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Tease me through the night

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Findekáno stared at Maitimo with wide eyes and his mouth hanging open, speechless for a moment over the contraption of metal and leather that his husband held out to him.“No.”
It was funny, really, how, when it came to their sex life, Findekáno always managed to let his objections sound like the most enthusiastic approval.

“You’ll love it, I promise.” Maitimo threw the harness on the bed, for now, to wrap his arms around his husband’s half-naked shape, bending down to kiss those sweet, pillowy lips. He didn’t have a lot of time for persuasion.

The High King of these realms was expected to be on time for his duties, whether his secret husband had come to visit him, after almost three months without any real contact, or not. But Maitimo thought he could get away with a little bit of fun before they’d have to leave. And spending his day then seeing his lover squirm on his throne as inconspicuous as possible while he cursed his husband in their bond, for what was probably the hundredth time at this point? Big plus.

“I will make it up to you,” he promised because Findekáno still didn’t look completely convinced. But when Maitimo reached down to grab his firm, round ass through the flimsy fabric of his breeches, there was the smallest moan in the back of his throat.
“Tonight, when we get back from the feast, you can do with me whatever you want …”

A dangerous glint lit Findekáno’s almost black eyes, a fine brow slowly wandered up his forehead, and Maitimo got a feeling, he had just signed his own doom. Again. “Everything?”

Maitimo nodded lightly because this was Findekáno and not the torturers in the Dark Lord’s fortress that had torn apart Maitimo’s body and soul a thousand times and put it back together in a way that would never really fit again. This was his husband, the elf he loved and trusted with all of his heart. The one he lusted for in spite of the horrors that had left his body a scarred mess. And if that sometimes meant Findekáno putting all kinds of things up his backside or fucking his throat until Maitimo couldn’t talk the next day - sometimes both, at the same time -, well, then Maitimo usually only came even harder at the end of the night.

But first, it was his husband’s turn to suffer a little. “We still have more than an hour. Get those stupid clothes off and kneel down on the bed,” he growled when Findekáno nodded, still a little hesitatingly. “Legs spread, arms behind your back.”

Findekáno did so eagerly because once he’d decided to go with something that Maitimo wanted, he always enjoyed it a great deal. Enough for his not too long but very thick cock to stand alert already when he’d taken the desired pose, his flawless dark skin shining in the morning light falling through the window, faint drops of salt glistening on his chest.

Maitimo told him so and then crouched down in front of him to wrap his lips around his husband’s cock, leaving him panting and trembling within seconds. When he could be sure that Findekáno was turned on enough to not forget him for the rest of the day, Maitimo reached for the harness and closed the first of the metal rings behind Findekáno’s slightly swollen balls, effectively staving off any orgasm for the time being.
The next few rings he slipped over his husband’s hard length, keeping it casually in place with the use of his lips around its head, his maimed arm wrapped around Findekáno’s thighs to hold him still while his husband sighed and writhed but said no protest, for now.
The last ring had a hook at the front, with a thin leather strap threaded through it that Maitimo used to gently pull his lover’s throbbing length up against his stomach. Then he wrapped the improvised belt around Findekáno’s waist, closing the buckle in the front with his good hand and his teeth, something he’d inevitably become very good at.
“See?” He backed away enough to admire his work with heated eyes, the way Findekáno’s cock was straining against the restriction that kept it pressed to his body in vain. Small beads of white collected at the head that Maitimo licked away with a groan of enjoyment.
There was another part of that harness that he hadn’t shown his lover yet, but before he would, he would have him, mark him, make certain that Findekáno would indeed be thinking about him all day.
“You wear a nice, wide robe and tunic, and no one in the audience or at dinner will know how desperate you are for me, my sweet King. Now, why don’t you get on your knees and elbows? I can’t leave the room like this either.” He emphasized his words by stroking his own aching length, chuckling when Findekáno licked his lips yearningly.
“Not now. Turn around, my love. Don’t make me ask again.”

He got an idea why Findekáno had maybe been hesitant about presenting himself like this for a moment when he saw his husband’s hole glistening with oil and more than a little swollen. “Looks like you’ve been having some naughty thoughts about my arrival last night … Did you use the big one, my love? The one that I gave you?”

“Wanted to be ready for you,” Findekáno breathed, his arousal bigger than his slight embarrassment. Then he actually wriggled his ass at Maitimo, throwing back a seductive glance over his shoulder, and really, it would have taken a bigger elf than Maitimo to resist that.

Thanks to his lover stretching himself open with a phallus that almost resembled his own significant length, he could enter him almost without resistance, impaling Findekáno on his length with a loud moan. His hand buried in his lover’s braids, he started fucking into him hard and fast, all that frustration and waiting of the last few months turning into red heat in his groin so that it didn’t take long at all before he spilled his seed deep in his lover’s guts.

Findekáno mewled a little and thrust his hips into thin air in frustration when Maitimo pulled out, very aware that he wouldn’t be allowed to come anytime soon.
The whine turned into a turned-on noise of surprise when Maitimo got the huge metal toy out from a robe of his tunic that he’d brought and easily slipped it into him, keeping Maitimo’s seed inside. “Fuck …”

“Later, my love,” Maitimo purred comfortably. Then he pulled the two straps between his teeth that were threaded through another hook at the broad base of that toy. One of them went between his husband’s legs on his front where it would rub along his cock and balls teasingly all day, the other parted his sweet cheeks like an exquisite piece of clothing. Then Maitimo wrapped them both around Findekáno’s waist as well before closing them.
While Findekáno was still busy throwing insults at his head and writhing against him, trying in vain to scoot away from Maitimo’s longer, stronger legs around his, he reached for the last item in his tunic and pulled his lover up against his chest, murmuring soothing words in his ear.
“Remember, everything you want, tonight.” It was hard, not letting his own excitement grow again immediately when he threaded the small lock he had brought through matching metal loops in those leather straps, right next to his husband’s trapped length, and closed it. Which meant, his lover couldn’t just get rid of his new plug or that evil little cage so easily.

“But for the rest of the day, my love, you’re all mine.”




“You’ve been so good for me, Finno,” Maitimo purred into his husband’s ear, maybe a little too loudly because they’ve both had a lot of wine at the feast. But the hallway was completely empty, and it was honestly only the icy glance that Findekáno threw him that kept him from shoving his lover against the next wall and taking him right there and then.
Unfortunately, Findekáno’s unusual silence and the pout on his beautiful lips reminded him of their arrangement from the morning, and Maitimo was getting an idea that whatever would happen once they reached Findekáno’s chambers, it would definitely not him, being in control.

Only they weren’t even headed for the King’s private chambers, he realized, in confusion after the next turn. In fact, Findekáno was leading them to the throne room for some reason.
Was there another diplomatic meeting that Maitimo had forgotten about? Somehow, he doubted it.
After their very interesting meeting at dawn, Maitimo had spent teasing his husband a little - well, a little more, admittedly - Well, if you had had even a vague idea what was going on, it had been very intriguing, watching his husband scramble for words in their trade negotiations all day. Findekáno’s beautiful dark skin was still covered in just the faintest sheen of sweat and his body was heated, conspicuous enough for his servants to bring him one glass of water after the other earlier, voicing concerns about the need for a healer that Findekáno had only very barely been able to soothe.
Maitimo actually admired his husband’s iron self-control. It had taken a real keen eye fixated on his slender hips to see how he had shifted his weight on his chair, again and again, Only the filthy curses he’d been throwing at Maitimo via their wedding bond all day had been an indication of how turned on and desperate he’d really been.
No, Maitimo seriously had to doubt, his lover had anything even remotely resembling work on his mind right now.
And yet here they were, walking down the long aisle between marble columns towards the three stairs leading up to a lavish, softly cushioned chair of silver and blue that Findekáno had already had to spend half his day on. Still, he was greeting all the guards and servants scattered in the various corners of the hall with a welcoming smile, ever until they finally reached their destination and Findekáno took his rightful place once more, not even flinching for a second, while Maitimo stood slightly awkwardly a few feet apart.
“Leave us. All of you. Make sure we are not being disturbed. This is a private matter.” In spite of the slightly raspy nuance, Findekáno’s stern voice left no doubt about the order …

And suddenly, Maitimo’s stomach dropped while simultaneously he went from slightly turned on to instantly hard within seconds.

Findekáno was nice enough to wait until the silver double doors had closed behind even the last of the extremely curious-looking members of his court. Only then did he snap his fingers at Maitimo very unambiguously and nodded sharply at the ground.

It was all the invitation he needed to kneel right in front of the stairs, right in front of his husband, with his legs spread and his arms crossed behind his back. The heat started to throb in his veins, wiping from his soul in what was only one or two breaths all the fears and worries about this constant state of war they were living in. Along with all the memories of situations like this not too long ago, in a far darker, fouler place, that had only ever ended with limitless pain and humiliation.
None of that mattered when Maitimo decided to submit to his husband, to the elf he loved and worshiped, to the one who would never hurt him in any way he didn’t want him to. “My King.”

“Key.” Findekáno was still sounding a lot harsher than usual, but Maitimo‘s willing submission had left his cheeks even more flushed, and his baggy robe could hardly hide the straining hardness at his front at this point.

Instead of handing the desired item from a pocket of his tunic right over that would free his husband of his little torment, Maitimo took it between his lips and blinked at his husband wholly innocently, his head slightly tilted.

An expression Findekáno could almost never resist. “Fine, but hurry,” he grumbled, shifting his weight on the chair once more, with a little grimace he’d not been able to allow himself earlier.
“Uh-uh.” He pointed one finger at Maitimo before he could make a move to get up. “You stay on your knees until I tell you otherwise. You have embarrassed your King enough for one day, Lord Nelyafinwë. It’s time you show me how well you can serve me.”

“Anything my King wants,” Maitimo breathed, the key held between his teeth muffling his words, but he meant them all.
The high leather boots he had chosen for today’s duties protected his knees from the cold marble as he followed the impatient gesture of Findekáno’s hand. He put the spit-slick key down on one armrest, then used his teeth and his good hand to bunch up his husband’s robe and tunic, and to undo the laces of his too-tight breeches, so that he could pull them down.

By the time, he finally had his lover naked enough and picked up that key again, Findekáno was breathing heavily, his reddened cock swollen badly inside the five metal rings constricting it, his balls just as cruelly trapped by the thicker ring behind them, his hole twitching around the metal plug. A treacherous groan came from his lips when Maitimo threaded the key into the lock that he’d used to keep his husband from taking all this off only with his lips and tongue. Maitimo’s hot, quick breathing left goose-flesh on his loins and new beads of white on the head of his tortured cock.

Maitimo somehow held back from licking them away because he had not been given permission to do so and freed his lover with brief but gentle movements from the harness, putting it down on the floor unceremoniously. For today, it had fulfilled its purpose.
“What other duty would my King have me do?”

Findekáno was still shaking from the touch on far too many oversensitive body parts, and Valar, he was so hard; it made Maitimo’s mouth water, but that was obviously not what his husband has in mind. “Hold still and keep your mouth shut,” was all he said, and at least his beautiful voice was sounding a little softer now.
But he didn’t give in to any of Maitimo’s yearning glances or greedy sighs when he started touching himself. He stroked his aching length harshly and quickly, no longer in any mood to wait, and then he was coming, long stripes shooting from the thick head of his cock right onto Maitimo’s face and hair, onto his throat, painting his dark-blue tunic white. Marking him like Maitimo had marked his husband earlier with his own seed that was leaking from his swollen hole even while he comes for what feels like minutes.

Maitimo gave a little sob of frustration, and his cock jumped untouched in his breeches in protest but otherwise, he stayed completely still and silent like he’d been asked to. Surrounded by his lover’s sweet taste, the remains of it running over his lips and chin and throat, he wanted nothing more than to stretch out his tongue and taste his lover at least, but he knew better than to displease his King even more today.

Findekáno seemed to like his obedience because he nodded at him graciously and petted his messy hair with a trembling hand before tucking himself in, covering all that flawless skin and bulging muscles up again, much to Maitimo’s disappointment.
He wondered if his lover would make him walk back to his bedroom like this, covered in his seed with not a chance to hide it. It would be kind of counterproductive for the secrecy of their marriage, but right now, in this mood, there was not much he would put behind Findekáno.
But his husband was obviously not through with him yet. He leaned back on his chair a lot more comfortably than before and ordered Maitimo to pull down his pants and undergarments and then bend over his knees.

Maitimo had no words. For a moment, everything in him screamed no, because there was no way they could risk anyone walking in on them while Findekáno was spanking his ass like some parents who didn’t know better maybe would do it with an insolent child. But his husband didn’t look like he was about to accept any objection - unless he would be able to feel in their bond that Maitimo was actually serious about it, of course -, so Maitimo didn’t really have a choice but to share Findekáno’s trust in his peoples’ discretion.

His head was an interesting shade of red even before he’d taken the humiliating position, bracing himself against the cold floor with his good hand. Findekáno’s admonishing slap to the inside of his thigh had him spread his legs as far as the restrictions of his pants allowed it. At least his husband was finally touching him, even if this was not exactly how Maitimo had expected this night to go.

“That’s so much better,” Findekáno purred, and against his side, Maitimo could feel his husband’s cock start to harden again already. “I brought a little something for you. Got it from my chambers in one of our meeting breaks …” He started to rummage in one of the pockets of his multi-layered, thick robe, and just by the weight of that thing alone that was pulling down the piece of clothing on this side, Maitimo suspected that whatever his lover was about to pull out would make the further proceedings a lot more demanding.
“Actually, I wanted to give it to you tomorrow. I meant to have a nice, romantic night with you today, sucking you off in the bathtub, maybe, and then you could have had me … You wouldn’t even have to ask. But you had to to be a brat.” Another slap hit Maitimo’s left asscheek, and he winced because that one had hurt. “If you’re insisting on acting like a brat, then I’ll have to treat you like one.” He put the toy down on the armrest exactly in Maitimo’s view, and Maitimo’s breath hitched in his throat.
It was big and had the weirdest, most intriguing shape he’d ever seen on a device made for such use. Its tip was thin enough but it flared quickly, in a form that resembled a tongue, almost, and the part right before its base was so thick, it almost matched Findekáno’s fist.
Maitimo hadn’t realized he had started to wriggle his hips against his husband’s legs before a slap hit his other cheek, both sides burning equally now, not unlike the heat throbbing in his loins that was betraying his slight anxiety.

“Finno …”

“Hush.” Two more slaps, right where the first one had hit, and Maitimo whined quietly, rutting his rock-hard cock against his husband’s leg, only for Findekáno to spread his thighs further, so that the only resistance left was the smooth cushion of the chair. “None of that. It’s up to you how uncomfortable you’re going to sit tomorrow. For every word I hear from your lips, you’ll get ten more slaps. Think you can be good for me now, my love?”

Maitimo shuddered and nodded and nestled his sweat-covered face against the outside of the chair. He wanted to be so very good for his husband. He wanted to make him happy and aroused and come with Maitimo’s name on his lips so badly. He could deal with a little discomfort for that.
Findekáno had brought oil, too, of course, and with enough of it spread on Maitimo’s heated cheeks and his twitching hole, the tip of that phallus slipped into him easily enough. Maitimo groaned, his legs shaking, his hand firmly grabbing one of the throne legs as his cock filled, even more, spreading precum all over that precious fabric, and he faintly wondered who would be the poor guy to clean up this mess tomorrow. Not a thought he could dwell on for very long, because the wooden toy went deeper, the broad shape of the artificial tongue stretching him open gently enough, especially thanks to his husband oiling his hole again and again, tenderly massaging the tender skin with his fingertips until Maitimo could finally feel the tip tease his inner walls, almost touching his most sensitive point … but not quite.
Please …” It came from his lips before he’d even thought about it, and he was pretty sure to hear his husband chuckle both in arousal and amusement.

“Begging already, mîl? And you didn’t even take the biggest part yet …”

Maitimo yelped because he had almost forgotten about that, only to be rewarded with the first of his punishment slaps. He promptly tightened up so badly around the toy that he would almost have come from that alone if it hadn’t been for Findekáno’s quick, tight grip around his balls. Not surprised but still miserable, he struggled against the rough surface of the chair when he could feel one of his husband's golden ribbons being wrapped around his balls next, and another around the base of his cock. He probably deserved that after today but it was still a maddening sensation that didn’t exactly help him to keep quiet.

“Now, let’s try this again.” Findekáno hummed, almost casually safe for his throbbing, rock-hard erection that Maitimo could feel against his flesh, and grabbed the shallow, wide base of the toy again, slowly starting to push it deeper.

For a moment, Maitimo was convinced there was no way he could take this, that he would have to ask his lover to stop, to take it out because it was just too much. His hand was grabbing the armrest so tightly, he could swear he actually heard it crack a little …
But then Findekáno slapped him again, right below his buttocks, and he yelled and tensed up, only for his muscles to release afterward and allow the rest of the toy to slip into him. He screamed out again, this time in nothing but lust, arching up on his husband’s lap while his King rained down the rest of his punishment on his unprotected cheeks. The impact made him tighten up, fuck himself on that delicious curve right against his prostate, again and again, until the chair was slick from his pre-cum and he lay against his husband’s body trembling all over, trying in vain to catch his breath.

“So beautiful …” Findekáno bent down to kiss one of the bruises on his ass, and Maitimo whimpered feebly. “Maybe later. On your knees, mîl. You’ve wanted to taste me before, didn’t you? You’ve been a very good boy. You deserve a treat.”

Maitimo bit back an exhausted groan, knowing only too well how much of a torture it would be, being back in that position, with his ass stuffed so full and his cock bound too tightly to even think about coming. But his husband said he was being good, and he wanted to do even better.
So he obeyed and crouched over Findekáno’s lap again with a low moan, pulling open the laces of his husband’s breeches with his teeth a second time tonight. He purred, aroused beyond belief and completely satisfied with the emptiness and heaviness in his mind when Findekáno buried his hands in his hair and pulled him down onto his cock in one go, happily swallowing around his husband and stretching his tongue to lick over his over-sensitive balls.

“See? I knew you would be a perfect servant.” Findekáno tenderly caressed his neck as he thrust up into him, losing himself quickly to another approaching orgasm. “If you can pull yourself together enough to make it to our chambers with your new toy in, I might even let you come later. Sounds good?”

All Maitimo could do was nod, but he did it very enthusiastically.