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on the edge

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Wei Wuxian moans under his breath and pinches his eyes shut. He rolls his hips up into Lan Wangji’s waiting fist and down onto three of his fingers. “Ah, don’t—don’t stop, that feels so good.”

Lan Wangji watches him, clad only in sheer under robes. His eyes rake from Wei Wuxian’s own, all the way down to his leaking cock in one steady line. He hums thoughtfully before removing his hand. Wei Wuxian’s cock twitches in the air without anything covering it.

“Lan Zhan? What, ngh—!” Wei Wuxian complains, then groans because Lan Wangji pinches a nipple tightly. Lan Wangji leans in close and nips at his lips, licks into his mouth when he opens them. Wei Wuxian can’t—he can’t stop moaning, lifting and dropping himself over the fingers stuffed inside him. Lan Wangji won’t let his lips go, so he mumbles around them, “G-gonna come—“

Only to have Lan Wangji pull away again. He holds Wei Wuxian’s hip in place tightly. The fingers slip out from his hole. “Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian sobs. “didn’t you hear me? Don’t be so mean!”

“Wei Ying may come when I believe he’s ready.” Lan Wangji kisses him quickly then moves down to suck marks into his neck. Wei Wuxian’s hands come up to his back on instinct to hold him. He moans and sobs at the same time, each movement making his whole body throb with pleasure. The wet head of his cock sticks to Lan Wangji’s robe—his precum turns the sheer fabric transparent. Wei Wuxian jerks at the unexpected stimulation.

“Please, Lan Zhan, fuck me. I need it.” Wei Wuxian pulls at Lan Wangji’s shoulders. Lan Wangji pulls his hair in retaliation.

“Do you really?” Lan Wangji asks, making Wei Wuxian arch his back. “That doesn’t sound much like how good boys ask to be fucked.”

“Pleasepleaseplease! I, fuck, Lan Zhan!” Wei Wuxian gasps and groans. “Please fuck your Wei Ying. It hurts so bad, I need your cock inside me. Please.” he begs, trembling as Lan Wangji teases his body with his hands again.

The next second, Wei Wuxian is being turned over onto his front. He's positioned up onto his knees with his ass in the air, which Lan Wangji grabs a handful of. Lan Wangji forces his cheeks apart and, even though he’s fully slick with lube, spits directly onto Wei Wuxian’s hole. Wei Wuxian jerks in surprise. “Don’t tease...” he whines.

Lan Wangji entering him is always a stretch at first, no matter how much prep. Lan Wangji moans, loud and deep enough to have Wei Wuxian melt right there. Bottoming out in the first thrust, his breath catches in his throat. “Oh, Wei Ying,” Lan Wangji starts to move faster immediately. “you’re sucking me in so tight.”

Wei Wuxian can’t say anything in response besides crying out every time their bodies clap together. He moves to touch his aching cock, but Lan Wangji slaps his hand away and wraps his own around him instead. Hips stutter against each other.

Wei Wuxian feels his orgasm looming, rising up like a wave about to crash. He babbles out little yes’s, and then, “So close, I—“

Lan Wangji squeezes his hand tight around Wei Wuxian’s cock. He stops moving, holds Wei Wuxian in place. Wei Wuxian tries to rock a few times before he catches on that he’s been stopped from coming again. “Fuck!” he groans. “Lan Zhan! I almost..!”

He’s already slumped down face first into the bed, so he can only claw at the sheets in frustration. “Please!” he begs.

Wei Wuxian yelps at sudden pressure on his stretched rim. The tip of Lan Wangji’s finger is too gentle. He shivers.

“How does your pretty little hole feel, Wei Ying?”

Wei Wuxian chokes. “It feels—“ he breaks off when Lan Wangji pinches his side. Ah. “M-my, my pretty little hole...” Lan Wangji soothes the red spot. “feels so fucking tight stuffed full of your cock, Lan Zhan!” he cries out into the sheets. His face is aflame.

“Wei Ying wants this? Wants to come?”

“Yessssss,” he whines. “please make me come!”

“Mn, good.” Lan Wangji hums, then starts fucking Wei Wuxian in earnest. Wei Wuxian scrambles for purchase against the sheets. He gets pushed up so high that he can’t hold himself up anymore and comes crashing down to the bed. Lan Wangji holds him down against it—his cock rubs and rubs against the sheets until Lan Wangji murmurs, “Wei Ying, come,” and he bursts suddenly with a high pitched scream, his vision turning white. Lan Wangji’s eyes widen at how sexy Wei Wuxian looks coming and pushes in one last time before he is following, flooding Wei Wuxian insides. Wei Wuxian sobs.

They’re both slicked with sweat afterwards—Lan Wangji picking Wei Wuxian up and putting him back together in his arms. He's still trembling when he reconnects with the world, lying against Lan Wangji’s chest. They lean together for a kiss, which turns into several more before they part. Wei Wuxian presses his lips to Lan Wangji’s cheek. “Fuck,” he breathes, feeling Lan Wangji’s face move as he smiles.