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You are Mine (Glee rewrite)

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VIDEO TRAILER: Here is the video trailer to the story (I wrote it in 2013, never published it, till now)YOU ARE MINE - series trailer

I will start the story at the end of 5x04 episode of Glee, with flashbacks to Season 4 episodes, so yeah Jake has cheated and Marley still doesn't know. Ignore episode 5x03 cause on this story Finn Hudson is alive ;) Here goes, I hope you like it, this is mainly to ease up my mind and what I wrote back then when her character was just written off without giving us any conclusion.

So there he was, Jake was performing with the rest of the glee club the song "ROAR". Mr. Shue let Marley enter the auditorium to see their teammates sing their last song from this week's assignment, after she had a talk with him, he understood.


"I'm really sorry Mr. Shue for not been able to pull a Gaga back then...I'm just still...getting over my eating disorder, I'm not comfortable showing that much of skin" she said to Mr. Shue while she was sitting in front of his office desk.

"Hey, Marley I'm sorry...I was so focused on getting everyone to embrace themselves but I forgot about...Uhm...yeah what you went through." Mr. Shue said calmly, understanding the situation now.

"It is just hard for me to dress up in that kind of clothing...I'm really sorry, I've never been in trouble for anything in my life and I--"

"Marley! It's ok, you can come back and I'm sorry for making you feel uncomfortable, this club is supposed to make you feel good... I'm sorry I won't ever ask you to do something you are not ok with" Mr. Shue smiled at Marley.  Marley smiled back and that was one problem there was the other one with Jake.


So there she was, watching him and everyone else singing and dancing, they seem to be having fun. She caught Jake's attention cause suddenly his eyes landed on her... She waved at him and he waved at her, but slowly...and his eyes, his eyes looked sad...they didn't speak after what happened back at his house yesterday...


Jake invited Marley to his house, he told her he had Mary Poppins on DVD and that way he could cheer her up for being suspended the whole week from glee club. She knew deep down he wanted to take things to the next level, he's been a bit forward about it, but never tried anything...however this time she came to his his room knowing what this could be interpreted by, but she knew if it was too much he would stop, right? She repeated that inside her head as Jake lead her to his room. Once they were at his room he put Mary Poppins on and lay on his bed, making space for in his embrace. Marley laid on the bed and in his arms while trying to enjoy the DVD...however she could feel Jake's arm moving slowly along her arm, caressing her and sending shivers down her spine, making her aware that she was still dressed in her Katy Perry's costume. 

It was after the credits of the DVD started to appear on screen that Jake started to kiss her hand and then in a slow movement he was kissing her arm and then her neck, Marley felt nervous but at the same time this was not wrong, he was just kissing her, so she just tried to enjoy it. But then she felt his hand trying to go under her dress, she pushed his hand away, trying to ignore what he had tried to do. Seconds later, she felt his hand move up her right side and start to move on her chest.

“Jake, stop!” she said while she shoved at his hand again, resting hers on his shoulder and pulling away. 

Jake sighed as he rolled off her and sat on the edge of the bed, his back turned.

“Can we,” he paused, “Have an honest conversation about this?”

Marley turned around, her back facing him.

“The whole point of being boyfriend-girlfriend is that we hang out, and spend all this time together so that we can appreciate and trust each other.” He said while standing up and looking at her back.

“I totally appreciate and trust you,” she turned around snapping at him.

“Then what better place is there to explore certain aspects of ourselves than here?” He tried to sound calm.

“Are you telling me that the only reason you hang out with me and all that is just so I’ll let you touch my boob?” Marley felt herself about to cry and suppressed her tears from coming out.

“What? No, no, no, of course not,” Jake got angry but tried to be calm and Marley rolled over to face him. “But I feel like you won’t even consider it! Like you don’t care that it’s bumming me out! What do you want me to do?” He waved his hands exasperated.

“I just don’t want to be pressured into doing something I don’t want to do!” Marley said as she sat up, feeling herself getting angrier at him.

“Who is pressuring you, Marley? I’ve been the most patient. The most understanding." He looked at her eyes and then sighed " I mean I used to stop calling a girl if she didn’t let me in her pants after six hours!” Jake looked at Marley frustrated.

“Ok! then go be with one of those girls!” Marley knelt on the bed feeling really angry. He knew how she was and now here he is telling her how lucky she is that he has waited so long?

“Go, have fun!” She yanked off her pink wig and threw it at Jake’s chest furious. That's what this week made her felt, furious with everyone and herself. She didn't know what else to say so she just sat down with her back to him again. She could feel the tears coming out and this time she wouldn't be able to suppress them. 

Jake caught the wig, throw it aside, and looked at her back with sadness...he was a jerk, what he did or said was stupid. He didn't want to pressure her, yes, not getting laid was bumming him and he's been waiting for her to finally be with him fully...he thought she was ready but clearly, she wasn't. He needed to fix this.

"Marley..." He climbed onto the bed and placed a hand on her shoulder.

Marley felt his touch and let her head fall onto her hands and felt the tears coming. She was angry, hurt but most of all sad...why Jake told her all those things? What happens now? This is it?

"Look Marley, I'm sorry ok? I just-" He tried to calm her down since he could hear her sobbing while she was curled in her arms. 

"Just stop." Marley managed to say as she lifts her head up, her tears rolling down her face "I'll just go now" She stood up and without looking back she left the room, while for him it felt as if she had just left him. 


Jake looked at Marley, she was standing there next to Mr. Shue waving at him and with a sad smile. She had a lot of smiles and he knew them all, this one was a sad one. Does she know? She couldn't, he had made sure no one followed him. Unless she felt bad because of what happened...he felt angry after she had left but didn't expect her to still feel bad. He should be the one with the sad eyes and smile, he couldn't even smile at her. He tried to but he could see her sad and then Bree appeared next to her, she wouldn't dare to...would she?


After Marley left him he was angry. She had left him without even trying to fix stuff between them. He felt frustrated, how much longer would she have him waiting? Is that what bothers him? That Marley won't have sex with him? No, what bothers him is that Bree has been sending him pictures all week and offering herself to him more than once and he rejected her cause he knows he needs to be faithful to Marley, but what he needs to do and what he wants to do are two different things. He doesn't know how but he was back at school and at the classroom where he was teaching the cheerios some choreography and there she was...Bree.

"Hey, do you wanna go somewhere?" He approached Bree not being able to look her in the eyes.

"Where?" She replied smirking, clearly, she knew what he wanted.

"Some place...private, really private" he said looking around and then landing his eyes on her.

"A private part of the school?" She crossed her eyes still smirking " I like private parts" she nodded and look him up and down "Is your girlfriend going to be there?" 

Jake didn't want to think about Marley, he needed to think about what he wanted right now and he wanted to have sex with someone he didn’t care about, otherwise, if he will be able to keep being with Marley. He looked at her stepping closer.

"Do you wanna go or not?" he glared at her. Now she wanted to play hard to get?

"I'll get my coat," she said smirking "we'll need something to lay on the ground"  she turned around from him to go and grab her coat.

Jake felt something inside, it wasn't lusting, it was remorse...he hasn't done anything and he is already regretting it?  He needs this...he wants this. 

"I don't want to get grass stains on my uniform"  She smirked again and moved towards the door.

Jake stood there for a moment, he was going to do this. He was going to get laid just to get what he wants at the moment. He was going to just do it. He was going to cheat on Marley... on her, the person he fought for...He shook his head and followed Bree.


Marley looked at Bree confused. She was there watching the glee club, her boyfriend, performing. And she was smiling at him, he didn't return a smile to her nor her. He was back at singing and dancing. Thanks to Unique she knows Bree is after her boyfriend but Jake is not the womanizer he once was...he changed, did he?

The glee club finished their performance and Mr. Shue cheered and clapped. Sam's conquest was applauding too...Marley looked at Jake trying to read him, he didn't seem as happy as he normally is...Bree was screaming his name and cheering. Unique found Marley's eyes and without saying anything she understood what she needed to do. Marley walks upstage to her friends and towards Jake. Jake looked at her and Marley came to him with open arms.

"You did great!" She forced the biggest smile as she hugged him.

Jake wrapped his arms around her as soon as he felt her embrace. But he looked at Bree who just smirked and left the auditorium. He needs to tell Marley what happened before Bree does...even if he loses Marley forever. Telling her is the right thing to do, she needs to know the truth. He let go of Marley and looked into her eyes, she had those beautiful blue eyes that could look into his soul and he would do anything for her, this time they were really blue, which meant she was sad. He moved his hands to cup her face and lean in to kiss her. He couldn't tell her, not now...he wanted to just make her happy. She kissed back and that's how both knew everything was ok between them, everything was just going to be fine.

"As much as I love you guys, you need to keep it rated-pg," Unique said smirking and that made Jake and Marley laugh a bit.

Marley let go of Jake and widen her eyes a bit realizing he is half-naked and started to blush but Unique pulled her to a side, saving her from the embarrassment she was feeling. Jake smiled and went back to high five Sam and chat about the week's assignment.

"Thank you!" Marley said to Unique.

"Hey, that's what friends are for...I could see you realizing your man was half-naked" winking at her "Not that you could keep your hands from him anyways" 

"Stop it's not like that and you know it" She went back to be a bit sad.

"Talk to me girl" looking at her while Marley debated how to say it. She glanced at Jake and then step closer to Unique.

"We fought...cause he...touched me...and I didn't want him to" she whispers embarrassed.

"HE-" almost shouted but then kept it in hush "He what? Oh no he didn't, he knows you are not ready!" 

"I know he knows...but I felt him and his frustration" she looked down and then at Unique "I don't want to lose him but I'm serious about not changing for him."

"As you should." Unique looked at her and then pull her into an embrace "You don't need to change Marley" pulls away and cups her face "Don't do anything you are not comfortable with" 

Marley nodded at her and smiled. They both hug again.

Jake looked in the direction where Unique and Marley were talking and even though he tried to listen he couldn't cause Sam and Blaine were talking and laughing too loud about their number and how they were going to beat everyone at Nationals. He also caught Ryder looking at Marley, even though they are friends he isn't blind, he knows Ryder has feelings for Marley, for his girl... but was she still his? After what he did...


Bree laid her coat on the floor and lay down. She looked at Jake and smirked. Jake took his jacket off and kneel on the ground. Bree came close to him and place her hands on Jake's chest and moved it down, then Jake stopped her hand. They both looked at each other. Bree moved it back down with his hand and grabbed the end of his t-shirt and pulled it up, jake helped her take it off, and then she placed her hands on his naked chest and then her lips started to kiss it. She kissed his chest going upwards to his jawline...then up to his lips and then Jake stopped her. 

"Jake?" Bree looked at him, he was looking at her. 

"No talking" Jake said and he pushed her to the ground, getting on top and went to kiss her neck, then up to her face. Inches away from her lips.

She smirked and wrap her arms around his neck and pulled him into her lips. His lips crashed into her lips and then she was asking for entrance with her tongue, Jake gave in, letting his lust take over. They started to make out, he was feeling her hands roam around his back and then to her neck. He was moving his hands to her skirt and under it, finally, he was getting what he wanted...Marley...

"Marley?" Bree pushed him up and frown "Did you just said...Marley?" She sounded upset. 

Jake stood there and everything became clear...he could have any girl he wanted...he could have Bree if he wanted...but the thing is, she wasn't what he wanted...he wanted his blue eyes shy girl...his girlfriend...his Marley. 

"Hello Jake?" Bree demanded and then she saw it on his face "You don't want this anymore huh?" She frowned.

Without a word Jake stood up and looked for his t-shirt, he found it on the ground and put it back on. Then he looked at Bree, she was still laying on her coat, her uniform all wrinkled. She finally stood up and look at him while she tried to straighten her uniform.

"You started this...and now you won't finish it?" She came close to him and move her hand down to his pants but he stopped her hand and shoved it aside "You wanted me minutes ago!"

"You said it...wanted" Jake managed to say and then backed away, he picked his jacket and shook his head.

"That prude will never give you what you need...what you want" she stated crossing her arms.

"Well I guess you don't know what I need or want either," He said without turning around and walking away. 

Bree stood there feeling angry, this wouldn't stay this way. She will have Jake, she will take him from Marley.


Jake wasn't perfect...he hurt a lot of girls, he didn't want to hurt Marley...she is what he needs and wants, he knows that now...he doesn't want her to understand him or accept him...he wants her to keep changing him...she makes him want to be a better person, he needs her and he knows that if he tells her what he did he will lose her but if he doesn't he won't be honest and probably lose her anyway...he lost her the minute he thought about doing anything with Bree...even if he didn't go through with it, at that moment he wanted to and no matter what he will hurt her. The worst part of it all is that he knows that the minute Marley is no longer with him, Ryder will take that chance, he just knows it.


End of chapter


Ok so this is where I'll leave the chapter... I'll upload more later.