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Frights and Revelations

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October was Lucifer's favorite month of the year. It had what he considered to be the best holiday, Halloween. He wasn't one to celebrate Valentine's Day as he didn't believe in love. Christmas always reminded him too much of home. 

The holiday was practically invented with him in mind. He was the Prince of Darkness after all. There was something to be said about eating copious amounts of sugar and dressing up. He would be lying if he said the idea of being alone you wanted for a day wasn't appealing to him. Then, there was Lux's annual costume party. 

He never grew tired of the endless amount of people who packed Lux every year, all dressed in outrageous costumes. Of course, the ladies and their costumes were his favorite part. There were a few men who caught Lucifer's eye from year to year as he was one to bat for both teams. This year, it didn't sound as intriguing as usual. He knew the reason was because of the Detective. She changed him for the better. 

Perhaps he should invite her this year. It would be good for them to have some normalcy after her finding out about him being the Devil. He was surprised it took her so long. She was a detective after all! Besides, it's not like he didn't tell her what he was for the past three years. 

He pondered this as he pulled up to the crime scene in his Corvette. Taking in the house before him, he couldn't help but consider it quite a place to commit a murder. If he was correct, the house before him was the Sumter house. It was rumored to be the most haunted house in all of L.A. After parking, he made his way over to where Miss Lopez and the detective were already inspecting the body. 

"Good morning Detective and Miss Lopez. I imagine not so much for our victim here, I'm afraid," Lucifer quipped. 

"So, what do we have Ella?" Chloe asked, ignoring Lucifer's comment. 

"Vic is a white male, mid twenties. Our victim's name is Jonathan Sumter. I'd put time of death between 1 and 3 AM. Cause of death is multiple stab wounds to the chest. That's not the crazy part though. You guys won't believe what this guy was killed with," Ella replied, pointing to the multiple stab wounds. 

Lucifer examined the body before noticing a stake on the ground. It was a wooden stake stained red with blood.

"A wooden stake? Wait Miss Lopez, did you say the victim's last name is Sumter?"

"Yup, talk about a way to go and that is definitely his last name. Plus, I noticed something odd about the body while I was examining it." 

"Something weirder than death by wooden stake?" Chloe asked. 

"Take a look at this," Ella offered as she opened the victim's mouth with gloved hands. "Check out the front teeth." 

Chloe leaned down to look at the body and couldn't have been more surprised at what she saw before her. Then again, her partner was the Devil so she really shouldn't be surprised at anything anymore. 

"They're fangs?" Chloe replied, in shock.

"Detective, pardon me for interrupting but are you telling me our victim was a vampire?"

"You're the Devil. Is it really that far fetched? Besides, we won't know for sure until we know everything. Now, I'm going to talk to the victim's girlfriend and see what she knows," Chloe said.

"Vampires? Next she'll tell me that ghosts are real," Lucifer scoffed.

"Hate to burst your bubble but ghosts are totally real!" Ella exclaimed, looking up from the body. 

In all the millennia that Lucifer had been alive, he had never heard anything more ridiculous in his life. However, seeing as it was Miss Lopez, he would try to keep an open mind. 

"What do you mean Miss Lopez?"

"Listen, when I was a kid, I was in a car accident. I saw this ghost and I've been able to talk to her ever since. She told me her name is Rae Rae." 

"Wait, she said her name was Rae Rae? And you met her after you were in a car accident?"

"Yeah, why?" 

"It just reminded me of something. Say why don't you stop by the penthouse later? That way we can discuss this ghost of yours," Lucifer offered.

"Of course Luce! So glad to have someone believe me for once!" Ella exclaimed. 

The two of them were interrupted by Chloe returning from talking to the victim's girlfriend. Talk about terrible timing. 

"Believe about what?"

"That ghosts exist. I was telling Miss Lopez that ghosts don't exist and she informed me of a ghost she saw as a child. So, did we find anything out from our victim's girlfriend?" 

"Yes, she said our victim worked as a volunteer for a haunted house in this house to be exact. He was working late last night which is consistent with Ella's time of death," Chloe explained.

"I'll have a more accurate time of death once we get the body back to the lab." 

"Who holds a haunted house in an actual haunted house? Talk about a bloody cliche," Lucifer scoffed.

Sometimes Chloe swore that her partner was a twelve year old trapped in an immortal body. Needless to say, it was one of his more endearing qualities to say the least. 

"What do you mean Lucifer?" Chloe sighed. 

"This is the Sumter house. It's rumored to be home to the ghosts of the Sumter family. It was said that they were murdered by the father in the middle of the night with a wooden stake. Quite gruesome really," Lucifer explained. 

"Wait, a wooden stake?"

"Yeah why?"

"If our victim was killed the same way as the Sumter family, perhaps the two murders are connected somehow. Plus I find it odd that he has the same last name as them," Chloe offered. 

"Brilliant Detective! We should get back to the precinct. Miss Lopez, we should meet later to continue our discussion."

Chloe shook her head at this, clearly confused. She'd ask further but sometimes it was better to just let Lucifer be Lucifer.


Later at the precinct, Chloe was sitting at her desk. She was currently combing through old case files. She couldn't help but think about what Lucifer had said about the Sumter house. It was a shot in the dark but it was a start. 

She kept digging until she finally found the Sumter file. She opened the file only to find out that everything that Lucifer said was true. 

The file described that the Sumter family had been killed by the husband with a wooden stake over fifteen years ago. The family consisted of the husband, his wife, and three children. What was odd is that only three bodies were found at the scene of the crime. The police had found the bodies of the wife and two of the children. The husband had pleaded innocent, on reason of insanity. He claimed that he was just trying to protect the town from what they really were, vampires. No one believed him. 

He was later arrested and sentenced to life in prison. No one ever found the youngest child however. The police tried talking to the husband but he claimed that he had no idea where he could be. The youngest had been a ten year old son named Jonathan. 

Chloe was interrupted in her reading by Ella coming up to her desk.

"Decker, I ran DNA and prints on our victim. Turns out our victim is the same Jonathan Sumter that went missing fifteen years ago."

"Wait the Jonathan Sumter from the Sumter case?"

"The exact same one!"

"If our victim is the missing kid from the Sumter case, then these two cases must be connected somehow. We just need to figure out how and that should lead us to the killer. Hopefully we can figure out the motive from there." 

"Excellent Decker! I have to go run more tests on our vic but I'll let you know what I find out!" Ella exclaimed.

Ella ran off to the lab, leaving Chloe alone with her case files. It didn't last long as Lucifer strode up, holding two bags of Cool Ranch Puffs. 

"Any update on the case Detective?"

"It turns out our victim is the missing kid from the Sumter case. He was the sole survivor of that murder. Now we just need to figure out how else the cases are connected. Hopefully that will lead us to the killer and the motive." 

"Excellent! On that note, will you come to Lux's annual Halloween party tomorrow evening?"

"I don't know Lucifer. Halloween can be pretty busy around here." 

"Oh c'mon, live a little Detective. I have no doubt you'll be trick or treating with your offspring. Just swing by Lux afterwards. Also, costumes are mandatory," Lucifer replied.

"I will consider it," Chloe said.