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Written in the Stars

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We sit criss-crossed and knee to knee in Baz’s bed, much to his dismay. I hold my hands open, palm up on my legs. He eyes them skeptically before slowly closing his fingers around mine. They are rough, and calloused. Probably from years of playing violin and fighting with me. Though, we haven’t fought in a while.

I concentrate, and push my magic into him. For a moment his grip tightens on my hands.

“Is it working?” I ask earnestly.

He chuckles and nods. I take a good look at him. Baz is probably the fittest bloke I know. It’s a surprise that he hasn’t had a girlfriend.

“Try and cast something!”

“I don’t know what to cast”


He ponders for a moment with his eyes closed. His lips are parted ever so slightly. They are so pretty and pink. I lip my lips subconsciously and lean forward.

“Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, How I wonder what you are, up above the world so high, Like a diamond in the sky” the magic is dripping off his words. Soon our room has disappeared.

I gape at our surroundings, We are sitting in the middle of the constellations. And it is gorgeous.

“BAZ, OPEN YOUR EYES” I turn back to him to see that they were already open. And staring at me. I can see the reflection of the stars in his grey eyes. He looks ethereal, like he belongs here.

This feels so incredibly intimate that I begin to blush.

“Look at the stars” I breathe. He glances around and then back at me.

“Andromeda” he smiles slightly. “Its my favorite galaxy” his gaze is melting a hole through me.

I feel something pulling me towards him. Similar to the pull of the Crucible from first year. My face is about a centimeter from his. He is breathing heavy. I can feel it on my face and neck.


“Simon..” he whispers. I want to kiss him so bad. It isn’t the first time. When was the first time? I decide that is a question for future Simon. Right now, there is a beautiful boy sitting with me in the stars. And I want to kiss him. But then, he kisses me.

It is everything I ever wanted. We are sitting under the stars, Simon is melting into the kiss instead of pushing me away. Crowley I am living a charmed life.

I feel like a live wire, with all the magic flowing through me. The spell falls around us and we are back in our room. I shove my fingers through his golden curls, like I have always wanted to. He snakes his through mine hand as well. His lips are so soft. I whimper slightly. And he pulls back.
His eyes are lidded and cloudy. Merlin save me.

“How long?”


“How long have you wanted this?” He whispers on my lips.

“I don’t know, since fifth year? Maybe since we met” I can barely breathe. Everything is Simon. He must like that answer because he pushes me down onto my back and snogs the life out of me. Later we will have to deal with whatever this is but right now I am going to savor this.