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Nebula bruises beautifully, her skin mottling into a dark purple where the blood vessels burst.  Gamora— one of the few people alive who can manage to leave a bruise on Nebula— knows this intimately.

Nebula’s ribs are bruised from their earlier spar.  They’ll heal soon enough, but now, Gamora presses her fingers to them, hard enough to make even Nebula hiss with pain.  

Her sister is beautiful like this: spread out beneath Gamora, fully compliant for once.

“Are you planning on taking all day?” Nebula snarls.

Almost fully compliant.

Gamora slaps Nebula’s cunt, just hard enough to remind her who’s in charge here— who always comes out on top in their clashes, and always will.

Nebula tries not to react— always so stoic— but Gamora learned how to get a reaction from her years ago.  She pinches Nebula’s clit and watches her sister writhe.

She’s so beautiful like this: so open, so pliant under Gamora’s fingers.  Gamora has to resist the urge to stop what she’s doing and finger her own cunt.  There will be time for that later.  Or maybe she’ll sit on Nebula’s face and make her eat Gamora out.

For now, it’s time to make Nebula squirm.