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Heaven Official's Kitchen

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"Welcome to the newly created cooking show "Heaven Official's Kitchen"!!!" bellowed out the charming voice of famous cook and actor Pei Ming. 

Beside him, the other two hosts stood firm and imposing. Ling Wen, the renowned writer and food critic, had a sort of permanent weariness to her eyes even as she smiled, "Joining us today will be our very first contestants, who will battle each other in a series of gruelling cook-offs."

After her line, a few seconds of silence passed before Pei Ming started nudging Shi Wudu. Shi Wudu was a top model in award-winning magazines, he scoffed begrudgingly before putting on that million dollar smirk that held a somewhat devious and solid feeling to it.

"So without further ado, let's welcome our challengers!"

1. Xie Lian & Hua Cheng

Into the kitchen walked a slim man in fully white clothing and a warm smile resting upon his delicate lips, alongside him was a taller man clad in a striking red, his smirk and entire disposition contrasting with the man next to him.

"Hi, I'm Xie Lian! So happy to be here, I'll try my best to make dishes that warm your soul!" said the delicate man in white, his words spoken fluently and flawlessly.

The one next to him simply looked into the camera with a mischievous grin, "Hua Cheng. I'm just here to support my husband in his cooking career, you'll all do the same too, right?"

Xie Lian gave Hua Cheng a fondly incredulous look and shook his head, "Hua Cheng has always given me advice and helped me out with cooking. He's part of the reason I even signed up for this competition! I really owe it all to him—"

Before he was able to continue, Shi Wudu spoke up, "Alright, alright. We've heard enough, let's move on to the next pair."

Pei Ming had on an amused smirk but when Shi Wudu stopped them he pouted, "It was just getting to the good part…"

Ling Wen just huffed a small laugh, covering her mouth as she did so, "I'm sure Shi-xiong is just impatient to see his little brother."

Pei Ming laughed and all was merry again.

The first pair stood off to the side and the next pair entered. 

2. Nan Feng & Fu Yao

The two young men were seen clawing at each other along the way up until they made it to the centre. They wore equally disgusted and pissed off glares on their individually handsome faces.

The one who spoke first had graceful and pretty features, his sharp brows and long lashes would make him look almost princely if he weren't rolling his eyes, "I'm Fu Yao, I came as my master, Mu Qing of the Xuan Zhen cookery, requested me to gain experience and to show my cooking skills to true masters."

The other had deep and thick brows and eyes that shone with determination despite his seemingly permanent frown, "I'm Nan Feng, I was also sent by my master, Feng Xin. I will do my utmost to prove my worth to the cookery of Nan Yang."

Fu Yao rolled his eyes again, before smirking, "Don't you mean Ju Yang?"

Nan Feng glared harshly, "Why don't you go wash some dishes?"

The two were about to start yelling at each other and no one was intercepting so Xie Lian decided to take the leap, "Okay, okay, guys. Calm down! Let's just move on to the next group."

They seemed to still want to hiss and bark at each other but after staring at Xie Ljan for a few moments, actually decided to back off.

The next two were let in and Xie Lian who had just breathed a sigh of relief was now gasping in shock.

3. Qi Rong & Guzi

"Q-Q-Qi Rong?? What are you doing here??"

The man had bright green eyes which were complemented by his green and black ensemble and when he grinned it seemed more canines than anything,  "HAHAHAHA COUSIN ARE YOU SURPRISED?!"

Right after yelling this, he was hit with a splash of water that seemed to come from Shi Wudu's direction. The model held a bottle in the hand that wasn't carrying his fan.

When Shi Wudu didn't say anything, Pei Ming spoke up, nonchalantly taking the blame, "I'm sorry, my hand slipped. You're screaming startled me."

Qi Rong's brows furrowed and he was about to cause more ruckus when a smell figure peeked out from behind his leg.

"Are you okay, dad?" a small wobbly voice asked, concern evident.

Qi Rong immediately began laughing again, "Hahaha! Nothing can hurt this ancestor! Follow me, cheap son, we will teach them what real good food tastes like! Not the horrifying crap Xie Lian makes."

Xie Lian pouted at the comment and Hua Cheng gave him a smile, "Don't listen to what useless trash says."

"Hua Cheng, you–"

"Okay, moving on," Ling Wen interrupted, eyebrow twitching as she tried to maintain her calm.

Then the doors whooshed open with a gust of wind and two beautiful women walked in, looking flawless despite the strong breeze.

4. Shi Qingxuan & Ming Yi

The one dressed in white flipped open a fan that seemed to match the one Shi Wudu had opened a moment before as well.

"Hi, y'all! I'm Shi Qingxuan!" Shi Qingxuan winked and grinned brightly, "I've come here because my best friend Ming Yi loves food! Root for me and you'll become rich!"

Pei Ming and Ling Wen were nudging at Shi Wudu, "It's your brother, say something encouraging!" 

However, Shi Wudu was glaring daggers at his younger brother, "What the f*** is that form?! Don't appear so unsightly in front of me!"

Shi Qingxuan went and hid behind her Ming Yi, "Ahh, whatever! I'm stronger in this form, that applies to cooking too! ...Plus my fans prefer this form..."

Ling Wen and Pei Ming help Shi Wudu back while Ming Yi who simply stood there...chewing on a chicken drumstick...became the target of the man's verbal attacks. 

"And who the hell are you?! What do you have to do with my little brother?!"

Ming Yi didn't say anything but he didn't need to as Shi Qingxuan started yelling back, "Ming-xiong is my best friend, what do you mean who is he?! He even works in the same company as us!"

Shi Wudu seemed to have no recollection of this woman and simply sent him death stares.

After the other two got him to back down, Ling Wen gave them a sheepish smile, "Just do your best, Qingxuan and Ming Yi."

5. Yin Yu & Quan Yizhen

Suddenly, the doors flew open again and a boy with curly hair came running in while yelling, "Shixiong!!"

His arms were spread wide and flailing as he made a beeline straight to another man. This man seemed to have been standing there a while without anyone noticing but when the youth came rushing towards him he wore a panicked expression, trying to get away.

Alas, he was unable to and the boy became attached to his side, unrelenting.

With a sigh the man, who was wearing black robes and had his hair tied low, began to speak, "Um, sorry for crashing in like this… I was just running aimlessly, we'll leave now…"

Before he could escape, though, the cameras turned towards him and Pei Ming smiled, "No, no, it's okay. Just introduce yourselves and all will be well."

The black-clad man looked apprehensive, glancing around at the cameras in the room, "Uh… is something being filmed here…?"

Ling Wen also smiled at them, "Just a cooking show. We are running low on contestants and it would be a great help if you two could join."

Shi Wudu nodded solemnly, "Otherwise it would be an awful bother to have wasted filming time like this and ruining the flow."

The man still looked hesitant and now a bit confused but the younger boy next to him inquired curiously, "Would we be a team?"

Pei Ming smiled encouragingly, "That's right, you two would be partners!"

"Shixiong, let's do it!"

With a heavy sigh the man asked, "Do we just introduce ourselves?"


The younger then began speaking excitedly, "I'm Quan Yizhen! This is my shixiong, Yin Yu! He taught me everything I know about cooking!"

Yin Yu seemed uncomfortable but also slightly fond, a weird combination, and nodded, "Yeah, that's about it."

"Good luck guys. Now moving on, our final competitors are now entering," Ling Wen announced.

6. Pei Xiu & Banyue

In through the doors walked a young man accompanying a small girl. As soon as they came into view, Pei Ming's eyes widened.

"Xiao Pei?? What are you doing here? And who is this little girl?" 

'Xiao Pei' responded calmly, "I'm here to compete, Banyue thought it would be fun."

"Yes, but who is she? Don't tell me you got a girlfriend without telling me?" Pei Ming looked wounded.

"She's a childhood friend, I reunited with her recently and we did some cooking together."

Before Pei Ming could interrupt again, Banyue started speaking in a soft voice, "Um, yes, so I'm Banyue and this is Pei Xiu. I only started cooking recently but I will try my best– oh, General Hua is here too?"

From where the rest of the contestants stood, Xie Lian perked up, "So it's really you then, Banyue? It's nice to see you two again!"

"You too, General Hua," Pei Xiu replied kindly.

Pei Ming clearly wanted to continue making a fuss but before he could, Shi Wudu spoke up, "And that concludes the introductions of our contestants."

Ling Wen continued, "Next up, we'll have our very first challenge! Stay tuned to see how it goes."