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I Love You

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Claude stood on the ice watching the video the Flyers had put together for his 900th game, the Briere boys - little men, now - standing in front of him also watching the Jumbotron. Danny had apologized probably a hundred times for not being able to be there for the ceremony and Claude had finally told him that if he apologized one more time their cabin getaway was going to be cancelled.

Claude had laughed at Schenner’s video message, grinned Jake’s, shook his head as TK and Nolan’s message broke out into a mini argument over whether TK had or had not pronounced a word wrong, and teared up a bit at Sean’s. Caelan had grinned and Carson took photos, while Cameron - Claude’s favorite all along, even if all the boys thought it was Carson, when Carson wasn’t being a brat - threw an arm around him.

The video faded to black and Claude thought that would be the end of it until the screen lit up again with Danny’s face.

“Hey, Claude. You’ve come so far from when you were a rookie to now. From the day you got the C, I knew you were going to be the best Captain this team has ever had and I was right. You are the heart and soul of the Flyers.

But you're also the heart and soul of our family. You have been from day one. And I should have asked you this years ago. But -”

The video cut out and Claude looked confused for a moment, but then Danny was standing next to him, the Briere boys grinning from ear to ear - clearly in on it and Claude had to give it to them because they were never good at keeping secrets - as Danny sank down to one knee.

“Claude, will you marry me?” Danny asked, holding out a box containing a simple black band.

“Yes,” Claude replied, knowing that he was crying a little.

Danny grinned and stood up, grabbing Claude’s face and kissing him as the team burst into cheers.

“Took you long enough,” Claude breathed out with a grin as he pulled away.

“I know,” Danny replied.

“I love you, Daniel.”

“Right back at you, G.”

Claude laughed again before pulling Danny in for another quick kiss.