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Sugar in Moderation

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“I will bake a cake!” Enthusiasm radiated From Djeeta’s face as she checked all the ingredients on the table. The kitchen from the Grandcypher was available today since most of the cooks were around other places offering their services which, in turn, resulted in the rise of her interest to learn as Valentine’s chocolate attempts were worth the effort and burnt samples give some bad memories but redemption was about to meet their fate that day.

With no real reason for doing such dessert, she wore a pink apron over her clothes and tied a ribbon behind her making her look cute and her golden hair bound with a little ponytail. Hands-on the table with measuring cups, spoons, and a hand mixer revealed some memories of when she wanted to learn from her dad how to make the most basic cooking, he promised one day to do it however that day seems long as the journey continues.

“No time for moping, let’s do this” smiling, she checks the butter is at a good temperature before adding the sugar, then a hand slipped to her head causing a little startling spiking her skin.

 “Found you” the deep voice resonated on the kitchen’s walls as the woman turned to see the erune, as ever his stealth skills meet no match “welcome back” a little blush showed on her cheeks as Eustace nodded “What are you doing?” He asks nonchalantly despite reading the paper with the instructions to follow obviously showing that she’s making a cake “nothing special” she then came back to focusing on the preparation. To her surprise Eustace left the room, confusing her to just come back minutes later without his garments, a casual outfit of a yellow shirt exposing his back and tight black pants, erune fashion sometimes is mysterious causing her eyes to divert.

“Are…you coming to help?” Djeeta gulped as he came closer to taste some of the icings to the cake that was already on the oven to rise up “ upset you?” ears flopping down causing the blond to shake her head “No no! just took me by surprise, as I saw you…complain one day about sweets” she recalls the day Eustace tried to convince Beatrix and Cassius to low down the sugar, the erune man cracked up a little smile “I know, but it’s you who is making this thing…I want to taste” with the little bit of strawberry icing he puts it oh her lips to lick, both stood there, eyes crossing paths.

Djeeta’s cheeks turned pink at the act, not knowing what to do she gives a little peck, which now caught Eustace off guard down and both lean for a kiss, her heart racing fast as lips touch and tongues sliding with some intensity…until a smell reaches her nose and a little squeak crashes the romantic moment “Ah…the cake!” running to the oven she realizes her creation was toasted, Eustace whispered an “I apologize” as his primary goal was to help her to finish the piece of pastry, he then proposed to go to a bakery to buy her a strawberry shortcake, Djeeta at first was a little sad for everything turning down but a date with Eustace was not a bad idea, she said yes with a shining smile and both prepared themselves to walk away.