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Wrong Remote

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It was a normal day, or as normal a day as one could expect. Wake up, go to classes, go to work, go to other work, go home, eat, pass out. It was a normal day, or that was what he thought.

Dean was trying something new. It was part of a strategy to become more comfortable with, well, the things that were uncomfortable. See, Dean knew that he was bi. He'd been with plenty of girls, and a few guys. But the problem was, with guys they were both usually drunk and it was just awkward exchanging handjobs or blowjobs. But Dean wanted more. He knew what he wanted and he knew how to ask for it. Although, there were a few things he had to do first. He knew he wanted to try anal, but he wanted to try it himself first to make sure that he liked it. He'd rather skip an awkward encounter, thank you very much.

So he tried his fingers a few times and it was a bit weird, but he didn't lose hope. That was when Dean decided to do some online shopping. He found a cute, small-ish butt plug that vibrated. It was perfect. He ordered and it arrived a few days later. Now, it's been a day since it arrived. Dean was going to wear his plug today. He hadn't opened it yet, but he had plenty of time before his first class. He opened up the box and pulled out the plug. He put in the one battery that it called for and and looked for the on button. He wanted to see how loud it would be before he put it in. But there was no button.

Then the panic ensued. It vibrated, how the fuck could there not be an on button? He fiddled around with it for a bit before deciding to check the box for instructions. Before he found the paper with instructions, he found a small remote. Confused, he pressed the first button, and the vibrator in his hand came to life. That was a shock, and he may or may not have dropped it. Eventually, after reading all of the instructions he calmed down and was ready to start the day. He put some lube on the plug and inserted it. It took him a moment to get comfortable, but he was confident that it wouldn't fall out due to the base.

So Dean got dressed and went to class. He was on his toes because of how it felt when he sat down and he loved it. The thrill of being caught was exhilarating. But then came his time for his work. He worked as a TA for one of his favorite professor's from a few years ago. "Hello, Dean." greeted Professor Novak, when he walked into the classroom early. His deep voice sent chills down Dean's spine. So what, Dean had a crush on his teacher. Okay, maybe it was a different kind of problem now that he wasn't technically Dean's teacher. They were colleagues, or more like he was Dean's boss. Their relationship was complicated.

“Good morning.” Dean replied. He tried not to let his voice shake. “How are you?” Professor Novak, Or Castiel as he insisted to Dean, asked. “I, uh, I’m actually not feeling too great.” Dean lied. He was feeling fine, but the plug was stressing him out, and he didn’t want to embarrass himself. “I’m sorry to hear that. Is there anything I can do?” Castiel asked, concern present in his face. “No it’s fine, thanks. Is it cool if I just sit in your office and mark for the class?” Dean asked, hoping he wouldn’t have to interact with anyone. “Of course, Dean.” Castiel said with a kind smile.

Dean sighed in relief. He smiled back and walked over to the office. He sat down awkwardly and reached over for the stack of papers to mark. He reached into his bag for a pen but couldn’t find one. Fuck. He knew Castiel had plenty, but also he didn’t like people touching his stuff. Dean emptied the contents of his pockets, dumping them out onto the desk, hoping to find a pen somewhere. Thankfully, among the pile of things from his pockets, there was a pen. He settled into the chair, smiling to himself as he felt the plug nudging him. He heard the faint sound of students piling into the classroom.

When Dean had just started grading the second paper, Castiel awkwardly walked into the office. Dean looked up. “Everything okay?” He asked. “Yes, of course.” Castiel said, but lingered there. “Do you need something.” Dean asked, confused. “Well, you know I don’t really like the new electronic board they installed.” Castiel started. Dean laughed to himself. It was adorable how he always had Dean control the board and slides. He didn’t like new technology, it confused him. Understandably so, but still quite funny.

“Yeah, I know. Sorry I can’t help today.” Dean said, feeling a bit guilty. “Oh, it’s no trouble. I just-I can’t find the control for the board, and the students are becoming restless. You know how they are.” Castiel said. He loved teaching, but the amount of students could become overwhelming. “Oh yeah, I think I saw it somewhere over here.” Dean said. He rummaged around the mess on the desk and found the remote for the board. “Thank you, Dean.” Castiel said, taking the remote, fingers brushing softly, and closing the door to the office.


Castiel returned to class, board control in hand. His computer was already connected, but he wanted to be able to move around and interact, instead of sitting by his computer, pressing the button to change slides. Castiel began the class with normal introductions. When his lecture began, he had to remember that Dean wasn’t there and he had to change the slide. He pressed the first button on the control. The slide stayed the same.

”Apologies for the delay.” He said awkwardly. He pressed the next button but the slide still stayed the same. He started to get worried. The students began to chatter amongst themselves. He pressed all the buttons, in order. Nothing happened. Maybe it needed a new battery? He wasn’t really sure how it worked. “I’ll just be a moment.” He told the class, as he went to go ask Dean about the problem. He went over to his office and opened the door. His eyes immediately opened wide in shock.


After Castiel left to go teach, Dean continued to grade the students’ papers. He heard Castiel’s familiar voice reach the office as he started the introductions. He tuned out the voice and continued to work, slipping into his work zone. He almost jumped out of his chair when he felt the first vibrations. He managed to stifle his yelp. What the fuck, that wasn’t supposed to happen, Dean thought to himself. It couldn’t just turn on like that, it didn’t have a button. It didn’t have a button! Fuck! The remote!

Dean felt around in all of his pockets, before remembering that he had emptied them out onto the desk. Finally, he found the remote. But, it was the remote for the board. But, he had given Castiel the remote for the board. Then it hit him, Cas had the remote for his vibrator. Cas turned his vibrator on. Before he could even think about how to proceed, the vibrator turned up even higher.

He started shaking and had to sit down. That only made it worse. He shuffled in his seat, but that only gave the plug a better angle. He was getting hard. He had a vibrating plug in his ass. In his hot professor’s office. His professor was controlling the vibrator. Dean didn’t know what to do. Should he go and tell Cas? When did he start calling him Cas? Should he take it out? What if someone comes in and sees him taking a vibrating plug out of his ass? Fuck.

While he was contemplating what to do about his predicament, the vibrator increased again. He had to bite his hand to hold back a moan. Fuck, it felt so good. He rubbed himself through his pants. Shit, was he gonna come in his pants right there? He gripped himself at the base of his cock to try and hold back. Then, the vibrations went to the highest setting. He couldn’t hold back a whimper. It felt so good. He wanted to come so badly. He wanted Cas to be the one to make him come.

Just as he was thinking that, Cas himself walked into the office. How had Dean not heard him walking over? It didn’t matter anymore, he was so close. The vibrations were at the highest setting, his hand rubbing over his cock, and Cas wide-eyed and staring at him. He came with a soft whimper, hot come filling his pants, the overstimulating vibrations continuing to make him shake. He only let out a soft whimper, but Cas knew.

They stayed there staring at each other for a moment more, before Cas walked out and closed the door behind him. Fuck, that wasn’t a good sign. But Dean was in his post-orgasm haze, and the plug was still vibrating, starting to make him hard again. He heard the loud, deep voice of Castiel saying “Class dismissed.” followed by students exiting the room, and footsteps heading back towards the office.

What if it was a student? Dean couldn’t be caught in a compromising position like that. He hurriedly collected his things, wrapping a jacket around his waist, covering his crotch, and stood up to leave. Then, Castiel walked in. “Where the hell do you think you’re going?” he hissed at Dean. “I-I was just going to…” Dean stuttered. “Could I have my remote back, please?” he asked, voice soft, almost begging. “Oh, you mean this?” Cas asked, holding Dean’s remote in his hand. Dean nodded.

“I don’t think so.” Cas said with a smirk. Dean whined. “But here, I’ll make it a little better for you.” he said, and pressed the second button, turning the vibrations down by a few degrees. “Thank you.” Dean whispered, head looking down, refusing to make eye contact. “Look at me, boy.” said Cas, tilting Dean’s chin up. Dean blushed. “You like me looking at you?” Cas asked, partly a genuine question, and partly teasing. Dean nodded. Cas stepped forward and Dean took a step back. This continued until Dean was up against the desk. “Up on the desk.” Cas said, and Dean immediately complied.

As Dean sat on the desk, Cas got closer, stepping in between Dean’s legs, opening them up. Cas brought his thumb up to Dean’s face, tracing his lips. Dean brought it into his mouth and sucked on it. He noticed Cas closing his eyes, trying to keep composed. Dean smiled to himself. He stared up at Cas when he opened his eyes. Cas pulled his thumb out of Dean’s mouth and kissed him. Dean kissed back.

Cas pushed the things cluttering the desk onto the floor, and gently pushed Dean to lay down on the desk, settling comfortably above him. When their lips broke apart, Dean whimpered “Please.” Cas smiled at him, and softly rubbed one of his hands over Dean’s crotch, and Dean bucked his hips up. He stared up at Cas, silently begging for more.

Cas unbuckled Dean’s jeans and gently tugged them down, pulling his boxers down with them. “Ah, here it is.” Cas said when he finally saw the plug Dean was wearing. He tapped it slightly and Dean whimpered. He gently pulled it out, then pushed it back in again. Dean tried to move with it to get more, but Cas kept his hips down.

He eventually pulled the plug out, and replaced it with his own fingers, checking to see how much prep Dean would need. He opened easily after having worn the plug for hours. Once Cas had three fingers moving easily, and had Dean begging for him, he finally unzipped his pants. He didn’t even take them off, just opened the zipper, taking out his hard cock. He contemplated letting Dean suck him, it would be quite a beautiful sight, but he knew what they both needed.

They both moaned loudly when Cas finally pressed the tip of his cock in. With all of the lube, and Dean’s come, there was no stretch. When Cas had finally bottomed out, he set a slow pace, enjoying the soft sounds coming from Dean. It was all so much. The heat around his cock, the beautiful man in front of him, taking everything he was getting. So Cas lifted him up.

Dean got with the program and wrapped his legs around Cas’ waist. Cas pulled him in to kiss him, and walked them both over to the wall. Dean’s back was comfortably against the wall when Cas resumed thrusting into him. They loved being able to see each other, how their bodies moved together, how their faces looked in pleasure. “Feels so good, Cas.” Dean mumbled.

Fuck, Cas didn’t know how he didn’t come right there and then. “I’m gonna…” Cas trailed off, so lost in his pleasure. “Me too.” whispered Dean, Cas’ thrusts hitting his prostate, his cock rubbing against his and Cas’ stomachs. “I want you to come in me.” said Dean. “Yes, yes, yes.” Cas said, almost at the edge. “I want to feel you come, I want you to put the plug in after, to keep it there.” Dean said, at that point his words barely coherent.

“Fuck, yes, yes.” Cas said. “I’m coming.” Dean said, voice wobbly, as his come covered his and Cas’ chests. He clenched hard against Cas as he came, and Cas came inside him just moments later, with a very loud moan, which Dean would remember for years to come.

They stayed there for a few minutes, in silence, wrapped around each other, Dean still against the wall. Eventually, Cas pulled out, and gently helped Dean to his feet, both of them somewhat shaky. “I’m sorry if I-” Cas started, but Dean cut him off with a kiss. “Okay.” Cas said with a smile. “Okay.” Dean smiled back.