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Leave one dragon alive...

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Jon did not need to eat or drink or sleep, now he had become what he swore to destroy, a being of darkness, of nightmare. However, Jon had stopped caring what people would think of him when they saw him, he had a mission, he would rid the world of evil people, just like Dany had wanted to do, he would complete the mission in her place, and when it was all over, he would stick on himself that cursed sword and join her.

He took one last look at the statue of his love, and remembered the nights he had spent with her, and a hint of a smile formed on his cold lips as he remembered the nights on that ship, when the two became one, Jon remembered, the warmth, the humidity and the love inside her, and how they both loved each other because they couldn't sleep without being hugged.

But then he remembered those who took him away from her, and his fury increased but also his decision to do what he had to do, he immediately left the fortress with the four white walkers following him closely, they obeyed him without hesitation, Jon controlled their minds through the sword.

He was preparing to leave for the south, but before he stopped before the ice altar, surrounded by ice tips that came out of the snowy ground, he was death now, he was no longer Jon Snow, so he unbuckled Longclaw's belt, He took it out of its sheath and looked at the sword for the last time, he was not worthy to wield it, no man who had done what he was worthy to wield it, so he nailed it in the center of the ice altar with the intention of leaving it there, as symbol that Jon Snow had died there.

So, he left to the south, the white walkers followed closely, none of them needed to stop for the affairs of the living, no, they were death, a winter storm followed Jon as if it were a lap dog.

During the weeks it took to get to the wall, Jon thought about attacking the Wildings to swell his army, but he quickly discarded it, they did not consider themselves part of Westeros and they were right, they were good people, the kind of people who maybe could repopulate the continent when their work was done.

However he did not think the same of the Night's Watch, rapists, murderers, traitors ... the scum that the powerful considered the worst of the worst, his family had wanted him to remain there, among them, they believed that this was his place, and In a way it was, he was a traitor, a murderer and he knew that many of the members of the Watch would prefer to have died for their crimes as he had wanted, so he would grant them their wish, as for the rest ... they also deserved to die, otherwise they would not be there.

They saw him from the top of the wall, when wearing his Watch clothes, they thought he was a missing brother and they let him in, some brothers received him in the tunnel, when they saw his eyes that shone blue and frosty it was too late, Jon killed them and revived them as specters, despite being his first time in the practice of raising the dead, the sword proved to help Jon in this regard.

When they left the tunnel in the courtyard of Castle Black, Jon ordered the wraiths to do what they did best, and he would accompany them, no one in the castle could stand up to Jon, no one.

He searched the entire castle in search of survivors, this had been his castle for a time of his life and he knew all its hiding places and indeed he found some brothers trying to hide and survive, his pleas did not stop Jon's dark sword .

At the end of the day Jon had taken over several dozen specters but he needed more, many more, he called his white walkers, who crossed the wall without problems, since the old magical protection had disappeared when the wall was broken in Eastwatch.

He decided to send them to Moletown and the villages near Castle Black to swell the ranks of his army, meanwhile he would go to the Shadow Tower in the east and end what little was left of the Watch forever.

After massacring the Watch in the Shadow Tower, Jon met with his lieutenants, they had brought him together only a score of specters, Jon had expected more, however with the brothers of the Shadow Tower Jon already had more than a hundred specters, so he decided to start visiting small towns and villages further south.

Along the way Jon began to see why his lieutenants had brought him so few dead, the north showed signs of a terrible famine, Jon found abandoned villages and the bodies of starving animals and people, who were welcomed into his army.

Without a doubt, the terrible government of Sansa and its so precious independence from the rest of the kingdoms of Westeros had taken their toll, it was still winter throughout the continent and the house that now ruled in Highgarden was not going to bother to send the food of its people and from the rest of the kingdoms united to some treacherous and proud Northerners who would not even return the favor if the opportunity arose.

They wanted to never kneel before anyone again, now they knelt before death and Jon was death.

Those killed by the famine added a couple of hundred to Jon's army who decided to go to Lord Glover's castle, Glover was one of the worst, he had refused to fight and put his men in the battle of Winterfell just because Jon had sworn allegiance to Dany.

He was the example that the people of Westeros had no salvation and had to die, the attack was a success, no one knew that they were coming, no one knew that they existed and that they had returned, all the people of the castle died in a single night, except Lord Glover, Jon gave orders to the white walkers to keep him alive, he wanted to kill him himself.

They took him out to the courtyard dragging him by the arms, all the inhabitants of the castle, including Glover's family were there watching the scene in silence with their cold blue eyes, they put him on his knees as Jon approached, when Lord Glover saw him, he changed his face between one of fear to one of anger.

"You ...", he said spitting, "you are a TRAITOR!"

But Jon didn't let him continue quickly grabbing him by the neck with one hand as the white walkers beside him kept him on his knees and held him tight.

"No ..." Jon said in his deathly voice, "you are the traitor", Lord Glover's expression changed to one of pure terror and Jon's overdeveloped senses felt how Glover shitted all over himself.

Instantly Glover's neck began to freeze around Jon's hand as he strengthened his grip around his neck, Glover would have screamed if he could have, the Lord's neck turned to ice and Jon pulled up causing the ice on his neck snapped in an explosion of ice, blood and bone.

Jon looked at the head of the bald and bearded Lord, his expression of terror and pain was printed on his face, by separating his head from his pathetic body he had also torn off part of his spine which was still attached to the head and dripped blood on it. On the ground, with his work done, he threw his head out of sight and left there with his specters, but not before a white walker stepped on the decapitated head, spreading its dirty contents on the ground.

Jon immediately went to Dreadfort, he did not have much time before his presence was detected, along the way several explorers spotted part of his army but when they told what they had seen the people did not believe them and they said they had been defeated and laughed of them, if they only knew.

Jon did not know which family Dreadfort now occupied and he did not care either, when he finished with his work there, his army already had a thousand of specters, and it was time to visit the queen in the north.

Nobody knew they were coming, nobody would believe those who had seen them, that was better, Winterfell seemed to have no shortage of food or supplies of any kind, of course Sansa would prefer to keep the most insignificant of her luxuries while she let her people starve, Jon wasn't surprised.

He was aware that Winterfell could be very difficult to take if things went wrong and that the castle garrison could wipe out many of their forces, so hours before the attack Jon summoned a great winter storm and unleashed it on the castle, soon, snow, hail, and ice began to hit the old fortress.

The blizzard would hide their army until it was too late, wrapped in the storm they approached, as stealthily as possible, the visibility was so bad, that Jon and his lieutenants were in front of the great gates and the guards on the walls hadn´t seen them.

Jon nailed his sinister sword into the wood of the gates, instantly the ice spread through the doors and with a great crack they gave way and fell to the ground with a great crash, instantly a horde of corpses entered through the doors and invaded the yard.

The guards on the walls watched in terror as the dead spread through the castle and entered the kennels, the sept and the tower of the Maester, where Wolkan, the Maester of Winterfell was dismembered alive by a group of bloodthirsty specters scattering flesh, blood and guts on the ground.

Jon's white walkers walked the walls mercilessly killing the guards who had not descended from them to defend the castle, Jon meanwhile, strolled through the courtyard of his old home, watching as the desperate soldiers tried to defend themselves from their specters and killing soldiers stupid enough to attack him.

Fools, they had thrown away all the dragonglass that they used in the long night, probably Sansa would have sold the weapons of the precious material to be able to buy food for the winter, also she would not have been able to buy much, after all, how much gold could she demand in weapons that kill enemies they've already defeated?

What little food she could have gotten, she would have kept for herself.

The soldiers were defenseless before him and his army, and all died, when no one was left alive on the outside Jon picked up the fallen soldiers, who numbered in the hundreds, and gave the order to enter the castle, what followed later was a carnage.

Women, children, the elderly ... Jon did not care, they all had to die, he did not care if they were innocent, he did not care that some of them had not wanted to separate from the rest of the kingdoms or that some did not want Sansa as queen, for them It was already too late.

All the rooms and rooms of the castle were opened and its inhabitants massacred, the blood of all them was spreaded all over the floor, all were dead... except one, the old chamber of Lord Ned Stark that now belonged to the queen in the north Sansa Stark, Jon ordered that no one enter that room, he wanted to take care of his supposed sister.

Jon entered the room alone, everything was dark and silent but something permeated the room, Jon knew what it was: fear. It seemed that no one was there, but appearances are deceiving, without wasting time Jon went straight to the bed and using his incredible strength he lifted it and threw it aside.

Under the bed she was, in a pathetic attempt to hide, the attack had been so sudden that no one had been able to escape from there, not even her, as soon as they discovered her she began to cry and try to get away from hers.

"No ... no ... please ...", she said between tears as she tried to get away from him, until she finally saw his face and recognized him.

"J-Jon?" She said with a trembling and still scared voice, "is it you?"

"Hello Sansa," Jon said in a voice colder than the sword he wielded.

"What happened to you?" Sansa asked horrified, "are you one of them?"

"I am justice Sansa," Jon replied with a devilish smile as he approached her, "the justice that you, the north and all of Westeros deserve."

"A-and what justice is that?" Sansa asked fearfully as she pressed her back to the stone wall.

"Death", said Jon and instantly Sansa let out a scream of terror and with tears in her eyes she tried to run to the door to escape, but Jon was faster and before she could open the doors he stabbed her with his cursed sword behind the thigh of her leg.

Sansa fell to the ground quickly letting out a piercing scream of pain, the wound caused by the sword was not a common one, the flesh and blood around the wound that had touched the sword had started to freeze causing terrible pain.

"PLEASE JON", Sansa squealed between cries of pain, "I AM YOUR SISTER ...", to which Jon simply shook his head.

"No, my sister is dead, she died along with Ned Stark in King's Landing," Jon said and immediately stepped on the wound on her leg causing more bleeding and more screams of pain.

Then he walked to her head and grabbing her hair began to drag her through the corridors of her old home while she continued to wriggle between pathetic screams, pleas and cries, he dragged her around the yard grabbing her tightly and pulling her red hair.

The people of Sansa had gathered in the courtyard and had made a corridor to let Jon pass while they observed the scene with their dead blue eyes, Sansa contemplated her people, the people who called her queen who were now observing her with the purest indifference she had failed them, she kept screaming in horror as she looked at the dead faces of men, women and children who were once her subjects, this was much worse than when she was with ramsay, this was horrible for her.

Jon dragged her to his destination: the Godswood of Winterfell.

The dead gathered there too, occupying the entire small forest and leaving the heart tree clear, where Jon arrived dragging Sansa, once there he released her hair and she fell to the ground sobbing.

"Do you remember this place?", Asked Jon, "this was where you betrayed me", the silence now reigned in the forest, only Sansa's cries could be heard.

At Sansa's silence, Jon continued.

"I asked you to keep the secret and you swore it to me, you swore it to me here, where our father went to pray, the holiest place in Winterfell, what would Ned Stark say if he saw what his precious daughter did?" Jon said.

"Jon ... please," Sansa whimpered.

"Because you did it Sansa, because you betrayed me! I told you I didn't want the throne," Jon demanded.

"You would have been the king that Westeros needs, the best possible," Sansa explained.

"Is that why you questioned all my decisions when I was king in the north?" Jon stepped on Sansa's injured leg again causing her to scream again, "tell me the truth... why?"

"We couldn't let her rule, she was mad like her father", when she said that Jon burst into anger, grabbed Sansa by the neck and threw her against the trunk of the heart tree causing part of the snow on the branches to fall and winning more pain and cries from Sansa.

"Don't you dare say that in my presence," Jon said as he reached up to her and grabbed one of her arms, instantly the arm began to freeze, Sansa could feel the pain of her blood freezing and Jon stared at her as she froze, horrorized writhing in pain.

When Sansa's entire right arm was covered in ice, Jon pulled hard on it and the queen's arm broke into a thousand pieces of ice, blood and crushed bones, Sansa let out a very high-pitched scream of pain with so much force that if someone were still alive there without a doubt their ears would be bleeding.

Horrified, Sansa directed her other hand to the hollow full of blood and flesh in her side trying desperately to search for her missing member of hers as she screamed and cried pathetically, but Jon wasn't done.

Jon stabbed his cursed sword into Sansa's left shoulder who let out another scream of pain as loud and sharp as the previous one, he could feel the sword biting her flesh and slowly absorbing her life, the pain was so intense that Sansa fainted , then fearing that her suffering would end there, Jon withdrew his sword.

When Sansa came to herself, the first thing she felt was the pain, the pain where her arm used to be, but especially the pain in her leg and her shoulder, she was still leaning against the trunk of the heart tree and a quiet snow fell on her , identical to the night she got married.

"You can feel it right?", Jon said, "the pain…, the wounds that this sword causes…".

"They freeze you inside, they take your life, little by little, they rot your flesh, crack your bones and freeze the blood in your veins," Jon continued.

"In a few hours you will be dead."

"Jon please help me please I love you," Sansa pleaded pathetically.

"You don't know what it is to love someone other than yourself," Jon replied, "you don't know what love is ... to love someone more than your own life."

"You didn't love her, not really, that's why you killed her," Sansa said trying to convince him.

"Yes, I loved her, more than you, than Arya or Bran, more than anyone, I realized the moment I killed her," Jon said.

"Killing me won't bring her back to you," Sansa said, trying to save herself.

"I know, but at least justice will be done, for her and for me," Jon reaffirmed.

"Justice?" Sansa couldn't believe it.

"You always hated her, right? You never gave her a chance, you saw her as an enemy, just because she was more beautiful and a better queen than you will ever be", said Jon, Sansa's expression was indescribable.

"What have you done as queen in the north? Let your people die of hunger isolating them from the rest of the kingdoms, and spending your gold for food on useless things to show that you are the queen, like this", said Jon as he raised the hand, in his hand he held the crown of Sansa.

"Neither she nor I, had the need to wear a crown when we governed, we did not need to prove to anyone that we were the rulers with stupid things like a crown, we knew what really mattered ... but you... ".

"To show and prove yourself and others that you are the queen you use this crown, that's why even dead, she will always be better than you," Jon said.

"Now I will kill you and destroy this cursed place and then go down south, killing every man, woman and child of Westeros, including the rest of your traitorous brothers and the scum of their traitorous companions."

"No ... you can't please ..." Sansa whimpered, writhing in pain, "you'll be cursed if you do."

Jon laughed cold and dead, "I'm already cursed, death is what you all deserve, I know it very well, you want to know what is on the other side? Cold and dark for all eternity."

Sansa began to shiver with fear and cold.

"Did you expect that the kind gods will be waiting for you? No, you will all be forgotten, you will all kneel before death ... before me." Jon said with a smile.

"So, since you did horrible things to be queen in the north, I will allow you to die as such", said Jon as he approached, Sansa tried to crawl somehow and run away but her limbs did not respond her blood had frozen almost for full.

When he arrived before her, Jon brought his face close to hers, she was crying and breathing with difficulty, Jon smiled and caressed her cheek with his hand, her skin was cold.

He then held Sansa's crown, and with his powers he made small ice nails grow around the circumference of the crown, the ice nails were twisted on purpose, "much better", said Jon, "like the ancient kings of winter ".

Instantly Jon dropped the crown forcefully on Sansa's head, the ice nails plunged deep into her skull as Sansa screamed in pain, her red hair now redder than ever thanks to her blood.

Jon waited patiently for her to stop screaming, making sure she suffered for as long as possible, when she stopped screaming, then he grabbed her by her arm into the courtyard as the dead stormed out of the castle.

"W-why ... wh ... why ... w ..." Sansa said kneeling next to Jon, to which Jon smiled and said:

"Let one dragon alive ... and Westeros will never be safe, and you have let one alive".

"I am a dragon Sansa, one of ice yes, but a dragon after all, it is what I have always been, it is what I am and it is what I will always be, not a wolf, a Dragon", Sansa kept crying almost without strength.

Next, Jon, using his strength, sank his hand into Sansa's chest, opening a hole in her chest as she screamed louder than ever before while Jon smiled with satisfaction,she shook her head from side to side causing the nails of her crown to sink further into her flesh, it was wonderful, Jon grabbed her heart and began to pull to take it out while all the veins and arteries that came out of it broke, staining his hand with blood.

Sansa tore her throat screaming and now she couldn't even ease the pain like that, when Jon got tired of the game, he ripped her heart out.

He held it in his hand and showed it to a Sansa who died for moments before crushing it in front of her, staining them both with blood, then Sansa Stark died while Jon smiled.

Shortly after, Jon grabbed his sword and lifting it to the wind the snowstorm that had previously calmed down returned and the snowflakes and the wind swirled above and around the blade, this place was built with magic, it would take a lot of magic To overload the old spells and bring it all down.

When Jon was ready, he grabbed the hilt with both hands and drove it into the ground, unleashing a torrent of supercharged magic and destroying the builder's spells.

Instantly the walls, the towers ... the entire castle collapsed around the expansive sling of Jon's spell, many stones flew through the air but his army was safe outside the castle.

Winterfell no longer existed, from the rubble Jon got up and he felt good, very good, but he still had work to do and traitors to execute, he ordered one of his generals to recover Sansa's body from the rubble, he had plans for her miserable dead and lifeless body.

The storm had returned and his army made their way south, Jon took one last look at the ruins that had once been his home, but never were, he never felt that any place was his home, he only felt it when he was with Dany, and for her he would continue his mission.

Turning his gaze to the blizzard he walked towards it and joined his army.