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Three little snippets

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Canon compliant. 


He figures he’ll always be chasing after Sawamura’s back, even if Sawamura himself doesn’t figure that out. Doesn’t get how this chase works.


He thinks about how easily Chris can pat the top of Eijun’s head. Ruffling the hair, palm slipping to cup the swell of his cheek. Tilting his gaze up, basking in Eijun. He hates the sullen, childish voice inside him that complains. I’m the one who asked Chris-senpai to help , it says, Eijun should be grinning at me. He tries not to think why he’s obsessing about Chris, months after he’s graduated. In the middle of practice. Maybe he overthinks during the breaks.


He turns his face to the sky, the sun warm. Breathes it in, feels it. The human body needs vitamin d to survive , he thinks. Thinks about Eijun’s-- ( Sawamura’s , his brain corrects. That never works) toothy grin. The peek of a fang, the way he scrunches up, delighted. Eijun’s arms around the little Kominato and Furuya. His best friends. He’s not invited to the embrace that Eijun’s batchmates enjoy. Even Kanemaru, kicking, protesting, blushing, is pulled in. He sits in the shade, deterred by the possibility of a burn. Feels acrid jealousy, horrifically misplaced and unfair in his belly. 


He tries to hug Kuramochi to see if that’s what he needs. He gets a kick to the shin before Kuramochi grumbles, accepting him. It’s not. 



Demon slayer AU.


There’s a demon gripping Sawamura’s face. If it weren’t for the protective huddle, the fangs bared, gaze directed at Miyuki , his sword would be out right now. But it isn’t, because he can tell the murderous intent is directed at him, telling him to back off . Seems like Sawamura’s demon brother isn’t as forgiving as the man himself.


“Oi, Oi, you put that aura away! I’m the one who saved his dumb ass, right? You’re the enemy here!” 


Miyuki feels exasperated, weirdly unafraid. He thinks about the golden eyes staring at him. Thinks about the desperate words, Furuya is all I have left. Don’t kill him, I won’t let you. Thinks about the desperate way Sawamura charged at him, the surprise as the tantō Sawamura had thrown curved to nearly strike him in the face. 


He knows he needs to subdue the demon. When he’s done that, he’ll take Sawamura to Rie. She’ll show him how to use a sword properly. 


He can’t wait to see what Sawamura can do.



Evangelion AU. 

There’s something so deeply unnatural about the Fifth Child, Kazuya thinks. Something weird when he finally turns to look at Kazuya, the gold in his eyes fiery. It fills him with a rush of heat, turns his stomach. The deep calm, the wrongness of the LCL. Deeply familiar, completely alien. 


He’s got a towel, wiping said liquid out of his hair. He keeps looking at Kazuya like Kazuya strangled a kitten in front of him. What he wants to do is grin at him, ask him if he’s embarrassed he got caught singing by the lake. Address this stranger in his life with the same casual distance he keeps everyone via flirting and jabs. But something stills him, the same way the setting sun did that day. He could’ve sworn Sawamura was haloed by the sun. It didn’t stop him for long, and Sawamura had left cursing and screaming at him. So Kazuya takes the opportunity now to look him over.


He’s wearing one of Kazuya’s old plug suits. One of the white ones, that he grew too tall far, bulked up too much. NERV’s running out of funding, if they’re giving him hand-me-downs. That means Furuya must really be out, if they’re pushing this guy in. Anxiety churns. He thinks about the hopeless, vacant expression Furuya had when they pulled him from his plug. He tries not to feel responsible, but he knows he is. Fuck man, not Furuya too.  


He’s slowly sinking into his thoughts, drowning really, when the Fifth Child’s loud as fuck voice interupts the stream.


“Um, excuse me! I was sent here by one Takigawa Chris Yuu-senpai! I humbly ask you to escort this Sawamura Eijun to the baths, at his request!” 


Kazuya absolutely gapes at him. Then laughs, doubled over, hysterical. What a fucking week. What a fucking life time. Who talks like that?


For the first time since Kazuya sank into Tokyo-3, he smiles, genuinely. 




Figures that the Fifth was the one to do it.