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The Proposal

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A New Normal


The music was pumping, the taste of desire heavy in the air. Lucifer surveyed Lux from his private booth on the balcony, a smirk on his face as a dark-haired man’s hand slid up his thigh.

“Let’s take this upstairs.” Lucifer crooned, as his dark brown eyes met eyes almost black with lust.

With Eve with Maze on their monthly Tribe night, Lucifer knew that he had at least another four to six hours to play before she returned, either with Maze as a third or with Maze and another tag-a-long.

Fingers closed over his cock and rubbed hard. A laugh followed as the man found him already half hard. Lucifer’s grin widened as he opened his legs to allow Simon better access. His hand circled his neck and pulled his face against him, mouths meeting and tongues battling for dominance.

“What do you desire?” He whispered into the man’s mouth when he pulled back to breathe.

“I want to make my ex jealous. I want him to see me fucking you and know he can’t have me again.”

“Is he here? At Lux?” Lucifer whispered against the man’s jaw as he nipped at the shaved face, before heading towards his neck and sucking at his earlobe.

“Yes.” Simon moaned, eyes closed and hips already bucking for attention.

Lucifer looked around before spotting a blonde man staring at them. Anger and lust on his face.

“Perfect” he purred, “Let’s put on a show then.”  He grinned. His hand already travelling to Simon’s hips and headed straight to the bulge in the other man’s jeans.


The elevator dinged as Eve, Maze and a blonde woman stumbled out into the penthouse. Hands were everywhere and clothes were already on the floor. Maze was sucking on Eve’s neck, hand against her breast and the other holding the blonds head against her own breast.

Lucifer stood up from the lounge, his smile predatory as he eyed the group that was slowly making their way to the bedroom.

“Care for a fourth?” He asked, already slipping his arms out of his red silk robe.

The woman turned, her blonde hair obscured her face and for a moment Lucifer swore it was Chloe whose hands were squeezing Maze’s breast and her own. Then her face came into view and the breath he had subconsciously held was released as the eyes of a stranger looked up at him with lust.

“Please”, the woman begged, and Lucifer stepped forward, his hands already sliding his matching red silk pants down his legs.


Watching the phone between them, Chloe chucked at the antics of her tribe on the screen, swallowing the guilt of not attending again and just tried to enjoy the video Ella was showing her. Maze and Eve were singing karaoke and dancing not quite far enough apart to be entirely friends, Linda laughing and knocking back a tequila while Ella turned the phone and yelled into the camera, “Miss you Chloe! Tribes not tribe without you!” “Yes!” Linda’s drunken voice followed loudly.

“Wow Ella! Looked like you guys had heaps of fun. Wish I could have been there.” Chloe smiled, before dropping it slightly to fit in with her apology. “Sorry about missing it but Trixie’s project was due and with Dan on the stakeout, Trix stayed with me and I spent the night learning about Iceland.” She smiled a little as she continued. “Next time we visit Europe, we are going to stop at Reykjavík and visit the volcanoes and even spend a night out at the glacier where they filmed Game of Thrones, not that Trix has watched it or.” Chloe cut herself off, aware she was bubbling and hating herself for it, but it was better than straight out lying to Ella about why she was avoiding Tribe nights.

She stepped around Ella as she saw Lucifer descend the stairs into the bullpen. “Let’s go Lucifer.” She called out, already holding up the files and picking up her keys. “We’ve got a case”. She kept her tone bright to hide the flash of guilt that always flushed her body whenever she saw him.

Accepting her coffee from Lucifer, she smiled her thanks before taking a careful sip. It was the perfect temperature as usual. Closing her eyes for a moment, Chloe savoured the coffee, while fighting the moisture that gathered in her eyes as her guilt resurfaced. Her new normal reaction. Breathing in the scent, Chloe looked at Lucifer for a moment before stepping past him to walk up the stairs.

“Neighbour called it in this morning. Heard raised voices between two men and then a gunshot.” She spoke as she walked to the car, her voice raised slightly above their echoing footsteps.

Opening the car, Chloe sat before handing him the folder. Lucifer opened the file, glanced at them before placing them on his lap.

“Looks boring” he sighed before turning to face her. “So onto something much more interesting.” He paused. Chloe looked over at him briefly before facing the road again. “How was Tribe night? Get up to anything naughty?”

She glanced at him briefly before turning onto the busy road.

“Um, oh I um couldn’t go.” She stuttered out, glad her cheeks weren’t flushed red. “Trixie had homework and Dan was on a stakeout.”

“Detective!” His exclamation rang out in the car. “You must attend the next one, I insist. All work, no play makes Detective an overworked …”

“Don’t finish that” Chloe interrupted, humour hiding the sting his word caused.

“No really Detective” Lucifer continued with nary a pause. “This Saturday, Lux is holding a pirate themed night. Come dressed up” Chloe glanced at him with a raised eyebrow. “or not. Party girl’s choice.”

When Chloe didn’t say anything, Lucifer added. “I’ll tell Miss Lopez.”

“That’s low Lucifer” Chloe complained, “I haven’t even said no yet.”

“Come on, you haven’t been to Lux in months. And no pesky bombers this time to ruin the party.”

Four months, three weeks and two days, her brain supplied helpfully.

“I don’t know Lucifer, with Trix and the case.”

“Oh no you don’t. I know Detective Douche has the urchin for the rest of the week.” Lucifer interrupted her this time and Chloe knew she would have to say yes. She couldn’t really stomach saying no to him. Her guilt was still too strong.  Maybe I’ll call in sick.

“I’ll think about it.”

“Excellent.” And with that Lucifer pulled out his phone and started texting.


Arriving at the crime scene, Chloe pulled out her gloves and walked towards the body. A man, in his late thirties or early forties. Dressed in workout clothes, sweatpants, t-shirt and phone arm band. Probably heading out or coming back from a run. Chloe skimmed her eyes over the apartment. Typical bachelor pad, large tv, gaming console.  Her eyes found a bookshelf full of trophies and ribbons and certificates. High school trophies, college football memorabilia. A jock.

Lucifer’s laugh was heard, and Chloe made her way into the bedroom to join Lucifer.

“Terribly boring.” He said, with a gesture to the victim’s bedside draws. “No condoms, lube or even a sex toy. If I didn’t know he had a woman here yesterday I would have thought the poor man had no life at all.”

Chloe raised an eyebrow, trying to make any sense out of his diatribe.

“Luckily, he did keep a little memento of his visitor.” And in the open draw Chloe saw an aqua blue pair of women’s lingerie.

“Ella,” she called to get the lab tech’s attention.

“We need to get this to forensics. Find out who owns it and make sure there’s not another victim.”

Chloe turned towards Lucifer, getting his attention. Feeling his entire focus on her made Chloe stammer for a second before she cleared her throat. “This looks like a love triangle to me. Perp wanted the victim’s girl or wanted to stop their relationship. Things got heated, argument occurred, tempers flared and then shots were fired.”

“Ugg. Jealously. Such an ugly emotion.” Lucifer’s exasperation was clearly heard. “I think humans need a lesson in sharing.” He smirked at Chloe and she swallowed her instinctual defence of humans and simply replied “It definitely is ugly.”

With a gesture towards Dan, she beckoned him over, to read the statement he had already taken from the victim and to get any more information he had gathered.

“Thanks again for getting Trixie. I’ll get her from school today and make it up to her this weekend.” He nodded as he closed his notebook. His face morphed into a snarl as Lucifer stepped towards them, “see you at the precinct Chlo.” His steps loud as he walked away. Chloe shook her head before facing Lucifer again.

“Let’s go inform his next of kin.”

Lucifer looked from Dan’s retreating back to met Chloe’s eyes. “After you partner.” And Chloe felt a tingle run up her back at his words.


After spending over an hour with the victim’s parents and then meeting his brother at his work in an accounting firm, Chloe was no closer to finding out her victim’s mystery woman. At least the brother had helped identify some friends but there were no ladies among them. She rubbed her forehead, reading over her notes again.

Getting up from her desk, Chloe walked into Ella’s lab to see Ella looking at her phone and grinning .

“Lucifer just told me.” She grinned excitedly, “Party at Lux, Tribe’s all set to meet at 9pm.”

“That was quick.” She replied nervously.  

“Not only that,” Ella continued. “We are going outfit shopping tonight. Linda’s going to meet us at Costumes Co. at 6 so we can get our costumes together.”

“Wow!” Chloe nodded her head, surprised at how fast everything was going. “Um the case, not sure but um”.

“No Chlo, you have to come. Arrr. It’s a pirate party, me wenchy lass.” Chloe smiled at Ella’s enthusiasm and suddenly realised that no matter how much she wanted to skip it and stay at home, she wasn’t going to disappoint Lucifer and Ella.

“Alright, tonight, costumes. But first, DNA, fingerprints on the bullets. Tell me we got something.”

“Gun was a 9mm glock. Not used before in a shooting so no luck there but if you can get me then gun I can match it. Waiting on DNA from the underwear and no fingerprints on the bullets.”

Chloe nodded but Ella continued before she could say anything. “His social media accounts do have him tagged with the same four people quite often.” She brought up a photo on her computer and gestured to a group of five people.

Chloe looked at the names linked to the pictures. “They match the names his brother gave us of his friends.” She turned to look at Ella. “Thanks Ella, let me know when the DNA comes in.”

“You betcha.”

Chloe turned and left, walking to her computer to continue the search for the three men and one woman in the photo with the victim.


Lucifer stepped inside Lux, turning towards the bar where Krystal and Patrick stood. The caustic smell of cleaning fluids and alcohol mixed in his nose before the pleasing scent of freshly poured whiskey drifted over. Patrick held a tumbler towards him as Krystal starting speaking in her usual hurried tone.

“Everything is set for Saturday, Mr Morningstar. I’ve ordered costumes for the staff, hired actors for various entertainment and party games and extra rum for themed drinks.”

Lucifer nodded listening and taking a sip of his drink.

“I’ve sent out a few promotional emails to select agents and a studio party is going to be attending as a cross promotion for their pirate movie that premiered last week.”

“Very good.” He smiled, stopping her flow of words with a filthy kiss that left her breathless, the smell of her arousal reaching his nose before she pulled back a little.

“Thank you sir. Considering I had only a couple of hours’ notice about the party,” Her tone indicated disapproval but her lust was still strong in the air. “I’m still waiting on.”

Lucifer cut her off with another lusty kiss. “Let me reward all your hard work.” He whispered into her ear, his tongue tracing the shell as one of his hands started sliding up from her waist.

Krystal moaned a whispered “Yes please.” And Lucifer grinned in triumph. He glanced at Patrick. “You coming Patrick?”

“In more ways than one I hope.” Came the cheeky reply before Lucifer felt his hand slide over his backside across his hip to cup him hard.



The bed was messy, with a sole occupant spread alluring on the sheets. Her long hair spread around her like a dark halo but Lucifer knew she was anything but angelic.

“Lucifer” Her voice called. “Come join me.”

“Can’t darling.” He answered her. Already placing his jacket over the back of the lounge and rolling up his sleeves, Lucifer sat down at his piano, stretching his fingers and placing them on the keys. “Getting the set ready for Saturday nights party at Lux.”

From the corner of his eye, he saw Eve roll over and sit up. Her expression excited as she slid along the bed. “Maze told me,” she spoke throatily. “Pirate party. Very sudden.”  

“I’ve ordered our costumes.” She continued. Her voice was closer and Lucifer turned his head to see her sliding her hands along his shoulders before she pulled him to her for a kiss.

“Eve,” he scolded pulling away. “You know better than to disturb me when I’m playing.” This was Lucifer’s only rule and Eve constantly tried to test it. The last time was the last straw for Lucifer, when she was lying on the piano in nothing but stilettos, he hit the roof. He had banned her from even touching the piano. A fantasy of a blonde-haired detective in that exact same position had haunted him for weeks after that.

She pulled her hands off his shoulders and kept her mouth off his by millimetres. “I’ve been thinking about something and I want your opinion and blessing.” Her eyes were sparkling with mischief.

Lucifer frowned, turning his body away from the piano and concentrating on Eve. She never asked permission for any escapades before.

“What do you desire darling?” It was a simple question not his mojo, as the Detective had so elegantly phrased it.

“I want a threesome.” Eve’s pause felt weighted to Lucifer so he tilted his head waiting for the rest of her sentence. Eve smiled hungrily, lust and something unidentifiable in her eyes.

“With Chloe.”