitty and Jake look at him.

Ryder nodded as he placed his lips together as he looked at her, his look turned from a sad one to an angry one.

“I can’t believe you trust that Jake loves you, not after what he did…or that you really love Jake, the real one…The guy that has slept with almost every girl at school…who probably will just get rid of you once he gets you to bed” He says frowning “No, I think you got back with him, just to justify how little self-love you have for your—”

Marley never hit anyone, she only pushed Jake once…but this time her hand flew high and right into Ryder’s face. She would’ve apologized but she felt a rage inside of her that she had to let it out and what Ryder said, did hurt her.

Ryder looked at Marley, she was glaring at him. He nodded slightly.

“He deserved that” Sam said to Blaine, and he nodded.

“For what is worth…” Ryder opened his mouth to move it slightly and then looked at her “I would have given you the world if you'd have given me the chance.” And then just walked out.

There was silence in the auditorium. Marley stood frozen… Finn came towards her slowly, and with one glance he could tell she was about to cry. He turned slightly to his side and Jake was already next to him. Marley rushed to Jake’s open arms as he held her.

“Do you think he’ll come to rehearsals later?” Tina asked in whispers to the rest.

“I mean he did after what Unique did…” Artie said and Unique glared at him “But well he hurt two girls now…so…” he shrugged “what do I know?”

“I’ll go talk to him; you keep practicing until Mr. Shue comes back” Finn said as he gave Marley a slight smile.

Marley let some tears fall as she held onto Jake. Everyone looked at them and thought that finally everything should be sorted out now for Nationals…except the missing spot they would have to fill if Ryder doesn’t come back…

Jake frowned at the direction Ryder had left as he kissed the crown of Marley’s head.  

“I think we should try to rehearse…” Sam said, and everyone looked at him “Or we could just take five…” he lowered his eyes and Brit poked him.

“Don’t you miss the drama?” She asked and Sam looked at her shaking his head “I know I did…” and she shrugged.


End of chapter


Chapter Text

Finn found Ryder just in time as he was taking his luggage and looked angry.

“Ryder!” Finn shouted and Ryder stops in his tracks, turning around.

“Look Finn, I know what I said to Marley was hurtful but I’m hurting too…” he moved a hand through his hair “I’ve been laughed at too many times…”

“Ryder, nothing personal but you gotta stop blaming Marley, no one can tell a heart who to love or stop loving,” Finn said frowning “We all know you truly love Marley, but she is right…you might love her, but you could fall in love with someone else…”

“What difference does that make? If I love her, I can’t be in love with someone else” he said.

“Yes, you can, the difference is huge…” Finn grabbed his suitcase and looked at him “You see, you can love a lot of people…but you can fall in love once or twice in your lifetime if you are lucky.”

“Exactly, I will never love anyone like I love Marley.” He frowned “I just don’t get it, why did she choose to be with him?” He shook his head.

“Listen Ryder, and I mean this in the best way possible…” he tried to find the right words “Aren’t you tired of being constantly rejected?” He sighed “I mean it man…I’ve been with you guys almost all the time…and yes, at the beginning it seems like you and Marley clicked…but then, she decided to be with him…”

“Only because I let them…I lost my chance when I blew our first date…” Ryder sighed.

“And you think that would’ve changed anything?” Finn questioned him.

“Perhaps…if there was a way I could go back in time, I swear I would do everything different…” Ryder said nodding “if there would be a way to change it all or some way to fly back to the past—”

“Cool man but you can’t…you have right now and your future” Finn looked at him “You have to stop…if you have to convince someone to love you, isn’t the problem you?” He frowned.

Ryder looked at him and sighed in defeat.

“I don’t think I’ll ever get over her though…” Ryder mumbled, “I can’t dance and sing or be in the same room…I just can’t.”

“Look Ryder… Being able to move on from someone you love, I believe is the true test of a person's maturity level” He approached him “And a way to also test the confidence that we possess within ourselves.”

Marley and Jake were rehearsing the dance scene with Brit and Sam. Everyone just tried to focus on tomorrow’s competition.

“Throat explosion has massive dance choreographies, with the songs that we have we can really do something incredible,” Blaine said to the four of them “And since you four have become our best dancers, I think we do have a shot if we take advantage of that,” he said.

Marley and Jake smiled while Brit clapped to them. Sam smiled and then looked at Blaine as in to say something else.

“By the way, Marley…Jake…” He said smiling and then Sam joined him so they both face the couple “We wanted to take the opportunity to tell you guys that We are so happy you two are back together!”

Brit clapped again and that made Jake and Marley laugh as he brought her closer and kissed her cheek in front of everyone.

“Oh, come on, show us the love!” Sam said and Brit hit him.

“That’s private!”

“But they used to lock lips before…” Sam said frowning.

“Yeah, but if they want to keep it in the low is their right,” Blaine said shrugging.

Jake turned to look at Marley smiling and then she cupped his face and kissed him, surprising everyone. He held onto her and then they pulled away and she blushed a bit.

“Now, that’s what I call young love” Blaine said smiling “I’m really happy for you guys!”

“Yeah, I mean it was obvious you two would get back together,” Sam said smiling “After all it wouldn’t be the Glee club if we didn’t have couple’s drama” he chuckled and everyone else laugh.

“I’m just happy we don’t have to hide it anymore…” Jake said as his hand moved to her waist bringing her closer.

And just before they could speak, Finn entered the auditorium, followed shortly by Ryder. Everyone looked at both silently as they walked onstage. Once they were there, Finn looked at everyone and Ryder stood next to him.

“Alright everyone, Ryder has some words…please everyone, just listen to what he has to say.” And with that Finn steps back and everyone gathers around Ryder in a circle.

Jake held Marley as they approach Ryder. Kitty walked looking down and when she stops in front she looks up. Ryder looked at everyone and nodded.

“Ok…so I owe three people here an apology…” His eyes landed on Jake “I will not apologize for what I feel, I can’t change that…” he said honestly, and Jake just stared at him “But I want to apologize for making a move on your ex when we were supposed to be friends…it wasn’t cool” He nodded and then he looked at Kitty “I’m really sorry for what happened, you didn’t deserve to be used in any way and the way I treated you after…I’m sorry…I hope you can forgive me for what I said…” he said putting his hand on his chest.

“It’s ok,” Kitty replied as she nodded and then looked away.

Ryder pressed his lips together and then looked at Marley, he took a deep breath and then exhaled.

“Marley I’m sorry for this notion I have that you belonged to me, or that you should be with me…I can’t change what I feel and perhaps I won’t be able to…but I promise that I won’t judge your choices…or who you choose to love” he looked at Jake and then at her again “I just hope you don’t regret it” he sighed “The thing is when you broke up with Jake…my old feelings came to the surface intact…just like in the past” he looked around to everyone and then back at Marley “And the past can lure you in…so much that it can create the illusion that anything is possible…” he looked sad “But the rest I can tell you in private, if Jake allows us to talk, or he can be with us too…I just think there are some things I should tell you in private.” Then he placed his hands on his sides then looked at everyone “I’ve already had an awful moment in glee club…” he looked at Unique for a moment and then to everyone “But I’m here, we will finish Nationals…and then I’ll see how I feel to rejoin next year.”

Everyone looked at him silently. Marley nodded slightly as she looked at Jake, he still had his eyes fixed on Ryder.

“Ok, so…we should rehearse…” Finn said, and everyone started to move to their places.

Everyone moved to their places but then Blaine doubted how they would rehearse.

“Are we starting with the duets or?” Blaine asked and that made Finn nodded in agreement.

“Right, I think it’s better that we take it from the dance number first, then the final number…then we go with Marley’s song, and at the end just the duets…” Finn said, and everyone nodded.

Ryder took his place next to Kitty and she gave him a slight smile as she took his hand. With that, the rehearse went smoothly. Just as they finished the group numbers, they heard a clap. It was Mr. Shue’s and he looked happy.

“That looked great! You guys are back!” Mr. Shue said and then looked at Finn “You are definitely a great teacher Finn” He touched his back and Finn smiled.

As the rehearsing of the duet finished, everyone clapped just as Marley stood remarkably close to Jake’s face.

“Please kiss her now so you don’t do it tomorrow!” Artie shouted and that made Marley and Jake chuckled as they back away from each other.

“Thank you, Artie, for never letting that one go,” Finn said sarcastically and then he smiled “We are ready!”

Jake and Marley were on her bed, she was wrapped in his arms.

“Are you sure you are ok?” Jake said as he kissed the crown of her head, Marley didn’t reply, she was lost in her thoughts “Mar?” Jake said as he moved slightly to look at her, she looked spaced out “Mar…” He moved his hands to her sides and poke her and she jumped slightly, moving to the side of the bed and out of his arms.

“What?” Marley looked at him and smiled, but Jake looked at her concerned “What’s wrong?” she reached for his hands and held them.

“Look Mar, I think you are incredibly strong and the way you faced Ryder was great but…he did say some harmful stuff and he still wants to come and talk to you…I don’t want him to hurt you with his words…especially the part about you getting back with me because you didn’t love yourself enough to stay away from me,” Jake said as he brought her hands to his mouth and kissed her lightly.

"Is it that obvious?” She looked down.

“I know you Mar…I can see right through you…” he looked at her “talk to me.”

Marley sighed as she sat more straight on the bed and looked at Jake.

“I know I was gullible when I let myself fall into this eating disorder that I fight every day to be better…and I have…but the doctors always said that it had to do also with the way I saw myself and how much I love myself…” she then looked down, feeling tears coming out.

Jake felt angry at Ryder and how his words had triggered his girlfriend’s emotions. He clenched his jaw as he just brought her into his embrace, letting her sob slightly.

“Mar I love you so much that the only reason I don’t go and beat Ryder out is just to keep holding you…” he sighed as he caressed her back and held her tight “You are so beautiful, with a wonderful smile, hot body and I mean it I’ve seen it,” he said trying to make her laugh and it works as she pulls away slightly to look at him.

“I’ve always feared you wouldn’t like my body or me…” she said softly “I mean you had, if not many, a lot…”

“Look Marley…” he moved his hands to her sides, moving it along her curves “Yes I’ve been with others, and I can’t change that,” he said “But that was just sex…with you…I am making love…I feel connected to you…all I can think of is you…” He moved the strap of her dress and kissed her shoulder then her neck “of making you happy…satisfying you…and it’s another way to love you…” then he stopped and looked into her eyes “I will be here to make you remember the beautiful woman you are and how much I want you in every thinkable way…”

Marley smiled as she felt herself being turned on by his words, kisses, and touches. She could see it in his eyes as well, she smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“I promise you Marley Rose” he moved one hand to her face, caressing her face “I won’t get tired of telling you that you have me…” he said as he leaned in kissing her mouth.

“I really love you Jake…I don’t care what Ryder or anyone says…” Marley said as she kissed his lips once more, then pulled away “You’ve made me realize that loving myself is also putting my wants and needs first…and I want you…” She kissed him again and he smiled through the kiss.

Marley deepened the kiss, her hands now moving under his t-shirt while hers moved to her hips and then to her thighs. The way they touched was different, she loved the way he caressed her, with controlled movements but full of desire for her. Then Jake was the one who pulled away and Marley frowned confused at the loss of contact.

“Oh, trust me Mar, I want to…I really do” he said smiling “But Ryder will knock on that door, and I don’t want to get interrupted again” he smirked as he pecked her lips “We will have time later” and with that he hopped out of bed, straightening his t-shirt.

Marley nodded as she felt a burning desire inside, she hoped whatever Ryder had to say he better said it fast. She hopped off the bed as there was a knock on the door.

“Told you,” Jake said, and Marley rolled her eyes as she approached the door.

Marley opened the door and Ryder was standing there. He looked at her and gave her a slight smile.

“Hi Marley…” he said.

Marley didn’t smile back she just open the door wider as she backed away slightly, Ryder could see Jake standing there and he nodded.

“Hi Jake.”

Jake nodded at him as Marley looked at him.

“Please, come in” she said to him, and Ryder came into the room.

“So, I guess you chose to have Jake here anyways…” Ryder said, and Marley crossed her arms as she looked at him “Just checking…”

“I don’t keep things from Jake, and I don’t want to start” Marley clarified “Please, say what you need to say…”

Ryder gave her a slight nod, it really hurt him seeing them together just like the first time, if not more.

“I don’t think you have low self-love…I just said that out of hurt…because I really think that Jake only wants to get you to bed…I feel this need to protect you from guys like him…or from him…” he started trying to find some emotion from Marley, but she just stood there looking at him, then he glanced at Jake, he was looking at the ground “It’s true he was my friend…but I can’t be friends with someone who I feel has taken the girl I love from m—”

“Jake didn’t take me away from you Ryder, you never had me” Marley said, too honest for Ryder’s taste.

“I never said I did…” He defended himself “But—”

“But you can’t blame Jake, for anything…it’s true I had a crush on both of you at the beginning but…from the start, it has always been Jake who I wanted,” she said as she looked at Jake and he looked back at her smiling slightly.

“Ok…alright” Ryder said a bit annoyed and then he shook his head “You are right…I guess it is easier to blame him than to accept that I simply wasn’t enough” he sighed “but if I don’t blame him then I would have to hate you…and I can’t do that.”

“You can’t hate me for what I feel just as I can’t…” She shrugged “I’m sorry you feel that way about me…but I want to let you know that I didn’t lie when I tried to fall in love with you and I say it with Jake in this room, because you have to know that I know that probably if I would’ve been successful, then we might have been happy.”

Ryder looked at her surprised at what she was saying and glanced at Jake.

“But I wouldn’t have felt the way I do with Jake…” She continued and Ryder felt as she just shot his heart “I’m truly sorry if saying this hurts you…but even if Jake and I weren’t back together I would’ve rather stay alone…” she said and sighed.

Ryder looked at her, in his eyes, Marley could see the pain he was in.

“Ok…Got it, rather be alone with me…a bit harsh,” He said and tried to laugh but he just sighed “I understand now that I should’ve let go the fantasy of ever being with you a long time ago…or that you belonged with me…clearly, you belong to Jake—”

“I don’t belong to anyone, but I love Jake.”

Jake slightly smiled, he knew how much Marley hated the words ‘owned’ ‘belong’ or anything that meant she was an object someone possessed.

“Ok…” he lifted his hands in defense “I would’ve given anything if that meant you could love me but…perhaps in a different life…”

Jake looked up at Ryder and he looked at him.

“Alright, maybe never…” He shook his head and then chuckled “I just wanted to let you know that I’m done…I don’t know how but I’ll never be someone you have to worry about…I’m a grown man and I know when to give up…can’t change the past” he nodded at Jake and walked to the door, he looked at Marley “I just hope that someday you won’t hate me anymore…”

“I don’t hate you Ryder” Marley said, and he looked at her “You are not my favorite person at the moment…but I don’t hate you…I think we can be friends but just that.”

Ryder nodded and he looked at Jake.

“I hope you take your chance serious…You won her fair and square.”

“No Ryder.” Jake said and making both looked at him confused “I didn’t win anything…I’m fighting every day for her…” He then moved towards Marley and held her hand “And about taking my chance serious, I assure you I will…” then he smiled at Marley.

Ryder nodded at the sight of them and was enough for him to just open the door and closed the door behind him. He looked at the closed door and felt his mind drifting away to a song as some memories of the 'could’ve been' come to his mind.

So, I'll let you go as hard as it is for me…I'll never know what this was supposed to be…

Memories of them dating, kissing, and laughing together.

If you're ever alone, I hope that you think of me, 'Cause I'll never stop…

He moves his hand to his chest as he remembers Marley and him meeting for the first time and performing in Grease.

Loving you more with each breath that I take…These feelings inside never change for you

Ryder now remembers how she asked Jake to the dance and then when she cried after Jake cheated.

But you're not the one, 'cause you don't wanna be…I might have chosen you, but you chose differently…

Then he remembers how Jake and Marley, even after breaking up were singing together or having moments.

You might make me feel whole…But I don't make you complete.

He remembers how Marley looked at Jake and then how differently she looked at him.

I would grow old with you…But you've grown tired of me.

He remembers when she told him that her heart only beats for Jake…how she rejected him multiple times.

You're not the one, 'cause you don't wanna be…

And as the song finishes, he comes back to reality, staring at the door of her hotel room, and sighs.

“Goodbye Marley…” Ryder whispered as his forehead touched the door.

“Dude you know what you need?” Sam appeared in the hallway and Ryder looked at him “A Sameducation” He said as he placed his arm around him “You’ll never get hurt by a girl.”

“That does sound great” Ryder said as he walked with Sam “How do we start?”

“You just follow me” He smirked and took Ryder to the elevator.

Marley locked the door of the room and then turned towards Jake, he looked at her lifting an eyebrow. And started to walk towards him.

“Now that we are alone…I—”

A knock on her door made her turn around frustrated and Jake chuckled as he sat on the bed.

“What!” Marley opened the door, and it was Tina and Blaine on the door looking at her.

“Hi!” Tina said as they both entered the room, while Marley just closed her eyes and then opened them.

“Hey guys!” Jake said to them as they came in and glanced at Marley who came in, he could see her frustrated face and held his laugh.

“Hi! We just were talking…” Blaine started.

“And we realize that aside from this duet…” Tina continued.

Marley approached Jake and took a seat next to him on the bed.

“We’ve never sung together!” Tina and Blaine said together smiling.

“Oh…” Marley said and then looked at Jake then back at Tina and Blaine “as in now?” she said.

“Yeah!” They shouted excitedly.

Jake looked at Marley and this time he couldn’t hold his chuckle as he looked down.

“Look it could be just a couple of songs…” Blaine said as he picked Jake’s guitar that was on the corner.

“A couple of songs?” Jake said and he looked at Marley, he rarely saw her in that mood, and he couldn’t help but find cute her frustration.

“What song comes to your mind Jake?” Blaine gave him the guitar.

Jake took the guitar and looked at Marley, then at Tina and Blaine. He thought about a song and then he smiles.

“Any song?” He asked and they nod.

“Alright, this song is for you Mar…but please don’t hate the singer, focus on the lyrics” he announced as he started to play the song.

“Oh, I love that song!” Blaine said and Tina and Marley looked at him “I mean, hate the author and one of the singers…but it’s a good one.”

Marley looked at Jake as he played the song. He smiled at her and winked as if telling her to enjoy the moment.

You've got that smile…That only heaven can make” Jake sings and Marley can’t help but smile slightly.

I pray to God every day, that you keep that smile!” Blaine continues singing.

Yeah, you are my dream…” Jake continues.

You are his dream…” Tina sings as she looks and nudges at Marley.

There's not a thing I won't do, I'll give my life up for you…” Jake continues as he stands up playing the guitar still “’Cause you are my dream…

And baby, everything that I have is yours…You will never go cold or hungry, I'll be there when you're insecure, let you know that you're always lovely!” Blaine and Jake sing in unison as Tina makes Marley stand up.

Girl, 'cause you are the only thing that I got right now” Jake walks close to Marley, and then he looks at Blaine.

One day when the sky is falling, I'll be standing right next to you…” Blaine and Jake sing in unison “Right next to you…Nothing will ever come between us, 'Cause I'll be standing right next to you, Right next to you!

Jake gives Blaine the guitar and he picks up from the bridge of the song as Jake takes Marley’s hand leading her to dance with him.

We're made for one another…me and you…” he spins her around and then brings her close “And I have no fear…I know we'll make it through” He sings and pecks her lips then he backs away as Tina and Blaine say ‘awww’

“You guys are just so cute!” Blaine said.

“Imagine your kids!” Tina screamed and Blaine replied ‘aww.’

“They would be so cute…little Jacky and little Marley” Blaine said.

Marley widens her eyes while Jake chuckles.

“I think you are getting a bit ahead,” Jake said as he now wrapped his arms around Marley.

“Well, we don’t think you would right away, but just in the future…Blaine is a cute name just FYI,” he said, and they all laughed.

 It was late and somehow Blaine, Tina, Jake, and Marley had been singing or just talking about everything. Jake had Marley wrapped around his arms as they were sitting with their back on the head of the bed while Tina and Blaine were at the end of it. They never talked like this before, and it was cool that now they were doing it.

“Well, I guess we should just go now…” Blaine said as he stood up “We all need to rest before tomorrow’s big day” He smiled.

“Rest up guys,” Tina said as she stood up “See you tomorrow,” she said as they both walked with Blaine to the door.

“Bye guys,” Marley and Jake said in unison as Blaine opened the door.

“They are not going to sleep, aren’t they?” Tina whispered to Blaine as they head outside.

“Let’s just hope they don’t waste too much energy,” Blaine said as he closed the door behind them.

As soon they heard the door shutting down, Marley looked at Jake. He stared at her smiling.

“What time is it?” She asked as she reached for her phone on the nightstand and picked it up “It’s almost 1 am!” She said as she stood up.

“Yeah, they were here for a long time,” Jake said as he stood up and stretch “We should get ready to get some sleep soon.”

Marley narrowed her eyes at him.

“What?” Jake said, clearly teasing her.

“You really just want to sleep?” She asked as she walked towards him.

“We have a big day tomorrow so I think we should rest, yes,” he said.

“Ok…” Marley said “So you don’t mind I just sleep…” she unzipped her dress and let it fall, standing in front of him in her underwear “like this?”

Jake looked at her and came close as he held her waist, he brushed his fingertips along her curves and looked at her.

“Are you trying to seduce me?” He said and she smirked slightly.

“Depends, is it working?” She said and then she looked at his lips and then at him.

Jake smiled as he just kissed her lips and in seconds, he had his tongue exploring her mouth. Marley deepened the kiss as Jake picked her up from her legs. Marley yelled a bit at the sudden movement and then giggled as Jake just held her in the air. She leaned down to kiss him, wrapping her legs around his torso as he walked slowly towards the bed, with only the thought of loving her.

“Right…now…” Jake said between kisses as he leaned Marley gently down on the bed “making love to you is the only thing on my mind.” He said and Marley smiled widely.

“Good…because I swear…” Marley said as she reached to the end of his t-shirt and pulling it out of him “even if the whole hotel…” she continued as she waited for Jake to unzip his jeans and pulled them down “was burning…” she smiled as she pulled him towards her, so now he hovered over her “I’m…not…walking…out…” she continued through kisses and then she pushed him slightly so he could hear her out “before you make love to me” she finished saying as she pulled him into a kiss, making Jake smile slightly, loving the fact that her desire was just as much as his.

They kissed on the bed for a long time, Jake took his time, just like the night before with her, making sure she was ok with everything and kept his movements controlled. She felt short of breath as his hands gently caressed her back, her arms, her shoulders, pursued by kisses following the same path back and forth. He would mutter words of love between kisses and then she just felt their heated bodies joining together, skin to skin. What she loved the most when they make love is how she could feel his strength and tenderness as their bodies joined together as one. Their exchange was passionate and tender as their emotions.

End of chapter


Chapter Text

Jake opened his eyes and had Marley laid on his chest, he moved his hands from her lower back to her back, tracing small circles up and down. Her skin felt warm against his, he could hear her breathing in and out so softly. He wanted to see her face, but her beautiful brown hair was covering her face, he chuckled as he used his other hand to remove it lightly.

“Good morning…” Marley mumbled as she felt his touch and smiled slightly.

“Morning Mar…” He said as she rose, and he lifted his eyebrows looking at her naked chest with the light of the morning “Wow…” he said as he couldn’t help but stare at her chest.

Marley frowned a bit as she stretched, then she suddenly realizes and brought the covers up.

“Oh my god!” She said as she held on to the covers, covering herself, and then giggled “I totally forgot!”

“I didn’t mind” Jake said as he reached for the covers and her “in fact…” he carefully removed the covers from her, then bringing her towards him “come here…”

Marley let herself be guided towards him and found herself positioning herself on top, she had always wondered about this position, they haven’t tried it yet…she didn’t feel ok to take command like this. But this time the way Jake just looked at her and caressed her sides as he smiled, didn’t feel like they were going to make love again, it felt and seem more like he was just admiring her body and that made her blush but feel more confident.

“You never have to be embarrassed about covering yourself when we are together Mar…” he smiled widely and looked at her eyes “I really need to let you know that it’s not just your curves and the fact that you have a smoking-hot body…yes smoking-hot,” he said smirking, making her giggle slightly,  as he kissed her collarbone and then looked at her eyes again, while his hand caress gently her whole body up and down “That drives me crazy…There’s something about all of you…the entirety of your body and your soul, your voice…combine it all…and I’m just so lucky to have you…” he exhale still admiring her.

Marley smiles widely as she pulled him into a sweet kiss, his hands moved to her back, up and down, then to the sides, and then one hand to her chest, gently caressing her, which made Marley gasped through the kiss, and then she giggled. Jake bit her lower lip as he kept caressing her chest and cupping them now softly, then he kissed her jawline down her neck, nibbling all the way to her collarbone, making her arch her back slowly.

It was just the way Jake touch her that made Marley feel safe and empowered in a way, he was communicating everything he just said with everything he was doing. Jake loved how soft and smooth her skin was beneath his fingers.

“I love you so much Marley…” He said as he kept kissing alongside her collarbone to her shoulder.

Marley loved the way his voice was coming out so low and deep, she could feel how he was getting turned on just like she was.

“I…love you…too…Jake” Marley said while catching her breath as she took in the sensations Jake was provoking with what he was doing.

Then she thought about how today they needed to get ready for the competition…but she wanted him…She needs to get this out of her system, try this way…besides there is no way they will be able to do this in their houses once they are back…or could they?

“Jake…” she breathed out and he moved his head slightly to meet her eyes, she moved her hands around his neck.

“Yes?” Jake said as he kept roaming his hands around her back.

“Let’s try it this way” she blushed, and he lifted his eyebrows.

“Are you sure?” Jake asked as his hand kept cupping her breasts, smiling.

 “Yes, so sure…stop teasing and get the condom,” she said as she moved his hands away, making him chuckled.

Jake extended his arm to the condom package on the nightstand and took out one. He brought it as Marley looked at every movement…she was calm watching him as he ripped the packet foil and took out the latex sheath, she made some space so he could put it on. There was something different about watching him do all that with the light of the sun, but she wasn’t scared, she was intrigued, in a good way.

“Now, this way…might be a bit hurtful for—”

Marley just got back on top of him, crushing her lips into his. Jake chuckled slightly at her actions, there was newfound confidence that he adored. Then his hands came up to cup her face as his head bent and his mouth covered hers. What he loved the most was the way her lips were so soft beneath his and when they opened for him, he didn’t hesitate to let his tongue swept inside, a taste that went straight to his groin and fired every nerve in his body.

Marley didn’t know how to start, so she let her instincts and Jake’s hand guide her. He placed his hands around her hips positioning her and then he looked at her with such tenderness that Marley blushed at the soft contact. Then she felt her breathing uneven as she felt herself sinking in slowly, Jake held her tight so she wouldn’t hurt herself and easing the entering. She could feel this way he got deeper, making her feel a bit of pain but Jake’s caressing made the pain go away, replaced by pleasure.

“I see now why some girls like to be on top,” Marley said as she wrapped her arms around Jake’s neck, and he chuckled.

“Oh, we guys love it too” He smiled and then peck her lips.

“Should I move now?” Marley asked and Jake just nodded rapidly.

Marley laughed slightly as she could tell he was just as eager as her, so she started to move and found herself finding new pleasure in those movements and heard Jake moaning, which had become extremely cute for her to hear. The movements increase in speed, and she was the one commanding the speed, this was new to her but then again, she was mastering it like a champ.

Jake admired how Marley in just two nights has become so curious about being intimate with him, of course, he would just settle with just being with her like they were before but the fact that they can be intimate now made their relationship evolve differently. The passion they felt for each other was intoxicating and fascinating for both, it was something entirely different from anything Jake has ever felt.

They almost forgot about the day they had ahead, but then when they received a text from Finn telling them they will meet in 20 minutes in reception, they hopped off the bed and Jake ran to his room to get ready.

Jake showered fast but he kept thinking about Marley and her body, if she was willing to keep experimenting with their intimate life, he could introduce her to other stuff. He smiled at the thought as he finished putting on his white shirt and black pants. Then he came into Marley’s room with his bow tie and white jacket in hand.

“Hey Mar…could you help me with the bow tie?” He said as he entered the room via the annex door.

“Yeah, wait a sec” Marley turned smiling at him as she went back to look at herself in the mirror.

Marley had just finished showering and putting on her dress. She could see Jake looking at her smiling “Stop looking at me like that…” She said while she was applying her makeup “I need to hurry and with you staring at me like that I can’t concentrate.” She finished applying a fine line underlining her blue eyes and turned around to look at Jake.

“Hey, can’t blame me for checking you out, you look smoking hot in that dress,” Jake said as she approached him rolling his eyes.

“Wait until I finish getting ready, then I’ll ask how I look,” she said as she grabbed his bow tie and help him put it on

She finished fixing his bow tie and planted a sweet kiss on his cheek as she went back to fix her hair. Jake stood there, admiring her and her dedication to look so good. When she was finished fixing her hair she stood up and looked at him.

“Now, how do I look?” She said, holding the end of her dress as she twirls and smiled.

Jake looked at her and drew a deep breath, struggling to keep his emotions in check, knowing that he didn’t love her simply right here and now, but reaffirm that he would never stop loving her.

“You look stunningly beautiful Mar…” he said as he put on his white jacket and approached Marley, wrapping his arms around her “And hot…” he winked.

“You could’ve used just one word” she smiled as she pecked his lips.

“Alright…I’ll do it if you get to describe me in one word” he smiled back at her.

Marley stood there, looking at him. She decided to just say what her mind was thinking for a while now.


Jake smiled widely and he chuckled.

“Always and undeniably yours.”

When Finn saw Jake and Marley getting to the reception he smiled as he walked to meet up with them.

“Hi guys!” Finn said smiling and they smiled back “The bus is ready; Marley go ahead I want to ask Jake some stuff about the choreography.”

“Ok…” She said as she kissed his lips quickly and walked towards the bus.

Finn smiled as Marley got far enough and then he looked at Jake.

“So, I’m guessing this conversation has nothing to do with the competition…” Jake said understanding Finn’s look.

“I’m so glad you got the hint,” Finn said nodding “Now look Jake, I want Marley happy and you make her happy…” he started “I bet you get that Marley is like a sister for me…so, I’ve been supportive of your relationship, because I know you truly love her…” he stopped walking and stood in front of Jake “So, I’m only going to say this once, so you’d better listen carefully…” he placed his hands on both of his shoulders “If you break her heart or trust again…I will beat you to death,” He said being overly protective of Marley.

Jake nodded slightly and then made a serious face.

“I promise I won’t break her trust…or heart…ever again,” He said “This is my only chance and I fully intend to take advantage of it,” he said.

Finn turned his serious face to a smile and then hugged him, when he pulled away, he looked at him.

“Good talk. Now let’s go win Nationals!”

On the bus, Marley was going to take a seat up front but then she saw Kitty sitting at the far end, so she walked to her.

“Hi” Marley said as she sat next to her smiling.

“Hi…” Kitty looked at her and then smirked “Gosh Marley you gotta learn how to hide your satisfied face” she giggled, and Marley blushed “seriously, that good?” and Marley nodded as they both laugh.

“How are you?” Marley said after she calmed down, trying to change the subject.

“I’ll survive,” Kitty said slightly smiling and then smirked “Of course I probably slept more than you…please tell me you ate breakfast” her face turned to a worried one.

“Yeah, I did…Jake ordered food in…he’s been making sure I ate…all the time,” Marley said widening her eyes and shaking her head.

“Well duh! He needs you with all your energy and I bet he needs the carbs too” Kitty nudged at her slightly giggling “That reminds me, we have a date with my gynecologist tomorrow afternoon.”

Marley widened her eyes and ‘shh’ her.

“Stop Kitty…” Marley blushed looking around “I don’t want them to know…”

“Oh honey, if they don’t know they are oblivious…and if they do, they won’t say anything, and if they do just brush it off…” she winked “You are having pleasant sex…enjoy it and haters gonna hate anyway” she laughed, and Marley joined her.

Jake and Finn entered the bus, Marley and Kitty stopped laughing and looked at him.

“Loverboy, over here” Kitty shouted, and Jake looked at her as Marley blushed.

Everyone just started to whistle or shout, teasing them. Marley just covered her face with her hands blushing and then Jake got to where she was and turned towards everyone smirking.

“Alright, you guys…” Jake said as he kneeled in front of her, uncovering her face. She looked at him and he cupped her face, then he kissed her sweetly, making everyone shout or whistle in excitement, then he pulled away and smiled at her.

“Won’t deny you guys are cute” Unique said winking at Marley.

“And that would be everything we are allowed to see” Kitty stood up clapping at them and then looking at everyone “Now, mind your own business.” She glared and everyone laughed as they turned their attentions away from Jarley.

“Thank you,” Marley said to Kitty as Jake took a seat next to her.

“I’ve got your back,” she said and then looked at Jake “Both of your backs…” she said, and Jake smiled back at her as he wrapped his arm around Marley “But I will not be a third wheel, so Puckerman you better find me someone, other than your brother”.

And they all laughed while Finn was looking at them, then he turned to see everyone on the bus. They all looked hyped for Nationals, all but one… Ryder, who was serious even though Sam was talking to him through some stuff. It is hard to get your heart broken twice and by the same girl…Finn sighed and then ordered the bus driver to drive.

When they hopped off the bus, Blaine stopped everyone with his hand as another bus stopped and another group of people came out.

“What’s wrong?” Sam said walking towards Blaine.

“That’s ‘Throat Explosion’” Blaine said, suddenly feeling nervous as he turned around to face everyone.

Finn was reading through his booklet and then looked at Blaine.

“You are right, and that’s his leader…”

“Jean Baptiste” Blaine said nodding.

Everyone looked at both oblivious.

“Oh, come on! Am I the only one that reads show choir blogs?” He asked and everyone looked at him and he groaned “Well Jean is a big threat…they are known for their explosive showcase of talented dancers, and he has an amazing voice…I wonder what they have planned…”

“Well…that would be great, but we need to go register and prepare, so come on guys!” Finn said as he led everyone inside the building.

Blaine stood there analyzing the situation and Marley approached him and tap his shoulder.

“It will be ok Blaine, we got this,” she said to him, and Blaine smiled at her.

“I hope you are right…” He mumbled as he followed her inside the building.

They registered and now it’s time for them to take their seats as they wait to be called onstage to perform. The nerves are there. They are walking through the hallway into the auditorium to get to their seats when they all hear female voices.

“Hi guys!”

They all turned around to spot Mercedes and Santana. Finn tried to look for Rachel, but she wasn’t in sight, but he slightly smiled as Santana and Mercedes approached him first for a hug. When they pulled away they moved to hug the rest.

“Where is Mr. Shue?” Mercedes asked Finn.

“He will be back before we performed…he…” then he whispered to Mercedes “has been offered a better job and he went for the interview…”

“Oh…but…” then she smiled at Finn “Then this is your glee club Finn” she nudges at him “These are your kids now” she winked.

“Well, that doesn’t sound right” Finn chuckled slightly.

“I can’t wait for what you have prepared for all of us then!” Mercedes said excitedly.

Then Mercedes proceeded to talk with the rest, hugging and kissing and then just laughing, while Santana went to hug Marley, the embrace, and then when Santana was pulling away, she whispered to her ear.

“You had sex!” She said and Marley widened her eyes and when Santana looked at her, she smirked “Psychic Mexican third eye” and winked then turned to hug Jake “aww come here” she said pulling him into a hug and then whispered, “you must be the one that deflowered her” and then she pulled away, looking at both.

Jake and Marley glanced at each other, as Santana kept her glare on them, with her hands on her hips. No one else seemed to notice what was happening. They both looked like they were in trouble and Santana couldn’t hold it anymore and ended up bursting out laughing. That made Jake and Marley chuckled slightly, still nervous.

“No, no, please” She stopped laughing and then smiled “I got to be honest…I didn’t like you Puckerman Junior…” she said and then looked at Marley “But…” then she looked at both “I really like this pairing and I hope you two are very happy.”

Then she hugged them both. As Mercedes now approached opening her arms wide for them.

“Hi you two!” She said as Marley embraced her. When they pulled away Mercedes looked at Marley “How are you? Have you eaten?” without waiting for a reply she looked at Jake “She has eaten right?” She asked and Jake nodded “Good, ‘cause you have to look after her when we can’t.”

Marley sighed shaking her head at both as she backed away to hold Jake’s hand.

“I’m ok guys…” Marley said smiling at both “I swear, Jake didn’t let me walk out of the room before I had breakfast.”

“That’s great and just in case I brought some brownies and juice box for everyone,” Mercedes said smiling and then looked at Marley “I know how hard it is to learn to love one’s body, but it is the one God gave us, so we have to take care of it” She smiled.

“I know that…and I’m getting good at that” she glanced at Jake “Learning to be confident with my body and image” then she looked at Mercedes “loving myself and putting myself first.”

Jake smiled as he heard her saying that and held tighter her hand. He then looked at Mercedes who was looking at them weirdly, she must know like Santana what has been going on lately between them, but she decided to just nod and smile.

“Alright, let’s go inside…to see your competition!” Mercedes said.

Then everyone walked into the theatre, to their assigned seats.

 There were many groups competing, and they were good. No wonder why it is called Nationals, every winner of Regionals in their respective places was here and they were incredibly good.

“And now, from Fort Wayne Indiana…” The announcer started and got everyone’s attention “please welcome ‘Throat Explosion’!”

“Oh God.” Blaine commented nervously.

The lights come out, they are blue spotlights, and the group is positioned in the center of the stage, in a pyramid style. They are all wearing masks as they start to sing, with the help of robotic sounds.

Throat Explosion: “Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto…Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto…” The group moves in sync with just their heads “Mata ah-oo hima de Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto…Himitsu wo shiri tai!

Then the person who was in the center leads the next movement, which is everyone’s hands-on pelvis as they moved slightly apart, and he comes to the middle front of the stage.

You're wondering who I am!” Jean Baptiste sings as he takes off his mask.

Throat explosion: “Secret, secret, I've got a secret!

Jean: “Machine or mannequin…

Throat explosion: “Secret, secret, I've got a secret!

Jean: “With parts made in Japan!

Throat explosion: “Secret, secret, I've got a secret!

Jean and Throat explosion: “I am the modern man!

Jean: “Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto”              Throat Explosion: “Domo, Roboto!

Jean: “Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto”              Throat Explosion: “Domo, Roboto!

Everyone watches their performance with special effects, synchronized robotic choreography. It is insanely great how they move, led by Jean. Everyone glances at each other, Finn is very concentrated on the performance, formulating a last-minute plan.

“They are really good…” Mercedes whispers to Santana and she nods.

“Let’s hope our guys have what it takes…” Santana comments in a whisper.

Jean: “The time has come at last”    Throat Explosion: “Secret, secret, I've got a secret

Jean: “To throw away this mask”     Throat Explosion: “Secret, secret, I've got a secret

Then everyone removes their mask, still using them as part of the choreography movements. Jean approaches the front stage again followed by the other three teammates.

Jean: “Now everyone can see…”      Throat Explosion: “Secret, secret, I've got a secret

Jean: “My true identity...”                 Throat Explosion: “Oh oh!

Jean: “YEAH!

And as Jean hits the high note, everyone leaves the stage but Jean, then someone comes in to rip off his costume, revealing a blue tux with a white shirt and bow tie.

“That’s—” Sam starts to say.

“Brilliant!” Blaine shouts excitedly, then everyone looks at him and he ducks into his seat.

Throat Explosion: “Lately I've been, I've been losing sleep! Dreaming about the things that we could be!

Throat Explosion appeared with dresses and blue tuxedos, just like Jean Baptiste as they make their entrance. Kitty glanced at Marley and Jake; they were nervous too, just like the whole New Directions.

Jean with Throat Explosion: “Baby, I've been, I've been prayin' hard…Said no more counting dollars…We'll be, we'll be counting stars!

They all sang in Unison, Jean obviously more heard than the others as they make a choreographed hand gesture as they move to the sides and stomping with their feet following the rhythm of the music.

Jean: “Like a swinging vine, swinging my heart across the line…And in my face is flashing signs, seek it out and ye shall find…

“Oh God, they are really good…” Marley breathed out worried.

“Yeah, they are good…” Jake mumbled as he held her hand tight.

Ryder saw them holding hands and turned his attention the other way.

Jean with Throat Explosion: “Old, but I'm not that old…Young, but I'm not that bold…And I don't think the world is sold, I'm just doing what we're told…

One of the judges stood up to dance along with the hips sway movements just like Baptiste.

Jean: “I feel something so right, doing the wrong thing…And I feel something so wrong, doing the right thing…I could lie, could lie, could lie…

Their movements are so calculated that it would seem almost impossible the perfect harmonies they managed to do, just like Jean’s vocalizing is just in perfect pitch.

Jean: “Everything that kills me makes me feel alive!

And then Jean holds that note like a champ. While the rest of Throat Explosion continues singing the chorus of the song.

Jake glances at Sam, then they both look at Unique and she nods at them. They need to excel if they want to win this.

Throat Explosion: “Lately I've been, I've been losing sleep…

Jean: “Take that money watch it burn, sink in the river the lessons I've learned…

Jean and Throat Explosion: “Take that money. Watch it burn. Sink in the river. The lessons I've learned!

Jean moves around the stage, while everyone keeps dancing in sync moving to the middle, and as there is less space more syn they seem. Jean gets to where they are and stands in the middle matching up every move swiftly and like a pro.

Jean: “Woah woah woah woah!

Jean and Throat Explosion: “Take that money. Watch it burn. Sink in the river. The lessons I've learned!

Jean: “We'll be, we'll be counting stars!

And the performance ends with a single spotlight on Jean. He is facing up where the judges are, and they all standstill.

The audience offers a stand-up ovation and is euphoric. The New Directions exchange worried looks.

“To the Greenroom now!” Finn shouts and everyone looks at each other concerned but then they rush outside the theatre and towards the green room.

End of chapter


Chapter Text

They all got to the Green Room, and they are nervous and commenting on ‘Throat Explosion’ and their performance. Most of them were talking about their great moves and Jean Baptiste vocals.

“Guys, Guys!” Finn shouted and then everyone looked at him silently.

Finn cleared his throat as he adjusted his tie, he always hated tie but then he smirked and took it off and everyone looked at him weirdly.

“Is there something wrong?” Artie asked.

“Do you need help with that?” Sam asked.

“I’ve always bet Finn would lose it before all of us” Brit commented.

“The tie is supposed to go around your neck,” Kitty said.

Finn smirked as he unbuttoned the collar of his shirt and looked at them.

“No, that’s what they want us to think but it doesn’t have to,” he said, and everyone looked at him confused “We got great dancers, we got great numbers…Unique, Blaine, Marley…” the three looked at him “You got killer vocals, more or just like Baptiste…use that, get crazy! Time for a change…Remember the first suggestion instead of ‘Girls Aloud’? Well we will use it, Sam knows it” He said as he pointed at Sam and he nodded, “Let’s all remember that we got what it takes…we are the last National’s champions, we can do this…” he smiled “I believe in you…everything we went through led us all here…no holding back…get loose…leave everything you got onstage because we can do this!” He finished his speech, and everyone was silent for a moment.

 “That was a great speech bro,” Sam said smiling.

Then everyone clapped at Finn and shouted: ‘we can do this!’

“So, we can go crazier with the dance,” Marley said as she wrapped her arms around Jake, and he lifted an eyebrow.

“You want us to?” He said as he got closer.

“Finn said to get crazy…” She smiled.

“I’m not sure Mar…we’ve done enough crazy for a day I think” he smirked as his hand moved alongside her waist and hips. She smirked a bit and got as close as she could to him.

“That’s kind of like the way we are, huh?” Marley remarked as she brushed her lips with his “One always chasing a thrill, the other holding back?”

Jake smirked as one of his hands moved to her lower back and the other tickled her side, but she just giggled and kept looking at him.

“Which one am I?” Jake asked while his eyes glanced at her lips, wanting to kiss them.

Marley didn’t reply, she saw his tongue slipping out to lick his upper lip slightly and then she locked her lips with his. Jake deepens the kiss. They were in their own little world, forgetting they could be seen, to their fortune, no one is paying attention as they are excited about the changes, well no one, except Ryder who had his eyes and ears locked on them.

Ryder saw the scene and shook his head as he walked out of the Green Room, only Finn noticed, so while everyone was talking about last-minute changes, they can make so their performance is at the top of their game, Finn followed Ryder outside the room.

“Ryder, hey!” Finn shouted and Ryder turned around to see him.

 “I tried Finn…” Ryder said “But I can’t…” he looked down “I won’t be at the top of my game watching them like that…I can’t,” he said shaking his head.

Finn looked at him out of words, he didn’t know how to convince him…Ryder just said ‘sorry’ again before he turned around and walked away.

Finn entered the Green Room and motioned Unique and Sam to come over. They frowned slightly and did.

“What’s up?” Sam said.

“You are not telling me I don’t get to sing my solos, right?” Unique warned Finn.

Finn shook his head as he thought about how to say what he needed to say, then he nodded.

“Ryder has left the competition…” he sighed, while Unique and Sam looked at him “Sam you will do all Ryder’s parts with Unique…” He said and then he motioned Kitty to come over, she did.

“Ryder left right?” Kitty simply said “So I’ll have to go solo…” she made the affirmation and Finn slightly nodded “It’s ok…I figured that out, he is unbelievable selfish” she shook her head “but we don’t need him…I don’t…I can shine all by myself” then she walked away from Finn.

“What happened?” Sam asked, “He was good yesterday, I even gave him a ‘Sameducation’” He stated and Unique rolled her eyes as she moved away from them to make some warm-ups.

“Well, he is just not playing it for the team…But I think he will reconsider…” he said as Sam looked at him.

“So…if he reconsiders, I take his place or not? We don’t have time Finn you need to decide…” Sam said clearly.

“You will do Ryder’s parts…even if he reconsiders, he is not fit for any solo, he will do chorus…” he sighed “I just need time to talk to him…please lead this group, I know you can do it” He smiled at Sam.

“I promise we’ll do our best!” Sam said.

“I do not doubt it” Finn smiled.

They both embrace shortly. Then Finn nods at him as he runs out of the Green Room.

They’ve been rehearsing the new changes. Marley couldn’t believe Ryder just left them and Jake was showing Sam what was Ryder’s part in the dance routine. Kitty was just annoyed at the whole thing and then Marley approached her.

“Hey…” Marley said making Kitty look at her.

“Hey, you…” Kitty tried to sound ok.

“I’m sorry about Ryder…that is a total jerk move,” she said.

“Marley Rose calling someone a jerk? You have been hanging out with me too much” she said and that made them both laugh “Don’t worry about me, I don’t need him…and Finn said he will try to convince him to come back but honestly, we don’t need him.” She forced a smile and Marley gave her a half-smile.

Finn came back, Marley and Kitty walked towards him. He looked at them and Kitty spoke first.

“You couldn’t convince him, huh?” Kitty said as she nodded in disbelief.

“He will think about it…but I don’t know…at least he is not leaving right away…” Finn said.

“We could share Jake for the ‘Girl’s Aloud’ number” Marley suggested.

“No time for that, I’ll improvise something and if not, I’ll go to the back with Unique and Artie and figure something out” Kitty smiled.

“So, no Ryder?” Blaine asked Finn, and he shook his head “Well, too bad…we are going to make it work without him.” He looked at Kitty.

“It’s fine guys, thankfully Ryder left me hanging and not you,” she said.

“Since Mr. Shue is not here…Finn any last words to encourage us?” Tina asked and Finn took a deep breath then he smiled.

“I believe in you guys, go and sing together…remember is just 8 minutes…for some of you it would be the last Nationals…make it count” he smiled “Have fun…and give everything you got!”

Then the lights came in and out signaling it’s showtime.

“Marley and Jake, to your places…Tina and Blaine you too…the rest wait behind the curtain” He smiled.

“Show-time!” Artie shouted and then stood in front of Kitty “Care I wheel you to the stage?” he smiled.

“That would be fun” Kitty half-smiled and hop on Artie.

Everyone started to walk to their places. Blaine and Jake gave each other a high five while Marley and Tina hugged. Then Tina walked to Blaine, while Marley walked towards Jake.

Jake and Marley walked backstage at the back of the theatre. Tina and Blaine were on the aisle of the theatre. Jake held Marley’s hand until they reached their spot and they turned to look at each other.

“Are you ready?” Jake said as he gets close to her.

“Yeah…and you?” She asked smiling.

Jake pecked her lips and pulled away.

“And now, for our final performance of the evening… from McKinley High, The New Directions!” The announcer said as Jake and Marley pulled away.

“Knocked them dead, beautiful” he smirked as he backed away to his entrance.

Marley blushed at him as they heard the audience applauding in anticipation. She took a deep air as she looked to her entrance. The music started and Jake entered the theatre through the audience.

Aren't you somethin' to admire…Cause your shine is somethin' like a mirror…” The audience looked back to where he was coming in, the follower spot on him “And I can't help but notice, you reflect in this heart of mine…” Then he looked to the front of the theatre as Blaine came in from one side.

If you ever feel alone and the glare makes me hard to find…Just know that I'm always parallel on the other side…” He then pointed to the other side entrance, where Marley makes her entrance.

Cause with your hand in my hand, and a pocket full of soul…I can tell you there's no place we couldn't go…” She stopped at the entrance as she stared at Jake, the audience dividing them.

Just put your hand on the glass, I'm here tryin' to pull you through…” Tina appeared from the other side of the theatre, singing to Blaine and then to the audience.

You just gotta be strong” Marley sang alone as she now started to walk slowly through the passage and Jake following her steps.

Cause I don't wanna lose you now!” Jake sang pointing at her with one hand and the other to his chest where his heart is.

I'm lookin' right at the other half of me…The vacancy that sat in my heart is a space that now you hold” They both sing in unison as they made their way through the audience, passing over Finn, Santana, and Mercedes who smile at them “Show me how to fight for now” they continued singing as they reach the stage, Blaine helping Marley get on and Jake taking Tina’s hand now.

And I'll tell you, baby!” Blaine sang alone as he made Marley twirl at the same time Jake did Tina.

Now Blaine has Tina in front and Jake has Marley in front.

It was easy…comin' back into you once I figured it out!” The four of them sing in perfect harmony as they approached each pair slowly.

The girls swing their hips slowly as they get closer to their guys, always smiling.

You were right here all along” Jake sings alone as he now reaches for Marley’s hand as they cross in a circle, their bodies inches away.

It's like you're my mirror!” Marley and Jake sing alone as he swiftly brings her close to him with his hand holding hers, wrapping his other hand on her hip.

Blaine does the same with Tina, each pair on the front sides of the stage, in front of the curtains that are still not lifted.

My mirror staring back at me!” Tina and Blaine sing alone.

Now the four of them dance in a graceful and synchronized dance that involved their foreheads bumping, their hands tied together as they sing and dance.

I couldn't get any bigger, With anyone else beside me… And now it's clear as this promise, that we're making, two reflections into one… Cause it's like you're my mirror, my mirror staring back at me…

Staring back at me” Marley and Jake sing alone as their foreheads end up together and then she playfully twirls getting away from him, the same happens with Tina and Blaine.

Now the choreography slows down, just like the song…they dance in slow circles, staring into their eyes.

Yesterday is history! Ohh whoah! And tomorrow's a mystery…mystery, yeah!” Marley belts out as they get closer each time, they circled each other.

I can see you lookin' back at me! Keep your eyes on me…” Jake joins Marley, their voices joining perfectly just like their bodies are getting closer.

Then there is a stop in music and the girls back arched back as the guys led them to the front in a half-circle motion and then bring them close to them again. Using lower body and fluid hip movements in a close embrace.

Keep your eyes on me!” Marley and Tina sing together as their arms wrap around the guy’s neck.

Ahhhh ahhh!” Tina belts out, surprising everyone with how pitch-perfect that sound was.

Cause I don't wanna lose you now, I'm lookin' right at the other half of me…” Jake and Marley join their hands to a side, with their eyes locked “The vacancy that sat in my heart!” their other hands joined together on Jake’s heart. And even though Tina and Blaine are doing the exact same movements Finn is nervous about the closeness of Jake and Marley’s faces… ‘please don’t kiss…please don’t kiss’ he thinks mentally.

Is a space that now you hold…” Jake and Blaine's voices joined together as they look at their girl closely “Show me how to fight for now!

And I'll tell you, baby…it was easy, comin' back into you once I figured it out!” Marley and Tina’s voices joined together.

And now it's clear as this promise, that we're making, two reflections into one…Cause it's like you're my mirror, my mirror staring back at me…” The voices of the four of them sounding like glory with this song.

The tension only increases for Finn as he has his eyes on Jake and Marley. They have kept their dance movement in free-flowing motions, upper body movement, and long graceful steps, without letting go of their proximity.

“They won’t kiss…they are not us.”

Finn turned around quickly and found those beautiful eyes he’s been missing for a long time and smile widely…Rachel came. She waved at him, laying back on her seat as she winked at him, then pointed back to the stage, he hesitated but then turned around.

Staring back at me!” Jake and Marley get too close and then he makes her twirl, just like Blaine does with Tina and the curtain lifts revealing the other glee club members singing the chorus.

ahhh ahhh whoaah!” New Directions singing as Blaine, Jake, Marley, and Tina start to dance in sync with the rest of the glee club members, girls moving their dresses to a side and then joining in a tight dance with their partners, always holding hands. Though Kitty is dancing alone but enjoying herself, since Ryder didn’t show up. The way they dance is almost in a Foxtrot style, very graceful, lively, vibrant, playful, and swift.

While New Directions are singing in chorus the full lyrics, Tina and Marley wink at each other to risk and belt out.

Show me how to fight for now!” Marley belting out while she twirls in Jake’s arm, her back landing on his front “’Cause I don’t want to lose you now…” Then they both embody an effortless gliding motion.

Show me how to fight for now!” Tina belts out as she twirls back around and standing next to Blaine now.

The four are now standing in a straight line and looking at the audience.

It's like you're my mirror!” They finished singing and some in the audience give a stand-up ovation clapping.

Finn smiles widely as he glances at Mr. Shue, who nods at him smiling and mouths ‘great work!’. He made it in time!

The music continues to the heartfelt original song. Lights go off and then a single spotlight on Marley as the music starts.

Marley: “Mmm... Ohhh…We feel, we hear, your pain, your fear…

Then another light comes into Kitty who just got next to Marley and smiled at her.

Kitty: “But we're here, to say: Who you are, is okay

Blaine comes in, another spot on him and he holds Kitty’s hand.

Blaine: “And you don't have to go through this on your own

Blaine and Kitty: “You're not alone!

Marley: “You have more friends than you know…

Marley smiled at Kitty and Blaine, they both look at her and Kitty extends her hand to her, Marley takes it.

Marley and Kitty: “Some who surround you…

Then Jake appears to the side of Marley, taking her hand smiling at her.

Jake: “Some you are destined to meet…

Marley: “You'll have more love in your life…

Unique appears in the middle with a spot on her as everyone looks at her smiling.

Unique: “Don't let go, give it time…

Sam appears next to Unique, taking Ryder’s place but he offers his hand, and Unique smiles taking his hand.

Sam and Unique: “Take it slow…

Joe: “Those who love you the most.” Singing with his sweet and calm voice.

Sam and Unique: “May need more time to grow!”

Unique: “It's gonna be okay”                                   Sam: “It's gonna be okay!

Unique: “You have more friends than you know.

Unique takes Blaine's hand as they now are in front of everyone smiling. Artie wheels in, stopping next to Sam, looking at the audience.

Artie: “Be brave, Be strong…

Tina walks next to Artie and looks at him.

Tina: “You are loved…                   Joe: “you belong!

Sam and Unique smile at everyone and then at the audience.

Sam (Unique): “Someday soon” (“Someday soon”) “You will see” (“You will see”)

Unique, Sam and Jake: “You're exactly, who you're supposed to be!

Then Marley looks at Unique and smiles, while they nod at each other, giving themselves strength.

Marley: “And you don't have to go through this on your own!”   Unique: “Ooh!

Marley: “You're not…”        Unique: “You're not!

Marley: “Alone…”                Unique: “You're not alone, oh, no!

Everyone joining hands step to the front singing like the big family they are. Of course, Finn nods sadly as he looks at the spot that was supposed to be Ryder and sighs.

Marley and New Directions: “You have more friends than you know, some who surround you…Some you are destined to meet, you’ll have more love in your life…

Kitty: “Don't let go

Marley: “Give it time”           New Directions: “Give it time

Kitty: “Take it slow”             New Directions: “Take it slow

Marley: “Those who love you the most…

Marley, Blaine, Sam, and Unique: “May need more time to grow!

Jake: “It's gonna be okay”    New Directions: “Gonna be okay

Jake & Joe: “You have more friends than you know…

Unique: “Be who you are, learn to forgive!

Blaine and Unique: “It's not about who you love…

Unique: “But how, how you live!”   Blaine: “But how you live!

Unique: “Ooooh!

And then Ryder comes into the stage, surprising all of them, except Unique and Blaine that are now singing. He takes Sugar’s hand and looks at the audience, as he joins in the chorus. Finn smiles and nods at Ryder.

Blaine and Unique: “You have more!

New Directions: “Friends than you know”              Unique: “Than you know!

New Directions: “Some who surround you”           Unique: “Yeah!

New Directions: “Some you are destined”               Unique: “to meet

Blaine, Marley, Kitty, and Jake: “You'll have more”                       Unique: “More!

Jake and Marley: “love in your life!

Sam, Kitty, Marley, and Jake: “Don't let go, give it time!”  Unique: “Give it time!

Marley and Jake: “Take it slow”                   Unique: “Take it slow

Blaine and Marley: “Those who love you the most

Blaine, Marley, and Unique: “May need more time to grow!

Sam: “It's gonna be okay”                            Marley: “It's gonna be okay…

Then there is a strobe lighting effect, and everyone wonders around.

“What is going on?” Mercedes asks Finn and he smirks.

The boys moved to the front, forming a straight line as the music changes to an upbeat one. They are wearing glasses now and crossing their arms, shielding the girls who are hiding behind them.

Britany and Kitty come from the sides dancing around, doing their flips and tricks, getting cheered as they come in. Unique stays to one side with Artie backing the girls up, cause this number is to showcase the dance skills and they don’t mind not shining right now, they follow with claps and backing chorus.

Brit and Kitty: “We girls gonna take control, You boys better know, know, know…We girls gonna run this show!

The boys nod in approval as they move to the back, letting the girls coming up front dancing.

The boys in chorus: “The girls gonna run this show!

The girls move to the front and dance like they are out of control, but their movements are in sync with each other, they hold hands in pairs while their feet and heels touch lightly, all while the lights are turning from pink to blue, to red and white, flashing along with the music.

Then the boys come in sliding on the floor to the girl’s feet, landing perfectly with their partner for the dance. Then they rise on one knee, the girls place one of their heels to their knees and smirked as they lightly pushed them to a side, while moving to the front singing.

Girls, Brit, Kitty, Tina, and Marley’s voice louder than the rest: “All I want is something new, Something I can hold on to, I don't wanna talk, I just wanna dance…Baby let it drop…Catch me if you can

The guys come back with a flip to the front of their designed partners and sing their line.

The boys as chorus: “The girls gonna run this show!

And now they stand up, so the girls place their hands on their shoulders as they dance. The girls are like pushing the boy to the side, while with the other hand moving their dress around and looking at the audience.

Kitty lands her hand on Ryder and focuses on the show, rather than slapping him right now.

Kitty: “Down with the rhythm on another beat!” not looking at Ryder as she pushes him to the side, not gentle whatsoever.

Tina: “Gotta take that back what you said to me!” sings while she keeps moving Blaine to the side smiling.

Brit: “Never giving in when the sun's so high” She sings while she smirks at Sam.

Marley: “Gotta feel that heat when you call, say bye.” She sings to Jake as she winks at him.

Then they simulate a slap to them as they turned to one side, swaying their hips as Jake, and Sam does a double tuck flip to the other side. While the rest of the boys glide side to side.

Marley and Brit: “Down with the rhythm on another street

Kitty and Tina: “Gotta let this go cause I feel so free…”

Kitty: “Never giving in ‘cause I need you here, ah, ah” Sings as she bumps her hip with Tina and Marley smirking.

Sugar: “Go girls g-g-go, go, go!

Brit and Sugar: “We girls gonna take control!

Then the girls are pointing to the boys who are looking at them smiling and swaying with the music.

Brit, Marley, Kitty, and Tina: “You boys better know, know, know. We girls gonna run this show.

Sugar: “Go girls g-g-go, go, go!

Brit: “We girls gonna take control!

Tina, Marley, and Kitty: “You boys better know, know, know!

The boys approach the girls, again sliding to their knees in front of them.

The boys: “The girls gonna run this, run this!

And then they all get paired up, as the girls keep singing and the boys follow them in a crazy and up-beat choreography in a Quickstep style: A variety of hops, skips, flicks, kicks, jumps and runs. Where Jake and Brit do some chassés, lock steps and quarter turns while ending up dancing together since they are the best dancers in the glee club.

Then they come back with their real dance partners in an incredibly rhythmic dance, combining slow and energetic movements into a light feel. But then some of the dance partners like Sam with Brit and Jake with Marley take the middle to showcase more sensual and flirtatious movements, moving their foot, ankle, knee, and leg in perfect sync action.

The girls: “All I want is something new, Something I can hold on to…I don't wanna talk, I just wanna dance…Baby let it drop…Catch me if you can… Cause we're the leaders of the pack, Boy you better watch your back…We're the leaders of the pack…Tell me can you handle that…”

Then the girls are lifted from their waist by the guys, and they are thrown to the air, then land softly on their arms with their knees wrapped on each side of the boy’s side, in a finishing pose.

We're the leaders of the pack!

They get a stand-up ovation clapping hysterically. Finn never felt prouder as he felt Rachel’s hand gently hugging him from behind, while Mercedes and Santana are nodding excited at the display of the talent of these group.

The girls are set down and they take their places onstage as they start the chorus, while Sam starts to move in between.

Girls: “Pam, pam…baam, bam, baam

Sam: “I have climbed highest mountains” Sam sings as he is feeling the song and approaches each girl, touching their shoulders “I have run through the fields…Only to be with you…Only to be with you…

Blaine moves to his side, as they both sing.

Sam & Blaine: “I have run, I have crawled…

Sam & Blaine: “I have scaled these city walls!”     Jake: “These city walls!

Sam & Blaine: “Only to be with you!

New Directions: “But I still haven't found what I'm looking for! But I still haven't found what I'm looking for!

Then Artie wheels in from one side.

Artie: “I have kissed honey lips, Felt the healing fingertips…It burnt like fire, this burning desire!

Tina walks down to meet up with Artie.

Tina and Artie: “I have spoken with the tongue of angels.

Unique: “I have held”                                               Artie: “I have held

Tina: “Hand of a devil It was warm

Kitty: “in the night!”                                    Artie: “In the night!

Tina: “I was cold as a stone”                         Artie: “Cold as a stone

Blaine, Sam, Artie: “But I still

New Directions: “But I still

Tina: “Haven't found

The New Directions: “What I'm looking for!”        Tina: “What I'm looking for

The New Directions: “But I still”                 Blaine, Sam & Artie: “But I still

Tina: “Haven't found

The New Directions: “What I'm looking for!”        Unique: “What I'm looking for

Blaine & Marley: “I believe in the kingdom come”             Artie and Tina: “I believe, oh!

Blaine & Marley: “Then all the colors will bleed into one.

Unique: “Bleed into one!”                Jake & Kitty: “Bleed into one!”      

Unique & Marley: “Ooh, yeah!

Finn smiles at the emotional song they are doing but at the same time how their voices are joining in perfect unison. They all are sounding great.

Blaine: “But yes, I'm still running!”                       Marley & Tina: “Yes, I'm still running!

Artie: “Yes, I'm still running!

Sam & Jake: “You broke the bonds And you loosed the chains, Carried the cross, and, oh, my shame!

Now they all form a line while the rest are swaying in the back.

Artie: “Oh, my shame”                                 Unique: “Ooh

Artie: “You know I believe it “                     Unique: “I believe it!

New Directions: “You know I believe”                    Artie: “Mhm, I believe it!

New Directions: “But I still haven't found”             Artie & Unique: “Still haven't found

New Directions: “What I'm looking for”                 Unique & Tina: “Yeah, yeah, hey!

New Directions: “But I still haven't found”                        Unique: “No, no, yeah!

Artie: “What I'm looking for!”                    Tina: “Oh, no, no, no!

New Directions: “But I still

Blaine: “Still!” Blaine belts out, surprising everyone.

New directions: “haven't found What I'm looking for…

Marley: “What I'm looking for!

Now Marley belted out, Jean Baptiste crosses his arms fixing his eyes on them. Finn glances at him and smirks.

New directions: “What I'm looking for…

New Directions looked at each other and then Sam glances at Finn, he nods in approval, and then Sam winks at everyone.

Sam: “But I still!!

Sam belts out and then there is a radical change of music and tempo, and the girls rush to their partners.

“I thought you said you will finish with that song!?” Mercedes asks Finn and he smirks.

“Oh, we were…but we needed a bang for the ending” He then turned his head to Jean Baptiste and the rest of 'Throat Explosion', who looked upset.

Everyone starts to clap with a lot of energy as they get with their partners, holding hands and then making the girls twirl. Ryder stays in the back confused since he didn’t know of this change…slowly he walked to the side.

New Directions: “Ohh! Ohh Ohh!

Then Artie wheels in alone.

Artie: “Far! We've been traveling far!

Jake: “Without a home!

Artie & Jake: “But not without a star!

Then Artie wheels to the back helped by Jake. Sam extends his hand for Kitty, she takes it, and they walk to the front to sing together.

Sam with Kitty: “Free, only want to be free…” Then they bump their backs with each other sounding good together “We huddle close, Hang on to a dream!

Then Sam moves back where the rest of the guys are waiting. The rest of the girls move up front led by Kitty.

Kitty: “On the boats and on the planes” She and Brit lift their arms in sync and the other girls move to sway their hips side to side as if they were flying with Kitty.

Kitty and Tina: “They're coming to America!” All the girls make a military salute as they twirl in place.

The boys: “They're coming to America!

Kitty moves closer to where Marley is and their backs meet, as they are having fun.

Kitty and Marley: “Never looking back again, they're coming to America!” Then the girls follow their lead as they lift their arms up twirling.

The girls rush to the back as the guys slide in and then jump, landing perfectly on their feet in perfect sync, then they move their arms up and down, bending their elbows as they go up and down. While the girls at the back, move around Unique, who stands in the middle while singing and belting out.

Sam & Artie: “Home!”                                 Unique: “Home!

Artie: “To a new and a shiny place

Sam, Artie & Jake: “Make our bed and we'll say our grace!

Then the boys run around. Sam and Jake do a backflip and then Jake does a double backflip then landed on his feet perfectly as Artie shines singing out.

Artie: “Freedom's light burning warm

Sam: “Freedom's light burning warm!

Then Sam points out to Jake as he does a front flip full twist, while he twirls in the air. Marley gasped in awe at watching his man being so athletic, Kitty saves her from messing up her move when she flips sides by making her twirl to where she was supposed to be instead of watching her boyfriend shining.

New Directions: “Ohh, Ohh, ooh!” They all sing as they clap their hands up to their heads following the rhythm and making the public clap with them.

Finn almost jumps excited as he runs outside of the theatre to watch from the aisle. Santana, Mercedes, and Rachel stay speechless clapping.

Now the girls rush to their partners: Sam with Kitty, Tina with Blaine, Jake and Marley, Artie and Kitty, Sugar with Joe, while Unique stays in the middle back belting out and dancing solo. 

Finn opens the backstage door and rushes to the aisle, he finds Ryder is watching but he moves to the other aisle to watch them perform from the side, extremely proud.

Jake & Sam: “Everywhere around the world!”       Unique: “Everywhere!

The girls twirl in their place as their backs land on the boy’s chests.

Jake & Sam: “They're coming to America”             Unique: “Coming to America!

Jake & Sam: “Every time that Flag's unfurled”     Unique: “Flag's unfurled!

Jake & Sam: “They're coming to America!”                       Unique: “Ooh!

Santana, Mercedes, and Rachel’s mouths drop a bit when they see them singing while everyone dances featuring press lines, swivels, points, kicks, and flicks of the feet.

Artie & Kitty: “Got a dream to take them there!

Jake & Marley: “They're coming to America!

Sam & Brit: “Got a dream they've come to share!

Tina & Blaine: “They're coming to America!

Then the dance turns slightly fun, happy, and flirtatious, with some rock steps, fancy footwork, and drops and dips. Still, all moves are sharp, quick, and performed to the march-like music. Finn can’t contain his excitement on the aisle as he is watching them having fun, just like he told them.

Blaine, Jake, Sam, Tina, Marley & Kitty: “They're coming to America!

Blaine & Tina: “They're coming to America!

Sam & Kitty: “They're coming to America!

Jake & Marley: “They're coming to America!

Jake & Unique: “Today!

Artie: “We’re coming!”                    Unique: “We’re coming!

Sam & Jake: “Today!”                      Unique: “Today!”      Artie: “Ooh!

Sam & Jake: “Today!”                      Unique: “Today!”      Artie: “We’re coming!

Sam & Jake: “Today!”                      Unique: “Yeah, yeah!

Kitty & Artie: “Today!

The New Directions have fun as the dance with big arm movements swing in opposite motion, to kicking steps and twisting feet, meaning some toes are turning in, then heels turning out. While there are some flips, twirls, and other jazz steps.

Santana smirks at Jean Baptiste when he turns around once he heard her, Mercedes, and Rachel whistling to the kids in excitement.

New Directions: “They're coming to America!

Unique: “We're coming to America!”                     Jake: “Today!

New Directions: “They're coming to America!”     Kitty: “Today!

Jake makes Marley twirl to the other side, landing on Sam’s side as he did the same with Brit. So now, Jake and Brit look at each other and for the final part, they do a Full + 1/2 - layout with a 540-degree twist while the rest coordinate their dynamic moves perfectly in sync with the music.

New Directions: “They're coming to America!”     Unique: “America!

Marley: “Today!”                              New Directions: “They're coming to America!

Unique: “Today, Woah!”                   Blaine: “Today!

The New Directions: “They're coming to America!

When this is done, they regroup to the middle, while Jake comes back to where Marley is and so does Sam with Brit, joining everyone in shuffling and striding across the dance floor.

Sam & Blaine: “Today!”                   New Directions: “They're coming to America!

The New Directions: “Today!”                     Sam, Jake, & Unique: “Today!

They finished the song standing in the middle and lifting their arms up, then their heads down. And lights start to dim as everyone in the audience stands up whistling, clapping and shouting in excitement.

Finn jumps excited as he felt some tears coming out, then the lights go off completely.

End of chapter


Chapter Text

As soon as the curtains drop and the announcer says that there will be waiting of one hour or more for deliberation between judges, the New Directions cheered and jump as they walk backstage. Sam even jumps and hugs Finn tightly. Marley and Jake kiss sweetly, Sugar and Kitty High five, Blaine spins around with Tina excited and Unique nudges Artie smiling while Joe goes to high five Ryder who is arms crossed on a side and then gives it to him.

Jake and Marley pull away and she runs towards Finn and embraces him, while Jake high fives with Sam, Joe, and Artie.

“We did it!” Marley said smiling as she pulled away.

“You guys did it!” Finn said smiling.

“But it was your idea we finished with ‘America’” Marley smiled “take some credit too!” making Finn laugh slightly and then he smiled.

“You got me scared a bit with Jake at the beginning” Finn commented, and Marley giggled.

“I know…but we know we can’t kiss onstage, we just liked to tease” She replied smiling.

“Was that your idea or Jake’s?” Finn asked as he looked over at Jake who was laughing with Joe and Artie at something they said.

“I just did what you told us…have fun” she shrugged and then Finn lifted his eyebrows surprised “Yes, it was my idea to change the choreography slightly.”

“Really? You?” Finn asked in disbelief.

“I can be edgy sometimes, ok?” she nudges him slightly, making him chuckle and she shook her head.

“Ok, ok…I’ll trust you…” he stopped chuckling and then smiled “I’m happy that you are happy…” he said.

“I am” Marley smiled widely and glanced at Jake.

“And whole,” Finn added smirking.

“And whole…and in love…and just…happy,” Marley said smiling and Finn nodded.

“That’s all you deserve,” He said “And I’m glad you know that now…” Marley looked at him a bit confused “That you deserve to be loved with the same intensity that you do.”

Marley have Finn a warm smile and he smiled back. Then, Blaine approaches Finn and Marley, hugging them both.

On the other side of the backstage, Kitty hugs Unique then at Tina. Ryder approaches Kitty and she scoffs at him.

“I’m sorry Kitty…” Ryder says as his hands move inside his pockets.

“Save it, Ryder, you decided to give up on us, I don’t know why you came back,” Kitty says crossing her arms in front “Once you make a decision, try to stick it to it…it makes you reliable in that aspect” then she shakes her head.

“I’m not sure I can keep doing this…” he says softly and before Kitty can say anything, Unique approaches Ryder.

“You bailed not only on her but on me and then the team…” Unique shook her head “I’ve always thought I knew you, but you’ve become someone I wish I’ve never known” she said as Kitty placed her hand on her side.

“You got no right on saying that…” Ryder said trying to stay calm.

“Why is that?” Unique confronted him.

“You know why…” he said trying to keep his voice from raising “You catfished me with the excuse that you thought I wouldn’t have reciprocated your feelings…You got no right in telling me anything because you let me down first.” He said being harsh, Unique narrowed her eyes and shook her head.

“Oh, don’t worry about it, I might have cared before about what you feel about me…now, I really don’t…” Then she took a step forward “And for the record, at least I helped you slightly with your obsession with Marley…but I can see you just don’t let her go because you don’t want to…you are just as coward as I was when I did what I did to you.”

And with that Unique turned away from him. Kitty was following but then she turned back around and faced him.

“There was a time when I thought we connected…and that never went away…” she sighed as she shook her head “Until you hurt me…not today, today I didn’t expect anything from you…it was your obsession and lack of self-love” she frowned, “You said the same to my girl, well you were wrong with her, it is you who should take a moment to reflect how much respect and love you have for yourself…take a look at your recent actions…Marley doesn’t love you…you have to face that truth: You are obsessed…infatuated with someone that will never feel the same way, be brave enough to face that…” then she backed away “before it destroys something else in your life” Then she walks away, leaving Jake standing there alone.

Kitty approached Jake and hugged him, then he pulled away and looked at her.

“What was that all about?” Jake asked as he moved his head towards Ryder. He now had laid his back to the wall.

“You don’t want to know” Kitty rolled her eyes “I just think we are looking to the only male singer in Glee club” she winked.

“Oh, I think Marley won’t give me up so easily,” he said.

“We will fight Marley to get duets,” she said as she pretended to fight, which made the two break into laughter.

Marley approached them smiling.

“What’s funny?” Marley said as she hugged Kitty slowly and then moved towards Jake.

“I was just telling loverboy over here about how we will need more male voices, or he will have to take turns with each of us girls” she lifted her eyebrows.

“Let me guess…” Marley said as she wrapped her arms around Jake “Ryder told you he is quitting Glee club?”

“I really don’t care whether he decides to stay or not…” Kitty said shaking her head “I mean can any of us trust he’d stick around when things get tough?” she asked.

Marley shook her head slightly as she glanced to where Ryder is and then looked back at Kitty. Jake cleared his throat, and both looked at him.

“I don’t want to defend him…but maybe after summer break he comes back different” he shrugs.

“Oh please…people don’t change,” Kitty said and then added quickly “that fast…Ryder has almost bailed on us once and this time just half bailed on us…” she sighed “I’m not sure we can count on him.”

“I guess we just have to see…Finn told me how sometimes the Glee club had some serious problems before…” she said “I think we can just wait and see what happens next year…”

Kitty almost groans annoyed and then rolls her eyes at her, before smiling at her.

“There it is, the optimistic Marley that we all love and hate at the same time,” She said and then smirked at Jake “learn to use that in bed Puckerman Junior and you’ll have better sex” then she winked.

Marley and Jake froze at her comment but then they all burst into laughter.

Then Finn gets called to one side by a crew member, he goes and is told something, and then he nods. He then looks at everyone.

“Alright, guys! Come here…gather around” Finn announced, and they come “Apparently the deliberation will take longer, let’s go to the Greenroom.”

When everyone got to the Green Room, they started to talk about their performance and how much they gave everything they had. Brittany was talking now with Marley.

“I’m being serious Marley! You’ve got some killer moves and even become sexier” she winks at her “Jake is a great partner for dancing, isn’t he?” she said smiling.

“He is great,” Marley said smiling as she glances at him, he is now joking around with Blaine, Sam, Artie, and Kitty.

“And I bet he is a great lover too,” Brit said smirking.

Marley doesn’t hear her, she just locked eyes with Jake, while everyone laughed, he glanced towards her direction and found her eyes, giving her a smile. She got lost in his eyes. Then Brit’s laugh brings her back to reality and she shakes her head looking at her.

“What?” Marley asked blushed that she zoned out.

“Oh wow. That good then” Brit said and laughed.

Marley looked at her confused, before she can ask again Santana, Mercedes and Rachel enter the Green Room. Marley widens her eyes at the sight of Rachel Berry.

“Hi guys!!” The three of them entered the room and everyone walked towards them, forming a circle.

“You guys killed it!” Mercedes said clapping.

“I mean what sick moves Jake!” Santana said and then winked at Marley “And those sexy moves Marley?” She smirked and then kissed Brit “Your legacy is saved with Marley and Kitty” then she wrapped her arms around Brit’s neck.

“Unique those vocals girls!” Mercedes said, “Kitty and Tina’s voice together sounded so good!” She commented and then smiled at Marley “And you girl, pulled a Mercedes note!” She hugged Marley and she hugged her back, then she looked at Blaine, Sam, and Artie "You guys killed it too!" as she went to hug the three of them.

Then everyone looked at Rachel who didn’t say anything yet, just smiled. Finn was staring at her half smirking.

“You two…” she pointed at Jake and Marley “Jo—”

“Jake” He said.

“Jake right…and Mar…ley” She tried to get it right and Marley nodded.

Santana gave her a look, Rachel just nodded.

“Jake and Marley” she started “You guys have chemistry…and great voices…it was a great performance.” She finished and smiled.

Marley looked at her and smiled…she could tell Rachel had a hard time saying those things. Kitty and Unique looked at Rachel expecting to say something and Rachel smiled at them.

"Really great performance." That's all Rachel said.

Unique and Kitty looked at her weirdly, Kitty was ready to tell her a thing or two but thankfully Mercedes clapped to get everyone’s attention back.

“So, I heard the judges are really struggling to choose the winner…” she said excited “It’s might be between you guys and Throat explosion!”

“Which means, it’s time for Finn to say something!” Mr. Shue entered the room and everyone looked at him “That’s right…thank you to the three of you for coming to support all of them” He smiled “it was Finn who chose the setlist from the beginning and who figured out a way to be at the top of your game…I’m so proud of him and all of you.”

Then he looked at Finn and smiled.

“Come on Finn, you should give everyone your thoughts.”

Finn smiled at him then glanced at Rachel who is smiling while looking at him.

“Thank you.” He cleared his throat “Look guys…I have to say that even though most of you have never been in a show choir before this year” He looked at Jake, Marley, Kitty and Ryder “you still stood tall against the best of the best!” He said smiling “And that’s something coming out from me…” he chuckled as he looked at Santana “I don’t have the best voice or the best rhythm” He looked down and them up to everyone “But I know you guys killed it out there! You gave your best and did it against all odds.”

They all cheered up and smiled. Mr. Shue hugged Finn and he hugged him back.

“I’ve got some news for you,” Mr. Shue told Finn as he led him outside the room.

“So, who wants to hear some juicy stories about the past?” Santana smirked as everyone approached laughing.

Some time passed after. Finn returned alone to the green room looking pensive and then he approached Rachel, they were talking about her audition and her rehearsals. Everyone was commenting about the competition and how there were 16 show choirs they needed to beat and they hoped they won. As the chaos is going on, Santana approaches Marley and looks at her.

“You ok?” Santana asked and Marley nodded “Something’s wrong…” she narrowed her eyes.

“How do you do that?” Marley asked intrigued about her capacity to read her.

“Told you, Psychic Mexican third eye” She shrugged “Come on, what’s going on?” She said “I’m your mentor, can’t hide things from me” she smirked.

Marley slightly chuckled as she nodded. Marley glanced at Rachel who was now talking to Finn and then she looked back at Santana.

“I just kind of got the feeling Rachel doesn’t like me…” she almost mumbled and Santana scoffed.

“And?” She said “Rachel hates competition…it’s just how she is” She clarified.

“I know, Finn told me she could be…different than you or Mercedes…I just” she shrugged “She is such a legend in Glee club that I—”

“No, no” Santa said lifting her finger “Rachel is great, she really is…but look at me” Santana made Marley looked at her “She is not a team player,” she said and Marley frowned.

“What does that—”

“You are a team player…people in the club actually like you, they count on you in a different way than we did on Rachel” she shrugged “Rachel envies you.”

Marley frowned and shook her head.

“Why? I’m not as talented as—”

“You may not be a Broadway wannabe star, but you are a star…and you are humble…something she lacks and that’s why you are a threat,” She said “So don’t dream about Rachel helping you…” she glanced back at Rachel and then back at Marley “Rachel wants to be the best and she will make her life’s mission to make sure no one outshines her” she sighed “So yeah if that’s what a legend looks like, think again.”

Marley nodded slightly at what Santana said. She just couldn’t believe that a guy like Finn loved a girl that, according to Santana, was a bit selfish and so full of herself…She must be, just like Kitty, hiding her good side deep inside.

“Marley, I say this because I care about you” Santana got her attention again “Don’t try to approach her, she will shut you down and make you feel bad…” she said “Did Finn ever tell you about Sunshine?” she moved her hands to her hips and Marley shook her head “Sunshine was a very talented new girl, who wanted to join Glee Club…she had a killer voice…and Rachel sent her to a crack house,” Santana said and Marley widened her eyes “Yeah, approach Rachel and you might end up on a crack house.”

“What are you girls talking about?” Mercedes came in smiling.

“I’m just giving Marley a little advice on little miss ‘I’m in a Broadway show’ over there” she nudged towards the direction of Rachel and Mercedes nodded slightly.

“Yeah, she almost didn’t come but I guess she wanted to see Finn” Mercedes commented.

“I mean sure, come see him…hook up and then go back to ‘Glamorous life in New York’” Santana shook her head “It’s just annoying how she can just come back like a star and behave like that” she rolled her eyes.

Marley felt this conversation was going nowhere so she slightly walked away towards where Kitty was. She was talking with Unique and Tina.

“I mean of course we should sing a number before your graduation Tina,” Kitty said just as Marley approached “Right Marley?”

“What?” Marley asked.

“We should sing more!” Tina said, “Graduation is just a week away…win or lose I really don’t want to go without singing once again with you.”

“We won’t let you go before that” Unique said and they all embrace.

It’s been a while now, like two hours and they didn’t receive any news. Now Marley was just seating on the sofa and then someone covered her eyes, those hands she knew…Jake.

“Jake” she smiled as he removed his hand and showed her a plate with a sandwich.

“You should eat Mar,” Jake said smiling as he kissed her cheek.

Marley took the sandwich with her hands and ate it. She smiled at him.

“And I’ve got Mercedes juice box” he showed it to her and she narrowed her eyes “It’s not as bad as it seems” he chuckled “Come on Mar…” he offered it to her and she took it with her other hand and drink it “Now, finish that,” He said smiling.

“You two can’t get any cuter huh?” Blaine said as he joined his hands while looking at them.

“It’s just a sandwich…” Marley said once she swallowed a piece and looked at Blaine.

“And a juice box,” Jake said as he smiled at her.

“It’s more than that, he is making sure you are ok…I love you guys” Blaine approached them and tried to hug but Marley couldn’t because of the plate so Blaine hugged Jake instead, making Marley laugh slightly as she took another bite, then Blaine took one almost touching Marley's lips, making her turn her head away quickly laughing slightly. Jake looked at him as Blaine laughed at his jealousy, then they all laugh as Marley kissed Jake's cheek.

On the other side, Finn is talking with Rachel.

“I’m really glad you came Rachel,” Finn said smiling.

“I told you I would do my best to show up,” she said.

“I know, but I thought you had rehearsals…with your big Broadway debut coming up” He smiled widely.

“I told my producer this was important,” She said as she looked up at him “I wanted to see what you’ve accomplished…” She glanced at everyone “They did great…”

Finn frowned slightly as he held her by the shoulders so she could face him.

“There is something else, isn’t it?” Finn asked.

“It’s just I know they were incredible…but I’m not sure if it was enough to beat ‘Throat Explosion’” She sighed.

“Well…for me they were better…” He smiled looking at all of them “They gave everything they got and that’s all I asked…and they had fun” he shrugged “If we don’t win—”

“If you don’t win, Sue will crash you and shut down Glee club for good,” Rachel warned him.

Finn looked at her and smile slightly, then he looked around and shrugged.

“We are a family; we will get through it together…and I’m sure there is a way to beat Sue…it won’t end like this,” he said, and Rachel stared at him.

“Family? Finn, it sounds awful like you want to stay here…taking care of them?” She asked and he looked down at her.

“Glee club is my home Rachel…Teaching is what I want to do…” He said very sure.

“But everyone is leaving…” She started.

“No, some are graduating, and some are staying…and if we win, I'll get to meet more kids interested in the arts” He smiled widely “This is the legacy I want to hold on to...the one I might be destined to leave”

Rachel looked down sad and then up to him.

“So, you are really going to stay here then…not coming to New York with me?” She asked worriedly.

“Your call is on New York, mine is here Rach…” He said, feeling sad but so sure of his call.

“Where does that leave us then?” She asked.

Finn was about to reply when the lights started to flicker, and he looked up then everyone looked at him confused.

“That means the judges have come to a decision!” Mercedes announced and everyone got nervous.

“Alright everyone, wait here and I’ll find out if we are one of the five finalists…” Finn said.

“If we aren’t what happens?” Kitty asked.

“We can go back to the theatre as a spectator to watch the winner” Artie replied.

Everyone looked nervous now and Finn smiled at them.

“Everything will be ok, I know it” Then he is about to leave the room and Rachel holds his arm and he turns towards her.

“Finn, you didn’t reply…” She mumbled.

“I know…but I have to take care of this” Finn said.

“Why? Isn’t Mr. Shue the one who should take care of it?” She asked trying to find him, but she can't.

Finn gently moved her arm away from his arm.

“Right now, they are my responsibility,” he said, and then with a last glance at her, he walked out of the green room.

Rachel watched him leave and shook her head slightly in disbelief. She shook her head and walked out as well.

“Hold on a sec.” Marley left her empty plate on the sofa and walked after Rachel. Blaine looked at Jake confused, he stood up ready to follow her.

“I wouldn’t.” Blaine stopped him and shook his head.

Jake frowned and looked the way she went, frowning.

“Give her a min…” Blaine said, and Jake hesitates but nodded.

Rachel was walking fast but Marley got closer.

“Rachel! Hey!” Marley shouted and Rachel stop in her tracks and turned around annoyed.

“Listen I’m not in the mood to…” she sighed frustrated “I don’t even know why I came…” she frowned.

“I do.” Marley walked closer “Finn.” She stated as she crossed her arms “And you are leaving without knowing if we won or lose?” She frowned.

“Look…” Rachel stepped closer “Marley, right?” She said and Marley nodded slightly “You don’t know me. I know Finn has grown fond of you and maybe you too” She looked her up and down. “Or maybe you feel something more...” then she shook her head “But it doesn’t matter because Finn is choosing you over me.”

Then Rachel turned around and started to walk.

“You should be proud of him,” Marley said and Rachel turned back around, facing her.


“He has supported you on your dream, you should do the same.” Marley said being very blunt “Finn found a purpose here…he is a leader, and you know it.” Then she sighed “You can’t expect him to go with you to New York and just watch you be a star…what about his dreams?”

Rachel crossed her arms and glared at Marley.

“If you love Finn half as much as he does, then you should extend him the same courtesy he offered you when he sent you to New York, because just like you, he deserves to achieve his dream, so don’t give your back on him just because he doesn’t have the same dream as you do. He is happy here and you know what is the best about that? That Finn makes us better, he will be the best at this if you just let him.” She exhaled; she didn’t know she had spoken so fast without breathing. Then she widened her eyes realizing she just said all that to Rachel.

Rachel looked at her, Marley could tell she was fuming on the inside. But before anything else could happen, everyone came out of the green room, which made Marley turned around confused.

“Marley get your ass here girl!” Unique said as she walked fast with the others.

“What is going on?” Marley approached them, reaching Jake and Kitty.

“We are in the final five!” Kitty said and Marley looked at her surprised.

“Which means we need to head to the stage and wait to be called and find out which place we ended up to” Jake continued as he takes her hand.

“And the individual show choir MVP award” Unique looks back at them as she winked “Which I won last year FYI.”

They all rush to the stage, Marley glances back once more to find Rachel already turned around and walking away. Marley looked at her back with sadden eyes. She met Rachel before and admired her talent, but Santana might’ve been right about Rachel after all…

End of chapter


Chapter Text

It was like the end of any tv show, the events were unfolding fast. ‘New Directions’, ‘Throat Explosion’, ‘The Waffletoots’, ‘Vicious Harmony’ and ‘The Amazonians’ were onstage.

Marley tried to focus as she kept looking at the ground holding Jake’s hand each time the announcer said the results.

5th place is for…

Drumroll sound

The Waffletoots!

Then the leader of the group or mentor would go and pick the trophy and exit the stage.

Finn was nervous, really nervous…just like last year. He glanced up at the audience, there he could see Mercedes and Santana…but no Rachel he half smiled at them and then took a glance at New Directions. He made the right choice; he knew how Rachel would’ve reacted when she found out his desire to stay…then he also knew what will happen when he tells her what he has done.

In 4th place…Vicious Harmony!

Blaine placed his hand on Sam’s shoulder and held Tina’s hand tight. They were now onto the final three places…

It is time to announce the winner of this year’s individual show choir MVP award…

Artie held Brit’s hand, which made her held onto Sam’s as she looked at the audience to see Santana sending her a kiss and that made her smile widely. Artie looked to the other side where Sugar was and offered his hand, she took it, and then she took Joe’s hand. Unknowingly they have formed a line holding hands.

From… ‘McKinley High’ Blaine Anderson!

Blaine, is shocked and amazed, and then everyone hugs him, he moves slightly towards Finn and hugs him before coming to the front and get the award. Everyone in the crowd cheer and applauds. Once he got it, he returns to the New Directions.

“Well done Blaine Walbler!” Santa shouts and Mercedes nudges at her “What? He will always be a Warbler to me” she smirks as Mercedes shakes her head.

And now a round of applause to your top three finalists for this year’s show choir championship”.

Marley looked at Jake and then to the other side, there was Kitty. And then Unique looked at Marley too. They were all nervous.

The 3rd place goes to…

Everyone looked at each other, Jean Baptiste looked at Finn, glaring really.

The Amazonians!” the announcer said.

They applaud and receive their trophy. They took a step to the back, and the lights went off them, as they exit quietly. The lights reflecting only on ‘Throat Explosion’ and ‘New Directions’.

Now ladies and gentlemen quiet please…” The announcer starts. “Congratulations to both teams standing with us onstage but now…it’s time to announce a winner…

Time stands still, Santana and Mercedes have their eyes fixed on the stage. Santana has her murderous look on ‘Throat Explosion’ while Mercedes gives ‘New Direction’ a warm smile.

New Directions look at each other and this time everyone holds hands, and those who can’t, touch the shoulder of the other. Finn turns his head to them and then with just one glance and a slight smile from everyone he realizes that no matter the outcome, these guys made it clear to him and everyone in the audience tonight that they not only were thrilled to be performing at Nationals, but they were also thrilled to be performing together.

The judges motioned Finn and Jean to come forward. Finn steps to the front just like Jean.

The 2013 National show choir champions…

There is a long pause and an uncomfortable silence. It’s like time has frozen again. This time Finn doesn’t feel the air coming into his lungs for a moment. When he breathes out, he finds Jean’s face smirking at him, so he glares at him.

From McKinley High and from Ohio…

Santana and Mercedes stood up first starting to scream and clap, then they realize Will was clapping too at the other end of the aisle with Emma.

The New Directions!” The announcer finished saying.

The girls shout and hug each other, tears come down from Marley, Sugar, Tina, and Unique’s eyes. Kitty embraces Brit still digesting the news.

Confetti is thrown and Jake waits for Marley to pull away from hugging Blaine and then cups her face, giving her a sweet kiss, which she deepens by wrapping her arms around his neck as he lifted her up slightly, both smiling.

Ryder gets high-fived by Sam, and he nods. He is happy they didn’t lose because of him…but the sight of Marley and Jake just rubs him the bad way…he slightly smiles and when no one is paying attention he walks away.

Finn receives the trophy, not before shouting a ‘Yeah!’ to Jean’s face and smirking, he takes it and lifts it up to the audience and just as he is turning his face to the group with the trophy, he spots Rachel at the entrance smiling at him and clapping. He smiles back with a wink as he now gives the trophy to Sam and Blaine so they can hold it. Everyone reaches the trophy with their hands but then they just get to hugs and kisses, overwhelmed with happiness and emotion while the audience cheers. They have won, and somehow this winning felt different, in a good way, that when Finn and the rest won last year.

When they got to the hotel, they were surprised by a party in the main event room. Everyone was there, celebrating big, Mercedes was laughing out loud with Sam, Unique, Artie, and Tina while they were toasting. Santana was with Brit enjoying their time together since they’ve been apart for too long. Sugar was talking with Joe as they were toasting. Finn was talking with Jake, while Marley was talking with Kitty.

“So, you noticed Ryder is nowhere in sight?” Kitty said and Marley sighed heavily “Hey, it is not your fault…don’t ever think that.”

Marley looked at her and nodded.

“I know but I can’t help it…I’m really sorry I led him on…I was so hurt about what Jake did that I tried to—”

“Marley.” Kitty stopped her and looked at her “Look, one of your best traits is that you have a big and forgiving heart…” She slightly smiles “Jake and I can vouch for that…” then she continued “But what happened with Ryder started long ago before you and Jake broke up…He just held to that stupid thought that one day you would’ve dated him…”

Marley looked at her and studied her.

“What?” Kitty asked.

“I’m just happy you care about me…it’s nice to know you and I could be friends,” Marley said smiling.

“Marley Rose, we are friends,” Kitty said as she gave her the warmest smile she has “But I warn you, you aren’t getting rid of me that easily” she winked.

They both laughed and then Marley heard Finn chuckled at something Jake said.

“What do you think they are talking about?” Marley motioned where Jake and Finn were.

“Who knows” Kitty shrugged “Maybe Finn is just giving him some tips for your last night of ‘alone time’” she smirked "Because you are going to do it tonight too right?" she said as she nudged at Marley.

Marley blushed at her comment but kept wondering what Finn and Jake were talking about.

“Ok, so are you sure?” Finn asked.

“Yeah…I should’ve done it before…but I think now it’s a good time.” Jake said and smiled.

“Ok…but you will have to do something else at school too.” Finn warned him.

“I will…” Jake said.

Before Finn can speak again, Rachel shows up in the room and looks at her. Jake looks in the direction he is looking.

“Well…I’ll go set things up.” Jake walks away from him just as Rachel approaches Finn.

“Uh. Don’t tell me he hates me too…” Rachel said, and Finn frowned.

“What? No.” Finn shook his head “Everyone looks up to you, you are one of Glee club’s greatest success stories, along with Mercedes” Finn smiled.

“Not for everyone I think,” Rachel said as she glanced towards the direction of Marley.

“Why you say that?” Finn looked at her worried.

“One of the new kids, that girl…Marley” she started, and Finn looked at her.

“Yeah, what about her?” Finn asked.

“You told me you and she bonded a lot the past year…” Rachel said and then she faced him “Did you kiss her?”

“What?” Finn asked confused.

“I mean you kissed Miss Pillsbury why wouldn’t I think you kiss another girl, especially one that looks like her” Rachel said without looking at him.

Finn holds her by the shoulders.

“Rachel…nothing happened between Marley and me…and nothing will happen—”

“But you want it to?” Rachel looked up to him.

“No.” Finn said.

“Then why you want to stay with them…I can’t think of another reason than that.”

Finn chuckled shaking his head to her.

“Rachel, there is nothing going on between Marley and me—”

“Then why did she go all aggressive on me?” She said and Finn frowned.

“What? Marley? She is a sweetheart” Finn said smiling towards her direction and then at her “I think you mean Kitty…”

“No, I mean that blue-eyed thin girl who is your ‘star’” Rachel placed her hands on her hips, “She told me I don’t love you like you do, that you deserve to follow your dreams and that I should let you do that…because you want to stay here and…teach…that you make them better…that you could be great at this…I mean what does she know?” She spoke fast and Finn looked at her.

“Marley said that?” Finn said and Rachel nodded slightly “huh…” Finn said as he smiled and then looked at her “Well she is just as defensive as I am…” He shrugged “Rachel, I care about Marley, but like a sister…” He said and Rachel looked at him “I know it is hard for you to understand but I’d love to stay here and be a teacher…a good one.” He said.

Rachel looked at him silently for a moment. Finn was waiting for her to say something, so he didn’t turn his look away from her.

“Have you really thought about it, Finn?” Rachel asked “Really? Teaching? you could do the same in New York, with me.”

“This is where I belong Rachel.”

And just before they can continue to talk, Mr. Shue makes his entrance and everyone cheers at him.

“Thank you! Thank you!” Mr. Shue said and then motioned Finn to come towards him, he did. “But the one who deserves this more is Finn…” then he stepped away clapping.

Everyone clapped too and smiled at him. Finn smiled at all of them.

“Look I know it’s been tough…and” Mr. Shue started to say once the clapping calmed down “Glee club became my life for the last three years…with a baby now it has become extremely difficult to continue coaching you guys” he looked down then up and place a hand on Finn’s shoulder “But I know I’m leaving you guys in great hands…” He said and everyone’s eyes widen, Rachel suppresses a gasp “Finn has accepted my offer to take my place in coaching you guys…I have to step down…but only because I know Finn will make you the best you can be.”

And then everyone clapped happily. Marley and Kitty smiled at Finn, and he smiled back.

“To Finn!” Santana said and everyone toasted.

Rachel looked at Finn and toasted but she felt sad.

Then Finn looked at Jake, he nodded at him making his reply with a smile.

“Gotta do something…let’s talk later,” Finn said as he left Rachel and walked towards where the band is.

“Oh…Ok” Rachel replied as she stood there looking at her champagne glass and then towards where he went.

Rachel scanned the room and found Marley and walked towards her. Marley noticed Rachel coming in and couldn’t help but widen her eyes, which made Kitty turn around and watch Rachel coming towards them.

“I’m sorry are you lost?” Kitty said as soon as Rachel was in front of them.

“No, I need to talk to her,” Rachel said, and Marley looked at her.

“To me?” Marley said.

“Yes, to you. I don’t know what you did but for some reason, you got what you wanted. Finn is really staying to coach you” Rachel said.

“Well yeah, that’s what Mr. Shue confirmed…now what is your problem? Shouldn’t you be happy for Finn? Supporting your boyfriend?” Kitty asked.

“I am supporting him! He wanted to be an actor and I want to help him get there, but I can only do that if he comes to New York with me!” She raised her voice but because of the current music, she did not call anyone’s attention other than the two who are listening to her.

“Dreams can change…” Marley started, and Rachel looked at her “He might have wanted to be an actor but we all can see Finn’s got the talent to be a great teacher” she said.

Rachel was going to speak but then Finn’s voice is heard through the mic. She turns around and pays attention just like everyone.

“Thank you for your attention.” Finn said as he smiled “I’m not really good at giving speeches but…I am getting better at it” He chuckled, and everyone slightly laughed “I just wanted to take the opportunity to say a few things…” He looked at Blaine first "First of all...Blaine, congratulations really were the MVP of this team and I know we all will miss you" He raised his champagne glass to him.

"Thank you Finn! but it was all because this team was really good!" Blaine raised his glass to "To The New Directions!" which made everyone cheered and toasted.

Then Finn pointed towards where Mercedes and Santana are “Also, I want to thank those two ladies over there...I know you two came here because you care about them just as much as I do, so I can’t tell you how grateful I am for coming and support us, and I hope you keep mentoring them.” He spoke.

“You bet your ass we are,” Santana said as she approached Marley and Kitty, placing her arms around them “We are not going anywhere.”

Marley smiled at her, and Mercedes came to the side of Unique and held her too smiling.

“We know there are some amazing talents here and we are not letting you take all the credit Mr. Hudson,” Mercedes said and that made everyone laugh.

Rachel was impressed at how Santana our of all people was treating Finn, somehow it looks like respect and admiration, just like Mercedes. Has she really been away so much she didn’t notice that Finn had grown up more and gained their respect?

“Thank you again,” Finn said and then he looked at Rachel “Thank you so much for making space in your big Broadway debut schedule,” He said and clapped, then everyone clapped though some just did it for the sake of it “It means a lot to me, and I hope you can take some time to get to know them…Marley…Unique...Kitty…Jake” He knew Ryder left so he decided to not mention he glanced at all of them smiling “They are really great people to get to know.”

Then everyone cheered and clapped. Mr. Shue looked at Finn enormously proud and approach where Rachel was and held on to her, so did she.

“Thank you, Mr.S—Will” Finn smiled “For giving me the opportunity to coach them next year…to enjoy the beginning and the not knowing…and walk with them every step of the way…” He said as he landed his eyes on each of them “Because I know that one day, years from now…I’ll be amazed and proud of the person they become…just like I hope we all do for you.” Then he looked at Mr. Shue who had tears in his eyes.

Rachel looked at Mr. Shue and then at Finn and nodded slightly. She can see Finn’s future now…and it wasn’t in New York with her.

“But that’s not the whole reason why I am standing here…” he said and then looked at Kitty then at Santana.

They both smirked and held Marley, leading her to the front.

“What are you guys doing?” Marley frowned confused.

“Just wait” Santana started.

“And you’ll see,” Kitty said as she winked.

The rest looked at each other confused and then at Finn.

“It wouldn’t be Glee Club and especially The New Directions if we didn’t have couple’s drama,” he said smiling.

“That’s what I said!” Sam shouted and Mercedes rolled her eyes.

“Get over it, Sam…”

“Marley and Jake went through some rough path recently…” He said and Marley was frowning “just like we all have…loving someone is not easy…” he glanced at Rachel and then Jake walked to the front and then where Finn is “Jake here wants to say something to everyone and to you.” Finn said as he gave Jake the mic.

“What?” Marley whispered as she looked at Jake confused.

As Finn moved away from the front, he gave Marley thumbs up and then at Jake as he chuckled and winked at Marley.

“They are back together?” Mr. Shue asked Mercedes who was now on her side.

“Keep up Mr. Shue” Mercedes said smiling at the front.

Mr. Shue looked confused and then looked around.

“And where is Ryder?”

“He bailed on us…again,” Sam said as he approached the front.

Mr. Shue frowned confused as he was oblivious to everything.

“Hi everyone, just like Finn said…Marley and I went through something…I broke her trust and in return, we broke up,” He said as he looked around and then looked at her “She has such a big and forgiving heart that she decided to give me a second chance…” That made Marley smile slightly and then he looked at everyone “I’ve already promised her I won’t ever hurt her again…and I'm more into keeping what is ours, ours only...however Marley" He looked at her smiling "This time I want to do something in front of all of them…our friends…” he looked at his friends “our mentors…” he looked at Finn, then to Mercedes and then at Santana, the three smiled back at him “I wanted to do a grant gesture…this is for you…and yes, it was my idea” he chuckled as she looked at him intrigued.

The music started and she gasped.

“This song does promise that I'd be good to you Mar...and you are welcome to sing it with me” He winked at her.

Marley blushed and then Kitty along with Santana pushed her to the front.

“Go, you know you want to!” They both said together.

Marley giggled as she walked to the front next to Jake, he smiled at her as he gave her the other mic.

Finn walked and stood next to Rachel smiling.

“See Rach? This is what I love about Glee Club…watching kids like me, learning and going through stuff that I can understand and help them.” He smiled as he watched Jake starting to sing.

Everyone's around, no words are coming out…And I can't find my breath, can we just say the rest with nooo…sound” Jake sang looking at the rest but then he looks at Marley “And I know this isn't enough, I still don't measure up…And I'm not prepared, sorry is never there when you need it…” Jake held her hand gently and she took it smiling.

“See this is what we were robbed in karaoke night” Blaine said to Tina, and she nodded.

“They are just too cute!” Tina said.

And I do want you to know I hold you up above everyone!” Jake singing out loud just to Marley, forgetting about the world “And I do want you know I think you'd be good to me…” he then makes her twirl in her place “And I'd be so good to you…” He smiled at her, bringing her close “I would…

“Promise?” Marley said on the mic as she smiled at him.

“Promise.” Jake replied on the mic, and she chuckled at him.

“Awww…” The girls and Blaine said. Rachel looked at them frowning slightly.

Thought I saw a sign, somewhere between the lines…” Marley moves away from Jake flirting with him, she backs away slightly “Maybe it's me, maybe I only see, what I want?” she sang as she shrugged, then she turns around, so her back faces him and sings to the rest as if asking them.

“No!” Kitty, Santana, Tina, and Blaine shouted. Unique rolled her eyes smiling at the silliness of those two.

And I still have your letter” She turns back to face Jake “to stock up between?” She smiled at him as he approaches her smirking “Someone I just invented, and who I really am and who I've becooooome” she holds that note as Jake grabs her by the waist now.

And I do want you to know I hold you up above everyone…” both singing and their voices sounding really good together “And I do want you to know I think you'd be good to me” Jake kisses her cheek as he now moves his hand to hers and takes it, slightly moving away so there is space between them now “And I'd be so good to you!” They sing holding each other's hand while the other holds the mic.

“They are really good Finn.” Rachel comments looking at him.

“Yeah, they are” He smiled.

Woah! Woah, oh, oh, oh” They belt out and everyone’s mind is blown at their register and how pitch-perfect they sound.

“Swett Lord their babies are going to be so talented” Blaine comments to Tina and she nods.

Then Jake makes Marley turned around so her back lands on his chest and he holds her there as his chin comes to the other side, she looks at him and they lock eyes as they sing the next line.

Yeah, I would…

Marley kisses Jake’s cheek then moves away to face him while backing away and making him come to her with her hand.

And I do want you to know I hold you up above everyone!

Jake moves slowly towards Marley as she smiles at him and winks. Jake smirking places the mic on the stand so he has his hands free and comes closer to Marley, offering his hand and she takes it so she can twirl again while they sing, then he moves his hand up with hers and interlaces his fingers with her, the other resting at her waist.

And I do want you to know I think you'd be good to me!

Then he drops her hand as he makes a turn in his place landing on his knee in front of her.

And I'd be so good to you…

They sing together but then Marley blushes smiling at him. He smiles and stands up and cups her face, kissing her in front of everyone.

Everyone claps, whistles, and smiles at their cuteness.

And the music and singing continue just as we see them entering their room at the hotel.

I do want you to know I hold you up above everyone!

Jake unzips Marley’s dress like a pro, then it drops, and she steps out of it, turning around to see Jake as he takes off his t-shirt, then he kisses her with passion.

And I do want you to know I think you'd be good to me!

Marley’s head lies on the pillow softly, followed by Jakes's head that kisses her lips then down to her neck and then her collarbone, then back to her lips.

And I'd be so good to you…

Marley locks her hands at the nape of his neck, deepening the kiss. Then her bra is taken off so swiftly by Jake that Marley is always taken by surprise but loves that about him. His body moves with urgency as he kisses her down to her chest. Without stopping touching her he explores her breasts and then up again to her neck, Marley gets consumed with the pleasure he gives her.

I'd be good to you, I'd be good to you”                                           “Woah!

Marley loved the contact of his bare skin against her own, feeling electric and intense. She enjoyed the sound of his voice telling her over and over how much he loved her, as he eases in.

So good to you” the song finishes just as they share a passionate kiss.

It was just amazing the feeling that they both could experience, both professing the love they have for each other. They forget about everything else as they made love with even greater passion than the last nights. 

End of chapter

Chapter Text

Marley and Jake were tangled in the sheets, Jake was spooning her with his chin resting on her shoulder and she could feel his soft breathing. Marley probably wouldn’t have minded if he snores, but the fact that he didn’t was something she was thankful for.

She woke up and it was still dark, and she sighed. She started to collect all the memories of these last days…her friendship with Kitty strengthened…Unique starting to accept her and Jake being an item again…The Glee Club actually happy that she and Jake were back together…Jake making love to her, singing to her, declaring his love for her in front of everyone…

Marley smiled at the thought of her last nights with him and yesterday morning…before the highlight of the weekend: Winning Nationals. She turned slightly her head to glanced at Jake as she moved her hand to caress his around her.

“Jake?” she whispered softly as she felt him pulling her closer to him “Jake…” Marley held a laugh.

“Yeah Mar?” He replied as he opened slightly his eyes and nuzzled on her neck.

“I’m feeling a bit cold…” she said and that made him straighten up to face her.

“Want to use my t-shirt?” He asked slightly smiling and she nodded.

Jake stood up and looked around for his t-shirt, it was landing on the chair, and he chuckled slightly as he grabbed it and walked towards the bed again. He got in and looked at her.

“Arms up gorgeous,” He said, and she giggled as she lifted her arms, letting Jake take a full look at her breast with the light of the moon “You are so gorgeous Mar…” he leaned in kissing her breasts and she whimpered.

“Jake!” She laughed slightly at the warm contact.

“Ok, okay…sorry” he moved away chuckling as he placed the t-shirt over her and then adjusted it on her “all covered” he winked as he wrapped his arms around her waist, snuggling with her again.

“I love this t-shirt,” Marley said as she held his arms tightly on her.

“And I love you in them or out of them” he smirked as he nibbled lightly and gently on her neck.

Marley smiled at the feeling, encouraging Jake to keep on doing that, and then his hands sneaked under the t-shirt and Marley gasped at the contact of his hands with her skin.

“Aren’t you…tired” she managed to say getting a bit turned on.

“Of you?” he moves to her ear and whispers “never” then he moves up a bit so he can reach her lips now.

As soon as his lips captured hers, she deepens in it. It amazed her how Jake was an expert at all of this. It was easy to feel safe in his hands and secure. But she had this thought in her head that she needed to clear out. She placed her hands where Jake was stopping him from moving and he stopped and looked at her.

“Is everything ok?” Jake asked concerned and she nodded.

“I…I want to ask you something…” Marley said, and he looked at her a bit worried, he moved his hands out of the t-shirt as she accommodates to be seated on the bed.

“Sounds serious…” Jake said, sitting now too.

“It’s not,” Marley said half smiling as she turned to face him, he lifted his eyebrows “or maybe a bit…” she looked down a bit and then at him, she couldn’t help but to take a look at his abdomen, so firm…then to his corded muscles that rippled as he brought one arm behind his head for support, then to his face.

“Whatever it is Mar, just tell me…” he said while his other arm reached for her chin and caressed it.

Marley looked at him and chuckled slightly as she stammered her words until she finally giggled slightly.

“We’ve been having these…amazing nights…” she said while clearing her throat and smiling at him “and I’ve loved every single one…each one more special than the last one,” she said trying to make him feel good, but he kept a calm face.

“Yeah…but?” he said, pushing her to continue.

“But…” She closed her eyes as she exhaled and then looked down “I just have been wondering…when or rather…with who…you…uhm” she struggled to ask.

“I…I had sex for the first time?” Jake asked and she finally looked at him, blushing slightly as she nodded “You really want to know?” he slightly smiled, and she didn’t say anything else “all alright, so an honest talk…” he said as he looked up trying to remember.

Marley soon regretted asking him that, she didn’t want to know. She would be jealous or angry at him because she would hate to picture him with anyone else.

Jake was about to answer but then he saw her face, he could tell she regretted asking him what she did. He smiled as he moved closer to her, taking her by surprise.

“You know what? It doesn’t matter…I can tell you that you are the first girl I ever made love with” he said and she looked at him with her sad eyes “I’m serious Mar, you are…I’ve never felt this way…and I want you and only you…and I’ll say it as many times as I have to until you believe it” he leaned in to kiss her and she couldn’t help but smile as he kissed her over and over again on her lips, then he kissed her head and cupped her face “Marley, look at me…” she looked at him “I’m serious…I don’t desire anyone else but you…I just want to be with you…and only you…” he moved his hand under the t-shirt again and cupped her breast as she gasped again “I love being the one that can hold you like this…” his other arm sneak on her waist and then moved to her hips and then smiled “I don’t want or would ever want anyone as much as I want you…” He looked at her.

A breath of relief escaped her.

“I’m sorry I asked,” she said as she enjoyed his touch “I just…had curiosity…” she gasped again as his hand moved to her thighs, caressing them “as to…how…you…are…so good at…this…” she breathed out as an aftershock of pleasure invades her.

He smirked as he looked at her, she had closed her eyes just as she stopped talking. His hand moves further down and then up, he reaches for the t-shirt as he ends up hovering over her and looks at her just as she opens her eyes.

“I knew I shouldn’t have even bothered” Marley smirked as she nodded at him for pulling the t-shirt out of her.

Jake chuckled as he kissed her lips and she giggled.

“I can’t believe we can do this…again” she rolled her eyes and Jake stops inches away from her face.

“There are so many things I still want to do with you Mar…” he said brushing his lips with her “But…” He reached for the condom on the nightstand as she shook her head smiling “this is something we are really good at right now” he smirked as he lifted his hips to put on the condom.

“I honestly thought I was going to suck at sex,” Marley said as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

“That’s impossible…” he nibbled at her bottom lip and then looked at her “You excel at everything…” he smirked as he pecked her lips.

“I love you Jake…so much…it scares me…” she said as she looked at his eyes.

He frowned slightly, his hand moved to caress her cheek and he kissed her sweetly then he pulled away and look into her deep blue eyes, getting lost in them.

“You are scared? I’m scared too, Mar…” he moved his hand to her sides down her curves “I’m scared of losing you again…that you could stop loving me…that you decide to leave me…” he said and she frowned slightly as she shook her head.

“That will never hap—”

“It could Mar…” He said and then he teased her as he positioned himself “You could wake up any moment and decide to find another person…to love…” he kissed her neck now and then her collarbone as he came back to her lips.

Marley pulled away this time and rested her forehead with his, shaking her head, and then she looked at him.

“Jake…” She said as he looked at her “Don’t ever say those things…especially when you have me like this…” she sighed “is torturing and not cool” she said and Jake nodded slightly “But…I also want to tell you one thing…” she then wrapped her legs on his back and he slightly groaned at the contact “Jake, I don’t know what will happen…but I know that you will always be in my heart…in me…It will always be you.”

Jake smiled at her sweetly, gazing at her eyes that were looking at him very seriously.

“It will always be you Mar, till the end…you have me for everything and anything…I love you so much…” He said and then she smiled as she breathed out happily.

“Now…could we please just…” She said blushing slightly.

“Yes,” Jake said as he kissed her.

His kiss that started sweet and tender switched gears as soon as he eased into her, she breathed out in pleasure as he slides both hands down her bare arms, leaving goosebumps in his wake, then rests them on her hip and then she lost count of where he touched her, she just felt him everywhere.

They both murmured words of love between kisses as they wrapped their arms around one another.

They both laid on the bed looking at the ceiling as they are catching their breaths, Marley still felt the flush in her, Jake had told her that was called ‘the afterglow’ and she looked at him, shifting to her side slightly. She smiled as she marveled at him and what he made her feel.

“That might’ve been the hottest moment ever,” he said as he looked at her smiling as he shifted to look at her.

“Really?” She asked as she moved closer.

“Yeah…every single night has been amazing…with you” he moved his hand to her shoulder, moving her hair back slightly, she shivered slightly “You definitely are good at this” he smirked.

“That’s because I have a great partner…” she winked smiling “Gosh I can still feel it…like in my whole body” she moved her hand across his chest, slightly moving it up and down.

Jake gently moved his hand to hers and moved it to his lips as he kissed her hand sweetly, she smiled at that. She loved how sweet and caring Jake was with her, this is what she has been missing for so long and now that she had it, she knew she wanted to hold on to it forever.

“You know something?” Marley said as she made herself comfortable.

“Tell me…” he said as he kept kissing her hand, each finger slowly and softly.

“When we broke up…there were two songs I couldn’t stop listening to,” she said and his stare turned sad “No, don’t get sad…” she smiled as her other hand reached for his cheek “One of them was Gravity by Sara Bareilles…” she said softly, and he looked at her.

“Makes sense…you were fragile and thought I was taking advantage of you…and you wanted me to let you go…” he said as he closed his eyes at her touch on his cheek.

“No…” she smiled slightly, and he frowned slightly “I know the song mostly says that…but it also says ‘That you're everything I think I need here on the ground…’ she sings that bit then she is about to sing the rest, but Jake speaks.

“And then it says—”

“Jake…” she almost glared at him and he looked at her half-smiling “I’m the one telling the story…it doesn’t matter the next line…what matters is the rest…‘Though I can't seem to let you go…The one thing that I still know is that you're keeping me…down’” she sang that bit and Jake looked at her, admiring the sweetness of her voice “You're on to me, on to me, and all over…” she moved closer to him, he kept holding her hand and she slightly moved it so their fingers interlaced “Something always brings me back to you…” She sung softly, he moved his other hand to her face, his fingers caressing her cheeks, then rested there as she finished singing “It never takes too long…” she sang very softly, almost in a whisper as she looked down at his lips, then to his eyes.

He swallowed, then he looked at her in the eyes.

“I’m totally crazy in love with you Marley.” His voice so direct and clear that Marley leaned in to kiss him.

Though this kiss was different, it wasn’t sweet nor passionate, it was like a flood of colors, their hearts beating fast while happiness rushed through them.

When they pulled away, she had ended up on top of him, she caressed his face with both hands while they both smiled at each other, overtaken with joy.

“You said there were two songs on repeat…which one was the other one?” Jake asked smiling as his arms wrapped around her.

“You just want to hear me sing again,” Marley said as she lightly hit his chest and he exaggerates a painful gasp, then he laughed slightly.

“Guilty as charged…but your voice is so beautiful…” he said as he lifted on hand to caress her face.

“Yours is too,” she remarked smiling.

“So that is why we both are such great duet partners…see? our voices are not the same without the other” he smirked, flashing a lopsided grin “that and our sexual connection…makes us…the best duet partners” he moved his hand to her shoulder and then down her sides.

“You are just taking advantage of the fact that I’m more comfortable being naked around you” she narrowed her eyes as she looked at him touching her, and smirked “You are devouring me with your look Jake, we just did it!” she jokingly smacked his chest and he chuckled “One day I’ll do the same, I’ll take advantage of you too,” she said as she lifted her chin up and smirked.

“Oh, would you now?” he smirked as he gently pulled her closer “first off, you could never take advantage of me. I will always want you.”

Marley laughed slightly as she rolled her eyes and kissed his lips sweetly then rested her hands on his face.

“So, what was the other song…” he said after a moment of silence.

“You are not letting that one go, right?” Marley half smiled as her fingers stroked his cheek then his chin and then brushed his neck.

“Nope.” He said smiling “Come on…and you have to sing it too” he almost ordered, and she giggled “Mar, come on!” he tickled her, and she let out a small scream and he laughed as he kept tickling her “I’ll keep doing it…”

Marley wanted to move away but his arms were so strong that she had to surrender so she placed her hands on his bare chest and he stopped tickling her.

“Fine, I’ll tell you…” she sighed as she looked at him “it was…Red,” she said and looked at him.

He studied her for a moment and then he lifted his eyebrow.

“I’m not singing it…” she said, and he tickled her “Jake no!” She laughed slightly and he tickled her again “Jake!” And it came like a moan and she covered her mouth.

“See I told you, one day you’ll scream my name” He smirked, and she pushed his chest slightly as she laughed slightly.

“Keep on dreaming…one day perhaps” she smirked.

“Perhaps…but the whole hotel heard you…so I’m not going to deny it, if someone asks,” he said and she narrowed her eyes smiling at him “Come on, just one bit…sing…” he smiled.

“Fiiiine.” She sighed as she analyzed which part of the song. She straddled him as she took a deep breath “Remembering him comes in flashbacks and echoes…” she started out and Jake held his breath, always amazed at her voice “Tell myself it's time now…gotta let go…” she moved her hand to his face, caressing it lightly “But moving on from him is impossible when I still see it all in my…head!” she held that note and then she slightly chuckled as she took Jake’s admiring face and she moved her hand to his chin “In burning red…” She winked “Burning, it was red!” She sang again and he moved his hands to her waist smiling “Oh, losing him was blue, like I'd never known…” she moved her head close to his, her forehead resting with his “Missing him was dark gray, all alone…” she sang softly switching to head voice as she looked at him “Forgetting him was like trying to know…Somebody you never met…” she slightly smiled “'Cause loving him was red…” she finished singing and looked at him.

“Your voice makes me want to hear you all day…” he smiled as she blushed “I’m serious Mar, you’ll be a great singer…not just on the radio…I know you’ll be as great as Taylor Swift” he grinned just as she pecked his lips. He could tell she wanted to say something else so he waited as he carefully moved his hands up and down her back.

“When we started dating…I was afraid of getting hurt” she pulled away but kept her arms around his neck.

“I know…I’m so—”

“I was terrified at letting myself love you…and then lose you” she continued and he looked at her “when we broke up I thought you would just move on to be with other girls…” she said “Because let’s face it, we didn’t know I would ever…be with you this way” she blushed slightly as she glanced at their position and the fact that they were naked, with just the sheets covering them slightly “But, you kept pursuing me…texting me…leaving voice-mails…writing me notes…” she laughed slightly at the memory “Sneaking into my room and sing to me…with me…” she looked at him “and I found myself believing in second chances…and…falling in love all over again…or never stopped and what I felt intensified.”

Jake slightly smiled at her as he caressed her back up and down.

“You…Marley Rose, are full of surprises…” he started “you are just like all the missing pieces my heart was missing…You are the only melody or harmony I want in my life…” he smiled as he kissed softly her lips and then smirked slightly “and if I could we would never leave this hotel room so I could make love to you every day and night…so you get how much I love you…desire…crave you” he said and she laughed slightly shaking her head.

“Jacob Puckerman…You are insatiable,” she said and laughed shaking her head.

“It’s all your fault…your cuteness and hotness all merged, driving me crazy” he leaned in to kiss her neck and then down to her chest as his hands roamed over her body and she laughed, pushing him slightly.

“Jake…” she said as she laughed a bit more when she felt him nibbling her and then he looked at her.

“I love seeing you smile…being this happy…making you laugh” he smiled, “they say laughter is the best way to a woman’s heart” he winked and she captured his head with her hands and kissed him.

“You already have my heart…and you know that” she smiled.

“Then I want to do everything I can to keep it…” he moved down to her neck and then loaded her with sweet kisses all over her chest, neck, collarbone, shoulders as he softly said “I want everyone…not just the people who love and care for you…to know that you are…cherished…” he kept caressing her all over her body as he kissed “happy…” and then he went back to give her a sweet kiss “and loved.”

Marley smiled through the kisses and wrapped her arms around him and then kissed his cheek, then nuzzled to his neck, kissing it lightly as she whispered.

“You are making me the happiest…cherished…and loved…” she smiled, and he moved away to look at her “Our story is just starting…” she smirked.

“Yes…just starting…and perhaps is not one would pick for fairytales” he half smiled “it is raw but so real, and yet with the truest kind of love.” Then he swiftly turned her around, making her lay down, and kept kissing her.

As his lips devoured while caressing and stroking her, Marley could feel her body aching for all of him, then she remembered they’ve just done it an hour or so ago. She pushed slightly at Jake’s chest and he stopped looking at her.

“Something wrong Mar?” he said, and she blushed slightly.

“You said we’ve used all of the condoms you brought…” she said softly and Jake widened his eyes, she was right.

He kissed her head as he stretched to open the drawer and got one last package and showed it to her.

“I guess we will have to make it count…” she smiled as she wrapped her arms around him and he chuckled.

He looked at her as she laid beneath him completely naked and he smiled as he trailed his finger from her belly to his neck and then he spoke.

“Mar…” He said and she opened her eyes since she had closed them to feel his touch.

“Mhm?” She asked as she looked at him but still felt his fingers.

“This is probably the last night that we can be alone…in a bed like this…” he said as his other hand now moved to her hip “I want to really try other…things…” he said as his tongue licked the top of his lip in anticipation.

“Such as?” Marley asked intrigued.

“Do you trust me?” He asked without telling her anything else.

Marley looked into his eyes, she could see the desire in his stare, and she couldn’t deny what she was feeling. She read about other stuff couples did besides just doing the deed…she gave him one of her warmest smiles.

“With all of me.”

Jake grinned as he lowered to kiss her, a kiss that soon was deepened. He moved his hand across her leg, his fingers dancing down her inner thigh. She opened her legs a little bit, enough to let him know to keep going. Jake moved his hand to the space she opened for him and made his way between her legs. He kissed her softly, while his fingers explored her, keeping slow movements, and followed shortly with faster, always the right way.

“Do…tell…me…if you…want…me to stop” Jake said as his fingers glided over, inside and around her.

“No.” Marley said loud and clear as she delicately pushed against his fingers.

She could feel her breaths coming faster. He kept kissing her, pressing down in all the right places, savoring how much her body wanted him. And Marley didn’t know how but she felt the burning inside and then she gasped feeling one of the most intense pleasures.

Jake smiled as he watched her, it was just as simple as breathing, he knew it from the beginning and every time he was with Marley he confirmed it, there is no going back after the first time he saw her…and even less now that he had her.

Marley stood there, feeling a bit tipsy over her trip and then she looked back at him, he was smiling at her, and she blushed.

“I didn’t know that would feel—”

“Good?” Jake said as he pecked her lips.

She nodded and he looked at her again, she could still see he wasn’t done with her.

“Ready for something else?” he asked, and she arched an eyebrow “You will love this…and I won’t object to repeat it” he smirked.

“Wha—” She started but then sighed as he kissed her neck and then threaded his fingers through her hair, pulling her close.

He pressed a palm gently against her belly and then he touched her breasts and then kiss between them and then he started to cup her breasts and lick her, all of that sent tingles of insane pleasure down her spine.

Jake watched her and venture further down, he trailed kisses down her belly, and then he stopped, then looks at her for approval. She started to breathe fast in anticipation, she read about it but she didn’t know how it would feel…so far everything Jake did felt amazing…she nodded at him in approval and he gave her a slight smile as he lowered his head to her thighs, grazing his tongue between her legs.

Marley arched against him as she gasped in pleasure, which encouraged Jake to trace soft lingering lines up and down against her.

“It is better than on the books…” she whispered between ragged breaths, as she grabbed on the sheets of the bed. She didn’t know how or why but she didn’t want him to stop, she was aching for him, needing more.

Jake held her legs opened as he kept pleasuring her and she couldn’t believe the way she was feeling with the way his lips were devouring her, taking her to a crazy ecstasy and ended up moaning his name as she felt she went and came back from a place she didn’t remember. It was just as good as when he was inside her and understand why couples vary what they do.

He smiled at the pleasure he just gave her and then moved up, she was still speechless after the two trips he took her, and then he smiled as he moved to her ear and nibble on her earlobe and then whispered.

“Do you have any idea how much I want to make love to you right now?”

“How much?” she breathed out smiling.

“More than I have ever wanted anything before…”

Then he reached for the last condom. He ripped it open, and she looked at him. This was going to be their last time until they could be alone again…like this…to give in to each other’s pleasure, in a place of their own…which right now she wished Jake found one and fast.

He hovered over her, and teased her with kisses, keeping her on her back, brushing his lips across her lips, cheeks, then neck, and then back to her lips. She smirked as she whispered.

“Stop teasing…”

Jake chuckled and he would have teased her more but right now he just wanted to bury himself in her. He parted her legs and entered her, slowly filling her up. She felt him sinking in and made breathy noises in pleasure and absorbed by desire. Nothing else existed for her right now, only him moving inside her, one hand on her hip the other on her breasts, his breath against her neck, and then his lips on hers just as she felt heat rose in her chest, she could feel inside a burst of all the feelings Jake gave her: lust, want, ecstasy, happiness and on top of all of them, utter and complete love.

End of chapter


Chapter Text

When the sun hit their faces, Marley and Jake realized that they had to get ready. They struggled a bit to get out of bed but in the end, they finally did. Marley rushed to the shower and Jake went to his room and into his shower.

As they both got dressed, they remembered their last nights in that room. Marley ended up putting on some jeans and her favorite light blue shirt on top of her pink t-shirt. She was just combing her hair when Jake entered the room with his suitcase in his hand.

“Finn said to meet him in reception, so we take the bus to the airport” Jake said as he approached her.

She turned around from the mirror, while she finished combing her hair and smiled at him.

“Cool, I’m almost done” She placed her comb inside her suitcase and studied it for a while trying to know if she was missing something.

“I double-checked too, you are good Mar” Jake said, reading her thoughts and she finally looked at him.

He looked so cute with his dark blue jeans, his dark green Henley t-shirt. With what he was wearing she could really admire how broad and firm his chest was, and his arms were very muscular, and without realizing she was outlining his arms and chest with her fingertips.

“If you keep doing that…we won’t leave this room” Jake’s voice brought her back to reality and she blushed as she looked at him.

“Sorry…” She looked down and he lifted her chin to look at him and smiled.

“I’m not…this…” he used his other hand to gesture at him “is all yours…” he smirked “so you can look all you want…” he said.

Marley smiled as she pecked his lips lightly, he wrapped his arms around her, and she pulled away looking at him in the eyes.

“Now I get why some girls at school stared at you…” she said as she wrapped her arms around him “but I can’t wait for all of them to know you are off the market…again” she winked which made him smirk.

“Oh, I’m the one who can’t wait to scare away those who look at you” he said, and his hand moved to her ass now and she gasped then giggled “You really don’t notice how many guys looked down at you?” he lifted his eyebrow.

Marley shook her head as she gave him a slight smile.

“Well, they all do.” He assured her and then moved his hand to her hip “Especially the football team.”

“I never noticed them…we went to very few games…you are more into basketball” she smiled, and he nodded.

“Ryder made them back off because he said he was the one you would date,” he said and Marley looked down slightly “So, in a way, thanks to him is that none of them tried to sweep you off your feet.”

“No one makes me feel like you do,” Marley said as she kissed him, making him smile wide “You and me against the world, remember?” she lifted her eyebrow.

Jake chuckled as he nodded and kissed her forehead slightly while caressing her back now and then letting her go.

Then he helped her close her suitcase and then placed it next to his. He then opened the door for her as he brought both suitcases with him. She didn’t know how but he managed to slip one hand to hold hers as he brought both suitcases down the lobby.

As they walked to the elevator, Marley glanced back at the door of the room where she had been the happiest with Jake, where they finally expressed how much they loved each other, where she finally decided to let Jake made love to her, and boy they made love a lot on that weekend. She slightly smiled and when she looked at Jake, he was staring at her, she could feel he was thinking about their time together as well.

“L. A gave me amazing memories to cherish” Marley said as she smiled at him just as the elevator doors opened.

“Making memories with you is all I want to keep doing,” Jake said as they stepped into the elevator “you know, back at home…”

Marley smiled and leaned onto his body, she smiled as she wrapped her arms around him from the side and then rested her head on her arm.

“We’ll make new ones there…” she whispered and although she couldn’t see, she sensed Jake’s smile.

While they were on the bus, Kitty sat next to them and smirked.

“So, how was your last night?” she lifted her eyebrow “You better took care of her and protection right?” She warned Jake.

Jake glanced at Marley who laughed as she snuggled more into Jake, and he chuckled a bit uncomfortable by the sudden intrusion into their private life.

“Uhm…yes Kitty…I used protection” Jake stated as his hand caresses the back of Marley.

“Good, because even if she gets in the pill, you still need to use protection” she frowned, and he looked at Marley.

“You are getting on the pill?” Jake asked and Marley slightly nodded as she looked at Kitty.

“I mean, we are seeing her doctor today…right?” Marley asked and Kitty nodded.

“And you are ok with it?” Jake asked.

“Of course, she is,” Kitty said without letting her answer and Jake glared at her “Ok fine, let her tell you” she rolled her eyes.

Jake looked at Marley and she nodded.

“I rather go with Kitty than my mom…” She smiled and he nodded then turned his head to Kitty.

“Thank you.” He said and Kitty scoffed.

“I’m not doing it for you, is for her own good…and since you two are now together like that, I have to look after her,” she said and then gave a genuine smile at Marley and then looked at Jake “I will always look out for her…” she said.

Jake chuckled slightly and nodded as he kissed Marley’s head and she snuggled more to him, smiling at Kitty and mouthing a ‘Thank you’.

“I meant to thank you for looking out for her Kitty.” Jake clarified “I rather she go with you than with my mom…” he said and then Marley pulled away and looked at him shocked just like Kitty.

“Your mom knows?!” They both said in unison.

That caused everyone on the bus to look back at their backseat worried and then they both laughed slightly but they all looked at them curiously.

“Oh! it's none of your business” Kitty snapped and then turned back to face Jake.

Thankfully Kitty’s comment made most of them shrug and go back to their business. Mercedes, Santana, and Finn looked at each other.

“What was that about?” Finn asked as he turned back to face Mercedes and Santana.

“Oh prob it has to do with the fact that Marley and Jake have been having sex,” Santana said as she kept her eyes fixed at the back.

“They what?!” Finn said as he tried to run to the back, but Mercedes and Santana held him back.

“Hey, Finn!” Santana snapped his fingers and he looked at her “They had rooms next to each other, no adults around…and their chemistry was all over the place…you seriously didn’t think that could happen?” she asked as he looked down and then glanced back.

“But Marley is so innocent, I have to talk with him because if he pushed her, I swear—”

“He didn’t push her,” Mercedes said, and he looked at her “and as a virgin myself…you know saving me till marriage and all that stuff…I don’t judge them…I actually think that they are really cute, and Marley seemed the happiest she’s been in a long time.”

“Yeah, there is nothing wrong in what they did, so long they used protection and I was told they did…” she shrugged.

“But maybe she wasn’t ready and—”

“Look Finn…I get the overprotective brother with her…but if you want to know what happened just ask, she trusts you…” Mercedes said, “if you want to know ask her, I’m sure she will tell you the truth.”

“Besides, it might do her well to have this confidence in her sexuality now…and Puck’s brother looks very…fit so I’m sure she is having a lot of fun” Santana commented as she smirked.

Finn looked at her and then furrow his eyes as he shook his head.

“Can we talk about something else?” He said and Mercedes and Santana looked at each other.

“Aww look at you, you are reacting like a father who just learned his daughter became a woman,” Santana said as she laughed, and Mercedes laughed.

“I should’ve taken the ride with Rachel…” Finn muttered while he crossed his arms, glancing at the back and they laughed again.

Marley looked shocked at Jake as he explained that her mom kind of suspected something was going on ever since he slept at her house a couple of weeks ago and then when she found out they were staying at a hotel.

“But she doesn’t know?” Marley asked.

“No…” he said “but she did ask, me to tell you to reach for her that she could get you an appointment with a doctor…” he said.

“So, she suspects,” Kitty said narrowing her eyes.

“I mean, you can’t blame her…I barely got home the last weeks…” he looked at Marley and slightly smiled.

Marley blushed as she looked at Kitty and then at Jake.

“You need a place for yourselves a.s.a.p,” Kitty said and then Jake wrapped his arms around her “but it needs to be away from me because all your cuteness is actually damaging my mean girl aura,” she said.

The three of them laughed. Kitty was really happy they could be friends and that Marley was slowly overcoming her low self-esteem and eating disorder, no matter who didn’t agree, Jake made her happy and he was the one who was healing her in a way.

On the plane, Marley snuggled on Jake all flight, she was still too tired from last night and even though she didn’t tell him, he knew it was because she was worn out.

When their plane landed, everyone was heading home but Marley knew she had to go with Kitty so they can make it to the doctor’s appointment, so she kissed Jake goodbye as she hoped into Kitty’s car.

Finn approached Jake and he was about to say something when Jake spoke first.

“Hey Finn, so I’ve arranged everything with the guys for tomorrow’s morning.” He said smiling.

Finn looked at him frowning but then he remembered what Mercedes said and he nodded.

“Yeah, but once again, are you sure about it?” he frowned.

“Yes, absolutely.” Jake smiled and Finn nodded at him.

“Then…count me in man” he shakes his hand.

Marley sat nervously in the doctor’s office next to Kitty, while the doctor was typing all of her answers, on her computer.

“Ok, so we have your personal info completed Marley” the doctor smiled at her “Now, I have to ask you some questions that might seem personal, but you must be honest about them, ok?”

“Ok…” Marley nodded as she glanced back at Kitty.

“Good” she smiled at Marley and then looked at Kitty “it is up to you if you want your friend in here, but she can also leave,” the doctor said.

Kitty nodded as she was about to stand up, but Marley held on her hand and shook her head. Kitty looked at her.

“You’ll be fine, she is really good.” Kitty smiled.

“But I’ll feel better with a friend next to me…” Marley said softly.

Kitty smiled at her calling her a friend and nodded, taking a seat. The doctor nodded smiling and then looked at Marley.

“So that is settled. Let’s start with the questions?” She asked.

Marley nodded.

“Are you currently sexually active?”

“Yes,” Marley replied glancing at Kitty, she nodded at her, encouraging her to be honest.

“How many sexual partners have you had?”


“When was the last time you had sex?”

“This morning…” she said, and Kitty held on a ‘wow’

“Ok…” The doctor typed her answers and then looked back at her “Now just answer yes or no to the following questions…”

Marley glanced at Kitty, and she smirked at her, Marley shook her head blushing.

“Do you have regular period cycles?”

“Yeah…” Marley frowned slightly.

“Are you self-checking your breasts regularly?”

“Uhm. No.”

“Have you had oral sex?”


“Did you give oral sex?”


“Have you had anal sex?”

“No…” Marley frowned looking at Kitty and she shrugged.

“Some girls are into it,” Kitty said, trying to calm her.

“Any pain or bleeding during or after sex?”

“Uhm…” Marley struggled to answer, and the doctor looked at her slightly frowning.

“I’m sorry Jenny, see the thing is, we did tell you she was not a virgin and that she had sex recently, but we forgot to mention that Marley lost her virginity recently…” Kitty replied.

“Oh.” The doctor replied and then looked at Marley “How many times did you have sex after your first time?”

Marley looked up, remembering, and counting.

“Uhm…probably 6 times…” she said, and Kitty widened her eyes.

“So did you bleed a bit Marley?” The doctor asked and Marley tried to remember and then slightly shook her head “That’s good, that means your guy took care of you and you may have already stretched your hymen before” she smiled “which means is good, however, take into count if you notice something wrong.”

Marley breathed out in relief and Kitty held her hand for comfort. Then the nurse came in with the blood test Marley was asked to do when she said she wasn’t a virgin.

“Oh good, your pregnancy results are in,” The doctor said, and Marley held her breath, tightening her hand on Kitty “And I forgot to ask, did your guy used protection?”

Marley nodded in anticipation as the doctor opened the envelope, taking the results out, and then looked at her.

“You are not pregnant Marley Rose” the doctor said smiling “However if you and your partner are being that sexually active, I recommend using birth control on top of continuing to ask him to keep using condoms” she smiled.

Marley nodded as she received the pamphlets from the doctor.

“Now, I need you to go into the other room and put on the robe the nurse will give you. I’ll revise how you are, is just a normal checkup…”

Marley looked at Kitty and she nodded at her, Marley sighed and did as she was told.

Kitty dropped Marley at her house, and they were laughing.

“I really had no idea about a lot of stuff…” Marley said as she walked to her house and Kitty followed her.

“It is normal, our parents assume that we are not doing it just because we don’t talk about it” she shrugged “But I’m a firm believer that knowledge is power” she winked.

“Thank you, Kitty…” she said “I’m really ok now with all of this…” she smiled “and seeing your doctor helped a lot…although I know it is expensive and I—”

“Hey, don’t sweat it…this appointment was on me” she smiled “Jenny is my doctor but she is also a friend of the fam and I’ve already arranged that she is your doctor without charging” she winked “you just have to buy your pills.”

Marley looked at her and then pulled her into a warm embrace. Kitty smiled as she pulled away and looked at her.

“Well, rest up…we still have this week till graduation” she smiled.

“Right… it's our last week with most of them” Marley got a bit sad, and Kitty looked at her.

“Hey, don’t be sad…we beat ‘Throat Explosion’, we beat Sue Sylvester, Finn is going to be our new mentor, you got to tell Rachel Barry off, and we are going to get new members and have a hell of a great time in our senior year!”

Marley smiled and then walked to her door, Kitty was walking back to her car when she remembered something and turned back to Marley.

“Hey, Marley!” She said.

“Yeah?” Marley said as she stood on her doorstep.

“Wear something really nice tomorrow” she smirked as she walked towards her car again.

“What? Why?”

Kitty smirked as she entered her car and took off, leaving Marley frowning and confused.

Marley laid on her bed, she was happy she was home, but she missed Jake’s breath on her or his arms around her. She tossed and turned and then decided to just look at the ceiling, then her phone buzzed, and she reached for it, she saw the called ID and smiled while she took the call.

“Hi” She smiled.

“Hello, gorgeous…” Jake said.

“I miss you…”

“I miss you more…that’s why I called.”

Marley giggled slightly.

“I was going to call you, but I thought you fell asleep already.”

“Without you? Not a chance.” He chuckled.

They talked and laughed at Marley’s visit with the doctor, she had texted him some details, but she didn’t get to talk with him because her mom had her helping out with some chores.

“So, Kitty heard all of it?” Jake asked.

“Yes,” she blushed “not in detail…but yeah.”

“Well, if it doesn’t make you uncomfortable then I’m ok with it.” He spoke.

“It doesn’t…but next time I’ll go alone…” she said feeling good.

Marley sighed after a moment of silence and Jake smiled.

“I really would like to be next to you, kissing you and touching you…” he said, and Marley bit her lips.

“I would like that too” she mumbled.

“I promise it’ll be soon,” he said, and she smiled.

“Promise is a big word.”

“I know.”

Marley smiled and then they started to talk about how sad it was that the rest of the glee club were leaving and that it was on them to find new people. And as they laughed and talk Marley felt getting tired and then yawned.

“I better go to sleep now…” She said.

“Sleep well Mar, I love you”

“I love you too…goodnight.”

Marley didn’t know why Kitty insisted on her looking ‘extra good’ today, it was just a normal Tuesday day. But Kitty wasn’t kidding, Marley had to open the door early as the doorbell rang at 7 am and it was Kitty standing on the doorstep smiling at her.

It was 7:35 am and Kitty was still going over her clothes, choosing some stuff and others she would just show it to Marley as in criticizing her fashion choices. Then at 7:45 am Marley have showered and was looking at her bed and the clothes Kitty chose.

“So, you don’t have awful clothing, you just don’t have a fashion sense” and before Marley could say something Kitty spoke again “And that’s why you got me, from now on and this time I mean it, I’m picking up your clothes”

Marley took a glance at what Kitty choose, it was a red dress with black strips, she put it on and smiled as she pulled the zipper up. Then she saw a jean jacket landing there and put it on. Kitty clapped as she handed her some short boots.

“And for the final touch…accessories,” Kitty said as she gave her a bracelet, and then she showed her a necklace with a silver feather.

“Wow, Kitty that necklace is beautiful!” She grabbed it and smiled.

“Well, you can tell your guy that when you see him.” Kitty said smiling and she frowned “Jake bought it for you before you broke up, and well…I found it on the choir room floor…”

“How do you know Jake bought it?” Marley frowned as she looked at it and then took a better look and, on each side, it was engraved the word ‘Jarley’.

“It says Jarley on each side…you know…Jake and Marley…Jarley” she shrugged.

Marley smiled as she put the necklace on.

“So, what is the mystery or the deal? Are we doing something with the glee club?” Marley asked as she picked her backpack.

“Yeah, the glee club is involved” Kitty smirked “You are all set, so let’s go to school!”

Marley frowned slightly but then just walked to into her car as Kitty drove to school.

Marley went to classes normally, Unique was telling some jokes and made Kitty and her laugh, yet she missed Jake. They didn’t have the same classes, so she only could look forward to lunch break.

Then the lunch break came and she was by her locker, putting her stuff in when Sam approached her.

“Miss Marley Rose?” Sam said in one of his celebrity impressions.

“Yes Sam…you know me” Marley chuckled as she closed the locker door.

“I’m not Sam right now, I’m the one assigned to escort you to the courtyard.” He moved his hand for her to walk first.

“Ok? But actually…I wanted to look for Jake…so thank you but—”

“I know” he gently grabbed her as he led her down the hallway “Just follow me…”

Marley frowned as she let herself be led down the hallway and then as soon as Sam opened the doors of the courtyard, Marley’s mouth dropped.

The glee club was standing on the bleachers, the whole courtyard looked like a valentine’s day set, but only her name or the word ‘I’m hers’ was written on the boards and balloons. She looked around and then she saw some of the other students looking at her, then she felt Bree’s eyes glaring at her. Marley looked at her and held one of the balloons with the word ‘I’m hers’ and smirked at her.

Then Jake’s voice was heard on the mic and Marley’s heart skip a beat, she turned her head to the small stage that was set up and the boys from the glee club approached her making a vocal harmony. Jake looked really good with his tight grey button-neck Henley t-shirt and his light blue jeans. She could tell many girls were looking at him too but his eyes were only on her and she smiled at that.

“Hello to everyone out there,” he said smiling "Probably none of you care or some do" he shrugged "But I just wanted so something silly for the girl I love" He smiled and then looked at everyone “Marley Rose, let everyone in this school know that I’m yours and to prove it…this is for you.”

The band started to play a song and Marley found Finn’s eyes looking at her and smiling as he was watching the whole scene along with some teachers. Then she looked at the boys, Blaine smiled at her as he asked for her hand and led her to the very front of the small stage.

People say we shouldn't be together…Too young to know about forever” Jake started to sing “But I say they don't know what they're talk-talk-talkin' about.

Talk-talk-talkin' about” the boys sang.

Jake: “'Cause this love is only getting stronger, So I don't wanna wait any longer! I just wanna tell the world that you're mine, girl!

Then he moves down the stage to take Marley by the hand.

Oh, they don't know about the things we do… They don't know about the I love you's” He sings smiling as he holds her hand “But I bet you if they only knew…

Oh, we know!” The boys changed the lyrics but still sang. Making Marley giggled and then just look at Jake.

They would just be jealous of us…” He sang and then the boys kept singing as he led her to the small stage.

Sam and Joe: “They don't know about the up all nights…

Blaine and Artie: “They don't know I've waited all my life!

Just to find a love that feels this right!” Jake sang again as he pulled Marley close to him.

The boys in unison: “Baby, they don't know about, they don't know about us!

Then Jake brings her closer, forgetting about the mic, just singing to her.

They don't know what we do best…” he smirked, and she blushed “That's between me and you, our little secret…” he caressed her cheek and then gave her a sweet kiss on her cheek, then he went back to grab the mic and looked at everyone “But I wanna tell 'em…” He took a deep breath before belting out “I wanna tell the world that you're mine, girl!!

He held her hand and made her twirl and then placed his hand on her lower back bringing her back while the boys kept singing the chorus and kissed her in front of everyone.

The boys in unison: “Oh, they don't know about the things we do… They don't know about the I love you's

Sam and Joe: “They don't know about the up all nights…

Blaine and Artie: “They don't know I've waited all my life!

The boys in unison: “Just to find a love that feels this right!

And as the song finished, Jake pulled away looking at her in the eyes. She smiled.

“Now everyone knows.” He said smiling.

“Now they all know” she smiled as she sighed happily.

“Ready for your next surprise?” He asked and she frowned slightly “This one is a bit more private” he winked and moved away as he kept holding her hand.

Marley held on to him as he led her out of the stage. The boys and the girls from the glee club started to move as well, following Jake and Marley. Bree scoffed and started to follow them and then Kitty stood in front of her.

“I’m sorry, only family and friends allowed” She smirked as she snaps her fingers “Go away.”

Bree looked at her and shook her head as she walked away.

Marley and Jake entered the auditorium, and the piano was placed in the center. But there was also a small decoration signed behind the piano that said, ‘I love you, Marley Rose’. And she gasped, bringing her hands to her mouth.

End of chapter


Chapter Text

Blaine stroke her back slowly as he made his way on the stage and sat on the piano. Jake grabbed Marley’s hands as he led her onstage. The rest of the glee club sat on the stalls.

“Jake really excelled himself” Unique commented at Tina and she nodded.

“I’m just nervous about what he will do!” Tina said.

“We all know!” Everyone shouted at her, and she frowned.

“Well, I like to pretend I don’t, so it keeps things interesting” she smirked as Unique laughed slightly.

“What is going on?” Marley said slightly as Blaine started to play the piano. She didn’t recognize the melody.

“Being with you is all I can think about…and although we are still young…I know we can’t force things, talked with my brother…Finn and our friends” he smiled as he moved closer to her again “and…” he moved his hand under his pocket.

Marley held her breath, he wasn’t going to propose…and if he was would she say yes?

Jake looked at her smiling as he took out a little box and placing it in her hand gently. She looked down and then to him. He nodded at her, and she glanced at Blaine who kept playing the melody, and smiled at her…then she looked to the stalls.

“Oh, just open the damn box!” Kitty yelled and Marley looked back at the box.

Her fingers touched the box and slowly opened it. There was one key and she looked at it when she took it out it was attached to a necklace.

“What is this?” Marley said still looking at it.

“This is…” He reached for his other pocket and showed her he had the same key “the key to our place.” He said and she widened her eyes.

“What?” she said.

“Look, I know we can’t afford to live together…yet…” he smiled “but this could be our place to escape…to be just us” he smiled.

Marley looked at the key and smiled at him.

“How?” She asked softly.

Jake smiled and looked back at Blaine, and he winked at them.

“Blaine’s family owns a condo…and in exchange for some work and taking care of it…they gave me one of the little apartments…” he smiled and took the necklace from her and looked at her “for us…” he smiled slightly.

Marley glanced at Blaine who was playing the piano still, looking at them and smiling. She looked at the key and smiled back.

“It’s perfect.” She took the key and smiled at him.

“Aww!” Everyone said and Marley laughs at the realization that they all knew about it and were part of the scheme.

“But why you had to give it to me here?” She looked around “and have Blaine playing a background song” she giggled slightly.

“Oh! Because it’s their last week and they wanted to help me make a special day for you…” he smiled “I told them about this song I kept listening to and think of you…and Blaine wanted to have that song as a duet…” he smiled as he backed away.

“Take a seat, Marley,” Blaine said as he adjusted his mic and smiled “This is from Jake to the girl he loves…Marley Rose.”

Jake chuckled as moved a seat for Marley onstage, she took a seat shaking her head, and then he winked at her.

Then Blaine started to play the song again and this time Marley recognize the song and looked at everyone and then at Jake.

“Good intro,” Jake said to Blaine and then looked at Marley “Some people laugh…Some people cry…” he started.

Some people live, some people die” Blaine continued singing.

Some people run…” he moved towards Marley slightly “Right into the fire!

And some people hide…Their every desire” Blaine continued.

But we are the lovers!” Jake sang as he smiled at her “If you don't believe me… Then just look into my eyes” He locked his eyes with her and she smiled and blushed as she looked at the key Jake gave her “'Cause the heart never lies…

Some people fight…” Finn’s voice came from the side and Marley looked to that side and smiled “Some people fall…

Others pretend…” Blaine sang.

They don't care at all” Finn smirked singing.

If you wanna fight…” Blaine continued.

I'll stand right beside you…” Finn sang looking at everyone on the stalls smiling.

The day that you fall” Jake moved around Marley’s seat and then he hugged her from behind as he sang “I'll be right behind you…” and he kissed her cheek.

To pick up the pieces…If you don't believe me!” Blaine and Finn’s voices singing together and everyone at the stalls clapped while they made their way to the stage.

Just look into my eyes…” Jake turned to be on his knees in front of her and smiled.

'Cause, the heart never lies…” Finn, Jake, and Blaine’s voice singing together.

The New Directions: “Whoa! Whoa!

Everyone joined in singing as they fooled around and hug each other.

Jake: “Another year over…And we're still together!

Finn and Blaine: “It's not always easy…

Jake: “But I'm here forever!

Marley wrapped her arms around him, while everyone else was joking around, Sam picked Kitty up to later dance with her, Artie offered his hand to Tina, and she sat on him as he wheeled him around the stage. Sugar and Joe danced together, Finn thought of Rachel while Blaine on Kurt.

Yeah, we are the lovers…I know you believe me!” Marley and Jake sang together as if they were alone in the world “When you look into my eyes…'Cause the heart never lies…” and then they kissed.

'Cause the heart never lies, yeah!” Blaine’s voice made Marley and Jake realize they weren’t alone, and they chuckled slightly.

Because the heart never lies!” Blaine, Finn, and Jake finished the song as Marley held onto Jake’s arm smiling.

“You know how dangerous is that Jake’s got a place now?” Unique said as she closed her locker, while Kitty and Marley looked at her “You are too young to move in together.”

“They are not moving in together” Kitty corrected Unique “They have a place now…to be alone” she shrugged, “I think it’s a smart move on his part,” Kitty said as she looked at Marley.

“Are you really considering this Marley?” Unique said “I know you forgave him and all, but this is just another way to make sure he can get laid whenever he wants” she warned Marley.

Marley analyzed what Unique said and frowned slightly.

“Yeah, I know it’s a hard truth but—”

“No, because you are thinking he is the only one that wants that…what about what I want?” she asked and Unique looked at her weirdly, while Kitty admired her boldness “I too have desires…and needs…I have a hot boyfriend and we have great sex” she whispered shout “So, no Unique, that place we got now is not just for him, it's for me too...for both of us…because it won’t be easy to do everything we want to at either of our houses.”

Unique looked at her startled and Kitty smirked.

“Miau, Marley Rose knows what she wants and needs...that’s great female empowerment” she nodded approving what she said.

Marley looked at her and then at Unique.

“Girl you already had sex and you didn’t tell me?” Unique said and Marley blushed slightly “Did you know?”

“It is really obvious…didn’t you see her? She changed” she chuckled “in a good way Mar…you are still the same too-goody girl but a little more normal” she nudged at Marley.

“I knew how you felt about Jake…so I didn’t want to say anything,” Marley said as she looked at Unique.

Unique looked at her and then her stare softened.

“It was your first time, of course, I wanted to know…” she reached for Marley’s hands “was he good? He treated you right? I knew something was up when I caught you two in your room” she narrowed her eyes and then relaxed “Well, it was going to happen…did he last long? How many times have you done it?”

And between laughter and whispering Marley did answer Unique’s questions and Kitty sometimes made fun of her and how she never thought she would have sex. Marley felt happy that she could talk with her two best friends about Jake, and what they had…she did save some special details but also learned some new kinds of stuff from Kitty.

“You could try that at your new place!” Kitty said smirking.

“I’m not sure…” Marley looked down “I still want to be careful…I just started the pill” she said, and Kitty shrugged.

“So? You could still do it so long he doesn’t finish inside you.”

“Say what?” Unique asked and Kitty rolled her eyes.

“There is so much I have to teach you both” she laughed at their naiveness “Good thing you have me to educate you, because we both know that you would be doing more what he likes, rather than what you might” she lifted her eyebrow.

“I like what he likes…” Marley replied, and Kitty chuckled.

“Oh honey…you still need to experiment…you could try more things…” she smirked.

The girls got together as Kitty illustrated them and gave them tips. Then there was laughter and nudging around.

Marley was walking to her locker when Finn appeared in front of her.

“Finn!” Marley said as she almost bumped into him.

“Hey, Marley…” Finn said as he smiled “Got a second? I would like to talk to you…”

Marley nodded as she followed him to what would be his new office.

“So, you will get this office too?” Marley looked around smiling.

“Yeah, Santana and Mercedes said that they would help me decorate…” he said as he just adjusted the only pic of him and Rachel on the desk, then he turned towards Marley.

“I guess Rachel didn’t take it lightly your new plans,” Marley said, and Finn nodded slowly “I’m really sorry…I tried to talk to her and—”

“I know.” He smiled “I have to give it to you; the way Rachel described your encounter felt like she was talking about Kitty” he chuckled.

“I’m so sorry Finn…I know I was way out of line…and if I had her phone number, I would text her…or call her, or I could do something for her when she comes or—”

“Marley it’s ok!” He said chuckling “It’s nice to have someone looking out for me for a chance” he smiled at her “Thank you for telling her all of that…I think it actually helped her understand better…” he said.

Marley nodded slightly and then shook her head.

“Wait, you didn’t want to talk to me about Rachel?”

Finn shook his head and looked at her.

“Nope.” He cleared his throat “Look, I was on board with the whole big gesture that Jake did for you…and even the place he got for you…for him…for both of you” he felt a bit uncomfortable but then looked at her “I mean, a place for you two leads to some feelings that result later in…some intimacy…” he tried to find a way to ask her and she frowned exactly.

“Finn…do you want to know if Jake and I…had…”

Finn looked at her and nodded as she widened her eyes.

“I mean I know you did…” Finn said but then he took her hand gently “I want to know that it was under your consent…or did he force—”

“He didn’t force anything.” Marley said, “I felt ready…and I decided it was time…I wanted it, with him.” She said and Finn slightly smiled at her.

“He was gentle though?” He asked.

“Why everyone asks that?” Marley laughed slightly “Its like you see Jake like some predator…” she sighed when she saw that Finn kept his serious stare “Yes, he was gentle…he treated me well and made me feel good.” She slightly smiled.

“Good…” Finn breathed out in relief “I didn’t want to murder a boy, especially now that we need more male voices” he chuckled.

Marley laughed slightly shaking her head and then looked at him.

“Why do you care about me?” she frowned slightly.

“Why wouldn’t I?” He smiled “You are sweet, caring and I feel like we got along pretty well…” he said.

“You know I never met my dad, right?” she said and he nodded “So, it was always my mom and me against everyone…so it was hard for me to picture I could have a man looking out for me…I mean Jake does…but that’s because he loves me…I feel like you care for me it’s different…it’s not romantic…” she smiled.

“You are like the sister I never had” he smiled “And that won’t change…so tell Jake to take good care of you because if he hurts you again…I’ll literally kill him.”

“Well, it is always good to know where you stand…” Jake said as he leaned on his door and Marley smiled at him. He then chuckled and smiled back at Marley.

“Hi Jake,” Finn said “Good, so we are clear…hurt her and you won’t see the light of day” he smiled and Jake looked at him and chuckled “I am serious.”

“Oh, I know…” He said as he opened his arms for Marley to come in “I’ll treat her right, Finn…Won’t ever hurt her again…Promise” He wrapped his arms around her, and Finn chuckled slightly.

“Good, now that I have you both here, I want to get one thing straight,” Finn said looking at them “No funny business inside school…” he looked at them “And you can go to that place you have but so long is not often and you tell me when you are there…” they both frowned “I can cover for you guys but I wouldn’t do it all the time…and only as long as I know where you are…” that made Marley and Jake smiled widely “and not dropping grades or I’ll take those keys from you and you won’t have a place anymore, got it?”

Marley and Jake nodded.

“Ok, great, now…” he looked at them “You want to go there after school, right?” he narrowed his eyes.

They both nodded urgently, and he sighed.

“Fine ok, you can go…I’ll tell your mom that you” He pointed to Jake “stayed with me helping me with some glee stuff…and Santana will cover for you Marley…” he looked at them “This will only work, so long you are honest with me, ok? And try to not make me lie to your parents more than once—ok twice a week.”

Marley and Jake smiled at him.

“Thank you, Finn!” Marley hugged Finn and he hugged her back.

“Just take care…and use protection” he warned Jake and he nodded.


Then he looked at them, then shook his head at them.

“Ok, you can go now…” he said, and they both smiled as they walked out of his office.

Finn chuckled at them as they exit and sat on his chair. Looked around and smiled to himself.

“Well handled it, Hudson,” Santana said as she walked into the office.

“Told you I could be cool about it,” he said.

“They are teenagers in love…keeping their hands to themselves is the worst you can ask them” she laughed “It is better that they trust us so nothing like what happened to Quinn happens to her…” she looked into the direction where they left “the good thing is that they have us” she smiled.

“Thank you, for caring for her as much as I do,” Finn said, and Santana smiled.

“Marley is very talented, and I find her naiveness cute…I’d like to consider her like a little sister” she smiled “or a daughter…” she gasped “You think her mom would allow me and Brit to adopt her?”

Finn chuckled at her suggestion. Then they talked about the rest of the glee club, and she told him what he had planned for the last three days before some graduate, and Finn smirked, that smirk that made her know he had a plan.

“Do share…” Santana smiled.

End of chapter


Chapter Text

Marley and Jake were in the backseat with Blaine as the driver got into the condo. She was looking around and imagining that these could be their place…she smiled at Jake and then looked at Blaine who was looking at them.

“You guys are so cute.” Blaine said, making them laugh “I’m really happy I could help somehow.”

“You are more than helping man…” Jake said smiling.

“It’s nothing Jake, you’ll see is not that big of a deal…but my parents do want you to start right when summer starts” he looked at him.

“Sure thing.” He nodded.

Then the driver stopped and opened the door for them.

“Ok, kids…this is it.” He stepped out of the car, followed shortly by Jake and Marley.

He looked at them as they stood on the front door.

“You can try your keys.” He smiled.

Jake looked at Marley and she reached for the key she had and gently put it through and then turned the lock to a side and the door was open.

“Please, it’s yours,” Blaine said smiling as they stepped in.

Marley looked around, as soon they got in there was a sofa in front of a table with a small TV. Then very closely there was the kitchen, she moved her hand around the furniture smiling. Then Jake’s hand moved to her side, and she got goosebumps at his touch.

“And down this hallway…” Blaine said as he walked and opened the door “Is where I guess you’ll be the most” he chuckled making Marley blush.

Marley walked into the main room followed by Jake. Blaine stood at the door. Marley looked around, the bed was king-size, it had one nightstand to each side, with a lamp on one. And to the front, there was a bigger TV embedded in the wall. There was another door and she opened it to find the bathroom.

“Do you like it?” Jake whispered to her ear and somehow that made Marley feel hot and she turned around slightly and looked at him.

“I love it” she smiled, moving her head back to his chest.

“Good,” Jake said as he wrapped his arms around her.

“So, you like it?” Blaine entered the room smiling, they both look at him and he chuckled “Ok, I see you do…and I probably should just let you be” he smiled “Besides, Kurt is coming, and I want to have a little time with him too” he winked, making them chuckle.

They laughed as they walked Blaine to the main door.

“Oh right! When is the wedding?” Marley asked as Jake moved his hands alongside her arms now.

“In 6 weeks” he smiled “We are still trying to figure out some stuff but I’m sure it will all be ok” he smiled.

“And there will be an engagement party or not anymore?” Jake asked.

“I wanted to, but since Kurt is in New York…he barely makes time to come, and it would be a bit difficult…however the wedding will be here” he smiled.

“You two are a great couple,” Marley said.

“He is my first love” he smiled “So, you can see why I support you guys…who knows maybe you’ll be next to marry” he winked.

Marley and Jake laughed slightly. Then Jake kissed the crown of Marley’s head.

“Ok, have fun guys…see you tomorrow at school…try to get some sleep” he laughed slightly as he opened the door “Oh yeah, I forgot” He reached for his pocket and throw Jake something.

Jake caught it and it was a car key, he widened his eyes.

“You’ll need a car to move around” he shrugged.

“Wait, that’s too much…”

“Hey, it comes with the job” he smiled “it’s the one parked outside, next to the one that brought us here.”

Jake nodded and Marley looked at him smiling.

“Take care guys...” He closed the door once he stepped out of the apartment.

When they heard Blaine’s car leave, Marley looked at Jake and smiled.

“So, here we are” Jake said and placed the car key on the counter and looked at Marley.

“Yep…” she got close to him.

“I saw there were some DVDs on the—”

Marley closed the gap between them and brushes her lips with his in a soft kiss. Jake gazed at her eyes, and she was looking at him, almost communicating with him. He grinned.

“Bedroom?” He asked and Marley nodded as he held her hand gently and led her into the room.

When they were in the room, Marley looked around and then to the bed. She made her way there and before she could turn around, she felt Jake’s hands running along her arms. He removed gently her jean jacket and threw it to the side. He reached her hands and clasped her fingers with his as his head got close to her ear, she could feel his breath, then he swept her hair from her neck and kissed there just as his hands moved down to her hips and then one inside her legs. Marley felt swooning just as she enjoyed Jake’s kissing her neck and shoulder while his hand was teasing her.

Then when Jake was moving to kiss more to the front, he found the necklace she was wearing and stopped kissing. The loss of contact made Marley frown slightly as she opened her eyes and turned slightly to him.

“What happened?” she asked, and he held the necklace and smiled at her.

“Where did you find this?”

“Kitty found it and she gave it to me to wear it today…” she smiled “I love it”

“Kitty is turning into a great help” he chuckled as he moved his hand now to move around her breast on top of the fabric and Marley held her breath “Now…where was I?” He smirked as he went back to kiss her neck and his other hand moved back inside of her.

It was just fast how the combination made Marley reach her peak and she was still dressed. She was recovering from what Jake did when he was unzipping her dress now, she turned around feeling still a bit tipsy, and helped Jake take her dress off, and then it dropped. He captured her mouth on a more passionate kiss as his hands reached her back and very efficiently, he unhooked the bra.

Marley came back to her senses just as Jake guided her back onto the bed, she felt the softness of the mattress, and then she could just feel Jake’s hands caressing and touching her breasts in a way that made her even hotter for him. Now she was the one who moved her hands to the end of his Henley’s. He helped her pull it over his head and tossed it somewhere in the room. She roamed her hands from his chest to his arms, she loved how broad and sturdy Jake was, his man.

Their kisses were full of hunger from each other, Marley did think that the urgency both felt to be together like this, was just because of one night they didn’t sleep together then she couldn’t imagine what would happen if they had more days apart.

Jake’s lips traveled down from her neck, down her breasts, and teased her until she felt him moving down her stomach. Jake kneeled down to strip her off her panties, then kissed softly her heel to her inner thigh, she felt her insides on fire, and then she jumped and slightly made a noise at the contact of his lips inside of her.

“Are you ok?” Jake said chuckling slightly as he looked up and his hands held her legs apart.

Marley looked down at him, blushing all of a sudden as she nodded.

“Is this, ok?” He asked and Marley almost growled at him answering.

“Yes! Sorry…” she said, and he chuckled slightly.

The way he made her ached for him was insane. She felt how he was taking his time in pleasuring her and she did remember a thing or two about Kitty’s tips as she started to move her hips slightly meeting him and felt him groaned slightly. She could thank Kitty later for that. Then she writhed while gasping as she felt herself getting lost in the pleasure.

Jake took the chance of Marley catching up her breath, to move up and walk to the nightstand, he glanced at her and smiled as he took the condom and unzip his jeans then pulling them down as he rolled the condom. He moved slowly back on top of Marley and kissed her sweetly until she came back to him. She opened her eyes and met him, he was looking at her, looking incredibly happy and she slightly giggled.

“You love doing that” she lifted her eyebrow and he nodded proudly.

“Oh yeah…I love doing that…to you…and only you” he went back to kiss her, and she pulled him away slightly “What?”

“Nothing…I’m just looking at you and feeling so…lucky” she said as he gave her a questioning look “I heard some girls saying having sex was weird and awkward…but that doesn’t happen to me with you…and I think that’s because you are great at it…” she said shyly, and Jake smirked.

“Oh! I knew I was great at having sex” he said softly as he kissed her neck softly.

“Cocky much?” she giggled.

“But…” he looked back at her “I didn’t know I would be so good at making love with you” he smirked.

Marley shook her head and moving up slightly to kiss his lips. He got the hint and stopped talking as he just entered her slowly, making her gasp slightly, and then she made the movements first and he started to move too.

They just got lost in themselves and their pleasure and soon their love and passion turned to burn tenderness under the sheets. The longing they had for each other disappeared as their bodies come together, skin against skin, nothing held back, with no caring of time.

They lost track of time while they alternate between talking, cuddling, and making love. When they were finally tired, Jake spooned her against his body, whispering into her ear how much he loved her and that there would never be another.

It was early morning and Finn was setting up his things at his office when Will knocked on the door just as Finn is settling his laptop and then he looks up at him.

“I’ve always known you would take this place over” He smiled.

“Thank you, Mr. Shue, for talking to my teachers and help them allow me to keep studying while I run The Glee Club,” he said standing up smiling.

“Come on Finn, I told you to call me Will…we are equals now” He smiled.

“Thank you…Will” He half-smiled.

Will takes one paper from his pocket, it has written in it ‘Priority #1 Help the Kids’, and pins it to the board next to Finn’s desk.

“I brought you this…” then he finishes putting it on and looks at Finn “And, friendly reminder…Watch out for Sue, she could be ruthless,” he said.

“Oh, I got it under control” Finn smirked “I’m more concerned about facing the other teams now...I heard Vocal Adrenaline reached out for you…” Then he looked at him seriously.

“Well…Yeah, but I don’t know…I’m still expecting the other job…but let’s see” he said.

“It would suck if I had to face you…”

“If you had to, you’ll do fine…”

“So, you really are considering it?”

“I am…but they won’t be like these kids.”

“Oh no, these kids are awesome!” Finn chuckled.

Will chuckled too and smiled at him.

“It’s time for you to start recruiting…” He looked at him and Finn nodded.

“We will,” he said “Marley, Kitty, and Unique have taken the lead on the ‘marketing plan’” he chuckled “And Jake and I will be looking for new male voices too…but with us winning Nationals, it should be easier” he smiled.

Will looked at Finn, he has gained so much confidence now that made him immensely proud.

“I’m proud of you Finn…I always knew you would love it here.”

“Thank you for always believing in me.” He smiled.

Will nodded and before he was about to leave, Finn spoke.

“Will…graduation is coming, and I need your help with something…”

“Sure, what you have in mind?”

Finn gave his half-smile as he began to tell Will his plan.

Marley opened her eyes and rose slightly, looking down at Jake, he was still sleeping so peacefully. She smiled at the sight of him, the sheets were covering only his lower half and she could see his abdominals very clear from this view. She couldn’t help herself and outlined his abs softly with her fingertips, she was stroking him when she felt Jake’s eyes on her, she looked at him and he smiled.

“Good morning gorgeous”

“Morning Jake,” she said, and when she tried to hop off the bed, but Jake held her by the arm and brought her back to him.

“So, I call you gorgeous and found you gazing down at me with a look filled with desire, and I got was ‘Morning Jake’?” He said grinning and Marley slightly laugh.

“I didn’t know you were looking,” she said as she sat straight up with her knees on either side of him “I’m thinking...rather than telling you I can show you” and she smirked, making him look at her in amusement.

“Marley are you seducing me into morning sex?” he asked as his hands moved along her knees and up to her hips, then to her sides.

“Would there be a problem if I was?” she lifted her eyebrow.

“Nope, love it” he grinned and pulled her close into a kiss “You are in command now…” He said as he reached for the condom on the nightstand “But let me take care of this.”

Marley nodded as she lifted slightly so Jake can sort that out. Once he was done, Marley positioned herself and thought about what Kitty suggested, which made her smirk as she teased him. Jake looked at her and held on a groan and threw his head backward that made her laugh slightly.

“Not…fair” Jake said as he moved his hands to her hips to force the contact, but Marley laughs as she put on resistance.

Jake looked at her and saw her smirking and he shook his head as he chuckled slightly.

“Since when you like to tease?” he moved his hands to her back and pulled her closer to him, and she placed her hands on his chest to keep teasing him and this time he groaned “Ok!” He said not resisting her teasing anymore and made a quick move to claim her mouth and that made her gasp because she ended up sinking into him.

Jake smirked between the kiss and then Marley pulled away from the kiss and looked at him and shook her head.

“So impatient…” She said and then she closed her eyes as she felt herself sinking in more.

“I’ll work on it” he winked and then moved to nip her lower lip, then her chin, and down along her neck.

Marley couldn’t focus her thoughts when she felt him touching her everywhere and she started to move, remembering why she loved this position once before…because she was in control…and she liked that.

Jake would’ve helped her to go faster but he wanted her to choose and be comfortable with the pace, so he just focused on kissing her and his hands caressing everywhere he could. And sooner than he expected, she started to increase the speed, and to help her, Jake moved his hands to meet hers, intertwining their fingers as the gliding of skin to skin build the crescendo.

Marley liked the feeling she was getting, but she loved more the gesture of Jake taking her hands and his sweet kisses. She knew it was to help her to take control and she was mesmerized by how he was able to give himself over to her completely.

Jake couldn’t hold long, he moved his face to her neck and gave a slight groan while the contact of their bodies took them higher, like when an orchestra harmonizes and swells just before the climax of their song being played.

Their breaths turned into gasps as the waves of pleasure crashed through both. Jake released her hands and gripped her hips while Marley moved her hands to hold on to his arms, feeling the curves of his muscles. He bucked under her as they both lose themselves in each other.

Marley collapsed on him, and Jake chuckled slightly as he wrapped his arms around her, caressing her as their bodies rise and fall in sync with each breath. Then he kissed her shoulder and then Marley made the effort to look at him.

“That was…” he said as his hand moved to brush her hair off her face gently “the best way to wake up,” he said with a content voice.

“Mhm” she smiled slightly as he kissed her softly and gently, while he rolled them over in one smooth gesture.

“I love you so much Mar…” he said as he strokes her face “I'm just amazed at how you make me lose my mind…I can only think of you...” he smiled widely and kissed her lips softly.

She smiled into the kiss and then she looked at him, feeling extremely happy.

“That was amazing…” She breathed out.

“It was…” He chuckled as he turned on his back and fall onto the pillow.

Marley glanced at him and then she was about to say something when the doorbell sound and both frowned.

“Who would that be?” Jake said as Marley hop-off bed “What are you doing?” He hops off the bed too “No way in hell you plan to go check naked,” he said, and Marley laughed.

“Relax, I was going to pick one of those robes,” she said as she looked at him up and down “And you should at least put on some boxers.”

“I’ll do that when you dress up,” he said and Marley laughed as she put on the robe, then he glanced at the clock by the nightstand “Who would come at 7 am?”

“Don’t know…” Marley walked out of the room and towards the door and the doorbell rang again, she approached the peephole and her eyes widened “Oh!”

“Marley? What’s going on?” He walked towards her in his boxers and Marley looked at him and the doorbell rang again.

“It’s Santana!” She said and Jake gave her a questioning look “Go! Get dressed!” She said and then there was a sound of a click, and the doorknob twisted.

Marley looked at Jake panicking.

“Well, I rang three times…you gave me no choice,” she said as she opened the door.

As soon as the door opened, Santana step in with some bags in one hand and the other with the key, then she looked at Marley and then at Jake and smirked.

“Aw…Young love is the best kind, right?” She said as she kept gazing at both “can’t keep your hands off each other.”

Jake and Marley felt embarrassed, and Santana shook their head.

“Little Puckerman, go and shower…I know there are some male clothes in the dresser…” Jake nodded but looked at Marley “Oh don’t you worry about her, that’s why I’m here…” she showed Marley the bags “Bought you some clothes…” she winked “Remember you were supposed to be with me yesterday? Surprise! We went shopping!” Santana smiled.

Santana not only brought clothes for Marley but an entire grocery shopping, along with a breakfast for the three of them. Once Jake finished showering, he came back wearing a blue Henley and his dark blue jeans that Marley loved so much. Santana made Marley go to shower too. Then she asked Jake to sort the stuff in the kitchen and set the breakfast while she would help Marley get dressed. Jake protested slightly but Santana shut the door behind her and locked it.

Marley came out of the bathroom in a towel and found Santana smiling at her, while she showed her two outfits to choose from.

“Wow, Santana…those look expensive!” She said as she approached them.

“Well, don’t just stare at them, they are yours,” she said, and Marley turned to look at her “Brit and I wanted to give you new clothing” she smiled “Please, they should all fit you.”

Marley smiled as she looked back at the outfits, she chose the blue skirt with the red blouse and looked at Santana and she smiled.

“Great, we will fill this closet with some clothes so when you come you have what to wear and…” She gave her a small bag and winked “Brought some sexy underwear too” she smirked and that made Marley blush.

“Thanks” she took the small bag and looked down.

“Ok, I’m leaving you, so you get to dress up, I’ll go check on Puckerman and hopefully…” she opened the door and Jake appeared there “He wasn’t standing on the door,” she said as she looked at him and he looked at her.

Marley laughed at the scene, while Santana shook her head and moved her arm up, and pointed to one side.

“You and I are leaving her to dress up…” She grabbed his arm and led him out while Marley kept laughing.

They were finishing eating breakfast; Santana had ordered them to eat everything she brought, and they obeyed. She talked about how she had threatened Blaine into giving her another key to the apartment.

“Because I knew…you wouldn’t open the door,” she said as she finished her juice “I mean it was obvious you would either be sleeping of tiredness or just had morning sex,” she said and Marley coughed on her juice “Oh it’s fine Marley, I support morning sex…is the best kind…that and oral sex” she winked and then looked at Jake “you are using protection right?” she said and Jake nodded “Good.”

Santana looked at the car that now belonged to Jake and inspect it. Jake and Marley stood there with their backpacks and looking at what she was doing confused.

“What do you think she expects to find?” Marley asked.

“Who knows…” he said, and then he wrapped his arms around her waist bringing her close “You look beautiful by the way,” Jake said and then kissed her softly.

“Aww you guys are adorable,” Santana said as she walked towards them.

“What were you doing?” Marley asked.

“I was making sure the car was licensed…you know how to drive right?” She asked Jake and he nodded “Let’s put that to test, shall we?”

And between laughs and talking they made their way to school.

End of chapter


Chapter Text

Finn is in his office with Rachel, they’ve been arguing for the past half-hour. Finn is sitting on his chair listening to Rachel rambling on about how their life would be in New York, together with but he has decided to stay in Lima. She finally moved to sit on the edge of the table and looked at Finn.

“You are really considering leaving behind a great life, with me…in New York, to solve issues that are not really yours,” Rachel said and grabbed his hand, Finn slightly moved it away.

“No Rachel, I’m not considering anything…I’ve already made up my mind.” He said with sad eyes but determined.

Rachel felt shocked and hurt at his words but nodded slightly as she looked the other way, to the half-decorated office.

“You are going to study and make your work-study program here at McKinley then…” She said softly without looking at him “You have decided for both of us…”

“Rachel…” Finn started and saw her shaking her head, he sighed.

“Marley is the one that has an eating disorder, right?” Rachel said softly, Finn turned to face her and slightly nodded “And his boyfriend is…”


“Jake is Puckerman’s brother…” She asked and then looked at her “And the blonde one…”


“Kitty is the one that gave Marley an eating disorder…right?”

Finn looked at her, trying to understand what she meant.

“And what is the point of that?” Finn asked.

Rachel looked at him, over-thinking her answer, and then got braver to talk her mind.

“You do realize you are choosing to take care of them and fix their problems? Why are you choosing to do this to yourself? You already lived high school…you should have your own life and not getting involved with them.” She frowned “That girl you care so much about, like a sister, may never really get over her eating disorder…Puck’s brother may never really change and hurt your protegee all over again…and that blonde girl might just get any of your new kids in trouble…”

“You don’t really know them Rachel,” Finn said as he stood up being angry now “You have it all wrong, I’m not trying to fix or take in their problems…I’m trying to be there for them, the way Mr. Shue was with us…” he frowned ad Rachel crossed her arms looking away “When I felt like nothing Mr. Shue opened these doors for me…he gave me a chance to find my purpose…” he sighed “Marley helped me and pushed me to study at college to be a professor…Jake is young but he has shown me how much he cares about Marley and to never give up on the one you love…even if all seems like it’s falling apart…Kitty has enthusiasm and she can be herself in glee club…she hurt Marley, yes…but you know what they are now? Friends. Because Marley’s forgiving heart got to Kitty and showed her she could have real friends…she won’t lose her essence…her determination to win…we need her in glee club…I need her…and Unique” he scoffed “Yes, you didn’t mention her…but she struggles more than any of those kids and I care about her…I’m choosing to stay and be their mentor because being with them and around them allows me to be a better man…a much better person…” he said and then his look softened “This is my calling and if you don’t get it, I won’t make any effort in making you see it…you don’t get it because you don’t want to…you don’t even want to learn their names or get to know them…because sadly, you are still haunted with High school fears…you still compare yourself with them and you can’t take that they, who never been in show choir before, won Nationals again…”

Rachel opened her mouth in protest and then frowned as she let a tear fall and nodded slightly.

“I’m not saying you are not fit for the work…all I’m saying is that you can’t expect this to be your life…what about your dreams? You wanted to be an actor!”

“No Rach…you wanted that.” He said as he crossed his arms and she frowned “You think we will only work if we are both great stars, but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again Rach…you are meant to be a star, I do not doubt it…and you will be…with or without me…I just know it.” He sighed as he approached her “You go to New York, live your life…thrive…be everything you want and much more because you can…” he reached for her cheek, that was now with tears “And when you get everything you wanted…wished and hoped for…I do hope you remember me…” he cupped her face and leaned into her forehead “I know I will…” he kissed her forehead and then let go of her.

Rachel stood there motionless and speechless, Finn came back to his chair and sat down. Opened his laptop and started it. Rachel turned around, clearly crying, and frowned at him.

“So, you are breaking up with me?” She asked as one hand wiped away some tears.

“New York, Broadway…” he looked up from his laptop to her “Life in the big apple was and is your dream Rach…it is not mine.” He felt tears coming but held back “this…mentoring…teaching is what I can really be good at…I won’t be convinced otherwise…this is my place…this is home.”

“I thought I was home to you…”

“You are part of my dream still…but right now our time is off…I know I will always love you Rach—”

“Stop it…I’m not doing this…not again” she shook her head “I do wish you good luck…and that you answer your calling…that you become a great teacher…mentor if that’s your real dream” she chuckled through tears, wiping the last of them “But once I leave for New York…I’m.not.coming.back” she threatened and Finn slightly nodded “And that doesn’t make you reconsider it?”

Finn sighed making Rachel scoffed frustrated. A melody starts as they stared at each other, their inner voices singing.

Rachel: “Say something, I'm giving up on you

Finn: “I'll be the one if you want me to…

Finn rises, and walks towards Rachel slowly, she looks away.

Finn: “Anywhere I would've followed you…

Rachel: “Say something, I'm giving up on you

Finn gets close to her and tries to reach her face, but she moves her face away with tears. Then looks at him.

Rachel: “And I... am feeling so small…It was over my head; I know nothing at all…

Finn cups her face, and she shakes her head, moving his hands away.

Finn: “And I... will stumble and fall…

Rachel: “I'm still learning to love…

Finn and Rachel: “Just starting to crawl…

Rachel holds his hands as she moves them away from his face and sees a tear falling from his right eye. She leans in and kisses his forehead then she walks out of the office. Finn tries follows her out of the office, down the corridor.

Finn and Rachel: “Say something, I'm giving up on you…

Rachel: “I'm sorry that I couldn't get to you…

Finn: “Anywhere I would've followed you…

Rachel: “Say something, I'm giving up on you…

Rachel remembers the time Finn made her go to New York alone, and now she will go there by herself again. Finn places his hands over his head as Rachel is leaving and leans on the wall.

Finn: “And I... will swallow my pride…You're the one that I love and I'm saying goodbye

Finn and Rachel: “Say something, I'm giving up on you, and I'm sorry that I couldn't get to you... And anywhere I would've followed you.”

Finn remembers the kids, the glee club that he will be in charge of now, and nods as Rachel is out of his sight. Rachel cries more as she walks away.

Rachel: “Say something, I'm giving up on you…

Finn: “Say something, I'm giving up on you…

Finn and Rachel: “Say something…

They come back to reality, the music ends, and they are just staring into each other’s eyes with sadness.

“You don’t have anything to say?” Rachel asks holding back more tears.

“Go. Be who you are meant to be Rachel.” Finn said sadly.

Rachel nodded slightly and pursed her lips together and then a tear fell, and she wiped it away. Finn looked at her and felt a tear falling as well. Then a loud knock made them jumpy, and it was Sam.

“Hey there Mr. Hudson…” he joked and then shook his head “I think I’ll still call you Finn” he smiled and then looked at Rachel “Did I interrupted something? I could come—”

“It’s fine. We were done…we are done.” Rachel glared at Finn and shaking her head she stormed off the office.

Sam saw her leaving and then at Finn, he sighed deeply and then looked at Sam, forcing a smile.

“What can I do for you Sam?”

“That seemed…intense…what happened?”

“Nothing…she just…” Finn sighed “Nothing…last days at school huh?” he smiled “What plans you have?”

“Yeah…” he frowned “this is why I wanted to talk to you” he was holding two envelopes “I have these acceptance letters…I haven’t opened them but would like to open them with you…and see my options” He smiled nervously.

“Sure…let’s see where you got in.”

Sam opened the first envelope.

Kitty was laughing while Marley was filling her in about everything that happened at Jake’s new place.

“Oh my god. No kidding Santana can be so mean” Kitty chuckled “But at least she gave you a large breakfast…and clothes!” she nudged at her “You look particularly happy, despite Santana’s interruption.”

“I am” Marley smiled “It’s like stuff that bothered me about myself…don’t anymore” she frowned slightly “I’m starting to see myself through Jake’s eyes…” She smiled at the thought “This time I can see clearly how he feels about me…and I can feel and see that.”

“Jake’s helping you to truly love yourself…” Kitty said smiling slightly and Marley looked at her “I’ve seen the way you are behaving now…It takes that burden from my shoulders to know you are getting better” she said sincerely “I would never make up for what I did to you Mar…”

“Kitty it’s ok—”

“No, Mar, it’s not…It will never be.” She sighed “I swear I never wanted to hurt you…and the reason why I want to help you in anything you need is not just because I feel responsible…or that I owe you anything…it’s because you bring out the best in me…I know I can be better…use my ‘inside mean girl’ with purpose…and I know one day I will find what you and Jake have” Kitty smiled.

Marley looked at her and ended up wrapping her arms around Kitty and she frowned slightly.

“We are at school—"

“Oh, you know you want to,” Marley said still hugging her and Kitty rolled her eyes chuckling slightly.

“Alright…screw what people think” and hugged her back.

Unique appeared and saw the scene.

“Aww, you two are best friends now?” Unique said smiling.

Kitty and Marley pulled away and looked at Unique.

Because we are the leaders of the pack!” Marley and Kitty sang in unison and Unique laughed.

“Good! Because Finn needs our help for Friday’s graduation plans.” Unique said.

“Oh! I was going to drop by his office.” Marley said.

“No, not good…he was with Sam…and I think something happened…because he told me he would be dealing with that and that we should start…” Unique looked around “Where is your boy? Aren’t you like inseparable?”

Marley giggled and shook her head, but Kitty answered first.

“Trust me, they had enough ‘alone’ time yesterday…it’s good they don’t share any subjects…” Kitty rolled her eyes “I think he is at IT’s class” she shrugged.

“He is,” Marley said smiling “But I can text him to meet with us at the auditorium, so we can fill him in.”

“Aren’t you seeing him tonight?” Kitty smirked.

“No…” Marley blushed “I have to help mom with some stuff for the graduation too.”

“Well, good…I mean you should have some space too” Unique said.

Marley shook her head laughing, making Kitty laugh along.

“I mean it, you are like glued together sometimes…” Unique said and then smiled “But I guess that’s good since we will have the power couple leading us to another Nationals trophy!”

Kitty, Marley, and Unique laughed just as the bell rang and students started to come out of their classes.

“Go ahead, while I text Jake, so he can meet us later,” Marley said as she pulled her phone out and they started to walk to the auditorium.

“Ok see you there” Unique and Kitty said as they walked ahead.

Marley looked for Jake and started to text him while walking.


Hey handsome! 😊


Hello gorgeous!


That was a fast reply, for someone who should be paying attention.


The bell rang, I’m actually heading to my next subject.


I’m heading to the auditorium.




We have news for the Graduation ceremony.


Cool. Meet you after so you can fill me in?


Yes! Come later, we will fill you in.




Kitty, Unique and me 😊


I thought it was going to be just you and me 😉


Haha, not this time. See you later 😉


Ok, beautiful.

While Marley was texting, she didn’t watch her steps and ended up bumping with someone.

“I’m so sorry!” Marley said as her phone dropped.

“It’s fine” the stranger kneeled and picked her phone, glanced at it, and gave it to her.

“Thanks,” Marley said smiling as she grabbed her phone and placed it in her pocket.

“Anytime” He replied smiling “What is your name?”

“My name?” Marley asked.

“Am I in trouble? should everyone know your name or something?” he chuckled slightly as he lifted his arms jokingly.

Then she realized she never saw him before, so she widened her eyes and slightly chuckled as he lifted his eyebrow.

“Sorry!” She said looking down and then up to him “I’m Marley” she offered her hand “I didn’t realize new students could come in earlier…”

“I wanted to check the school and see if I wanted to transfer here,” he said smiling at her “My dad wanted me to check the options.”

“And you have a lot of them?” She asked.

“Kind of.” He shrugged “But I’m liking this one so far,” he said looking at her.

“It’s a great school…I transferred here too…” She said looking around, remembering her first days.

Marley remembered how scared she was when she came into the school, afraid of not being accepted. The new guy stared at her, then Marley came back from her memories and smiled at him. He was tall, had light brown hair, blue eyes, and dressed in brand clothes, clearly, he was high class, what was he doing here?

“Sorry, I was remembering some things,” She said as she looked at him and then remembered she needed to go “Anyways, gotta go,” Marley said as she was about to walk away.

“My name is Ben,” He said, and Marley looked at him “You didn’t ask but we might see each other later this year” he smiled.

“Nice meeting you Ben,” Marley said and walked away.

Ben looked at her as she walked away and smiled. He picked his phone and called someone.

“Hi, dad. Yes. McKinley is the one” he said as he kept looking the way Marley went.

Jake arrived at the auditorium and saw Unique, Kitty, and Marley were laughing, he walked from behind and wrapped his arms around Marley's back and she giggled.

“Yay Jake is here…” Unique said rolling her eyes and Kitty nudged at her.

“Give it a rest…” Kitty said as she watched Marley hold Jake’s hands on her and turned to peck his lips “They are happy…”

“I’m happy to see you too Unique,” Jake said after he finished pecking Marley’s lips and rested his chin on her shoulder.

“Stop it…be nice,” Marley said to Jake since she recognizes his tone.

“I don’t blame Jake, Unique started it,” Kitty said lifting her hands.

“Hey, girls don’t betray other girls!” Unique said, making Marley and Jake laugh.

Jake kissed Marley’s shoulder as he grinned looking at Unique and Kitty.

“Anyways…” Kitty said “Finn wanted us to take care of some stuff for graduation and we should also rehearse some…” she said.

“Sure, what are we doing?” Jake said.

“Finn has everyone on board,” Marley said, “even the other ones are coming…”

“Yeah, and afterward there is going to be a party at either Kurt or Blaine’s house,” Unique said.

“But in the ceremony, Finn has a special treat…” Kitty said.

They started to whisper about Finn’s plan, they all were getting excited.

Marley and Jake were at her house. They were on the sofa snuggled finishing watching the movie ‘Before we go’.

“What?!” Jake said frowning looking at the TV “That is so weird…Why would she do that?”

“I don’t know…I guess she met the guy for one night…I mean it is what it is…” Marley said as she ate some more popcorn.

“So, you are not bothered she didn’t choose to stay with him but went back to her husband?” Jake said lifting his eyebrow.

“I think it's real…” she said slightly smiling “She liked that guy…they connected and clearly had chemistry…” she said.

“He cheated on her…twice” Jake pointed out and Marley looked at him and chuckled.

Jake frowned and then realized what he said and sighed, then looked down. Marley cupped his face and he looked at her.

“It’s a movie…” she said, and he looked at her with sad eyes “You need to stop blaming yourself for what happened…we are together…I don’t regret it one bit” she smiled.

“Yes, but watching this…and probably many other movies…when the guy cheats is over…the girl should not get back to him,” Jake said and Marley kept her hands on his face.

“Jake…” Marley said looking at him seriously “Those guys aren’t you…those girls aren’t me…we choose our paths, and we make our own decisions…I love you and I don’t expect our story or us to be perfect…” she smiled.

“Why not?” Jake asked glancing at her lips and then at her blue eyes.

“Because that makes our story, ours” she smiled “Bree…the cheating…the past…my eating disorder…Ryder…all that is our past…led us here…”

Jake looked at her and leaned in to kiss her, she smiled through the kiss, and then he pulled away and looked at her.

“You do know there won’t be any more Bree’s right?” He said as he caressed her cheek and she nodded “Good” He smiled.

“That doesn’t mean there won’t be any other girl…or any more struggles…” Marley said, and he looked at her worried “the movie said it…there will always be struggles, but you have to choose who you wanna struggle with…” she said and pecked his lips “I choose you.”

Jake smiled slightly at her and kissed her again then pulled away.

“And I choose you beautiful.”

Marley’s mom comes out of the kitchen.

“If you two are done with that movie, I kind of need both of your help here,” she said, and Marley stood up with Jake laughing.

“Yes, mam!” Jake said as they both walked into the kitchen to help.

“Don’t get any ideas, Jake, I still have you on probation” Millie warned him, and he nodded.

“Yes, mam,” he said.

“Mom…” Marley said as she placed a hand on his chest and leaned in “Don’t you think that’s enough?”

“You forgave him, that doesn’t mean I had,” Millie said and then looked at Jake, they both looked tensed, and then she burst out laughing.

They looked at her confused.

“Come here Jake” Millie pulls him into a hug while still laughing, then she pulls away “I just want to see my girl happy…and you are making her happy…happier” she smiled “keep that up.” She said and then looked at Marley.

“Trust me…I almost lost her, and I wouldn’t dare to do anything that could take me there again…” Jake said as he looked at Marley and she blushed.

“You might be young, but I know when I see two people who love each other.” She smiled looking at them.

Marley wrapped her arms around Jake, and he wrapped one arm around.

“Now, you two ready to help me?” Millie said and they both nodded smiling.

They helped in the kitchen, while they laugh and share recipes. Millie did glance at them more than once. She could tell they were really happy, and she was struggling to tell Marley what she had to, it was supposed to be today but maybe she should wait another time…her girl was happy and in love, that was something her mom would never want to change…so maybe another time…they still had time for that.

End of chapter