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It takes a little extra to hold the devil.

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The courier rode the lift to the penthouse above LUX. He had heard of the club by reputation alone. Once he had been admitted through the doors at the front, he realised its decadent reputation was entirely justified. He felt strange riding the elevator to a penthouse apartment. That was not how his deliveries usually went. Most of the rich and powerful had a concierge desk or the like where the delivery could be left so that the execs, A class actors and billionaires, never had to deal with anyone outside their own staff. This was different, although, from the stories he had heard about Lucifer Morningstar, he wasn’t exactly surprised that this delivery was different. He had a friend, pizza delivery boy, who once told him of a huge number of pizzas he had to deliver to Mr Morningstar and how he had stepped through the door into a raucous sex party and that Lucifer had not only given him the biggest tip of his life, he had then dragged him out of the elevator and “gifted” him to 3 gorgeous women who were in no way shy about enjoying themselves.

The courier didn’t expect a party at this time of day, though who could tell, if what everyone said about the man was true.

When the elevator doors slid open with a cheery “ding” to announce his arrival, he stepped out of the lift and found himself inside a luxury apartment. He pondered again how strange this was, that there was no door or anything to maintain the privacy, that literally anyone seemingly could stride in unannounced.

He was about to call out when a very tall, very handsome man in a pristine three piece suit bounded down the steps which apparently led to a bedroom, crossing the room in a fluid movement and taking the clipboard from the couriers hand, he signed with a flourish.

“I assume that must be for me?” Lucifer said, inclining his head towards the box that the courier was holding.

This was LA, there were gorgeous people everywhere, but this man was almost otherworldly in his beauty.

The courier stuttered.

“uhhh, umm, ahhhmmm, Yes, excuse me, yes this one here is for you.”

He thrust the box forward seemingly robotically and mentally slapped himself for being so awkward.

Lucifer inclined his head and looked at him, grinned a 1000 kilowatt smile, pulled the couriers hand forward and thrust a wad of cash into it before patting him on the chest, handing the clipboard back to him and sending him on his way.

As the courier watched the penthouse disappear from view behind the elevator doors, he pulled himself back to reality. 

Yep, weirdest delivery this month for sure he thought to himself, but looking at the handful of $100 bills he had in his hand, for once he thought it was actually worth the weirdness.


Lucifer walked towards the penthouse bar, he looked down at the plain boring beige box in his hand, considering it, then placed it on the benchtop as he reached for a glass to pour some whiskey. His phone buzzed and he reached into his jacket pocket.

The screen lit up with:

*1 unread message from My Detective*

Lucifer loved to see those words, even though it was probably the address for a new case, the fact that she was no longer “The”, but “My” Detective always made his heart beat just a little faster.

He thumbed open the phone to read the message.

It said simply:

       Ready to play a game?

A puzzled expression played across his features and he actually turned to look over his shoulder, half expecting her to have somehow managed to sneak up on him.

He smirked and thumbed out a text:

           Of course, darling, what did you have in mind?

Lucifer waited, staring at his phone while sipping his whiskey, he picked up and checked the phone but nothing, fiddled with his cufflinks, drummed his fingers on the benchtop, then finally the phone buzzed again.

All it said:

                The Package.

Lucifer looked over at the box on his countertop, dropped the phone and picked up the box, tearing it open. He was met with a black glossy box with large red and silver writing which read “The Intimate Inmate”, under this large text was a picture of a shiny steel chastity cage with a solid enclosed metal tube.

Lucifer’s jaw dropped.

His phone buzzed again:

                Wear it.

Lucifer let out a strangled sound.

His phone buzzed again:

                New case. Echo Park. Meet you there.


Lucifer slid behind the wheel of the Corvette and started the engine.

The engine roared to life and he went to throw the motor into gear, his foot slipped from the clutch as his leg pressed against the cool steel. The Corvette lurched forward and stalled. Lucifer looked to his lap, at the space where the cage was barely hidden behind very form fitting tailored trousers. He swallowed, thinking to himself as he took a steadying breath, Huh! Maybe this won’t be as easy as I thought! He smirked to himself as he turned over the engine a second time and drove out of the parking lot. It sure was going to be fun though.

Of course, Lucifer was the king of desire, this wasn’t the first time he had worn a chastity device, however, never before had those games taken him to work in one, or anywhere other than the confines of a bedroom. He pondered why he had never tried this before, perhaps the lack of a regular partner was something that hadn’t offered this kind of play, although he supposed he could have done it to himself if he had the inkling. He was impressed that his clever detective had happened upon something new for them to try. Not that sex would ever bore him, but being an immortal, it was true that new experiences were hard to come by, so it was impressive that Chloe had found one for him.

Lucifer’s mind drifted with the intoxicating sense of arousal that often filled his brain, the fact that she hadn’t really defined the game had him on fire. So many thoughts in his mind that he only just managed to pull to a stop at the red light in front of him. He shifted in his seat trying to clear his mind of any arousing thoughts as the cage was already feeling tighter. Not painful, Chloe clearly had quite the eye and had managed to size him up correctly, but just a sensation of being held with a delicious threat that if he didn’t get himself under control, he would undoubtedly be uncomfortable.

The engine rumbled as he drove through the streets of LA toward the crime scene. The little padlock clinked softly against the steel casing with the purr of the engine, sending a light buzzing sensation across the cage and to his restrained cock. It was distracting, ironically making him focus more.

He pulled to the roadside and could see police tape ahead. Another steadying breath, he pulled himself from the car and strode off towards the crime scene, the lock clinking against the cage with each step. Ahead, about 50 feet away, he could see Chloe crouched over a body discussing something with Ella. Dan was standing nearby writing details in his notebook. Lucifer’s customary confident strides were halted as suddenly, he could really feel it. The weight of the steel around him and how it tugged as he walked. Momentarily puzzled at the change in sensation he resisted the sudden urge to thrust a hand into his trousers to check that nothing was wrong, after a second, realisation hits that the change had to be his vulnerability around Chloe.

Bloody Hell, this is going to be a lot harder than I thought! Or not hard in some ways at least. He thinks to himself as he flicks the lapels of his jacket and stands a little straighter, adjusting to the changed sensation before he continued on to join his colleagues at the crime scene. Maybe I should have gone with the boxer briefs today, he thinks as the strange sensation persists.


“Detective!” he calls as he reaches her side.

She turns and looks up at him from her crouched position, which puts her head right about at his crotch level.

“Oh Lucifer! Glad you could come, I thought you might have been otherwise detained.” She said, completely deadpan without any acknowledgement of the innuendo that filled her sentence, but Lucifer thought he caught a wink before she turned back around to continue examining the scene.

Lucifer let out an undignified squeak then tried to cover it with a cough to clear his throat, “Um, uhehmm. Yes, well here I am!” he said as if it was a grand announcement.

Chloe didn’t turn back around, just gestured towards where Dan was standing “Okay great, well go and help Dan.”

Dan and Lucifer simultaneously voiced their protest, but Lucifer was silenced instantly with one piercing look from Chloe, giving a nod and a “Of course Detective.” Before joining Dan.

Dan mutters under his breathe “Gee, I was never that whipped.” But Lucifer doesn’t hear him, still too focussed on Chloe.



Lucifer is, as often happens, bored! The case doesn’t interest him, some nobody killed another nobody over something insignificant. Besides his mind is elsewhere. The detective is taking forever interviewing witnesses and assessing the crime scene and there is nothing left for Lucifer to fidget with so he is hovering between Chloe, Ella and Dan. Trying to hurry things up but ultimately only hindering the progress they are making. He considered going over to chat up some bystanders just for fun, but then he remembered the heavy weight around his dick and decided he was better not to risk the idea of arousal.

Finally, they leave the crime scene and head back to the precinct. Pulling in next to the cruiser than Dan and Chloe were in, he got out and the three of them headed towards the entrance to the precinct. With each of Lucifer’s steps the lock clinked against the cage and in the quiet of the parking lot, it was deafening, at least to Chloe’s ears. Of course, she had realised what the sound was almost immediately and the power of it burned through her veins.

Dan on the other hand was confused now, the sound was so clear and if he had of thought about who he was about to ask, he would have realised he was better not knowing, but curiosity got the better of him and he opened his mouth “What the Hell is that noise, man?” Lucifer was about to answer, of course it was always the truth with him and Chloe was well aware that’s what he was about to divulge so she whipped around, grabbing his cuff & making to “fix” something answered “Oh it’s those cufflinks again isn’t it, they’re always making this noise.” Lucifer gave a non-comital shrug and Dan walked a few paces ahead and through the security checkpoint at the entry to the precinct.

Before Chloe could stop him, Lucifer walked straight through the metal detector, sending sirens blaring. Chloe waved Dan away, “Don’t worry, I’ll deal with this and then meet you in there, go find out how Ella is getting on.” Dan was even more puzzled, something very weird was going on between those two.


Dan watched as Lucifer scurried after Chloe for the rest of the morning, fetching her things, actually helping with paperwork. Something was definitely up. Chloe kept whispering things at Lucifer and whenever she did, Lucifer would sit a little straighter, behave a little more appropriately, for a time at least, this was Lucifer after all. Dan knew, or at least he thought he knew, what it looked like to be in trouble with Chloe and although there was history for him there, he actually was incredibly happy that Chloe had found someone and begrudgingly he was also happy for Lucifer, they had become something akin to friends over the years. Which is why he decided that it was time to help Lucifer bail himself out of whatever trouble he had made for himself with Chloe.

When Chloe had disappeared off to the bathroom, Dan, half expecting Lucifer to have followed her like a lost puppy with the way he had been all morning, took his opportunity. Lucifer was spinning around in a chair playing a game on his phone when Dan stopped the chair and pulled the phone from Lucifers hand

“Okay, what is going on with you?” Dan demanded.

“Daniel, whatever do you mean?” Lucifer replied, grabbing for his phone. For a celestial being, the actual devil, he could behave exactly like a child.

“You have been behaving very strange, not your normal enigmatic weirdness, different weirdness, what have you done? Cause I know what Chloe looks like when she is pissed off, I know when a guy is whipped.”

“Oh! Daniel, well we haven’t tried the whips yet but she did get me an amazing gift,” Lucifer stands and starts unfastening his belt and trousers, Dan is frozen to the spot in shock.

“Lucifer! What the hell are you doing.” Chloe’s voice cuts through and Dan makes himself scarce.


After a flask of whiskey and his third cup of coffee, Lucifer needs to pee. He heads to the men’s room, unzips his fly, and then realises, the cage. “Fuck!”

He looks at the lock. It’s a simple human lock, no reason he couldn’t use his skills to unlock it and then put it back on and relock it after he was done. The Detective would never know, he thinks to himself, unless she asks me directly. He takes a moment “Damn!” he mutters, rezips his trousers and goes to a cubicle instead.


Lucifer pulls open the door to leave the bathroom but is met with Dan’s hand pushing him back inside the Men’s Room.

“Okay, Chloe isn’t here, spill, what happened with you two?” Dan demands.

“Oh Dan, like I said, she got me an amazing gift, we have been playing a game and it’s perfect,” Lucifer again unzips his trousers, trying to show Dan the shining silver metal that is wrapped around him. “She really doesn’t like people touching her things. Did she ever get you one?”

Dan tries to cover his eyes.

“Dan, I thought you wanted to know? I mean she does so love to own me, but this was quite the surprise this morning.”

Even though Dan had slapped his hand over his eyes, he had still seen. Dan squeaked out “You mean, nope, nuh uh, I’m not thinking about that. Okay, well good that things are going so well for you.” Dan finished and bolted out the door.

Lucifer said into the empty bathroom, “Okay, good talk.” re-zipped his trousers and returned to Chloe’s desk.


Chloe had wondered what was taking Lucifer so long, she knew this would happen and she wanted him tempted. There was a reason why she had chosen that device and that particular lock. It wasn’t often one got to tempt the devil, unless their name was Chloe Decker of course, and boy did she enjoy that type of turnabout.

If she was honest, she wasn’t sure which she found hotter, the idea of “punishing” him if he had decided to slip out or the intoxicating sensation of power if he had remained within his bonds like she had demanded, for which she could “reward” him.

“What took you so long?” She demanded, more abruptly than necessary, playing into the role just a little.

“Well Detective, I just went to the Men’s room, then Dan wanted to have a chat. Don’t worry, as much as I’m sure you want to, there is no need to chastise me.” He paused, “any further” he added with a smirk.

“So, everything is still secure in lock-up.” Chloe replied with mischief in her eyes.

“Indeed, Detective.” He replied.

“Pity” she muttered under her breath.


The day was winding down, Chloe had told Lucifer to head off, although he didn’t want to leave her, even for the short time until she joined him at the penthouse for the evening. Some of his desire was in the fact that there was a certain sensation he was going to lose when he left, when his invulnerability reasserted itself, but he was trying to play “good devil” today.

As he headed towards the stairs, he saw Dan at his desk. Lucifer stopped and instead of leaving decided to go thank Dan for taking care of the spawn tonight and for his concern about Chloe. Dan looked up as Lucifer stepped in front of his desk.

“No!” he exclaimed

“No?” Lucifer replied confused.

“No Lucifer, I swear to God if you try to unzip your fly one more time, I am going to tell you every single detail of sex with your mum!” Dan practically shouted, “I don’t want to know, I don’t want to see! Please, just take your tailored pants and the ass in them away from me!”

People were looking now, officers giving surreptitious glances, while Chloe was just staring at them.

Looks like it will be “punishment” tonight after all. She thought to herself.