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he who changed everything

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Tuesdays were always the slowest days of the week at Seijoh Physical Therapy, which Iwaizumi sort of hated. Since Tuesday's were so slow, clients didn't need appointments to see a therapist, meaning he was hit with walk-ins all day. He didn't have anything against people who just walked in, he just hated the feeling of not being prepared. Iwaizumi was someone who liked to know enough information and prepare himself so he could do his job well. All in all, Tuesdays just threw him off his game. The rest of the week, he was Seijoh's specialist. This meant pretty much only meeting regular clients who needed what he specialized in. Iwaizumi enjoyed working there for not only the consistency, but also having the prospect to change people's daily lives and how their body functions.

After back to back walk ins all morning, the clock hit 12:30pm and he was finally able to take his lunch break. Since he didn't see many regulars on Tuesdays, this meant that this is when he would plan and research exercises and treatment plans for all the people he would see throughout the week. The physical therapist was sitting in the lunch room/office as he was taking a bite of rice while looking over a patient's file. The door peaked open and a tall figure stood. "Yo Iwaizumi." the man said. "What's up Mattsun?" Iwaizumi replied.

"Just letting you know I'm taking Makki out to lunch now. Want me to bring you back anything?"

"Nah, thanks for asking though. Totally swapped with planning and walk ins today."

"Oh I forgot you had the whole new client addition to plan for." Mattun said as he walked toward to see what Iwaizumi was doing. "Don't worry I can get Kuroo and Daichi to cover for you to give you more time to figure that out. Probably won't be able to completely keep you from seeing walk-ins, but I can for sure lessen the blow."

"You're a godsend. I knew there was a reason I kept you around. Now go have lunch with your boyfriend I'll see you in a bit." Iwaizumi told him as Mattsun began to walk out. "Thanks again man, it'll really help."

Once Mattsun had closed the door on the way out Iwaizumi went straight back to work. Although he wouldn't have to deal with as many walk-ins, he still had a ton of work to do. But now he would atleast be able to go home and get a few hours of sleep instead of spending all night working on treatment regimens.

The day passed by slowly, Iwaizumi only having to see about one client per every two hours instead of what would have been the usual four on a Tuesday. After each client, he quickly retreated back to the office to continue his planning and paperwork. The clock read 2:15 when Kuroo walked in. "Hey Zumi, can you look at a patient for me? It's an old injury but I want to make sure it won't become serious again."

"Yeah, no problem. Room 1?" Kuroo shook his head as the two walked out. At Seijoh Physical Therapy, each therapist seemed to have their own type of patients. Iwaizumi specifically worked with patients coming back or working with severe injury in addition to maintaining athletes. Kuroo worked with patients who suffered with old injuries and needed help keeping them in check. Daichi worked with anyone who was on the older side with developing pain while Sugawara worked with children. There were a few other therapists there but they didn't specialize or handle nearly as many patients as the other four. Although they had their "specialities", each therapist was fully capable of handling any type of patient. But since the patient would likely be transferred by their next visit anyway, each doctor usually handed the case to the specializing therapist on the patient's first visit.

On paper, each therapist was equal to each other. But due to seniority and prestige, Iwaizumi was seen as a superior to the others. He didn't mind because he continued to treat everyone the same and for him, it just meant that people would lean on him a bit more. For others, it meant that he deserved the upmost respect and admiration.

Just as Iwaizumi was finished checking Kuroo's patient, who was not at risk for a returning serious injury, Makki walked in just as he was about to step out. "There you are Iwaizumi. Patient in your exam room for you." Makki said as he handed the file to him with a suspicious smirk.

"What's with your face?"

"Oh I have no clue what you're talking about" Makki responded very sarcastically.

Iwaizumi scanned the chart and didn't see anything out of the ordinary. It honestly seemed like a case for Kuroo, but Iwaizumi knew he was already with a patient and didn't want to keep this one waiting longer than he already had. He absolutely hated when people had to wait for him, he thought it made him seem unprofessional or lazy.

"Alright thanks, I'll come talk to you after." Iwaizumi told Makki as he opened the door to the room still reading the chart. What he didn't expect was to walk into the room and see the most gorgeous man he's ever laid eyes on.

Fuck he's hot. Now I know why that bastard was smirking at me. I don't know if I want to punch him in the face or give him a hug for this.

As he spoke to the patient he quickly learned his name was Oikawa Tooru and his hair was the same beautiful brown as his eyes were. He tried to keep it as professional as humanly possible while he examined his knee. He attempted to focus but he was so much more invested in continuing to head the sound of Oikawa's voice. Iwaizumi put all his brainpower into being a capable physical therapist for a few minutes while he assessed the limb infront of him. He figured that this would be Kuroo's case, but knew he was already busy with a patient so decided to take the lead for the day.

Iwaizumi explained what he already knew Kuroo's treatment plan would be as his eyes took in how truly breath taking the man infront of him was.

"I do want to book you an appointment in two weeks when it should be healed so you can actually get some long term treatment started and you won't aggravate the muscle as much when you do anything physically straining. For now, I'll wrap it to relax the muscle and hopefully ease the pain, but you're gonna have to come back in three days for me to take it off." he told Oikawa.
The brunette simply nodded with a smile as he turned to find the material he needed. It was almost shocking how fast Iwaizumi had realized the other's beauty but quickly became attracted to his personality too. He hadn't been with anyone for quite some time as he was always busy with studying in the past and now his demanding job. Iwaizumi usually wasn't one for sole physical attraction but it was hard when the man looked how Oikawa did. Even though he was indeed beautiful, the attraction felt stronger as Iwaizumi got to know him in that short time period.

When he finished wrapping Oikawa's knee, Iwaizumi wished that he could continue getting to know him, but the latter knew that he would likely not spend this much time with him again as he would be Kuroo's patient next time. With that in mind Iwaizumi thought to ask for Oikawa's number, it wouldn't be weird since he wasn't his doctor and wouldn't break any rules. Then Iwaizumi came to the heart breaking realization that he didn't even know if the man infront of him was gay, and forgot the idea as quickly as it had came to him.

"See you Friday have a good evening!" Oikawa told him as he walked out Iwaizumi's exam room. He was writing down notes for Kuroo from today's session and barley realized when the brunette left. He sighed into his hands and finished up with the file. When he was done he walked to the receptionist desk and gave the file to Makki for filing.

"I don't know if I hate you or kind of love you right now." Iwaizumi told him as he watched Makki file away the folder.

"You definitely love me. He was hot right? You need to get laid, tell me you asked him out."

"What happened to doctor patient professionalism?"

"You know that's gonna be Kuroo's patient, I wouldn't have suggested it otherwise. Well maybe I would've he was pretty hot. I may have consider it if I didn't have my amazing Mattsun."

"Gross. Nah I didn't ask him out though. No way a guy that hot is gay." Makki turned to look at Mattsun on his right as Iwaizumi spoke.

"Oh he's gay. Did you see the smile when he walked out of here? Even if he wasn't you definitely did it for him" Mattsun said as he entered the conversation.

"File says appointment for this Friday. Ask him out then, you need to get laid dude." Makki said as he looked at Iwaizumi devilishly.

"I'll think about it" Iwaizumi said as he shrugged and walked back towards the office to continue his paperwork. Half an hour later Iwaizumi came to the realization he would not get anything done if he didn't get Oikawa off his mind. He barley knew the man and it was like he was already whipped. Even though it was Kuroo's patient now, Iwaizumi thought that he would try to talk to him after and make some kind of move. He was content with that idea as he tried to continue his work.