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Leave one dragon alive...

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Daenerys…, Dany, her memory was all that Jon had left in the hell that was his life, he thought that with the wildings in the north of the wall he could continue… continue on, but he couldn't.

She had been his life, his love, his everything ... and when he discovered it was when he stabbed her in the heart, without a doubt Jon would have preferred that they had killed him instead of leaving him alive, every day when he woke up he saw her face, her beautiful face that had truly loved him and with all her heart, and what he had given her in return, nothing, he had taken everything from her.

He hated himself for what he did and in his heart he tried to convince himself that he had done the right thing, but he knew he was not, he was not by her side when she needed him most, alone, without anyone, whatever person with her power and in her situation could have done the same as her.

She was the same woman she fell in love with when they spoke in the iron throne room, telling him stories of her about her childhood, but those he considered his family and friends had blinded him with words like " mad queen ”.

Jon knew it was not like that, she was still there inside her, he only had to have reciprocated her love and she would have returned, she had a chance to return, but he had ended that possibility by betraying her and killing her.

Every night he woke up screaming, as he relived that horrible scene in the throne room and it always ended the same way, no matter how much Jon wanted it to be otherwise, he tried to continue with his life thinking that he could forget, but as the months passed he realized that it was impossible, many wild women tried to approach him and warm his bed at night, but Jon rejected them all, he could not be with another woman again, ever.

Tormund, his dear friend, tried to make him stay with them, but he could not convince him, Jon only convinced him to stay with Ghost and take care of him, wherever Jon went, he had to go alone, because he planned to go as far north as possible, in search of the sweet embrace of death, he would walk until the cold killed him and thus be able to meet Dany again in the afterlife.

He set out on foot the next morning, and for weeks he continued traveling until his supplies ran out, by then he had already left behind forests, hills and mountains and, before him lay the frozen wastes of the very end of the world, thinking about the life he could have had with Dany, it would have been a very good life, he would have loved her more than his own life and she would have reciprocated and perhaps they could have been parents, at death's door, Jon continued to pursue broken dreams.

Despite the lack of food, he continued on, the cold penetrated him to the bones, but even so it was not enough to kill him, as he walked with the only company of his thoughts, he began to think about the causes of the hell in which he was found.

Sansa ... his sister, and Tyrion the bastard dwarf, they had caused everything, Sansa, who he considered his sister, revealed the secret that his father, Ned Stark kept for much of his life, however she only kept it in secret for a few hours, even though she swore by her Stark honor to keep it and she broke the oath she had made in the godswood of her home in front of a heart tree, SHE WAS NOT A STARK, she was nothing more than a bitter bitch, envious and spiteful, who only wanted to rule the fucking north and who didn't care at all, she still saw him as the bastard her mother taught her to despise.

And Tyrion, the rich and whoremongering dwarf, had spent his whole life among the luxuries of Lannister, the traitor, he should have imagined it, he himself betrayed his own family, as he was not going to betray Daenerys, at the slightest opportunity he didn´t not hesitate to try put him on the throne even though he said to exhaustion that he did not want it, he was scandalized when Dany burned the city… And what was expected, is that they did not teach him the history of Westeros as a child?, many Targaryen kings had burned cities to the ground and history had seen them as great kings like Aegon the conqueror or Jaehaerys the old king.

However, he already thought that she was mad like her father, damn fool, then he convinced him that the only way was to kill her, it was the only way, the only way for Tyrion to save himself from the death.

Jon knew that people showed themselves as they were when they were at death's door, and Tyrion had shown himself to be nothing more than a creeping, disgusting worm capable of trampling on anyone and using any questionable way to save his useless dwarf life.

He used the argument of his sisters, those who at that time still thought they loved him, to convince him ... and he did so and hated himself more than anything for having allowed himself to be convinced, but, he often wondered, that the gods Whoever they are, why they always saved the dwarf from dying, maybe it was because they were amused, the drunken and whoremongering dwarf, who gives horrorous advice to his allies who trust him, Jon supposed that the gods would be amused by Tyrion and his stupid jokes about dicks and balls, otherwise why would they always save him from death?

Arya, his beloved sister, did not betray him like her sister the new Cersei, no, she just looked him in the eyes and told him that she only saw Dany as a shield to use against the white walkers and that once used, that they should get rid of her because she was a murderer and she recognized a murderer, said it the same one who killed all the Frey relatives, who prepared cakes with their corpses and then fed them to their father, yes ... and it was Dany the sadistic, cruel and mad.

Bran, with all his powers over the visions, could not or did not want to do anything to warn them, he only went to the capital to proclaim himself king, but could he not be lord of anything? He did not live in the past?

And Sam, that fat man, unable to fend for himself, just saw him after several years, told him who Jon really was and tried to put Dany against him arguing that he was the rightful king and that she had killed his Father and brother, but hadn't they both revealed themselves against the Tyrells? Weren't they traitors? He didn't give them the choice to kneel and continue living? Besides, isn't he supposed to have made an oath to the Night's Watch? So what was he doing as Grand Master in the Red keep?

Everyone who believed his friends and family had betrayed him or taken him away from her, and now all of them were in the south, enjoying their good life while he sought death on the roof of the world, he was the one who stained the hands with the blood of his love, supposedly, so that everyone could live and yet he had been the big loser in all that.

He hated them, surely they did not remember him, happy with their kingdoms, their crowns and their positions of great power, but he did remember them, he remembered their faces, in his mind they laughed at him and that infuriated him and set him on fire, the flames of his hatred, it was hatred that kept him warm in the frozen white deserts.

And thinking about all that Jon found himself inadvertently in front of a fortress, a dark and silent fortress made of stone, iron and ice, that had been there for countless ages, it was always surrounded by clouds and the sunlight had not been able to reach that place.

Just looking at it gave chills, who would build it? Jon wondered, where would they get the iron to make it, where would they forge it?

Cautiously Jon approached the silent place, there were no entrance doors, just a tunnel that led to the dark and cold interior, in front of the door, outside, Jon, saw a strange ice altar, surrounded by ice tips that were coming off the ground, then he realized.

Was this the abode of the white walkers? Jon thought, this is where they must have slept for millenniums until they woke up a few years ago, when their journey began, the night king had died and with him all his servants, so the fortress would be empty, or so he hoped.

After all, hunger and cold threatened to make him fall to his knees and die, and Jon would have wanted it that way, but there was something in that fortress, something that called him, a female voice, maybe it was a hallucination but Jon he thought he heard Dany's voice, his only love, calling out to him.

Inside the fortress total darkness reigned, the entrance tunnel extended for many meters until it reached a room, high and spacious, there was very little light but Jon could recognize some creepy and strange ice statues that covered the walls, the only looking at them froze his blood, the silence was absolute, nothing was heard except the sound of his breathing.

Among the statues on the walls, Jon could make out what looked like small rooms, had no doors, and were completely filled with the ice that made up the wall, but Jon let out a scream of pure terror when he could distinguish a humanoid figure inside the wall of ice from one of the rooms, they were alive, the white walkers still lived and in the future they would return.

Jon started to run from there terrified by the horrors that he had just seen, but a last look at the room made him stop, at the bottom, there were some ice stairs, which went up to a pedestal, where there was a sinister sword.

Something made him stop and want to see that mysterious blade up close, hesitantly he approached, the ice statues on the walls seemed to indicate the way and they looked at him with their frosty eyes, he finally reached the sword, which rested on the pedestal.

It was a very old sword, forgotten by time, it was made of steel, but there were some parts made of ice, and the whole blade was covered with symbols and runes of the white walkers and the children of the forest, it was long, longer than Longclaw on his waist.

The little light in the room came from a small window in the ceiling from which came a shaft of dim, cold and distant light that illuminated the resting place of the sword, something inside Jon told him that he should take the sword , and another part told him that he should get out of there.

Suddenly and without warning, the people who had turned their backs on Dany and who had moved away from her came to his head, there they were all, laughing at him for having done what they had told him to do, kill the love of his life, how they laughed as they reigned and enjoyed the lives they had because of him, because of what he had done.

He had believed that they also wanted the best for the people, that is why they told him to kill his Dany, but it was a lie, they only wanted to live and be able and to enjoy it, and he obeyed them, he always made decisions for the good of all, never for his own, duty… , what was duty compared to Dany's love?

With this new power he could return and take revenge on them, nothing and no one could prevent him, the gods, whoever they were, turned their backs on him and benefited those who were to their liking, they had used and betrayed him, well, the gods would have to be Watching how he returned for the lives of the people who they had benefited, now he would enjoy taking their lives with that sword, whom he considered his friends and family.

He listened to them, he obeyed them, he died inside by listening to them and killing her and they betrayed him, well, he would never again obey or listen to anyone, he was fed up, for once in his life he would make his own decision.

With one swift movement, he reached up, grasped the hilt, and took the sword.

Instantly, his eyes turned blue like frost, his hair turned bone white and the runes of the sword lit up in a blue tone as the sky, Jon felt how the cold penetrated his being, offering him power, a unimaginable power, a power with which he could bring justice to those who had taken everything from him, the justice they deserved, the power to take revenge was his, and he willingly accepted it, gave himself to it.

His body changed, but not like that of a white walker, he kept his flesh and blood, however the cold emanated from his and his skin turned pale.

A crack called the attention of his now overdeveloped instincts he turned his gaze to the walls and a white walker had just awakened from his frozen sleep, three others broke the ice and joined him, all had spikes on their heads and looked like the night king, when they saw the blue eyes and the sword that Jon was wielding, they went to the foot of the stairs and knelt before him.

Jon could feel how the entire fortress was at his command, as if he wanted to, he could wake up all the white walkers who slept here, he even felt like he could control the winter storm that raged outside the fortress, but he couldn't stop thinking about Dany , the people in Essos loved her, they saw her as their mother, they accepted her and she cared for them and loved them.

However, the people of Westeros didn't even give her a chance, they hated her for who she was, that was the people of Westeros, they were just hatred, betrayal, thirst for power, resentment ... and Jon knew he was right, he had experienced it with his own family, the world would be a better place without Westeros and its people, they were too corrupted, the wildings were the only ones who had neither hated nor rejected her, Tormund even toasted her at the feast after the battle.

With superhuman speed he turned around and on the pedestal where the sword rested and using all the power at his disposal, he made the ice grow, made it grow up and molded it at his will until he took the shape of the only person that had truly loved him, he would always love her, so he maked sure she would live forever.

He gave the ice the form in which he remembered Dany, beautiful, loving, kind… good, the statue of Daenerys Targaryen would rule here, on the top of the stairs above the other statues, where no one could come back to harm her, here she would be, in this room forgotten by time with its beauty intact for all eternity, until the very end of days.

Jon ran a hand down her icy face and looked into her eyes as a tear rolled down his cheek until it froze, she loved him and he would always love her.

Then he turned around, looked at the white walkers who were still kneeling, now was the time, the time to save Westeros, he would do it for Dany, as a token of his eternal love for her, he would free Westeros of evil men and women as she had wanted, he would fulfill her wish, it was time.

With a dead voice and from beyond the grave he said:

"The entire Westeros must be purged."

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Jon did not need to eat or drink or sleep, now he had become what he swore to destroy, a being of darkness, of nightmare. However, Jon had stopped caring what people would think of him when they saw him, he had a mission, he would rid the world of evil people, just like Dany had wanted to do, he would complete the mission in her place, and when it was all over, he would stick on himself that cursed sword and join her.

He took one last look at the statue of his love, and remembered the nights he had spent with her, and a hint of a smile formed on his cold lips as he remembered the nights on that ship, when the two became one, Jon remembered, the warmth, the humidity and the love inside her, and how they both loved each other because they couldn't sleep without being hugged.

But then he remembered those who took him away from her, and his fury increased but also his decision to do what he had to do, he immediately left the fortress with the four white walkers following him closely, they obeyed him without hesitation, Jon controlled their minds through the sword.

He was preparing to leave for the south, but before he stopped before the ice altar, surrounded by ice tips that came out of the snowy ground, he was death now, he was no longer Jon Snow, so he unbuckled Longclaw's belt, He took it out of its sheath and looked at the sword for the last time, he was not worthy to wield it, no man who had done what he was worthy to wield it, so he nailed it in the center of the ice altar with the intention of leaving it there, as symbol that Jon Snow had died there.

So, he left to the south, the white walkers followed closely, none of them needed to stop for the affairs of the living, no, they were death, a winter storm followed Jon as if it were a lap dog.

During the weeks it took to get to the wall, Jon thought about attacking the Wildings to swell his army, but he quickly discarded it, they did not consider themselves part of Westeros and they were right, they were good people, the kind of people who maybe could repopulate the continent when their work was done.

However he did not think the same of the Night's Watch, rapists, murderers, traitors ... the scum that the powerful considered the worst of the worst, his family had wanted him to remain there, among them, they believed that this was his place, and In a way it was, he was a traitor, a murderer and he knew that many of the members of the Watch would prefer to have died for their crimes as he had wanted, so he would grant them their wish, as for the rest ... they also deserved to die, otherwise they would not be there.

They saw him from the top of the wall, when wearing his Watch clothes, they thought he was a missing brother and they let him in, some brothers received him in the tunnel, when they saw his eyes that shone blue and frosty it was too late, Jon killed them and revived them as specters, despite being his first time in the practice of raising the dead, the sword proved to help Jon in this regard.

When they left the tunnel in the courtyard of Castle Black, Jon ordered the wraiths to do what they did best, and he would accompany them, no one in the castle could stand up to Jon, no one.

He searched the entire castle in search of survivors, this had been his castle for a time of his life and he knew all its hiding places and indeed he found some brothers trying to hide and survive, his pleas did not stop Jon's dark sword .

At the end of the day Jon had taken over several dozen specters but he needed more, many more, he called his white walkers, who crossed the wall without problems, since the old magical protection had disappeared when the wall was broken in Eastwatch.

He decided to send them to Moletown and the villages near Castle Black to swell the ranks of his army, meanwhile he would go to the Shadow Tower in the east and end what little was left of the Watch forever.

After massacring the Watch in the Shadow Tower, Jon met with his lieutenants, they had brought him together only a score of specters, Jon had expected more, however with the brothers of the Shadow Tower Jon already had more than a hundred specters, so he decided to start visiting small towns and villages further south.

Along the way Jon began to see why his lieutenants had brought him so few dead, the north showed signs of a terrible famine, Jon found abandoned villages and the bodies of starving animals and people, who were welcomed into his army.

Without a doubt, the terrible government of Sansa and its so precious independence from the rest of the kingdoms of Westeros had taken their toll, it was still winter throughout the continent and the house that now ruled in Highgarden was not going to bother to send the food of its people and from the rest of the kingdoms united to some treacherous and proud Northerners who would not even return the favor if the opportunity arose.

They wanted to never kneel before anyone again, now they knelt before death and Jon was death.

Those killed by the famine added a couple of hundred to Jon's army who decided to go to Lord Glover's castle, Glover was one of the worst, he had refused to fight and put his men in the battle of Winterfell just because Jon had sworn allegiance to Dany.

He was the example that the people of Westeros had no salvation and had to die, the attack was a success, no one knew that they were coming, no one knew that they existed and that they had returned, all the people of the castle died in a single night, except Lord Glover, Jon gave orders to the white walkers to keep him alive, he wanted to kill him himself.

They took him out to the courtyard dragging him by the arms, all the inhabitants of the castle, including Glover's family were there watching the scene in silence with their cold blue eyes, they put him on his knees as Jon approached, when Lord Glover saw him, he changed his face between one of fear to one of anger.

"You ...", he said spitting, "you are a TRAITOR!"

But Jon didn't let him continue quickly grabbing him by the neck with one hand as the white walkers beside him kept him on his knees and held him tight.

"No ..." Jon said in his deathly voice, "you are the traitor", Lord Glover's expression changed to one of pure terror and Jon's overdeveloped senses felt how Glover shitted all over himself.

Instantly Glover's neck began to freeze around Jon's hand as he strengthened his grip around his neck, Glover would have screamed if he could have, the Lord's neck turned to ice and Jon pulled up causing the ice on his neck snapped in an explosion of ice, blood and bone.

Jon looked at the head of the bald and bearded Lord, his expression of terror and pain was printed on his face, by separating his head from his pathetic body he had also torn off part of his spine which was still attached to the head and dripped blood on it. On the ground, with his work done, he threw his head out of sight and left there with his specters, but not before a white walker stepped on the decapitated head, spreading its dirty contents on the ground.

Jon immediately went to Dreadfort, he did not have much time before his presence was detected, along the way several explorers spotted part of his army but when they told what they had seen the people did not believe them and they said they had been defeated and laughed of them, if they only knew.

Jon did not know which family Dreadfort now occupied and he did not care either, when he finished with his work there, his army already had a thousand of specters, and it was time to visit the queen in the north.

Nobody knew they were coming, nobody would believe those who had seen them, that was better, Winterfell seemed to have no shortage of food or supplies of any kind, of course Sansa would prefer to keep the most insignificant of her luxuries while she let her people starve, Jon wasn't surprised.

He was aware that Winterfell could be very difficult to take if things went wrong and that the castle garrison could wipe out many of their forces, so hours before the attack Jon summoned a great winter storm and unleashed it on the castle, soon, snow, hail, and ice began to hit the old fortress.

The blizzard would hide their army until it was too late, wrapped in the storm they approached, as stealthily as possible, the visibility was so bad, that Jon and his lieutenants were in front of the great gates and the guards on the walls hadn´t seen them.

Jon nailed his sinister sword into the wood of the gates, instantly the ice spread through the doors and with a great crack they gave way and fell to the ground with a great crash, instantly a horde of corpses entered through the doors and invaded the yard.

The guards on the walls watched in terror as the dead spread through the castle and entered the kennels, the sept and the tower of the Maester, where Wolkan, the Maester of Winterfell was dismembered alive by a group of bloodthirsty specters scattering flesh, blood and guts on the ground.

Jon's white walkers walked the walls mercilessly killing the guards who had not descended from them to defend the castle, Jon meanwhile, strolled through the courtyard of his old home, watching as the desperate soldiers tried to defend themselves from their specters and killing soldiers stupid enough to attack him.

Fools, they had thrown away all the dragonglass that they used in the long night, probably Sansa would have sold the weapons of the precious material to be able to buy food for the winter, also she would not have been able to buy much, after all, how much gold could she demand in weapons that kill enemies they've already defeated?

What little food she could have gotten, she would have kept for herself.

The soldiers were defenseless before him and his army, and all died, when no one was left alive on the outside Jon picked up the fallen soldiers, who numbered in the hundreds, and gave the order to enter the castle, what followed later was a carnage.

Women, children, the elderly ... Jon did not care, they all had to die, he did not care if they were innocent, he did not care that some of them had not wanted to separate from the rest of the kingdoms or that some did not want Sansa as queen, for them It was already too late.

All the rooms and rooms of the castle were opened and its inhabitants massacred, the blood of all them was spreaded all over the floor, all were dead... except one, the old chamber of Lord Ned Stark that now belonged to the queen in the north Sansa Stark, Jon ordered that no one enter that room, he wanted to take care of his supposed sister.

Jon entered the room alone, everything was dark and silent but something permeated the room, Jon knew what it was: fear. It seemed that no one was there, but appearances are deceiving, without wasting time Jon went straight to the bed and using his incredible strength he lifted it and threw it aside.

Under the bed she was, in a pathetic attempt to hide, the attack had been so sudden that no one had been able to escape from there, not even her, as soon as they discovered her she began to cry and try to get away from hers.

"No ... no ... please ...", she said between tears as she tried to get away from him, until she finally saw his face and recognized him.

"J-Jon?" She said with a trembling and still scared voice, "is it you?"

"Hello Sansa," Jon said in a voice colder than the sword he wielded.

"What happened to you?" Sansa asked horrified, "are you one of them?"

"I am justice Sansa," Jon replied with a devilish smile as he approached her, "the justice that you, the north and all of Westeros deserve."

"A-and what justice is that?" Sansa asked fearfully as she pressed her back to the stone wall.

"Death", said Jon and instantly Sansa let out a scream of terror and with tears in her eyes she tried to run to the door to escape, but Jon was faster and before she could open the doors he stabbed her with his cursed sword behind the thigh of her leg.

Sansa fell to the ground quickly letting out a piercing scream of pain, the wound caused by the sword was not a common one, the flesh and blood around the wound that had touched the sword had started to freeze causing terrible pain.

"PLEASE JON", Sansa squealed between cries of pain, "I AM YOUR SISTER ...", to which Jon simply shook his head.

"No, my sister is dead, she died along with Ned Stark in King's Landing," Jon said and immediately stepped on the wound on her leg causing more bleeding and more screams of pain.

Then he walked to her head and grabbing her hair began to drag her through the corridors of her old home while she continued to wriggle between pathetic screams, pleas and cries, he dragged her around the yard grabbing her tightly and pulling her red hair.

The people of Sansa had gathered in the courtyard and had made a corridor to let Jon pass while they observed the scene with their dead blue eyes, Sansa contemplated her people, the people who called her queen who were now observing her with the purest indifference she had failed them, she kept screaming in horror as she looked at the dead faces of men, women and children who were once her subjects, this was much worse than when she was with ramsay, this was horrible for her.

Jon dragged her to his destination: the Godswood of Winterfell.

The dead gathered there too, occupying the entire small forest and leaving the heart tree clear, where Jon arrived dragging Sansa, once there he released her hair and she fell to the ground sobbing.

"Do you remember this place?", Asked Jon, "this was where you betrayed me", the silence now reigned in the forest, only Sansa's cries could be heard.

At Sansa's silence, Jon continued.

"I asked you to keep the secret and you swore it to me, you swore it to me here, where our father went to pray, the holiest place in Winterfell, what would Ned Stark say if he saw what his precious daughter did?" Jon said.

"Jon ... please," Sansa whimpered.

"Because you did it Sansa, because you betrayed me! I told you I didn't want the throne," Jon demanded.

"You would have been the king that Westeros needs, the best possible," Sansa explained.

"Is that why you questioned all my decisions when I was king in the north?" Jon stepped on Sansa's injured leg again causing her to scream again, "tell me the truth... why?"

"We couldn't let her rule, she was mad like her father", when she said that Jon burst into anger, grabbed Sansa by the neck and threw her against the trunk of the heart tree causing part of the snow on the branches to fall and winning more pain and cries from Sansa.

"Don't you dare say that in my presence," Jon said as he reached up to her and grabbed one of her arms, instantly the arm began to freeze, Sansa could feel the pain of her blood freezing and Jon stared at her as she froze, horrorized writhing in pain.

When Sansa's entire right arm was covered in ice, Jon pulled hard on it and the queen's arm broke into a thousand pieces of ice, blood and crushed bones, Sansa let out a very high-pitched scream of pain with so much force that if someone were still alive there without a doubt their ears would be bleeding.

Horrified, Sansa directed her other hand to the hollow full of blood and flesh in her side trying desperately to search for her missing member of hers as she screamed and cried pathetically, but Jon wasn't done.

Jon stabbed his cursed sword into Sansa's left shoulder who let out another scream of pain as loud and sharp as the previous one, he could feel the sword biting her flesh and slowly absorbing her life, the pain was so intense that Sansa fainted , then fearing that her suffering would end there, Jon withdrew his sword.

When Sansa came to herself, the first thing she felt was the pain, the pain where her arm used to be, but especially the pain in her leg and her shoulder, she was still leaning against the trunk of the heart tree and a quiet snow fell on her , identical to the night she got married.

"You can feel it right?", Jon said, "the pain…, the wounds that this sword causes…".

"They freeze you inside, they take your life, little by little, they rot your flesh, crack your bones and freeze the blood in your veins," Jon continued.

"In a few hours you will be dead."

"Jon please help me please I love you," Sansa pleaded pathetically.

"You don't know what it is to love someone other than yourself," Jon replied, "you don't know what love is ... to love someone more than your own life."

"You didn't love her, not really, that's why you killed her," Sansa said trying to convince him.

"Yes, I loved her, more than you, than Arya or Bran, more than anyone, I realized the moment I killed her," Jon said.

"Killing me won't bring her back to you," Sansa said, trying to save herself.

"I know, but at least justice will be done, for her and for me," Jon reaffirmed.

"Justice?" Sansa couldn't believe it.

"You always hated her, right? You never gave her a chance, you saw her as an enemy, just because she was more beautiful and a better queen than you will ever be", said Jon, Sansa's expression was indescribable.

"What have you done as queen in the north? Let your people die of hunger isolating them from the rest of the kingdoms, and spending your gold for food on useless things to show that you are the queen, like this", said Jon as he raised the hand, in his hand he held the crown of Sansa.

"Neither she nor I, had the need to wear a crown when we governed, we did not need to prove to anyone that we were the rulers with stupid things like a crown, we knew what really mattered ... but you... ".

"To show and prove yourself and others that you are the queen you use this crown, that's why even dead, she will always be better than you," Jon said.

"Now I will kill you and destroy this cursed place and then go down south, killing every man, woman and child of Westeros, including the rest of your traitorous brothers and the scum of their traitorous companions."

"No ... you can't please ..." Sansa whimpered, writhing in pain, "you'll be cursed if you do."

Jon laughed cold and dead, "I'm already cursed, death is what you all deserve, I know it very well, you want to know what is on the other side? Cold and dark for all eternity."

Sansa began to shiver with fear and cold.

"Did you expect that the kind gods will be waiting for you? No, you will all be forgotten, you will all kneel before death ... before me." Jon said with a smile.

"So, since you did horrible things to be queen in the north, I will allow you to die as such", said Jon as he approached, Sansa tried to crawl somehow and run away but her limbs did not respond her blood had frozen almost for full.

When he arrived before her, Jon brought his face close to hers, she was crying and breathing with difficulty, Jon smiled and caressed her cheek with his hand, her skin was cold.

He then held Sansa's crown, and with his powers he made small ice nails grow around the circumference of the crown, the ice nails were twisted on purpose, "much better", said Jon, "like the ancient kings of winter ".

Instantly Jon dropped the crown forcefully on Sansa's head, the ice nails plunged deep into her skull as Sansa screamed in pain, her red hair now redder than ever thanks to her blood.

Jon waited patiently for her to stop screaming, making sure she suffered for as long as possible, when she stopped screaming, then he grabbed her by her arm into the courtyard as the dead stormed out of the castle.

"W-why ... wh ... why ... w ..." Sansa said kneeling next to Jon, to which Jon smiled and said:

"Let one dragon alive ... and Westeros will never be safe, and you have let one alive".

"I am a dragon Sansa, one of ice yes, but a dragon after all, it is what I have always been, it is what I am and it is what I will always be, not a wolf, a Dragon", Sansa kept crying almost without strength.

Next, Jon, using his strength, sank his hand into Sansa's chest, opening a hole in her chest as she screamed louder than ever before while Jon smiled with satisfaction,she shook her head from side to side causing the nails of her crown to sink further into her flesh, it was wonderful, Jon grabbed her heart and began to pull to take it out while all the veins and arteries that came out of it broke, staining his hand with blood.

Sansa tore her throat screaming and now she couldn't even ease the pain like that, when Jon got tired of the game, he ripped her heart out.

He held it in his hand and showed it to a Sansa who died for moments before crushing it in front of her, staining them both with blood, then Sansa Stark died while Jon smiled.

Shortly after, Jon grabbed his sword and lifting it to the wind the snowstorm that had previously calmed down returned and the snowflakes and the wind swirled above and around the blade, this place was built with magic, it would take a lot of magic To overload the old spells and bring it all down.

When Jon was ready, he grabbed the hilt with both hands and drove it into the ground, unleashing a torrent of supercharged magic and destroying the builder's spells.

Instantly the walls, the towers ... the entire castle collapsed around the expansive sling of Jon's spell, many stones flew through the air but his army was safe outside the castle.

Winterfell no longer existed, from the rubble Jon got up and he felt good, very good, but he still had work to do and traitors to execute, he ordered one of his generals to recover Sansa's body from the rubble, he had plans for her miserable dead and lifeless body.

The storm had returned and his army made their way south, Jon took one last look at the ruins that had once been his home, but never were, he never felt that any place was his home, he only felt it when he was with Dany, and for her he would continue his mission.

Turning his gaze to the blizzard he walked towards it and joined his army.

Chapter Text

After the fall of Winterfell, it was no secret to anyone that the army of the dead had returned, so the few surviving cities of the North in addition to the rest of the kingdoms, warned by Bran Stark, began to prepare for their arrival, however Not all kingdoms believed the broken king, relations between the six kingdoms had cooled as never before since the rule of the Targaryens and it was rumored that Dorne, the Iron Isles, and The Reach were planning to rebel against the throne.

Jon did not care, united or separated, the rest of the kingdoms would fall, but first he would end the north, the Mormont house had been completely exterminated, so no one lived on Bear's Island anymore, the few survivors congregated In cities like White Harbor or Greywater, and there Jon would go, he was very aware that his brother Bran was watching him, he could see his crows as he went south, however he let him observe all he wanted, nothing could stop him.

He made sure to divide his army to encompass the two coasts of the continent making sure no one was left alive, ravaging towns, cities and castles alike, the winter storms did nothing but help kill those who were too cowardly to die fighting. By the time Jon reached the gates of White Harbor, his army numbered thousands of specters and by the time the massacre ended there several thousand more had joined the army, some of them tried to flee by sea, but before they could get out From the bay, Jon plunged the blade of his sword into the water, freezing the sea little by little until the ice trapped the ships, the specters dismembered those who tried to escape.

The thousands of survivors who remained fled desperately to the south, it seemed that a large army had gathered at Greywater, with the aim of defending the neck and preventing it from entering the south.

It would be a tough battle, but Jon's army already had more than ten thousand soldiers, the defenders trusted that the swamps of the neck would help them defend themselves, but they did not count with Jon's powers, using his sword he froze the swampy waters and summoned storms that hardened the ice and covered the terrain in snow, the territory now did not matter.

Judging by the banners, there were men from the valley and riverlands next to the Northerners, just like before Jon invoked a great winter blizzard to support his troops, and so the battle began and as before very few had weapons of dragonglass or Valyrian steel so the battle was gradually declining towards his dark side.

In the middle of the heat of the battle, a knight appeared before Jon with the intention of defeating him, Jon knew that it was Yohn Royce form the Vale, another ingrate who hated, mistrusted and spoke ill of Dany, he would enjoy killing him.

Royce was mounted on horseback and charged directly at Jon, the tip of his spear was of dragonglass, but the fate of the knight was sealed, Jon lowered his hand to the ground and from the ground a hundred icicles of ice sprouted at lightning speed pointing upwards, they sprang up to intercept the knight who was heading towards him, the ice tips impaled the animal in a second killing its life and causing it to stop instantly.

The rider shot out of his mount and crashed very hard against the ground, Jon could see his distinctive armor, the man, already old, had suffered a fatal fall and was dying on the ground, Jon stood on him, looked him in the eyes and in the old man's eyes he saw the terror and disbelief at seeing that it was indeed Jon who was leading that nightmare army.

After this Jon lowered his sword to his chest, the blade penetrated the steel armor without problems, the tip split his sternum and buried deeply between his lungs, the man died at times, so Jon drew his sword to return it to him nailing it to the side of the wound he had just caused, the second impact broke several ribs on his left side, by the time he did the same on the right side, Royce was already dead.

When they saw their captain die, the battle who was already in favor of the dead, was decided, the specters pursued and murdered everyone who tried to flee from the battlefield, they entered the castle and, as in Winterfell, they dismembered men, women and children alike, his white walkers personally took care of the lord of the fortress, Lord Reed was killed by being pierced by four ice spears at once and his daughter Meera was butchered alive while trying to flee through a secret door.

With the fall of the neck the road to the south had been free, the south had not been as hungry as the north and its population was better maintained, therefore Jon knew that he would swell his ranks much more there, however he decided to go to the Valley of Aryn, as he knew it would not be wise to head south leaving enemies behind him, nevertheless he made sure to destroy much of the river lands including the Twins and the minor castles, on his way to the Blood Gate.

His army was able to enter the Valley without problems, half the army of the Valley had fought in the neck, and what was left had retreated to protect their castles, so the peaceful villages of the Valley would be unprotected, with the numbers of his army Jon would not need to take it personally.

As his generals and their wraiths roamed the Valley killing villagers and storming castles from lesser houses, Jon had his sights set on another prize, the Eagles Nest, he knew that a direct assault on the fortress would cost him an enormous number of specters still knowing that if he still participate he would win.

However, he did not want to waste so many specters assaulting a single castle, no, instead he decided to kill its inhabitants with another weapon, Robin Aryn, lord of the Valley, son of Lysa Tully would be safe inside his castle trusting that he would be safe there , he was wrong.

The Eagles nest was located high above the mountains, so the cold used to be tremendous, Jon decided to take that fact to the highest level, summoned several winter storms and blizzards that lashed the fortress without rest for a week, day and night.

The great height at which the fortress was located only increased the effect of the cold caused by the storms, maybe inside they had food to resist, but it would be of no use if they died of cold, after a week, Jon's generals returned to his side having destroyed the Valley and its inhabitants who had joined his army in death, now with several tens of thousands of specters behind him Jon decided to enter the castle.

While climbing the mountain on which the fortress was, he discovered that no one was shooting arrows at him or throwing stones at him to hinder his ascent, when he arrived inside the castle, he discovered that his plan had been a success, everyone in the fortress had died of cold, Jon found the young lord of the Valley tucked into his bed under a hundred blankets and miraculously he was still alive.

Jon grabbed his trembling body and took him to the main hall, there he opened the moon's door and threw Robin into the void, then Jon diverted the storms that surrounded the fortress towards the nearby mountains, the clans of the mountains would not be saved either from the cold of death.

After this Jon led his army out of the Valley, almost a hundred thousand specters were now fighting for him, and soon there would be many more, two of the seven kingdoms had fallen and the rest would soon follow them.

As soon as he left the Valley and went to the lands of the rivers, he realized that there was no one left there, the castles were empty, the people had fled south ... towards the big cities with the intention of saving themselves, it was no longer any secret that the dead had returned, since they crossed the neck, all of Westeros had found out and destroying the Valley had only shown that running away was the best option.

Jon and his army advanced through the riverlands without resistance, from time to time they came across small inhabited villages, but nothing beyond that, they had all fled, near Riverrun, Jon received the warning from one of his generals, It seemed that something alive had caught his attention, as he walked to the place, Jon's smile grew.

A huge pack of wolves had been trapped between the spectres while trying to run away from them, they couldn't escape and some of the wolves were attacking his soldiers, Jon thought about letting his generals kill the wolves, but something else caught his attention. , in the middle of the pack, there was a monstrous wolf, much bigger than the rest.

It should certainly be the leader of the pack, as he looked at the animal in more detail, he realized that it was not a common wolf, it was a direwolf, a female to be exact, something told Jon that already he had seen her before, it was Arya's wolf, Nymeria.

He could feel a part of Arya inside the wolf, he had an identical connection with Ghost, however now he did not feel his wolf, no, he was no longer Jon, but he was sure that Arya still maintained her connection with Nymeria, and decided to start a little revenge against his sadistic sister.

In an instant the dead swarmed over the wolf pack, instantly dismembering the animals that had changed from threatening growls to cries, Nymeria the only one who had not been attacked.

Jon stabbed his sword into the ground and began to approach her slowly, Nymeria growled threateningly at him and showed him her fangs, but Jon kept advancing he was not afraid, Nymeria could feel the danger, but, what could she do, she had no escape.

In a last and desperate attempt she lunged at Jon with her jaws wide open, but it was just what Jon wanted, he caught the wolf's jaws and blocked them preventing her from closing or opening her mouth more, while Nymeria tried to free herself. and back away, digging her paws into the ground.

Jon smiled and then used his colossal strength to open Nymeria's jaws more and more, he opened her mouth until he could not anymore then with a very strong tug from both hands, the lower jaw separated from the upper one and Jon tore it off of her body covering everything with blood.

Jon threw the bloody lower jaw out of sight and watched as Nymeria slowly died until she was tired and slashed her throat with an icicle of ice that he grew, ending her suffering.

After this Jon continued towards Riverrun, and as he expected, the castle was empty, Edmure, that cowardly rat had not even presented battle, he had fled with his tail between his legs to the capital, which did not surprise him considering that Edmure was a Tully, however, the Tully family ruled here for hundreds of years, this was where Catelyn grew up and where she learned what hatred was, which she would later use it on him, the castle was another proof that Westeros was too corrupted.

Using the same spell that he used in Winterfell, he accumulated magic in his sword and after driving it into the ground, the magic wave made the castle blow up, collapsing its walls and towers, the river had frozen and the trout froze while they tried to escape swimming.

Jon thought about heading towards the capital now through Harrenhall, it was what those traitors would expect, however he decided to surprise them once more, instead of going east, he went west, towards the coast of the continent.

Surely the Greyjoys and their rats of followers would think they were safe in the middle of the sea, living on those shit-spattered rocks he called home, they'd think they'd survive the winter just because the dead couldn't swim...

Jon and his ghosts did not need to swim, it was then that Jon demonstrated his true power, he led his men to the closest shore breakwater to the islands, and from there using his magic, he plunged his sword into the waters of the ocean and the water began to freeze, it took him a day and a night, but he managed to freeze the sea to the nearest of the islands.

From there, the tens of thousands of his followers began to cross the ice bridge, very slowly, and in small groups, but in the end they managed to reach Pyke. They watched them come from far, and Jon thought they would try to use their ships to break the ice and drop them into the water, but mysteriously there were no ships near there and Jon and his troops made landfall at Pyke.

His horde of the dead feasted on all those rapists, looters and murderers, they were nothing more than ship rats, cowards always fleeing in their ships without presenting a battle, always attacking the innocent, now he attacked them, he killed all alike, just as the Ironborn had done for centuries, only now they couldn't run anywhere.

After massacring Pyke, Jon repeated his spell and frozen the small sea that separated the islands from each other, turning that empty space into a great ice plate, from which his army could invade the other islands, soon, Old Wyk and Great Wyk, in addition to the other islands, were devoid of life.

However something intrigued Jon, there were no ships docked in any of the ports of the islands, there was no trace of a man at arms or of the supposed Queen Greyjoy, it was as if they had all fled, however, he took the latter for granted and he prepared to return to the mainland and head south in search for them.

However, Jon's question was soon answered, before they left, his generals warned him that they had sighted sails on the horizon, instantly Jon understood everything, the iron fleet had made one of its classic rape, kill and looting outings, and now they were returning home to spend their loot.

Jon smiled, he had been the looter, he had plundered their islands from its inhabitants who now served him, men, women and children, before the miserable pirates could realize the danger, Jon froze the sea and froze the fleet where it was, quickly his thousands of wraiths attacked the ships.

The incredulous and terrified cowards tried to flee through the ice but all were chased and killed, those who begged for their lives only won an even more pathetic death, while those who fought only achieved a more painful death, Jon himself commanded the attack against the fleet and he was the one who attacked the largest ship of the group.

While the wraiths slaughtered the crew, he went to the captain's cabins, there he found Queen Greyjoy, Yara.

By the way she looked, she must have woken up when she heard the massacre, Jon instantly detected three naked women in her bed, they all had bruises and wounds on their faces and on their bodies, without a doubt those poor women would have been the trophies of their looting, which Yara and his men would have taken away to be their salt wives.

As soon as she saw him, Yara leaned back, undoubtedly frightened by his blue eyes and his cold and dead skin, she carried a sword in her hand with the intention of defending herself.

"Y-You ... traitor ... you killed her!", Yara said as she charged against him raising the sword, but Jon did not even flinch, he quickly grabbed the sword with one hand, stopping it and with the other he delivered a tremendous punch to the face unprotected from Yara, breaking her nose and several of her teeth and causing her to fall to the ground.

"Pathetic," Jon thought, "Yes ... I killed her ..." Jon said, "and there is not a day, in my now miserable existence, that it doesn't torment me and I want to throw myself on my sword and end it all."

Yara listened to him in silence while she ached from her face, the women in the bed also listened to him terrified and trembling.

"I killed her ..." he said in a whisper, "and nothing can change that ...", the image of Dany's face was burned into his mind, "I killed her ... and yet where were you? Jon said looking at her again.

"If she really was your queen you should have been by her side, helping her fight Euron, however you were here... you wanted to proclaim yourself queen of these shit-spattered rocks ...", Jon sighed, "you're just like my sister, you just want power and be called queen so the rest of your people can kiss you ass”.

Jon lowered his hand to the wooden wall and instantly a path of frost crept up to the bed and icicles of ice erupted from it in the blink of an eye, killing the naked women on the spot, they didn't even scream once.

Horrified Yara tried to get up but Jon was faster and dropped his foot with force on Yara's chest, immobilizing her on the ground, Jon looked at her as he twisted his foot causing more pain to Yara.

"What was that stupid thing that you the Greyjoys said? Ah yes, what is dead may never die", said Jon, "you do not know what death is, but I will show you", said Jon as he moved away and let Yara see that the three naked women she and her men had captured and used were standing now, their eyes as blue as the sea.

The wraith women quickly threw themselves on her and began tearing at her flesh as she screamed pathetic cries of mercy as she was dismembered alive and her guts came out to the cold outside in a terribly painful death, Jon watched this unfazed, there was no humanity left in him, no mercy, no shame, just hatred and guilt.

After the wraiths completely dismembered Yara's body, nothing was left but blood and a few small pieces of flesh, when he went outside he saw that the battle had already ended and his generals had resurrected the soldiers of the ships.

With all the Ironborn exterminated, Jon decided to return to the continent, he no longer had anything to do there, he returned through the ice bridge that he used when he came, the ice strengthened in his presence, that is why the bridge did not break.

He quickly headed south, entering the lands of the Lannister, there, the inhabited villages reappeared, and Jon's army, which already exceeded more than one hundred thousand troops, having destroyed the North, the Valley, the Riverlands and the Iron Islands.

However Jon knew that his army could still be defeated in battle, he needed many more dead soldiers to ensure his victory and Jon knew where to find them, the city of Lannisport, it was together with Oldtown and King's Landing the largest and most populated city on the continent. He knew that almost a million people lived in its streets, with so many troops, absolutely no one could defeat him in battle, no one.

Jon and his troops sped across the mountainous lands straight to Lannisport, giving the living no time to prepare, his soldiers never tired, so they arrived earlier than expected, the city walls looming before Jon and he could hear the cries of anguish and terror from its inhabitants, pleading with the soldiers on the walls to save them, poor people.

Jon gave the order to attack and his army climbed the walls in a horde of rotting corpses thirsty for blood, while his generals broke down the city gates and let his army in to feast on the soft flesh of the living within, all while Jon summoned blizzards to hinder the defense of the city and the flight by sea of the defenseless citizens.

Westeros had known many massacres throughout its history, but never before was there a carnage similar to the one that occurred that day, the dead in the streets made it difficult to walk through them, the blood stained the roads and facades of the houses, everywhere there were organs and human guts, you will look where you looked dead eyes would look back at you.

Those who had tried to flee by sea had suffered the wrath of winter storms and had fallen into the water where they had drowned or died of cold, absolutely no one was saved from Jon's purge, at sunset, Jon raised his new soldiers, all the inhabitants of the city, rose with frosty eyes and pale skin, some lacked arms and legs, but they no longer cared.

With more than a million soldiers, Jon sent them to annihilate the strongholds of life in the Westerlands, while he himself went to the seat of power in those lands, the Lannister high house, the rock.

The castle had been built on a cliff overlooking the sea, so its defense would have been much easier having to defend only one side of the fortress, as he approached the fortress, Jon watched as the defenders scampered back and forth on the ramparts, no doubt preparing for battle against one man, for Jon came alone.

As he approached he wondered if the bastard dwarf would be inside the fortress, if so, he would have to personally enter the fortress to give him the death he deserves, however, Jon knew that he was not there, he was in the capital, he had not even bothered to try to defend his lands, the lands of his family that they had ruled for thousands of years, what would the old lion think if he saw how his lands were devastated and his people killed while his son hides scared, he would undoubtedly be disappointed, and rightly so.

The Lannister house, died with Jaime and Cersei, they were the last lions, what was left, Tyrion ..., he was not a lion, he was an aberration that spent his whole life pretending to be something that he was not, he wished Tywin had killed him when was born, no doubt, many horrible things would have been avoided.

Jon drew his sword, he did not need to attack the fortress in person, he conjured a spell on the icy blade, when the magic was strong enough, he nailed his blade into the stone of the cliff, instantly, the cracks opened everywhere, cracking the side of the cliff where the castle stood, the earth shook under the ancient fortress as the stones began to fall into the sea, then the entire fortress fell into the water along with the cliff on which it had been sitting, as thousands of voices shouted still inside the castle.

Jon watched all this from the edge of the new cliff that he had just created, the great stones raised great columns of water, and the ruins of the castle sank little by little.

"And this is the end, of a great house," Jon said to none as the wind blew around him.

"Soon, all of Westeros, will have been purified" Jon continued, "soon all their kingdoms will have been forgotten, soon those traitors and murderers will die screaming."

"Soon ... soon we will be together again Dany."

Chapter Text

The already more than a million deads crossed the riverlands quickly, they walked directly to King's Landing, along the way, Jon and his troops passed through the old fortress of Harrenhall, it was paradoxical, Aegon I the conqueror, destroyed this fortress when he began His dynasty of Westeros kings, however, failed to bring it down, only burning it.

Now, the last Targaryen of the Aegon dynasty would finish the work of his ancestor, the last Aegon drew his icy blade and as he had done before, the magic of frost and death swirled around the blade, this fortress was the largest of all the seven kingdoms, so it would take a long time to accumulate the magic necessary to destroy it.

When everything was ready, Jon plunged his blade into the ground in the fortress courtyard and like so many other fortresses in the past, Harrenhall collapsed and the stones from the towers and walls were scattered hundreds of meters around the castle.

With the old castle of Harren the Black destroyed, Jon turned his full attention to the capital, knew that his victory was certain, and knew that the traitors he hated so much were there, Jon was eager to see them all again ... and kill them.

Again he decided to surprise his enemies, he was aware that the bastard dwarf managed to defeat Stannis using wildfire and could do the same with his troops, therefore, he decided to freeze the Bay of Blackwater and attack with half his army from the rear before Bran could have a defense prepared while the other half attacked the walls.

As he approached the city by the frozen sea, he and his troops passed near Dragonstone, the old stronghold of his family, the place where he fell in love with her, he knew he should not delay, but Jon was forced to visit the island again, walking the corridors of the fortress, the beaches and the green hills, wherever he looked he saw her, there she was, always so beautiful, so majestic, so good, if only Westeros had given her a chance ...

Walking around the island he remembered the song in Valyrian with which Dany woke him up in the mornings on the boat when he slept in her loving arms, he could still hear it ... Jon walked around the island remembering when his world began and where it ended, right in that island, a few years ago, he had not been able to love her when she needed it most, and he knew that the end of his task was near and therefore, also his, and was unable to destroy the fortress or the island, very good memories they remained there.

They had rejected her before him, they had hated her, they convinced him to kill her, Jon thought as his anger replaced his self-hatred, traitors, liars, manipulators, all of them, all will die, he will go in person there and kill them with his bare hands, and he won't go alone… Jon knew of something that would terrify the city's defenders more than anything else in the world.

Jon walked alone, through the frozen sea near the island, a soft snow fell on the ice and gradually covered his steps, Jon had heard the story, he knew that he was here somewhere, he could feel it ...

He continued walking until his sword indicated that it was the place, then he knelt down, put his hand on the ice and gently pushed the snow away from the ice, he was here, under this ice, Jon could see him with his blue eyes like frost he quickly got up, and drew his sword.

Then he began to accumulate magic, ice, snow and frost around the blade, he held his sword while this happened until the sword had the necessary power, then grabbing the hilt with both hands, he plunged his sword into the ice while kneeling, instantly the snow in the area dissipated and the ice began to crack.

"Get up now old friend", said Jon, "help me, to carry out the revenge that we both desire."

"Take to the skies once more and bring ice and death to those who made me kill her," Jon said in a voice from beyond the grave, "RISE."

The ice continued to crack as the creature below moved and rose again, its claws gripping the ice so it could stand up as Jon looked in the direction of the capital as the dragon rose behind him and the wind blew his white hair like bone, a blue glow came from the beast's eyes and ice covered many parts of its body, yet he had returned.

Rhaegal had returned.

Jon proudly watched his old dragon, now much stronger, and Jon made sure his dragon had a conscience, not that it was the mindless flesh of his army, Rhaegal had retained part of his conscience and reminded him, Jon knew that the dragon wanted revenge against his own death and that of his mother, the connection with Jon let him know everything that had happened.

He also wanted rest, however he would obtain revenge and then, like Jon, he would rest forever, Jon withdrew all the steel bolts that Rhaegal had still stuck in his body, the wounds expelled cold instead of blood and inside him a blue glow identical to that of Jon and Rhaegal's eyes could be seen, as he had done years ago, the dragon bent down and allowed him to climb, instantly taking flight once more.

It didn't take long for him and his army to arrive at the city walls, the last time Jon was here ... he didn't even want to think about it, the memories only infuriated him, he would make sure that no one could escape, therefore, he deflected the winter storms and the blizzards that ravaged the Vale mountains and threw them against the city, no one would escape.

The city seemed to have its ancient population, before Dany reduced it to ashes, no doubt all the refugees from the destroyed kingdoms who had miraculously been saved were here, and it was probably almost a million people, Jon could smell it, all over the place the city stank of fear.

His generals warned him that there were people at the foot of the walls, who seemed to wait for something or someone, through their connection Jon saw who it was and smiled, he flew with Rhaegal to a hidden place nearby and dismounted to go walking.

There they were, Bran, Tyrion, Sam, Edmure, Davos, Brienne, Podrick and the rest of the royal guard and a hundred golden cloaks armed with dragonglass, waiting for him.

And Jon came, after him three white walkers and further back a million pairs of blue eyes were watching them, as soon as they saw him, many fell back, drew their swords and looked at him in horror, especially Sam, Davos and Tyrion.

"So it's true," Jon heard Davos whisper.

Jon stood in front of them and said nothing, deep down that seemed funny, and without knowing how he resisted killing them all right there, before his silence they decided to start.

"Jon ..." Sam said, still incredulous and his voice shaking, but Tyrion cut him off.

"Leave it to my Sam," said the Lannister, "Jon ...", the dwarf smiled, "I hope you can hear me and remember me."

"I remember you", said Jon with a voice as icy and cold as death, "I remember you all", he said as he looked at them one by one, "and I remember what you did", Jon looked at Bran, he said nothing , nor had he had any reaction.

"Listen to me," Tyrion said, "Bran ... told us why you're here ... and why you're doing this ... maybe we can come to an agreement."

"No word that comes out of your mouth will save you dwarf, neither you nor any of you," said Jon, smiling devilishly, "this is the end of the world, nothing and no one can save you, oblivion and eternal darkness awaits you" .

"Jon, please," said Tyrion pleading, "kill us, whom you call traitors and liars, but please let the innocent people live, the people of this city and the cities to the south, please, there is no justice if you kill innocents who were not in this city when she was here. ”Jon knew that they only wanted to save their families and that they did not care for the people.

"Justice ?, Justice !?", said Jon, the fact that the dwarf mentioned Dany had infuriated him a lot, "I WILL SHOW YOU THE JUSTICE OF THE GRAVE AND THE TRUE MEANING OF FEAR."

After this Jon drew his sword, instantly the royal guard and the golden cloaks armed with dragonglass charged against him now that he was alone, but Jon had already smelled a trap and they all froze when they heard a roar through the clouds,Rhaegal instantly descended spitting icy flames on them, killing everyone on the spot.

Jon could see that the traitors of his friends had fled to the city nothing more than he drew his sword, the rumbling of his dragon landing next to him took him out of his stupor, immediately he climbed on the back of him.

His generals and his millions of wights were ready, and he too, could not wait any longer, he was incapable, his exterior may have been frozen, however his interior burned with the flames of hatred, hotter and more scorching than Drogon's purifying fire.

Jon gave the order and instantly, the dead rushed to the walls and the dead from the frozen sea rushed over the city by sea, just as he, the unsullied, the dothraki and the northeners had done a few years ago, the wights they were piled up on the walls thus forming elevations so that the other wights could climb and reach the walls, however the process was very slow, the soldiers on the walls were still completely overwhelmed, as the number of enemies was overwhelming.

Jon became impatient, so he took flight and directed his attention towards the main door and ordered Rhaegal to fly low, a blast of icy flames crashed against the door freezing it instantly, the dragon turned and flew over the door leaving fall its heavy tail hitting the icy door breaking it into a thousand pieces of ice and frozen wood.

Upon seeing and hearing this, a million voices screamed in terror, because they knew the cruel and horrible fate that awaited them, the soldiers, who had recently tried to defend the city, lost all hope and abandoned their posts trying to flee while a sea of undead entered the destroyed city gates and began to kill indiscriminately.

While around him, people died screaming, Jon did not listen to them, he observed the city with a disconcerting calm, while around him mothers died along with their children and men killed those who until a moment ago were his brothers, fathers, mothers , children or wives.

Flying, Jon could see how some parts of the city were still burned and had not been rebuilt, those parts were still blackened by the flames, purified, Jon could see the walls burned and the houses destroyed, during these years, the world had continued to live Jon could not understand it, as if her death meant nothing, everything had remained the same and people had continued to live as if she had never existed, don´t they know its the end of the world ?, it ended when he lost her.

They had laughed at him and her, telling stories about the mad queen, laughing and rejoicing in her death, damn them all, they would pay, they would pay, "Kill them!" He shouted to his army through his sword, "Kill them! Kill them all! ”and his troops responded by continuing the bloodbath.

Then his dragon descended on the center of the city, where people gathered trying to flee from the dead of the port and the walls, as his love did years ago Jon heard his screams of terror at the sight of the dragon, and he did not matter, Rhaegal shot his icy breath over them, silencing their annoying screeches, this city had to be completely purged, first by fire and then by ice.

Jon would freeze everyone he saw trying to escape alive, within minutes the city had been completely silenced and the streets and squares were now covered in blood and ice.

Then Jon descended and found that the battle was over and that he was before the Red Keep and all around him now millions of blue eyes were looking at him waiting for his orders.

He thought of destroying the fortress with Rhaegal, but he discarded it, Jon wanted to kill those traitors in person, so he entered the castle, in this cursed castle, that has seen so much horror, from the battlements, the fire arrows, the Rocks and even small flasks of wildfire fell against his troops trying to prevent the inevitable, but Jon increased the storm that hit the city and the enemy fire ceased.

The servants, grooms, cooks, masters of arms, buffoons, bards, anyone who was not in the inner fortress that Maegor the cruel built, was brutally murdered, neither Jon nor his troops made any distinction, nor did they listen to the pleading.

It didn't take much for Jon to create an ice bridge to reach the inner fortress and thus cross the moat full of steel stakes that separated the two fortresses, the trouble was that the drawbridge was up and the door behind it was very small and narrow, the type that they could only pass one by one, so their numerical advantage would be of little use to them, even so Jon entered the first, followed by three of his generals because the fourth was guarding Sansa's corpse.

The corridors were quieter than expected, Jon knew that he had to pay his respects first to the king of Westeros so he went there, however he did not find anyone to make his way difficult, it was strange and Jon smelled a trap, his suspicions were soon confirmed when sounds of stone sliding were heard on either side of a narrow corridor and instantly one of his generals was pierced by a Valyrian steel sword.

Jon turned and saw that Edmure Tully, Podrick Payne and Ser Brienne of Tarth had come out of some hidden holes in the wall with the intention of assassinating them, they would surely believe that by killing him, his army would fall, Jon did not know if it could happen, he was not willing to risk, if he died he knew that the command of the army would pass to the walker who was outside with Sansa's body, and he would continue his mission, after all, those white walkers looked a lot like the Night King.

Jon reacted quickly and drew his cursed sword, it was undoubtedly a desperate attempt to survive, but they were doomed to failure, the three knights pounced on him with the intention of killing him, but Jon was smarter.

In the blink of an eye and before they could reach him, he created a very sharp and pointed icicle in his free hand and threw it at Edmure who screamed in pain, as Jon hit him in the left shoulder stopping his advance.

An instant after Brienne and Podrick collided swords with him, Jon noticed that they both wielded Valyrian steel swords, Jon did not know if these swords would have the same effect on which they would in a normal walker, but he was not willing to risk.

They were good, very good, but Jon was superior, and after a few exchanges, he got tired of the game, while Pod tried to deflect a cut from his sword, Jon saw a hole and elbowed him in the face, which was so strong that Pod crashed into the corridor wall, after which Jon slipped away from both of them and got close to Edmure who still ached from the ice stuck in his flesh.

Spinning with astonishing speed, Jon slashed upward with his sword at the unsuspecting Tully, the blade slicing from his right armpit, up his chest to his neck and head, Jon left him maimed and decapitated with a single slash, his painful body stood for another second, while the blood gushed from his neck, while it was pumped from his heart, staining the entire corridor with blood.

Jon turned to his two remaining opponents, Brienne was still on guard although horrified by what she had just seen and Pod was using the wall to get up, Jon saw the opportunity and placing his cold hand on the wall, the ice and frost slid off to Podrick and when they were on him they impaled him with large icicles of ice that protruded bloodied, while the young man screamed in pain, immobilized Jon focused on his last and best opponent.

He started to approach her slowly and she backed away, Jon was staring at her with a smile as he kept getting closer and she backing away, when Jon passed by Pod, who was still writhing and trying to free himself, he punched him in the face so hard that Jon's fist touched the wall ... having completely pierced the skull of young Payne, his brain, blood, meat and bits of bone scattered all over the wall, Pod would no longer sing.

Brienne, even more horrified than before and with tears in her eyes said:

"You are a monster".

"A monster that you have created," replied Jon, "tell me, why did you abandon Sansa to join these traitors and liars, you were not there to protect her from me and the sad thing is that you could have done it."

At this Brienne attacked him with a cry of unbridled fury, with very strong attacks, her rage blinded her and she only focused on attacking him so it did not take much for Jon to disarm her and throw her to the ground again.

“I saw Winterfell, fall, all its inhabitants beg for their lives… just like Sansa, ”said Jon.

Then Jon picked up Brienne's sword, Oathkeeper, from the ground and peered at it.

"You swore to Lady Catelyn that you would protect her daughters ... and yet you did not, you have failed again, you have broken your oath, you do not deserve this sword, you have disappointed them and betrayed them all, Lady Catelyn, Arya , Sansa ... even Jaime, what would he think of you if he saw you now, he would regret having given you his sword”.

Then Jon wielded Oathkeeper and while Brienne screamed in terror, fury, helplessness and disappointment to herself, Jon lowered the sword on her face and torso with a downward slash, blood flew everywhere staining Jon as the blade destroyed the head from Ser Brienne and dug into the middle of her torso.

Jon left Brienne and her sword there and continued through the corridors, until he reached the royal chambers, his generals, those who remained, informed him that they had secured the castle and had all the traitors locked in their rooms, "splendid" Jon thought.

When he found himself in front of the king's chamber, he sighed and opened the doors, inside were Tyrion, Davos and Bran, all of them were waiting for death, however Jon decided to take it easy and ordered his white walkers to take Davos and lock up Tyrion, the first to die would be the king.

When they were alone Jon spoke,

"Forgive me your majesty, I would bow to you, but death bows to no one," said Jon.

"I know," Bran simply said, "I knew you would come, as soon as you took the sword I knew it," Bran said emotionless.

"I tried to warn them, but I failed, they ignored me until it was late, no one believed that you were the new personification of death," Bran explained.

"Do you think your excuses will save your life?" Jon replied, to which Bran only said "no."

"Of course not," Jon smiled, "I've been thinking a lot lately and I realized, that you could have tipped us off about the ambush at Dragonstone, if you had, Missandei and Rhaegal would still be alive, Euron might have died and Dany definitely would not have burned the city. "

"But yet you chose to do nothing, you just sat there, while people suffered and died," Jon said.

"I did what had to be done," Bran said with no emotion in his voice, "what was necessary."

"Necessary for what?" Asked Jon.

"For Westeros to prosper," said Bran, "you know as well as I do that the lords of the seven kingdoms are despicable, they are only interested in power, if they do not obtain it, the tensions between them will increase until the war between them resumes, they only know greed and hatred, they need to be controlled ”.

"And you think Daenerys wouldn't have?" Asked Jon.

“She would certainly have,” Bran admitted, “but in time she would die, after a long reign, and then who would have inherited the throne, she couldn't have children and you wouldn't have married another woman other than her".

"Perhaps the next ruler was a tyrant, or an incompetent and then what would happen, the lords would see an opportunity for power and the war would return once more, with me that would not be a problem, i would give benefits and power to certain houses and lords during for a while and then as those gentlemen died I would give it to others and so on, everything to keep them happy. "

"That's why I granted independence to the north, Sansa would not have been able to keep her people alive even during the summer, sooner or later she and her Northerners would come back begging to be under my protection and eat the food the Reach sent them. , Westeros would balance itself under my watchful eye, "explained Bran," after all, I had eternity to rule, the previous raven, Brynden, lived for hundreds of years being the raven at an advanced age, me for the otherwise I am very young and I occupy the position of the three eyed raven, I could have ruled for a millennium, in which Westeros would have prospered ... but you decided to become what you swore to destroy.

"Westeros cannot prosper, it never could, it is corrupted", answered Jon, "it must be allowed to die, I suppose it is better than being ruled by an immortal king, have you told all this to Tyrion? I will tell him, you did not want to break the wheel as Dany wanted, you wanted to stop the wheel while you were at the top, you are just like the others ”.

"You are the memory of this world, when I kill you and the rest of the continent, no one will remember you or any of the traitors like you, your mission to preserve the history of this continent will have failed, all because you did not speak when you should have, you could have prevented my return and my crusade if you had spoken when necessary, but no. "

He had heard enough, so Jon approached him and put his hand on one of Bran's legs, grabbed it and ripped it off by the roots, the blood stained the king's clothes, then Jon grabbed the other leg and did the same.

"Now you are Bran the Broken", Jon said smiling, although Bran's expression had not changed because he had not felt any of that, then he grabbed Bran and pulled him out of his chair, starting to drag him across the floor taking him out of this rooms.

"I don't know who you are or what you are, but you are not my brother Bran," Jon said as he dragged him, "he would have supported me in my decisions, he would have met and accepted Daenerys simply because he would trust me, he would have me helped in any way he could and would have warned me of any danger… you are not my brother, Bran died when he fell from that tower ”.

Then Jon came to the throne room and horrible memories assailed him, this was the place where it happened, where she left forever, where he betrayed her, reliving those memories so clearly only infuriated Jon more and filled him with determination he dragged Bran harder until he reached the steps where the iron throne was to stand.

Then Jon released Bran who was still bleeding and stood where the throne should be.

"You said that the previous raven was in a tree?", Jon smiled, "something similar awaits you."

Then Jon used his ice powers again and began to make the ice grow into a throne shape, giving it the shape of the molten swords of the ancient throne and filled with icicles and ice swords the place where the king should sit.

Then Jon picked up Bran from the ground and said:

"Now you will be where you should be", after saying this he threw the mutilated body of the king to his throne, as the ice swords penetrated and the icicles stuck in his body and protruded through his chest and arms, Bran could now feel the pain over the upper half of his body which was manifested by his face, impaled almost completely, the broken was dying little by little.

Jon let him bleed out little by little, Bran did not cry out even once, he was no longer human, Jon waited, the contact with the cold of the ice only made Bran's wounds hurt even more, when Jon felt that to Bran had very little left to die, he approached him and put his hands on either side of his head.

Then he began to pull, not with all his strength and rip it off directly, no, he would go slowly, he could feel how little by little his skin and his flesh were separating, the muscle tissues were torn by different places of his neck while the blood began to out through the newly opened holes, finally Jon got tired and with a very strong pull tore his head off.

With his prize, Jon turned it around and saw that Bran's last expression was still imprinted on his face, it was an expression of pain and suffering, then Jon went to the ice throne, there were five great ice swords that formed the back of the throne and that were so long that they protruded much more than the others and rose far above, it could be said that they were the "Crown of the throne", then Jon skewered Bran's head on the rightmost ice sword, soon, Bran's head would have company.

Jon decided to go to the tower of the hand, he knew that the disgusting fat man, Sam would be there, like Gilly and her children, however on the way he ran into the wights that were guarding Ser Davos so he stopped.

"Jon," said the old man, "I know you're going through hell, but all this ... what you've done won't change anything."

"You have no idea what the hell I live in is, condemned to remember every day the moment when I killed the only person who really loved me, she did not care about who i was or where i came from," he replied. Jon.

"You say you lost a son Davos, you lost him, you loved him, but it was the enemy who killed him, not yourself, you don't know what hell is."

"I never thought she was mad," Davos said in a whisper, "I served Stannis for years, and I know when someone is cruel by nature and when someone just wants revenge to vent, she just wanted revenge."

"I'm really sorry about what happened Jon," Davos seemed very sad, "I really believed that she would have been the best ruler we could have had, i still do, I even suggested to Tyrion that she and you could marry and rule together, it was what Westeros needed a just woman and an honorable man ”.

Jon listened to him in silence, without missing any detail, it seemed that he spoke from the heart.

"I am very sorry to have abandoned you to the north of the wall, I thought about going with you, I knew that if she did not rule, all the court would become a nest of vipers again, but they told me that Marya, my wife, was still alive, i couldn´t leave her, you would have done the same if Daenerys were alive and you were in my situation ”.

Jon indeed would have done it, this man had always been a good person, humble, honorable, kind and generous with the poor and rude with the powerful lords when necessary, loyal in addition to the fact that he always wanted Dany and him to be together and rule.

"I could never have done what you did, just thinking about doing that to Mayra ... I know i would look to blame other people and surely there are guilty, but she will not return, all this death and destruction, what you have become ...".

“I have become what Westeros deserves and needs, and nothing will change my mind, i would freeze and murder this damn world if I could only see her one more time and tell her I'm sorry…”, after a little pause Jon continued, “ when Westeros and all its people have perished, everything will end, Essos will not be attacked and humanity will be able to continue living”.

"But Jon, the people of the south are not to blame, they are innocent, please forgive them," Davos insisted.

“I can't”, said Jon, “they are corrupted, they must die”, all those that Jon had encountered and that he had killed in his massacre were tainted, corrupted, any of them would sell their mother in exchange for a little more power, food, clothes... rich and poor alike, no one was satisfied, everyone had ambition either for a better life or just to be someone in the eyes of others, everyone ... except this man, Davos was a special case and for the first time ever since all this started Jon saw that maybe he didn't deserve to die.

Davos seemed heartbroken, upon hearing that Jon would not forgive anyone, Jon stared at him for countless moments, so many that even Davos looked at Jon as he thought, in the end Jon made a decision.

"Is your wife in this castle?" Jon asked, to which Davos fearfully nodded.

"She is in our rooms in the inner fortress", said the old man.

"Go, get her and leave this continent," Jon said to which Davos was so surprised that he could not articulate a word, as the wights guarding him moved away from his side and left.

"Now go," Jon said in a whisper, "before I kill you."

Chapter Text

Without further interruptions, Jon reached the tower of the hand, where the grand master was staying now, since the birdhouses had been installed in the same tower, while Jon climbed the steps, the crows from the birdhouses did not stop squawking or flapping .

It seemed that they had also found out about Bran's death, Jon continued to go up without paying attention to them, when he arrived at the Grand Master's rooms he entered opening the doors and the cold in the room increased in Jon´s presence.

Inside were Sam, Gilly, little Sam and a baby in Gilly's arms, as soon as they saw him Gilly hugged her son even more while Sam stood in front of him with the intention of defending his family.

"Stay away Jon", said Sam, "or I will kill you", in one hand he carried a dragonglass knife and seemed ready to fight and his expression was very serious and determined.

Then, to everyone's surprise, Jon laughed, Sam looked pathetic with that knife in his hand and saying all that, it seemed like he had gotten even more fat since they last saw each other and the image of Sam even fatter pretending to be an opponent was hilarious.

"Do you really think you can kill me?" Said Jon with a laugh, "do you really think that this knife is a match for this sword, that has killed thousands of people?"

At Jon's crushing logic, Sam broke down, his determined expression on his now transforming into a tearful, pleading face.

"Jon, please forgive us," Sam said kneeling, "we are friends, do you not remember when we were at the Night's Watch?"

“Yes, I remember,” Jon admitted, “I remember that you are nothing but a filthy, disgusting fat man, a coward incapable of doing anything of value for yourself, that needed to be protected at all times, that has survived all this time thanks to the sacrifices of much better men, I also seem to be the only one who remembers that you made a lifelong oath to the Watch, that you are here makes you a deserter and desertion is paid with death ”.

"The King Bran the Broken released me from my oath," Sam defended himself.

"The King Bran the Broken is dead, his words are worthless," Jon replied.

Sam looked shocked.

"And I remember that you tried to put me against Daenerys just for the fact that she burned your father and your brother alive, do you not remember that your father would have killed you if you had not gone to the wall? You told me, or do you not remember either that they were traitors who rebelled against the Tyrells to whom they had sworn allegiance? Or do you also not remember that Daenerys gave them the choice to kneel down and go on living? ”Jon said furiously.

"You don't remember any of that?" Asked Jon, Sam listened silently as tears ran down his fat, greasy cheeks.

"No, of course not," Jon continued, "you only remember what interests you and when it interests you, you are nothing more than a parasite."

"You didn't give her a chance, you only cared about the death of your brother and your father who hated you and mistreated you, no wonder why he did it," Jon said smiling.

"It's time to make you pay for a lifetime you don't deserve," Jon said as he looked at Gilly and her children and started to head towards them.

At the last moment Sam grabbed him by the shoulder and raised his hand with the knife, but Jon was expecting it and he simply punched Sam in the chest, the blow was so strong that the fat man flew across the room and hit the bookshelves across the room, knocking all the books down.

Enraged, Jon rushed over to him.

"Did you really think I wasn't expecting a back attack from a coward like you?" Jon asked as he approached Sam, he kicked him in the face, breaking his nose, which began to bleed, and several teeth.

Taking advantage of the fact that Jon was distracted, Gilly got up with her children and tried to flee through the door, but on the other side of the door was a white walker waiting for her.

"Gilly", said Jon looking at her smiling, "already leaving?", Gilly was forced to go back inside, she had no escape and hugged her children very tightly, then Jon turned his attention to Sam, however Jon looked at a book that had fallen, it was a very wide and large book.

"What is this?" Said Jon, "A Song of Ice and Fire, and it seems that you are one of the authors Sam, let's see what it says."

Jon was not interested in most of the book as it was about the war of the five kings, so Jon moved to the end, where Sam had written his part, which featured the battle of Winterfell and the conquest of Daenerys.

When he finished reading, Jon was much more furious than before, he turned his gaze to Sam, who was still on the ground bleeding.

"What are all this nonsense Sam?", Asked Jon furious, "what is that thing that it was you who discovered that by killing the night king all his wights would die? And what are these stupid things: Daenerys came to Westeros after a path of destruction and conquest by Essos ?, and what do you tell me about her ordering her Dothraki to loot all the Westeros villages they found ?, or what she burned and fed her dragon with the prisoners of the battles she won, IT'S ALL LIES! ”Jon yelled.

Jon opened the book again and reread the passages full of lies.

"Westerosi followers who followed the dragon queen only did so out of fear of her and her unstable madness, thinking that if they treated her well they could prevent her inevitable transformation into her father," Jon read.

“She just helped fight the Night King, because if she didn't she wouldn't have Westeros people to torment with her dark reign of madness,” Jon continued, “sowed destruction on king's landing and burned the city without provocation and without any option of prior negotiation with Queen Cersei”.

Jon couldn't believe it, they were just lies to demonize her, who led and risked the lives of her followers, who tried to negotiate with Cersei and only obtained the death of Missandei, Dany always gave the prisoners the option of kneeling.

"But in the end, Jon Snow, the great hero of Winterfell, managed to kill the queen, pretending to fall in love with her, thus obtaining her trust, to be able to kill her at the right time, saving the world and always being remembered by all of us as the great hero of this story, ”Jon concluded, closed the book and tossed it onto a nearby table.

"Do you think what I did was a heroic act? Really? To treacherously kill a woman who loves you in the middle of a love kiss? DO YOU THINK I'M A HERO FOR THAT !?", Jon yelled.

"I'll show you what it feels like," Jon said crossing the room and grabbing Gilly who wouldn't stop writhing and crying, Sam begging Jon to let her live and Gilly begging him to let her son live.

“Kiss him”, Jon said to Gilly, “kiss your husband”, Jon repeated, “or I swore that you will see your children die”, at this Gilly, even with her baby in her arms, knelt next to Sam and kissed him, she could feel the blood in Sam's mouth and he could feel Gilly's tears falling on him as well, until the tears froze.

Sam opened his eyes and saw that Jon had driven his sword into Gilly's back completely, the tip of the blade sticking out of her chest, he felt how she cooled down and died in his arms, horrified Sam let out a pitiful cry of pain and sadness as he continued crying and hugging her.

Then Gilly raised his head again and looked at Sam with ice blue eyes, she then got up and left space for Jon, who approached him and in a quick movement plunged his cursed sword into Sam's shoulder leaving it there, Sam screamed in pain, the cursed steel and ice biting and burning his flesh.

When Sam opened his eyes Jon had his son in his arms.

"You told me if it was a boy you would call him Jon, so I guess I should call you little Jon," Jon said to the baby.

"JON, PLEASE," Sam pleaded.

"Oh don't worry, I swear to the old and new gods that I won't hurt your children, you deserve something more painful," said Jon as he handed the baby to Gilly, now as a wight who was motionless next to him.

"It's time you pay for all that lies you've written," Jon said as he and Sam watched Gilly silently carry the baby to the table where it was the book, after placing little Jon on the table, Gilly took the book It was a very heavy and wide book… instantly she began to hit the baby with the book, one, two, three times ...

Sam's eyes were wide open and he couldn't utter a word from the horror he was witnessing, when Gilly finished, the baby's body was nothing more than an unrecognizable mass of flesh, blood and crushed bones.

After this Gilly went to Jon's side who handed her a very sharp icicle of ice, Gilly went to little Sam who had observed everything from the other side of the room.

"M-Mom ...?" Said little Sam with a trembling voice as Gilly came to his side, in an instant Gilly pounced on him and began to stab him without stopping, after more than fifty stabbings, the boy had already died and Sam who had observed everything was broken, without apparent reactions, so much horror had shocked him, but Jon would bring him out of his stupor.

"Now you know the hell I live in," said Jon, Sam was still trapped by Jon's sword, which still nailed him caused tremendous pain, the poor fat man watched helplessly and pitifully as little Sam also stood up, as undead.

"Look at you, you have gained even more weight during these last years, it's time to remedy that," said Jon smiling, as the wights of Gilly and little Sam pounced on Sam's defenseless body, instantly began to scratch and bite his huge unprotected belly, feasting, tearing the flesh and spreading the blood everywhere, until they managed to reach his soft intestines, while Sam screamed of the immense physical and psychological pain he was suffering.

So they cut and shredded his intestines and Jon called his general who was waiting outside to help them, Jon, his general, Gilly and little Sam each grabbed pieces of his cut intestines and began pulling them out of the body by pulling and pulling them, while Sam was dying screaming little by little.

They tugged and tugged as Sam writhed, until they couldn't pull anymore and eventually Sam's pathetic body couldn't take it anymore and his intestines were almost completely ripped out and some were barely still attached to his body.

Then Jon approached Sam, who could not even move and only had the strength to let out pathetic and pitiful moans of sadness and pain, Jon put his hands on both sides of his head and as he did with Bran began to slowly pull tearing his neck little by little until his muscles could not bear the pressure and his head was separated from his despicable and obese body in an explosion of blood.

With his trophy, Jon left the place, not before ordering his general to take Sam's body, tie the intestines that were still attached to his body to a column in the room and throw the body out the window leaving it hanging there like the pig he was and spraying the yard below with blood.

Then Jon went to the ice throne room, where Bran's head was still skewered on the ice sword, Jon went to the opposite side of the throne and threaded Sam's head on the ice sword furthest from the left side.

Soon his throne would be complete, but for this he must first visit the hand of the king.

So Jon went to the rooms where Tyrion had been locked up, and there he found him, lying on an elegant sofa, with a completely empty wine jug in his hand, he looked drunk, as soon as he saw Jon he seemed to rejoin a little.

"And now the rains weep o'er his halls and not a soul to hear ," Jon said.

"You know, I asked you once if what I did was right, that it definitely doesn't feel right," Jon said.

"I did that," Tyrion said.

“And you told me to ask you again in 10 years,” Jon sighed, “I know it hasn't been 10 years, but I don't think we have to wait that long to find out, because if I hadn't killed her, none of this would have happened".

"So in a way, all of you are the cause of all this, the end of Westeros, all of you who in one way or another turned me against her, and of all of them, you are the worst," said Jon, to which Tyrion raised the empty wine jug in agreement.

"The whole world would have suffered if she were still alive," Tyrion said, "she would have conquered all of Essos, from Pentos to Qarth, and millions would have died, it was either her or the world."

"She would have, yes," Jon said, "but the world would have prospered under her reign."

"The world would have prospered under Bran's reign," Tyrion replied.

"Oh sure, he didn't tell you, did he?", Asked Jon, "Bran didn't mean to break the wheel like she would have done, Bran wanted to stop the wheel, being him at the top, after all he would have lived for hundreds of years, all your hopes in him are a lie, he was just like all of you, you only want to be able, to rule and to remake the world as you think is better for you”.

"You're lying," still drunk, the dwarf looked shocked.

"Don't believe me if you don't want to, but it's the truth, at least he told me before I killed him," Jon replied.

"Was she different?" Asked Tyrion, "she too was seeking the power to remake the world."

"But she wanted to remake it for the good of the people, not her own," Jon replied.

"When she killed the slave masters in Mereen…" Tyrion began but Jon cut him off.

"Since when to kill masters who treat their slaves worse than animals and mistreat and maim children is evil," said Jon angrily, "what nonsense is that?"

"Some of those masters treated their slaves well," Tyrion tried to defend.

"Very few of them, even so, they always die innocents in situations like that, plus why I should believe you about it, you weren't there when it happened," Jon said.

"Or the other thing you told me, that she burned the Dothraki Khals in Vaes Dothrak, do you really think that was a wrong decision?, the Dothraki used to fight each other outside the holy city, she prevented it by unifying them, they also used to raid villages and massacring cities without any control, she ended that by taking them to Westeros and giving them a common cause, do you really think that killing some murderous and rapist Khals is something despicable and typical of a tyrant?".

Tyrion was looking down at the ground now without saying a word.

“Using my sisters to put me against her, I believed that they loved me, but they only wanted what all of you want, power and live to enjoy it, you said that she would kill them if they did not bend the knee, they would have done it, just to continue living their ungrateful lives."

"All that you told me, to convince me that she was the devil personified ... it was a lie, it was all a lie, you all tried to manipulate me into betraying her ... Sansa, Arya, you ... and worst of all, you succeeded," he said. Jon with pain in his voice.

“Do you know who was the only person who never ever tried to change my mind, that always listened to my point of view and that never used me, the only one who didn't?” Jon asked.

Tyrion looked up at him.

"Exactly", said Jon, "I was wrong, you were not what Westeros needed to save itself, no, you would be capable of unspeakable things to preserve your pathetic lives, that includes manipulating someone who loved you and considered you his family and his friends, but you never cared about me, you kept seeing me as the sacrificial bastard for your sake, everyone except Dany, saw me like this, from my childhood until now, nobody ever cared what I wanted, not even myself , because I thought you cared about me, that you loved me in some way, but you showed me that it was not like that ... ".

"Did you really hope that all that hatred would not affect me? And more so when you abandoned me in the north of the wall so that I would die alone surrounded by my regrets and my guilt?"

"She would have been the only one capable of saving Westeros from itself, but you decided that you would rather live with all your stupid luxuries and privileges while Westeros sank lower and lower under your pathetic and corrupt reign."

"That is why I decided to return when I found this sword in the jaws of death itself, to save Westeros, to purge it of its despicable people, all alike, and to execute those guilty of my eternal torment."

"You all are despicable, and your Tyrion, you are the most", said Jon, "that is why, I will give you the justice you deserve, just as I have given Sansa, Bran, Sam and soon I will give to the sadistic Arya ”.

At this Tyrion widened his eyes, he seemed surprised.

"Very honorable people a hundred times better than you have died trying to defend you, fighting for you or even just because you decided it was the best, certainly what a sad and miserable end for the Lannister house", Tyrion looked up at He angrily, "I wish your father would have killed you when you were born, or your sister would have drowned you for killing her mother, if she had, none of this would have happened", Tyrion seemed on the verge of tears.

“I destroyed your lands and your home, the rock, you should have seen it, it was something glorious, I was hoping that you would try to defend your lands, as any Lannister would have done, but you did not do it, you let your people die and I did not spare no one, nor will I forgive anyone else, what would your brothers and your father say if they saw you now? ”said Jon.

"It has always been your purpose in life, hasn't it? To screw up the lives of people better than you, sometimes even if you didn't want to, but it always ended the same, all those people, many of them good, have died, and everything for this end ... for you to ruin Westeros by convincing me to kill Dany, then proclaiming Bran king and causing my return and the slaughter of millions of people. "

Jon was silent for a moment.

"Gods, what would have been avoided if you had simply died one of the times you were about to die ..."

"Your pain will be legendary," said Jon after a moment, "believe me, there is no way your pathetic body can bear the pain you deserve for all the miserable acts you have committed throughout your life, however, I will try to make your suffering last as long as possible ”.

"And if you think that all the wine you've drunk will make your death less painful, you're wrong, I'll wait long enough until you're not drunk so you can feel it all," Jon said.

"What a story," said Tyrion, "without a doubt there will be no other like yours, the man who seized a power he swore to destroy, the man who returned to a continent in peace to bring war and death, the man who kills his own family, his friends, millions of innocents, men, women and children alike, the man who claims to do it to do justice for a woman he loved and according to you is the justice she deserves, what kind of man does that ?, what kind of monster could? ".

"Only a dragon could," Jon replied, "one that you have taken all away from him and always despised ... in truth she would have done the same for me if I had died because of you," Jon gave a dry laugh, " You should have listened to Gray Worm and killed me, but you thought that a simple lone wolf would not dare to return for revenge, only that the wolf was not a wolf, it was a dragon that you left alive and as long as a dragon lives Westeros never will be safe".

"Yes, it's a great story", Jon admitted, "however, this time you won't be here to see it finish," after which Jon kicked the dwarf very hard causing him to crash into a nearby wall.

After this, Tyrion's unconscious body was dragged by Jon to the throne room, where Jon waited for him to wake up, when he did, Tyrion looked at the frozen throne room and was horrified to see Jon's disturbing ice throne adorned with the heads of Sam and Bran and the mutilated body of the last.

"What do you think of the new throne?", Asked Jon, "do you see the heads of the traitors dwarf?", The ice swords where they were stuck had been stained with blood, coming from the heads above, "soon yours will be right there ”, Jon pointed to the sword in the center which was pointed directly at the ceiling of the room.

Immediately afterwards, some tremors began to shake the room, the tremors became so strong that several stones fell from the ceiling, but in the end Rhaegal entered the room destroying the wall behind the throne and part of the ceiling.

The dragon remembered the dwarf very well, he was always suspicious of him, Jon approached his head and patted him on the snout.

In Jon's distraction Tyrion had gotten up and found himself running and limping as fast as he could in the direction of the door, but Sansa Stark came out of the door, blue-eyed, with a hole where her heart was, without an arm and with a crown nailed to her skull.

Tyrion froze when he saw his old wife again, Sansa started walking towards him and the dwarf backed away until he was next to Jon and Rhaegal again.

Jon had raised Sansa as a wight but had done something similar to what he did with Rhaegal, however Jon kept the mind of the ex-queen in the north, so that she would suffer seeing what she had now become, unable to disobey Jon's orders even if she wanted to and not being able to speak or scream ... she couldn't even cry, although it was less than what she deserved.

"I thought you would be happy to see her again, after all she was the one who told you my secret, this is all your fault, I could order her to dismember you right here and she would obey", Tyrion now cried, "it would be poetic of somehow, but that would be too fast, ”Jon said as he approached Tyrion from behind.

Before he could react Jon grabbed Tyrion by one arm from behind, and holding his forearm he pulled his hand back almost ripping his arm off, the elbow joint was broken in two at the elbow and Tyrion's arm bone could be seen now as the blood spilled and the dwarf screamed.

Annoyed by the dwarf's lamentable screams, Jon tore off the dangling part of the arm and quickly thrust it into Tyrion's open mouth, his cutted hand was now on his throat silencing him.

"Silence my lord Hand, though I don't think you can remain being the Hand of the king now," Jon said.

Despite having his own hand in his mouth, the dwarf was still making pitiful sounds, so Jon pulled Tyrion's arm out of his mouth and handed it to Rhaegal who finished grinding it in seconds.

After this Jon grabbed him by the hair and began to hit him in the face breaking his nose in the process as well as several teeth and making him bleed from several places, making him uglier if possible, then Jon released him and Tyrion fell to the ground face down, taking advantage of the fact that he was on the ground Jon began to sink his cursed sword with great delicacy and care under one of the dwarf's buttocks, while Tyrion screamed in pain and kicked against the ground with his other leg because he could feel the blade cut and bit the flesh and skin of his leg until with a quick movement Jon cut his small leg completely.

However Jon made sure to freeze his recent wounds to slow down the bleeding, he wanted the dwarf to suffer and did not want him to bleed to death, Tyrion could not walk now, his groans of pain continued for minutes as Jon watched him without flinching and while a soft snow came in through the destroyed roof.

When his moans and wailing died down a bit, Sansa grabbed him and lifted him so that he could stand on one leg, but when she succeeded, the ex-queen in the north brought her head covered in dried blood to the face of the dwarf, without prior warning Sansa bit one of his ears and started pulling, pulling and pulling obeying Jon's orders without question while Tyrion screamed until Sansa ripped off his ear and a few pieces of skin and meat that also came off along with the ear.

Tyrion had fallen again and was twisting on the ground trying to reach with his only arm the side of his face where Sansa had bitten him, all while Tyrion cried and moaned pitifully and in pain, it was truly pathetic and Jon thought it was fair and what he deserved, Sansa suffered at his side for having done that to Tyrion, but now she was nothing more than a broken toy for Jon, the fact of Sansa's suffering for her new condition and the things he forced her to do only made Jon smile.

Jon approached his pitiful body and grabbed the hand of the king emblem that Tyrion still wore on his jerkin.

"You should have stopped being the hand ... when you stopped being Daenerys's," Jon said and immediately afterwards his hand descended on Tyrion's shattered face and drove the pointed end of the emblem into one of Tyrion's eyes, who screamed so loud until he was hoarse.

Giving him no time to recover, Jon lifted his mutilated body and grabbing his remaining arm presented it to Rhaegal, who gladly bit Tyrion's arm up to the shoulder making sure to chew on his member to cause him pain before ripping it off and devouring it.

After this Jon found that Tyrion had fainted again from the pain, so he froze his wounds and waited for the dwarf to wake up again.

When he did it, it was almost at night and Jon's eyes shone more blue than ever, in the darkness that hung over the throne room he looked like a demon, when he woke up and saw that this was a reality and that he was tremendously mutilated, Tyrion started screaming like a crazy insane.

He screamed until Jon grabbed him by where his arms had been before and lifted him until they both looked into each other's eyes.

"I wonder how you are going to save yourself from this, imp", said Jon, "I am revenge, the revenge of all those whose lives you have destroyed, the loneliness of the cold darkness and oblivion await you, you damn traitor! Without love this is my duty now, the duty that you told me to fulfill, now I will protect the kingdoms of men forever, they will be safe without you ”.

Then Jon, grabbed Tyrion's mutilated body by the shoulders as Rhaegal approached, until his snout touched the dwarf's remaining leg, in the blink of an eye, the dragon opened its jaws and bit not only Tyrion's leg but also his whole body up to the chest, then he began to pull and as if it were a game Jon began to pull on the other side while the dwarf screamed in the middle of both.

It was a hard struggle, Jon and Rhaegal playfully pulled Tyrion's body, until he could not stand it anymore and was divided in two by the belly area, Rhaegal staying with the lower part and Jon with the upper one, while the despicable organs of the dwarf fell to the snowy ground along with gallons of blood, staining the white ground red.

Jon lifted what was left of Tyrion by the head and looked at his work, divided in two, he had died, he had not suffered as much as Jon would have thought fair but, he would have to settle, with a quick jerk, he separated Tyrion's head from his torso and threw it at his dragon who devoured it along with the rest of the body.

Meanwhile Jon went to his throne with his trophy, and as he had promised he skewered Tyrion's head on the central ice sword, the one that pointed in a straight line towards the sky, however Jon still could not sit on his throne, no while it was incomplete, although Sansa was already dead, he had not yet finished with her, because a traitor had not yet been found and executed.

Soon she would return to Westeros and the first thing she would do would be to see if her family would have survived, coming to the red fortress, and there, Jon would be waiting for her.

Unfortunately, Jon did not know how long it would take Arya to return, so he decided not to waste time, and continue with his purge towards the south, so leaving his generals and Sansa in the destroyed city that was previously the capital, he rode his dragon and set off south, while millions of wights followed him.

"The end is near… there is no hope… for anyone."

Chapter Text

The world was dying ... maybe it was already dead, every time Jon destroyed a city, a settlement or a village, the winter storm clouds settled there to block the sunlight, as he moved south, the snow and the ice covered everything, and most of the animal and plant life died because of it.

For the storms would not stop, soon, all of Westeros would be a frozen and desolate wasteland, without life in it and without a trace of sunlight, and no one could help it.

On his dragon, Jon observed the Stormlands, by the state of them, it seemed that some lords had rebelled against Lord Baratheon, as if that were not enough, many people had migrated to Dorne in search of heat and trying to flee, it wouldn't do them any good.

The millions of Wights that followed Jon created a sea of blue eyes that not even from Rhaegal's back can see the end, who could defeat such an army? Perhaps only the gods themselves could defeat Jon now.

Following the royal road, Jon did not take long to reach Storm's End, the old fortress was one of the most unassailable in Westeros, but it would not resist the frozen fire of a dragon, a large number of men at arms, the few that they were still loyal to Gendry were inside the fortress, thinking they could withstand a siege, and they probably would.

The walls of the fortress of the Baratheon house were very thick and high, and they could receive food by sea, thus being able to withstand the siege, but they did not know about Rhaegal, so their plan fell apart.

As soon as they saw the powerful dragon in the sky, the castle troops stirred inside, they did not know what to do, if they stayed inside they would die and if they left they would also die, in the end Jon got tired of waiting and while his army waited outside the walls, he descended again and again with Rhaegal spitting icy flames against the ancient fortress.

The stones were very hard, but little by little they began to deteriorate, the army that was inside would be crushed if they did nothing, then to Jon's surprise, the troops left the fortress through the main door, in a courageous and suicidal Charging with the intention of seeking an honorable death, Gendry himself led his men.

They managed to break through the swarm of murderous blue eyes, but little by little his men fell, until only he and a few resisted, then Jon descended on them with Rhaegal sweeping the ground and killing the men they ran into, knocking them off their mounts.

Rhaegal himself grabbed Gendry's horse between his jaws and threw him several feet to the side, the lord of Storm's End staggered to his feet and grabbed his warhammer with both hands.

Jon saw this and dismounted from Rhaegal to meet him in combat.

"What the hell happened to you Jon?" Gendry asked him.

"I lost her," Jon said simply, "don't worry, you won't feel the pain I've suffered."

Then Gendry charged towards him brandishing his war hammer, Jon and he dueled for several minutes, because Jon did not hate him, he had nothing to do with Dany's death, but he, like the rest of Westeros, had to die.

The battle between the two bastards continued, as Gendry could not defeat Jon in any way, until in the end exhaustion beated the young Baratheon, who in a last blow tried to crush the head of his opponent, but he no longer had strength and Jon grabbed the hammer with one hand and snatched it from him in one swift movement.

In the blink of an eye Jon wielded Gendry's hammer and with a devastating blow hit him in the chest, breaking all of his ribs and sternum, Gendry fell to his knees as he died and blood poured from his mouth, then Gendry whispered the name of a woman as last words.

"You may have loved her," Jon said, "but she didn't love you, and worst of all, she didn't deserve your love neither you."

Then Gendry collapsed and died.

Jon did not turned him into a wight, but instead lifted him in his arms and carried him within the walls of his fortress while his army slaughtered the remaining inhabitants of the castle, once inside, Jon deposited his body on the ancient throne of the kings of the storm.

Once he had left, and his troops had withdrawn, Jon remembered that just like the rock, Storm's End was on the edge of a cliff, so like it did with the Lannister castle, Jon used his spells to collapse the cliff, which fell into the sea along with the ancient fortress and with the last Baratheon inside.

After this, Jon set course for the Reach, he knew that many people lived there, and all who crossed the path of his army deeply regretted it, the enormous mass of wights scattered throughout the Reach, reaching all the cities, villages and castles, no one should survive ...

Finally he flew to Highgarden, the ancient fortress of the Tyrell and before of the Gardeners, it was now ruled by a drunken mercenary, it was an offense to the old rulers of the castle, the lord of the Reach, he had built a huge moat around the castle, He had filled it with all the plants and flowers in the castle and set it on fire to keep the undead away.

And at first that worked for him, the high flames scorched every wight that approached, but sooner or later he would run out of things to feed the flames and Jon was not willing to wait.

It took just one pass of Rhaegal's icy flames to put out the fires, then Jon's army entered the castle without much effort, killing everyone they encountered, soldiers, merchants, entire families ... Jon did not spare no one ... he himself was dead inside.

A group of wights personally took it upon themselves to kill the lord of the fortress, who had collapsed drunk in his quarters, believing that he had managed to keep the wights away, or perhaps to be unaware at the time of his death.

After this he mounted Rhaegal and using his dragon he demolished the walls and towers of the fortress, while the snow began to cover everything and the black clouds settled in that region hiding the sun.

After finishing work there, Jon headed for the last remaining population center in all of Westeros, the city of Oldtown. Several million refugees from the other kingdoms had taken refuge there, making the Hightower army the largest they had ever had under their command.

Things in the city were not going very well, the Dornish had stopped sending them food a long time ago and food was scarce, people were desperate to flee, the owners of boats offered tickets to Essos at exorbitant prices.

Some offered themselves as slaves to Essos captains in exchange for being allowed to board their ships, the situation was desperate, and such desperation brought to light the most primitive behaviors of human beings.

In a very short time, the captains of the ships, whether they were simple boats, merchant ships or warships, became the owners of the city, only letting those who carried a lot of gold, those who offered a lot of food and good wine and the girls more beautiful willing to please them, to board their ships.

However, as soon as news of the fall of Highgarden became known, the city rebelled against the Hightowers and the captains, millions of people trampled each other with the intention of reaching the ships of the docks, taking some by force and killing the previously enriched captains, only getting the captains of the rest of the ships to decide to leave earlier than planned, taking with them those who had managed to be admitted.

The rest of the refugees, desperate, resorted to more dramatic solutions, some tried to build new ships in the short time they had left, others tried to take the Hightower fortress, without success, as the garrison defended the fortress, although it should be noted that the soldiers defended their own families who were inside the fortress.

Lord Hightower and his family were now on the open sea, far away.

The situation was so desperate that some gave in to their most primal instincts and began to kill, loot and rape without self-control, thus destroying the last hope of humanity that remained in them.

When Jon arrived in the city, he found it in this state, so it was very easy for his wights to kill the remaining inhabitants, Jon mounted Rhaegal and attacked the great Oldtown lighthouse, the icy fire collapsed the highest walls and the tower fell silent with a deafening noise, the most valuable books of the citadel had been kept there with the intention of preserving them, but like everyone who was inside, they were destroyed.

Jon landed in the middle of the city and raised the poor millions of souls who could not get on the ships, several million pairs of blue eyes looked at him amid the destruction, with such an army, nothing could defeat him.

However Jon was not going to allow the captains and the people they had saved to survive, no, Jon ordered the millions of undead to leave for Dorne, while he took flight with Rhaegal in the direction of the Dorne coast, because he knew that the ships would be there.

And that's where Jon found them, several dozen ships, some larger than others, sailing slowly but surely towards Essos, Jon would not allow it, perhaps they will think that he would let them escape or that in the immensity of the sea they would not have been able to be found, but death will always find its victims, no matter what it takes, it always will.

Jon descended on them with Rhaegal, while a storm accompanied him behind, with its icy flames froze the water on which the ships were, immediately afterwards, with his objectives totally still, Rhaegal spat death on them, while the voices screamed until they silenced frozen.

Jon and Rhaegal killed almost all of them, and the few who fled through the ice died from the cold or because the ice broke, no one would escape from it, no one would escape death.

Jon then prepared to return with his army, but then a warning came to his mind from one of his generals who had left in King's Landing, that could only mean one thing, she had returned, Jon ordered his generals to anchor the Red Keep, so she couldn't enter until he had arrived.

Jon and Rhaegal flew as fast as they could until they managed to reach the silent ghost town, which had previously burst with life.

Jon ordered his generals to open the gates of the fortress, and Arya entered looking for her family, for her brother Bran.

Arya walked the frozen corridors of the castle, it was intact, except for the excessive cold and the blood, which stained everything and the destroyed throne room.

When Arya entered the throne room and saw Jon's ghoulish ice throne adorned with Bran, Sam and Tyrion´s heads, she was horrified at the atrocity before her.

"Hello Arya," said a voice behind her.

Arya turned in an instant, drew her sword and saw two blue eyes staring at her from across the room, when Jon stepped out of the darkness and into the light, Arya dropped Needle to the ground.

"My eyes must be deceiving me," Jon said, "did you just express an emotion?" he asked.

"Jon…", Arya said in a whisper, still not believing the thing that her brother now was.

"What's wrong sister? Won't you give me a hug?" Jon asked as he smiled devilishly.

Arya only backed away when Jon said that, so Jon advanced towards her.

"W-W-What have you done?" Arya asked fearfully, "it was you?," Arya said as her eyes filled with tears.

"Yeah, it was me," Jon admitted.

"Why?" Arya asked.

"It's what you all deserve," Jon said simply, "you must pay, to be traitors, liars, oathbreakers and manipulators."

"What are you talking about?" Arya asked.

"I'm talking about her," said Jon, "about the only woman who has truly loved me, who has loved me like no one has ever, about Daenerys."

"About her?", Arya seemed angry, "she was as mad as her father, she was a tyrant and a murderer, I recognize one as soon as I see one."

“Really?” Asked Jon, “look who went to speak, the woman who kills some men, who dismembers them, who prepares food with the meat from their corpses and then feeds it to the father of the victims. ”

"Yes, she burned the city," said Jon, "but she never did something as macabre and sadistic as that, what does what you did make you? A murderer ...?", Jon thought for a moment, "no, I think into something much worse ”.

"They deserved it for what they did to Robb and my mother," Arya defended herself.

“Just like you all deserve this for what you did to Daenerys and for what you did to me,” Jon said.

Arya looked puzzled.

“You all betrayed her, you didn't give her a single chance, I told you that she was good, that you could trust her, but you didn't listen to me, you continued to be determined to get rid of her and turn everyone against her, even me, convincing me that she was the worst… and you maked it, I killed her… you used me, I was just a pawn for all of you ”, Jon said with a sad voice.

"She loved me ... and I loved her ... and I killed her ... you convinced me to do so", Jon spoke in a whisper, "and all for what? For you all to abandon me? To leave Westeros much worse than it would be with Daenerys ?, to get the north free?… free from what ?, from a King of King's Landing who is your own brother? "

"Jon, why do you say all that, why have you done all this? We were your family, we loved you, I loved you" said Arya.

"Really?", Jon asked, "If you loved me, why did you use me like you did, why didn't you give Dany a chance when I begged you, why couldn't you respect my decision that she was our queen? ... No, you didn´t love me, you never did, for you I will always be the bastard who begs to be loved, I had no love left, so I decided that you and the rest of Westeros would try in fear. "

“Jon…” Arya said, “what have you done to the rest of Westeros?” She asked.

"Look at me," said Jon, "what do you think I've done?"

"They are all dead, all of them, I do not forgive anyone, the north, the south, the vale, the reach ... they are all part of my army now," said Jon, "even all those traitors that I believed as my family and friends they are dead, I did it ”, Arya recoiled even more horrified.

"And soon you will join them and your dear Nymeria," Jon said.

"Yes, I did it, I killed her, otherwise you would not have returned and you would not be here now."

Arya looked angrier than she ever, her tears were now of anger, she unsheathed her valyrian steel dagger.

"I hate you," Arya said.

"Come little wolf," Jon said mockingly, "come join her."

Arya screamed in rage as she ran towards him with her dagger in her hand, but at the last moment Jon drew his cursed sword and tried to split her in half with a single blow, but Arya was faster and she dodged it.

She quickly turned around and tried to attack him, but it was Jon who dodged the attack this time, taking advantage of that Arya ran to Needle who was still on the ground and picked it up.

Then to Arya's surprise, Jon sheathed his sword, thinking of killing him now that he was unarmed, she ran towards him when he saw that Jon took something from his back, Jon then wielded a great war hammer, Arya had seen it before, it was Gendry's hammer.

Arya stopped short, in a state of shock, Jon knew that would happen, so taking advantage of the fact that Arya had lowered her guard, Jon wielded the hammer with both hands and with a strong sweep he hit Arya in the legs.

The young Stark fell to the ground, she tried to crawl away from Jon but it was too late, as Jon lowered the heavy war hammer with force on one of her legs, Arya's femur broke from the enormous weight of the blow as she screamed of pain.

The sadistic girl's screams satisfied Jon, they were like music to him.

“You recognize this hammer right?” Jon asked, “yes, it was from Gendry, I killed him not long ago”, Arya was crying now as she continued to crawl out of reach of him.

"He was a good man," said Jon, "you didn't deserve his love, just as I didn't deserve Daenerys's."

Arya panting turned towards him from the ground.

"You didn't know him, you never did," Arya said.

"Oh, what about you?" Jon said laughing, "I thought you would never know anyone who is not one of us."

Arya now looked down at the ground.

"Do you remember?", Asked Jon, "is what you told me about Daenerys when I asked you to give her a chance, now, I know Gendry's father was Robert Baratheon, so Gendry was not one of us either, what differentiates Gendry from Daenerys? ”.

"I suppose you wanted to know Gendry just because he had a cock between his legs and you wanted to try it, when you did it, you broke his heart and left him, in a way your story is the same as mine, only that I really loved Dany".

"You are a torturer and cruel and I hate you!, I wish I had never met you," said Arya who was still crying.

"Says the woman who killed the members of an entire house with poison, although some of the members did not even participate in the red wedding, what does that make you?" Asked Jon.

Before she could respond, the warhammer descended on her other leg again, reaching Arya's knee, which was completely shattered in an explosion of blood and bits of bone, Arya screamed again.

Jon did not stop there, he quickly lowered the hammer on Arya's chest breaking her sternum, Arya then gasped and finally stopped screaming as she tried to breathe again after the tremendous blow.

Jon meanwhile threw the hammer aside, as he climbed the steps to the throne.

“You Starks are a pack, you are stronger when you are together, that said, I don't understand why you separated after having fought so hard and for so many years to achieve it… Bran stayed in King's Landing, Sansa fulfilled her dream of being Cersei and ruled the north ... and you went west to Westeros to do no one knows what ”.

"You separated, and separated you all were weak and ended up dying one by one ... until only you remained", said Jon looking at Arya, "so when I kill you, there will no longer be a pack of wolves, because they separated to obtain more power separately believing that they had won and there was no danger ”.

"So, seeing this I decided to reunite the pack!", Said Jon smiling, "back there, impaled on my throne is Bran ... there you are ... and oh, here is Sansa!", Said Jon looking behind Arya.

Arya looked back and could not say a word, because before her was Sansa Stark ... or what was left of her, Sansa was aware of everything she did as a wight, but she had no control over her actions, she wanted to scream but she had no mouth with which to do it, she wanted to cry but had no eyes to do it.

Arya began to moan and cry much louder just out of sheer sadness, the sight of her sister dead and her body mutilated and raised like lifeless flesh had completely broken the young Stark's heart.

"You are all here!", Said Jon, "the wolf pack is finally reunited!"

"I think you know why she's here ...", said Jon, "you know what to do ...".

"N-N-No… Jon… please… don't make me…" Arya pleaded, but Jon ignored her.

Instantly, Sansa lashed out at her sister and began to attack her with teeth and nails while Arya screamed in both pain and sorrow and sadness, Jon could feel the hell that Sansa was going through, as she tried with all her might to stop that, but she couldn't, Sansa would kill Arya or Arya would kill Sansa, there was no other option.

In the end, victim of dozens of injuries, letting out screams of rage and grief more animals than humans and amidst a sea of tears, Arya unsheathed her dagger and thrust it into Sansa's belly.

Sansa stopped moving and her body fell to one side with the dagger still stuck in her body, Arya on the other hand was totally silent, her mind had broken in horror, her tears kept running down her cheeks stained with blood and full of scratches from Sansa's nails.

She was still looking at the corpse of her sister when Jon came to the side of her body, she grabbed the red hair and blood stained and with a quick movement tore the head off the corpse and contemplated her trophy.

"Maybe you want a new face for your collection," Jon said as he threw the head of Sansa at Arya, which landed between his legs, Arya quickly pulled it out of there, unsheathed Needle and tried to nail it to Jon, but Jon grabbed the thin sword in time.

Instantly the metal began to freeze and fill with frost, until the entire blade of the sword was covered in ice, then it exploded into a thousand pieces.

Arya was then in absolute shock and looked at the handle and pommel of the sword that her brother had given her, however Jon had not finished, because in an instant, Jon was kneeling behind her, grabbed her neck with an arm from behind while her head was pressed against his shoulder.

“If you don't want it for your collection I'll keep it,” Jon said, “with it, I'll only have one face left to finish it,” Jon said as he brought his other hand to Arya's face.

With fingers sharper and colder than death, Jon nailed them into Arya's hairline, nailed them until he touched the bone, while the blood descended like tears on Arya's face below, then Jon held tight and began to pull down, separating Arya's face from her skull little by little while she kicked relentlessly like a madwoman and screamed so much that her screams could be heard in the silence of the destroyed city.

When Jon had separated Arya's face to the height of the nose, she stopped screaming so Jon stopped going slowly and with a strong jerk tore Arya's face from her own head, also with the face a few pieces came out of flesh from her nose, lips, and eyelids, and enough blood to soak Jon.

“I thought you were one of the faceless ones”, Jon said to Arya's face, “I can see that I was wrong”, said Jon as he threw Arya's thin and bloody face aside and drawing the sword he cut Arya's head of her corpse.

Arya's face was unrecognizable, all red, bloody, without nose or eyelids, her eyes were full of blood and with an expression of pain on her noseless face, after this, Jon picked up Sansa's head from the ground who had died suffering being killed again but this time by her own sister.

Going to his throne Jon skewered the heads of his sisters onto the only two free ice swords, both on the sides of Tyrion's head, Sansa's still wearing her queen in the north crown, nailed to her skull, while Arya's barely had facial features, as she had no face.

Once this was done Jon picked up the mutilated body of Bran, which was still impaled on the icicles of Jon's ice throne, and threw it aside, immediately removed the pointed icicles from his seat and with his full throne, Jon sat down on it as the king who was by birthright, over him the heads of Sam, Bran, Sansa, Arya, and Tyrion, all traitors, dead, as they should be.

Then Rhaegal came to the room and looked at his rider, with no other public than his dragon Jon could have died there in peace, Rhaegal bowed before him, but he still had work to do, little but still had to do it.

He rose from his throne, mounted Rhaegal, and set out to join his countless army, currently ravaging the now snowy deserts of Dorne, in merciless slaughter.

Jon arrived with his army and, in a short time all of Dorne except Sunspear had fallen, the wights had divided throughout the southern kingdom and had destroyed everything in their path, only that city held out, but not for long.

Instantly Jon gave the order to attack, but he would not participate in the combat, he went to Rhaegal, he could feel that the dragon felt the same as him, Rhaegal's revenge had already been completed and he wanted to rest at last.

So Jon ordered him to go to Dragonstone and rest on the green meadows of the island, where he used to rest with his brothers and where he walked with Dany, Rhaegal obeyed and took flight.

"Goodbye my friend," said Jon, "soon I'll be with you again, rest now, you've earned it."

Once Rhaegal lay down on the grasslands next to the castle, he closed his blue eyes and rested forever.

Meanwhile Jon knew that the end was also near for him, the battle of Sunspear was not a battle, like so many before that, it was a massacre, so as he walked through the destroyed port among hundreds of corpses, he began to think about his long-awaited death.

He thought that he would return to King's Landing and sitting there on his throne, with the heads of the traitors on it, Jon would thrust his own sword into his chest, after all he was the one who killed Dany, he was the one great traitor.

However, one of his generals warned him of something, in the distance there was a ship, with the sails of the Martells, the ship had managed to escape through the mist, and in front of that ship there were more, they could hardly be seen but there they were, they were fleeing through the stone steps.

How dare those damned cowards deny his rest? As long as the people of Westeros lived his mission would not have ended, so full of anger he plunged his icy blade into the waters of the sea and completely froze the strait that separated Westeros from Essos, then Jon lunged at them with millions of wraiths behind him.

The survivors had abandoned the ships and were now running through the frozen sea trying to reach Essos at all costs, Jon pursued them leaving the ships behind, he pursued them killing the stragglers, he pursued them until they reached the very coast of Essos.

There, the survivors from Dorne made it to shore, and Jon did too, however something caught his eye as he walked along the frozen beach, with his army still on the ice bridge, and while the survivors from Westeros ran walking away from there.

An army of mercenaries from Essos was waiting for him, they held their position and did not approach because of the fear, however a hooded figure came out of that army, walking in the opposite direction from the survivors, walking towards him.

The figure walked without noticing the screams of terror around him, he was carrying something in one hand, something that was tremendously familiar to Jon ... and Jon's cursed sword whispered to him to kill that mysterious figure.

The hooded figure stopped a few meters from him, Jon was waiting for a faceless man, but when the mysterious figure raised her hands and took off her hood Jon could not believe it and for the first time since he began his crusade he fell back before her.

Unable to believe it at all and overwhelmed by having her before him again, with all her power and all her beauty, Jon could only whisper her name in disbelief:


Chapter Text

When Dany was told she couldn't believe it, but now that he was in front of her, she confirmed it was true, Jon was now the new night king, which confirmed the terrible rumors that Westeros had been destroyed by herds of deads.

The truth was that she did not know what she was doing when she advanced among the frightened mercenaries hired by one of the free cities to stop the undead, she needed to see him again, the man she loved, the man who betrayed her, the man who killed her ...

When Dany stopped in front of him, she was horrified to see his appearance, his hair was now white like hers, his skin was pale and icy, his black clothes were stained at all ends with dried blood and his eyes were so blue like the sea.

He saw her and recognized her, the simple fact that Jon stepped back a few steps when she took off her hood said it all, he seemed to preserve his memories, otherwise he would not have had that reaction to see her standing and alive, they both looked at each other for countless seconds, for them it was hours, neither of them dared to speak.

She was not willing to allow him to kill all the people of Essos as he did in Westeros, no, they were good people and deserved that she tried to save them somehow, she knew she could not beat him in combat, but still she carried on her hand the dagger he used to kill her, to stab her in the heart, the dagger that she had been told had so much power.

She did not know if he could speak now, but considering that he recognized her, she decided to try, like the queen that was, Dany stood up, she looked at him sternly and spoke with an iron voice:

"Go away Jon", said Dany looking into his eyes, she saw that when she said his name he opened his blue eyes even more, "leave this land, you will not harm these people", she knew that he could kill her right there without any effort, he had already done it before and the simple fact of having him in front of her again made Dany want to cry like a little girl, she wanted to ask him why he did it, she wanted to tell him how could he do something so horrible, when she loved him more than her own life.

But she could not, she would not allow him to see her cry, she would not allow this being that was now Jon to see her weaknesses again, so she continued:

"I will not allow them to be hurt," Dany said on the verge of tears.

And sensing her mood the wind shifted and thunder echoed above her as he sped towards the ground, with a deafening noise and with a great tremor, Drogon landed right behind her and roared menacingly at Jon.

However, Jon's face did not show any change because of this, his gaze was still fixed on her, Dany should kill him right there for a traitor, she hated him ... or so she wanted to believe, the fact that he did not react only made the queen mask that Dany was wearing to crack, giving way to the defenseless girl who only wants her love to love her.

Finally she could not bear his gaze anymore and the tears came out of her eyes, along with a sob, it was too much for her all this, the fact of seeing him again, seeing what he had become, seeing that the rumors were true and that he had killed all those people ...

She only wanted to protect the innocent people of Essos, the people who loved her.

She knew she couldn't protect them even with Drogon's help, she felt powerless and her tears only confirmed it.

"If you want to hurt them," said Dany with her voice trembling with tears, "you will have to step over me", Dany knew it did not sound at all credible, but she could not bear this anymore, he was still there, looking at her, she wanted him to go away and leave them all alone.

"Please Jon," she said between tears of sadness, "please go away," Dany said as she closed her eyes to avoid looking at him, several seconds passed.

Then she felt Drogon tense behind her and she heard footsteps approaching, she did not want to die, she had someone to live for now, but if that was her destiny, to die at the hands of this man for whom she had given everything, then what so out.

However, the silence was made between the two, she could feel the cold that emanated from him, but she did not open her eyes or move, then she heard something that she did not expect, because with a whisper that sounded almost like his normal voice and with a muffled and sad voice he said:

"Im sorry".

Then Dany opened her eyes and she could see how Jon turned his back, Dany even thought she saw a tear slide down his cheek as he turned.

Then he started walking towards the ice bridge that he had come over, and she watched him go, still stunned, but a creak brought her out of her trance, the ice on the bridge that Jon's wights were on was breaking and not only that, Dany could also see how the thousands and thousands of pairs of blue eyes were thrown into the water while the ice under their feet continued to break.

They all jumped into the water, from there they could never get out and they could not do anything to anyone, Dany could not believe it, she looked for Jon in the fog, she looked for him and only found two blue eyes looking at her, his gaze had sadness and pain, then the blue eyes turned and drifted away over the shrinking ice bridge back to Westeros.

Then, as the wights threw themselves into the water, the noise of the splashing was replaced by shouts of celebration and praise, she turned and saw how the mercenary army and the refugees from Westeros who were fleeing until recently ran towards her screaming of happiness and gratitude.

When they reached her, not caring that Drogon was by her side, many knelt, some hugged her while many said: "you have saved us", "my queen", "mysha", "may the gods bless you", "savior "... Everyone wanted to thank her, because everyone had seen how she stood before the night king and how she ordered him to leave and he did.

Everyone loved her and thanked her, men, women and children, she had saved them all from death, Dany remembered then when she had been so loved by the people, when she freed the slaves from the Astapor, Mereen and Yunkai... she had been happy, people saw her as their savior and would do anything for her, they loved her ... like now.

The news would soon spread throughout Essos and she would then know that everyone would see her as the savior, as the goddess who had returned from the dead, and that she had not returned alone.

When she woke up after Jon stabbed her, she did not know what had happened, she woke up naked, on an altar covered completely in blood and engulfed in the flames of Drogon, when the flames died, she sat up and saw the bodies of two red priestesses, on the sides of the altar, they had cuts on their wrists, she was on top of a temple, it was the great red temple of Volantis.

Drogon lowered his huge head and verified that she was alright, after this he gave a roar of joy and then a red priestess approached her with a robe to put on.

"Welcome back Mother of Dragons", said the woman, "my name is Kinvara", then Kinvara explained what she was doing there, and the memories assailed her and the horror paralyzed her, she remembered what Jon had done to her and she wanted to die again just to not feel the pain she felt now when she remembered it, her love had killed her, the wound from the dagger was still there, the last thing she saw were Jon's eyes, she thought she saw tears in them and then the darkness enveloped her and she died.

Dany managed to compose herself and then asked about the bodies of the two red priestesses, to which Kinvara replied:

"Only death can pay for life," said the priestess, but Dany did not understand, there were two bodies, Kinvara noticed and looking at the bodies she said:

"Death," then Kinvara approached her and placed a hand on her belly and said, "Life."

Then Dany understood, she was pregnant, pregnant of Jon, of the man she loved, of the man who killed her, she never believed this could happen, Jon was right after all, the witch was wrong.

But what should she do now? She didn't know what to do, she should go back to Westeros and take revenge on them, should she stay here and live hidden among the people? Or was she to go back to Mereen where people loved her?

The following weeks were very hard for her, they gave her a room in the temple, she spent the nights and days crying, wondering why Jon had done that to her, she loved him with all her heart and he loved her, she was pregnant therefore, she hated herself for having burned the city, she knew it was not right to do it, but she did not regret it, they hated her, but Jon cared about them, that is why he killed her, or so she wanted to believe, that would she tell her baby about his father? That he killed her because she was mad and she was killing people? She didn't even want to think about it.

The pain was such that she thought about committing suicide several times, however, the priestesses convinced her that she had to live, she had to be strong, for her baby and because the world needed her, the world had darkened since she died, the world believed that her flames had been completely extinguished, but no, a small candle survived in Volantis and from that candle a great fire could be reborn.

Finally, after several months in Volantis, her health had improved and she had decided what to do, she would return to Mereen, there, where people loved her, she could live with her baby in peace, without having to rule, without responsibilities, she would not return never to Westeros again, even if it meant not getting answers from Jon, she didn't want to see him anymore, even though she knew that inside her a part of her was crying out for her to come and look for him.

Before leaving, Kinvara gave her a gift that according to her she would need in the future, it was a dagger, it was the same dagger that Jon used to kill her, she rejected it, she did not want to remember any of that, but the priestess seriously insisted, they had made a sheath for the dagger and a strap to carry it tied together with her three-headed dragon clasp, Kinvara told her that this weapon was the most powerful that existed in Westeros and in all of Essos, Ulthos and Sothoryos and that in that simple dagger resided the fate of the world.

Dany decided to accept the dagger and she left on Drogon's back towards Mereen, however she decided to enter the city clandestinely, because she did not want anyone to recognize her especially now that she was pregnant.

However when she entered the city she found something she did not expect, slavery, which for so many years she had struggled to extinguish had resurfaced, she could not believe it, she left a council of wise men and old ex-slaves ruling the city together with Daario and the Second Sons to defend Mereen.

Upon learning of her death, the former masters had returned and re-chained the former slaves, arrived with a war fleet from ancient Ghis and attacked the city, Dany would have expected the Second Sons to have died defending the city, but her suspicions turned out to be a lie when she saw various members of the company buying slaves and saw how they watched a master beat a slave boy in front of his mother for some minor thing that the poor boy would have done.

Seeing that, Dany's blood burned again, just like that day in King's Landing, she was not willing to allow her people to suffer just because they believed her dead, no, she would never do that, she had to be strong and with her strength create a better world for her baby.

She left the city and went to see Drogon, mounted on his back and took off the hood she was wearing so that everyone could see her silver hair and could see her face, then she flew over the city as Drogon roared to let everyone know that she had returned, everyone looked up at the sky in disbelief.

After several minutes she decided to land in the great square of the city, a large crowd soon gathered there to listen to her, she told them that she was not dead and that as long as she lived she would not allow the people of Mereen to be subjected to slavery again.

Almost all the masters present there freed their slaves in front of her just by seeing her dragon, the few masters who refused suffered rebellions by their slaves, at nightfall almost all of Mereen's slaves were free again and she was heading to the great pyramid amid a sea of grateful freedmen who called her Mysha or savior and begged her to bless their homes or their families.

To them she was like a goddess, she had saved them from slavery twice, and she had come back again to protect them.

When Dany entered the great pyramid, disgust flooded her when she saw that her old home had been turned into a brothel, the Second Sons had settled there and enjoyed the comforts of being the rulers, wherever Dany looked there were women totally naked or with very little clothing and the mercenaries that were there were frozen when they saw her, however she ignored them and let the large group of freed slaves that accompanied her take them away.

When Dany got to her old rooms, she went in and seeing the captain of the Second Sons she said:

"Celebrating my death?" Daario got up from the bed startled, he was naked and in bed there were two women with a tear tattooed on one cheek.

"Y-Your Majesty…" Daario said.

"I see you have taken good care of the city in my absence," Dany said nonchalantly.

"Daenerys ... please", Daario laughed a little, "let me explain it to you."

"I left this city under your care trusting that you would not allow slavery to return and in my absence you have done just that", said Dany with hatred, "I do not want to hear more lies from you, yours is the last betrayal I will suffer, take him away. ! ”Dany yelled.

When they took him away, Dany ordered to feed and free all the captive women there, she personally took charge while she ordered the ex-slaves who followed her to dismantle the brothel that the second sons had set up in the pyramid.

Interrogating prisoners who begged for their lives, Dany found out that the former masters did indeed return to the city and put it under siege when they learned of her death in Westeros, knowing that they could not win, Daario struck a deal with the slavers: in exchange for being able to continue ruling the city with them, he would let them enter and re-establish slavery again, when everything was done Daario held a dinner where he poisoned the slavers in order to be the supreme ruler and the leader of the slave trade.

When Dany heard all this he wanted to vomit ... how she could have slept with someone so disgusting, that man was miserable, he only sought his own benefit without caring about the suffering of the people and the lives that would be lost.

In a few weeks an execution was held, many of the second sons had started a family in Mereen, so Dany asked the families and let those who were loved by their loved ones live, if only she could have a family like them ..., with a house with a red door ... with many children to see grow up and a husband who loves her every night ... if only she could have had that with Jon ... she would have left everything for him, now she could see it clearly, but it was too late and he had finished with all their possibilities.

For the members of the Second Sons without family in Mereen and who had been cruel and slave masters a worse fate awaited them, Drogon's fire made a good account of them ...

Daario was the last to die, his pleas ceased when Drogon took him between his jaws and tore him to pieces in front of her, he told her that he loved her when she left for Westeros, now she knew it was a lie and that if she had taken him with her, perhaps she too would have died when he had the chance to be king ...

She never loved him, she had only truly loved one man in her entire life, the man who was the father of her baby, the man to whom she had given her heart and that he had broken.

After this, normality returned in the following weeks and after a month everyone in the bay of the dragons knew of her return, as her pregnancy progressed, many red priestesses arrived in the city and after three months Gray Worm and his unsullied came to town to see if the rumors were true.

Gray Worm knelt before her and begged her forgiveness for not having protected her, she forgave him, because he was the only one of all her friends who had remained faithful to her and who still was, he and the unsullied wanted to get back at her service, the three thousand that remained still remembered her.

However Dany stated that since the unsullied had found a home in Naath, she would not take it from them, so every six months, the half of the unsullied would stay in Mereen while the other half returned to Naath and six months later their companions would relieve them and so on, after all, the island and the city of Mereen were not relatively far away.

A few months later she gave birth, she had been terrified thinking about what happened the last time with Rhaego ... however, the very Kinvara who had resurrected her, came from Volantis to help her, they were hours full of pain and fear, but the in the end the baby was born safe and sound.

He was a strong and healthy boy, with silver hair and violet eyes like her, but the curls in his hair belonged to his father, when she looked at him she felt a love like she had never felt before and did not understand now how she had been able to think in committing suicide when she resurrected, she now had a good reason to live, a reason she decided to call: Aegon.

And so time passed and she took care of her son with all the love possible, she watched him crawl, fall, walk, start talking ... however, during those few years Dany could not help feeling sadness in all that, as if something or someone still was missing in her life to be happy at all.

Dany knew exactly what it was, she thought that maybe she could move on with another man, but she quickly discarded it, she couldn't love someone other than Jon, she regretted so much, she thought about the life so happy that she, Jon and Aegon could have had ...

She wanted to hate him, she really wanted to, but she couldn't either, thanks to him, Aegon was here with her, and thanks to him she had known what true love was, although he had not reciprocated her in the end...

However, she knew that they would never see each other again...

Until a year before they met again, she began to have nightmares at night, nightmares of death, ice, snow and darkness, of the dead walking once more and of the death of the world.

At first she did not give them importance, but a few months later merchants brought news from Westeros, and the news passed from friend to friend until they reached Daenerys herself, apparently a new enemy had appeared in the war that was being fought in Westeros, Dany had heard for years that Dorne, the Reach, and the Iron Isles had rebelled against King Bran and started a war for their independence.

Dany did not care, everyone could die there for her, but that new enemy who had entered the war was different, it seemed that he had destroyed the northern kingdom and according to rumors it was not one of the free cities of Essos.

Months later people began to speak of dead with blue eyes and terror invaded Dany, was it possible? They defeated them, they killed the night king, or so they thought, apparently, the Vale and the Riverlands had also fallen and people spoke of a certain Jon Snow, the dead, the annihilator, the end of hope, the betrayer... people said that he was the leader of those undead.

Fearful that the rumors were true Dany flew to Volantis, where she asked Kinvara for advice and she not only told her that the darkness had returned, that was the reason she had been brought back.

“When the time comes, you will have to face the dark again Mother of Dragons”, the priestess said, “you will face your past, you will face what you love the most, you must be prepared, now you are the life of this world, you must not fail ”.

Dany returned to Mereen with more questions than answers and during the following months the news kept coming, each one more dire than the last, one by one, the kingdoms of Westeros had fallen, even the islands, which showed that they were no longer safe there on another continent.

Upon learning that only Dorne resisted, Dany decided that she had to see it for herself and leaving Gray Worm in the care of Mereen and her son Aegon, to whom she said goodbye through tears, she left for the west.

When he reached Pentos, chaos reigned throughout the city and the coast of Essos in general, Dorne had already fallen and according to several captains, the dead were now crossing the Narrow Sea by an ice bridge on the stone steps, and there it was when Dany was reunited with Jon.

Now, several weeks after that, Dany found herself thinking about it all, in her room at the Red Temple of Volantis.

"Majesty," Kinvara said, entering the door.

"I think you know why I am here," said the priestess, "you know what I am going to ask of you."

"You want me to go back to Westeros, right?" Dany said sadly.

"I want you to fulfill your destiny", Kinvara replied, "to bring the dawn, perhaps here in the south of Essos it is not noticeable yet, but the winter still rages uncontrollably, the snows have already reached Braavos and will soon reach the Dothraki gass sea, as well as the rest of the free cities ”.

"If this continues, the cold will end up engulfing the world, unless you do something about it," said the priestess.

Dany knew that she had to do it, she had dreamed these last weeks with the city of King's Landing and with the red fortress, she knew that he would be there.

"If i return" said Dany, "what should I do ... when I meet him?"

"I am afraid that is a question to which no one has an answer, your Majesty," Kinvara said, "but whatever happens, remember, you must bring spring, or we will all die."

Fearful of what she might find Dany left with Drogon the next day and in a few days she reached Westeros again, and Dany was speechless, the landscape seemed the north of the wall, all frozen and white with snow, without a trace of solar light and with blizzards and winter storms everywhere.

She saw the city of King's Landing, she swore that she would never return, many people screamed the day the city burned, now nothing was heard except the howling of the wind, it was a ghost town.

She was of the blood of the dragon, but even her blood froze at the sight of the red fortress, in that state, it gave chills to walk through its dark and icy corridors full of dried blood...

But the most macabre thing that Dany saw, was what she found in the throne room ... there was an icy throne and on it, nailed in ice swords were the heads of people she knew, Sam, Bran Stark, Arya, Sansa and Tyrion.

A feeling of satisfaction settled in her when she saw the final fate of those disgusting ungrateful traitors, they survived the night king thanks to her, and instead of thanking her they spat on her and betrayed her at the first opportunity.

She smiled when she looked at their heads, they had wanted her to die, and now they were dead and she was contemplating with satisfaction what was left of them, Sansa still had her crown on her head, she had wanted to be queen and she had achieved it, but now she was dead and was not queen of anything or anyone, Arya's face was barely recognizable and as for Tyrion ...

Dany thought of the bastard dwarf as the worst of all, she should never have trusted a Lannister...

"You shouldn't be here..." said a voice behind her, Dany knew whose voice it was and she turned grabbing her dagger.

Before her was Jon Snow, the betrayer, looking at her with his blue eyes, which now seemed sad.

"He killed me", Dany thought, "he betrayed me ... I gave him my heart and he tore it to pieces ...", Dany looked at him without saying a word with a look of steel in her eyes.

It was Jon this time who could not meet her gaze, as if he knew what she was thinking, and to Dany's surprise, Jon bent one of his knees and knelt before her, unbuckling from his belt an extraordinary sword that Dany had never seen and he placed it on the ground at her feet, he wanted to show her that he was not armed.

Bowing his head he solemnly said: "My queen", now, death itself knelt before her.

"Your queen?" Dany asked, anger in her voice.

"I swore it," Jon said in a whisper, "you are my queen, now and always."

"You swore to me," Dany snapped, "and yet you betrayed me, in the worst possible way."

"Dany... I'm so sorry," said Jon who was still kneeling.

"You sorry?" Dany said enraged, suddenly she had lost all the fear and fury, the frustration, the helplessness and the hatred that she had felt during all these years returned to her giving her strength.

"Why you did it?," Dany raised her voice.

"To save the others from the mad queen?" Dany asked, clenching her fists, "did you also see me as the mad queen who only knows to kill and destroy?"

"After everything I did for the North, for your family, for you ...", said Dany, "was that what I deserved in return?"

“I lost everything… and you abandoned me!” Dany yelled, Jon still bent silently.

"I trusted you, I gave you my armies, my dragons, my people… I was losing them all and I moved on, because my love for you deserved any sacrifice," Dany's voice ran out of strength.

“I loved you…”, she said, “more than anything in this world, I wanted to spend the rest of my days by your side, you, me and…”, Dany wanted to mention her son, but she couldn't.

Jon was still kneeling before her without moving, the fact that he didn't even want to look at her only infuriated her more: "Look at me," said Dany, to which Jon got up and she could see tears covering his face, tears illuminated by the blue glow of his eyes.

"When you told me who you really were, I was afraid, the goal of my whole life turned out to be false, but after thinking about it a lot and after you told me that you did not want the throne, my feelings towards you did not change, I loved you even more if it was possible”.

"Jon, you were the only family I had left in the whole world, we should be together, I didn't want to be alone anymore..." Dany's voice began to waver with sadness.

"You abandoned me, when I needed you most, when I only needed you to look at me, kiss me, hug me... show me that you still cared", tears came to Dany's eyes.

"You allowed your family to separate us," Dany's voice was now a whisper, "for your sister to reveal your secret, even though I begged you not to tell her."

"I'm so sorry ...", Jon finally said after a few moments, "I wish I could change what I did ... I wish none of this had happened, I didn't want to kill you ...".

"Then... why?" Dany said letting out tears.

“I was lost… confused”, said Jon, “to know who I really was, the fact of my right to the throne, all my life was a lie, what everyone told me about you… I needed time to assimilate it all, to accept it, to be sure of my feelings for you ... and I know that does not justify abandoning you and I am very sorry to have done that to you, you did not deserve it... ".

"Everyone started trying to put me against you ...", said Jon looking at the ground again, "everyone, my family, my friends ... I never finished believing them, they told me that you were mad like your father, but I did not believe them".

"Then you burned the city, and I really thought they were right, they were my family, and they told me those things about you ... and at that time I thought they loved me and wanted the best for me... but no ... for them i would always be their instrument, the sacrificial bastard they can use, ”said Jon.

“They convinced me to do it, Arya, Tyrion, they told me that if I did it everyone would be safe, that you were the devil personified, a murderer ... that all the good things you had done in Essos were nothing more than signs that you were a tyrant ”, Dany listened to him in silence.

"Tyrion told me that you would kill my sisters and everyone who opposed you, that you would conquer the world and kill millions, that the only solution was to kill you... and... and I listened to him", Jon's voice broke and Dany heard him sob.

"I still didn't know anything, the only thing I knew was after I did it, then I knew that I loved you and that I could never love anyone else, I still love you" Jon said sadly.

"They did not kill me, I wish they had, they banished me to the wall, but I went north with the wildings, there I began to look to blame for all my pain and suffering", Jon's voice changed to one of hatred, "everyone who turned me against you, everyone who insisted on separating us… ”Dany recoiled from the darkness in his voice.

"So I found this sword in the heart of winter itself," said Jon looking at the sword on the ground, Dany also looked at it, "as soon as I took it I became this, what I swore to destroy, I became death and I came back wielding its power, I hunted, destroyed and murdered all the traitors that I used to call brothers, sisters and friends, I killed them all, in ways so painful that you could never imagine, I made sure they suffered as much as possible before they died " Dany looked at him terrified, Jon looked at the heads of the traitors on the throne.

“I murdered everyone in Westeros, I made sure to search all the cities and villages, no one would be left alive in this cursed land, which has seen so much horror, they all had to die, so that their corruption did not spread to the rest of the world, men, women and children, they all died, I killed them all ”, said Jon, the glare in his eyes was bluer than ever.

"Now I understand how you felt that day, loneliness ... what it does to people, what makes us ..." Jon's voice trailed off, then he stared at her.

"I know why you are here ...", said Jon, "I know why you carry that dagger, I can feel its power ... I just want you to know ... that I will not stop you, I am the last traitor ... it must be like that."

Dany, now she could see it clearly, there he was, the honorable, respectful and shy boy she fell in love with, he was still there after all this time, everything that had happened ... he was not a monster, he was Jon, he was there.

Dany looked at the dagger in her hand, it didn't seem to have any power, it was still the same dagger that he used to kill her.

“I've had a lot of time to think about all the magic that has been surrounding me,” Jon continued as if he knew what she was thinking, “I can feel the power in that dagger, I can feel the flames of life in it… just like I feel them in you Dany ”, she did not understand what he was saying,“ if I incarnate death… then you incarnate life, upon resurrection, you returned with more power than before… ”.

Dany reflected on that, perhaps that was the reason why Aegon had not died in childbirth, because the witch's curse now had no power over her, was that true?

"I think I know what the purpose of that sword is," said Jon looking at his sword on the ground, "perhaps the very god of death, who is worshiped by the white walkers, left it where I found it, so that in the future , when necessary, a mortal would take it and use it to reboot Westeros if it looks too corrupted… and that's exactly what I've done, ”Jon said in a whisper.

"And maybe that was why, why you came back, to bring spring to the world now that I have finished my mission ..." said Jon looking at her, Dany could feel what he was asking her to do, but she didn't know if she would have the strength to do so.

"This shouldn't have been like this ..." Dany said.

"No ..." replied Jon, "everything should have ended when we defeated the night king, but something happened, something or someone above us, above this world, destabilized the balance, that caused everything bad that happened to both of us, the bad things that happened after the battle of Winterfell shouldn't have happened, but they did, something happened, I can't tell you how I know it, but I know it, ”said Jon.

“As a result of this, the balance between life and death had to be restored, that is why I found the sword and returned destroying all life in my path and as a result of this you have returned to end the winter and that no one should say anymore : winter is coming ”, said Jon looking at her.

"Dany ..." said Jon.

“No…”, she said, “I can't do it”, Dany said turning her back, “Jon… there is something I must tell you…” Dany took a deep breath, her mind was racing and her heart was beating very fast.

“Jon… we have a son,” Dany said.

"W-What?" Jon asked puzzled.

“You were right… you always were”, Dany looked at him with teary eyes, “I found out I was pregnant when they brought me back”, Jon staggered back.

At this Jon began to tremble, he seemed on the verge of madness and let out small moans trying to contain himself, but he failed and let out a terrible unnatural cry of anger and sadness, so loud that much of the ice that covered the throne room was cracked, Dany looked at him disconsolate, Jon fell to his knees and began to cry.

Seeing him like this, Dany did not feel satisfaction, nor hatred, nor resentment towards him, on the contrary, it hurt her to see him sad and broken, as he was now, all the fear disappeared and was replaced by an emotion that she never ever thought she could feel for him, silently walked behind him, knelt and hugged him, his body was cold as ice, but Dany could perceive something underneath, heat, there was heat underneath that cold.

"Dany ..." Jon said.

"I know ...", she said, Dany knew that he would never have killed her if he had known that she was pregnant with his son, she knew.

"He's a boy", she said smiling thinking of her son, "his name is Aegon, he has silver hair, violet eyes and ... and he has your curls", Jon listened attentively without missing a word, "he's healthy, he's a little short and kind to the other children, he has a big heart and his laugh makes me happy whenever I listen to it ”.

Jon was still crying, now in silence,Dany wanted him to know that something beautiful, pure and completely good had come out of their love.

“Every day he asks me to read him adventure books, of great heroes, or let him train with a sword or a spear”, Dany laughed, “he is only three years old and he already wants to ride Drogon, he is happy, Jon ”, Dany tried to convince him.

Jon got rid of her hug and looked at her.

"Did you say that he is three years old?", Jon asked, "gods, how long has it been ... I no longer ... I no longer perceive time as before ...".

"Yes ... he's three years old, he's very smart for his age," said Dany with tears running down her cheeks, "and ... and when he comes back from playing with other children, he asks me about you," Dany said, her voice cracking with tears. , "He asks me why the other children have a father and he doesn't, he asks me where you are, and ... and I don't know what to say to him."

Jon was looking at the ground now, he seemed absent from everything, but she knew he was listening.

Dany's heart hammered in her chest, she knew what she needed, what her heart needed to be completely happy, despite her mind telling her otherwise, she knew that there was still good in him.

“Jon”, she said, and he looked at her as she approached him, “be with me”, the last time she said those words to him she had wanted the same thing as now, “leave all this behind, come with me to Mereen, help me to raise our son, I'm sure he's looking forward to meet you, ”she said smiling.

Jon looked at her for a few moments, then, he smiled, approached her and took her face gently between both of his hands.

"It can't be Dany," Jon said with infinite sadness, "look at me, I'm no longer alive, I no longer have a soul."

"No!", Dany said not willing to give up grabbing his hands, "listen to me, I rule Mereen, I could… build you a special room and ... and you would not leave the pyramid and ...", she wanted to continue but Jon interrupted her.

"I know Dany," said Jon, "I know, I know you would move heaven and earth to make it possible for me to live there and I know it could be a good life," Jon stopped and his voice cracked, "but you really ... do you really think that I can look to our son in the eye and… tell him that I killed his mother?

Dany knew he was right, but still she didn't want to give up.

"Listen to me please," she said, now grabbing his face with her hands, "you're not trying, we can be happy, you and me, the three of us," Dany said crying, "you just have to try."

"I can't," said Jon also crying and drawing her into a hug while Dany broke down crying uncontrollably in his arms.

"Please", she begged, "I forgive you" she said through tears, "I love you", "I can't", said Jon hugging her even tighter and crying too, "don't leave me alone", she said crying, "I can't ... Jon kept repeating.

She did not know how long they were hugging, but when they separated a fine snow fell on them, Jon looked at her, approached and took the dagger that she had in her hand, he observed it for a moment and putting it back in her hand said:

"It's time," Jon said, to which Dany shook her head.

"I can't do it," she said.

"Yes, you can," said Jon, "calm down, it´s fine, I know you would never hurt me, it's sad that it has to be you, but that's the way it is."

"Listen", said Jon, "when you have done it, take the cursed sword, we cannot leave it here ... take it to the north of the wall, to an ice fortress, that sword must not harm anyone else ... besides, there you will find something … Something I want Aegon to have. "

"Jon ... I can't", said Dany looking at him, she couldn't kill the father of her son, she couldn't kill the man she still loved.

“You must do it”, said Jon, “if you don't, the world will die, everyone, the cold will consume everything, including our son… please Dany… do it, I can't be human anymore… and while I still live , the cold will increase in the whole world, you must do it ”.

Then Dany, defeated, brought the dagger to the palm of her hand and made a cut in it, instantly the blood reactivated the power of the dagger, which turned into a blade of flames that glowed red, yellow and orange, its brilliance was the brightest light that earth would see, brighter than the sun.

Then Dany looked at him, he was ready.

"I'll always be with you Dany, we'll always be together," Jon said caressing her cheek gently, her skin was warm.

"I know", said Dany between a sea of tears, "I love you, all the gods know it", Jon looked at her with love, "I love you, now and always", and then, both merged in a passionate kiss of pure love as it had never been seen before in the world and would never be seen again afterwards.

They kissed as if it were the last time they did it, and indeed it was, because while they both consumed their love for each other in the kiss, Dany, with all the pain in her heart and with tears in her closed eyes, grasped the fiery dagger, and stabbed into Jon's heart without him resisting.

Instantly, Jon began to weaken as his body changed, the flames of life re-entered in Jon's body and burned the ice and death on his body, his skin returned to normal, his eyes returned to brown and the heat returned to his body, although now it began to escape his body, Dany broke the kiss and held Jon as he fell until he was gently on the ground.

Jon returned to being human, but he was destined to die, with his last heartbeats he kept looking at Dany, his one and only true love while she held him in her loving arms while sobbing and crying while she saw him die slowly, however he dedicated her one last smile of love and adoration, a smile that said it all, a smile of eternal love, and after that Jon closed his eyes and died.

Dany cried over his body, disconsolate, and with a sadness impossible to imagine for anyone, while around her the snow stopped falling and a ray of sunlight, the first that had been seen in that land for years, illuminated them both.

Then, when there were no tears left to shed, she got up and took his body from there, from that cursed castle and that infernal continent, not without first picking up Jon's cursed sword from the ground, as Jon said, the flames of life Inside Dany prevented the same thing that happened to Jon from happening to her when she touched the sword, she flew to Dragonstone and there she built a pyre and burned Jon's body, like the ancient Targaryen kings and the ancient dragon lords of Valyria, she watched as Drogon's flames carried away his love, even the dragon seemed sad.

Dany scattered his ashes over the island of Dragonstone, the place where they both met and fell in love, then she set off north of the wall amid clear skies and as the snow and ice under her melted, life returned little by little, even north of the wall there were signs of spring, there was only one place that the sun did not cover in that area and Dany knew that was the place.

She dismounted from Drogon and entered a strange fortress that was very similar to what Jon had described, once inside she advanced through a dark tunnel until she reached a dark room with a high ceiling, there were statues on both sides on the walls and these were made of ice, but Dany noticed a particular statue at the end of the room on an ice staircase...

It was a statue of her, polished in ice to perfection, "he made it for me, to remember me," Dany thought, at the foot of the statue there was an ice altar, from which Jon took the sword, Dany holding it, she placed it carefully on the altar, having done so, she left there to never return.

However, Dany saw something that caught her attention when she came out of it, she saw a circular altar of ice outside, surrounded by columns of ice, in the center of it there was a stuck sword, Dany recognized it: Longclaw.

Smiling at the memory and promise of Jon, she took it out of there, tied it to her back and prepared to climb Drogon, however before she did a wolf howled in the distance, the sound made her feel sad and lonely she looked over a snowy hill, and above it was a huge, white, red-eyed direwolf staring at her.

"Ghost," thought Dany, the wolf howled again, looked at her once more and disappeared from her sight, then Dany whispered to the wind:

"Bye my love".


As soon as Dany opened the door of her rooms, her little one ran to her full of joy, she bent down and received him in her arms, she picked him up and hugged him while turning on herself, he looked like his father, she would give her life for him, when she lowered him to the ground, he said:

"Mommy! Mommy! Tell me, what have you done on your travels? What have you seen?" Asked Aegon excitedly.

“I'll tell you my little dragon,” Dany said, “but first, I have something for you,” Dany said as she pulled Longclaw out of its sheath and presented the sword to the kid.

"This was from your father," Dany said, "he wanted you to have it."

Aegon stared at the sword in amazement and touched the cold metal of the blade.

"Can I play with it?", Asked the little boy, to which Dany laughed, ruffled his hair and said tenderly:

"Not yet my little dragon… not yet..."