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When people generally first think of an anchor, what first comes to mind? Usually, they envision the anchor of a ship, right? Well, you’re probably wondering how exactly that relates to this story. In order to understand why, you need to know exactly what an anchor is. In case you didn’t know already, an anchor is a hook that holds a ship in place.

Without the anchor or a captain, the ship's movements are unpredictable, you don’t know what its next move is going to be. Sudden gusts of wind can cause detrimental effects. Or the bottom the ship can close into rough rocks scattered in the ocean causing it to shipwreck.

But when the ship uses an anchor, it keeps the ship grounded, it will be stationary in the ocean no matter what obstacles the ocean may give. To understand exactly what I mean, I guess you’ll have to find out in the end. For now, enjoy what you came here for you to read :)


“M-Mother?!” his voice tightened; tears filled his eyes. He took a slight step back in disbelief, his tears threatened to escape.

Indeed it was, a creamy white casket unmistakably stood before him. Emilie Agreste laid inside, unconscious with her fingers gently intertwined and her hands laid softly on her abdomen. Her face was peaceful and relaxed, almost as if she were just dreaming. Well, Chat Noir knew better than to hope for such a feat.

Chat Noir had a look of pure agony on his face. Confusion hitting him like a freight train, you could only imagine what he must be experiencing. Within a span of only a few hours he found out that practically everything he knew in his life was a lie.

His father was the one that terrorized Paris for the past two years. Alongside him, stood Mayura who was none other than Nathalie Sancoeur. She was his father’s assistant and the person who took care of the Agreste household. She wanted nothing more than Adrien to do his best in all the activities his father had imposed upon him. He always complied, but that was before he knew that she was also the accomplice of the man Chat Noir wanted nothing more than to put out of commission for good, alongside his lady of course.

Speaking of which, Ladybug stood adjacent to him in an alert stance, walking steadily towards Hawkmoth. She spun her yoyo on her side ready for action. As soon as she heard Chat utter that word, she almost tripped over nothing. She stopped walking towards Hawkmoth and instead focused her attention on Chat. She dropped her guard and placed her yoyo back on her waist.

She had a concerned look on her face as she cautiously observed him. The gears in her mind clicked into place. Sudden realisation hit her, and her heart ached painfully for her feline partner. She brought her hand up to her mouth and held back a sob that wanted to escape her throat.

She couldn’t comprehend how deep her partner’s suffering went right there and then. All she wanted to do was envelop him in a hug and just hold him at that moment without a second thought. She wanted to let him know that she would never betray his trust, that she would never abandon him and always be by his side.
His only family, everything he thought he knew was completely shattered. She had to restrain herself for now, and deal with the fundamental problem at hand.

Chat Noir spoke up in the midst of his turmoil, his voice was strained with anguish. “W-why…? What could you possibly hope to gain out of reviving…” Chat choked back a sob and took a deep breath before continuing, “reviving my mother?”

Hawkmoth answered nonchalantly. “I’m doing this for her Adrien... for you, for us. All I ever wanted was to revert the mistake that I have made. Emilie never deserved this fate; I was the one that forced her to wear that cursed jewel because-” He stopped himself before continuing. “ It is up to me now to change her fate, and the only thing which will fix that is the power of the Ladybug and the Black Cat miraculous” A determined look was evident on his face.

“No! Chat- Adrien listen to me, the universe must stay in balance no matter what. If Hawkmoth makes the wish there would be a terrible price to pay in exchange, if your mother came back to life someone innocent would have taken her place in the same fate or even worse… What if you took her place or someone you love happened to pay that price…? What if that person was me, would it truly be worth it?” Ladybug pleaded.

Ladybug noticed that Chat Noir had visibly gone silent in his demeanour as he stared blankly at his feet. He looked lost in thought, an expression on his face ranging from anger, sadness, uncertainty, confusion, agony.

Ladybug hated seeing her partner like that, she wanted nothing more than to return that gleeful smile she loved so damn much to him. It suited him so well, not this negative dark aura that emanated from him. That had no place there. She reassured herself that she must end this two-year war and return peace to Paris once again without fail. For good.

She was so focused on Chat Noir that she didn’t notice Mayura as she flashed out of sight.

Chat Noir had countless spiralling thoughts flowing through his mind. The main one that captivated him was the thought of his mother. He wanted more than anything to have her back, but this wouldn’t be the way she would want to come back. If she knew that someone innocent had taken her place just for her to live. She would never forgive him.

One thing that’s noticeably different from Adrien to his father is that Adrien knows that the ends don’t always justify the means. His father on the other hand may beg to differ. He is more than willing to go to any lengths if it means to get what he desires in the end, even if people get hurt along the way...

Hawkmoth shouted unexpectedly, both heroes flinching at his tone “Of course it is. I will go to any lengths to get her back! She means the world to me... I can’t imagine my life without her anymore!” Hawkmoth had a strong glare on the red and black spotted hero making her feel insignificant under his gaze.

“I won’t ask again, hand me your miraculous,” Hawkmoth’s gaze flickered briefly just beyond her, but Ladybug ignored it, “and we won’t have to use drastic measures in order to get what we want,” a knowing glint was present in his eyes.

Before Ladybug had time to process what Hawkmoth meant exactly by drastic measures, she felt sturdy legs behind her sweep her off her feet. She felt the air being knocked out of her lungs as the back of her head banged on the floor for a split second.

That second was sufficient enough for the enemy to have dominance over her. Mayura hastily stripped Ladybug of her yoyo and threw it over the bridge into the waters below them. Which left Ladybug without her only weapon of defence.

Mayura swiftly put Ladybug’s head in a headlock. Her icy cold hand covered her mouth. Ladybug’s eyes grew wide with fear. Mayura could easily put an end to her life, with the current position she was in. She would take her precious miraculous from her dead corpse. All the effort Ladybug put into the protection for her beloved city would have resulted to nothing.

A strangled whimper escaped her mouth at the sudden escalation of her situation. How could Hawkmoth and Mayura turn the tables so quickly? Ladybug underestimated them big time. Letting her guard down was her biggest mistake.


Chat Noir looked utterly defeated, the walls he’s built up were about to burst. Suddenly his cat ears twitched, registering a feminine like whimper right behind him. He flinched at the sound and broke out of his daze. He turned around, and his eyes widened with horror as he watched his lady helpless under Mayura’s control.

He closed his eyes and focused on his breath, trying to hold back the rush of emotions that were bound to destroy him sooner or later. He has to be strong now, especially for her, he can’t afford to be emotional about his life. No matter how shit it is right now. He can mope later, he must now put an end to what his father started. Chat knew what he had to do.

He snapped his eyes open, a determined glare now evident in them. He turned around swiftly, he took his baton from behind his back then extended it to the length of an average sabre.

“Get your filthy hands off of her!” Chat cried.

He briskly lunged forward at Mayura, his sudden movement startling everyone as he was completely still just a few seconds prior. Mayura’s grip on Ladybug tightened. Ladybug squeezed her eyes shut, she braced herself for the inevitable. Maybe she wouldn’t be able to fix everything like she always did, maybe this was the battle when that streak was lost. She would’ve failed Paris and all that she stood for… She would’ve failed Chat Noir...


Ladybug reluctantly opened her eyes and found herself rooted to the spot in the same place, strangely unharmed. She was beyond confused, she thought she heard something snap, most likely her neck. She thought she would’ve been in the afterlife by now or something. She then looked down and noticed a pool of blood inching towards her feet.

Ladybug was filled with dread. Was she perhaps a ghost now? She hastily turned around, expecting to see her dead body on the floor. Instead she faced a much shocking reality.

Mayura laid lifeless behind her, her glassy eyes were wide with terror. Her neck was at an awkward angle and her blood was beginning to seep over her lavender skin, staining her suit and the floor underneath.

Suddenly a blinding magenta light emerged from her body, making Ladybug squint from the sudden brightness. Where Mayura once laid was now replaced with Nathalie, blood was now soaking through her clothes. Duusu emerged from the peacock miraculous, with a sorrowful expression present on her face as she noticed her holder’s state.

Ladybug looked just beyond her and noticed Chat Noir staring over at the deceased body. Chat Noir reached down and snatched the cursed miraculous from her, Duusu faded back into the jewel, and he slipped it in his pocket. His eyes then grew wide with dismay as he took a step back in disbelief. She noticed that his hands had noticeably gained a dark crimson stain. The soles of his boots created red footprints from her blood.

“W-What d-did I just do...” his voice trembled. Tears were spilling, the pain in his eyes almost unbearable. “I... I killed someone”

“Chat- “she whispered.


Both heroes flinched and turned around to the direction of the alarmed voice. Hawkmoth was distressed, his heart broke as he witnessed the scene that had played out before him. He thought Mayura would have taken care of Ladybug and Chat Noir with ease, so he didn’t fuss about coming down to help her. The last thing he would have ever expected was Chat Noir, no, his own son ending her life.

He should have never underestimated them. If he didn’t then maybe things would have been different. Maybe he would already have their precious miraculous. His own flesh and blood betrayed him. That thought never escaped him. So that’s why he did what he did next.

Hawkmoth lunged at Chat Noir and pinned him to the floor. Making Chat squirm underneath him. Hawkmoth reached for his ring with hostility.


Hawkmoth hastily pulled his hand back. Ladybug rushed to his side and attempted to kick Hawkmoth off of him, but since Hawkmoth was physically stronger than her. He was able to overpower her and push her over the bridge. Her body crashed into the waters underneath.

“LADYBUG!” His heart dropped. This couldn’t be happening

He writhed under his father’s hold, grunting at the strain Hawkmoth put on his muscles as he tried to fight back. His anxiety consumed him. The only thought that repeated in his mind without end was that he had to save her. Ladybug was the only light that was left in his dark and miserable life. Without her, his humanity would have crumbled. The darkness would have consumed him entirely.

Suddenly his cat ears twitched, which registered a discreet coughing beneath him. He immediately untensed as his anxiety quickly dissipated. He didn’t realize he was holding his breath until he exhaled. She was alive, and that’s all that mattered to him. When the coughing ceased, he heard a hoarse voice, hers.

“Chat don’t worry about me! Please try and hold off on your own while you can, I need to do something first,”

“Alright” he yelled back.

Chat turned back towards his father’s vengeful gaze. The next words he spoke were in a nonchalant tone, which made Chat all the more fearful.

“I will have your miraculous. And when I do, I swear to you Emilie and Nathalie will return... We will be a family again. I thought you missed your mother as much as I do. I don’t care what price I have to pay for her to return. And frankly, you should do the same. I seem to have misjudged you, that dreadful bug has influenced you, don’t you see that she’s the real bad guy here. She’s the one who’s preventing your mother from coming back to us! Preventing us to truly be happy again. Why are you still siding with her knowing that?’’

“Do you know how long I have waited for you! I thought you were mourning so I gave you space. I did everything you required me to do. You distanced yourself from me when I needed someone. I had to grieve alone! With no one there to comfort me in the days I needed it the most! It was a long and difficult process but eventually I had moved on and accepted that she was... dead. Then one day I was chosen to be Chat Noir, to defeat YOU! That was the day I met the most amazing girl. She accepted me for who I was, flaws and all. She was there for me when I needed someone and that is the most precious gift of all. Her and I are fighting for the same thing. Peace and justice!” Chat Noir was stirred.

There were so many more things he wanted to say. But he knew the plan. They’ve been doing it for so long already. Distract the enemy while Ladybug finds a way to defeat the villain. It has always worked. He hoped it wouldn't fail now.

“How do you think I feel! To find out that my own father has been the one victimizing the entire city for the past two years. That I was the one who had to fix up your messes every single time. I was living under the same roof as you and never noticed anything remotely odd about you! I would never forgive myself for that... And then I find out that all this time you are trying to revive my mother. If you loved her, you would understand that she wouldn’t want to be brought back like this.” He slowed himself before continuing.

“She wouldn’t want it at the expense of someone’s life. I miss her with all my heart, but...I WOULDN’T OVERRULE HER VALUES JUST FOR HER SAKE! That’s why I’m siding with her. I’ve mourned my mother and moved on like any rational human being. Maybe you should try it sometime instead of going too far...” Chat Noir had a stern glare directed at him, no longer fearful of anything that would follow next.

The sound of a yoyo that yanked onto the bridges’ railing took Chat’s attention. A splash was distinctly heard; then the sight of Ladybug came into his view. She was soaking wet from the waters below, her bangs unkempt as hair strands were sprawled everywhere. She patiently waited for a chance to strike.

Hawkmoth was horror struck at his words, ‘so this was how his son felt... What if he’s right? Am I taking this too far?’ he thought. In his daze, his grip loosened on Chat. That was a big mistake.

Chat felt him release the tension on his limbs and used that moment to bring his knees up to his chest and kick him into the air. Hawkmoth went flying, then Ladybug used her yoyo and jerked him back to the ground, he toppled over at the impact. Ladybug wrapped her yoyo around his arms preventing him from escaping. Hawkmoth flailed around violently, but it was hopeless.

Chat Noir was trudging towards him, once Gabriel was within his reach he leaned down with his non cataclysmic hand and grabbed the butterfly miraculous from his chest and slipped it in the same pocket where the peacock miraculous was.

A bright lavender light shone from his body Nooroo fading back into the jewel, where Hawkmoth once was now stood Gabriel Agreste. He looked utterly defeated, his eyes were fixed on the ground.

Ladybug dragged him out of the Agreste bunker and carried him out of the mansion. Chat Noir was about to follow until he noticed the creamy white casket again. He couldn’t just leave her there. He walked towards it and pressed the opening switch. The glass slowly but surely slid open which revealed Emilie Agreste’s vulnerable state.

Chat looked down at his miraculous and noticed he had twenty minutes left before he de-transformed. Ever since Ladybug was deciphering the grimoire, she has provided herself and Chat with useful upgrades. This was because they needed to be able to last longer in battles because Hawk Moth was starting to manifest more dangerous villains.

Ladybug concocted a solution for their kwamis to consume. This solution was a powerup which allowed them to stay transformed for thirty minutes after they activated their powers. Which was really helpful with the multiple villains Hawkmoth sent their way.

Chat reached up to his mother’s temple with his non deadly hand and gently grazed it all the way down her face. Even though he was in his suit he could still just imagine how soft her skin was. Her scent was so nostalgic that it made his eyes brim with tears at the memory. Chat reached down and picked up his mother, he carried her bridal style and quickly followed suit after Ladybug.

The press were anxiously waiting outside the ancient gates, along with the police force. A few hours earlier there have been several witnesses spotting Ladybug and Chat Noir entering the Agreste mansion, no akuma alert was sent out to Parisians so naturally they were very puzzled. Soon word had gotten out to the public about it.

As soon as Ladybug pushed the gates open. She was surrounded with reporters left and right. They were swarming her with multiple questions...

“Ladybug, why were you in the Agreste mansion?”

“Why is Gabriel Agreste all tied up?”

“Was someone akumatized?”

“Why wasn’t there an akuma alert?”

“Who is that woman Chat Noir is holding?”

“Was she akumatized?”

“Did Gabriel Agreste assault you?”

Ladybug was slightly disturbed at that last question. The police seemed to notice Ladybug’s current dilemma, so they made their way through the press and created an opening around the side for her to get through along with Gabriel. Policemen were already rapidly barging into the mansion.

Officer Roger approached her from his police car with a curious look.

“Ladybug, what’s going on? And why is Mr. Agreste tied up?” he asked. Then suddenly his eyes widened in realization. Why else would Ladybug have tied him up. And not notified them about an akuma alert.

“He’s Hawkmoth, isn’t he?” already knowing the answer.

Ladybug, registering the question, quickly turned her attention to Chat Noir, who was holding his mother in his arms. He was giving her a sad kitten look and gave her a slow nod. She turned her gaze back to Officer Roger and gave a downcast nod.

“Just as I thought…” He sighed before continuing. “Thank you, Ladybug, Chat Noir for finally putting an end to this war. A long overdue victory if I don’t say so myself.” A grateful gaze was present on his face.

Officer Roger then took his transceiver in his hand, “Requesting backup I repeat requesting backup at the Agreste estate. Hawkmoth has just been defeated and his identity was revealed to be Gabriel Agreste himself.” He turned his attention to Chat noticing he had an unconscious woman in his arms. “Recruit the forensic department, as this turned out to be a crime scene. Also send an ambulance. There’s a victim.”

And with that note Officer Roger ended the line on his transceiver. Then turned his attention to the officers surrounding him.

“Take him away boys.” He simply stated, as he pointed towards Gabriel.

A police officer approached Ladybug, then leaned down and handcuffed Gabriel, Ladybug then released her yoyo. She watched as the police officers shoved him headfirst into the police car and drove off.


Gabriel’s mind was stirring. In the end he didn’t win, he didn’t save Nathalie or his wife. She would forever be in that magical coma and he would never see her eyes flutter open again. He’d miss her warm emerald ocean that he constantly kept drowning in. How she allured him with her demeanour. He’d miss being a complete family again, with her and Adrien.

Nathalie was by his side for over 15 years. Even though she was only his secretary, she felt more like family. She has been maintaining order of the household, making sure Adrien’s, Emilie’s and his schedule were up to par.

Even when Emilie started getting dizzy spells from the effects of the peacock miraculous, she brought her soup to her room when she couldn’t walk; cancelled sessions on her schedule and even just doing girl talk with her made her day. He was forever grateful for her efforts to help her.

When he told her that he was Hawkmoth, she wasn’t surprised in the slightest. She even offered to aid him in his quest to revive Emilie, because like him she also missed her dearly. Unfortunately, her efforts only went in vain in the end. The thought only added to his inevitable grief and sorrow... And now he was going to atone for his mistake in jail. A fitting punishment for him, everyone would agree on that.

Back at the Agreste mansion, Ladybug was answering the reporters’ concerns about the current situation. Also the prime-time reporter Nadja Chamack was broadcasting live. She addressed the Parisians at home, who weren’t at the scene.

“Don’t be bemused, it’s just the news! Since early this evening, Ladybug and Chat Noir have put an end to Hawkmoth’s activity. His identity was none other than the famous fashion designer Gabriel Agreste. We don’t know why he became Hawkmoth, but we do know that Parisians now can rest easy knowing that akumatizations will cease to appear from here on in!” Nadja turned around to face Ladybug and Chat Noir, the cameraman turning the camera in the same direction.

“Thank you, Ladybug, Chat Noir,” she looked at them both as she said their names. “For protecting our beloved city, we are forever in your debt” Nadja spoke with a joyful tone.

Ladybug replied with a gentle tone. “You’re welcome Nadja!”

Chat Noir was overwhelmed, It all happened so fast...

He could hear multiple sirens in the distance as they were approaching swiftly. Within ten seconds an ambulance hastily pulled into his view. Paramedics exiting from the rear doors. A slender woman spotted Emilie in Chat Noir’s arms and rushed to his side with urgency. Chat hesitated.

“Don’t worry we’re not going to hurt her” she stated hastily. Her voice was calm and composed, even though she was in a hurry. Chat visibly relaxed. “We need to examine her carefully for any health concerns. I promise we will inform you on her status when she shows signs of consciousness, but the longer we wait, she may not make it...”

Those words hit Chat like a freight train, if there was even the slightest chance to save his mother, he wouldn’t hesitate. He let the woman take Emilie and placed her in a gurney. Several other paramedics helped her and pulled her swiftly into the ambulance. Chat watched helplessly as they put an oxygen mask over her refined face. The paramedics closed the rear doors, and drove away rapidly towards the hospital.

Chat Noir’s ring beeped, it signalled that he had ten minutes left before he de-transformed. He should be leaving soon. He didn’t want to stay near the mansion for another minute, but he was patiently waiting for Ladybug to finish with the press. He needed to tell her something. Suddenly Chat Noir’s feline ears twitched, he picked up two police officers conversing in the inside of the Agreste mansion.

“Yikes,” A lean male officer stated.
“Her death sure wasn’t pretty. Who knew why Hawkmoth did this to her...” His colleague replied.

Chat then noticed them as they strolled out of the mansion, in their arms was a body bag, with blood stains seeping through it. Chat’s eyes widened as he remembered exactly who could've been inside. “Nathalie...” he whispered to himself.

Chat Noir turned his gaze to his feet, his misery returned to him like a bullet. Memories pierced back into his mind. The wall he was patching up the entire battle was about to explode. His anxiety started to soar. He needed to leave. Now.

In a swift motion he took out his baton and used it to propel him through the air onto a Paris rooftop, then he sprinted.

This went unnoticed by Ladybug, as she was watching Chat Noir as he disappeared from sight. She wouldn’t leave him alone right now, not with the current state he was in. She finished answering one of the reporter's questions. Took her yoyo in hand, that was restored on her waist, spun it and hooked onto a streetlight, and went after him.

Ladybug observed her surroundings on a rooftop. Chat Noir was nowhere in her sight. Her brows furrowed. She took her yoyo in hand and pressed the button that lit up her screen. She opened her tracking app and saw a lime green pad was emanating on her map, and just like that, she soared through the city with her yoyo in search of her partner.

Chat Noir landed on top of the Montparnasse tower. He immediately collapsed, the walls he had built burst, the waters breaking through causing him to drown in his sorrow. His eyes brimmed with tears, they threatened to fall.

Soon enough they streaked his face. His eyes turned red, he curled himself into a ball and bawled. His mind was extremely agonizing. His heart tore apart to no end. It throbbed so intensely in his ears. It broke so much it was hurting him, burning inside of him. His screams were piercing the peacefulness of the sunset.

People for miles may have heard him, but he didn’t give a damn. The guilt was eating away at him. Practically destroying him in the process. Deep down he just wanted it to all end. Today was the worst day of his life. He didn’t want to go through this pain anymore. His life was just a simple means to an end anyways...

Ladybug zipped up the tower and landed on the big blue dot in the centre of the top. Her eyes landed on Chat Noir and noticed his state. Her eyes landed on his back, he was curled into a fetal position, he had irregular spasms. He was tensing up and shaking. Just the mere sight of him, made her heart ache.

His ring gave out a final beep before the magical suit was stripped off of him, leaving Adrien Agreste behind instead. Plagg flew out of the ring, exhausted and settled on his shoulder comforting him.

In an instant she rushed to his side. She cautiously reached her hand out slowly, not wanting to frighten him, then laid her hand on his back. He immediately stopped shaking and relaxed at her touch. She rubbed soothing circles on his back, causing him to sit up and look up at her.

Her beautiful ocean eyes clashed with his emerald ones; His eyes were red from all the crying he was doing. His refined face was drenched with tears. She couldn’t hold back anymore, she swiftly pulled him into her embrace. “Ladybug!” his voice sounded confused, and broken from crying, but nevertheless he was relieved. She was there, with him... that’s all that mattered to him.

Adrien didn’t resist hugging her back. They stayed like that for some time, enjoying the comfort and warmth they gave each other.

“Wow, m’lady you're freezing,” he chuckled lightly, he wanted to lighten the mood.

She lightly chuckled back. Ladybug knew him well though. That he was just trying to delay the inevitable. That he didn’t want to come to terms with reality just yet. She spoke up, no matter how much she was stressing over him right now, her voice remained calm and subdued.

“Adrien I- “

“This is all too much for me,” he suddenly blurted out. “I was so stupid, I never even noticed anything about my father, what his plans were or anything strange.” He leaned back and focused on her as he spoke.

“You are not stupid Adrien, I don’t blame you for what happened alright,” she replied.

“But you should. I’m a freaking superhero for crying out loud. It’s my job to notice these things... My mother, who I thought was dead, was apparently downstairs in this bunker I had no clue about, the entire time! On top of that, my father was the one taking advantage of people’s emotions in this city, turning them into freaking supervillains. And I was the one cleaning up his shit every single time.” He had a deranged look on his face.

“Also, the only sort of ‘motherly figure’” He acted out air quotes as he went on. “Was also helping him...S-she was about to kill you, a-and out of impulse I killed her with my bare hands before she even had the chance... I didn’t want to kill anyone, but my anger got the best of me. I-I d-didn’t want to lose you... I couldn’t lose you. You’re the only person left in my life that I feel safe with, that I love so much... I need you Ladybug, I don't know what I would do, say, or think without you here to help me...” He buried his head further into the crook of her neck, he soaked up all the warmth and comfort she provided him

Ladybug was shocked by the sudden confession, but instead of pushing him away like she always does, she didn’t this time. Something was different, and she was alright with that.

Suddenly Adrien’s phone started ringing, but it was his ‘superhero phone’.

About a year ago Mr. Bourgeois suggested that the city should have a way of contacting Ladybug and Chat Noir when they were civilians, if there were any complications in the city to alert them about of course. So they provided them with these ‘superhero phones’.

Adrien reluctantly pulled out of her embrace, he already missed her warmth and answered the call. What he heard next shook him to his core.

“Hello, is this Chat Noir?” an unfamiliar female voice asked.

“Yes, this is he,”

“Oh, that’s good.” Her voice was cheerful, which made him ease up.

“You know the unconscious woman you were carrying outside the mansion. We have examined the patient and have been doing some tests. And I am very happy to say that she has been showing signs of consciousness after we’ve provided her with an antidote to her current predicament. I’m certain she will be waking up soon.”

Adrien froze, his eyes widened and dropped the phone in his lap. His mind was in total turmoil. ‘This must’ve been a dream, right? His mother waking up was something he only dared to hope.’ he thought. Fate was being kinder to him and he was eternally grateful.

Ladybug had a concerned gaze on her face as she watched his reaction.

“A-Adrien, what happened? Are you ok?” she asked tentatively

Adrien snapped back to reality and registered her question.

“I-It’s my mother, she’s going to wake up.” His eyes were brimming with tears once more, but they weren’t sad tears, they were happy tears, full of relief. A favourable expression was finally returning to his features. Ladybug couldn’t help but awe at him. Today wasn’t the worst day of his life. It was the start of something anew. A fresh start frankly is what they needed. They both smiled at the thought.

Adrien pulled her into his embrace once more, he relished in her comfort once again. Maybe, just a little bit, he could finally be okay.

“Ladybug, promise me something,” he asked tentatively.

“Anything,” she replied instantly.

“That no matter what fate has in store for us, will you always be there for me when I need you?”

Ladybug smiled in awe, of course she would. She loved him too much to ever abandon him like that, especially after what he’s been through. Even after his confession to her it made her all the more certain. There was no doubt about it. She loved him too.

“Always” she replied earnestly.

Ladybug was his anchor, she kept him grounded, she kept him strong and secure. Without her, his life would have been different a long time ago. He now has hope, as his waters have gone steady. As he emerges onto the surface a new journey will emerge. A new chapter in his life.

That’s not to say that it won’t come without challenges, which it will. But you know what that’s ok as long as they have each other they will be ok. And that’s all that really matters.