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he who changed everything

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It had been a fairly usual Tuesday when Oikawa was bending down to pick up some of the left over volleyballs around the gym. The school day had just ended and his last class of the day ran out the double door as soon as the bell rang, "See you tomorrow Oikawa-sensei!!" a few students shouted as they left. He chuckled, for students who said they had so much fun in the class, they couldn't wait to leave. It never bothered Oikawa though, the faster they left, the faster he could get out of school and back home to binge the rest of his k-drama.

He jogged to the other side of the gym to receive one of the last forgotten volleyballs when a shooting pain ran through his leg coming from his knee. The pain almost made him fall forward but he was able to balance himself in time. "Hey is everything okay?" he heard as the gym office door opened. Bokuto Koutarou, the other gym teacher came to his side placing a worried hand on Oikawa's back. "Yeah don't worry. My knee is just acting up again, probably from all the extra participation in class. I've been a bit more involved with the kids than usual recently and I guess my knee is finally feeling it" he said responding to Bokuto's question and attempted to stand up straight when he felt the sharp pain in his knee again. It must have shown on his face since Bokuto immediately slung his arms over Oikawa's shoulders and began to walk towards the gym office.

"You can lie down in the office for a bit, then I'm gonna take you to my physical therapy place. They're really good and helped me with my back. So they can probably get your knee handled too" Bokuto told him as he helped him to sit on the exam table they only kept for emergencies. "No Kou-chan it's not even that bad! You know I hate doctors! I just need to lay here for a few minutes and I will be totally fine" Oikawa replied with a pout on his face.

"We both know it's gonna bother you for atleast two weeks and you're gonna cry to Akaashi about it when I'm not around. Listen, if you go to the physical therapy, they would probably be able to make sure this kind of thing doesn't happen anymore!"

Oikawa thought about it for a minute as Bokuto gave him a stern look, "Fine! I'll go, but you don't need to drive me! I'll sit here for a few minutes and go there in a bit" he finally said rolling his eyes. Bokuto smiled and patted him on the back before taking his phone and inputting the address on his GPS. "I'm not gonna fight for me to take you since I know I won't win, so text me how it goes! I actually need to head out since me and Akaashi have a lunch date in 10 minutes, see you later Oikawa!!" Bokuto said as he packed his knapsack and headed out the office doors. Oikawa couldn't help but to smile, he knew his friend cared and just wanted the best for him, even willing to miss his date to take him to the stupid physical therapy place. He was glad to know he had people to rely on if it ever came to it.

For now, he just put his head back to lean on the wall for a few minutes before he had to go and deal with doctors. He hated them because they always thought they were so much better than everyone and all they cared for was a pay cheque, never the actual well-being of patients. He felt like he was just another thing on their very filled to-do list. But, they would probably be able to give him a prescription or some stretches that would help him with his knee, so he would have to get his negative thoughts out of his head and go down there. He waited about ten more minutes before getting off the exam table and standing on his knee, which now still hurt but he would be able to make it to the car. He grabbed his things and headed out the doors, not without sparing a glance at the now tidy gym. Bokuto had cleaned and put everything away for him, Oikawa felt nothing but love for one of his bestfriends.

They had met after Oikawa and Bokuto's boyfriend, Akaashi, originally met in university. Oikawa had met Akaashi in one of his classes and quickly befriended him. Not long after he was introduced to Akaashi's boyfriend, the one and only Bokuto Koutarou. The two had been dating for a few months prior to meeting Oikawa and have been nothing but in love since. They were in high school together and Bokuto had confessed before graduating. It was a great story and Oikawa now had not only one, but two great friends from it. After finishing university, he used his degree to become a high school science teacher. But, due to cut backs at the school, half his time was also spent as a gym teacher, to which he didn't complain. Being active was already apart of Oikawa's specialties, so he didn't mind when he was approached about the position.

After finally settling in his car, he hooked his phone up to the bluetooth and began on his torturous path to the physical therapist's office. The entire thought of going back just opened the door of bad memories for Oikawa. He had been to physical therapists when he was in high school and recovering from the knee injury when it had just happened, so the process wasn't going to be anything new to him. In high school after his injury, he had to work with them to regain full function of his knee. He hated how doctors never genuinely cared about him or his progress, and more about how he should keep coming so they could fill their pockets. It was completely oblivious to them how much they charge would effect patients families and how unnecessary long term treatment could do more damage than good. Not only that, but how much his own diagnosis now would affect his future. As soon as he was in the clear that his leg would be able to preform basic regular functions, he never looked back towards a physical therapists office. It was a constant reminder of how, because of his own doing, he would never be able to play professional volleyball and prove his worth to his competitors and rivals. Those thoughts consumed his mind during the entire drive, he hadn't even realized he reached till he was pulling into a parking spot.

He took a deep breath and stepped out of the car towards the doors of the very modern and classy looking building. Seijoh Physical Therapy, the sign above the building read. The inside was just as nice with neutral coloured walls and colourful artwork displayed across them. It didn't look anything like the office Oikawa had visited when he was younger, and honestly didn't even look like a doctors office. He stepped towards the receptionist desk and reached a tall drowsy looking black haired man. "Hi, uh.. I'm Oikawa Tooru. I don't have an appointment but I'm looking to see a physical therapist about my knee." he managed to stammer out. "Well Oikawa, lucky for you I can get you in asoon as you finish filling these forms" the dark haired boy handed him two sheets of paper and a pen before turning to talk to a pink haired man sitting next to him, which Oikawa assumed was another receptionist. He politely smiled and took the forms to a chair in the corner of the room and filled them out. The questions were fairly easy and asked about his personal information, prior medical history, and what was currently wrong with him. After finishing the forms he took them back to the receptionist, who he could now see his the name tag saying Matsukawa. "Great, thanks. My good friend Makki here will now take you to a room to get you looked at." he told Oikawa. The pink haired man who was referred to as Makki, with his own name tag saying Hanamaki, stood up and lead Oikawa to a room labeled 4, which was empty. "You can wait here, he should only be a minute, see ya later." Makki told him as he shut the door behind him.

Oikawa sat up on the exam table and thought to himself just how typical it is for doctors to make patients wait just for the fun of it. He looked around the room to see basic physical therapy equipment, stretching bands, a yoga mat, and a few exercising machines. He also saw some things that make the room seem a little less like a work space like a small couch, a desk, and even a tv which was currently not turned on. The placed seemed a bit more luxurious than the one he used to go to, no wonder Bokuto had recommended it. Just as he was getting bored and playing with a string at the bottom of his shirt, the door opened and a man stepped inside. "Hey sorry about the wait, I'm Iwaizumi Hajime and I'm going to be your physical therapist today" the man said as he read Oikawa's chart and not looking up. During this time all Oikawa could think about was how the hottest man he'd ever seen was standing less than two feet away from him and when does he find the time to work out because his biceps were absolutely huge.

Holy shit.

He had to remember to close his mouth after it had been hanging open for a good couple seconds. Luckily Iwaizumi was still looking at the chart and hadn't even lifted his head yet.

I am completely fucked. I mean, I wish I would be getting completely fucked by him after this session. No, this is a stranger I just met I don't even know anything about him. Except that I could eat a four course meal off his body.

No bad thoughts. He's just another doctor. I need to focus on what he's saying, Oikawa thought to himself as he took a deep breath before opening his eyes again. He hadn't registered anything Iwaizumi was saying to him because he was studying his body like a new star concellation.

How does someone effortlessly look this good? This guy was wearing black track pants and a teal dry fit button up with a pair of running shoes for god's sake. Until he realized Iwaizumi was looking at him with a questioning look on his face.

Holy shit, his face is as hot as his biceps.

He snapped out of it when he realized Iwaizumi was waiting for him to answer something he hadn't heard because he was too busy mentally worshiping his body.

"I'm sorry, can you repeat that?" he asked, hopefully not sounding like the idiot he was definitely acting like.

"Haha, yeah. You're Oikawa Tooru right?"

"Yeah thats right. I came in about my knee, my friend Bokuto referred me."

"Silver and black spiky hair dude? He's great, I don't treat him but I think I've spoken to him a few times in the waiting area, real funny guy."

"Yeah Kou-chan is great, he's a co-worker". Oikawa very subtly tried to imply that he was single and ready to mingle.

"Okay I think we're just about ready" Iwaizumi said as he turned to put the chart down on the desk behind him.

HOLY SHIT WHERE DOES THIS GUY FIND THE TIME TO BE THAT SHREDDED?!Oikawa thought to himself as he watched Iwaizumi's back muscles contract with his movements.

"Is it okay if I place my hands on your knee?"

"Uh, yeah go ahead"

Oikawa couldn't help but to think about the significant differences with Seijoh Physical Therapy and his previous place back home. This place seemed to be a lot more welcoming and nurturing, with much hotter doctors. He watched Iwaizumi's relaxed face study his knee and couldn't help but notice the sparkle in his green eyes.

He's genuinely good looking, more than just muscle.

"So you said the pain is from a prior injury?"

"Yeah there was no space on the form to explain the prior injury so I didn't really know where to write it. I tore my ACL back in high school and went to physical therapy for a while. Once it was better I haven't really been back or went to anywhere else. Recently it's been kinda bothering me though."

"Yeah we try to keep the forms to a minimal and just talk to the patient instead, and make notes where necessary."

Iwaizumi examined his knee for a few more minutes while Oikawa thought about running his hands through Iwaizumi's short spiky hair. He also thought about how he would have definitely changed if he had knew he would be meeting the hottest man in Tokyo today. Oikawa was still wearing a pair of white track pants with a dark blue t-shirt from work. He didn't bother to change or stop at home because if he made a detour on his way, there was no way he was gonna actually come here. Luckily he did, and luckily he happened to meet Iwaizumi.

"Okay so for now it just looks like a slight sprain. Due to the state it's in, I can't really do anything right now except give you some pain killers. I recommend you stay off of it as much as you can. I know that's hard, so I pretty much mean just don't over work yourself. I do want to book you an appointment in two weeks when it should be healed so you can actually get some long term treatment started and you won't aggravate the muscle as much when you do anything physically straining. For now, I'll wrap it to relax the muscle and hopefully ease the pain, but you're gonna have to come back in three days for me to take it off."

I know something physically straining we could do.

"Alright that sounds good, Thanks Iwaizumi-san"

"No need to be so formal we're pretty much the same age right?"

This is good. Iwaizumi was making the first move for them to have a closer bond. "I guess you're right Iwa-chan."

"Iwa-chan? Where'd that one come from?"

"Well just Iwaizumi was still too long, so Iwa-chan it is! I assume we'll be seeing a lot more of each other so might as well become friends now."

Okay that was a big bold step.

Iwaizumi remained silent as he continued wrapping Oikawa's knee, which caused the latter to worry. Did he say something wrong? Was he trying to move to fast?

"Alright, makes sense. See you later Sleepykawa. Get some rest you look like you were gonna fall asleep the whole time I was looking at your knee."

A flood of relief came when Iwaizumi was done talking. "I gave you such a good nickname and that's what you come up with! Iwa-chan you brute!" He said as he began to stand and head towards the door, "see you Friday, have a good rest of your evening!". When he got to the door he took another glance back to see Iwaizumi one more time. He was writing notes down on the chart at his desk looking very relaxed, even with a slight smile on his face. Oikawa hadn't known him long, but he knew that face could likely only be seen when Iwaizumi thought no one was watching. He smiled and walked out of the physical therapist's office much happier than when he came in.

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Tuesdays were always the slowest days of the week at Seijoh Physical Therapy, which Iwaizumi sort of hated. Since Tuesday's were so slow, clients didn't need appointments to see a therapist, meaning he was hit with walk-ins all day. He didn't have anything against people who just walked in, he just hated the feeling of not being prepared. Iwaizumi was someone who liked to know enough information and prepare himself so he could do his job well. All in all, Tuesdays just threw him off his game. The rest of the week, he was Seijoh's specialist. This meant pretty much only meeting regular clients who needed what he specialized in. Iwaizumi enjoyed working there for not only the consistency, but also having the prospect to change people's daily lives and how their body functions.

After back to back walk ins all morning, the clock hit 12:30pm and he was finally able to take his lunch break. Since he didn't see many regulars on Tuesdays, this meant that this is when he would plan and research exercises and treatment plans for all the people he would see throughout the week. The physical therapist was sitting in the lunch room/office as he was taking a bite of rice while looking over a patient's file. The door peaked open and a tall figure stood. "Yo Iwaizumi." the man said. "What's up Mattsun?" Iwaizumi replied.

"Just letting you know I'm taking Makki out to lunch now. Want me to bring you back anything?"

"Nah, thanks for asking though. Totally swapped with planning and walk ins today."

"Oh I forgot you had the whole new client addition to plan for." Mattun said as he walked toward to see what Iwaizumi was doing. "Don't worry I can get Kuroo and Daichi to cover for you to give you more time to figure that out. Probably won't be able to completely keep you from seeing walk-ins, but I can for sure lessen the blow."

"You're a godsend. I knew there was a reason I kept you around. Now go have lunch with your boyfriend I'll see you in a bit." Iwaizumi told him as Mattsun began to walk out. "Thanks again man, it'll really help."

Once Mattsun had closed the door on the way out Iwaizumi went straight back to work. Although he wouldn't have to deal with as many walk-ins, he still had a ton of work to do. But now he would atleast be able to go home and get a few hours of sleep instead of spending all night working on treatment regimens.

The day passed by slowly, Iwaizumi only having to see about one client per every two hours instead of what would have been the usual four on a Tuesday. After each client, he quickly retreated back to the office to continue his planning and paperwork. The clock read 2:15 when Kuroo walked in. "Hey Zumi, can you look at a patient for me? It's an old injury but I want to make sure it won't become serious again."

"Yeah, no problem. Room 1?" Kuroo shook his head as the two walked out. At Seijoh Physical Therapy, each therapist seemed to have their own type of patients. Iwaizumi specifically worked with patients coming back or working with severe injury in addition to maintaining athletes. Kuroo worked with patients who suffered with old injuries and needed help keeping them in check. Daichi worked with anyone who was on the older side with developing pain while Sugawara worked with children. There were a few other therapists there but they didn't specialize or handle nearly as many patients as the other four. Although they had their "specialities", each therapist was fully capable of handling any type of patient. But since the patient would likely be transferred by their next visit anyway, each doctor usually handed the case to the specializing therapist on the patient's first visit.

On paper, each therapist was equal to each other. But due to seniority and prestige, Iwaizumi was seen as a superior to the others. He didn't mind because he continued to treat everyone the same and for him, it just meant that people would lean on him a bit more. For others, it meant that he deserved the upmost respect and admiration.

Just as Iwaizumi was finished checking Kuroo's patient, who was not at risk for a returning serious injury, Makki walked in just as he was about to step out. "There you are Iwaizumi. Patient in your exam room for you." Makki said as he handed the file to him with a suspicious smirk.

"What's with your face?"

"Oh I have no clue what you're talking about" Makki responded very sarcastically.

Iwaizumi scanned the chart and didn't see anything out of the ordinary. It honestly seemed like a case for Kuroo, but Iwaizumi knew he was already with a patient and didn't want to keep this one waiting longer than he already had. He absolutely hated when people had to wait for him, he thought it made him seem unprofessional or lazy.

"Alright thanks, I'll come talk to you after." Iwaizumi told Makki as he opened the door to the room still reading the chart. What he didn't expect was to walk into the room and see the most gorgeous man he's ever laid eyes on.

Fuck he's hot. Now I know why that bastard was smirking at me. I don't know if I want to punch him in the face or give him a hug for this.

As he spoke to the patient he quickly learned his name was Oikawa Tooru and his hair was the same beautiful brown as his eyes were. He tried to keep it as professional as humanly possible while he examined his knee. He attempted to focus but he was so much more invested in continuing to head the sound of Oikawa's voice. Iwaizumi put all his brainpower into being a capable physical therapist for a few minutes while he assessed the limb infront of him. He figured that this would be Kuroo's case, but knew he was already busy with a patient so decided to take the lead for the day.

Iwaizumi explained what he already knew Kuroo's treatment plan would be as his eyes took in how truly breath taking the man infront of him was.

"I do want to book you an appointment in two weeks when it should be healed so you can actually get some long term treatment started and you won't aggravate the muscle as much when you do anything physically straining. For now, I'll wrap it to relax the muscle and hopefully ease the pain, but you're gonna have to come back in three days for me to take it off." he told Oikawa.
The brunette simply nodded with a smile as he turned to find the material he needed. It was almost shocking how fast Iwaizumi had realized the other's beauty but quickly became attracted to his personality too. He hadn't been with anyone for quite some time as he was always busy with studying in the past and now his demanding job. Iwaizumi usually wasn't one for sole physical attraction but it was hard when the man looked how Oikawa did. Even though he was indeed beautiful, the attraction felt stronger as Iwaizumi got to know him in that short time period.

When he finished wrapping Oikawa's knee, Iwaizumi wished that he could continue getting to know him, but the latter knew that he would likely not spend this much time with him again as he would be Kuroo's patient next time. With that in mind Iwaizumi thought to ask for Oikawa's number, it wouldn't be weird since he wasn't his doctor and wouldn't break any rules. Then Iwaizumi came to the heart breaking realization that he didn't even know if the man infront of him was gay, and forgot the idea as quickly as it had came to him.

"See you Friday have a good evening!" Oikawa told him as he walked out Iwaizumi's exam room. He was writing down notes for Kuroo from today's session and barley realized when the brunette left. He sighed into his hands and finished up with the file. When he was done he walked to the receptionist desk and gave the file to Makki for filing.

"I don't know if I hate you or kind of love you right now." Iwaizumi told him as he watched Makki file away the folder.

"You definitely love me. He was hot right? You need to get laid, tell me you asked him out."

"What happened to doctor patient professionalism?"

"You know that's gonna be Kuroo's patient, I wouldn't have suggested it otherwise. Well maybe I would've he was pretty hot. I may have consider it if I didn't have my amazing Mattsun."

"Gross. Nah I didn't ask him out though. No way a guy that hot is gay." Makki turned to look at Mattsun on his right as Iwaizumi spoke.

"Oh he's gay. Did you see the smile when he walked out of here? Even if he wasn't you definitely did it for him" Mattsun said as he entered the conversation.

"File says appointment for this Friday. Ask him out then, you need to get laid dude." Makki said as he looked at Iwaizumi devilishly.

"I'll think about it" Iwaizumi said as he shrugged and walked back towards the office to continue his paperwork. Half an hour later Iwaizumi came to the realization he would not get anything done if he didn't get Oikawa off his mind. He barley knew the man and it was like he was already whipped. Even though it was Kuroo's patient now, Iwaizumi thought that he would try to talk to him after and make some kind of move. He was content with that idea as he tried to continue his work.

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Friday could not have come fast enough. Oikawa could not wait to see and talk to Iwaizumi again, maybe even try to make some kind of move on the physical therapist. His knee hasn't been bothering him much in the last three days thanks to Iwaizumi's great wrapping skills and the strong pain killers he was prescribed. Since he continued to work in those days, he wore sweatpants and longer trousers to hide any sign of injury from his students and fellow teachers. Not that it was a secret, but it sort of made him feel insecure and vulnerable. He just didn't have it in him to explain how and why his knee was injured.

His appointment wasn't until 7:30pm which was just before Seijoh Physical Therapy closed, so he assumed he was the last of the day. School had finished at 2:00pm so Oikawa had a few hours to kill before he needed to get dressed and leave his house. To calm his nerves, he planned to hang out at Akaashi and Bokuto's house until he had to get ready. He and Akaashi always made sure to hang out atleast once a week, although some weeks had more visits than others, not that anyone was complaining. Even though Bokuto and Oikawa worked together, it was still important for them to spend time together outside of the school environment. Along with that, Oikawa missed hanging out with Akaashi as much as he used to back in college. It wasn't as hard as he thought, adjusting to an adult life. The hardest part was seeing his bestfriend less. But, their hangout atleast once a week rule always kept their relationship intact and thriving. Even though they made not have hung out as often as before, the two knew the other was always there for them and that didn't stop them from texting pretty much 24/7.

Bokuto finished his class class of the day an hour before Oikawa so he went home ahead to tidy up and make himself look presentable. Akaashi was a manga magazine editor, so it wasn't unusual for him to work at home most days and be finished before 3pm. He and Bokuto had purchased a two bedroom apartment together almost a year into dating. Prior to that, Akaashi and Oikawa were roommates. It was more about having each other's company and continuing the friendship post college instead of the money, so Oikawa was able to continue living financially comfortable in their old apartment after Akaashi left. But, that didn't stop him from showing up at random times throughout the week to see Oikawa, not that he minded.

Bokuto and Akaashi's apartment was only a five minute drive from the high school, and a ten minute drive from Oikawa's place. This allowed him to visit as often as he could and have the reassurance that his friends were close by. He pulled into their apartment's visitor parking section and stepped out on the warm fall afternoon. When he reached the door he opened it and walked right in as he did 100 times before. The couple only kept the door locked during night or if neither of the two were home since they lived in such a good neighbourhood. With Oikawa, his door was always locked since it made him feel safer as he lived alone.

"Hellooooooo how's my two favourite people?" he said loudly and parked himself on the couch. When nobody came to greet him he listened a bit more closely and heard the shower on. He realized that he may be alone for a while so pulled his phone out and started scrolling aimlessly through instagram. The apartment's bathroom had direct access through both bedrooms so he knew that they would just come out dressed whenever they were done. Around 15 minutes later they both came out of their bedroom with wet hair and smiles on their faces, it didn't take long for Oikawa to put together what happened.

"I'm gonna pretend I didn't sit here while you were having sex in the shower."

"You're just mad you aren't getting laid" Bokuto told him.

"Ahhh Koutarou leave him alone. He's hoping to get some with the hot physical therapist later." Akaashi added with a smirk.

"Stop it! You two can't gang up and leave me to fend for myself!"

"Can't help it. Anyway, what are you gonna do about the physical therapist?" Akaashi asked.

"Not too sure yet Keiji. I need to make a move but not too big since I'm not even sure if he swings this way." Oikawa replied with a slight pout.

"Wait, you're telling me you're pinning for a guy and don't even know if he's into dudes. Wow Oikawa, you're down bad." Bokuto said.

"Keiji tell him to stop making fun of me! Anyway Kou-chan, I think you know him. Iwaizumi Hajime?"

"Everything makes sense now. Yeah I don't know him well only talked to him a few times about his gym routine. Huge biceps. Good luck bro."

"Well now you need to hurry up and get with him or something cause now I'm the only one who hasn't met this Iwaizumi." Akaashi added on.

"I'm working on it guys!! Don't worry I'll handle it. Anyway how's work going Keiji?" Oikawa subtly switched the topic. The three men caught up and talked until Oikawa's phone dinged with a notification.

"Ah it's 7:00pm, I need to go home and change before my appointment!"

"Dick appointment?" Bokuto snickered as Akaashi elbowed him.

"Leave him alone Koutarou. Good luck Tooru!" Akaashi waved from the couch as Oikawa opened the door to leave.

He got into his car and drove straight home trying to drown out his worries with loud music. After reaching his apartment and taking a shower, all he could do was stare at his closet. It was full, but Oikawa had absolutely nothing to wear. He tried on atleast four different outfits before realizing he had to leave now or he was going to be late. Oikawa was dressed in his best pair of black sweatpants (he would have went with his tightest jeans, but that's not exactly something people who are going to physical therapy with knee injuries wear) and a soft sage green t-shirt. He opted to not wear a jacket since it had been so warm when he left Bokuto and Akaashi's place. Lastly, he tied the look together with a pair of white sneakers.

It was 7:25 when he opened the door to Seijoh Physical Therapy, just on time for his appointment. He walked up to the reception desk and greeted the pink haired man and black haired man with a smile.

"Hi Oikawa. Welcome back. Makki can take you to the exam room." Matsukawa said. Oikawa must not have covered up his shocked face well when Hanamaki started snickering beside him. "Don't look so freaked out. He has a pretty much photographic memory when it comes to names, but that's the best his memory can do." he said when he stopped snickering and began to lead him towards the room.

He lead him into room one and stuck his hand out for him to sit. "He'll be here in just a second." Makki said as he walked out. Oikawa didn't know if he felt excited or scared to be seeing Iwaizumi again and still wasn't sure how to make his move. He figured he would think of something while they were talking and Iwaizumi was working on removing the wrap from his knee. Just as he was slightly lost in thought a tall man who's hair looked like he just got out of bed entered the room.

"Hello Mr. Oikawa Tooru. I'm Kuroo Tetsuro, and I'll be your physical therapist for the time being. Depending on however long you decide to seek physical therapy here." the taller man stuck his hand out for Oikawa to shake, which the latter did. "I know you worked with Dr. Iwaizumi last time but I'll be taking over from this point on. Don't worry though he already talked to me about his opinions and I completely agree with the treatment plan he told you about. This time, we'll just be taking off the wrap he put on, checking in with your current medication, and scheduling you a real appointment." Kuroo continued.

Oikawa was listening, but not exactly processing the information being told to him. "So Iwaizumi isn't my doctor and i'll probably never get to know him enough" he thought to himself while shaking his head to Kuroo.

"Alright I'm going to begin taking off the wrap now." the man with unordinary hair told Oikawa. As the physical therapist was doing his job, Oikawa could not stop think about Iwaizumi. It started by the feeling of Kuroo removing the wrapping from his now normal looking knee. He thought about how when Iwaizumi put it on, he had been so gentle he didn't even realize the therapist was touching him. It was like he longed for Iwaizumi's soft touch without even really knowing what it felt like. This was not to diminish Kuroo as a therapist, he was still being considerate and tender, it just wasn't Iwaizumi.

Had he made him uncomfortable with the banter and talking? Did Iwaizumi just not want to see him anymore? Oikawa's mind came up with hundreds of reasons why Iwaizumi would transfer him to a different physical therapist while Kuroo dealt with his knee.

"If you don't mind me asking, uh.. How come i'm not Iwa-chan's patient anymore?" Oikawa asked. Instead of letting his mind wander, maybe he could get a direct answer.

"What am I that bad?" Kuroo responded jokingly. "Iwa-chan huh? Old injuries are kinda my thing and we have a respect among the therapists here to let each other treat their specialties. Iwaizumi is kind of our boss, but not really. He only takes on super serious cases."

"Oh I see"

"Did I do something? Are you in pain?"

"No, no! I'm fine and you're doing great. I was just uh, wondering I guess."

"Kind of sounds like you got the hots for my boy Iwaizumi." Kuroo said and Oikawa's body may have flinched from being figured out so easily.

"Woah I was just messing with you but it seems like I'm right." Kuroo mentioned as Oikawa put his head down from being read so easily by the physical therapist.

"Oh if you're worried about anything don't be. I'm actually bisexual myself and I won't say anything to Zumi. He's my boy and all but I got you. Also, I happen to know he's into men and currently single, so you should shoot your shot."

Oikawa raised his head to look at the physical therapist infront of him. "Thank you Kuroo-san" he said while smiling warmly at the man.

"No problem. You can call me Tetsuro by the way, I have a feeling we'll be good friends. Anyway, I booked your next appointment in two weeks same day same time. And, if you leave right now you can probably catch Iwaizumi before he leaves."

"Thanks Tetsuro. I really owe you one." Oikawa said as he rushed out the door to make it to the waiting room in a hope to catch Iwaizumi. He slowed down when he saw the spiky haired man standing by the receptionist desk talking. He admired him as he walked towards the group of people. Iwaizumi was now dressed in grey sweatpants and a white long sleeve with a black bomber jacket, with a bag hanging on one of his broad shoulders.

"Hey Oikawa, heading out?" Iwaizumi spoke when he realized the brunette walking in his direction towards the exit door.

"Oh, Hi Iwa-chan! Nice to see you again. Yeah i'm leaving now."

"Let me walk you out. Later Mattsun, Makki." Iwaizumi told the two as he held the door open for Oikawa.

Iwaizumi, embarrassed to admit it, was actually waiting around near the exit door for a chance to see Oikawa again. He felt kind of bad for just transferring him to Kuroo after their interaction, but at the same time he barley knew the man and he was just a patient. Iwaizumi wanted to know more about him. Especially if he even had a chance.

The two walked towards their cars closely, but not touching. Iwaizumi was searching his mind for some kind of move he could make before he had to see Oikawa leave. He racked his mind but couldn't think of any way to ask for the other's number without being too suggestive. "What's with the long face Iwa-chan?" Iwaizumi's head glanced towards Oikawa as he had a questioning look on his face. "Nothing really, just a rough day." Iwaizumi replied with a slight smile.

While Iwaizumi was searching his head for ways to make a move, Oikawa was doing the exact same. He was actually kind of glad to hear the physical therapist had a rough day because it gave him an idea.

"Do you wanna maybe get some ice cream? I know a place that's only a few minute walk from here. Maybe it'll help your scary looking face!" Oikawa suggested to him. From Kuroo, he knew that Iwaizumi was into men so he didn't feel too ashamed asking him to hang out. He also knew that Iwaizumi meant no harm when transferring him to Kuroo, and he had to atleast liked him a little since he offered to walk him out.

Iwaizumi couldn't help but to plaster a genuine smile on his face when Oikawa asked for the two to get ice cream together.

"Lead the way."

Chapter Text

"Lead the way."

Oikawa smiled back at Iwaizumi and turned right to lead them towards the sidewalk.

Iwaizumi was so caught up thinking about what he could do take initiative, but luckily Oikawa had beat him to it. Even if he were to be the one to initiate something, it probably wouldn't have been as bold as hanging out immediately. Not that he was opposed by any means, Iwaizumi was just a bit on the shy side. This contradicted his gruff and scary exterior, so nobody really expects it from him.

"I hope you don't look into it too much about me transferring you to Kuroo without any warning. I wouldn't have done it if I didn't have to. How's your knee by the way?" Iwaizumi started the conversation.

"Ah no worries Iwa-chan! Kuroo-san explained to me how Seijoh works. No hard feelings at! My knee is feeling much better thanks to your great work, my real treatment starts in about two weeks."

"Haha so Kuroo agreed with my plan. How is he by the way? As a doctor?"

He's not you, Oikawa thought before answering.

"He's really nice I think we'll get along. Anyway, what's got your day going so bad?"

"That's good. It's nothing that serious. A patient was just having a hard time with some of the exercises and is losing hope for function of her arm. I really think she can get it back, but not if she's not motivated. It's just got me in this mood, you know?"

Oikawa stopped walking for a split second and all he could do was blankly stare at Iwaizumi before saying, "Wait a minute. You help people regain function of their limbs? And you're upset because a patient was upset?" questioning Iwaizumi.

"Well it sounds kind of lame when you say it like that...."

"No, no! I was praising you! I've never met a doctor that actually cares about patient care." Oikawa said as the two continued walking.

"What? I mean yeah I know there's some sucky ones around but it's hard sometimes you know? To not care about people who you see so often and hear their stories. Some doctors just completely detach because it's that hard. But I think it makes me a better doctor. So yeah I guess I feel a bit more than necessary for some patients. And I thought Kuroo told you what I did at Seijoh?"

"He just told me you worked with super serious cases, I thought that just meant important people! I didn't know you did god's work."

"Not exactly god's work, but that's somewhat right. I really only work with people who have been through severe injury." Iwaizumi looked up and realized they arrived to the ice cream place. "Sorry to put such a damper on the mood, but looks like we're here." he said as he held the door open for Oikawa.

Is he seriously holding the door open for me? What a fucking gentlemen no wonder i'm pinning. Wait no. I am not pinning. Just getting to know him better, Oikawa thought as he walked in. "Don't worry, you didn't damper any mood. You were just telling me about your day, that's what friends are for right?" Iwaizumi couldn't help but smile at Oikawa's comment.

The two walked up to the counter and examined the arrangement of different ice creams the shop offered. "Hello Oikawa-san. What can I help you with today?"

"Hi Aiko-chan! Can I get a scoop of mint chocolate chip in a cone and whatever my friend here wants." Oikawa said and gestured to Iwaizumi.

"A scoop of matcha in a bowl please." Iwaizumi said softly as he took his wallet out of his pocket.

"I'm paying Iwa-chan don't even try."

"Come on, I made you listen to me the whole way here. Let me handle it."

"No way. I offered and I guess i'll just have to talk the whole way back!"

"I'm getting it next time then."

So he wants there to be a next time? Oikawa thought.

"Whatever you say! Let's sit." Oikawa said as he motioned for them to sit in at a small table with two chairs facing each other.

"Matcha ice cream?" Oikawa looked at Iwaizumi as he took a spoon of ice cream from his own cone.

"I don't really like sweet stuff. Matcha is probably my favourite flavour though."

"You don't like sweet stuff? Then why'd you agree to come get ice cream with me?" Oikawa asked as he laughed.

I just really wanted to spend time with you, Iwaizumi thought and fought to not let slip out of his mouth.

"I still like ice cream, matcha isn't too sweet so it's good. You also offered, it would've been rude to turn it down." Iwaizumi said with a smile to let Oikawa know he wasn't being serious about the last part. The other understood it was just playful banter and returned a smile.

"Here try it" Iwaizumi said as he put his bowl to Oikawa for him to take a spoon of. He looked at Iwaizumi then back down at the bowl being pushed infront of him and used his own spoon to try a small amount. "Oh this is really good. Didn't expect that. Try mine." Oikawa took his own spoon and retrieved some ice cream off his cone and stuck it towards Iwaizumi's mouth. He watched as the spiky haired man leaned in and ate the ice cream off his spoon.

He's sweet, Oikawa said to himself.

"Eh, it's alright. Not as bad as I thought but still kinda taste like toothpaste with chocolate chips. Mine is definitely better."

"Whatever you say Iwa-chan."

"So how'd you agitate your knee?"

"Oh well I'm a science teacher but because of cutbacks and stuff I teach gym too. We were playing a volleyball game and I may have got a bit too excited teaching them how to serve."

"You like volleyball?"

"Yeah I used to play in high school till the ACL thing. I probably could've gone pro."

"I used to play in high school too. Wing spiker. Never thought about going pro though. Being short wouldn't have helped and i've always had more of a thing for science."

"I was a setter. Maybe I should set to you sometime." Oikawa said laughingly.

"We should definitely play sometime. I mean I'd be a bit rusty but I think i'll manage. So volleyball was how you tore your ACL?" Iwaizumi looked up from his bowl to see Oikawa looking at his cone deep in thought. He realized the brunette was hesitating so he quickly added on "Sorry that was personal. You don't have to tell me."

Oikawa hated telling people about his ACL injury but for some reason he felt so compelled to the man sitting infront of him. They hadn't known each other for long, but Oikawa felt comfort in him.

"I don't really talk about it, but it's okay I want to tell you. When I played volleyball during high school, I was pretty good. The best setter in my prefecture actually. But I always felt inferior to these two other people on a different team no matter what happened. And I guess I was right to because I kept losing to them. It made me feel like I wasn't good enough and my mental health went to absolute shit. I started overworking myself and not listening to my body. One night I stayed behind for extra practice and collapsed after trying to serve. I laid on the floor for two hours until the janitor came to clean up and found me in pain. I didn't have many friends and my family was always busy, so nobody even realized I was there for so long. I could even move to find my phone after it happened." Oikawa told Iwaizumi as he was holding back tears.

Iwaizumi leaned over the table and put one of his hands over Oikawa's and looked him in his eyes. "Thank you for feeling comfortable enough with me to share that. I'm really sorry."

"You don't need to be sorry it was my fault anyway."

"Are you kidding? Don't ever blame yourself for something like that. You weren't in the right state of mind and that's not your fault. Things get easier with time and you should try to forgive yourself. Healing your mind is just as important as healing your knee." Iwaizumi gave him a smile and leaned back into his chair releasing his hold on Oikawa's hand.

"I'm sorry about this Iwa-chan. We were suppose to get ice cream to make you feel better and now you're the one comforting me!"

"Don't feel bad. I'm glad to."

"Thank you, really." Oikawa told him as he tilted his head back to ensure no tears would fall out. "Can I see your phone for a second?"

"Yeah sure." Iwaizumi unblocked his phone and handed it to Oikawa. He watched the brunette doing something until he was taking a selfie of himself, eyes still slightly red.

"There. Now I can text you so I make it up to you sometime next week. Maybe we'll do something different." Oikawa's own phone dinged and Iwaizumi realized he had texted himself from his phone so that the taller one could have his number.

"Hey I was suppose to be the one paying next time."

"Hmmm I guess you'll just have to take the time after that." Oikawa grinned as he said it. "So Iwa-chan, no girlfriend waiting for you at home?"

"Nope. I'm uh... bisexual actually. But still single."

"What? Iwa-chan how is your dating range so wide and still nobody has put a ring on you!"

"Just haven't found the right person I guess. And no girlfriend for you?"

"I'm gay. No boyfriend though."

"Good to know. Ready to go?" Iwaizumi said as he stood up and took his bowl to a nearby trash can.

"Yup! Let's head back. It's getting pretty late." Oikawa said as he pocketed his phone and walked outside, holding the door behind him for Iwaizumi. The two began their short walk back to Seijoh Physical Therapy as that was where both their cars were parked. Again, they were walking closely but not exactly touching. Their fingers brushed by each other's every few steps and they both fought the urge to just hold the other's hand. Just as their hands brushed by for the fourth time, Oikawa shivered. It had become much colder outside than earlier in the day and he was now regretting his choice of not bringing a jacket.

"Dumbass where's your jacket?" Iwaizumi said to him fairly loudly as he began to take off his own. "Here wear this." Iwaizumi continued as he put his jacket over Oikawa's shoulders.

"Won't you be cold now?"

"Nah don't worry I don't get cold easily. Plus i'm wearing a long sleeve so you can have it."

"Thank you Iwa-chan" Oikawa said smiling into the jacket. Iwaizumi may not have been as tall as him, but he was definitely broader so the jacket was a bit big on Oikawa, not that he minded all.

It smells like him. How is it so warm? I never want to take it off. Oikawa thought as he snuggled into the jacket more.

He looks really good in my jacket. I bet he would look good in all my clothes. Iwaizumi thought as he watched Oikawa making himself comfortable in the jacket. The two didn't exchange any more words as they walked back, but the silence wasn't uncomfortable. For some reason, everything felt normal around the other man.

When they got to the parking lot they reached Oikawa's car first. A dark blue Honda civic, not the newest model, but not too many years old.

"Thank you for coming to get ice cream with me."

"Thank you for offering." Iwaizumi said as he watched Oikawa motion to take off the jacket. "No keep it. It's still cold outside. Wouldn't want you to get sick." he added on.

"Thanks for everything Iwa-chan. I'll text you!" Oikawa said as he started to drive off. As he was doing so, he watched Iwaizumi get into a black Audi r8. It was extremely clean and looked fairly new. He had some idea that Iwaizumi had money due to his job, but that was still unexpected. Oikawa thought about it more as he drove him. It didn't matter if Iwaizumi had money or not, because Oikawa really liked him. The friendly banter they had, they way his lips curved as he smiled, and how compassionate he had been to not only his patients, but to Oikawa himself as he told him about his injury. He also very much enjoyed the fact that he was driving home still wearing Iwaizumi's jacket.

Of course earlier in the day Oikawa had been thinking about how to talk to the man, but he would never have guessed it would be the two of them in a practically empty ice cream shop laughing about who's flavour tasted better. No matter the circumstances, he was glad that he got to spend time with him.

Chapter Text

In Iwaizumi's life, he's never connected with many people. He's dated before but only had two somewhat serious relationships. A girlfriend in high school, and a boyfriend in college, but the relationships never lasted long. He was constantly focused on his studies and maintaining high grades so he could get where he wanted to be in the future. Because of this, he was always worried about being a good enough boyfriend to his partners. He honestly never felt real connections with these people, probably a significant factor in why none of his relationships lasted. And now that he was where he worked so hard to be, Iwaizumi was just glad to meet someone he actually connected with.

Everything had just been so different with Oikawa. The physical therapist was drawn to him in ways he didn't even begin to understand. His thoughts moved from the man to the phone vibrating in his pocket. He reached out and read the caller ID before answering.

"Hey Mattsun what's up?"

"Aye Iwaizumi. Just checking if you were good. You said you were walking Oikawa out but when me and Makki left both the cars were still there. Wanted to make sure everything was alright."

"Thanks for checking in. Yeah i'm alive we went to get ice cream, about to head home now though."

"You mean you hung out with him?" Iwaizumi could hear him yelling to Makki who was likely in another room "IWA HUNG OUT WITH HIM!". He heard some murmurs in the background but couldn't make out the response. "Makki's asking if you got laid yet"

"No you idiots. We just hung out. I'd come over and tell you the whole thing but I gotta get home to finish up some stuff."

"Alright fine. We expect a play by play tomorrow though. Goodnight lover boy."

"Yeah yeah, night". With that, Iwaizumi pocketed his phone and began driving home.

Oikawa on the other hand, had just gotten home and was waiting for the video call with Akaashi to connect. When he finally answered, Oikawa could see him sitting up in bed with his glasses on, meaning he didn't interrupt anything with his boyfriend or wake him up. "Hey Tooru! How'd it go?"

"Keiji!! You won't believe it. He's not exactly my therapist anymore because I got transferred but it's okay. My new doctor is super trippy cause he just realized I liked Iwa-chan when I asked about him and told me he was into men and single. That was already great, then when I left, guess who was standing there and offered to walk me to my car? One thing lead to another and we went to get ice cream together. I gave him my number and stuff like that but I think it went really well."

Oikawa looked back at his phone after he caught his breath and saw now both Akaashi and Bokuto on the screen. "Great job Kawa!" Bokuto told him. "Yeah i'm happy for you. What're you gonna do now?" Akaashi continued.

"I told him i'd text him so i'll probably do that tomorrow. Unless we make plans to hang out again I won't see him for two weeks. So that means I have to make plans with him."

"Good thinking. Think of something super casual than can turn romantic if necessary."

"Ohhhh good idea! I'll figure that part out later i'm so tired right now. Night guys!" Oikawa said waving. "Goodnightttttt" they both replied.

Once the call disconnected, Oikawa took his medication and changed into his night attire. A striped pair of pyjama pants and an old white t shirt. He then brushed his teeth and did his skin care before getting into bed. The brunette thought about texting Iwaizumi before sleeping, it may have been moving too fast, but Oikawa didn't know if he could hold back any longer. But, he was also completely nervous and didn't wanna fuck it up.


> had a great time tonight! we should do it again soon (✿◠‿◠)

After five different drafts and multiple revisions, he was content with the message he sent. Though, he was also sort of shitting himself after he sent it. He literally hung out and shared half his life story with him, why was he nervous just texting him? To calm the nerves, he shut off his phone and put it on the nightstand. He adjusted his pillow, dropped his head, and was out like a light. It had been such a busy, but really good day, he hadn't even realized how tired he had been. His pain medication also helped with how alarmingly fast he knocked out.

Iwaizumi was doing the last of the work he brought home when his phone lit up next to him. He finished his though, scribbling on the paper infront of him before before checking to see what the notification was.

my favourite patient ever:

< had a great time tonight! we should do it again soon (✿◠‿◠)

He laughed when he read the contact name Oikawa had put for himself earlier. Iwaizumi replied right away, but since it was so late he knew the conversation would likely be over there.

> i had a great time too. also why is your name favourite patient ever? lol you aren't even my patient how would you be my favourite.
> night sleepykawa, get some rest

Iwaizumi smiled at his phone and changed Oikawa's contact name to something more fitting. When he was done, he put his phone down and finished the last of what he was doing.

The next morning Oikawa woke up earlier than usual for a Saturday. He made a noise of annoyance after raising his head and seeing his clock flash 9:00am. On weekends he usually didn't even open his eyes till at least 11:30. One of his biggest flaws were that he could almost never fall back asleep after waking up, so this morning was no different. After rolling around for 5 minutes he decided to give up and just start the day. He grabbed his phone and while it was in his hand, still turned off, he remembered the text he sent before he fell asleep. What if he moved to fast? What if Iwaizumi just left him on read? What if he read the signs wrong and Iwaizumi had a terrible time yesterday?

He groaned and his entire body fell back into the bed. Too many "what if's" were popping into his head and he needed a minute to breathe.

I barley know him. Yes, he's hot and helps people move their limbs again, but he's just another guy. We hung out once. Who am I kidding i'm fucking whipped for him.

Oikawa decided to check his phone right there and then before his mind could stop him again. He unlocked it and read the two new messages he had received. Thank god. He replied. And they were good replies too. It wasn't just those courtesy replies, this was a well thought out one. He quickly typed out another message to him and clicked send before he could doubt himself.

iwa channnnn:

> aw iwa-chan i know you'll miss having me as a patient! i may not have been for long, but i was definitely your favourite!

Oikawa threw his phone on his nightstand and got up to get ready for the day. Since it was early and still fairly nice outside, he decided to go for a run. It's been months since his last one and he would have just regret it later if he didn't take the opportunity. The brunette neglected his phone as he prepared himself to leave his apartment.

Iwaizumi, who was an early riser no matter the day, was already drinking his coffee and checking through emails when he received Oikawa's message. He had responded to the one last night so quickly, and felt no shame doing it again.

Some would have said to wait and not seem eager, but what was the purpose of that? He was interested in the other boy, and wanted to talk to him as much as possible. He also happened to know that Oikawa's next appointment wasn't for another two weeks so he would have to find a way to see him before that.

pretty boy:

> you may not be mine, but you're definitely still my favourite patient.
> morning btw, what're you doing today?

When he looked at the clock and it had just hit 9:00am, he realized he was a bit later than usual for his run this morning. He finished off the last of his coffee and went into his room to throw on some workout clothes. The physical therapist had a busy schedule, but felt it was important for his mind and body to be healthy before he could help others with their health. He did this by visiting the gym once a week at the least, and running during the morning. Some times, he would have extremely early starts during the week so he could not help but to miss it, but Iwaizumi always made sure to be running on Saturday and Sunday.

Weekend morning runs were Iwaizumi's favourite. Since he went early, practically nobody was around except people that were working or running errands. He took a minute to breathe in the fresh air, then took off in his white shorts and track jacket.

10 minutes into Iwaizumi's run, and 5 minutes into Oikawa's their paths cross. Oikawa was the one to realize it first when he noticed a familiar face a few feet infront of him. A few seconds after, Iwaizumi finally noticed the brunette. It wasn't hard since there were very few people around and nobody else running. They both slowed down and began walking towards each other.

"Morning Oikawa".

"Hey Iwa-chan! I didn't know you were an early runner too."

"Yeah every weekend. I don't usually take this route but I wanted to go for a long one this morning."

"Wanna sit for a minute?" Oikawa said as he motioned to the bench near them.

"Sure. How's your knee? Are you allowed to be running?"

"What happened to not being my doctor?" he joked, "It's fine Kuroo said I'd be good once I didn't push myself too far and wore my brace. Plus I took my medication this morning so it's alright."

"Are you feeling any pain?"

"No Iwa-chan! I'm fine really."

He still looked a bit concerned but Iwaizumi didn't say anything more regarding his knee. "What'd you have planned for this glorious Saturday?"

"I wanted to go to the drive in because they're playing ET, but all my friends are bu- hey wait, wanna go go the drive in with me later?"

"You know, I did have a weird feeling you were a nerd. But yeah i'm down. What time?"

"It starts at 9 so we should probably leave at 8 since it's a bit far."

"Okay i'll pick you up at 8." Iwaizumi said with a smile on his face as he made direct eye contact with Oikawa.

"I would've drove but okay Iwa-chan! I guess i'll see you at 8."

It took everything Iwaizumi had to not say "it's a date". He didn't want to be too suggestive and honestly, he just wanted to spend time with the other man, date or not.

"I also have this weird feeling you're a bad driver and i'm not ready to test it yet. See ya later Oikawa!" Iwaizumi said instead as he got up to continue his jog.

"IWA-CHAN YOU MEANIE!" Oikawa yelled as he saw Iwaizumi run off snickering.

Oikawa ran home as fast as he could, he needed all the time he had to get ready to make an impression.

Chapter Text

This was the longest Iwaizumi ever took to get ready. After his run he got to his apartment and took a quick cold shower to actually get his day going. Next, he ate something and began doing his regular weekend duties. This included cleaning his apartment, getting groceries for the week, laundry, and preparing for his upcoming patient appointments. He had a few hours before he had to pick up Oikawa for their (date?) trip to the drive in. He figured his chores would keep his mind preoccupied so he wouldn't be nervous. He sent a quick text in his group chat with Makki and Mattsun about his plans in which he was then bombarded with about 10 new messages that consisted of "good job iwa" and "get laid".

His nervous hit him like a train on steroids when his mind was done being preoccupied with chores and Saturday duties. He had taken his second shower of the day and stood next to his bed in just his towel over his waist overlooking 4 different pairs of pants and 7 different shirts. Shit. He was about to call Makki, then decided against it because he probably would've got made fun of for 15 minutes and he did not have the time for that. Iwaizumi Hajime hated nothing more than being late. He was always atleast 5 minutes early, and directly on time if he couldn't do that. He disliked waiting for others so he made sure he would never make anyone wait. He decided to call Kuroo instead since that was the next best option.

"Yo. Zumiiiii. What's up bro?"

"Kuroo I need help. But you cannot make fun of me."

"Hmmmmm I make no promises. What'd you need?"

"What do you wear to a drive in movie?" Iwaizumi asked the sleepy looking man. He turned his attention from his clothes back to his phone when he realized Kuroo wasn't answering.

"Hello? Are you frozen?"

"No no I'm good. Just shocked you didn't tell your best bud you're going on a date."

"It's not a date. Well I'm not sure so I won't assume. We're just hanging out."

"Ok fine whatever you say. Your loose fitting black jeans, black shirt, and that hooded jean jacket. Put it on and let me make sure. Is it Oikawa by the way?"

"Ok hold on let me try it. And yeah it is."

"Good going Zumi he's hot."

"Don't make me tell Kenma."

"Please. He's not my type at all. But I still have eyes you know."

"Ok check it." Iwaizumi said after he got the clothes on and flipped his camera into the mirror so Kuroo could see.

"If you wanted to get laid tonight, you definitely good. Alright black shoes no other colour."

"Thanks Kuroo Ill let you know how it goes."

"You better. Later Zumi." Kuroo said as he hung up the video call.

Iwaizumi was thankful for the friends he's made through his life. Yes he didn't have much success with relationships, but he's at a point in his life where he's happy and wouldn't change anything. He checked his hair and outfit one more time before grabbing his keys and heading out the door. He inputted Oikawa's address which the brunette had texted him earlier in his car's GPS and began to make his way over. The estimated time was only 15 minutes away and he took deep breaths to make sure he was calm.

Oikawa on the other hand, was ecstatic and had minimal nerves. He also did his Saturday chores then spent almost the entire afternoon focusing on him. He got a manicure and pedicure, did his own face mask, and took a nice long shower. He didn't want to go into the night with any expectations, instead just live in the moment and see where things go for the two men.

He hadn't been too indecisive with his outfit choice this time. He figured it was late and they would be focused on the movie anyway. They would also be in Iwaizumi's car, so he honestly didn't have to look too presentable. But at the same time, Oikawa wanted to make sure he looked good enough for the other man to notice. He wore a plain lavender crew neck with some light wash skinny jeans. Not his skinniest pair, because he was saving that for a time when his outfit would be more admired. He finished getting ready a bit early and decided to tidy up his apartment since he planned to invite Iwaizumi up when he dropped him home. Just as he was taking out his spaceship blanket from the room, Iwaizumi texted him that he was downstairs.


< parked by the entrance whenever you're ready, no rush.

> coming down now!

He quickly slipped his shoes on and headed towards the elevator.

Outside, Iwaizumi was more stressed than ever. On his way to Oikawa's apartment, his mind was running through different scenarios in which things would go completely wrong. He even considered the fact that Oikawa was still practically a stranger and could kidnap him anytime. Iwaizumi was usually the calmest and most collected person in a crowded room, but he could not shake the nerves and feeling of doubt in himself and how Oikawa actually feels about him. Does he just want to be friends? Is he a one night stand kind of guy?

All his worries immediately went away when he lifted his head and saw the warm smile on Oikawa's face as he opened the car's passenger door. He looks stunning, the physical therapist thought.

"Hey Iwa-chan! Sorry if I took a bit long, there were two other people in the elevator. Ready to go?"

"No worries I didn't wait long at all. I think I know where I'm going so we should be good." Iwaizumi said as he pulled out of the apartment complex and began driving on the main road. He took his phone out from his lap and handed it to Oikawa who had a puzzled look on his face. "Here you can play music from my phone since it's already hooked up to the bluetooth." he told him as Oikawa took the phone.

"Iwa-chan..." Oikawa said as he held Iwaizumi's phone, turned on but only displaying the lock screen and notification for the message Oikawa had sent as he left his apartment. "Mm?" Iwaizumi responded still looking at the road with his right hand on the steering wheel and left hand on his own thigh. "So you think i'm pretty?"

"What?" Iwaizumi answered as he adjusted his grip on the steering wheel and glanced at Oikawa, but trying to remain focused on the road. Oikawa lifted Iwaizumi's phone up to meet his glance and just had a grin on his face. "You changed my contact name to pretty boy, so you must think i'm pretty right?" Oikawa said.

"Yeah, I do. Blind people wouldn't be driving." Iwaizumi said in his calmest tone, almost as if he had been asked what time it was. Oikawa wasn't talking, but the wide eye stare he was giving Iwaizumi was enough of a response. "So that's what it takes to shut you up? Good to know." Iwaizumi said since Oikawa had been speechless. "Iwa-chan! You can't just say stuff like that! Now what's your phone password let me show you what greatness sounds like." Oikawa finally said, to which Iwaizumi responded with the password.

Iwaizumi had been a little more suggestive than he planned to be, but he also didn't plan for Oikawa to see his contact name. Iwaizumi wasn't sure if the brunette changed the topic because he was uncomfortable, or if he was just flustered by the compliment so he then decided not to say or do anything that would imply that seeing the movie was anything more than just two people hanging out. They fell into a comfortable silence with just the music playing in the background. Oikawa was looking out the window like a kid in a candy store but still made small talk and comments about each song.

Oikawa was in genuine shock when he heard Iwaizumi's response to asking if he was pretty. Of course he wanted him to think so, it had just been completely unexpected. He wasn't exactly sure how to respond with the same level of intimacy and not be too overbearing. Should I compliment him back? Oikawa didn't know what to do, so he settled for just smiling. Things were going well and they were becoming more and more comfortable with each other by the minute.

Not long after they were pulling into the drive in line. Iwaizumi reached into his pants to pull out his wallet but Oikawa put his hands on the physical therapists bicep. "No Iwa-chan I invited you let me pay!". His hold wasn't restricting so Iwaizumi continued to pull out his wallet and take out his card. "You paid for ice cream so it's my turn dummy."

"But I invited you! And you drove! I should play."

"Ok fine give me your card."

"Didn't think I would get through so easily. How nice of you Iwa-chan!". Iwaizumi took the other man's credit card but continued to hold his own in the same hand. When they finally reached the ticket booth and they asked for payment, Iwaizumi handed them his card. Once it was processing, he turned and gave Oikawa his back.


"What's up?"

"You paid!"


"But you took my card"

"To shut you up. I figured you might put up a fight." Iwaizumi said. He reached for his card back and was also handed two tickets. The tickets were more commemorative, since you didn't need them for anything beyond this point. They drove into the viewing area and parked when they were in a good spot.

"I'm going to get snacks and you can't stop me."

"Alright. I don't want that much popcorn though so you can get me the smallest size.", Iwaizumi said and Oikawa responded with a nod. He watched the brunette carefully step out of the car and he admired his outfit. Once he was gone, Iwaizumi reached into his backseat and pulled out two blankets for them to use and made sure the radio was set to the correct listening station.

Iwaizumi finally took it upon himself to respond to Makki and Mattsun and let them know how it was going so far. Just as he sent the text, he put his phone on silent so he wouldn't be disturbed when they respond. Just as he did that, Oikawa opened the car door with one medium popcorn and two things in his hand.

"I didn't want much popcorn either so I figured we could just share a medium. Less expensive than two smalls. Are you good with that?"

"Yeah no problem."

"Okay great. Here I also got you pocky because what's a movie without it. They don't have milk bread so this will have to do. Ooohhh you brought blankets, good thinking it's cold tonight!"

"You like milk bread?"

"Yes. It is the world's greatest creation and I would die without it." Oikawa said in his more serious tone with a stern look on his face.

"Loserkawa you'll die of diabetes when you're 40."

"Not completely enjoying these nicknames Iwa-chan."

"Don't worry me too." Iwaizumi responded laughingly. The two were having a good time together. When their laughter died down, the radio began to start the pre-show for the movie.

"Thanks for coming with me today."

"Mm don't worry I've been meaning to see it eventually." Iwaizumi said as he ate a pocky.

"Iwaizumi." The spiky haired man shifted his head with the most confused look on his face after the brunette had used his first name instead of the stupid nickname.

"Have you never seen ET?"

"Uh no.."

"How the fuck?" He took a deep breath before continuing, "Prepare yourself for cinematic greatness."

"Cinematic greatness huh? I remember how it's a classic, but shitty alien movie."

"You aren't allowed to speak if you call my favourite movie shitty."

"This is your favourite? I guess i'll try to give it a chance. Thanks for inviting me."

"Okay pay attention it's starting." Oikawa said as he snuggled into his blanket to shield himself from the cold car. Iwaizumi noticed and reached to turn on his seat warmer. He just didn't want the brunette to be cold in his car, he told himself.

Iwaizumi really did his best to pay attention, but he really couldn't. He was too focused on the warmth in his chest every time his hand brushed Oikawa's, or how the theatre screen shined against Oikawa's face, highlighting each part. The man was gorgeous and the lighting was doing him justice. Even though he was a bit distracted, he made sure he still knew what was going on in the movie. He somewhat understood why it had been Oikawa's favourite, it wasn't bad at all. Still, fairly similar to other shitty alien movies.

He reached over Oikawa's lap into his glove compartment and pulled out a box of tissues when he noticed him crying towards the end of the movie. "Here.", Iwaizumi told him as he put the tissues in his lap. He refrained from calling him a stupid nickname or making fun of him, because Iwaizumi was almost on the verge of crying, but would never let it happen infront the other.

"Thanks...Iwa-chan... it's just... so sad..I love this movie" Oikawa said wiping his tears. Iwaizumi told himself he wouldn't do anything that might make Oikawa feel uncomfortable, but in his defence, he hasn't realized what he was doing till he was doing it. The movie continued playing and Oikawa was a still wiping his eyes with the tissue and Iwaizumi placed a hand on his back and was rubbing it comfortably. Once Oikawa stopped sniffiling and "The End" was displayed on the screen, Iwaizumi removed his hand and started his car.

"So how did you like it?" Oikawa asked him.

"It was a good movie, I see why its your favourite."

"Mmmm that's good" Oikawa said as he yawned. "Your car is so warm and comfy."

"Yeah I made sure your seat warmer was on. Take a nap it's late and it's a pretty long drive back". Oikawa couldn't hold himself back from smiling at the simple gesture from the other man. "I can't leave you to drive all by yourself! You'll be lonely without me."

"Don't worry about me. Just lay back Sleepykawa, you're literally tired every time I see you."

"I'll lay here but I won't sleep."

"Whatever you say." Iwaizumi said as he began to accelerate the car on the main road. He knew that the brunette would be out in atleast 5 minutes. He was somewhat correct, Oikawa was out in 3.

Halfway home, Iwaizumi's fuel light came on and he turned into the next gas station. While he filled his tank, he thought about the night he had and an idea came to him. When he finished, he checked on Oikawa to make sure he was still sleeping before grabbing his wallet and going inside the convenience store for a quick minute. When he came out and opened his car door, Oikawa was awake and rubbing his eyes.

"Fuck did I wake you up?"

"No probably the lights. Don't worry I wasn't suppose to fall asleep anyway. Where are we?"

"About halfway. I needed gas then I had to get something from the store real quick."

"Thought you abandoned me in the middle of no where." Oikawa said rubbing his eyes.

"Sorry for leaving. Here, hopefully this makes it up."

Iwaizumi threw the small plastic bag at Oikawa and began to drive out of the gas station. "Did you buy this for me?"

"Yeah the drive in place didn't have and we were right here so."

"Thank you Iwa-chan." Oikawa said as he pulled a package of milk bread out of the bag. Iwaizumi just looked over to the brunette and smiled.

"Here open your mouth try a piece."

"Just give it to me."

"No Iwa-chan focus on the road! No eating and driving that's dangerous. Just open your mouth." Oikawa told him holding a piece of the milk bread. Iwaizumi did as he was told and Oikawa carefully placed the baked good in his mouth. "Mm this is good" Iwaizumi said. They continued the drive home just talking about whatever came to mind. Everything that night, had just been so comfortable and easy for both men. Both of them were happy and any doubts or nervous were completely forgotten.

Iwaizumi spun into Oikawa's apartment complex and the only thing in the brunette's mind was how much hotter he looked when he was driving. Something about the way the wheel spun in his hands was just so attractive and Oikawa couldn't peel his eyes away until he realized they were stopped.

"I had a lot of fun Iwa-chan. Thank you for tonight, really."

"I had a good time too. We should hang out again soon." Iwaizumi replied with direct eye contact.

Something about the way Iwaizumi was looking at him with his fucking beautiful eyes sparkling at Oikawa and his lips curved into this soft smile caused all his sense to fly out the window.

Oikawa took a quick breath and leaned forward placing his hands on both sides of Iwaizumi's face and pressed his lips against his. Fuck. He was kissing Iwaizumi. And his lips were the softest thing he's ever felt. He then realized what was happening and began to pull back, but Iwaizumi placed his hand at the back of Oikawa's head and started to kiss him back. Fuck. He was kissing Iwaizumi. And Iwaizumi was kissing him back. Iwaizumi was the one to lick Oikawa's bottom lip to get to his tongue, and it was almost embarrassing how fast Oikawa opened his mouth. They moved their mouths to deepen the kiss as both their tongues began to explore and roam around the other's mouth. Oikawa was the first to pull away needing to catch his breath.

"Do you want to uh.. come upstairs?"

"You really don't understand how much I would love to, but I can't." Iwaizumi said as he put his head down, almost like he was ashamed. "I'm sorry but I have a bunch of paper work I was suppose to do today and really need to finish."

"Oh! I get it don't worry. I'll text you okay?" Oikawa said opening the passenger door.

"Wait Oikawa." Iwaizumi said grabbing his wrist. Oikawa turned around and Iwaizumi placed his hand at the back of his neck and brought their lips together once more.

"I'm really sorry. Rain check?" Iwaizumi said as they separated before Oikawa could register what was happening to kiss back. "Yeah of course Iwa-chan don't worry." Oikawa told him placing a hand on his cheek before stepping out of the car and walking towards the apartment's main entrance. He turned back before opening the doors and surprisingly met Iwaizumi's eyes. The physical therapist simply smiled at him before changing gears and driving away.

Oikawa felt far from resentment or bitterness towards the other man and was somewhat happy to see this side of him. Iwaizumi prioritized his job and patient's needs even before his own. That was likely just a glimpse of the dedicated and caring man he was. Oikawa may not have took him to his apartment, but he was just excited to be able to see and get to know the rest of him in time.

So much for Iwaizumi's plan to not do anything huge. He kissed the man for god sake. Not that it was anything less than extraordinary, just further than he had planned to get. With absolutely no complaint of course. The biggest regret of his life so far, was not taking up Oikawa's offer. Yes, he had to finish paperwork and prepare for his upcoming patient appointments, but he hoped he hadn't made Oikawa feel bad. He really did want to go up, but he had other obligations. He hoped Oikawa wouldn't think that he didn't want to or just made up an excuse. He was starting to develop real feelings for the man, and that scared him just a bit.

Chapter Text

"So let me get this straight." Makki said as he was in the lunch room with Mattsun, Iwaizumi, and Kuroo after Iwaizumi had broken down the entire day for them. "You made out with him in your car and he invited you upstairs. Upstairs of his apartment. To likely fuck. And you told him no, because you had work to do." Iwaizumi nodded with his head down to let Makki know he was indeed correct with all the facts. He continued, "Listen Iwaizumi I get you love your job, but sometimes your physical needs come first dude.".

"I second that" Mattsun said.

"Ah leave him alone guys. You know Zumi he wants a real relationship not just a quick lay."

"Okay this conversation is over I have patients." Iwaizumi said exiting the room.

On the other hand, Akaashi was on the phone as Bokuto and Oikawa ate lunch in their shared office in the gym. "Yeah we made out and I invited him upstairs and he declined. Honestly I don't think he was making excuses, he seems like he genuinely wanted to so I guess we'll just have to wait and see." Oikawa told the two.

"So are you guys dating?" Bokuto asked.

"Uh I don't think so. I think we were just hanging out and I don't know how to ask him to do it again."

"Honestly just go for it." Akaashi said.

"That's what I told myself when I kissed him, I'm not sure if it'll work here too." Oikawa said to him.

"I think I really like him though. He seems like this tough mean guy but he's just so sweet and funny and he does all these little gestures that shows he cares."

"Woah." Akaashi and Bokuto said at the same time.

"When was the last time Kawa genuinely liked someone?" Bokuto questioned.

"Probably first year of college. This must be serious with Iwaizumi. Don't fuck this up Tooru" Akaashi told the two.

"Okay guys I get it. Gotta get ready for class now, talk to you later." Oikawa said as he took his leave.

The next few days after passed without much event. The atmosphere surrounding the two is different, in a good way. The two men continuously texted each other whenever possible. It was never a serious conversation, just things that happened throughout the day or whatever was on someone's mind (usually Oikawa's). But, they didn't have any upcoming plans to hang out, and both were thinking of ways to change that.

On Thursday, Iwaizumi's day off, around 6:30pm, he just wanted to stop fucking around and see Oikawa. He didn't care if it wasn't some intricate planned hang out or anything special, he just wanted to see and talk to the other man in person. So, Iwaizumi picked up his phone and called the brunette.

Oikawa was at home sulking about how to make more progress with Iwaizumi while he tried to play a game on his phone. Just as he was about to give up and throw his phone across the room it started ringing. And it was Iwaizumi. Iwaizumi was calling him.

"Hey Iwa-Chan! What's up?"

"Nothing much. What're you doing right now?"

"Literally nothing i'm so bored. Why?" he hoped the slightly excitement in his voice wasn't read by Iwaizumi. If it was, he didn't mention it.

"Wanna go on a run? I can meet you at your place?" Iwaizumi asked. Oikawa gave this a thought before responding with, "Aw Iwa-chan missed me already? Anyway I'd love to go on a run but I'll meet you halfway. Don't want you to get too far ahead of me. I'll meet you at the trail in 10?"

"Sounds good. See you soon." Iwaizumi responded as the call cut off.

So he was now going running with Iwaizumi. He did wanna hang out, he just didn't think it would be going on a run. Yes, Oikawa may have told him he runs regularly when it had been his first time out there in months. As Oikawa got off the couch to throw on some more active clothing, he just hoped that Iwaizumi wouldn't notice.

Just like they planned, they met at the trail in 10 minutes. Of course Iwaizumi was a few minutes early and didn't mind waiting, but he didn't have to since Oikawa came just a minute behind him. It's true Iwaizumi hated nothing more than waiting, but when it came to Oikawa, Iwaizumi felt content waiting hours for the other if that's what he needed.

"Hey. Try to keep up Slowkawa." Iwaizumi said as the brunette got close enough to hear.

"Please Iwa-chan. You haven't even seen me run yet. I think you're also forgetting that I used to be an athlete."

"Key words are used to. Anyway let's go we only have about an hour before the sun goes down." Iwaizumi said as he motioned for them to begin. They had ran almost the entire hour only taking a quick 5 minute break when Iwaizumi needed to re tie his shoe lace. Oikawa was surprised that he was able to keep up with Iwaizumi and was glad he was running behind him. From there, he got to admire the man's biceps in his sleeveless tee and how sweat dripped down them. That may have been the motivator in him keeping pace with Iwaizumi, who looked like he could've ran another 5 miles if he wanted.

"Ah sun is going down." Iwaizumi said as the two were now walking side by side back towards the trail entrance.

"Oh let's watch the sunset! I know a really good place a few minutes from here. Don't be a slow poke let's go Iwa-chan!" Oikawa said as he began running again.

After a short few minutes, they reached a grassy hill with nobody else in sight. The two men walked to reach the top. When they got there Oikawa had sat down first and tugged Iwaizumi's wrist for him to sit down too. The two were sitting a comfortable distance apart as the end of their last meeting had not been mentioned as yet, both avoiding the topic. "It's really beautiful here." Iwaizumi started.

"Yeah and it's the perfect view for sunsets and sunrises. Sometimes I like to come here to think or just get away you know?" as Oikawa was saying this to Iwaizumi he realized that he's never brought anyone to his spot. He had a sacred promise to himself to allow this one thing to just be his. Why had it been so natural to show Iwaizumi?

"Thank you for bringing me here."

"I love sunsets. All the colours different colours in the sky and it's so peaceful. When I watch I just feel warmth, not even like physical but just in my head."

"It's crazy how it happens everyday and people only take the time to watch it a handful of times in their life." Iwaizumi said as he glanced to Oikawa who was smiling softly at sun descending. The brunette was focused on the display infront of him, but he thought, I wanna watch more sunsets with him.

Iwaizumi couldn't stop looking at Oikawa. It was obvious to anyone that he was attractive, but in this moment, with him smiling and the sunsets light spread over his face, Iwaizumi was speechless. Oikawa thought the sunset was beautiful, but Iwaizumi thought so much more. As he was lost in thought he also realized Oikawa's hand was still loosely wrapped around his wrist from when he pulled him to the ground. At the time, the physical therapist wanted nothing more than to be with Oikawa.

"Do you want to go on a date with me?" Iwaizumi asked the other man, who still had his glaze focused on the almost done sunset.

"What?" he responded fairly shocked and whipped his head to look at Iwaizumi.

"A real one. Where I plan something and we both actually know it's a date." Iwaizumi explained to him. Oikawa turned his body to face the other, sunset forgotten, and move his hand from his wrist into his palm.

"I would love to go on a date with you Iwa-chan."

"Thank god." Iwaizumi said and clenched his shirt where his heart would be. He looked around and realized the sunset was over and it was starting to become dark. "Okay let's get you home, but we're walking cause I think you'd run into something or someone."

"Iwa-chan! How rude. I have great vision for your information." Oikawa said. Iwaizumi stood first and reached his hand out for Oikawa to take and stand up easier. As he was doing so, the physical therapist noticed a slight limp in his leg. Something that would have likely gone unnoticed to the untrained eye, but Iwaizumi was extremely perceptive, especially when his job is involved.

"Is your knee okay?"

"Yeah it's fine don't worry Iwa-chan! Let's go." Oikawa responded. Iwaizumi didn't believe this for a minute, but let go of the other's hand and decided to wait for another sign before bringing it up again. He watched for just a minute and could already see the continued limp and Oikawa who looked to be in discomfort.

"Oikawa. Your knee is hurting. Did I push you too far?"

"No I just didn't take the medication this morning."

"OIKAWA. Why would you not take the medication then why would you go on a run with me?" the two men stood facing each other instead of walking.

"I wanted to spend time with you Iwa-chan! I just forgot to take the meds this morning since I rushed out of my apartment late. Then my schedule would've been messed up if I took it in the afternoon."

"This is my fault. I know you have a bad knee I shouldn't have asked you to go running. Get on my back."

"Please don't blame yourself Iwa-chan it's my fault." Oikawa said as he moved to get on Iwaizumi's back without a complain because, who would? The man was fucking ripped and it was Oikawa's chance to finally get a closer look. He climbed on his back and wrapped his arms around his back and his legs around his waist, just so he wouldn't fall, that's the only reason.

"Fuck you're heavy." Iwaizumi said jokingly.

"Iwa-chan don't be mean to the crippled!"

"Calm down I bench almost double this." Iwaizumi said as the two began the walk to Oikawa's apartment. They made small talk along with way as Oikawa felt just how shredded Iwaizumi was.

When they reached the front of the building, Oikawa remembered the last interaction they had there. Did Iwaizumi expect to continue where they left off? Was he just gonna drop him here?

"Do you need to call or is the door just open?"

"Doors open."

So they were going upstairs. To Oikawa's apartment. That he was sulking in for the past five days. Did he make up his bed this morning?

"What floor?"


Oikawa, still on Iwaizumi's back, had his mind running at 10 questions a minute and was nervous since this was the first time Iwaizumi was coming into his apartment.



"Okay we're here. I'd try to just reach in your pocket for the keys myself, but I'd probably drop you if I tried. So I'm putting you down, but keep your arm on my shoulders to take the weight off your knee." Iwaizumi said as he helped to lower him down. Oikawa did as he was told and in return Iwaizumi wrapped his arm around Oikawa's waist to help sturdy him. Oikawa reached into his pocket to grab his keys and unlocked the door. The apartment was so much cleaner than he originally thought, thank god. The two took off their shoes then moved so Iwaizumi could help to lower him on his couch. Once that was done, Iwaizumi lowered himself infront the man. Oikawa now wishes it was for other circumstances but had to stop that thought before he got hard right infront Iwaizumi's face.

"Lift your pant leg, let me look at your knee dumbass."

"Rude." Oikawa said but continued to do what he was asked. Iwaizumi lightly touched and studied his knee for a few minutes while Oikawa just admired the man infront of him. It was strangely similar to their first interaction, but had so much more history behind now.

"Okay your knee is fine and I won't make you come in till your appointment next week. But ice it now, no more runs, and remember to take your meds or I will personally come shove them down your throat." Iwaizumi said as he moved towards Oikawa's kitchen and into the freezer. He returned a minute later with a bag of peas. He carefully lowered in on his now propped up knee, so the cold wouldn't be a surprise.

When he looked back up at Oikawa he was looking at him with a grin on his face and Iwaizumi just wanted to kiss it off, so he did. He leaned and hovered over the man, one arm on the couch near Oikawa's head and one arm holding his waist. Oikawa brought both of his own hands to cup Iwaizumi's face. Their lips fit together like perfect puzzle pieces and they didn't break apart until Iwaizumi pulled back.

"I would love to, but if we keep going I might lose sanity and fuck the shit out of you right here."

"I don't mind", Oikawa said with a smile. Iwaizumi chuckled before continuing again.

"Your knee is injured and at least make me buy you dinner before I get in your pants Horneykawa."


"Okay sorry. Iwaizumi said as he kissed him once more. I'm gonna get going so you can rest your knee. Ill text you about our date." he gave him one more quick kiss and proceeded to slip his shoes on and go.

So Oikawa was definitely whipped for this guy.

Chapter Text


< free next saturday at 2?

> yup! looking forward to it! (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥

Oikawa turned off his phone and was in thought. Yesterday Iwaizumi had asked him to go on a real date and said he would text him, so he wasn't surprised about that. What he didn't expect was it to be all the way next week. Oikawa wasn't exactly mad or upset, just a bit bummed that he would have to wait in anticipation so long, especially since they didn't have any other plans in between.

He had just reached home from work when Iwaizumi texted him. It was Friday, so he had all weekend to kick back and get himself ready for the new week. He would likely see Iwaizumi on Wednesday for a new minutes since it was his first appointment at Seijoh Physical Therapy. Oikawa would then on have regular sessions at the office. He was glad that he was finally getting long term treatment for his knee, and he was happy Bokuto helped him realize he needed it.

Since Iwaizumi finally let him know what day their date would be, he could make other plans for the weekend. It's been a while since he, Akaashi, and Bokuto went out for their weekly hang out and the brunette had been holding out on them so he wouldn't overlap plans with Iwaizumi. Now that he knew, he messaged Akaashi that they should try a new bar tomorrow. Once he sent the text, he cleaned up and got ready for the rest of his evening.

Iwaizumi really wanted to take Oikawa on their date this weekend, but he had an idea that would only work if they waited. It was a big price to pay, but he thought Oikawa's reaction to his surprise would be worth it. The physical therapist also had to work this Saturday so it would have been a much less interesting date if he didn't wait. They likely would have just went to a dinner at a fancy restaurant, but Iwaizumi felt that it wasn't enough. He planned a very elaborate date that would coordinate to something even bigger by the end. In all honesty, he was extremely proud of himself and knew it would all be worth it in the end. But at the current moment, he was fighting off the urge to call Oikawa and just take him to lunch in his break room.

The next day, Saturday, Oikawa had planned to go to a brand new bar with Akaashi and Bokuto. He spent the day doing his regular Saturday duties, then when 8:00pm hit, he was walking to meet the couple at the train station.

At the same time Oikawa was walking to the train station, Iwaizumi was on his last patient of the day at Seijoh Physical Therapy. It had been such a long day, he was ready to go home, order in, and watch a movie. By 11:00pm, he was already sound asleep in bed.

By 11:00pm at the bar, Oikawa had told Akaashi and Bokuto absolutely everything there was to know about him and Iwaizumi, along with almost being drunk. It's true Oikawa was a light weight, but he was usually smart when he drank. He paced himself and drank water in between drinks. On the other hand, Bokuto could handle alcohol well, but not so well when he was almost 15 shots in. The large man was slurring his words and could barley stand up straight on his own.

"Hey Tooru, I know it's still pretty early, but I should probably get him home." Akaashi said. He was the most sober out of the three, since he didn't drink often but handled his alcohol extremely well. "C'mon I'll get you a taxi." the sober one continued.

"Don't worry Keiji I'll get one when I finish this drink, you two go ahead!" Oikawa responded with a fresh drink in hand. Akaashi was hesitant because he knew his friend was almost drunk and that drink would likely push him over the edge, but the man he was helping to stand was very heavy and trying to get out of his hold.

"Alright fine. Text me when you're leaving and when you get home. Please be safe Oikawa."

"Yup! Bye Keiji!" Oikawa said giddily as he sipped his drink. Before leaving, Akaashi managed to talk to the bartender, "That's my friend over there, please call him a cab when he's done that drink and don't let him walk home."

"No problem sir." the bartender replied. It may have been a new bar, but Akaashi knew that all bartenders were fairly nice people and didn't want anyone to get hurt, so he would likely comply with the request. 15 minutes later, a man came and sat next to Oikawa just as he finished his drink.

"Bartender! One more round here." the man said.

"Oh, no thank you i'm just leaving." Oikawa managed to say, a lot more drunk that he thought he would be.

"Don't worry pretty boy, just have a drink with me. Look it's already here."

"I actually have a um... boyfriend.." he told the man. He needed an excuse and that was likely the best one that would get his intended result. He knew Iwaizumi wasn't his boyfriend, but he just needed this guy to leave him alone.

"Oh, okay I'm sorry. I won't try anything I swear. And the drinks already here, we can just talk I guess." the man said. Oikawa didn't exactly want to, but he decided to just have the drink and leave. Once he finished it, almost drinking the whole thing at once, he got up to lea be by stumbled. A strong arm caught him, the man he had been sitting with, and helped him to sit back down.

"Okay you aren't walking out of here alone." the man said as he spotted Oikawa's phone in his hand. The drunk male's head was feeling heavy so he put his head down on the bar.

The other man slowly took the phone from his hands in an attempt to call someone to get him. He noticed there was one text notification and decided to call them.

"Hello? Oikawa it's late, are you okay?"

"Hey. Do you by chance happen to be the brunette's boyfriend?". Iwaizumi was taken back by the question. No he wasn't his boyfriend, but what if something happened to him?

"Yeah I guess that's me. Who's this?"

"I'm a guy he met at a bar, don't worry nothing happened like that, it's just that I don't think he's awake enough to give a taxi his address. You should probably come pick him up."

"Yeah, of course. What bar is it?". Iwaizumi threw on whatever clothes were closest to him as he listened for the name of the bar and the address. It hadn't even been 5 minutes since he got the call, and he was already on his way. So Oikawa got black out drunk at a bar and apparently he told someone else he had a boyfriend. Did he mean Iwaizumi? He put his mind to a stop and got out of his car to get Oikawa. The guy on the phone was fairly nice, but Oikawa still a very hot guy and the other was still a stranger. He just wanted to get him out of there as fast as possible.

When he walked into the establishment, it was likely at its peak for a Saturday. He walked around for a second before he noticed a mop of brown hair leaned onto the counter and a blond guy sitting next to him on his phone.

"Hey, thanks for calling me. And staying with him. Iwaizumi." He said shaking the others hand.

"Yeah no problem. I felt bad since I kinda pushed that last drink on him so sorry. I'm Terushima."

"Okay well we're gonna get going."

"See you around Iwaizumi." the blond said as he watched Iwaizumi pick up the other man. He was barley awake, so the physical therapist had no choice but to carry him bridal style. He secured one arm under Oikawa's legs and placed his other on his upper back. It had been a bit difficult to get Oikawa's arm to drape around his neck, but he was able to get them to rest there. Oikawa wasn't heavy for him, but it was a bit hard since the other man was pretty much unconscious.

Once he got outside to his car, Oikawa's eyes were fluttering open as Iwaizumi was trying to balance him on his knee to open the car door. He looked down and noticed Oikawa's eyes were a bit drier than usual. Once he got the door open he held onto the brunette a bit longer to figure out why his eyes looked different. He then realized that the man wasn't wearing his contacts, so now along with being drunk, he was practically blind. Although the was somewhat awake, he wasn't really moving or speaking. Iwaizumi lowered Oikawa into the passenger seat of his car and got the man buckled in, much easier than he originally thought. He then closed the door and got into his side of the car. Once he was settled, he shifted Oikawa's seat so that his head could be tilted back enough to not move during their drive.

As he started the car, Iwaizumi remembered where Oikawa lived and planned on taking him there. It was going to be a 15 minute drive and Iwaizumi just kept glancing at Oikawa to make sure he was okay. Not even 2 minutes into the car ride. Oikawa was mumbling something about throwing up. Although he wasn't fully awake, Iwaizumi had a really nice car and didn't wanna take any chances. He decided to take them both back to his place, since it would be a shorter drive, and probably less hassle to get into his apartment rather than Oikawa's.

Iwaizumi pulled into his parking spot outside his own apartment and looked over at Oikawa. He knew the brunette was attractive, but he didn't expect him to continue to look so good, drunk, messy hair, and mouth open. Iwaizumi just smiled at the view before getting out of his car and opening the passenger door to get Oikawa out too. As he was unbuckling him and getting ready to lift, Oikawa woke up again, more alert than the last time.

"Who... are you?" Oikawa said in a haze. Iwaizumi was too preoccupied with making sure he was holding Oikawa properly so he would fall, that he didn't answer the question.

"That's okay. I can't really see right now so I'll just call you muscle-chan." Oikawa said squeezing the other's bicep as he closed and locked his car.

"It's Iwaizumi. Do you need to throw up?" he said as he opened the door to his building.

"I don't think so. I have a friend named Iwaizumi. I think I like him. He's really nice and hot and sweet and he has these biceps. Almost like yours muscle-chan. I hope he becomes my boyfriend one day. He's amazing." Oikawa said as he nuzzled closer into Iwaizumi's chest. His heart flustered at the sight and what he just heard.

"I like you too Oikawa" Iwaizumi quietly mentioned as they walked into the elevator.

"What'd you say muscle-chan? I'm tired."

"Nothing Kawa, sleep." Iwaizumi said stepping out of the elevator. He walked the few steps to his apartment and carefully removed his keys out of his pocket without dropping or waking up the sleeping man in his arms. Once he got inside, he took his own shoes off and walked into his bedroom.

He laid Oikawa on top the sheets before removing his shoes and jacket. Iwaizumi then went into the kitchen and fetched a big glass of water.

"Oikawa wake up." Iwaizumi said softly as stroked his hair.

"What muscle-chan?"

"Here drink this" Iwaizumi handed him the glass. He put a hand to Oikawa's back to help him sit up and drink the water. While the brunette did that, Iwaizumi picked up his discarded pyjama pants from the ground where he left them after being in such a rush to leave. He also brushed his teeth and cleaned up a bit before moving back towards the bed. He was greeted with the sight of Oikawa sprawled off on the bed like a star fish, in his boxers. Since the water was finished, Iwaizumi saw no reason to wake him. Before leaving, he turned Oikawa to his side and propped a pillow behind him so he couldn't roll on his back, pulled him garbage bin next to the bed, refilled the glass of water, and left a fresh pair of clothes at the end of the bed. Iwaizumi took one last look before closing the door and realized Oikawa and now curled himself into a ball, looking cold. The physical therapist stepped back into the room and lifted Oikawa slightly in order to get the sheets out from under him. Once he accomplished that, he pulled the covers over drunk man and tucked him in.

"Can you sleep with me muscle-chan?" a voice said.

"Okay." Iwaizumi replied as he crawled on the other side of the bed, still on top the sheets. He rested his back against the bed's backboard and rested his hand in Oikawa's hair to play with until the latter fell asleep.

Once Oikawa's breathing evened out and Iwaizumi was sure the brunette was asleep, he slowly pulled his hand out of his hair and exited the room. As much as he wanted to pull Oikawa close and sleep in his own bed, the other wasn't exactly in a state of mind to consent to that, and Iwaizumi did not want to force him into anything. It was better that he leave Oikawa in his bed and he could take the couch for the night. Iwaizumi's couch was comfortable, so he didn't mind allowing Oikawa to sleep in his bed.

Before removing his shirt and slipping back on his pyjama pants, Iwaizumi went into his kitchen and pulled out a painkiller. He left the tablet on the nightstand near the glass of water, so Oikawa would see and drink it whenever he woke up. By the time he was ready to sleep it was 2:30am. It had been such a long day at work and then picking up Oikawa from the bar, Iwaizumi's body was finally starting to feel it. At least he would be able to sleep as long as he needed because Seijoh was always closed on Sundays.

Iwaizumi woke up at 10:00am, much later than usual on a Sunday. He decided to skip his run today, in favour of resting his body. He learned at an early age that rest was just as important as activity and he's lived by that rule ever since. He woke up and opened the door to his room to check on Oikawa, who was still asleep and on his side, then closed the door and headed to the kitchen.
He didn't know the man long, but they've had so many random conversations that he knows exactly what Oikawa likes as a Sunday breakfast, pancakes and bacon. He also knows that Oikawa doesn't have it often because he's not the greatest cook and his pancakes never turn out good.

Iwaizumi slid his hands through his hair to wake himself up a bit more, then started making coffee. In addition, he took out some bacon from his fridge and got to work on making the pancakes. He finished everything in just under an hour and set the table for the two to eat. Hopefully Oikawa wouldn't be too embarrassed or bad that Iwaizumi didn't just take him home, and hopefully he actually likes what Iwaizumi cooked. He grabbed a piece of bacon and took his coffee back to the couch and scrolled through his phone. He replied to emails, texts, and even checked out his social media.

Oikawa woke up slowly, but not in his room or to the usual sun he faces because he forgets to close his blinds. He's lays there for a bit longer before actually opening his eyes and surveying his surroundings. This was definitely not his room. Fuck where was he? Did he go home with the blonde guy? Why is he only in his boxers? The brunette thought moving his head slowly around the room. He looked on the other side of the bed and realized nobody was there, and the bed was made up neatly. From what he could piece together, he slept alone in the strange room. After drinking the water and painkiller he found in the nightstand, Oikawa remembered why his vision was so blurry and looked around the room a bit more. He noticed that his clothes were neatly folded next to another set of fresh clothes on the bed.

He felt around the pants pocket of his jeans from last night and found what he was looking for, his contacts case. He put them into his eyes and again surveyed around the room, since he could actually see this time. He didn't notice anything in particular and just decided to wear the clothes and face whoever let him crash in their house.

Oikawa put on the pair of grey sweat pants and large blue sweater that was left for him. Everything was so warm and soft, he didn't even mind that the sweatpants were an inch short for him. He opened the room door very slightly to just poke his head out and was greeted by the smell of bacon. He scanned the rest of the room and was assured that he still had no clue where he was. He decided to get it over with and just walk out of the room.

He first reached the kitchen table, set up with bacon and pancakes, and a living room visible a few feet away. Oikawa saw familiar spiky hair sitting on the couch and realized where he was.

"Morning. How you feeling?"

"I'm okay...what happened last night?"

"Let's eat and i'll tell you." Iwaizumi said as he got off the couch and motioned for the two to sit and eat.

"This is really good, did you remember I like this or was it a coincide Iwa-chan?" Oikawa said stuffing his face.

"Thanks. No more calling me muscle chan anymore?" Iwaizumi said laughing. He looked back at Oikawa to see a look of horror and embarrassment on his face.

"Oh my god, did I really? Fuck. What else happened?" Oikawa put his head in his hands as he spoke.

"I texted you back after I got home from work then around 12:00am someone called me from your phone saying you were pretty much black out and I should probably pick you up. So I came and got you, and I uh was gonna take you home but you were threatening to throw up in my car so I brought you here since it was closer, um sorry about that. Then I let you sleep. Oh don't worry about anything I slept on the couch."

"Holy shit. I am so sorry Iwa-chan. You don't need to apologize for anything, you've done more than enough. You have such a nice too! Ugh i'm sorry. Thank you for picking me up. But you didn't have to sleep on the couch, you could've put me there! I made poor Iwa-chan hurt his back in his own house!" Oikawa said. He realized that Iwaizumi didn't even want to imply that he would think about taking advantage of him in a situation like that. Fuck, he was a really good guy.

"Don't worry it's no big deal. I'll always be there when you need me. Eat."

"You're a good cook."

"Thanks. I'm also sorry about making our date all the way next week. I had to work yesterday and I have some thing pretty nice planned."

"Aw Iwa-chan don't worry! I know you miss me all the time" he said laughing then continued. "Seriously, I know you're a busy doctor so don't worry. I'm excited though. What're we doing?"

"It's a surprise." Iwaizumi said putting a pancake to his mouth.

"How will I know how to dress Iwa-chan!"

"Casual. Look at the weather though we might be outside."

What would we be doing outside? Oikawa thought to himself with a pout on his face. The two finished up breakfast together and just sat at the table talking for a while. "Okay I'll do the dishes then take you home." Iwaizumi said as he took the two plates to the sink.

"Thank you Iwa-chan."

"You already said that." Iwaizumi replied as he started the dishes. Oikawa moved to go back into Iwaizumi's room and collect his things.

Once the two were done, Iwaizumi locked the door to his apartment and the two made their way to his car.

"Iwa-chan your car is so nice! I feel like i'll mess it up by just sitting!"

"Shut up. You didn't think so when you were threatening to throw up in it yesterday." the black haired man said laughing. Oikawa replied by lightly punching his shoulder. Once they got to the front of Oikawa's building, the brunette stepped out and closed the door, but poked his head back inside the car to say one last thing.

"Wanna come up? We can watch a movie or something?"

Iwaizumi smiled at the question, "Of course."

Chapter Text

The two made their way into Oikawa's apartment after the brunette unlocked the door.

"You can sit on couch and pick a movie. I'm gonna put these away and change." Oikawa said as he went into his own bedroom and Iwaizumi sat on the couch. He picked up the tv remote and opened up Netflix.

Oikawa was in his room changing into his own sweatpants and stopped before he took the blue sweater off his body. It was big and hung loosely on his shoulders, with a faint smell of what Oikawa now realized was the green eyed man sitting in the living room. He decided to keep the sweater on, it was warm and there was no need to take it off.

He walked back into the living room to see Iwaizumi sitting on his phone with Godzilla ready to play on the tv.


"It's my favourite movie so shut up. Didn't change your sweater?"

"And you were making fun of me for being a nerd! This is a huge plot twist Iwa-chan. And no, I'm too hung over to move it back over my head."

"Totally. If you say anything else about Godzilla I'm leaving." Iwaizumi said sarcastically.

"Okay okay fine! I won't say anything about you and Godzilla. No promises for the future though. Want some tea?"

"Yeah. I'd be good for your hangover too. Need help?"

"No don't worry! I'm a great host I'll handle it!" Oikawa said going into the kitchen. As he waited for the water to heat, he prepared some popcorn for the two. Once everything was done, he walked back into the living room to see a slight smirk on Iwaizumi's face. The physical therapist was sitting with one arm slung over the back of the couch. His face looked like it was saying "Your move". In his position, he was welcoming Oikawa to lean into him, but would still look casual if Oikawa decided to sit a few inches away from him.

Oikawa knew exactly what he wanted as he set the tea on the coffee table. He went back into the kitchen to fetch the popcorn and returned to Iwaizumi in the same position, subtlety raising an eyebrow to see Oikawa's next move. The brunette held the popcorn to his chest as he sat with no distance between him and Iwaizumi and rested his head into the space between the other's shoulder and neck. With that, Iwaizumi brought him arm down to rest around Oikawa's shoulders, pulling him even closer.


"Yup." Oikawa replied as Iwaizumi played the movie. Throughout, the two both made small comments about the characters and plot. During some point in the movie, Iwaizumi's arm moved to wrap around Oikawa's waist instead of his shoulders. Oikawa never moved his head or body from how close he was to Iwaizumi.

As the credits started rolling Iwaizumi stretched his arms upward, but kept Oikawa close. "Just so you know this isn't a date."

"Huh?" Oikawa replied moving the now empty bowl of popcorn to the coffee table, but reestablishing his place next to Iwaizumi.

"This isn't a date. Just two people hanging out. When someone asks what our first date was it can't be as generic as this, so we're gonna tell them it's what we're doing next weekend."

"Had no idea you were such a romantic Iwa-chan."

"Shut up. I think you'll like what I had planned. I really hope so, or else it would've been a waste to wait so long."

"I'll like whatever we do as long as i'm spending time with you."

"Mm. Good. I'm so tired, I could sleep right here." Iwaizumi said leaning further back into the couch.

"Lay down then dumbass."

"Who you calling dumbass, dumbass?" Iwaizumi replied. He still listened and swung his legs onto the couch and putting his head back, but not before pulling Oikawa on top of him and wrapping both his arms around his middle. Oikawa's head was now rested on the other's chest with their limbs tangled, bodies slotting together perfectly.

"Only a quick one. 10 minute power nap." Iwaizumi said.

"Whatever you say Iwa-chan." Oikawa replied moving his head around Iwaizumi's chest to get more comfortable. He's arms were placed one near his head and the other at the side of Iwaizumi.

The two woke up to Iwaizumi's phone ringing way too loud.

"If you don't answer it I'm gonna throw it out the window." Oikawa said moving around on top of Iwaizumi after being awoken. The man on the bottom shifted, keeping Oikawa steady, and answered his phone.


"Hey Iwa. What time you coming for dinner?"

"What? Oh um.." he looked back at the phone to check the time, it was already 5:00pm. "I'll be there in an hour i'm leaving soon."

"Alright see you soon."

"Later Makki." Iwaizumi said hanging up the call.

"You have to go?" Oikawa said with a tone of sadness.

"Yeah. I said a 10 minute power nap and we slept for almost 2 hours."

"It's okay it's Sunday. I was recovering from a hangover and you were recovering from being woken up in the middle of the night."

Iwaizumi tightened his hold on Oikawa so he could stand up with the brunette still in his arms, then laid him back on the couch with Iwaizumi still hovering over him. He placed a soft kiss to his forehead and said, "Thanks for letting me spend the day with you. I gotta go though."

Oikawa smiled and got off the couch as Iwaizumi was walking towards the door. As the physical therapist was putting his shoes on he noticed his coat from the first time they went to get ice cream hung up on the coat rack.

"Hey is that my jacket?"

"Oh I've totally been meaning to give you that back. Take it."

"Hmm" he said looking at Oikawa, knowing he didn't really plan on giving it back. "This is one of my only jackets so I actually need it. But you can keep this one. You look good in my clothes." he said as he put his arms around Oikawa's neck, pointing to the blue sweater he was wearing with his eyes.

"I wasn't really gonna give it back anyway. Thanks Iwa-chan." Oikawa said tilting his head to catch Iwaizumi's lips with his own. It was soft and sweet, the green eyed man pulled away first in a hurry.

"Shittykawa. Gotta go, see you Saturday." Iwaizumi smiled as he closed the door behind him. Oikawa was extremely content with how his Sunday went. He didn't exactly plan on getting drunk enough that Iwaizumi had to take him home, but he was glad he got to spend the entirety of the next day with him. As he locked the apartment door he went into his bedroom to retrieve his phone that he hadn't checked since last night. "Shit."

12 Text Messages from baddest bitch
2 Text Messages from homeslice
5 Missed Calls from baddest bitch

He immediately called back "baddest bitch" ignoring the other messages and missed calls. Once the call connected, Oikawa started talking before he could be scolded.

"Heyyyyyy Keiji. So sorry about last night. Some guy gave me another drink then I blacked out. I think the guy called Iwa-chan and he came and took me to his house. I'll give you all the details on that later don't worry. But I'm home now and safe!". Akaashi just sat there in disappointment.

"You idiot! I was worried about you! You're lucky I have your location or else I would've called the police by now! Don't pull this shit again."

"I won't! I promise!"

"Okay. Fine. Tell me everything about Iwaizumi-san now."

The conversation progressed and the two continued talking. As for Iwaizumi, he was now knocking at Mattsun and Makki's door with a bottle of whisky in his hand.

"Hey! Come in."

"Hey. Here I brought this."

"Thanks. Mattsun's in the kitchen."

"When did we plan on getting dinner by the way? All honestly I totally forgot."

"We didn't actually have plans. Mattsun told me to invite you a while back and asked me what time you were coming today. I figured if I pretended you'd show up." Makki said laughing. "And it worked so fuck off."

"Bro. I'm gonna fucking kill you. I left Oikawa for this."

"Fuck really? Mattsun get in here! Iwa has tea to spill!"

Although Iwaizumi was only a bit upset that his friend pranked him, he was glad to spend time with them. He too updated them on his situation and plans with Oikawa. He couldn't be happier about what he planned for Saturday.

Chapter Text

Unfortunately after seeing Iwaizumi on Sunday, that was the last time he would see him till their date. Since he had an appointment at Seijoh Physical Therapy that week, Oikawa thought he would be able to catch the physical therapist for a few minutes. He was very much wrong. Iwaizumi was obviously a busy guy so he happened to be in the middle of an appointment with another patient when Oikawa was leaving. Of course the brunette understood, but Iwaizumi couldn't stop apologizing, when he had nothing to apologize for. The sincerity made Oikawa's heart beat just a little bit faster when he thought about it.

Saturday couldn't come any faster. Both men were extremely excited for how the day would go. Oikawa wouldn't stop texting Iwaizumi trying to get him to slip up where they were going and what they were doing.

pretty boy:

< iwa-chan want me to meet you there?? send the address!

> no shittykawa i'll pick you up
> what happened, don't like me driving you around?

< ok fine i love ur car and u driving me around

> stop trying to figure out where we're going and get ready

< idk how to dress! this a big problem! maybe you should tell me so i can know exactly what to wear
< can't be looking undressed at a fancy restaurant!

> not a restaurant lame guess
> clothes aren't important they won't be worn for that long anyway
> jk dress casual you look good in anything

< are u taking me on a date to get in my pants iwa-chan
< ugh ur so mean to me

> see you soon idiot

Iwaizumi locked his phone and looked at the time. The clock just hit 1:00pm so he'd have to start getting dressed soon if he was gonna pick Oikawa up by 2:00pm. He took a long cold shower and was dripping wet in his closet. Of course Oikawa would look amazing, so he needed to look like they belonged. He threw on his best pair of jeans, black and loose fitting while cuffed at the bottom, a plain white tee, and a black and white flannel to go with it. He decided to put on his small black hoop earrings too, since it would match his outfit.

Iwaizumi got his ears pierced as a dare when he had been studying in California, but he's never hated it. He used to wear earrings most of the time, but it always felt unprofessional. So as he got older, it became rare for him to wear it. He sprayed his best cologne and grabbed his white sneakers and locked the door behind him. He had packed everything they would need into his car trunk, and began to go get Oikawa.

Oikawa usually didn't have a problem picking what to wear, a today was one of those days. Although he didn't know where they were going, he still knew exactly what he was gonna wear. This was their first date after all, so it was important that everything go perfect, starting with his outfit. He wore his best jeans (that did wonders for his ass) and paired it with a tshirt and cardigan. He was completely satisfied with the look and waited for Iwaizumi to text that he was downstairs.

As soon as he sat down on his couch to wait for Iwaizumi's text that he was downstairs, the door bell rang. I really hope this isn't my neighbour asking me for help again, this is a terrible time, he thought as he made his way to open the door. To his surprise, Iwaizumi was the one standing there with, flowers? This guy came to pick him up at his door with FLOWERS. How was Oikawa not suppose to immediately fall in love with him?

"Hey I uh, brought you these" Iwaizumi said as he stood up straight and looked a bit anxious. Oikawa took the flowers with a smile and ushered him into the apartment.

"White camellias?"

"Yeah. My mom used to be a florist so I learned a lot about flowers and their meanings when I was younger." he said as he followed Oikawa into the kitchen. The brunette took a vase out of his cabinet and began filling it with water.

Adoration. So Iwaizumi brought flowers that mean adoration, how fucking great is this guy? Oikawa thought as he prepared the flowers for the vase. Iwaizumi probably didn't know Oikawa actually knew what the flowers meant too, but he made no motion to correct him. Once he was done, he took one last look at the beautiful flowers before walking towards Iwaizumi. He was even more gorgeous then normal.

"Ready to go?"

"Yeah. Excited?" Iwaizumi replied as the two walked out of the apartment, Oikawa locking the door behind.

"Of course Iwa-chan! So where are we going?"

"Hmm, still a surprise. You'll see soon enough." Oikawa pouted at the sentence. Once they finally got into the elevator, he studied Iwaizumi a bit more closely to try and figure out what made him look different.

"Are you wearing earrings?"

"Oh. Uh yeah." Iwaizumi said as the walked out of the elevator. "My ears are pierced but I don't wear them often." he continued.

Never take them off, Oikawa thought but didn't voice. "They look really nice", he said instead. Iwaizumi sort of looked flustered at Oikawa's comment and did nothing but smile back at him. When they got to Iwaizumi's car, he walked infront of the passenger door, which confused Oikawa for a minute, until he realized that the green eyed man was opening the door for him. "Thank you Iwa-chan." he said as he stepped in the luxurious car. Iwaizumi closed the door once he was settled and made his was over to his own door.

So Iwaizumi came to his door, brought him flowers, and opened the car door for him. If the date had ended there Oikawa would know enough about Iwaizumi to want to keep seeing him. The brunette was just glad that the date was just getting started and he'd be able to spend a lot more time with Iwaizumi. It was only 2:00pm, so Oikawa didn't have much of an idea of what they would be doing.

"I see chivalry isn't dead. Such a gentlemen."

"Shut up. Put your seatbelt on." Iwaizumi said as he was putting his own on. "Pick the music it's only a 15 minute drive." Iwaizumi continued, handing his phone to Oikawa. He did as he was told, while also searching his mind for what would be a 15 minute drive away. They made small talk as they drove in the sunlight.

"So your mom was a florist. Tell me about the rest of your family." Oikawa asked after speaking about other random topics throughout the ride.

"My dad's a mechanic back in Miyagi. And I'm an only child so no siblings or anything like that. Tell me about yours."

"What does your mom do now then?"

"Oh um.. She was always a florist she just.. passed a couple years ago." Iwaizumi said tightening his grip on the steering wheel and maintained direct eye contact with the road, not even glancing at Oikawa as he spoke.

"I'm so sorry Iwa-chan."

"Yeah uh. It's been a few years now so I guess I've come to terms with it and I'm handling it. I was in a really bad place after it happened, but I think i'm a lot better now. That's what she would have wanted." He said bringing his hand to the back of his head as he continued to maintain focus on the road.

This is the precise moment Oikawa looked at Iwaizumi with all the feelings in the world. There was so much going on, it was unexplainable to pinpoint exactly what he was feeling. But listening to Iwaizumi, he just knew that the man's strength was beyond much more than physical. He put himself in a vulnerable place by telling that to Oikawa, and the brunette would never let him regret that.

As Iwaizumi was bringing his hand down to place back on his own thigh, Oikawa took his hand and placed both on his own thigh instead. Iwaizumi looked away from the road for a second and gave a smile of acknowledgement to Oikawa which was greeted with a caring smile. The brunette gave the green eyed man's hand a light squeeze to show his silent support.

"So tell me about your family." Iwaizumi said.

"Oh uh, are you sure? We can talk about something else if you want."

"No, I wanna hear about them. I'm okay don't worry." he squeezed Oikawa's hand back to show he really didn't have a problem with it.

"Well I'm only close with my sister and nephew. We have like a 8 year age difference but we've been close since we were young. She has a son named Takeru, he's a great kid I try to go see them as much as I can back in Sendai."

"How come you aren't close with your parents?" Iwaizumi asked before he even thought about the question and how heavy it was. He took Oikawa's hesitation as nervousness, which just proved that he should never have asked unless Oikawa wanted to provide the information on his own. "I'm uh, sorry. You don't have to talk about it."

Oikawa felt a calming and comforting presence in Iwaizumi. The man was so caring and thoughtful, Oikawa was drawn to him in a myriad of ways.

Iwaizumi shifted in the uncomfortable silence, it had only been a second since he spoke, but it felt like an hour to him. The physical therapist thought back to when he had inconsiderately asked about Oikawa's ACL injury when the two had just met and gotten ice cream, and silently beat himself up for making the same stupid mistake twice. He was usually a lot more thoughtful and considerate of people and their past, but talking to Oikawa came so naturally he wasn't even thinking straight. He just hoped he hadn't made the other man too uncomfortable.

"Oh! Uh no it's fine. I still talk to them and see how they're doing we're just not as close as we were when I was a kid." Oikawa looked down to see his hand still resting on top of Iwaizumi's, who's hand curled into the brunette's, holding onto him. He hadn't even realized when Iwaizumi had done it, but it made him feel much more comforted. And so he continued, "They weren't exactly the most accepting when I came out to them at the end of high school. They tried to be supportive, but I knew they were thinking it was a phase. Like even now, they don't verbally say they're against it or anything like that, but they keep trying to set me up with girls and telling me that I need to settle down with a real family."

"I'm so sorry Oikawa."

"Don't be Iwa-chan. It's not your fault. I've gotten used to it over the years. I guess Im thankful that they didn't completely disown me, but it's still hard to live with if they aren't exactly accepting, you know?"

"I understand. You don't have to explain anything Oikawa it's okay."

"Thank you Iwa-chan." Oikawa said as he used his hand to wipe his eye to prevent any tears from falling. "Sorry I ruined our date" he continued.

"Don't be stupid. Nothings ruined. If it was, it would definitely be the dead mom thing don't worry."


"Calm down. We'll be there just now." Iwaizumi said, hand still holding Oikawa's.

Iwaizumi may looked confident, but he was questioning the entire idea of it. What if Oikawa hated what he planned? What if Oikawa got to know him better and didn't like him? Iwaizumi was usually confident and didn't care too much about first dates. Why was this so different? His trail of thought was lost as they reached their destination. As he parked the car, Oikawa spoke.

"Mini golfing?"

"Okay it was stupid. I didn't know if it was too childish. Maybe we can just go to a movie or something?" Iwaizumi said as he started changing gears, hand not holding Oikawa's anymore in favour of being able to grip the gear stick properly.

"No wait! I didn't mean it in a bad way, i'm excited. I love mini golfing!" Oikawa said, lightly placing his hand on top of Iwaizumi's wrist to stop him from moving the car, but not enough force to restrain him from doing so.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. Come on it'll be fun." Oikawa replied flashing a smile.

"Alright. Just don't be too sad when I win."

"Oh Iwa-chan where was this confidence in the car?" Oikawa said as Iwaizumi held the door open for them to enter.

Chapter Text

It may have had a rocky start going into the date, but the date itself was the most fun either men have had in years. Along with getting to know each other over putting glow in the dark golf balls, the two were making jokes and laughing like no tomorrow. They were even getting side eyed by a group of teens, which just caused them to laugh more. Neither could care about the looks or commotion going on around them, focus retaining on each other.

While Oikawa talked, Iwaizumi listened like he was saying the most important thing in the world. He may have missed the putting holes a few times because he was too busy staring at Oikawa while he spoke. The brunette had just looked so beautifully animated as he used his hands and facial expressions to tell a story. Iwaizumi didn't know if he could be any more attracted to him.

"Wow Iwa-chan for someone who said they'd win, you lost by a lot." Oikawa said as the two were leaving the building.

"Watch it. I only lost by like 5. I was distracted."

"Distracted by what? My gorgeous face?" Oikawa replied jokingly.

"Yeah. And that stupid smile." Iwaizumi said dead serious as he held the passenger door of his car open for Oikawa, to which the brunette smiled and stepped inside, flustered. As Iwaizumi stepped around to his own side, Oikawa folded the score sheet the mini golf establishment provides, and put it in his pocket.

"For someone who's so bold you get flustered pretty easily." Iwaizumi said with a smirk as he put his seatbelt on.

"I definitely do not." Oikawa replied leaning back into his seat. "This is probably one of the most fun dates I've been on. Thank you Iwa-chan."

"Only one of? That hurts." Iwaizumi said clutching his chest over where his heart would be. "Good thing it's not over. Seatbelt."

"Really? Where are we going?" Oikawa answered, putting on his seatbelt as he was told.

"Still a surprise. We'll be there in 10 minutes though so not too long." Oikawa nodded in understanding. Once Iwaizumi was done changing the car's gear from reverse to drive, he placed his hand on Oikawa's thigh. It was a calculated move to place his hand just above his knee, palm on his upper thigh and fingers curved onto his inner thigh. He wanted to have physical contact with the other man, like they did on their way to the first part of the date, but didn't want to be too overbearing or suggestive. It was only their first date after all.

Oikawa didn't voice a response, instead just humming along to the music and leaning his legs more towards the drivers' side.

Once they were about two minutes away from the destination, Oikawa caught on to the route.

"Are we going to Yoyogi Park?"

"Yeah. This took you longer than I expected for sometime that was so set on figuring it out. There's only one route."

The two continued to make small talk until Iwaizumi parked the car at their destination. "Hungry?" he asked Oikawa.

"Yeah a bit. The cafe here is always so busy though."

"Who said we're going to the cafe?" Iwaizumi replied stepping out of the car. Oikawa watched him step out and open the trunk, but couldn't see what he was taking out so he too stepped out of the car.


"Yes Oikawa?"

"..Are we having a picnic?"

"That's usually what blankets and a picnic basket is for, so yes. Close the trunk for me."

"Iwa-chan this is so cute." Oikawa said as he closed the trunk and followed Iwaizumi to the grass.

"Mhm. This spot is good." Iwaizumi replied and started to set up. "Sit down." he said with a slight smile as soon as the blanket was placed properly.

"Iwa-chan this is actually really sweet."

"First dates are important. Here let's eat." the spiky haired man said handing him a bento.

"You made us bentos? I thought you would've just bought food. This makes it 10x a sweeter gesture."

"You talk a lot for someone who's supposedly hungry." Iwaizumi replied starting to eat from his own bento. The two men sat one infront the other, knees touching as they ate.

"Holy shit. You can cook Iwa-chan. This is really good." Oikawa said taking another bite of his onigiri.

"It's decent. I can only really make certain things."

"Don't short change yourself. This is probably one of the best I've ever had."

"Thanks Shittykawa."

"I give you a nice compliment and this is the thanks I get!" The two continued to eat and exchange light banter in between bites.

Oikawa couldn't help but to admire the way Iwaizumi's face looked under the setting sunlight. It was only about 7:00pm, but the sun was starting to set, indicating the end of not only the day, but their date. He continued to silently admire the way Iwaizumi's mouth curved when he looked at the sky and the way his face looked so at ease. The entire day felt so serene, spending it with Iwaizumi had been nothing short of amazing.

"You're staring. See something you like?" Iwaizumi said laughingly as he began to put the now empty bentos back into the picnic basket.

"You're really pretty."

"Stop saying stuff like that" Iwaizumi blushed at the comment, then purposely changed the subject, "Forgot to give you this with the bento" he said as he threw a package of milk bread at him. Oikawa caught and examined the package before ripping it open and diving in.

"I guess I found one way to shut you up."

"Mean. The sunset is really pretty tonight."

The date had gone amazingly well, but to Oikawa's surprise, it still wasn't over yet. Iwaizumi had carefully timed out the date so they would be able to enjoy the sunset, then a meteor shower that would be visible in the park. It was one of the main reasons that he didn't mind pushing the date back so far ahead at the time, he thought seeing the look on Oikawa's face would make up for all the time he was forced to wait.

In the moments leading up to this, the two talked and simply took in their surroundings. Yoyogi Park was especially beautiful and there weren't too many people around, despite it being a Saturday. Once the sun was set and it began to get dark, Iwaizumi put a hand on Oikawa's chest and motioned for them to lean back on the blanket.

They were laying mere inches apart. If they both turned their head, there noses would probably touch. Oikawa didn't really see Iwaizumi as a PDA sort of guy, so he held himself back from griping the other's hand. As he was contemplating if he was making the right decision, Iwaizumi took the lead and laced his fingers with Oikawa's, not saying or doing anything else. He just grabbed Oikawa's hand and fit them together as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

The gesture made Oikawa feel tranquil. His worries about being too forward or the correct amount of PDA completely left his mind. Iwaizumi's aura left him feeling so safe and secure, as if they were the only two people in the world. He moved into Iwaizumi's touch, and somewhat rested his head against Iwaizumi's. It wasn't exactly intimate due their positions lying down, but it was comfortable and felt right.

"You can't see that many stars here." Iwaizumi said as he looked into the sky.

"They're really bright in Miyagi."

"Same thing in Osaka." the physical therapist replied. The two sat in silence for a few moments, just admiring the sight above them.

"Was that a meteor?"

"Yeah. I thought you were into that space stuff. There's a shower tonight I thought we'd watch it before I took you back home."


He flinched and looked over at Oikawa due to the use of his full name instead of the nickname he hadn't been so hopeful to hear till now. Did he assume wrongly? Did Oikawa just want to be taken back home? The brunette was moving his head to stop leaning on Iwaizumi's, and instead be parallel to him, though, their hands were still laced together. Iwaizumi turned to see Oikawa looking up at the sky, face unreadable.

"This is the best date I've ever been on." he said with a smile, turning to face the other man.

Iwaizumi let out a breathe he hadn't even realized he was holding. He closed his eyes and just let out a small chuckle. "Me too." Iwaizumi said as he gave Oikawa's hand a slight squeeze.

"Look it's starting!"

A meteor shower wasn't something that came very often in Tokyo, so Iwaizumi thought it was meaningful that one was happening the same time he decided to ask Oikawa on a date. It was also significant that Oikawa was the type of person to really enjoy those types of things with him. Iwaizumi wasn't necessarily one that was extremely interested in outer space as such, but he did appreciate the occasional meteor shower or stargazing when he could.

Iwaizumi knew he felt a strong attraction to the brunette, in more ways than one. He didn't want to be too presumptuous and immediately label it as he liked him when he wasn't completely sure. Especially since he felt the attraction almost immediately after they met. But, in this moment, their two hands laced together, looking up at the night sky, Iwaizumi couldn't have been more sure than anything in his life.

He watched the sparkle in Oikawa's eyes, and the smile across his face, Iwaizumi wanted to be able to look at him like this for just another moment. And another. And one after that.

Iwaizumi sat there and he watched the way that the sky lit Oikawa's face and highlighted the curves of his cheek bones. He noticed a very faint beauty mark right in the middle of his cheek, something that isn't really noticeable unless you're close enough. Iwaizumi was glad he was close enough.

God, he was so whipped.

He finally released his look on Oikawa and looked up at the sky above him. It was almost over now, but all Iwaizumi could think was,

I'd rather look at him.

A few short minutes later, the sky returned to darkness, just a few faint stars looking back at them. "Thank you Iwaizumi. I had a really good time." Oikawa said, now propped up on his elbows so he was looking down on Iwaizumi from a side angle.

Iwaizumi knew he wanted to spend as much time with him as possible. He also knew that it was still the first date and he didn't want to push his luck. Iwaizumi decided to follow instinct and deal with the consequences later. He sat up, and took Oikawa's face into his hands. He leaned in and teased his lips over the brunette's, giving him a chance to pull away if he wanted. Yes, they had kissed before but they were now in semi-public and he didn't know how comfortable Oikawa would be. But he also really, really wanted to kiss him right now.

Oikawa closed the gap between the two and sighed into the kiss as if he was longing for it. Iwaizumi turned to give him a better angle, and deepen the kiss. Suddenly, Oikawa pushed him back, keeping his hands on Iwaizumi's shoulders. Iwaizumi had to hold himself back from almost making a noise of discontent as he pulled away.

"Do you wanna come back to my place?" Oikawa said.

"Yeah let's go."

The two packed up whatever they had brought into the park and headed for Iwaizumi's car. It didn't take long for them to be enroute to Oikawa's house, Iwaizumi's hand resting on Oikawa's thigh, particularly closer South than he had been earlier in the day, and Oikawa on the edge of his seat closest to Iwaizumi as he could possibly be. Soft music played in the background as the two hummed along. Iwaizumi was now glad Oikawa stopped them when they did, or else the car ride would have been a lot more difficult to stay apart from each other.

Both men were ready for the night they were about to have.

Chapter Text

When they reached outside of Oikawa's apartment, he was the first to get out of the car. By the time Iwaizumi turned it off and stepped out himself, Oikawa was waiting on his side, infront of him, with his hand held out and a suggestive smirk on his face. Iwaizumi took his hand and Oikawa lead them towards the building, Iwaizumi in tow.

Once they got to the elevator and were standing side by side, unsurprisingly alone due to the time of night, Oikawa moved to stand infront of Iwaizumi. Hands still attached, he leaned in towards the man, coaxing him to open his legs and make room for the brunette in between. Of course, Iwaizumi did and Oikawa immediately moved to be slot in between Iwaizumi's legs. They're hands detached and began to explore each other's bodies.

Oikawa's both cupping Iwaizumi's face as he slot their lips together while one of Iwaizumi's hands were grounded at Oikawa's hip and the other on his back, trying to pull him as close as possible. It seemed like they were only kissing, for a second before the elevator rang signalling they were at Oikawa's floor. Oikawa pressed a last kiss to the edge of Iwaizumi's mouth before taking his hand again and moving them towards his apartment.

As he was unlocking the door, Iwaizumi moved behind him so his front was pressed against Oikawa's back. His mouth found a spot on the brunette's lower neck, almost at his shoulder. His mouth latched on and began sucking and playing with the skin, probably leaving a bruise. Oikawa leaned his head the other way to make it more accessible to the raven haired man, almost dropping his keys twice before eventually unlocking the door.

As soon as the door opened and they both walked in, Iwaizumi pressed Oikawa back against the door inside the apartment and they're lips were connected once again. They kissed with meaning, passion, and hunger. Iwaizumi's hands trailed all over Oikawa's sides while his own moved up and down Iwaizumi's biceps.

They continued roaming each other's mouths until Iwaizumi's hand slightly tapped the back of Oikawa's thigh, motioning him to move. Oikawa adjusted himself against the other man and slung both his arms over his shoulder so he could jump onto him. Once he did, Iwaizumi immediately secured his hold and started walking towards the bedroom. Oikawa's own mouth moved to Iwaizumi's jaw and making his own bruises on him.

He was so focused on making the other man feel as good he did, Oikawa didn't even realized they reached his bed until Iwaizumi was gently lowering him down. His legs were still wrapped around Iwaizumi's waist as the other man towered over him, hardening cocks rubbing against each other, but too much fabric in between to enjoy any of it.

"Take it off" Iwaizumi said in a deep voice before going back to Oikawa's neck, with no real indication of what "it" was. Everything was going to come off anyway so Oikawa started with his shirt. Unfortunately, he was sucking the soul out of his neck, preventing him from removing any clothing. He knew how much better things would feel if they were both naked, so he lightly pushed him back, "take yours off too Iwa-chan" Oikawa told him, stifling down a moan.

"Hajime." Iwaizumi said as he lifted his own shirt off and threw it away from the action. Once Oikawa lifted his head after discarding his own shirt, he finally saw Iwaizumi's bare body in all its glory. His mouth may have hung open a little before he got his hands to work on Iwaizumi's jeans.

"What's wrong?" Iwaizumi asked, noticing Oikawa's hesitation before he grabbed his jeans.

"Nothing. Just finally getting to admire a body built by the greek gods." Oikawa said with a smirk, finally unbuttoning Iwaizumi's jeans and starting to pull them down. Iwaizumi just let out an embarrassed laugh at the comment and went back to moving his lips against Oikawa's. He knew he was well built and worked out often, but built my the greek gods? It was hard to believe someone would even consider making such a connection.

He began to palm Oikawa and feel his erection growing through his pants, which is when he realized he was still wearing pants with Iwaizumi in only is boxer briefs, tent easily visible. Iwaizumi took Oikawa's pants off then a hesitated hand found the waistband of the brunette's own boxer briefs.

Although he seemed comfortable with what they were doing, it's totally different when you're actually doing it. When Oikawa gave him a consensual nod he tugged off the man's boxer briefs, cock bouncing up. Oikawa was almost embarrassed about how hard he was, practically red and leaking.

Iwaizumi was hovering over him with a smile as he drank in the sight of a fully naked Oikawa's. Of course it was just as beautiful as his face, sharp cut abs, gorgeous v line, and stunning smooth skin. He licked his lips in anticipation before completely lowering his body onto him and letting his tongue trail all over Oikawa's chest. While doing so, he stopped to give particular attention to Oikawa's nipples, taking them into his mouth and letting his tongue work wonders around them.

"Be as loud as you want it's just me." Iwaizumi said, mouth still exploring Oikawa's body since he realized the brunette seemed to be holding back. The simple sentence was so genuine, Oikawa didn't even realize he was trying to be quiet. But the moment Iwaizumi wrapped a hand around his dick and flicked his nipple with his tongue again, moans began to flow out of him. His nails dug into Iwaizumi's back before reaching for his cock instead, which he found still in boxers.

Although Iwaizumi was the stronger one, Oikawa was by no means weak. He placed his hands on Iwaizumi's shoulders and hooked a leg around the other man's, flipping their positions. From the disruption Iwaizumi's hand let go of Oikawa's length, to which he somewhat whimpered at the loss of warmth. But he had other plans anyway. He moved down on Iwaizumi, slowly pulling his boxer briefs down his thighs.

"Don't look at my dick like that"

"I'm admiring Hajime." Oikawa said with a smirk before taking Iwaizumi's full length in his mouth. Oikawa saying his given name went straight to his cock and he barley registered what was going on.

Iwaizumi wanted so badly to watch Oikawa's lips wrapped around his cock with his head moving in such fluid motions, but his body would only allow him to close his eyes and let his head fall back.

Oikawa was an absolute legend when it came to blowjobs. He could tell Iwaizumi knew it too from the "fuck Tooru don't stop" he kept hearing. He didn't have a gag reflex and knew exactly how to move his tongue and cheeks to make the receiver feel great. It was one of his true talents. After a few more strokes he felt Iwaizumi telling him to come off so he did, with a slight poping sound.

He crawled to straddle Iwaizumi, legs on either side of his hips and pulling him back into a deep kiss. They stayed like that for a few seconds until Iwaizumi was moving so he was pressing Oikawa into the mattress again. He began to grasp Oikawa's length again, pumping, before smearing the precum from the his slit around the head. Oikawa almost came right there.

He wanted Iwaizumi to feel the same pleasure he felt, so he grabbed his cock and did the same motions. They built a steady rhythm, stroking each other at the same time.

"I'm gonna come Hajime."

"Me too Tooru." Iwaizumi replied, in a tone almost out of breathe.

It was only a few more pumps before Oikawa was spilling into Iwaizumi's hand and all over his own chest. His back arched back and toes curled, but managed to continue pumping Iwaizumi till his own peak. They slowly stroked each other through their orgasms before hands fell to their sides.

Iwaizumi was still hovering over Oikawa, he smiled down at him before placing a soft, sincere kiss on his forehead before collapsing next to him. They took a few breaths before Oikawa curled up to his side, both of their chests still a mess.

"That was amazing Hajime." Oikawa managed to say out loud.

"You were great Tooru." Iwaizumi said, placing a kiss on his cheek before swinging his legs over the bed and standing up. Oikawa made a sound of discontent from the loss of warmth, "where are you going?"

"To sleep on the couch" Iwaizumi replied, still regaining his balance. The answer made Oikawa forget all about how tired he was as he shot up from the bed, now in a sitting position.

"What?! I literally sucked your dick I think we can sleep in the same bed!" Oikawa replied, sounding a bit desperate honestly. Iwaizumi turned around to face him and placed a real kiss to his lips, one hand cupping his jaw. It was short and sweet, but Oikawa was still concerned about their sleeping situation.

"I'm kidding idiot. Lay down, I'll be right back hold on." Iwaizumi said with a smile before leaving the room. Oikawa pouted back at him, but did as he was told and waited for Iwaizumi to return.

Iwaizumi re-emerged into the room with a wet cloth and a glass of water in hand. It seemed he already cleaned himself up while he was gone.

"Here drink" Iwaizumi said to the brunette, giving him the glass and placing another hand on his back to motion him to sit up. As Oikawa drank, Iwaizumi gently wiped off all remains of their activities off of him and folded to a clean side of the cloth to wipe the sweat off his forehead. Oikawa could do nothing but sit there and look at him with appreciation and admiration.

Once Iwaizumi was done, we went to dispose of the cloth. When he entered the room once again, he picked up the forgotten clothes and put them neatly into a corner.

"Which drawer is your underwear in?"

"Top right"

"Mind if I take a pair?"

"Anything for Iwa-chan" Oikawa replied, back now bracing his headboard to be sitting comfortably and watch Iwaizumi's movements easily. Iwaizumi took one pair out of the drawer and slipped them on, then getting another pair and throwing them towards Oikawa.

After doing so and closing the drawer he walked back to the bed.

"Here you drink some too." Oikawa said, handing the glass of water to Iwaizumi, still half full.

"Thanks" he replied, drinking the entire thing before putting the empty glass on the nightstand. "Put on the boxers, you'll be more comfortable."

"Too tired can't move" Oikawa said flopping graciously on the bed.

"Fine i'm going to the couch."

"No need to be so hostile Iwa-chan" Oikawa said, putting on the pair of boxers. Once that was taken care of, Oikawa held out his hand for Iwaizumi to come and to get settled in the bed himself. He laid on his back, hands behind his head.

Oikawa immediately curled up next to him, head resting on his bare chest with an arm draped over his waist, legs tangled. Iwaizumi's hand moved to play with the chestnut hair tickling his chin, Oikawa melting under the touch.

"You know I'm not really a one night stand kind of guy." Iwaizumi said in the silence.

"Me neither." Oikawa replied, shifting to be even closer. Iwaizumi reciprocated by pulling him in a bit tighter as they slept, just content to be holding each other.

Chapter Text

Oikawa's eyes fluttered open to the low light in the room, and nobody to his side. His mind immediately went into panic mode, "Did he regret last night?" being the question weighing him down the most.

He took a deep breathe and remembered the words uttered to him last night, "I'm not a one night stand kind of guy." Iwaizumi told him. He hasn't even been awake for two minutes and he's already panicking, god he needs to get a grip.

Iwaizumi probably has a good reason for him not being there when Oikawa woke up. Although it was Sunday and who has responsibilities at, he looked over to see his clock, 11:30?! Still. Who has responsibilities at 11:30 on a Sunday?

Oikawa just readjusted his position on the bed so he was laying on his back, but now on what was, Iwaizumi's side of the bed. He just laid there, alone, basking in the faint smell of Iwaizumi left on the sheets.

He laid there for a few minutes (sulking, but he probably wouldn't admit that), before his nose started to replaces Iwaizumi's sent with pancakes. I must be really hungry, he though to himself. Just as he was about to turn over and pull the sheets over his head, he barley heard someone say "Fuck". His head shot up and he got out of bed.

He managed to pick up the first shirt he found, luckily it was Iwaizumi's. His stuff was still here? Oikawa finally realized what was going on. He had been laying in bed feeling sorry for himself when Iwaizumi was really just outside the door. He decided against pants, but threw on Iwaizumi's t-shirt. It hung loosely around his body and smelled like Iwaizumi.

Oikawa opened the door and quietly made his way to the kitchen, following the delicious scent. He was greeted by Iwaizumi's unclothed back, unclothed except the boxers from last night. He could see the scratches and bruises Oikawa left. It brought him some kind of pride knowing that he was the one to mark Iwaizumi like that.

He stepped a bit closer, Iwaizumi too focused on what he was doing to notice Oikawa behind him. The brunette could see him looking down at the pan with the spatula in his hand, eyebrows probably creased. He almost giggled at the fact he knew what Iwaizumi's go-to expression.

He continued walking all the way towards him to wrap his arms around his waist and rest his chin on the raven haired man's shoulder.

"Morning sleeping beauty" Iwaizumi said, tilting his head to slightly rest on Oikawa's.

"Morning" Oikawa replied groggy. "Are you making pancakes?" he asked.

"Yeah. Did I wake you up?"

"Nope I was just laying in bed for a minute. Why'd you yell fuck?"

"Sorry. Stupid pancake didn't flip right."

"Iwa-chan these literally look perfect."

"Shut up you're just saying that. Go pick something we can watch I'm almost done."

"Sure you don't need help?"

"Nah I'm good." Iwaizumi replied. Oikawa gave him a tight squeeze before letting go and flopping on the couch. He scrolled through Netflix until he found a background show that looked interesting enough.

By the time he settled on the couch, Iwaizumi came with a plate and a glass of orange juice. He handed the plate to Oikawa and placed the glass on the coffee table infront of them before going to retrieve his own breakfast. Oikawa looked down at the plate he was handed, two pancakes with syrup drizzled over them and cut up strawberries and bacon on the side.

During one of their more casual interactions they had been discussing their favourite breakfast, Oikawa's being the Western dish he was currently eating. After it was established Oikawa loved Western breakfast, it had quickly turned into a debate deciding if waffles or pancakes were better. They had both made good points and argued for a good few minutes, until eventually deciding to agree to disagree.

Oikawa finally took a second to survey his morning. He woke up alone and became sad, got up to find Iwaizumi in his kitchen which fixed his emotions, and is now being served his favourite breakfast by a man who he knows prefers to make waffles instead of what Oikawa likes, pancakes.

Although it was such a minor gesture that could've gone overlooked easily, Oikawa understood that Iwaizumi was making a small sacrifice to make him happy.

"Eat your food it'll get cold" Iwaizumi said as he stuffed his own pancake into his mouth.

"You'd be a good housewife" Oikawa replied, flashing a toothy grin before devouring his breakfast.
After they ate, dirty dishes forgotten on the table infront of them, they just stayed on the couch for a while pressed together closely. Iwaizumi sat at an angle at the edge of the sofa with one leg to the sofa's back, and one leg still dangling off the edge. This created a spot for Oikawa to fit himself and lean his back on to Iwaizumi.

It was surprisingly more comfortable than Iwaizumi would have thought, soft brown curls touching his chin, but not tickling. Oikawa was warm infront of him, so he draped his arms across his waist to pull him just a bit closer, Iwaizumi was just cold since he didn't have any clothes on of course.

They stayed wrapped in each other's warmth until the episode they were watching ended, and they decided to stop before they got carried away. Oikawa reached for the remote and turned off the tv, but then laid back and just snuggled further into Iwaizumi, closing his eyes.


"Yes Iwa-chan?"

"I had a really great time yesterday. Everything we did."

"Me too"

"So will you let me take you on another date?"


"What?" Iwaizumi said, somewhat moving Oikawa so he could look him in his face. Oikawa let out a small giggle before explaining himself.

"Of course I wanna go on another date. But you planned the last one, so let me take you on a date Iwa-chan. It's only fair" Oikawa said, moving back into Iwaizumi's arms. The physical therapist let out a sign of relief. "Don't scare me like that dumbass. I don't care what we do, I just wanna spend time with you."

Oikawa was speechless. Since his back was pressed against Iwaizumi's front, luckily the spiky haired man couldn't see the embarrassing blush on his face from just that comment. Oikawa desperately wanted to look the other man in the face after that. With Iwaizumi's arms still wrapped around his middle, he managed to turn around without disrupting Iwaizumi's hold on him.

Still being in between Iwaizumi's legs, he places both his hands on Iwaizumi's face. He moves in slowly to brush his lips against the other man's before slotting them together. They fit together like perfect puzzle pieces. It was so much more than just a physical action between the two of them. They each kiss the other with so much meaning, fuelled with desire and aspiration.

They kissed sensually as they both opened their mouths to deepen the kiss. Iwaizumi felt the brunette sign into his mouth before pulling back.

"I'm excited for our second date Iwa-chan" Oikawa said as he stretched out and rested his head on Iwaizumi's chest, laying on the sofa on his stomach.

"Do you know what we're gonna do?"

"Yup already decided"

"Are you gonna tell me?"

"Nuh-uh. You didn't tell me. So now it's a surprise."

"Whatever" he said placing a kiss to Oikawa's curls. "Just tell me when and I'll be there."

The two stayed in each other's arms for the rest of the day.

Chapter Text

There was only a 4 day gap until the two met again, but it silently felt like weeks to both of them. Luckily the 4 days didn't go with no absolute contact, much to nobody's surprise, they remained texting each other as much as possible.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder, and Oikawa was definitely becoming fonder of the physical therapist.

Oikawa really wanted to make sure their second date was as great as their first, so he made sure to carefully plan each part. At 6:00pm that rainy Saturday, Oikawa drove to Iwaizumi's apartment and picked him up at his door.

"To the car Iwa-chan!" he said excitedly with their hands linked.

Although that day on the couch Oikawa had told him that it would be a surprise, he couldn't help but lay out all his plans for them in the car.

"So we're going to the planetarium now. Don't make fun of me. I loved going there when I was a kid and it's actually interesting so at least pretend to like it." He told Iwaizumi with a slight pout.

When Iwaizumi shifted his gaze from their surroundings to Oikawa's pout, he realized that Oikawa wasn't just being annoying, he was actually insecure about it. Something about that realization made Iwaizumi's expression soften.

He knew what it felt like to be insecure about planning a date, hell, he was the exact same way on their first date. He still can't believe he almost completely abandoned the mini golf idea when they had so much fun. But anyway, he would never want Oikawa to feel insecure about something so small.

"Hey" Iwaizumi said, taking Oikawa's hand in his own.

"Hm" Oikawa said, squeezing Iwaizumi's hand in acknowledgement, but focusing on the road. He still had the pout on his face, cute, Iwaizumi thought.

"Remember what I said last week? I don't care what we do. Just happy to be spending time with you, Tooru. Also happy you're sharing something from your childhood with me."

"You called me Tooru" Oikawa said glancing at him softly for a second. "Stop saying sweet stuff like that randomly Iwa-chan. It might make me forget how much of a brute you are."

"Oh.. uh.. I didn't even realize. Do you not want me to?" he asked hestitantly before remembering how heavy the mood had been just seconds ago. Instead he decided to change said mood and add on, "Because I clearly remember you begging me to the other night." Iwaizumi responded with a smirk.

"Iwaizumi!" Oikawa said shockingly. After the moment he laughed it off since he knew Iwaizumi just wanted to get a rinse out of him. "Call me whatever you're comfortable with Iwa-chan, doesn't matter to me. Good to know you like my name though." Oikawa responded.

"Shut up Shittykawa." Iwaizumi said, readjusting their laced fingers.

"When I said you can call me anything I meant something cute. Or daddy. If you're into that." Oikawa said with his own smirk.

"You aren't allowed to speak for the rest of the drive." Iwaizumi replied, faced flushed with embarrassment.

"No need to be embarrassed. I'd never kink shame you." Oikawa regretted saying after it earned him a light smack on the head.

"Ohhhh are you a secret masochist?" Oikawa said after he was hit.

"Don't make me go back home"

"Fine, fine. You're no fun. We should be there in 5 anyway so if you're nice i'll let you keep holding my hand.

"I will gladly let go" Iwaizumi replied with absolutely no intent to. Touching was definitely one of Iwaizumi's love languages. He wasn't exactly sure what it was specifically, but touching always made him feel comforted and reassured. He loved sex of course, but he enjoyed simpler things like cuddling much more. To him, it was much more romantic and meaningful of true feelings. Not like sex wasn't meaningful, it's just that it was meaningful in different ways.

At the time Iwaizumi wasn't exactly sure why, but he wanted to experience all the different types of meaning with Oikawa.

Since the planetarium was a bit more of a crowded place than the park had been, Oikawa and Iwaizumi didn't hold hands inside. Apart of Oikawa wanted to say fuck everyone, but Iwaizumi was also not a PDA type of guy so he decided not to let it get to him too much. This didn't stop them from brushing shoulders and fingers frequently by "accident" as they walked in step with each other.

Overall, they had a great time. It may have not been as lively or energetic as Iwaizumi's date had been, but it was a nice relaxing evening that they both needed.

Even though Oikawa didn't expect to end their date the same way as last time, he definitely wouldn't have been opposed to it. The thought cycled back when it was only 9:00pm on a Saturday and Iwaizumi was inviting him up to his apartment when Oikawa was dropping him home.

"If you really want me to Iwa-chan!" Oikawa replied, to which Iwaizumi just rolled his eyes and waited so he could lace their hands together on the way up.

After such a relaxing evening it wasn't too surprising that 20 minutes into a movie they were both already asleep on Iwaizumi's couch.

The next morning Oikawa woke up much warmer than he'd ever been. He was always cold and it just so happens that Iwaizumi was the type of guy to always radiate heat. Even through both their clothes, Iwaizumi's body was the thing keeping both of them warm.

Oikawa was laying half his body on top of the other man while Iwaizumi laid on his back sleeping peacefully. The usual furrow on his eyebrows were gone and the only sound he was making was his breathing. In all honesty Oikawa didn't want to wake him up, so he just nuzzled a bit closer into the crook of his neck.

At this, Iwaizumi started to stir. Clearly Oikawa wasn't doing a very good job of not waking him up, but he wasn't that sorry. Iwaizumi was starting to wake up, but he just tightened his hold on the brunette and shifted his back to a more comfortable position.

"Sorry" he told him. Oikawa was seduced by the sound of Iwaizumi's voice alone. The last time he spend the night with the physical therapist, he had woken up later than him. This was the first time he was hearing Iwaizumi's morning voice.


"What're you sorry for?" He finally managed to say.

"Making you sleep here. Does your knee hurt?"

"Don't worry we both fell asleep. My knee is fine." Oikawa replied. He was pretty much on top of him with a hand resting on his chest, so he could feel the rise and fall of Iwaizumi's chest. Suddenly, he was held by the waist and Iwaizumi adjusted their positions so he was towering over the brunette.

"Let me check your knee"

"Hajime! Is this you trying to get into my pants?" Oikawa said sarcastically. Even though Iwaizumi knew Oikawa didn't really mean it, he could stop himself from blushing anyway.

"Shut up. I'm a professional. I just want to make sure there's no swelling or anything."

"So sweet."

Since he was wearing a pair of slacks, it would have been impossible to check Oikawa's knee if he just rolled his pant leg up. So, his pants had to come off.

At Seijoh Physical Therapy, most clients know to wear loose fitting clothes before an appointment. On the rare occasion that they don't, the establishment provides hospital gowns so nobody has to see anyone in their underwear. Iwaizumi was always thankful for the rule, since it avoided a lot of awkward visits.

But alone in Iwaizumi's apartment, he got to bask in the glory of Oikawa in just a fancy shirt and his boxer briefs. Now, licking his lips and pressing a soft kiss to Oikawa's forehead after he had taken off his slacks wasn't exactly professional, but it's not like Oikawa minded.

"You're beautiful" Iwaizumi whispered into Oikawa's ear before placing another kiss on his cheek and drawing back to check on his knee. He studied it and felt different parts of it for a few minutes before coming to a conclusion.

"Looks good" he told Oikawa as he placed a gentle kiss on his kneecap. Before the brunette could even comment, Iwaizumi was standing up and going to the kitchen. Oikawa was sitting up to put his slacks back on before Iwaizumi said from the kitchen, "Go in my room and get some more comfortable clothes. Middle drawer on the left".

The brunette did as he was told and found an extremely soft pair of black sweats, it hung low on his hips but fit decently enough. He also found a soft plain white tee. it was a bit big for him, considering Iwaizumi was bulkier due to his muscles. It may not have fit exactly, but it all smelled like Iwaizumi so he was happy with it. He left the bedroom and reemerged to the kitchen to find Iwaizumi sitting at the table on his phone.

His brows were furrowed, a lot less relaxed than when he had been sleeping. His face softened when he lifted his head and put his phone down when Oikawa came back. He tilted his head for Oikawa to take the seat next to him at the table.

"Wanna go get breakfast? I don't really feel like cooking." Iwaizumi asked as he placed his head on the brunette's shoulder, picking his phone back up to look for places to eat.

"Yeah I'm good with anything Iwa-chan." Oikawa replied placing his head on top of Iwaizumi's.

"Come on I'm driving since you drove all day yesterday." Iwaizumi said standing up.

"Okay I like watching Iwa-chan drive."

Oikawa smiled mindlessly at him the whole way there.

Chapter Text

Only a 5 minute drive from Iwaizumi's apartment was a little cafe the physical therapist had been to twice before. But he remember the food and drinks being good, and it seemed fancy enough for Oikawa's tastes. Shit, he was actually starting to give into his preferences.

They walked into the cafe side by side, hands not laced as usual due to the amount of people around. Iwaizumi held the door open for Oikawa on instinct and barley registered it until the brunette was smiling at him.

After getting to the register there was a small line with a few people infront of them. They took the time to decide what they were having, Oikawa deciding on a breakfast wrap and Iwaizumi and breakfast sandwich. Once they received their order, they sat down at a small two person booth in the far corner of the cafe, near the entrance.

There were windows all around them but since it was a corner booth, it was a very intimate seating arrangement. Neither of them really minded. Although they were close together, there was still a lot of other people in the cafe that could easily see them, so they both already knew not to be too intimate with each other. This didn't stop Iwaizumi from tangling his feet with Oikawa's as they ate, a mindless action that felt so natural.

Oikawa knew that Iwaizumi just wanted to keep some form of physical contact with him and decided not to tease him about it or comment on it. Oikawa wasn't stupid, he knew Iwaizumi purposely didn't tease him about things he was insecure about or things that were serious. The physical therapist deserved that same courtesy.

They talked about their friends and upcoming plans and other random topics as they ate, just enjoying each other's presence. This would be the second Sunday they spend together and Iwaizumi could definitely spending the rest of his Sundays like this, with him.

Oh god.

Iwaizumi just realized what he said in his head. He wants to spend the rest of his Sundays with Oikawa getting breakfast together. God, he was actually fucking whipped for him.

In all that denial and possibly self pity for himself, since he wasn't exactly sure how Oikawa completely felt about him, Iwaizumi knew what he wanted to do.

He wanted to ask Oikawa to be his boyfriend.

Iwaizumi wasn't stupid. They haven't even spent that much time together, there's no way Oikawa felt as strongly as he did. So Iwaizumi knew that although he wanted to ask the brunette, he wouldn't. Not yet at least. He planned to wait after a few more dates when he knows Oikawa feels at the least, a fraction of what he feels.

Iwaizumi hadn't been in many relationships, but he knew what he felt. It was crazy how attracted he was to Oikawa, way beyond physical attraction.

Little did Iwaizumi know, the man sitting across from him wanted the exact same thing he did. And unlike Iwaizumi thought, he felt the exact same at the same level. Out of fear of moving too fast, they both refused to acknowledge their feelings.

But that's okay, until it isn't.

After they've both finished their food they continue to sit in the cafe and talk about whatever is on their minds. Iwaizumi sees that Oikawa is pretty much done his coffee and offers to get a refill for them both. He stands at the cashier while Oikawa remained seated at their booth.

"Hi, can I please get two refills? And a piece of milk bread. Thanks." Iwaizumi asks the night girl working the register, since Oikawa probably didn't notice the sweet treat when they entered and Iwaizumi knew he would want some.

Once he pays and stands off to the side to wait for them to fill his order, he turned around to look at Oikawa, just because he could. The brunette made Iwaizumi feel like none of his previous relationships did, and it was especially crazy because he and Oikawa weren't even in a relationship. It was honestly pretty stupid how fast Iwaizumi fell for him.

Iwaizumi felt even stupider when he turned around to see Oikawa, but with a tall handsome looking man next to him. He was too far away to hear exactly what they were saying, but it was pretty clear the guy wanted Oikawa's number.

The realization hit Iwaizumi like a truck. Oikawa may have had some feelings for Iwaizumi, but there was nothing tying him down. They weren't dating or in a relationship, they were just seeing each other ever so often. Oikawa could give the guy his number if he wanted. He has absolutely no obligation to Iwaizumi. He couldn't bare to continue watching this other guy flirt with Oikawa, and Iwaizumi doesn't know what he would have done if he did see Oikawa give him his number.

The thought alone scared him. But again, he had no right to be so possessive. Oikawa wasn't his.

He took a few deep breaths before collecting their order and going back into his booth with Oikawa. The man that was previously standing next to him was now gone, Iwaizumi doesn't know if he left with or without Oikawa's number.

He sat down at his seat, legs not moving to tangle with Oikawa's, but he foolishly looked up exactly when Oikawa saw the plate of milk bread. A smile immediately formed on his face and he looked back up at Iwaizumi, who just pushed the plate and his refilled coffee towards him.

How was Iwaizumi just suppose to sit back and let other people flirt with Oikawa when he felt so much for him? He wanted Oikawa to be his. Iwaizumi made up his mind.

"Can we talk about something?" Iwaizumi asked, almost in a whisper.

"Mhm. What's up?" Oikawa said, still happily and unbothered while he ate his milk bread. After answering, he looked up at Iwaizumi to see him anxious and a bit shy, which was really unusual for him. Oikawa knew whatever he wanted to talk about must be somewhat serious so he moved his plate out of the way to look him in his eyes.

Oikawa looking him in his eyes made him even more nervous. Iwaizumi's eyes shifted to the table between them record he took another deep breathe and looked Oikawa in his beautiful, fuck why is he so prefect, brown eyes. He was usually such a straight up guy, and so far in his life it hasn't failed him, so he wasn't gonna change now. He might be scared as fuck, but Oikawa is worth it.

"Look, I uh... know we haven't known each other long and we've been on only what like three dates?" Fuck he was getting sidetracked. "I don't even know your parents first names or if you wore braces or what kind of grades you got in school." Iwaizumi continued while Oikawa just tilted his head in confusion, but let him continue speaking.

"But all of that seems so insignificant because I know what you look like when you have a genuine smile on your face, not the same fake one you show everyone else. I also know how insecure you feel sometimes, even though you try to hide it. but you're such a strong minded and strong willed person and you don't let any of those insecurities define you. You're one of the greatest, more interesting people I've ever met Tooru, I really like you and I know I might be sounding really dumb since this is so fast. But I don't wanna just sit back and see other people flirting with you and not be able to do anything about it. What I'm trying to say is, I really like you and if you'll take me, do you want to be my boyfriend?"

As Iwaizumi spoke his eyes drifted everywhere, but ultimately landed back on Oikawa's face. He thought he got his answer after a few moments of silence and Oikawa's eyes as wide as plates. He let his head fall forward and almost got out of his seat, just due to the sheer embarrassment he felt. Nothing prepared him for the amount of hurt he felt from this rejection, how had he fallen for him so much?

He was about to stand up and leave when Oikawa grabbed his wrist.

"Can we go to your car?"

"Um.. Yeah?" Iwaizumi replied. The tear trailing Oikawa's face went unnoticed from how distracted Iwaizumi had been from being in his head so much.

Iwaizumi still held the door open for Oikawa as they stepped out the cafe and made their way to the parking lot. Iwaizumi thought Oikawa would just let him down easy and he'd ask for a ride home or something. Atleast it was Sunday, he could sulk for a few hours before he had to go to work tomorrow. Oikawa started speaking right as the reached Iwaizumi's car, but still standing outside in the parking lot. Nobody was out there except for the two of them.

"Iwa-cha.. Hajime. Hajime, I like you too. A lot. Probably an embarrassing amount. Since the moment I saw you walk into the exam room and saw your smile, heard your laugh, and saw how much you care about people. You're one of the sweetest people I've ever met and I would be stupid to say no to you. Of course I want to be your boyfriend. I'd be so lucky to have you." Oikawa said with both hands holding Iwaizumi's.

"Holy shit you fucking scared me. I thought you came out here so you didn't have to reject me in public." Iwaizumi let out a sign he didn't even realize he was holding in.

"Stupid Iwa-chan. I came out here so I could kiss you." Oikawa said, placing his lips on Iwaizumi's.

It was slow and perfect and everything Iwaizumi hoped it would be. He may not have had the intention to ask Oikawa to be his boyfriend today, but he wouldn't have had it any other way.

After pulling back for air, Oikawa let his head fall on Iwaizumi's shoulders. The two just admired the embrace for a few minutes, allowing their minds to catch up to what just happened.

"You're my boyfriend nowwww." Oikawa said stretching the sentence.

"You think I still have time to take it back?"

"Iwa-chan! You aren't allowed to be mean to your boyfriend!"

"I think it gives me even more of a right."

Iwaizumi kissed his pout away until they realized they were still outside and people could come in and out of the parking lot at any time. It was pretty amazing that nobody had walked in on the loud declaration of emotions that had been happening a few minutes prior.

"Let's go back to your place. We need to consummate our relationship." Oikawa told him, opening the door to Iwaizumi's car.

"Don't you consummate marriages?"

"We're going to consummate everything we do, don't worry Iwa-chan!" Oikawa replied. Iwaizumi just rolled his eyes and got into the drivers seat anyway.

Neither of them were perfect, but that didn't matter because they were enough for each other.