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[threadfic] thinking about milkies

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Happy #filthyfriday today I am thinking about milkies

Imagine if pidw was omegaverse and sqq is an omega. sometimes when he's in heat he spontaneously lactates a little bit. he is VERY embarrassed (shen yuan wasn't an omega! there should be no such thing as an omega!) and won't let lbh near him when it happens

lbh (a SuperAlpha) is of course extremely devastated to be kicked out of their marriage bed right when things are getting most interesting. he sleeps in the woodshed (they have a perfectly fine guest bedroom) and cries continually

just being around such a concentrated source of alpha energy makes it worse for sqq so he does feel bad for exiling his husband but what else can he do?? without him there he's just kind of sore & gently leaking, it's bearable

WITH lbh there, sqq swears he felt his milk come down, and even after he banished lbh the pressure in his tits was maddening. he couldn't stop himself from rubbing his chest against the sheets to get some relief and the wet spot he left was....large

A short worldbuilding interlude bc I was thinking about what kind of hole(s) I wanted sqq to have and decided that since he is obviously very fertile, he should have 2 holes so lbh can chastely fuck him in the ass when he's in heat & avoid any ~consequences

(a short interlude to the interlude, they should DEFINITELY make a baby at some point, can you imagine lbh with a baby 🥺) (also this is my horny au and I say they think safely non reproductive sex is boring. maybe there's a contraceptive herb? anyway)


And that led me to think about the standard omegaverse trope of presenting around puberty - if the alpha and omega junk was special wouldn't everyone already know what they were going to be? So in this universe your whole entire genitals also develop around puberty/presentation

Everyone decides their gender as a kid (or later or they keep it undecided etc etc) just like in our world and that has nothing to do with what junk you eventually get. Everyone knows this and is cool with it.

Except for shen yuan who transmigrates into the body of a fully grown omega and was NOT expecting to have a pussy all of a sudden? sqq's alignment genuinely never came up in the original book? Anyway he gets used to it, he's fine, no bad gender feels here

....ok JUST enough weird gender feels to lead to the requisite sexy shame but no like. BAD bad ones.

The excessively lactating around lbh thing never came up until post canon bc a) of course omega sect leaders get a special secluded grotto to spend their heat in away from their disciples and b) lbh didn't present at all until his heavenly demon heritage came out

That is why he's a Super Alpha, it's because the demon blood is intensifying his human traits. Demons don't even have a/b/o alignments, which the humans feel is uncanny and Off, so you can imagine how happy lbh was when he realized he was going to be an alpha

Like even if he has demon blood he's still mostly human, right? Shizun might not reject him??

Anyway back to the present, bingqiu are fucking, just a nice lazy saturday morning fuck after lbh brought them breakfast in bed, and lbh rolls sqq's nipple between his thumb and forefinger and - a milky drop beads on the surface

sqq doesn't realize what happened at first and lbh is transfixed, staring at that one perfect bead of milk on shizun's perfect nipple. he wants to lick it up and let it dissolve on the tip of his tongue so bad but he knows for whatever reason sqq doesn't want him to have this

But he wants it /so bad/ he can feel his mouth water so he looks up with tears in his eyes and he's like "shizun please? Please may this lowly one dare to clean you? This husband made a mess.... 🥺" and sqq looks down and finally sees the Situation


It must be getting close to his heat, he most be due for one of Those heats again. It doesn't really sink in what lbh is begging for, only that he's v worked up over what he's accidentally done. sqq grants permission with a wave of his hand

he's not expecting lbh's tongue to make contact with the point of his nipple, a delicate little butterfly touch. lbh's eyes slide shut as he rolls his tongue in his mouth, savoring the taste. It looks indecent, how much pleasure he's getting from this.

When lbh goes to pinch sqq's nipple again, sqq catches his wrist. "enough" he says sternly, and hitches his legs higher around lbh's waist to encourage him to refocus on fucking sqq into the mattress.

Days later, deep in heat with his chest aching, sqq remembers this moment and thinks maybe....he won't have to spend this heat alone. He can meditate and get through a heat on his own but he doesn't like to. He likes when lbh takes his huge alpha cock and absolutely rails him

maybe it wouldn't be so bad if he lifted the ban and let lbh come help him. Lbh certainly hadn't seemed repulsed by that accidental drop of milk....far from it

But there is so much more than a drop now. If sqq were to squeeze his nipples - which he won't, how humiliating to, to milk himself like a dairy animal - but if he did, there would be small streams of milk now. Surely more than lbh would be interested in.

But sqq's heat has him well in its grip now. As soon as he considered the possibility of having lbh with him, his resolve was already crumbling. To have his husband here when he needs him so bad - holding him down, filling him up - so what if it's a bit wetter than usual

As soon as sqq calls him in, lbh dries his eyes and leaps up from his sad little sexile pallet in the woodshed. Shizun wants him? When he's like this?? Binghe is ON IT. he will take such good care of his husband that he won't ever think of sexiling him again.

lbh fluffs the pillows lining the nest sqq has made of their bed and tidies away the crumpled garments sqq must have discarded as his heat came over him. finally he turns to his husband and brushes a sweaty strand of hair out of his eyes

lbh crawls into bed and spoons himself around sqq, gathering his sweaty, overheated husband into his arms like he's clearly been dying to do. sqq whines pathetically. it feels SO good just to be touched right now.

Whenever he tries to spend a heat alone, sqq gets so touch starved. It fade by the end of the heat, so he always forgets how bad it is until he's in it again. lbh's arms around him and the strong body cradling him hit him like the first human touch he's felt in years.

And that's not even counting the effect his husband's scent is having - it feels RIGHT to have him here, it feels like everything is clicking into place, it feels unthinkable that sqq would have banished him.

lbh is scenting him in turn, nosing along his hairline and nape while his hands rub blissful lines into sqq's skin. he is a bitey alpha in general, and he gets moreso whenever either of their hormones kick up a notch

lbh noses into the curve of sqq's neck and bites down, sucking a bit before he nibbles along the tendon. sqq closes his eyes and writhes into it. in lbh's presence, he feels lit up, turned on, attuned to every minor shift in lbh's scent and behavior

The more sqq wriggles around in lbh's embrace, the more he's aware of his chest. Alone, it had just been a dull ache, easy enough to ignore. Now, though, there's a tightness, an urgency like if his tits don't get some relief soon, he might explode

"binghe...please...." sqq groans, pushing his chest shamelessly into lbh. some milk escapes, enough to make his skin slide against lbh's but not nearly enough to give any kind of relief

"what do you need?" binghe asked frantically, hands tightening on sqq's hip and waist

sqq is so needy, so hot and sore and full, he's rapidly devolving beyond words. he pushes his chest up toward lbh's face, arching his back obscenely. "please," he whines, more moan than word

"Shizun," lbh breathes reverently. Dimly, sqq registers that lbh called him the name he's been trying to train him out of, but he's far from caring. All he can hear is the tone, all he can smell is the way lbh is eager and worshipful and turned on and *his*

lbh bows his head, burying his face between sqq's small, taut tits, and sqq groans and shoves up against him. lbh rolls sqq onto his back, covering him with his thick body, and wastes no more time. he turns his head, mouth open and hungry as he bites down around sqq's nipple

sqq cries out - of course lbh would bite, but he's so sensitive, he can't bear it - and lbh apologetically softens his mouth, tugging the nipple inside and sucking on it hungrily. sqq feels a rush as if all the milk is falling up toward that one point, and then lbh is drinking

he's actually drinking milk from sqq's body, gulping it down. sqq can feel his throat working and his ears are filled with the hungry, needy sounds lbh is making as he sucks.

he breaks off far too soon, milk welling up in his absence.

his face is messy, drops on his chin and around his mouth. his eyes are glazed. "does it feel good? Am I making shizun feel better?"

sqq gets his hand in lbh's hair and pulls him back down, not letting go once his mouth is back where it belongs.

"just don't stop," sqq pleads, and lbh hums an eager acknowledgement.

that's the most important thing. as long as binghe doesn't stop, sqq will be okay. with binghe's mouth on him, sqq feels warm and liquid and perfect.

when it's not blocked up inside him, the milk feels *good* actually. sqq is a river and the milk is liquid pleasure flowing out of him and into binghe. if he had the presence of mind for thoughts right now, he would regret that he'd never tried it

now, though, all he can do is pant through the feeling of release and push his chest up into lbh's head, wordlessly begging him to take even more.

lbh muzzles hard into sqq's chest, popping off his nipple and then fastening back on again with a whine. sqq knows how he feels.

lbh is kneading sqq's other tit with his big strong hand - gently at first because sqq kept wincing away, the pressure too much on his sore, tight flesh - but more purposefully now that the haze of release has settled over sqq's mind

drops of milk seep from his untouched nipple and run down the side of his ribs. sometimes lbh will mindlessly find an angle that causes a small jet of milk to shoot out, painting them with warm drops. sqq can't bring himself to be embarrassed

he only wishes his alpha had two mouths, so he wouldn't have to wait.

finally, lbh sucks and comes up dry, whining with frustration. sqq forces his slack hand to tighten in lbh's hair and pulls him over to the other side, tugging his mouth where he needs it most

lbh seems just as out of his mind as sqq is, getting distracted by the spilled milk - he presses his nose into the sticky spots, laves over them with the flat of his tongue, seems intent on cleaning up every last drop

after what feels like a century of tense waiting - sqq feels so *uneven* he feels stoppered up without the milk flowing out of him, his chest is throbbing - lbh finds his way to sqq's nipple and latches on. sqq arches in euphoria as lbh starts to suck.

how had he ever gone without this? it's shockingly intimate; he feels connected to lbh on a deeper level even than when they fuck. his essence is going into lbh, filling him up, and lbh is beyond willing - it feels like he's starving for it

as lbh shifts to the other side, sqq's legs fall open and lbh rests a thigh between them. sqq is rutting up against the heavy muscle of lbh's thigh even before he realizes, short needy rocks of his hips that send sparks of pleasure up his spine

through all of this, lbh has remained partially clothed, only shedding his tunic before rushing to take care of his husband. in this new position, sqq notices enough to object - the friction of the fabric against his wet cunt is all wrong; he needs skin contact everywhere

sqq pushes at the waistband of lbh's pants, but he's too uncoordinated and lbh is plastered to him too firmly for them to budge.

luckily after only a little incoherent whining lbh gets the message and efficiently strips off his pants, pulling off to do so.

sqq feels the lack immediately. he feels like he's going crazy with it, and tugs lbh down as soon as he's in reach, reveling in the softness of his skin and the light scratch of his body hair. when lbh starts drinking, sqq moans. *this* is how he was meant to spend his heats.

soon, the glorious rush of the skin contact wears off and sqq needs more. he's already soaked lbh's leg with his slick, and he can feel how hard lbh is. he needs it. he needs to be fucked right now, or he'll never be okay again. he'll lose his grip on reality.

he'll turn into an incorporeal being of pure want and then his soul will scatter because there will be no way to get it.

"inside me, inside me, now," he chants, hooking his leg around lbh's to pull him closer. he can feel his folds spreading open, ready.

lbh hums around his mouthful of tit, sucking a little faster, as if he intends to finish up there before attending to sqq elsewhere.

"no, *now*," sqq says, and then drags lbh's head back down to his chest when lbh looks up. "don't stop don't STOP."

lbh moans something that might be "shizun will KILL me" into sqq's skin, and then he hitches up sqq's hips a little bit and slides his cock home in one smooth thrust. sqq sighs in relief and arches into it, all his nerves lighting up

having lbh fuck him while feeding from him feels like it completes a circuit. sqq feels almost sorry for all the people back in his own world who will never get to be omegas. surely there is nothing so sublime, no connection so complete, as this.

lbh's mouth grows rougher as he falls into a pounding rhythm with his hips, giving it to sqq exactly as hard as he needs. the nipple will slip out of his mouth, too slippery with spit and spilled milk, and lbh will have to chase it down, nuzzling and grunting like an animal

it should be humiliating; sqq should chastise him, but instead - he feels powerful, having reduced lbh to such base instincts. to feed, to fuck, to claim his omega.

it's messy already, and it gets messier as they both wind each other up to higher spikes of lust. finally, lbh is fucking sqq too powerfully to stay attached to his chest. he gives up and mouths any skin he can reach, biting and sucking, grunting brokenly with effort and need.

sqq is nearly delirious with pleasure. his husband's cock feels so good in him, so big and hot, the perfect motion making him see stars and galaxies.

soon, lbh's thrusts become impossibly faster and more erratic, and then he stills and his knot swells impossibly large

when he has more of his faculties about him, sqq can and does tell sqq to hold off and not knot him until sqq has come. lbh always complies, sometimes with tears streaming down his face from the effort. but now, all sqq can do is just ride it.

as lbh's knot swells, sqq feels his own orgasm building. it breaks when lbh thrusts one last time, trying to seat himself just a fraction deeper. the motion feels so huge, like sqq must also grow huge to contain the pleasure that's bigger than he is

he comes for long than he can keep track of, and when he returns to himself, lbh is still inside him, locked tight. sqq guides lbh's head back down to his chest. "there's still a little more left," he says, and lbh gently closes his mouth around sqq and begins to drink again.

he sucks strong and slow, savoring each mouthful, and sqq comes again just from that and from how full he is, contracting around lbh and clawing at his back from the overstimulation, the perfection of it all.

after that, sqq is mostly empty, but lbh keeps nursing, gentle and lulling, switching sides occasionally to ensure sqq is completely empty, nothing left to trouble him. lbh murmurs praise against sqq's skin, going quiet and meditative as they wait for the knot to go down

already, sqq can't believe what he really just did. but the damage is done, isn't it? lbh knows he gets like this now, and he loves it. sqq loves it. they could it again, the next time the milk comes.

sqq whispers this in binghe's ear, and binghe pulls back, beaming at him and searching his face. fat tears roll down his cheeks and he dashes them away with his fist. uselessly, because he keeps crying. "really, husband? you mean it?"

the scrutiny is too much to bare; sqq turns his head away, blushing. "don't make such a big deal of it," he says. "it's better this way, that's all. less discomfort."

"shizun should never have any discomfort at all," lbh proclaims ardently.

sqq shakes his head, amused. this ridiculous husband. "well, you'll just have to see to it, then," he says, and lbh bursts into tears again and pulls sqq into his lap, kissing him soundly.

~the end~

i gave them way too much communication skills there at the end but let's just say this happens like. WELL into their marriage. sqq has been sexiling lbh when the milkies come for YEARS. it's all been building up to this >__>