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To Thaw the Frost

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High on Changming mountain, fresh snow fell in large tufts of white, blanketing the ground of the night. It gave the illusion of peace. 

But that illusion was shattered by a loud crash, followed by scuffling, swearing, and then another crash. 

Lord Seventh and the Great Shaman had left the mountain days before, driven away by two occupants’ incessant fighting and crashing. And really, who could blame them? The two bickered like children all day and half of the night, tusselling and rolling around on the ground, trying to get the better of each other. Despite the two being very talented martial-arts masters, they resorted to cheap tricks and underhanded tactics to win against each other, setting a distinctly bad example for their impressionable disciple. Not that either of them cared, particularly not at this hour in the evening. Chengling had long since retreated to his own room to escape their noise and rough-housing.

Within the bedroom the two men shared, Wen Kexing managed to gain the upper hand and pinned Zhou Zishu to the ground by the wrists, straddling his hips to keep him there. Both of them panted and a sheen of sweat stood out on their foreheads. Even though one of them was pinned and the other free, both wore smirks as they stared at each other, sizing up their opponent. And Wen Kexing wasn’t foolish enough to think their fight was over just yet.

Still, who would he be if he didn’t at least try to wheedle his way into his soulmate’s pants?

“This fighting is foolish,” he said. He expected a snort, sneer, or a rolling of eyes from Zhou Zishu. But what he got instead was a laugh, high and clear. It made him blink, taken aback. It appeared that Zhou Zishu was in a more playful mood than normal.

Taking advantage of his surprise, the former assassin surged up and turned both of them head over heels, until Wen Kexing found himself face-first on the ground, left cheek pressed firmly against the cool wood of the floor. It felt almost nice against his warm skin. Zhou Zishu had both his hands twisted up behind his back and held in place firmly, leaning down over him. “What’s foolish about it?” asked Zhou Zishu, voice low and far closer to Wen Kexing’s ear than he expected. It made him swallow once, mouth going a little dry and something clenching low in his stomach.

He offered a halfway smirk, trying (and failing) to still look charming and handsome even with his face pressed firmly into the floorboards. “Because we both know how this should -- and will -- end.”

“Do we?” Zhou Zishu’s low voice was even closer to Wen Kexing’s free ear this time. His breath stirred the hair around his ear, brushing across his face. It made an already-warm Wen Kexing flush. Oh Ah-Xu, do you have any idea what you do to me?

“Of course we do,” he continued as if arousal wasn’t already coiling in his stomach. “After all -- you’ve never slept with a man before.”

This was true. Back when Zhou Zishu had still been recovering after his three-month coma, the two had talked about sex. In their own indirect way. It had been a night when Zhou Zishu was in a specific mood, and willing to answer more of Wen Kexing’s questions. They talked about both of their histories (Wen Kexing’s being quite storied and considerable, and Zhou Zishu’s being more utilitarian to seduction and spying, but only with women). It was the first time that Zhou Zishu admitted that he found Wen Kexing attractive, and that had felt like an explosion in his head. Triumph and delight, warring for domination. Honestly, if Zhou Zishu hadn’t still been recovering, Wen Kexing was sure he could’ve seduced him right then and there. But he hadn’t done so, concerned about slowing down his soulmate’s recovery.

But ever since then, the two had been at a stalemate. It appeared that despite his lack of experience, Zhou Zishu wanted to top. And, honestly, it had crossed Wen Kexing’s mind to let him. After all, having his Ah-Xu at all would be better than nothing. But no, that wasn’t Wen Kexing’s style. He knew what he liked, and he knew what he wanted. And what he wanted was Zhou Zishu beneath him, around him. Coming apart at the seams. Taken apart by Wen Kexing. He wanted to own him, possess him -- make him mine.  

And he was nothing if not stubborn. And flirtatious. And seductive. And since he now knew Zhou Zishu wanted him, it was only a matter of time until he gave way.

Still holding him pressed against the floor, Zhou Zishu hummed once, noncommittal. Before Wen Kexing could open his mouth to speak again, he felt Zhou Zishu move closer, then something warm and wet touch his ear. Electricity ran down his spine and he had to suppress a quiet gasp. Zhou Zishu took Wen Kexing’s earlobe between his lips and sucked on it lightly, making the man under him shiver. Then he pulled it further into his mouth and nipped at it lightly with his teeth. Wen Kexing shivered again, the pit of arousal in his stomach tightening sharply. 

He realized he was wrong. Zhou Zishu wasn’t feeling playful -- he was feeling frisky. A jolt of excitement lit up Wen Kexing. This is it. If I play things right, I’ll fuck him tonight.

Unaware of the pinned man’s thoughts, Zhou Zishu migrated down further, planting his lips on Wen Kexing’s neck, right below his ear. Wen Kexing let himself make a low moan as Zhou Zishu ran his tongue over the sensitive spot on his neck. He felt Zhou Zishu’s lips quirk into a smirk and he redoubled, sucking on the skin lightly. Not quite hard enough to leave a mark -- at least not yet. That was okay. Wen Kexing wouldn’t mind bearing marks from Zhou Zishu, but would far prefer leaving them on his soulmate’s pristine skin instead. 

He once again let himself moan, a little louder, trying to get Zhou Zishu to let his guard down. And sure enough, Zhou Zishu’s grip loosened as he bit down on Wen Kexing’s neck, making him take a breathy gasp in surprised pain. 

Wen Kexing wasn’t too aroused to make his move. He yanked himself free and once again surged up, taking a surprised Zhou Zishu with him. They scuffled, both laughing, until Wen Kexing managed to pin his soulmate to the floor again. This time, Zhou Zishu had wrapped both his legs around Wen Kexing’s hips, clearly intending to tussle with him further. But as Wen Kexing pressed him against the ground, once again pinning his hands down at the wrists on either side of his head, Zhou Zishu didn’t move to twist his waist and throw them both back into a fight. He stared up at Wen Kexing, face flushed, breaths coming in short pants, hair splayed out in a dark halo under him. It was a delicious sight. Made even more so by the pressure of Zhou Zishu’s legs around his hips. Whether purposefully or not, he’d aligned the two of them perfectly. Wen Kexing’s arousal sparked and his cock took notice of Zhou Zishu’s, pressed right up against it.

Taking advantage of his positioning, Wen Kexing leaned down and pressed a kiss against the same spot on Zhou Zishu, right below his ear. He, however, did not take as light a touch as his soulmate had. He parted his lips and sucked, hard, determined to leave a mark. Zhou Zishu let out a half-stifled moan and it felt like electricity jolting through Wen Kexing’s veins. He wanted this. Oh, he wanted this so badly.

Once he was satisfied with the blooming bruise on Zhou Zishu’s neck, he moved a little further down. He was delighted to discover that his Ah-Xu was quite sensitive, and had to work hard to suppress little breathy moans and shivers as Wen Kexing went to work making as many marks on his neck as possible. He was even more delighted to discover that the very base of his neck, where it curved into his shoulder, held an especially sensitive spot. As he reached it and started sucking, Zhou Zishu let out a moan he couldn’t suppress, even tilting his head slightly to the side to give Wen Kexing more room. Happily, Wen Kexing dove in deeper, taking a bit of his soulmate’s soft skin between his lips and sucking, hard.

He could feel Zhou Zishu’s arousal as a firmness pressed up against his own, their waists still pinned together. It made Wen Kexing smirk as he lapped his tongue over the purpling bruise on Zhou Zishu’s neck. 

“Ah-Xu,” he breathed, then pressed another kiss against the sensitive spot on Zhou Zishu’s neck, eliciting a delicious shiver from the man under him. 

“Lao Wen.” Zhou Zishu’s voice sounded wrecked already, low and heavy with arousal he couldn’t -- or didn’t want to -- hide. It was exhilarating. He judged it was time to start wheedling again, and he pressed another kiss into Zhou Zishu’s neck.

“Ah-Xu, give yourself to me,” murmured Wen Kexing, lips brushing against Zhou Zishu’s neck. “You don’t yet know the pleasure you can experience sleeping with another man. I, however, am an expert on the subject.” Zhou Zishu was collected enough to scoff at his words and Wen Kexing smirked before once again taking the sensitive skin of his neck between his teeth. Almost immediately, Zhou Zishu’s scoff turned into a gasp and he grit his teeth. “Give yourself to me, Ah-Xu,” murmured Wen Kexing again. “And I’ll give you such pleasure. You’ll have no regrets.”

Zhou Zishu didan’t say anything, and Wen Kexing returned to pressing kisses into his neck, running his tongue over the marks he’d already made. He decided to take a risk and released one of Zhou Zishu’s wrists, using his now-freed hand to play with the front of Zhou Zishu’s robes. He didn’t tak the liberty of starting to undo the robes yet… for all his forward flirting, he didn’t want to push things too far without Zhou Zishu’s permission. The last thing he wanted was to accidentally push his soulmate away by taking liberties. 

Still, his own arousal was getting to the point of desperation. He wasn’t sure what he would do if Zhou Zishu said no at this point -- it would undoubtedly involve some disappointed jerking off. 

Zhou Zishu, however, didn’t say anything at all. He didn’t move his freed hand either, but lay still, letting Wen Kexing kiss at his neck.

Growing bolder, Wen Kexing shifted his weight on his knees, and then purposefully ground his hips down against Zhou Zishu’s. This rewarded him with another delicious gasp, which turned sharply into a moan as he pressed them even more firmly together. He could feel that both he and his Ah-Xu were more than half-hard now, and the friction only helped. His arousal had tightened into a pulsing ball in his gut now. He wanted Zhou Zishu more than he’d ever wanted anyone before. 

He’d continued his diligent work of covering Zhou Zishu’s neck in as many love marks as possible, enjoying the friction of Zhou Zishu under him, aroused as they clearly both were. He was just wondering if he’d be able to climax only on the friction when he felt Zhou Zishu’s fingers tangle through the loose hair at the back of his head, tugging him back.

Wen Kexing only had a split second to be disappointed and wonder if his fun was over. Because the next second, Zhou Zishu dragged him into a dizzying kiss, hard and aggressive like it would be his last. Wen Kexing quickly regained himself and coaxed his soulmate’s lips open, sliding his tongue inside, languid and lazy, intentionally slowing down Zhou Zishu’s assault on his mouth.

As he sucked on Zhou Zishu’s lower lip, Wen Kexing suddenly realized that this was the first time Zhou Zishu had initiated a kiss. Wen Kexing had often stolen kisses from him on their journey together. And even the times that Zhou Zishu had kissed back instead of just pushing him away, it had been relatively brief. But those had been a lot like this -- hard, fast, bordering on violent. Zhou Zishu kissed a lot like he fought -- with precision, hunting for and focusing on weaknesses. Wen Kexing refused to match his desperation, finding it unnecessary. It wasn’t like they were in a rush. And now that Zhou Zishu wasn’t dying, there was no reason for desperation. So he kept his movements languid, forcing Zhou Zishu to slow down and match his pace. 

He slid his tongue along the slick underside of Zhou Zishu’s, enjoying exploring his mouth. He still made little noises of pleasure as the two kissed, and every single one was a delight to Wen Kexing. He wanted to lay Zhou Zishu out and map out every single noise of pleasure he contained, learning him like a musical instrument, and practicing until the two were in perfect harmony.

He also happily continued grinding down into Zhou Zishu’s hips, pressing harder to provide them both with more friction. He was torn between blistering desire to push further and pursue his lust, and languid contentment with Zhou Zishu under him, their tongues tangled together.

When Zhou Zishu once again tugged on his hair, separating their lips for the first time, Wen Kexing surprised himself by making a small whimpering sound of disappointment. But as he opened his eyes, he was rewarded with the sight of Zhou Zishu’s swollen lips, face flushed a bright red, panting, eyes dark with lust. 

“Ah-Xu,” breathed Wen Kexing, voice heavy with arousal.

“Okay,” said Zhou Zishu, his voice sounding just as wrecked as before.

A jolt of elation lit up Wen Kexing from within. I win! He dove back down again, locking their lips together. He released Zhou Zishu’s other wrist and wasted no time in hooking his arms under his soulmate’s body and hauling him up off the ground. Zhou Zishu tightened his legs around Wen Kexing’s hips and wrapped both his arms around Wen Kexing’s shoulders, anchoring himself. 

Keeping their lips locked together, this time matching Zhou Zishu’s open desperation, Wen Kexing carried him over to the bed they shared each night, pressing him down against the mattress. 

Zhou Zishu relaxed, letting his legs fall away from Wen Kexing’s hips. Electricity jolted up Wen Kexing’s spine as he felt his soulmate’s fingers start to work at the front of his robes. Somehow it didn’t seem real, even though he knew Zhou Zishu had agreed. It felt like a dream, or a fantasy. And yet, he knew it wasn’t -- because he found his own fingers trembling like those of a maiden on her wedding night as he brought them to the ties of Zhou Zishu’s robes. 

Still, he wouldn’t let nerves stop him from enjoying this. No, not when what he’d wanted so badly was finally within his reach. 

He made quick work of the first two layers of robes and peeled them off, taking a quick pause as Zhou Zishu pushed his red robes off his shoulders, leaving them both only in their under-robes and trousers. 

Wen Kexing tamped down on his nerves and shoved them aside, breaking their kiss and moving down to Zhou Zishu’s neck again. He felt the man under him sigh, and stretch out, shifting his neck to the side to give Wen Kexing access to the side that didn’t yet have any markings. Wen Kexing smirked as he lapped his tongue across the pristine skin, nipping and sucking his way down slowly, tantalizingly. He loosened the collar of Zhou Zishu’s robes enough to give him access to his collar bones and laved his tongue across those as well, stopping in the center, where he could feel Zhou Zishu’s hammering heart. 

He took his time with the ties of Zhou Zishu’s last robe, then ran his fingers down along the two sections, brushing his fingertips across the warm skin of Zhou Zishu’s chest as he opened the last piece of clothing and let the two overlapping sections fall open and to the side. He still sucked marks onto Zhou Zishu’s collarbones, and he felt his soulmate reach up and run his fingers through Wen Kexing’s hair. He let out a mix between a low sigh and a moan as Wen Kexing nipped playfully at him.

“Lao Wen,” breathed Zhou Zishu, voice still heavy with arousal and desire, “hurry up.”

Wen Kexing laughed against his skin, already pleasantly mottled with purple markings. “Patience,” he murmured, rolling his hips against Zhou Zishu’s, grinding their erections together in a way that drew a noise that sounded suspiciously like a whimper out of Zhou Zishu. “My Ah-Xu gave himself to me. Let me savor it.”

Zhou Zishu opened his mouth to respond -- undoubtedly with some degree of snark -- but Wen Kexing rolled his hips again and whatever he was going to say came out as a strangled-sounding moan instead. 

Wen Kexing grinned, pleased with himself, and shifted his weight, then started kissing and licking his way down Zhou Zishu’s chest. He felt his soulmate’s breath flutter and catch as his tongue ran across the first of the firm, red marks left behind by the nails, on his left shoulder. Wen Kexing took his time, kissing across his chest and over to the opposite scar. Zhou Zishu drew in a sharp breath as he ran his tongue over the second scar. 

“Beautiful,” murmured Wen Kexing. He meant the compliment sincerely -- ever since the nails were removed from his meridians, Zhou Zishu had started gaining weight back. By now he looked much less skeletal than he had before. It made Wen Kexing less anxious to see that his ribs weren’t showing through his skin anymore.

He continued down Zhou Zishu’s chest, determined to kiss each and every mark. He wasn’t sure what Zhou Zishu felt when his lips touched each firm, red, little piece of scar tissue. But whatever it was made him arch his back a little and twist his fingers through the blankets on the bed. As Wen Kexing kissed scars three, four, and five, he let out a low moan, chest heaving. On the sixth, the moan twisted into something harsher. And as Wen Kexing reached the seventh, down toward his stomach, he positively whined, back arching. He freed one of his hands from their death-grip on the blankets and once again ran his fingers through Wen Kexing’s hair.

As Wen Kexing continued down further, kissing across his firm abdominal muscles, the fingers in his hair tightened sharply. “Lao Wen.”

Wen Kexing hummed and dipped his tongue lazily into Zhou Zishu’s navel. “What is it, Ah-Xu?” he murmured, brushing his lips purposefully over the skin under Zhou Zishu’s navel, moving closer and closer to the waistband of his trousers. He was already eyeing the tented fabric there, where Zhou Zishu’s cock strained against the clothing. 

“Are you stalling?” asked Zhou Zishu, rolling his hips up slightly, trying to get some friction.

Wen Kexing laughed against his skin, running his palms down the sides of Zhou Zishu’s hips. “Savoring, Ah-Xu. Savoring.” 

“I’m not a -- ah!” Whatever Zhou Zishu was about to say was cut off by a punched-out gasp as Wen Kexing moved down further, mouthing along the fabric surrounding Zhou Zishu’s cock. Zhou Zishu panted as Wen Kexing repeated the motion, pressing the tented fabric in, teasing, tracing the shape. He was playing his own game, trying to guess what his Ah-Xu looked like under the fabric. But then Zhou Zishu’s fingers tightened even further through his hair, yanking it painfully tight.

“Do you want begging?” panted Zhou Zishu, voice even more wrecked than before. “Is that what you want? Do you want me to beg?”

That was a delicious thought that made Wen Kexing’s already-hard cock twitch. But no, that wasn’t what he wanted -- at least not this time. He’d save that mental image for later. 

For now, he hooked his fingers under the waist of Zhou Zishu’s trousers, dragging them down, allowing his cock to spring free. It was lovelier than he imagined, comparable in size to his own, already leaking precum from the tip. “So pretty, Ah-Xu,” he said appreciatively, looking his fill as he dragged Zhou Zishu’s trousers the rest of the way off, leaving him bare in bed, on top of a pile of robes.

Zhou Zishu tugged on Wen Kexing’s hair. “Flatterer.”

Wen Kexing quirked a smirk, then darted his tongue out, licking across the tip. Zhou Zishu’s back arched and he let out an uncontrollable moan, rolling his hips up. Wen Kexing anticipated that reaction and seized his hips, holding him firmly down on the bed as he ran his tongue around the head again. Zhou Zishu made a strangled noise, which changed to almost a sob as Wen Kexing took the throbbing member into his mouth for the first time.

Zhou Zishu once again tried to roll his hips, but Wen Kexing’s iron grip turned hard enough to bruise, still holding him down on the bed as he curled his tongue around the shaft in his mouth and bobbed down on it once, then twice, slowly. He felt Zhou Zishu’s other hand join the first, curling through his hair, taking a firm grip. He felt the pin holding his hair back loosen and fall out, but Zhou Zishu’s grip kept the hair from falling into his face as he once again took Zhou Zishu deep into his mouth.

For some reason, Wen Kexing was under the impression that Zhou Zishu would be restrained and quiet in bed. He was apparently wrong. As he took Zhou Zishu even deeper, sucking and swallowing, his soulmate let out a moan loud enough to wake the dead. Whether he was naturally like this, or driven to it by Wen Kexing’s slow teasing, he did not know. But he looked forward to finding out in the future.

Wen Kexing threw his teasing out the window and sucked on Zhou Zishu harder and harder, taking his cock deep into his throat without gagging. He felt Zhou Zishu’s hands jerk at his hair until his eyes watered, still making loud, unrestrained noises. He kept his eyes on his soulmate’s face, which was flushed red and looked back at him, eyes wide. “Lao Wen -- wait --” panted Zhou Zishu, voice broken and shaking. “I’m going to --”

That was precisely what Wen Kexing was waiting for. He dove in with even more gusto, taking Zhou Zishu in as deep as he was capable and swallowing around him. Zhou Zishu’s back arched as he came, spilling into Wen Kexing’s mouth. Eagerly, he lapped up every drop, swallowing it down and watching his Ah-Xu’s face as he came down, enjoying the show. Oh, he really was beautiful.

He pulled off Zhou Zishu’s softening cock and wiped his lips, crawling up his body to grin smugly at Zhou Zishu, who was still staring at him blankly, eyes slightly unfocused. “Why did you… do that?” he managed after a moment, eyes starting to focus again. His voice was soft and lazy, still breathy as he regained himself after his orgasm.

“Because I wanted to see your face,” grinned Wen Kexing, then leaned in and pressed a quick kiss against Zhou Zishu’s lips. He hummed.

“I thought you wanted to fuck me,” responded Zhou Zishu, still breathless.

Wen Kexing’s grin widened. “Oh, I intend to.” He ran a hand down over Zhou Zishu’s abdomen to rest over his soft cock. Zhou Zishu sucked a breath between his teeth, then examined Wen Kexing with narrowed eyes.

“You’re very confident you can make me come again,” he observed, eyes narrowing further.

Wen Kexing allowed his grin to shift to a smirk as he kneaded at Zhou Zishu’s cock. He made a small whining noise, a little overstimulated, so Wen Kexing stilled, running his hands off to play with the skin around the sensitive area, taking his time. He knew what he was doing. “Oh I will,” he said, speaking with a low voice. “In fact, I’ll do it more than once.”

Zhou Zishu cocked up an eyebrow, looking at Wen Kexing challengingly. It made the hardness between Wen Kexing’s legs ache. “Is that a bet?”

Wen Kexing grinned. “Why not? I bet that I can make you come two more times tonight. If I win, the next time we do this, you have to give yourself to me again.”

“And if you lose?”

“Then next time you can have me, instead.”

Zhou Zishu played at considering a moment, but his dark eyes betrayed his thoughts. Soon enough, he nodded. “Fine. It’s a bet.”

Wen Kexing grinned. It was pretty much a win-win, either way. But he wasn’t going to lose. 

While he continued tracing circles on the skin around Zhou Zishu’s cock, his soulmate reached over and loosened the tie of Wen Kexing’s inner robes. “You’re wearing too many clothes.”

Wen Kexing grinned again, but allowed Zhou Zishu to undo his robes, then tug off his trousers. Now bare, he settled back next to Zhou Zishu. He hooked one leg over his soulmate’s left one, settling his achingly hard cock against Zhou Zishu’s thigh. 

The former assassin raised an eyebrow and glanced down. “Aren’t you going to…?”

“In due time,” purred Wen Kexing, then slid his hand down between Zhou Zishu’s legs, stroking at the skin behind his balls with a light touch. He kept his eyes on the man’s face, watching his eyes darken slightly as his fingers explored lower. He couldn’t help rolling his hips, seeking a little more pressure and friction. Zhou Zishu’s cock twitched and Wen Kexing felt himself smirk again.

He sat up and Zhou Zishu glanced at him questioningly. But then his gaze darkened with arousal as he saw Wen Kexing produce a small jar of oil from the sleeve of his discarded robe. With practiced motions, Wen Kexing coated the fingers of his left hand in the oil then leaned over Zhou Zishu again, capturing his lips in a deep kiss, licking his mouth open, resting his weight on his right hand. With his left he traced back across the warm, soft skin between Zhou Zishu’s cheeks until he found what he was looking for. As he encountered the puckered hole, he felt Zhou Zishu clench up in surprise, whole body tensing and his breath stuttering as their kiss continued. Wen Kexing hummed a laugh into his lips and circled his fingers gently, massaging. Slowly, he felt Zhou Zishu’s muscles loosen again as he relaxed into it.

Likewise, he noticed Zhou Zishu’s cock twitch again, already taking an interest in their doings. And you thought you wanted to top, he thought with great irony.

Once he judged that Zhou Zishu was relaxed enough, he pressed his first finger in, just an inch at first. He felt Zhou Zishu’s breath stutter, but he didn’t tense up again. Wen Kexing continued kissing him deeply as he worked the rest of his first finger in, already imagining what that tight heat would feel like around his cock. He could hardly wait. But he would, because he had a bet to win.

He continued pumping his finger in and out until he judged Zhou Zishu was loose enough, then started to work in another finger. Zhou Zishu’s breath caught and he bit down lightly on Wen Kexing’s tongue in his mouth. 

Once both fingers went in easily, Wen Kexing sat back a little, parting their lips. He was satisfied to discover that Zhou Zishu was flushed red again, and his cock was more than half-hard once again, twitching. “How do my fingers feel?” he asked, voice low and silky.

Zhou Zishu bit down on his lower lip as Wen Kexing added a third finger. “It feels -- weird,” he said, sounding a little breathless again.

Wen Kexing cocked an eyebrow and curled his fingers expertly. With precision, he pressed them against the sensitive bundle of nerves inside his soulmate.  Zhou Zishu’s eyes widened and his back arched up off the bed with a surprised, loud, wanton moan. His cock was back at attention now, bobbing around his abdomen. 

“Does it still feel weird?” teased Wen Kexing, but he once again angled his fingers to hit the same spot, not allowing Zhou Zishu the breath to answer.

He moaned and bucked his hips. “Lao Wen --!” he whined, eyes snapping shut.

Wen Kexing didn’t think he’d ever get tired of hearing Zhou Zishu call him like that -- voice wracked with desire, desperate with pleasure. It was better than choirs singing in harmony. He still stroked the spot inside of his soulmate, dragging repeated moans and gasps out of the man below him, eyes fixed on his beautiful face. He wanted to imprint every expression, every sound, every sensation on his soul. He didn’t think there was anything better than watching Zhou Zishu come apart this way, usual snarky composure entirely lost. 

Once he judged Zhou Zishu was close enough, he reached down and took hold of him, stroking his cock up and down in quick motions. He quite liked the weight of it in his hand, still a little slick from spit and spend. Zhou Zishu’s eyes flew wide open, mouth opening, but no sound coming out. As Wen Kexing continued to stroke him, both outside and in, his mouth worked as though he were trying to say -- or moan -- something, but still he made no sound except gasps and pants. 

“Come for me again, Ah-Xu,” crooned Wen Kexing, voice low, eyes still fixed on his soulmate’s face. He watched as Zhou Zishu panted in time with his motions, then stiffened. His eyes shut again as his back arched, and this time he made a sound. It was a delicious moan of “Lao Wen!” almost unintelligible around the noises of pleasure that tumbled out of his mouth as he once again climaxed, his spend coating Wen Kexing’s hand. 

Feeling distinctly pleased with himself, Wen Kexing stilled, keeping his fingers inside Zhou Zishu, but drawing his other hand away. Zhou Zishu seemed overcome from the experience, eyes still shut, breathing hitching as aftershocks still rocked him. Wen Kexing quickly wiped his hand clean on his own discarded under robe, then settled back, once again hooking one leg around one of Zhou Zishu’s and rolling his hips against his thigh. He kept his three fingers where they were, but immobile, simply resting and waiting.

For his part, he leaned on his elbow, simply watching Zhou Zishu regain himself. He couldn’t help feeling smug as Zhou Zishu kept his eyes shut, letting out a long, languid, contented sigh. It appeared it took him longer to return to himself this time, which only made Wen Kexing more smug.

Before he even opened his eye, Zhou Zishu’s hand found its way up Wen Kexing, fingers brushing across the skin of his bicep and shoulder. Wen Kexing couldn’t help the ticklish shiver that drew out of him. Zhou Zishu’s hand found its way up to cup Wen Kexing’s cheek, and the next thing he knew, Zhou Zishu had levered himself up on one elbow and leaned in, capturing his lips again in a heart-stopping kiss. His movements were softer and lazier than before, and he slipped his tongue between Wen Kexing’s lips contentedly.

With his fingers still buried inside Zhou Zishu, and his soulmate’s tongue firmly in his mouth, there was nowhere Wen Kexing would rather be. He kissed back, tangling their tongues together, a glow of warmth filling him from within. Sex had never felt like this before.

Only after Zhou Zishu’s tongue felt at home in Wen Kexing’s mouth did he finally pull back slightly. Zhou Zishu pressed their foreheads together, breathing ragged. The casual intimacy of that touch made Wen Kexing’s heart swell.

Still, he hadn’t lost sight of the bet. He shifted his fingers and Zhou Zishu looked at Wen Kexing through his long, dark eyelashes. The look held a challenge. “You can’t do it again,” he murmured, voice completely ragged.

Wen Kexing smirked. “I should think, by now, you’d know not to underestimate me.” With that, he pressed a kiss against Zhou Zishu’s cheek, and at the same time curled his fingers again. The whimpering gasp that escaped him was delightful.

Wen Kexing kept his movements slow and languid, not wanting to push his partner too far into overstimulation. Slowly and carefully, he stroked at the bundle of nerves again, until Zhou Zishu couldn’t support himself on his elbow and fell back against the bed with a soft whine. 

Wen Kexing leaned over him and pressed his lips against Zhou Zishu’s forehead. Still working his fingers in and out slowly, Wen Kexing followed by pressing his lips lightly against both of Zhou Zishu’s eyelids, watching the lashes flutter. He kissed the tip of his nose, then each of his cheeks, down to the tip of his chin. Then he pressed a soft kiss against his lips again. It was really incredible how every part of Zhou Zishu was so beautiful. 

Still, he kept his mind on his goal. And even now, after everything, Zhou Zishu was half-hard once again. “So eager, Ah-Xu,” he breathed, reaching down to cup his cock again. Zhou Zishu whined, then looked at Wen Kexing with eyes full of dark desire.

“Are you ever going to fuck me?” he demanded, voice cracking.

Wen Kexing grinned. “So impatient.” But he sat back, drawing his fingers out of Zhou Zishu for the first time. That wrested a sad, half-desperate noise out of Zhou Zishu. But Wen Kexing settled down between his parted legs. He picked up the jar of oil again and carefully slicked himself, then hauled Zhou Zishu’s hips onto his legs, providing more of an angle. 

Their eyes met for a brief moment, Zhou Zishu’s dancing with desire and something like curiosity. Wen Kexing could hardly contain himself, he’d wanted Zhou Zishu so badly for so long. But then he pressed in, Zhou Zishu’s breath caught, and it seemed like time almost came to a stop. All that mattered was this moment -- the oneness, the silky tightness that Wen Kexing pressed into, the way Zhou Zishu threw his head back and arched his back. Nothing else in the world mattered. 

Wen Kexing was no amateur when it came to sex. But he found himself fighting to keep his composure as he pressed into Zhou Zishu, inch by delicious inch. He couldn’t stop himself from panting, grip tightening around his soulmate’s hips. Oh, this was so much better than he’d imagined.

People always said that there was nothing like sex with someone you truly loved. Well, annoying, happy, married people said that. And though he’d never believed it, as Wen Kexing made it all the way in, almost blinded by the pleasure and intimacy of it, he suddenly realized what they meant. It was a good thing he never intended to sleep with anyone other than his Ah-Xu again, because nothing would ever compare to this anyway.

Despite his challenge earlier, Zhou Zishu was now fully hard again, cock quivering and leaking as he panted. Wen Kexing waited until he regained himself a little and his eyes flickered open before he started to slide back slowly, still reveling in the silky warmth that surrounded him. Zhou Zishu’s breaths stuttered as he panted, and Wen Kexing smirked, then flicked his hips in, driving himself all the way inside in one sharp motion.

Once again Zhou Zishu’s back arched off the bed, his hands seizing the pile of robes under him roughly. “So pretty.” He drew back and flicked his hips again and the noise Zhou Zishu made was almost a wail. “Mine, Ah-Xu. Mine.” He half expected Zhou Zishu to argue or protest, but he simply made a humming noise of agreement, too overcome to manage anything else. It made the warmth in Wen Kexing’s chest bloom even brighter.

He leaned forward, pressing his hands down on either side of Zhou Zishu’s body, then set a swift pace, rolling his hips forward and back. Carefully, expertly, he drove himself into the spot within Zhou Zishu that made him arch, wriggle, and moan so loudly it even made Wen Kexing flush.

He continued at his relentless pace, panting himself, already sweaty. Their skin slapped together, and Wen Kexing set his rhythm fast, but not too fast. He wasn’t quite done savoring yet.

Zhou Zishu’s hands suddenly darted up from the robes and tangled through Wen Kexing’s hair, then dragged him down into another dizzying kiss. Zhou Zishu kissed him as if to claim every part of him, full of desperation. Wen Kexing let himself surrender to the moment, still rolling his hips back and forward, driving them both toward their inevitable climax. As he felt his own build, he reached down and stroked at Zhou Zishu’s cock again, making him whine and mewl, noises muffled by Wen Kexing’s lips.

Zhou Zishu’s whole body tensed up again and his breathing caught. He bit down on Wen Kexing’s lip hard enough to draw blood and his back arched. As he came for a third time, the clenching of his body, as well as the raw noises of pleasure he made were enough to hurl Wen Kexing into his own climax. Everything flashed white and he was vaguely aware of himself calling out his Ah-Xu’s name. Then the next thing he knew, he’d collapsed down on top of Zhou Zishu, both of them panting heavily. 

All his limbs shook, and he found himself quite overcome, unable to move himself from where he pressed Zhou Zishu into the bed. He couldn’t quite keep his eyes open yet and closed them again. Before he could regain himself or think to roll off, he felt a pair of warm arms wrap around his shoulders, pressing them yet more firmly together. A pair of lips pressed against his forehead, and the movement was so tender and soft it made Wen Kexing choke up, just a little.

“Ah-Xu,” he breathed.

Zhou Zishu hummed under him.

“You lost.”

A short hitch of a laugh, half-hidden, was the only response he got. He let himself lay there, basking in the warmth for a moment. But then he found himself starting to nod off and forced himself to sit up.

Zhou Zishu made a grumbling noise, his eyes shut. One of his hands caught Wen Kexing’s wrist. “My Ah-Xhu is so sweet,” he murmured, amused. “But we need to clean ourselves up before we sleep.”

Zhou Zishu didn’t open his eyes as he snorted. “You do it. I can’t move.”

That was only fair, after the pleasure Wen Kexing heaped on him that evening. Still, he was glad Zhou Zishu kept his eyes shut. The trembling in his legs as he stood would’ve been embarrassing, elsewise. He fished out the pile of dirtied robes from under Zhou Zishu -- accompanied by many grumbling noises of displeasure -- then used them to wipe the spend up from both of their stomachs. He even cleaned between Zhou Zishu’s legs, which he was allowed to do without protest or embarrassment. 

Then, he bundled up the robes and tossed them away. Zhou Zishu’s eyes cracked open and he reached out, grabbing at Wen Kexing’s wrist. Obediently, Wen Kexing allowed himself to be pulled back into bed and manhandled into Zhou Zishu’s preferred position. That was, apparently, wrapped up in Zhou Zishu’s arms, cheek pressed into his soulmate’s neck, their legs entangled, bare skin pressed together. Zhou Zishu’s eyes drifted shut again and Wen Kexing fished around until he could find the quilt, then hauled it up over them both.

Zhou Zishu made a sleepy noise and Wen Kexing laughed quietly. “Well, did you enjoy that? Do you still want to be on top after?”

Zhou Zishu laughed quietly. “Doesn’t matter. I lost the bet anyway,” he said, voice heavy with exhaustion. Wen Kexing was about to open his mouth and tease him when he felt Zhou Zishu press another soft kiss into his forehead. “Lao Wen, your husband is tired. Let me sleep.”

The warm glow from earlier returned and Wen Kexing couldn’t stop himself from saying, “Ah-Xu, I love you.”

Zhou Zishu paused, arms tightening around Wen Kexing for a moment. Immediately, Wen Kexing regretted saying it. He hadn’t meant to. It slipped out before he could think better of it. It was true, of course, but he had meant to say it jokingly, or teasingly. Not with open sincerity and vulnerability in his voice. He wished he could stuff the words back into his mouth.

But then he felt the soft press of lips against his forehead, one last time. “And I, you,” murmured Zhou Zishu’s soft, sleepy voice.

And as Wen Kexing settled into his arms and closed his eyes, warmth blooming in his chest again, he didn’t think it was possible for him to be happier.