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Not All Yours

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“Thank you for being here!” 


He swiftly picks up the water bottle that was placed on the floor next to him, and chugs it all down in one go. The audience starts squealing once again, shouting compliments and such from one simple action. Chuuya chuckles at that which somehow makes the screams louder


“You people are such a good crowd,” he teases while screwing the bottle cap back on, throwing the plastic bottle somewhere backstage. “How about we do one more song?” Chuuya playfully offers as he starts tuning his red telecaster guitar, which matches the color scheme of the outfit he’s currently wearing. 


Encouraging shouts are the only sounds that can be heard. The lights on the stage completely dim down, the shouts getting louder in return. If you’ve ever been to one of Chuuya Nakahara’s concerts, then you would know that every time he’s about to play another song; the lights would turn off and a loud sound of a heavy guitar riff would rumble from the stage--




“Los Angeles, are you ready?!” Chuuya exclaims. 


--and that is exactly what happens. 



Now there’s a routine Chuuya goes through after every single one of his concerts. First of all, he’s exhausted to the bone. He’s currently using his handy pocket fan that has three levels of intensity. He already downed one water bottle on stage, and he’s about to have a second one. The backstage couch is comfy , so he wipes whatever sweat was left from his forehead and lays down; resting his whole body. 


It’s peaceful, well for Chuuya at least. A comfortable couch, a nice cool breeze from his fan, and he just finished a successful concert. 




“Chuuya! Get up you can’t sleep here. You have an interview tomorrow morning, sleeping here won’t be a good idea,” they interjected as they scroll through the notes in their notes app, seemingly looking for something on their phone before continuing, “It’s at 10am, so you have time to do other stuff. Like-” 


“Practice the songs for my next show, pick out my own outfit, and maybe even continue composing my newest album. I get it, Dazai!” Chuuya interrupted, basically huffing out the words as he sits up with a groan. The fan starts slowly dying down, just like Chuuya’s peaceful mood. 


Well, he saw it coming but he didn’t want to admit to it. Dazai ruining his post-concert phase is a part of the routine. 


“I’m just being a good manager!” Dazai claims as he sits besides the still-exhausted performer. 


Right, Dazai is Chuuya’s manager


Chuuya just rolls his eyes as he leans his head on the other’s shoulder. Whatever negative nerve Dazai brought out of Chuuya’s body, has disappeared. Next, this part of the routine is crucial; Dazai telling tomorrow's schedule, inserting reminders from time to time. While Chuuya relaxes and quietly listens. 


Just when Chuuya feels like he’s about to fall asleep, the shoulder he was laying on shifts away. His head limply falls for a bit but Chuuya catches himself before he can land on anything. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” annoyance clearly being spoken. 


“Sorry~” Dazai says in a not-very-apologetic tone, “But you really can’t sleep here, let’s go back to your fancy little house.” They get up right after, shutting their phone and slipping it into the pocket of their jeans. 


Chuuya just nods, not having the energy to argue; because the sound of sleeping in his bed sounds way more appealing. He gathers a few of his things. Those things include his phone, the now dead fan, and a half empty water bottle. 


Dazai gets up from the couch, smiling at the other. He gets the water bottle before Chuuya can and waits for him to straighten up, “Ready to go, petite rockstar?” 


Chuuya silently flips him off and starts walking to the back door, opening it which reveals a parking lot. He immediately goes over to the Black Audi, parked close by.


The other swiftly follows after him, “Still have that attitude, glad that isn’t going away.” Dazai reminds Chuuya. 


Chuuya leans on the car a bit and playfully glares at his manager, “And you’re still as arrogant as ever. Now give me the car keys so we could get home.” 


“Anything you say, Chuuya!” they grin and dig in their pocket, tossing the keys over to the other. 


Chuuya easily catches it and instantly pressing the button that opens the car, getting a ding in return; indicating that the car is indeed open. 


“I can’t believe you still can’t drive.” Chuuya snorts as he gets behind the wheel, switching the car out of park, and into reverse; putting the seatbelt on.


Dazai gets into the passenger seat at the same time, puffing out a breath as an answer. 


Chuuya laughs and looks over at the brunet, “Maybe I could teach you~” 


“No thank you,” Dazai immediately responds with, “Now come on, let’s go home like you said. It’s getting late.” 


It is in fact, not getting that late. It’s only 8:00pm.


But Chuuya continues looking at the other, a blank look on his face. 


Dazai eyes him weirdly and raises a brow, “What?” 


Seatbelt .” 


“Oh, come on -” 


Chuuya leans over and buckles Dazai’s seatbelt in place before any other protests come out. 


“Can’t have my manager dying on me just because they didn’t put a seatbelt on,” Chuuya remarks as he looks over his shoulder into the back window, putting his hands on the wheel. 


“It’s just a seatbelt-” 


Then the car does an abrupt movement backwards, cutting off what Dazai was going to whine about. 


“Okay, now Chuuya is being mean.” Dazai  crosses their arms and look out the window next to them. 


Chuuya gives a satisfied smile as he drives all the way back home


What they didn’t know was that there was a couple of nosy stage workers in the parking lot, who heard a bit more than they should have- and they just can’t keep their mouths shut. 




Chuuya groggily wakes up, blinking to adjust to the lighting. He quietly clears his throat and reaches over the nightstand near his bed, grabbing his water to get his morning drink. But then he feels a presence close by, so Chuuya looks up at that presence; which is none other than his manager, Dazai. They look.. worried? Now that’s an expression Chuuya hasn’t seen in a while. 


“What happened?” Chuuya carefully asks as he sits up to drink his water. 


“Well,” Dazai stalls for a bit, shifting his weight on each foot. “Maybe you should check your phone.” 


Chuuya just looks at the other, a questionable look on his face. “Why can’t you just tell me?” he raises a brow at them, but still reaches to get his phone off the nightstand. 


“I-” the manager huffs and sits down on the bed, “I don’t really know how to say it.”


Chuuya scoots close to Dazai, so the both of them can see whatever notifications Chuuya has; though Chuuya is pretty sure his manager already knows what to expect. He turns his phone on and nothing looks out of the ordinary, at first. There are notifications from all of his social medias; Twitter, Instagram, and such. But what catches his eye, is an article. That also really isn’t that surprising, but it’s the headline that does it for him. 


Famous Rockstar Chuuya Nakahara and His Manager? Is it all for show? Or is it Love?

Chuuya Nakahaea has been in the music industry for quite a bit, topping charts, and known for his loving fandom. But recently, individuals claim that Chuuya and his manager, Osamu Dazai; have been charming each other with their playful flirting… 


A small bit of the article was shown in the notification, but Chuuya gets the point. He shuts off his phone and glances at said manager. “Well?” 


“Chuuya you haven’t been in a scandal this big, and- it’s because of me! I should have been more careful when I was with you. Ugh, I am so stupid-” 


“Woah woah woah,” Chuuya sternly interrupts and looks directly into Dazai’s eyes. “You are not stupid, and you know that. This is both of our faults, we can figure out how to calm this down.” 


Dazai easily looks back at Chuuya, listening to his words. He sighs and nods, “Right, and-” 


“-and you also need to calm down. Everything isn’t over Dazai, we could handle a scandal.” 


Dazai feels their body release some of the tension they had within them, they nod once again. “Now, can I say something without you interrupting me?” 


Chuuya grins and tilts his head up at the ceiling a bit, pretending to think. “Hmm, I guess you can. But no promises,” he teases and softly smiles at them. He motions Dazai to speak after. 


“Alright, more people have invited you to be interviewed today. But I didn’t respond to any of them yet since,” he pauses, looking for the right wording, “since I know you do not like being interrogated.”


That makes Chuuya let out amused breath, “I don’t think interrogated is the right word, but yeah I don’t. But right now, I don’t really mind. I have to like- just answer some questions and when the media has enough information, they’ll leave this alone.” 


Dazai blankly stares at the floor, swinging their legs. “Let’s hope it’s that easy, Chuuya.”


Chuuya nudges the other a bit, making Dazai put their focus on him; “After everything we’ve been through? We’ll get through it, Osamu ” 




A couple years ago:


Yokohama, Japan; Junior High


Dazai sighs as he fidgets with his pencil, they’re currently in science class. They’re gonna have a partner for this upcoming project about the solar system, and that already sounds like a bore to him. 


First of all, the solar system ; he’s not interested in it, but he knows a lot about it. Dazai already memorized all the planets and almost everything about them, constellations, names of some stars, and maybe he did some extra research and knows some stuff about other galaxies. 


Second, a partner. Dazai doesn’t like working with anyone because they could never understand or keep up with him; and this gets him a bit frustrated. But he’s learned to control that feeling over the years. He likes being independent, just him and his thoughts. Also, he may be kind of biased since he’s never had a good partner that actually follows along with him. 


“-and the last pair is, Dazai Osamu and Nakahara Chuuya,” the teacher announces.


Oh? Dazai has heard that name once or twice before-


A couple seconds later, someone pulls the chair that’s next to Dazai, sitting down on it. 


Right, they have to sit next to their partner. “Hello,” he glances at the other, his eyes widening a bit in interest. 


A redhead, that’s something not common in Japan. He also has piercing sapphire eyes. His uniform looks neat. Overall, Dazai puts his standards off the ground a bit; but he makes sure not to put them too high, because who knows?- Maybe this Nakahara is a brat. 


“Hey,” Chuuya responds, “so is it alright if we work on this project in the library?” 


Plus one point, he’s actually focused on the project. Great, the sooner they start on this, the sooner they’ll finish; which means no more partnership things. 


Dazai straightens up and nods, “Mhm, we could go now.” 


“Sounds good to me,” Chuuya simply replies as he gets up, swinging his backpack over his shoulder. 


Another plus one point, finally a cooperative partner. Dazai does a small smile, setting the bar higher for Nakahara. 


Once the pair gets to the library, they go over to one of the empty tables; setting down their bags and some other things on the table. They sit right next to each other, not saying a word at first. 


Dazai just quietly opens his laptop, positioning it so Chuuya could have a look and can also operate it as well. 


Some time goes by, silence taking over them. Dazai puts the password into the laptop while Chuuya taps his foot against the wooden floor.


“I actually did some research on the solar system already,” Dazai eventually says as he opens a blank PowerPoint. 


“Really?” Chuuya mumbles a bit, “well I know a bit about it.”


“Like?” Dazai encourages him to continue. 


“Uh-” the boy hesitates, “okay maybe I just know the name of the planets?” Chuuya’s voice becomes quieter as he scratches the back of his neck out of embarrassment. His response sounding more like a question. 


Dazai hums in acknowledgement as they open a searching browser, looking up images of the planets. “Name the planets then.” 


Chuuya looks at them in slight disbelief, but he looks over at the laptop screen. 


Dazai watches him, seeing how hard he’s trying to remember the names of just eight planets. Dazai unintentionally start giggling , covering their mouth. 


Chuuya quickly catches onto that, silently glaring at the other. “I was being nice with you, but now you’re laughing at me?!” he exclaims, whisper-shouting since Chuuya has some decency and knows other people are doing their own things in the library.     


“I’m sorry-” Dazai continues their laughter though, not sounding too sorry. “But how can you not remember the names of just some planets?” 


“I don’t care about some huge orbs that float in space!” he raises his voice a bit, frustration being heard in his voice. 


“Quiet down!” Dazai exclaims, as if they're not the one trying their best not to laugh out loud. Once they do calm down, they straighten and look at the other with a playful grin. “Don’t worry, Nakahara-” 


“Please just call me Chuuya,” he huffs out as he dramatically slumps in his seat. 


“Chuuya,” they correct themselves, “don’t worry your little head about it, I could teach you!” 


Dazai does notice how short Chuuya is compared to him, actually one of the shortest people he’s seen out of the whole grade. 


“I am not little!” Chuuya jabs, “and I’d like to see you try. I’m not into things like these.” 


Dazai took that as a challenge, and he took it with pleasure. 


All the way until school hours ended, Dazai teached Chuuya which planets were which; and to their surprise, Chuuya is a fast learner- or Dazai is just such a good teacher. Chuuya hated to admit this, but he learned so much more from Dazai than any other teacher this school year. 


In under a week, the pair has finished their solar system project. Which the two of them were relieved of. But, Dazai still wanted to be around Chuuya; the exact opposite of what he thought he would feel after the project was done. Surprisingly, Chuuya felt the same way. 


“Chuuya~” Dazai says as a greeting, sliding his way next to the boy. 


“Is there something you want?” Chuuya raises an eyebrow at the other.


School just ended, and they’re both walking to the bus stop. While working together, the two found out that they ride the same bus home. 


“Hmm, how about we get something to eat on the weekend?” Dazai, straight-foward, something he rarely does. But Chuuya hasn’t really caught onto the fact that Dazai gets straight to the point with him only .


Chuuya shrugs and nods, “Sure, what kind of food though?” 






“Wait- Chuuya !”