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Pissed Parisians and Exhausted Heroes

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Marinette was shaken awake by a certain Kwami talking about some new Akuma walking around causing havoc on the streets. 


“Tikki, spots on!” 


She transformed in her bed, tempted to go back to sleep, but just as her eyes closed again, she felt more than heard the explosion shake the ground, forcing her to investigate. 


Upon her arrival, she saw Chat Noir fighting a floating Akuma being followed by thousands of sleepwalking citizens. 


The Akuma had white hair in a long, flowy ponytail that fell to her waist. She was wearing black-purple pajamas with lighter purple stars sprinkled everywhere. In one hand, the Akuma carried a black teddy bear and in the other, she dragged along a white pillow. Sporadically, the pillow would blacken and shoot out a light purple beam. Ladybug could only guess that that was what was making the citizens sleepwalk around Paris. 


She landed beside her partner, sleepily leaning on his shoulder. 


“Beautiful night for a walk, huh, M’lady?” Chat said before a long yawn slipped from him. Ladybug only groaned in response, dragging herself off of her partner to get a good look at the Akuma. 


“Any idea where the Akuma is?” 


“I think in the bear, she seems very protective of it. Whenever I got close, she would close in on the bear.” 


Ladybug pursed her lips in an attempt to push down a yawn. “What does the Akuma call herself?” 


“She hasn’t said anything, so no idea.” 


“Mm,” the yawn escaped Ladybug. She resorted to stretching, hoping to shake the growing tiredness from her body. “Right, let’s go.” 


The two battled the Akuma the rest of the night, only managing to steal the bear from her and catch the Akuma when Chat had restrained her, holding her arms roughly behind her as Ladybug snatched the bear from her. 


The Akuma had finally opened her mouth as she screamed, reaching for the broken bear as she transformed back into a small girl, maybe only eight years old. 


Ladybug’s magical cure quickly fixed the bear, and they immediately gave it back to the girl, who cradled its head in her arms, still shaking. 


After a bit of coaxing, they found out that the girl had been sleepwalking and had bumped into the counter downstairs, which woke her up and confused her as well as scared her. 


After taking the young child back to her house, Ladybug quickly hurried home, hoping to get an extra hour of sleep. 


Her alarm went off the second she transformed back and cuddled under the covers. 


“Marinette! Wake up or you’ll be late!” Sabine called from the living room. Marinette reluctantly peeled herself from her cozy bed and trudged to school after getting ready.



During lunch, Marinette had planned on taking a small nap, when her phone went off with an Akuma alert. She quickly excused herself to the bathroom, where she transformed and quickly leaped out the window, chasing after the Akuma. 


Finally arriving at the scene, Chat landed beside her as they took in the newest Akuma. 


The Akuma was covered in pale blue paint that dripped onto the floor as he walked around, and anyone who stepped into the paint was turned into a paint monster, whose sole purpose was to spread the paint around and infect more people. 


“Ladybug~, Chat Noir~! Give me your miraculous!” the Akuma cooed, turning to face them. 


Suddenly, he was right in front of them, standing in a blot of paint. 


Upon closer inspection, Ladybug could see a small paintbrush in his hand, the tip in pale blue paint. 


“Oh, and who might you be?” Chat laughed, jumping onto his stick to avoid stepping in the growing puddle of paint. 


“Call me Peinture!” the Akuma cackled, swiping his hand through the air and splattering the ground with more paint. 


Ladybug spun her yo-yo to avoid getting splattered, while Chat just climbed higher on his pole. 


As soon as the paint stopped flying through the air, Ladybug and Chat Noir spent the rest of lunch battling the Akuma, who turned out to be a painter who had stepped in paint while wearing his favorite shoes. 


After reassuring him that, no, he wasn't that destructible of an Akuma and didn’t actually hurt anyone, Ladybug ran back to Dupont to her lunch table. 


Just as she took a bite of her apple, pointedly ignoring Alya’s questioning of why it took so long in the bathroom, the bell rang, telling them to get to class. 



These sorts of occurrences kept happening over and over for a month. 


One night, Hawkmoth had akumatized not one, not two, but four people, one after another. 


The hero duo both had visible dark circles under their eyes and were slow and sluggish in their attacks. 


Ladybug had even been caught falling asleep mid-attack and Chat had fallen asleep mid-dodge. 


It was increasingly obvious to the citizens of Paris that their heroes were exhausted and Hawkmoth was deliberately trying to tire them out. Not to mention the heroes still had to maintain their citizen lives as well. 


During that certain attack, the heroes both had fallen asleep at least five times each within the span of ten minutes. 


Even the Akuma, Pitre, seemed a little concerned for the heroes, but all the citizens were sure that things were going exactly as Hawkmoth planned. They could all almost hear his cackling from his lair, the idea of him actually winning being something constantly at the front of their minds. 


Alya was videotaping the scene, watching the heroes fall asleep as they dodged and attacked. She could see that the Akuma wasn’t even trying, yet they were losing. 


An idea flew through her mind, and before she could properly think it through, she posted it on her Ladyblog, pausing in her videotaping to do so. 


She was surprised by how quickly the idea was spread around, and soon enough, thousands of Parisians were at the park, some with trash can lids taped to their chest and heads (like Kim), others with skating gear covering their limbs (Alix), others had no such protection (Tom Dupain and Sabine Cheng), and almost all of them had some sort of weapon, be it a rolling pin (Tom again), knitting needles (Mlle. Bustier), chemicals (Mlle. Mendeleiev). 


“Remember, those not willing or able to fight are to offer support and help the heroes leave the scene. Those who can and will, keep the Akuma away from the heroes and avoid getting hit. Protect the heroes at any and all costs. For Ladybug and Chat Noir!” Alya screamed, the Parisians screaming in turn, catching the heroes and Akuma off guard and drawing all attention to the army of pissed Parisians. 


The last thing Ladybug remembered was Max and Juleka leading her to the park and forcing her to lay down on the bench, where the second she laid down, she passed out, the lack of sleep finally catching up to her. 



When she finally came to, Ladybug was surrounded by young children and elders, as well as many people in wheelchairs and casts, all of whom were attending to her every need. 


“What happened?” she asked, looking around in surprise. Everyone turned to her, each one bearing a prideful smile. 


“We saved you and Chat Noir!” one of the younger children boasted, puffing her chest out. 


“Y-you did? Is everyone okay? What happe-” Ladybug was shushed by an elderly lady, who only pointed at the empty water fountain. 


Er. It used to be empty. 


In it was a tied-up Hawkmoth and Mayura, as well as Pitre, who was without his nose, where the Akuma was hidden. 


Finally taking in all of her surroundings, she noted that Chat was still asleep on the bench down a few feet, and the army of pissed Parisians hadn’t been a dream, but reality, as most of them were glaring grumpily at Hawkmoth, surrounding him and Mayura. 


She almost felt bad for them. 




“Here’s the akumatized object.” a man said, coming up to Ladybug. He placed the purple nose in her hand, which she immediately crushed and de-evilized the Akuma. 


Pitre was released, turning back into a very confused civilian. 


The civilian took in his surroundings, noticing Hawkmoth and Mayura next to him, and promptly screamed, standing and running away from them, hiding somewhere in the crowd of still angry Parisians. 


Chat was woken up by the man’s screaming. As he came to and took in his surroundings, he stood to hid behind Ladybug. 


“So I’m guessing that we didn’t catch Hawkmoth and Mayura. Who did?” 


Ladybug shrugged before gesturing to the general crowd. Chat stared at them for a while, before his lips spread into a thin line, and nodded. 


“Right. So a crowd of pissed Parisians managed to take down the supervillain we’ve been tracking for the past three years in,” Chat looked at the clock in the park for the time, “five hours?” 


Ladybug nodded, choosing to glare at Hawkmoth rather than ponder how did they do that , and why didn’t they try it before


Ladybug stepped up to Hawkmoth, looking at the crowd and realizing that quite literally, everyone in Paris was there. 


Chat stepped up behind her, putting his hand on her shoulder in a small show of support. 


She snapped back to Hawkmoth taking in Paris’ tormentor, before raising her hand. 


“Hawkmoth, you have abused Nooroo and the butterfly miraculous’s power for three years too long. As the Guardian of the miraculous, I strip you of the ability to wear a miraculous as well as place a twenty feet distance limit between you and any miraculous.” 


Ladybug grabbed the miraculous from Hawkmoth, quickly pulling it off of him as she completed the spell. A small crest formed where he had worn the miraculous as his transformation fell, leaving in his place, Gabriel Agreste. 


Chat Noir sucked in a breath and Ladybug didn’t hear him release it. She looked over her shoulder to see Chat shaking and backing away from the man. 


“No. No, no, no, no, no. This can’t be happening. No, no, no, no.” Chat fell and brought his knees to his chest, rocking slightly. 


Ladybug quickly did the same to Mayura, who was revealed to be Nathalie, and grabbed the panicking cat, leaving Gabriel and his assistant to the Parisians, still almost feeling sorry for him. 


Landing on her balcony, Ladybug heard an ear-piercing scream, and winced, still not feeling totally sorry for leaving the horrid man to deal with pissed Parisians alone. 


“Chat? Chat, are you okay? Do you know Gabriel?” 


Chat sucked in another breath at the mention of the man’s name, confirming that, yes, yes he did. Chat just shook his head, hyperventilating. 


Ladybug crouched down, putting both her hands on Chat’s shoulders, and looked him in the eye. 


“Copy my breathing. C’mon, in, out, breathe, it’ll all be ok, I promise.” Chat shuddered, attempting to control his breathing, staring into her eyes. After about five minutes of just breathing, Chat calmed down from his panic attack. He took a second before new tears streamed down his face, but he didn’t freak out again. 


“Do you know him?” Ladybug asked, finally sitting down, still holding Chat’s arms. Chat froze, looking at her for a second. “Well, I did promise you that we could reveal our identities after we defeated Hawkmoth, right?” 


A flicker of hope crossed Chat’s face before it was smothered under something more. 


“It’ll make more sense if I detransform.” Chat sighed, closing his eyes and turning his head up to the sky. 


Ladybug held her breath and nodded. 


“Plagg, claws in.” 


A green light temporarily blinded Ladybug, before dimming and revealing Adrien Agreste, sitting exactly where Chat had been. Ladybug’s jaw dropped as a million things flew through her mind, the two loudest being she rejected her crush, for her crush and Adrien’s father is an ass


She would’ve stood up to give Hawkmoth a beating herself if Adrien hadn’t been holding onto her in a death grip. 


Ladybug gathered her crush up in a tight hug that had him breaking down yet again. 


They sat there for almost two hours, Adrien crying on and off, Ladybug not letting go of him the whole time. 


When she finally did pull back, after Adrien calmed down yet again, she decided it was time for her to reveal herself to him. 


Saying the words in front of him felt wrong, she nearly stumbled on them as she muttered the transformation words. 


After the pink light died down and revealed Marinette, Adrien’s face sparked, and he hugged her again. 


“Why didn’t I see it? I mean, I literally called you our everyday Ladybug!” he laughed, tears falling down his face yet again. Marinette chuckled, her shoulders shaking with suppressed tears. 


“I’m so glad it’s you,” she whispered, leaning against him, resting her forehead on his shoulder, feeling his breath on her neck. 


“As much as we just love all that sappy stuff, I’m hungry, and I know for a fact that Adrien is out of Camembert.” Plagg groaned from the lawn chair. Tikki glared at him from her spot on the plants, though Marinette could hear her stomach grumbling. 


The two sniffling heroes finally stood and crawled down into Marinette’s bedroom, attempting to sneak down to the kitchen, but they were intercepted by Sabine. 


She was holding a snack tray, with snacks ranging from apples to cookies to cheese. Sabine handed it to them with a knowing smile, not saying a word as they trekked back to Marinette’s room. 


The two wordlessly agreed to think about what Sabine knew later on and set up a small fort with a few blankets chairs. 


Marinette turned on her computer as they settled down, watching over and over again the scrambled footage that some Parisians had taken, using all the posts to piece together what had happened. 


Marinette found one on her father’s story. 


The video showcased Sabine smashing Hawkmoth on the head with a pan, her face contorted with furious anger. 


Marinette heard her father sigh and mutter, “That’s my wife.” She let out a semi-disgusted grunt and quickly clicked off the page, instead clicking on Alya’s, and they watched a few hours' worth of videos, both now knowing exactly what had happened, and both were glad that they hadn’t been Hawkmoth. The Parisians' anger was not something to be laughed at if this impromptu riot said anything. 


“What do you think we’ll do now?” Adrien asked, lifting his head out of Marinette’s lap in favor of nuzzling against her shoulder as he hugged her. 


“I’m not sure.” Marinette turned her computer off, looking outside, surprised to find that it was dark out. 


As she swiveled her head back, she caught a glimpse of Tikki and Plagg curled up together on her chaise. Marinette looked back down at Adrien to find him soundly asleep, the dark circles under his eyes obvious, even in the dimly lit fort. She shifted so they were both laying down, and pulled the covers over top of them, cuddling close to her partner. As she ran her fingers through his hair, mindlessly untangling the soft blond locks, she pondered what would happen now. 


What would happen to Ladybug and Chat Noir now that Hawkmoth was taken down, and they did not need to stick around anymore? 


What would happen now that Paris didn’t have to suppress its feelings anymore? 


What exactly was her and Adrien’s relationship?


What did they want it to be?


So many questions flooded her mind, but she decided to set them to the side. 


Those were questions for future Marinette and Adrien, and for now, Marinette just wanted to sleep.