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he who changed everything

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It had been a fairly usual Tuesday when Oikawa was bending down to pick up some of the left over volleyballs around the gym. The school day had just ended and his last class of the day ran out the double door as soon as the bell rang, "See you tomorrow Oikawa-sensei!!" a few students shouted as they left. He chuckled, for students who said they had so much fun in the class, they couldn't wait to leave. It never bothered Oikawa though, the faster they left, the faster he could get out of school and back home to binge the rest of his k-drama.

He jogged to the other side of the gym to receive one of the last forgotten volleyballs when a shooting pain ran through his leg coming from his knee. The pain almost made him fall forward but he was able to balance himself in time. "Hey is everything okay?" he heard as the gym office door opened. Bokuto Koutarou, the other gym teacher came to his side placing a worried hand on Oikawa's back. "Yeah don't worry. My knee is just acting up again, probably from all the extra participation in class. I've been a bit more involved with the kids than usual recently and I guess my knee is finally feeling it" he said responding to Bokuto's question and attempted to stand up straight when he felt the sharp pain in his knee again. It must have shown on his face since Bokuto immediately slung his arms over Oikawa's shoulders and began to walk towards the gym office.

"You can lie down in the office for a bit, then I'm gonna take you to my physical therapy place. They're really good and helped me with my back. So they can probably get your knee handled too" Bokuto told him as he helped him to sit on the exam table they only kept for emergencies. "No Kou-chan it's not even that bad! You know I hate doctors! I just need to lay here for a few minutes and I will be totally fine" Oikawa replied with a pout on his face.

"We both know it's gonna bother you for atleast two weeks and you're gonna cry to Akaashi about it when I'm not around. Listen, if you go to the physical therapy, they would probably be able to make sure this kind of thing doesn't happen anymore!"

Oikawa thought about it for a minute as Bokuto gave him a stern look, "Fine! I'll go, but you don't need to drive me! I'll sit here for a few minutes and go there in a bit" he finally said rolling his eyes. Bokuto smiled and patted him on the back before taking his phone and inputting the address on his GPS. "I'm not gonna fight for me to take you since I know I won't win, so text me how it goes! I actually need to head out since me and Akaashi have a lunch date in 10 minutes, see you later Oikawa!!" Bokuto said as he packed his knapsack and headed out the office doors. Oikawa couldn't help but to smile, he knew his friend cared and just wanted the best for him, even willing to miss his date to take him to the stupid physical therapy place. He was glad to know he had people to rely on if it ever came to it.

For now, he just put his head back to lean on the wall for a few minutes before he had to go and deal with doctors. He hated them because they always thought they were so much better than everyone and all they cared for was a pay cheque, never the actual well-being of patients. He felt like he was just another thing on their very filled to-do list. But, they would probably be able to give him a prescription or some stretches that would help him with his knee, so he would have to get his negative thoughts out of his head and go down there. He waited about ten more minutes before getting off the exam table and standing on his knee, which now still hurt but he would be able to make it to the car. He grabbed his things and headed out the doors, not without sparing a glance at the now tidy gym. Bokuto had cleaned and put everything away for him, Oikawa felt nothing but love for one of his bestfriends.

They had met after Oikawa and Bokuto's boyfriend, Akaashi, originally met in university. Oikawa had met Akaashi in one of his classes and quickly befriended him. Not long after he was introduced to Akaashi's boyfriend, the one and only Bokuto Koutarou. The two had been dating for a few months prior to meeting Oikawa and have been nothing but in love since. They were in high school together and Bokuto had confessed before graduating. It was a great story and Oikawa now had not only one, but two great friends from it. After finishing university, he used his degree to become a high school science teacher. But, due to cut backs at the school, half his time was also spent as a gym teacher, to which he didn't complain. Being active was already apart of Oikawa's specialties, so he didn't mind when he was approached about the position.

After finally settling in his car, he hooked his phone up to the bluetooth and began on his torturous path to the physical therapist's office. The entire thought of going back just opened the door of bad memories for Oikawa. He had been to physical therapists when he was in high school and recovering from the knee injury when it had just happened, so the process wasn't going to be anything new to him. In high school after his injury, he had to work with them to regain full function of his knee. He hated how doctors never genuinely cared about him or his progress, and more about how he should keep coming so they could fill their pockets. It was completely oblivious to them how much they charge would effect patients families and how unnecessary long term treatment could do more damage than good. Not only that, but how much his own diagnosis now would affect his future. As soon as he was in the clear that his leg would be able to preform basic regular functions, he never looked back towards a physical therapists office. It was a constant reminder of how, because of his own doing, he would never be able to play professional volleyball and prove his worth to his competitors and rivals. Those thoughts consumed his mind during the entire drive, he hadn't even realized he reached till he was pulling into a parking spot.

He took a deep breath and stepped out of the car towards the doors of the very modern and classy looking building. Seijoh Physical Therapy, the sign above the building read. The inside was just as nice with neutral coloured walls and colourful artwork displayed across them. It didn't look anything like the office Oikawa had visited when he was younger, and honestly didn't even look like a doctors office. He stepped towards the receptionist desk and reached a tall drowsy looking black haired man. "Hi, uh.. I'm Oikawa Tooru. I don't have an appointment but I'm looking to see a physical therapist about my knee." he managed to stammer out. "Well Oikawa, lucky for you I can get you in asoon as you finish filling these forms" the dark haired boy handed him two sheets of paper and a pen before turning to talk to a pink haired man sitting next to him, which Oikawa assumed was another receptionist. He politely smiled and took the forms to a chair in the corner of the room and filled them out. The questions were fairly easy and asked about his personal information, prior medical history, and what was currently wrong with him. After finishing the forms he took them back to the receptionist, who he could now see his the name tag saying Matsukawa. "Great, thanks. My good friend Makki here will now take you to a room to get you looked at." he told Oikawa. The pink haired man who was referred to as Makki, with his own name tag saying Hanamaki, stood up and lead Oikawa to a room labeled 4, which was empty. "You can wait here, he should only be a minute, see ya later." Makki told him as he shut the door behind him.

Oikawa sat up on the exam table and thought to himself just how typical it is for doctors to make patients wait just for the fun of it. He looked around the room to see basic physical therapy equipment, stretching bands, a yoga mat, and a few exercising machines. He also saw some things that make the room seem a little less like a work space like a small couch, a desk, and even a tv which was currently not turned on. The placed seemed a bit more luxurious than the one he used to go to, no wonder Bokuto had recommended it. Just as he was getting bored and playing with a string at the bottom of his shirt, the door opened and a man stepped inside. "Hey sorry about the wait, I'm Iwaizumi Hajime and I'm going to be your physical therapist today" the man said as he read Oikawa's chart and not looking up. During this time all Oikawa could think about was how the hottest man he'd ever seen was standing less than two feet away from him and when does he find the time to work out because his biceps were absolutely huge.

Holy shit.

He had to remember to close his mouth after it had been hanging open for a good couple seconds. Luckily Iwaizumi was still looking at the chart and hadn't even lifted his head yet.

I am completely fucked. I mean, I wish I would be getting completely fucked by him after this session. No, this is a stranger I just met I don't even know anything about him. Except that I could eat a four course meal off his body.

No bad thoughts. He's just another doctor. I need to focus on what he's saying, Oikawa thought to himself as he took a deep breath before opening his eyes again. He hadn't registered anything Iwaizumi was saying to him because he was studying his body like a new star concellation.

How does someone effortlessly look this good? This guy was wearing black track pants and a teal dry fit button up with a pair of running shoes for god's sake. Until he realized Iwaizumi was looking at him with a questioning look on his face.

Holy shit, his face is as hot as his biceps.

He snapped out of it when he realized Iwaizumi was waiting for him to answer something he hadn't heard because he was too busy mentally worshiping his body.

"I'm sorry, can you repeat that?" he asked, hopefully not sounding like the idiot he was definitely acting like.

"Haha, yeah. You're Oikawa Tooru right?"

"Yeah thats right. I came in about my knee, my friend Bokuto referred me."

"Silver and black spiky hair dude? He's great, I don't treat him but I think I've spoken to him a few times in the waiting area, real funny guy."

"Yeah Kou-chan is great, he's a co-worker". Oikawa very subtly tried to imply that he was single and ready to mingle.

"Okay I think we're just about ready" Iwaizumi said as he turned to put the chart down on the desk behind him.

HOLY SHIT WHERE DOES THIS GUY FIND THE TIME TO BE THAT SHREDDED?!Oikawa thought to himself as he watched Iwaizumi's back muscles contract with his movements.

"Is it okay if I place my hands on your knee?"

"Uh, yeah go ahead"

Oikawa couldn't help but to think about the significant differences with Seijoh Physical Therapy and his previous place back home. This place seemed to be a lot more welcoming and nurturing, with much hotter doctors. He watched Iwaizumi's relaxed face study his knee and couldn't help but notice the sparkle in his green eyes.

He's genuinely good looking, more than just muscle.

"So you said the pain is from a prior injury?"

"Yeah there was no space on the form to explain the prior injury so I didn't really know where to write it. I tore my ACL back in high school and went to physical therapy for a while. Once it was better I haven't really been back or went to anywhere else. Recently it's been kinda bothering me though."

"Yeah we try to keep the forms to a minimal and just talk to the patient instead, and make notes where necessary."

Iwaizumi examined his knee for a few more minutes while Oikawa thought about running his hands through Iwaizumi's short spiky hair. He also thought about how he would have definitely changed if he had knew he would be meeting the hottest man in Tokyo today. Oikawa was still wearing a pair of white track pants with a dark blue t-shirt from work. He didn't bother to change or stop at home because if he made a detour on his way, there was no way he was gonna actually come here. Luckily he did, and luckily he happened to meet Iwaizumi.

"Okay so for now it just looks like a slight sprain. Due to the state it's in, I can't really do anything right now except give you some pain killers. I recommend you stay off of it as much as you can. I know that's hard, so I pretty much mean just don't over work yourself. I do want to book you an appointment in two weeks when it should be healed so you can actually get some long term treatment started and you won't aggravate the muscle as much when you do anything physically straining. For now, I'll wrap it to relax the muscle and hopefully ease the pain, but you're gonna have to come back in three days for me to take it off."

I know something physically straining we could do.

"Alright that sounds good, Thanks Iwaizumi-san"

"No need to be so formal we're pretty much the same age right?"

This is good. Iwaizumi was making the first move for them to have a closer bond. "I guess you're right Iwa-chan."

"Iwa-chan? Where'd that one come from?"

"Well just Iwaizumi was still too long, so Iwa-chan it is! I assume we'll be seeing a lot more of each other so might as well become friends now."

Okay that was a big bold step.

Iwaizumi remained silent as he continued wrapping Oikawa's knee, which caused the latter to worry. Did he say something wrong? Was he trying to move to fast?

"Alright, makes sense. See you later Sleepykawa. Get some rest you look like you were gonna fall asleep the whole time I was looking at your knee."

A flood of relief came when Iwaizumi was done talking. "I gave you such a good nickname and that's what you come up with! Iwa-chan you brute!" He said as he began to stand and head towards the door, "see you Friday, have a good rest of your evening!". When he got to the door he took another glance back to see Iwaizumi one more time. He was writing notes down on the chart at his desk looking very relaxed, even with a slight smile on his face. Oikawa hadn't known him long, but he knew that face could likely only be seen when Iwaizumi thought no one was watching. He smiled and walked out of the physical therapist's office much happier than when he came in.