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Ensemble Family!

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Aira sits excitedly on the sofa, swinging his legs and humming a soft tune. Mayoi was sitting beside him running the hairbrush through Aira’s smooth golden locks. Tatsumi was in the kitchen preparing some snacks for his son and husband.

“Mama, I wanna do a new style today!” Aira smiles as Mayoi nods. “Oh I know! I want pretty braids like yours!” Mayoi was taken a back a little. Aira wanted a hairstyle like his, he grins as he grabs a few hair ties.

“You’re hair isn’t long enough..B-but I’ll make sure to style your hair into braids..” he smiles as Aira cheers excitedly, Mayoi begins tying Aira’s hair as Tatsumi walks out of the kitchen with a bowl of popcorn in hand.

He places the bowl on the table and smiles at his family, “Fufu..How cute~ You both are matching hairstyles i see,” he smiles as Aira nods.

“I wanna look beautiful like Mama~” he hums as Mayoi gets a little flustered. “W-wah?! I-I’m n-not that beautiful...” he turns away as Tatsumi chuckles.


Tatsumi rubs his fingers on Mayoi’s cheek, a smile plastered onto his face. “Of course you’re beautiful Mayoi, you’re like an angel you know,” he smiles as Mayoi’s face turns red.

“Wah~ Mama, Papa stop flirting...” Aira pouts as Tatsumi pats his sons head. “Don’t you and that Kohaku boy flirt too,” he teases as Aira groans. 

“It’s different! Me and Kohakuchi are just friends~” Tatsumi chuckles at Aira’s response as Mayoi finishes tying Aira’s braid.

Now the side of Aira’s golden locks were tied in braids, Aira happily waddles his way to the mirror to see his hair.

“Mama I love it!” Aira smiles as he turns back to look at Mayoi and Tatsumi. The pair smile as their son comes back and wraps them in a hug.

“I’m glad you like it...” Mayoi grins as he strokes Aira’s hair once more. Tatsumi looking at them, letting out a small laugh.


“Now that the both of you look beautiful, shall we start the movie?”

“Wait! Papa has to tie his hair in a braid too!”

“I-I agree..!”

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“Where shall we go next?” Hiyori asked, examining the mall. He was out shopping with his lovely husband and their cute son, who was currently holding his dad’s hand, walking behind Hiyori.

Nagisa’s eyes were glued to the desert store near-by, not hearing Hiyori’s question until his son tugged at his jacket, “Papa, you’re distracted again..” he tells him before Nagisa apologises.

Hiyori walks towards the two of them, swinging his arms around Nagisa. “Is there somewhere you wanna go?” he asked as Nagisa nods.

“..I wanna try the desert store..” he tells him, looking back at the desert store. Hiyori could see both Nagisa and Jun’s eyes light up as they stared at the beautiful deserts that other customers were eating.

“Alright than! Let’s go eat some desert~” he sing-songs as the 3 of them walk towards the store. Hiyori was on a diet but, maybe one cheat day couldn’t hurt.


The 3 of them sit in a fully packed store, the walls were a soft pink mixed with green from the plants surrounding them. It was a peaceful atmosphere, Nagisa went to the bookshelves they have there to chose something to read.

Jun was sitting on Hiyori’s lap reading a small comic book, they were waiting for their deserts to arrive. A strawberry short-cake for Jun, chocolate parfaits for Nagisa, a slice of lemon pie and three dango’s for all of them to share. 

Surprisingly, Jun never had a dango befofe, maybe his dad’s just never thought of buying him one before. He was excited to try it when he saw it on the menu, “It’s sweet and chewy, kind of like Mochi!” Hiyori told him.

Nagisa soon returned with a novel in hand, they had the same one back at their mansion, meaning Nagisa had to read it sooner or later. “Papa how are you gonna finish that?” Jun asked, looking down at his comic which he hadn’t even got to the middle off.

“...You’re right..I’ll just remember where I left of from then..” he replies as Jun nods, thinking to try the same thing as his dad. “You both really are like father and son~” Hiyori giggles as Jun moves away from Hiyori’s lap to sit on the chair beisde Nagisa.

“Wah? Even my own son wants his dad more~ What a Warui Hiyori this is~” he fake sobs as Nagisa looks up at him, putting his hand on Hiyori’s head to pat him.

“..Don’t worry Hiyori..We’ll never leave you..” he smiles softly as Hiyori beams. “Now this is an ii Hiyori~!” he hums before they notice one of the workers arriving with their desert and drinks.

Jun instantly grabbed a fork and began digging into his strawberry shortcake, Nagisa smiling and ruffling his hair. “...The deserts do taste great...” he takes a bite of his parfait.

“It is~ Jun you should try a dango!” Hiyori grabs one and passes it to his son. He looked confused but the desert seemed pretty as he took a bite. “Wah~ It’s yummy...” Jun says in awe.

Hiyori giggles as he himself takes a bite of his dango. “...We should come here every week...” Nagisa suggested as Hiyori sighs.

“I’m on a diet Honey! More deserts will make me gain more weight~” he frowns as Nagisa gives him a small kiss on the cheek.

“...Fufu...You’re already beautiful...And I don’t wanna see you in the hospital again...” he says, concerningly. Jun was of course confused but he was hesitant to ask.

“Fine fine~ We’ll come every week than!”

“Can I try a strawberry parfait next...?”

“....I wanna try the chocolate cakes too...”

“Yes of course! We can have anything we like~“


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Nagisa woke up to an empty bed, the omega which was once beside him the night before was missing. He looked around, noticing that their bathroom lights were open. He slowly sat up, making his way to the bathroom.

He peaked through the door, noticing Hiyori on his knees, hands placed on the toilet seat. “...Hiyori?!” he quickly made his way to the blond’s side. His hair was in a mess, “...Are you o-“ his words were cut off by Hiyori’s vomiting.

“N-nagisa...I feel sick...” he whines as Nagisa slowly pats his back. He got closer to Hiyori about to say something before his nose picks up on a scent. “...How about you wash up and we’ll see a doctor tomorrow..” he says, not informing Hiyori on whatever he smelled.

The blond nods, with Nagisa’s help he slowly makes his way to the sick and washed his face before Nagisa carries him back to bed. That night Nagisa could barely sleep, the scent still stuck in his nose. 

The next morning, he wakes up to Hiyori in his arms luckily. The older still asleep and not waking up anymore to go and puke. Nagisa takes a moment to admire his face, tucking the hair that was covering his face behind his ear. 

“...Good morning Hiyori...” he whispers as his husband slowly opens his eyes. “..Do you feel better?” he asked as Hiyori nods. He smiles, as his husband gives him a kiss.

“I feel much better....I feel a little sore though..” he sighs as Nagisa sits up. “...Do you need me to carry you down for breakfast..?” he asked as Hiyori shook his head.

“I can still move..!” the blond sits up and smiles. “Let’s go wash up~” he hums, instantly feeling awake. Nagisa nods as the both of them made their way to the bathroom to do their morning routine.

They sit on the dining table, waiting for the maids to serve them their food as he hears Hiyori humming a soft tune. “...Hiyori....Do you wanna see a doctor later....? In case...” Nagisa asked. 

Hiyori looks at him, “Ah..? I feel better though, it’s probably just some slight nausea since I’m pr-” Hiyori stops talking before he could say too much. Nagisa’s eyes widen as his brain finished the sentence for him.

“So...We really are having a pup..?!” Nagisa asked Hiyori, a smile on his face. “Ah..?! I was gonna tell you after I went to the hospital....! I didn’t mean to hide it from you I’m just scared that the test was wro-” Hiyori words were cut off by a hug from Nagisa.

“...It’s fine...It’s fine Hiyori...I smelled your scent last night in the bathroom.....We’re really.. going to have a pup..?” it was until he saw Hiyori’s clothes were wet that he realised he was crying. The only other time he had ever cried was during their wedding.

“Nagisa....I thought you were going to be mad at me...!” Hiyori also begins to cry with his husband who gives him a kiss. “...I’ll never be mad at you....When did you even find out...?” he asked.

“Last week after my heat, I began feeling super sick and when you were out at work I took a few test. It all came back positive but I was unsure so I wanted to tell you after I went to the doctors to get it confirmed...I’m, I’m really glad I’m having your baby Nagisa...” Hiyori smiles as he places his hand above his womb. “It really is an ii Hiyori~” 

“Fufu...After breakfast shall we go to the doctors then..?” Nagisa asked as Hiyori nods. “Of course~! I want to make sure our baby is healthy!” Hiyori beams as Nagisa places a kiss on his cheek.

“...I know their healthy because you’re going to take great care of them..”

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Izumi groans as he feels his body all sore, his head was still dizzy and his sight was blurry. Despite being over cautious about him and his family’s health, Izumi Sena (Tsukinaga) was sick.

“Seeenaaaaa~“ Leo calls as he makes his way into their bedroom. He had water and medicine in his hands to feed Izumi. The grey haired man tried his best to sit up as Leo sat on their bed.

“The least you could do was be softer..” he groans before eating the medicine. Leo pouts as he sat closer to Izumi, getting pushed away moments after.

“I’m sick, I don’t want you to get sick either...” he sighs as Leo scoots away. If Leo got sick there would be no one to take care of their twins. 

“But Sena! You remember what happened in the pa-“ Leo’s whining was cut off by a pillow at his face. Right, they couldn’t talk about what happened before.

Leo just sighs in defeat as he scoots further away from Sena, “Okay fine~ I’m sorry! I’ll go play with our lovely twins instead!” And with that, Leo left the room leaving Izumi alone in peace.

Izumi heaves a sigh of relief, he didn’t like being anywhere near his other family members when he’s sick. He doesn’t want to be the reason any of them get sick and have to stay in bed all day.


Leo in the other hand made his way to the bedroom of their twins. They were playing some princess and knight role play, it was very cute.

“The monster shall now come and steal the princess~!” Leo smirks, running into the room and scooping his twins into a hug. “I caught you both~!” he says proudly as the 3 of them laugh.

“Papa, hows Daddy?” Ruka asked, seeming to be very concerned for the omega in the other room. “Sena’s fine~ He’s still grumpy and sick though,” Leo frowns. He really wanted to make Sena feel better.

“Wait! I have an idea! How about we make Sena some food~!” Leo’s genius mind strikes him once again. Tsukasa looked at him with a concerned face, “Can you even cook Papa?” he asked.

Leo paused and thought for about 3 minutes before shaking his head, “This is why we have canned soup!” he grins and makes his way to the kitchen. The twins sigh and follow him as well.


Leo opens the can of chicken soup they had in their cabinets and dumps the continents into a pot of boiling water. He begins the stir it as the twins watches from the side. 

The 3 slowly watched the mush and water mix into a hot pot of chicken soup for Izumi to enjoy! Leo pours it into a bowl as he turns to Ruka and Tsukasa.

“I’m done~! Go call Sena for me please~” he instructs politely of course as the twins nod and made their way to the bedroom. Leo puts the bowl on the table with a spoon and a glass of water for Izumi to enjoy.

Soon Sena walks out, groaning in annoyance because he thinks Leo has done something stupid again. “Senaaa~! We made you soup!” Leo sing songs as Izumi pauses to stare the bowl of soup.

His face still had a annoyed look but his heart was melting in warmth. “...You made me soup...?” he repeated in a confused manner.

“We want you to get well soon!” Ruka says as Izumi’s mouth forms into a smile. He never had anyone taken care of him this well since he was a kid. 

He quietly sits down and begin drinking the soup. It tasted like shitty canned soup but he still finished it because he knew it was cooked with love.

When he finished he looked at his family who was sitting in front of him. Anticipating what Izumi would say. 

“Thank you....I love it a lot...” he smiles warmly as the 3 of them cheer. “Seeee! I told you Sena would love it~!” Leo smiles about to kiss Izumi before he pushes him away.

“I’m still sick okay!” he groans, once again not wanting to spread his sickness to Leo. “It’s fine we can hug Papa when he’s healthy!” Tsukasa smiles as they nod.


The soup did work because Izumi did feel way better the next day that he wasn’t bedridden.

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The last thing Mika could hear before he stepped out of his room being the slamming of their front door. He walks out into the living room to see Kuro sitting on the sofa, still looking angry due to the argument he just had. ”P-papa Kuro...” Mika muttered as Kuro turned to face him. Mika was scared to approach Kuro in fear his dad would be mad at him as well. Instead, Kuro gave him a small smile and offered Mika a seat beside him.

His son slowly made his way to sit beside Kuro and stared at him, “Why did Oshi-san-Papa leave?” Mika asked his dad. Kuro responded with a sigh. “Itsuki and I got into a fight, it’s nothin’ you gotta worry about tho,” he ruffles Mika’s hair to reassure the little one who nods. It wasn’t unusual for couples to get into arguments, but it was rare to see Shu storm out the house late at night, especially with the fact that he is an omega.

Honestly, Kuro couldn’t remember how the argument even started. The reasoning behind it was pretty pointless, Shu had spend to much time at work rather than at home this past few days. The couple were famous fashion designers so they were always busy with commissions and work, but this week Shu had spend more time at his own studio than with Kuro or Mika. The stress build up slowly and the unresolved issues led the two of them to start arguing. Ending with Shu walking out.

“...I don’t like t’see Papa Kuro or Oshi-san-Papa sad...” Mika frowns as Kuro pat the little one on the head. Mika wasn’t their biological child, he was adopted, yet Kuro and Shu love and treat him as if he was their own. Maybe the lack of blood connection had led the two to fear for Mika sometimes, whether he’d leave them when he was older or whether he’d hate his real parents. But now, the little one would always be him and Shu’s son. “I don’t like seein’ you or Itsuki sad too..” he sighs, contemplating whether he should call Shu.

Mika scoots over to press the call button for Kuro, his phone was now dialing Shu’s number. “Ya should talk t’Oshi-san-Papa,” Mika tells him as he nods, waiting for Shu to pick up the call. Since when did their son become this cheeky. It takes a moment before Shu answers, “...What do you want Kiryuu..” Shu asked across the phone. Kuro takes in a deep breath before replying, “ ‘M sorry for arguin with you Itsuki, it’s kinda dumb... Mika and I are waitin for you to come home... it’s late and it’s not safe for an omega to be out alone...” 

Shu pauses for a moment, “...I should be the one who’s sorry...” he says, “I’m coming home okay...Just wait a sec,” Shu assures before hanging up. Kuro sighs in relief, turning to Mika and giving him a thumbs up and a smile.

They had successfully gotten Shu to come back

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Izumi woke up with a sharp pain on his womb, he groaned as Leo slowly began to wake up. “Sena....?” he asked in a sleepy tone, his hands still around Sena. “..It’s nothing...” he says, ignoring the pain and discomfort he was feeling. He had been around 2 months pregnant at the time, when they both found out they were over the moon. Leo always wanted kids and Izumi didn’t really mind them, he knew as an omega he had to give Leo a baby one day. Though the thought of carrying a child in your womb for 9 months did suck, it would be worth it in the end though.

He groans once again as Leo let go of his grip on Izumi. “I’m going to the bathroom..” he mutters out as he slowly made his way to the bathroom. The walking had probably made the pain worse as by the time he reached the door, he instantly held onto the frame with one of his hand for balance. His other hand on his womb which was now more painful than before. “Fuck- Leo-!?” he screams as he fell to the floor, seeing blood coming down from his legs. 

“S-Sena..?!” Leo said in a small panic after he instantly rushed out of bed. He knelt down beside Sena who was crying and panicking. “L-Leo...! T-this...Ah-“ he whimpers in pain as more blood began coming out. Leo carries Sena in his arms, rushing to grab his phone and keys. “I’ll bring you to the hospital quick!” Leo said, running out of the house with Izumi in his hands. They made their way to the car as Leo put Izumi in the passenger seat, he was in a state of panic and confusion which meant he was no way able to drive but he had to get Izumi to the hospital asap.


The next thing both of them could remember was being in a hospital room, Izumi lying on the bed with tears and Leo sitting beside him quietly. The doctor had told them Izumi had a miscarriage, a rare thing that happens to omega’s in their pregnancy but in the end Izumi had lost the baby. He said the cause was due to the baby having lack of the nutrition it needed and stress or overworking. To Izumi all those words meant that it was his fault, it was his fault he had lost the baby, his fault he couldn’t let Leo become a father, his fault that he probably wasted a chance to have a baby because the next time would be risky. Everything was his fault.

Leo slowly sat closer to Izumi, “...Sena...” he whispered softly as the other dig his head into the pillow. “Le-leave me alone....I’m the reason why we lost the baby..” he cries into the pillow as Leo frowns. Leo was sad too, but being the alpha he had to look strong for Izumi. “W-wah~! Sena..!” Leo began to cry too, he couldn’t hold it back anymore. “I-it’s not your fault! I’m your alpha I should be the one protecting you!” he says in tears as Izumi slowly looked up at him. “Leo..” Izumi mumbled.

Leo lied on the empty space behind Izumi on his bed, wrapping Izumi in a hug. “W-we can always try again okay Sena..!” Leo said in a fake cheery tone. Izumi nods, “We can always try...again...” he says to himself.  And they did try again, the next time they were at the hospital was a better time. They were told that they were going to have twins, and a few months later Izumi did give birth to the twins. Leo was a crying mess when they were born, Izumi didn’t mind his husband’s annoyance though.


“Papa, can you help me tie my hair!” Ruka asked Izumi, giving her a surprised look. He smiles and nods, “Of course.”