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The garden was particularly lovely during the lingering hours of morning, before the stroke of twelve. The way the light was directed between the greenery and the bright colored flowers of Mister Epstein’s, personal garden brought out all his favorite features. Shadows cast in all the right places, in an atmosphere heavy with the aroma of honeysuckles. It was a perfect moment for a refreshing cold drink on his back covered deck.
Little birds delicately graced the quiet man with their presence, skipping from the thinnest of branches just over head. Red squirrels climbed up and down the large oaks circling the area, while a handful of butterflies delicately balanced themselves on the peddles of his roses. In the far corner at the edge of the man’s sight was a young buck with antlers crowning his head. It was one of those moments that reminds you to be grateful for being alive.
He was interrupted from his quiet pleasures by an elderly female servant, who brought forth an expected guest. The woman took her leave and his guest approached the host from behind, taking the empty chair beside him. Brian instantly smiled as George Harrison looking as happy and as healthy as ever looked into his face full of joy. It was hard to believe that less than three weeks ago this man nearly starved himself due to a mental burden. The pale skin was full of color from his recent holiday. The sunk features were now robust in correct proportion. He actually looked better than he did before he became ill.
“George, you look better every time I see you!” Brian greeted.
“Thank you.” George greeted back. “I owe it all to all of you. Even John!”
“Really?” Asked the older man. “Why do you say that?” John had essentially cause the very conflict in which this young man needed to recover.
“Well I should first say, his stunt really brought you all to my aide and it showed me how much I’m loved.”
“Of course we love you. You’re a sweet and sensitive man George. There are many qualities about you to love.”
“Yes I love you all too! This experience just gave me the opportunity to see how much you are willing to come together for me, and I’m grateful.” Then the younger man gently took the older mans hand into his own. “I’m also grateful that this experience as opened me up to new pleasures I was too intimidated to try.”
This was a bold and powerful stance coming from George. Out of the four young men in his care, he seems as of late to be taking to his new sexual lifestyle the best.
“You’re no longer ashamed about your curiosities with men?”
“No, I’m not!” Harrison said with a smile. “I won’t announce it to the world, but I can tell you without the terrible humiliation I used to feel, I enjoy sex with a select few men I’m very close to.”
“Now when you speak of men, are you implying you have done more since John?” Despite the strong stance, the youngest Beatle winced a little at the question.
“I hesitate because he is strongly oppose of his identity being disclosed. However due to the limited options it could be, it’s not hard to figure out who he is.”
“So you and Paul became “close” during your little beach holiday?” George gave a light nod. “and you liked it?”
“I can’t deny it, I did.”
“How do you feel about yourself having these attractions?”
“I used to be terrified of the thought. All the stuff they teach you in church and what everyone says about it, really messed with me head. Yet I realized the more I fought it the more unhappy I was.” George paused, he began to feel emotional. Brian squeezed his hand, he knew that pain all too well. Wiping a tear away the younger man continued. “I can’t contributed to one particular breakthrough, but many over this journey. I realized this was good for me. It made me happy. It's not happy like a drug which is bad for you, it gives you happiness like eating something nutritious. Engaging in these activities makes me a better person. It’s definitely less of a menace than the prejudice against it. ”
“That’s a very powerful statement. I’m impressed in how far you have evolved.
“It just seems so silly that’s it’s a taboo at all. Why should it matter that with certain men I’m very close to, I enjoy some sexual activity? So far those men are really just the group of us. Even Ringo and I have started lightly kissing.”
“Really?” The young man nodded. “When did this start?”
“After you left Ringo’s house and we went to bed. It’s just closed mouth kisses.”
“Still that’s a big step for men like Rich. How did you manage that?”
“He kissed me first. We've talked about it and he is curious to explore more with me.”
“I’m happy for you. Please know both you and Richie are welcome to come to me if you need any counsel on such matters.”
“Thank you Bri. I feel happy. I again owe it to you for the counsel. I owe it to Rich for coming to my aide. I owe John for bringing me on this journey. I owe Paul..” Harrison trailed off for a second because he wanted to be careful in how he worded his sentence.
“How did you and Paul’s relationship become sexual?” For the first time during his visit George put his head down, more for his understanding for Paul’s desire of anonymity. It felt like a betrayal of trust, but he knew in the end Brian was going to use this information to help his bandmate overcome his sorrows.
“Well it began late on our third night on holiday. I was having a nightmare and Paul got me out if it and stood up with me after. I went to take a shower to wash the sweat off and I wanted to, well you know… rub one out right quick. I hadn’t been able to since the night I blew John.”
“This was before John jumped out of the shower while you were naked?”
“Yes, that happened the following morning.” George explained about the incident that led to his breakdown and then the initial recovery. “When I was done with John and brushed me teeth, I went to bed with the urge to please meself. While I was doing it I couldn’t get off thinking of women. I became more excited thinking of John, then Rich, Paul and…” George paused for a second, as it was a tad bit embarrassing. “you.” He said in a small voice.
“No wonder you reacted so severely and felt you couldn’t talk to anyone.” The older gentleman recalled seeing George when he was descended into madness. The now healthy body, was in an emaciated state, due to trauma which caused the poor lad to slowly starve himself.
“It became a constant issue.” Harrison continued his story about his past difficulties with masturbation. “I couldn’t get hard without thinking of you four and I wasn’t taking that well at the time. The irony is, you showed up to counsel me wearing the same suit I thought of you in.” This forced both men to likely chuckle.
“You poor thing, no wonder you reacted so strongly to my presence.” Brian said both playfully but sympathetically.
“It definitely made things interesting.”
“So have you over come this issue?”
“Yes. Paul ended up in the shower with me. I confided my issue in him. He helped overcome my prejudices.”
“What did he do to help you?”
“He made out with me and we rubbed up against one another until I popped, in the shower.”
“How did that experience feel for you?”
“At the time I was just glad to finely blow. My peter was hurting. I now look back now, I think it’s hot how Paul swooped in and took control.”
“What did Paul say about his feelings on the experience?” George frowned.
“He kept acting like it was just to help me recover, but I know he enjoyed it. We made love every day and night since. When we first were at the hotel he would talk about his relationship with John. John never gave him the talk, pushed him too fast with anal sex and didn’t fulfill his emotional needs. Then suddenly as he and I become more physical, I begin to feel better and Paul just got madder and madder at John. Though now it’s all about what John did to me and he acts like at times the two never slept together.”
“Its not your fault. Paul is internalizing your suffering to disguise his own.”
“Honestly he’s becoming as paranoid as I was before you helped me. I begged him to talk to you. He is also aware you and I would be talking about our holiday together, including the sexual details.”
“How did he react when you told him your intentions to inform me about your affair?”
“Not well at all. He spent the entire trip begging and pleading with me to change my mind. He wanted me to a credit my experiences with him to a male escort.”
“It’s hard for some men to accept these feelings, especially if they weren’t given the proper care after an experience.”
“I feel terrible for him.” George confessed with tears. “He is suffering and is so scared.”
“Just like you when I came over Richie’s house.” Brian gently uttered while handing a fresh handkerchief to his guest.
“Thank you.” the young man said when receiving the cloth. He cleaned himself up with it. “Just help him Bri! He’s scared to come to you. He’s afraid of you coming to him.”
“Because I symbolize an aspect of himself he's afraid to face. Don’t worry my lad. I will help Paul. I promise.” Brian looked up briefly and scanned his land. Suddenly the stag he had seen earlier darted across the grass and disappeared in the trees.

The two men enjoyed their conversation. The in-depth council between one another bloomed the relationship to new levels. As the sun progressed it’s rotation, so did the schedules of the gentleman. As they went to take their leave from one another, they gave their final embrace. Both turned to give a kiss to the other on the cheek lightly, when their lips met at the center point. It was an accidental kiss, a light peck. Brian was immediately apologetic, but George chuckled at the little accident.
“You’re a good kisser Epi.” The younger of the two said smiling, then he took his leave.