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“Dawon, you can’t expect her to want to talk to you,” Yeonjung spoke truthfully. “Your fight wasn’t...amazing, to say the least. It’s been awkward between everyone for days now and you know that.”

The blue-haired girl sighed at the words, looking away from her friend and rather staring at the ground. “I didn’t mean to hurt her.”

“I know, but you did, Won. And it’s not wrong of her for trying to avoid any more of that.”

“She’s everything,” Dawon sighed, looking over to Luda, who was getting her finishing touches done for their Unnatural showcase. She was beautiful, and even more so in that dress. “Luda is everything.”

“She’s your girl, of course she is. Give her the time she needs, okay? And a good ass apology.”

Luda’s eyes met Dawon’s from across the room for a brief second, but the slightly older girl quickly looked away, turning to talk to Soobin, who was beside her.

It stung to be away from Luda for so long, but Dawon had too much respect for her to question it for a second. She was frustrated, but she knew Luda had every right to be upset.

The argument was idiotic, and completely avoidable, but Dawon somehow messed that up. She and her girlfriend argued about their hectic schedules, especially when solo or unit activities were in the picture, and it led to regretful words from both parties. Unfortunately, Dawon overstepped by suggesting that their time was so constrained that it wasn’t worth the struggle, therefore hurting Luda, who hadn’t said a word since. It broke her heart to even remember the way Luda’s features changed that night to express sadness as opposed to the anger they had before.

Their comeback was what forced them to interact occasionally, but the exchanges were very minimal and hardly meant anything. Stolen glances at Luda is what Dawon focused most of her time on, but it was hard that way, and she wasn’t sure how long she’d be able to put up with it.

“Yo, Dawon, the showcase is starting,” Eunseo called for her friend from across the room, snapping her back into reality. All of the girls looked her way, Luda included. They were all standing by the door, holding it open and waiting for their main vocalist, who quickly nodded, jogging over to them.

“Sorry,” she apologized quietly, making it past the majority of them to Eunseo’s side. They made it backstage, where one by one they were called for pictures, beginning the usual process.

They performed and answered questions, and although Dawon tried to play it cool, she couldn’t stop thinking about Luda. She knew Luda couldn’t stop thinking about her either. Stealing glances, it only made sense that occasionally they’d do so at the same time, getting lost in one another’s eyes.

The showcase lasted over an hour, and in order to monitor the performances, many of the girls stayed by the camera, but Dawon couldn’t focus at all. She was back in the dressing room on her own, but was surprised that in the small amount of time she hadn’t paid attention to Luda, that the smaller girl thought of it before her.

There stood Dawon’s beautiful girlfriend in front of one of the mirrors, hands on the desk while she looked down to them. Dawon was practically frozen behind her, admiring her through the mirror without so much as a word.

“You’re staring again, Woni,” Luda’s voice was quiet. She glanced up to meet Dawon’s eyes through the reflection.

Dawon smiled sadly, nodding. “It’s hard not to. You’re quite the sight.”

“ are too.”

Luda turned around, facing Dawon, while slightly leaning against the desk behind her. She sighed quietly.

“You’re an idiot, you know that?”

The taller girl nodded. “I do.”

“Good. Idiot,” Luda repeated, shaking her head. “Saying that our schedules are too busy and letting it get to the point that you said it was too busy to go through the trouble of being with me. You’re an absolute idiot, Dawon, and that’s why we haven’t spoken for almost a week now, and I’ve been so angry at you this whole time.”

“I know,” Dawon nodded, listening to her girlfriend’s words without reacting at all, and rather silently acknowledging her faults. Luda was scolding her, but relatively calmly, which is what confused her the most.

“I wish I’d dated someone with more brain cells,” Luda huffed. “You’re an idiot, and what makes it worse is that you’re an incredibly hot idiot, and I can’t stop looking at you every chance that I get despite the fact that I’m supposed to be mad at you and hold this grudge until you apologize. Why are you so hot?”

Dawon tried to fight the laugh that she desperately wanted to release, biting onto her bottom lip and clasping her hands together while looking down. She couldn’t meet Luda’s eyes when the conversation took such a comedic turn.

“I wanted to give you space,” she said. “I wanted to respect that you needed time alone before I apologized, which is why I haven’t yet. I’m sorry.”

“Of course you did,” Luda sighed. “You’re always respectful, which is why I don’t know how you slipped up so badly and became my hot idiot that distracts me during comeback showcases.”


“No, don’t say anything, I’m thinking.”

The smaller girl rubbed her temples while an amused Dawon watched her, smiling softly at how impossibly in love she was. “Okay.”

Luda eventually spoke, her tone no longer laced with frustration. “I lost my train of thought, I just know I can’t do this anymore, I’m tired of constantly wanting you, and honestly...I’m so tired of talking.”

She stepped forward and kissed Dawon, roughly and almost desperately, as if she was starving for the taller one’s lips. Dawon processed it immediately, reciprocating the kiss and pushing Luda against the desk, trapping the smaller one between her arms. Luda used her own hands to push herself onto it, sitting on top of the desk and continuing to make out with Dawon, who was just as hungry for her.

Luda let her hands touch Dawon’s arms and exposed abdomen, their kiss becoming sloppy due to being so consumed by one another. The younger one’s hands were roaming Luda’s thighs, which were on either side of her waist, breathlessly getting all she could of her stunning girlfriend. She placed kisses along Luda’s jaw, making it to her neck which the shorter one gave her immediate access to by tilting her head up. Fingers running through Dawon’s hair, Luda’s mouth opened in pleasure, pressing her girlfriend’s head against her neck as though to ask for more—to which Dawon complied.

Of course, when it escalated too much, the taller one was able to stop, both of them panting heavily. Dawon was looking up at Luda, her arms placed on either side of her girlfriend’s waist on the desk. Luda lifted a hand to cup Dawon’s cheek for a softer, slower kiss, which was more full of love than anything. Luda’s small face fit so perfectly with Dawon’s bigger one as their lips danced together, not missing a single beat. They separated softly to look into one another’s eyes.

“Your hot idiot loves you more than anything,” Dawon rasped, smiling softly. “I’m so sorry for what I said about us...I was just under pressure and I let the stress get to me. I don’t care how hectic my life gets, I just know that I always want you in it. As my girlfriend and as my best friend.”

“As your girlfriend? Does this mean we’ll never get married?”

Dawon chuckled. “I don’t know, Lee Luda, do you want to change your last name?”

They tried to hold in their laughter, but failed miserably, smiling, and kissing again.

“You’re forgiven. After I get cuddles, of course,” Luda pouted, making Dawon smile.

“Sounds like a good deal to me.”

She reconnected their lips, but it wasn’t too long lasting, especially not as the door opened behind them.

“Lud- oh my God!” Bona immediately stopped talking, while the rest of the girls stared in shock. Dawon quickly pulled away, hands up in innocence, although it didn’t mean much as the lipstick stains on Luda’s neck, on top of the mess around their lips, made the situation a little obvious.


Exy shielded Dayoung’s eyes with one of her hands and Yeoreum’s with the other, while Yeonjung looked around, before doing it for herself.

Dawon blushed, hugging Luda and hiding away in their embrace. It was quiet for a while, everyone trying to process what they’d seen.

“Well, does this at least mean it won’t be awkward anymore?” Seola focused on the bright side, breaking the silence.

“Mom, I’m traumatized,” Yeoreum said shakily.

Dayoung quickly nodded. “Kick her out of Chocome.”

Luda rolled her eyes, her head now against Dawon’s chest, while the taller one looked away, holding her tightly.

“They’re all idiots.”

“Is everyone an idiot to you?” Dawon whispered back. Luda smiled, intertwining their fingers and nodding.

“Mhm. But you’re my favorite one.”

Dawon smiled, kissing Luda’s head. She’d never been so in love.